Interview 1100 - Dissecting the Trudeau Hype with Dan Dicks

10/21/20158 Comments

Canadians enthusiastically lined up on Monday to vote in yet another term of Bilderberg crony oligarchical globalist government. Joining us in the election hangover to dissect the propaganda and unmask the Trudeau deception is Dan Dicks of

Justin Trudeau: Canada's "Hope and Change" Deception

The Trudeau Deception

The Democracy Deception

The Terrorists Behind Canada’s “Anti-Terror” Law

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Are Finished: Here’s What You Need to Know

Why No One Should Become President

And the winner of the Canadian election is…

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  1. fixitguy says:

    Nothing will change here in Canada, the same people in control, just new figure head. Canadian’s are passively dumb to world events & who controls what, it’s amazing we can even register 1 acceptable grade on an IQ test. Nothing amazes me more in my 52 years on this planet then how dumb, what appear to be intelligent people really are! No one seems to care about who’s really running this world, why things really are they way they are, and most importantly what little each person would have to do to run these clowns “out of town”. I would suspect if 5% of the population stormed Ottawa, Washington, London etc etc, an incredible amount would change and the impact on society would be so great the person that leads this would make “Jesus pale comparison”. (Sorry I’m not a religious person at all but it’s a statement people can get the point from). But I do continue every day to educate people willing to “lend an ear to for even a minute”, I find the younger generation a lot more “aware” then the older people.

  2. fixitguy says:

    I would very much like to meet you, Dan & crew (James Evan, Brock West, Sibel Edmonds (and sorry guys she wins top honors for just being the female & the prettiest female I’ve seen in a lot of years!! but keep “working hard guys & don’t be discouraged by that”)) and certainly lend a hand to cause how ever I may help.

  3. der says:

    Last night I took a trip down memory lane and watched a few vids about the legacy of Pierre Trudeau, as well as some highly entertaining and, frankly, moving ones about his son Justin (you have got to see the eulogy he delivered at his father’s funeral–really amazing to see, knowing he is now PM). I was one of those young girls in the Young Liberals back in the 60’s, and, although I was completely ignorant about the international puppet masters, I was pretty convinced over the years that Canada had a strong and good voice on the World stage with PET. I knew, even in my early thirties, that a true visionary is always a controversial figure, loved and hated by all, but I figured that all visionaries are met with controversy because they are wanting to change the status quo. PET tried that, although he had to work within the existing power structure, and he had to compromise. He accepted that, and, although he was frustrated that he couldn’t just be a benevolent dictator and make the decrees from on high, he also defended the rights of Canadians to oppose him. His attempt to ensconce Canadian human rights in a charter was admirable, but impossible. His son is now accused of destroying what his father struggled so hard to achieve. All open to interpretation. It’s all just politics. Human rights are not something that can just be decided upon by politicians.

    Now, Justin. Although I have claimed at every chance I have to anyone who will listen that I stand for anarchy with integrity, I actually voted for him, and here’s why: It was a negative vote, to get Harper out. Yes, Dan is right, this election was about voting for the one most likely to defeat Harper. I just asked myself one morning: even though I don’t believe in the government paradigm, given that it is the paradigm of our times, how would I feel if Harper won again? How would I feel if Trudeau won? Well, in order of questions; crappy, entertained. So I voted (first time in years) just because I had the time and I was registered. I just wanted to see if my suspicion was true, and that putting a young, pleasant, easy to approach face on dictatorship was better than a robot-like, cold, arrogant face. It feels better to be watching a new face trying for the moon, in my opinion, than simply trying to ignore Harper (mostly he was hiding away behind the facade, because his presence was such a turn-off to people). There was no harm in voting. And I get my news from other sources like the Corbett Report and Red Ice Creations and Zero Hedge, so I don’t have to listen to all the political crap on CBC if I don’t want to (and I don’t–no tv, limited radio).

    I don’t entertain the hope and change a la Canada at all. But at least the PM role is being played now by someone who (so far) doesn’t make me gag. Maybe more dangerous, yes, as in the case of Obama. This is all a game, politics. Just stay aware of that, watch from the sidelines if you chose that as entertainment, and be aware of the globalist agenda behind all these elections. That’s where the action is.

    I appreciate, James, that you are hoping for a world where people just quit being followers and empower themselves to become excellent in their own capacity, that you envision a world where elections just peter out because no one shows up to vote. That is a long way off, I think. But maybe that day will come, and it is this kind of shift in consciousness that I look forward to, as well. In the meantime, I see no harm in voting for the guy most likely to throw out the old one that you’re sick and tired of. It’s still a Punch and Judy Show, just a different Punch. One day maybe we will become bored with watching puppet shows.

  4. garyegeberg says:

    Der, I appreciate your comments, and fixitguy, I appreciate your frustration.

    Given that oligarchs, banksters, and hidden powers behind the scenes (e.g., Bilderberg group) run the show, select the candidates and winners, and control politicians through every possible means ranging from bribes to blackmail to who-knows-what, I can’t get too worked up over the results of any election in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ, or any other Western country.

    The first time I voted was back in 1972: McGovern. I haven’t voted during every Presidential election since then, but I have voted more often than not, and usually Democrat because I thought they were slightly less evil than Republicans and more social justice oriented as opposed to profit driven. I voted for Clinton twice, Obama once (I was going to vote for him a second time, but the polls closed before I got there), and am now at a point in my life where I don’t intend to vote at the national level again. Locally? Maybe.

    I understand that most people have simply not been exposed to alternative or independent media. I only tuned into alternative news sources because I met a guy at a coffee shop whose comments and opinions intrigued me, and like many, I started my investigations/explorations with 9/11. And down the rabbit hole I went! This took place about three years ago, so, as has been my unintentional pattern in many aspects of life, I arrived rather late to the dance and EXTREMELY late in terms of how advanced the Pathological Powers’ game is.

    In very general terms, in the US, people have historically viewed government as clumsy, inefficient, lazy, wasteful, quite dishonest, usually well intentioned, dumb, incompetent, and so forth. Though many of us swore off voting, we found ourselves getting suckered in four years later and voting yet again. Rinse and repeat.

    A take on government: If three government workers were asked to dig a hole ten feet deep with a diameter of, say, ten feet as well, they would begin by taking a seminar or two, buying shovels for ten times the going market rate, using all their sick time, and then, as a last resort, finally begin digging–but only one at a time while the other two watched. Then there would be lower back injuries, workers compensation, project overruns, and so forth. If all the stars were aligned, the hole might actually get dug one day.

    My point is that in the US at least, we have all been “educated” and conditioned to see ourselves as the good guys. Surely our (the government’s) intentions have been generally good, though they have made mistakes and been bumbling idiots. HOWEVER, to consider that “our” government is MALEVOLENT and walking lock step, wittingly or unwittingly, with the Pathological Powers behind the scenes is something that most of us have never considered. To learn that the Zio-Anglo-American axis has caused more death and destruction than any other in the history of the world would be something most folks (to use Obama’s word) could not begin to handle.

    Most of us, myself included, never knew there was a “deep state.” We never knew about Agenda 21, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc., etc. Now I know about these powers, their machinations, and some of their plans, and to be honest, it has been somewhat of a traumatic experience to discover what I have during the past three years or so. It’s pretty overwhelming and plenty disheartening–and a stone’s throw away from sheer despair.

    For too many people, going down the rabbit hole and coming face to face with the fact that they have been lied to all their lives by politicians AND the nightly news and newspapers, and that OUR government and the PTSB do not have our well-being or anyone elses in mind is a betrayal that makes marital betrayal look like a mosquito bite in comparison.

    So I hold no contempt for those that vote nor am I dismayed by who gets (s)elected. If people are getting their information from the MSM, then of course they are going to vote for one of the fake choices and get caught up in the fake left-right paradigm and be deceived by fake shootings, false flags, and the whole nine yards. It’s unreasonable to expect they would do otherwise, because that’s how they (and I) were conditioned and programmed and manipulated throughout our lives.

    Though life as we have known it is at stake and appears to be coming to an end, many cannot countenance this pending loss and forthcoming collective trauma nor do they even want to hear about it. As a lifelong skeptic and critical thinker, I understand and have compassion for those who don’t want to know as well as for those whose only source of information is the MSM.

    Unlike James and others, I do not hold much hope. I have not yet discovered what, if anything, I can do other than try to retain my own personal power, live my life with compassion and integrity, and help others along this journey through life and be open to receiving their help in return. Personally, I believe that we are a species that is passing through. Whether a remnant survives and can rebuild post-apocalypse is something I can’t know. What I do know is that with different life experiences and conditioning, I could be one of the pathological powers. I am grateful that I am not.

  5. bladtheimpailer says:

    Nailed it gentlemen. Unfortunately the old Tommy Douglas speech and subsequent cartoon “Mouseland” is obviously forgotten by the Canadian electorate….but here it is again should anyone wish to send this along to their fellow mouse land cohorts


  6. TheNovaScotian says:

    I appreciate seeing some Canadian content James. I initially got into alternative media/”conspiracy research” a few years back and have since spent almost the whole time learning about the ancient mystery schools and the connections to modern day Rosicrucianism/Freemasonry, but lately I’ve been really yearning to learn more about anything Canadian.

    If you have any places where I could learn more about influential Canadian families/corporations, or maybe something about our “hidden history”, I’d greatly appreciate you letting me know.

  7. justaguy says:

    So, where is Canada and the world headed from this point in history? Will oil and other resource commodities make a swift recovery bringing us back to the highs of 2006? Are we at the beginning of a prolonged state of economic stagnation or depression? It’s difficult to predict were the Canadian economy much less the world economy will be in 2016/2017 and beyond. The world elite have their vision though, as presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (January 2016), which can be summarized as follows:

    “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.” (

    The global elite are doing their best to ensure that Canada’s place in this global plan can be nothing other than fully integrated with this world vision as poetically waxed and waned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at one of the plenary sessions of the World Economic Forum ( Below is a transcript of the speech he gave on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 prior to his interview by Fareed Zachary at this forum. I provide this transcript as a historical record. Please read critically as I know the Corbett Report audience does in spades.

    Some interesting themes in this speech: diversity, change, growth and leadership. Draw your own conclusions regarding the honesty and intent of this speech.

    My take away is that Canada is being set up as a model society for what is being referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which I consider the final step towards the Brave New World. Unfortunately, many Canadians are unaware of the subtext of the proposed changes, and with the current economic hardships that many Canadians are feeling due to low oil prices, stagnant mining, and high unemployment, they are looking for answers. The question is, will they be following the new messiah (Trudeau) or will they be looking deep within their own being for answers, and with a little spark of inspiration from friends such as James Corbett and other truth-seeking people out there.

    Having said all this, I think the way in which the world is going to be a better place tomorrow is by living one’s life the way each of us wants to see it, so it that regard, I have to be optimistic for the future because the power to change is within reach, as it’s within us all. Regards.

    [SNIP: Comments are limited to 500 words (or thereabouts). Also, you do not need to transcribe a speech in full if you link to it. – JC]

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