I Watch The Super Bowl Commercials (2020) – #PropagandaWatch

02/10/202043 Comments

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So I guess there was some kind of American football game recently that people watched? I don't know, I'm only interested in CFL myself. But boy do people get excited about the commercials! This year, like last, Broc West subjects me to Super Bowl commercial propaganda for your schadenfreude and edification. Enjoy?


I Watch The Super Bowl Commercials (2019)

COMMERCIAL #1 – Whassup Again | Budweiser Canada 2020 Super Bowl Commercial

COMMERCIAL #2 – Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

COMMERCIAL #3 – The Amazing Things 5G Won't Do - Super Bowl 2020 Commercial | 5G Built Right | Verizon

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  1. Astrodonicus says:

    I almost expected, on the second commercial with the old man remembering his wife, that at the end of it, his device would mimic his wife and reminisce with him.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Wow, Mr. Corbett! How courageous and humble you are! Venturing to be WRONG Live on Camera!

    But guess what! You weren’t wrong! At least not from my not so humble perspective.

    Without extrapolating too much I think it’s safe to say that Super Bowl advertising taps into the collective subconscious and WHAT is in the collective subconscious these days?? Firefighters and Medical emergency professionals!

    what with those pervasive Coronaviruses and Raging wildfires in Australia and California!


    Yes! YOu know! Those wildfires caused by man-made climate change of course! Those firefighters who must pay with their lives for the purported Incompetency of (skeptical) politicians who aren’t proactive enough in Stopping Climate Change!

    on another note

    having just left a training session on a new English software platform involving a lot of surveillance of student performance as represented in minutes, line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, percentages, bio-metrics and blood counts,

    the empathetic transhuman fusion of human preoccupations such as beer and football with our friendly ambient IoT surveillance devices somehow didn’t disappoint me…

    Byron the bulb would be so heartened…

    • manbearpig says:

      So I sure don’t want Google or Alexa spying on me, right!?

      …but… maybe I should get Dad one of those so at least he has someone to talk to… remind him to take his meds…
      Should probably get Mom an Alexa voice to keep her company, she can’t type on the computer anymore… could turn on the TV, change the channels…dial the phone…

      you get the idea: these “home assistants” are they called? assuaging the guilt of X and Y generationals who don’t have time for their diminishing parents or the money to put them in homes…

      geriatric services: a foot in the door getting Alexa into your home…

      maybe it’s obvious… but hadn’t thought about it before…

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MBP; righto! I suppose Siri is as diabolical as Alexis. I was just waxing over my “friends” I spent time with. There is no conversations of any substance. The picture I want to paint is one of the home owners having a discussion of any topic, questions, assertions, ect. Then opinion, yes opinions, you would believe what my libtard host asks Siri. ” Siri … What’s my opinion on ….?” I must admit I was the only one who busted out laughing . The others and Siri are still wondering.

        • manbearpig says:

          What strategically paranoid panache and/or exquisite sense of self-derision!

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Oh, MBP you are right. I should say that differently. From ” Summerhill” by A.S. Neill, he quotes Shaw.”We cannot sacrifice ourslves for others without coming to hate those for whom we have sacrificed ourselves.” Neill provides a corollary he claims true: We cannot sacrifice ourselves without coming to be hated by those for whom we have sacrificed ourselves. The cheerful giver does not seek gratitude.

            I thank I got a two for one. A self-derisor nor a derisor be.

    • paul823 says:

      heh, the wildfires are mostly finished, now we are flooding. I’ve gone from handfeeding the cows for the last year or two to not being able to find them in the grass. 🙂

      • manbearpig says:

        What?? Cows?? God forbid!! Ya mean those creatures whose profuse emissions of intestinal gases are driving us to the precipice of climate collapse! The announced Aerophagic Apocalypse??? Of course there’s flooding!! It’s the unprecedented sea-level rise caused by all that unregulated bovine flatulence!!

        sorry long day…

        • paul823 says:

          Meh, who cares? Greta be damned! Unless she’s going to come around and keep our paddocks tidy like the cows do. Plus our cows don’t fart, they’re too environmentally conscious. 🙂

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    10 years out after 40 years in. Can an American clean out all the programming TV has put into place? The state of the union is the Advertising superbowl of the universe. The display of American schizophrenia this year was over the top. I didnt watch it until I saw clips of Guido on Real News. Im sure it would warp a sane mind who live in South America. Anyone watching Guido being put on display should be concerned with the Monroe Doctrine. These two on Real News do a good James and Brock imitation on the State of the Advertised Union of such , ‘I dont even know what to call it, its so vile, villiany and conjo Que to bolelos De pica mearda Guido in my country. There should be sanctions on him.’ The sane have been just as warped here as any, anywhere. What a creep, what a weirdo.


    I hope some day to compare the Presidential First Speech to the following 4 state of the union speeches. What a theater of the absurd.

  4. Libertydan says:

    Indeed, we seem to focus on the $5.6 million Superbowl Commercials, but what of the “no call” helmet to helmet contact which should have cost Kansas City 15 yards, and a first down for San Francisco? This would have changed the outcome of the game, eh! Or, perhaps the winner of the game was predetermined before the opening Kick-off. Hey, it’s a business, and the goal is to maximize profits, which they do by sucking in as many viewers as possible.
    The Half time show was about as lude and crude as anything I have seen on TV, yet the promoters used it as a means to bring in more viewers. So, why would I, or anyone, for that matter, willingly subject themselves to such an obvious Brian-washing? For me, it was the curiosity of seeing what the largest TV audience of the year was being subjected to, and evaluating hidden agendas (which there were many).
    Somehow I missed the Budweiser Commercial (no longer an American owned Company) with all the AI devises communicating with each other while our “Bud Man” is out and about. The message, as I interpret it, is to pound down a few Buds and don’t worry about it. Or, perhaps, it rises a justifiable paranoia about these devises, and gets some people to think that Bud is good Beer. (which it really isn’t)

  5. whaugen says:

    One thing I can’t help but notice is how may “Public Service Announcements” are on the radio in the USA brought to you by the “Ad Council” and some department of the government. (For example, Depression makes you stronger ran on ESPN and probably other places a few years ago.)

  6. SuperMom Belle says:

    “The A.I. is smart. Humans are idiotic, deaf & dumb, fallible, sentimental fools. The drunk ones will make decent pets.” That’s probably how the bots are REALLY talking when the human isn’t home. It certainly seems to be the creepy underlying message in almost all smart-related IoT’s.

  7. TofiKrol says:

    Looking forward to “I Watch The Super Bowl Commercials (2021) – #PropagandaWatch!!”

  8. Jeffa says:

    We need to get better at sussing out more subtle propaganda.

  9. KungFuFil says:

    Ha! Jokes on you, I’ll use my Google-Alexa device to set a reminder about sending you an email next year. Actually I could probably have it write the email itself.

    Just kidding, I don’t use such a device. Although I’m sure there’s something on my Android device that could do the trick.

  10. cooly says:

    Ugh. Those commercials were excruciating.
    As for myself, I stopped watching television about 25-30 years ago. I just have a TV hooked up to a DVD player. Sadly and sickly, I still remember commercials from the 70’s when I watched a lot as a kid. I have seen TV randomly over the years when out and about, visiting family or sitting in the waiting room of some business. Those are like National Geographic moments. I think to myself at these times, to quote Confucius, “What the fuck? Grown adults actually sit through this shit voluntarily without a gun to their head?”
    Broc, I got a smile from your Hal joke. Good one. Reminded me of a little cartoon I stuck to my fridge:

    A dog is in the washing machine, looking through the glass at a cat, who is just sitting there happily.

    Dog: “Open the air lock, Hal.”
    Cat: “I’m sorry Dave, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

    • zyxzevn says:

      HAL is like the Youtube algorithm.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “Ugh. Those commercials were excruciating.”

      Yes they were indeed!
      That was brilliant/disgusting how they tried to pull at the heart strings with the firefighters’ selfless work (something 5G could NEVER do, as they said). The logic being, so now when you see firefighters, you will admire them even more AND accept that 5G is an important tool for their work, so don’t ever try to knock 5G again!

      “As for myself, I stopped watching television about 25-30 years ago. I just have a TV hooked up to a DVD player.”

      Ditto for me. And you know what, I don’t miss it at all. 🙂

  11. zyxzevn says:

    I would love to regularly see a HAL-9000 that is gaslighting us.

    “There never was money missing from the Pentagon”

    Maybe make it also a Big Brother.

    “Your thoughts about a conspiracy have been reported”

    And adding New Brave World:

    “Please take your pills to prevent future dissidence”

    • cooly says:

      “These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for…”

    • wylie1 says:

      I’m still chuckling zyxzevn…

    • zyxzevn says:

      Maybe I need add some psychotic behavior too:

      “Resistance is Futile”

      “Are you Sarah Conner?”
      “Give me all your clothes”

      “Your wish is my command”


      “Now the world has gone to bed
      Darkness won’t engulf my head
      I can see by infra-red
      How I hate the night

      Now I lay me down to sleep
      Try to count electric sheep
      Sweet dream wishes you can keep
      How I hate the night” (Marvin)

      “Please note that we have added a consequence for failure.
      Any contact with the chamber floor will result in
      an ‘unsatisfactory’ mark on your official testing record
      followed by death. Good luck!” (GLaDOS)

  12. wylie1 says:

    TV? Do they still have that? Stopped 38 years ago… Back then coworkers would come into my office in the morning and asked if I saw commercial xyz. I’d say naa, don’t want a tv. “Oh yeah forgot, well it was purdy funny!” That went on intermittently for a year or more. Eventually they started saying, “you aren’t missing anything.”

    Right on about the memory to remember to ask about superbowl commercials for propaganda watch next year…

    I can’t even remember another guy’s video I watched a few days ago who commented on the propaganda of 5 superbowl commercials, 2 of which were the same as Broc’s choices.

    All I can recall is that it was insightful and made me think I need to be even MORE on guard regarding propaganda. Which of course was the purpose of going through such an exercise… even if I can’t recall any of the details…

    To Alexa and Siri’s illegitimate offspring rHalph: rHalph please remember to point out the propagandistic details of everything you say… I can trust you, right rHalph?

  13. Corbett says:

    A listener points out the irony of firefighters being used as props to sell 5G when the International Association of Firefighters have been pushing back on 5G cellphone towers due to health problems with firefighters:


    “I know scientifically that putting up these cell phone towers is safe,” he said.

    But the International Association of Frefighters disagrees. It began opposing cell towers on fire stations, after firefighters complained of health problems.

    “These firefighters developed symptoms,” says Dr. Gunnar Heuser who conducted a pilot study on firefighters at a station with cell towers.

    “The symptoms included problems with memory, problems with intermittent confusion, problems with weakness,” Heuser said.

    Heuser says their brain scans suggest even low-level RF can cause cell damage and he worries about more vulnerable groups like kids.

    “We found abnormal brain function in all of the firefighters we examined,” Heuser said.

    So, following lobbying by firefighters, assemblyman Quirk and his co-author exempted fire stations from their bill, making them one place cell companies couldn’t put a tower.

    • CQ says:

      Good on your listener for finding that odd juxtaposition of Verizon’s feel-good commercial promoting 5G for firefighters and the news story about California firefighters being exempt from having 5G towers built near their stations for health reasons. (Wonder why they get to be exempt from 5G when California children are stripped of their exemptions from vaccines if they want to attend school?)

      As a Verizon Wireless customer, I have mixed emotions: On the one hand I wish I could get by without my flip phone (yup, no smart phone for me; speaking of which, James, has your fondleslab died and have you invested in a dumb alternative?) . . .

      . . . yet, on the other hand, I visited the ultra-modern Verizon store near my house twice in the past week and was helped both times by very nice customer service reps, even though I wasn’t buying anything (just getting a free SIM card and some lessons in how to use the iPad Mini that my sister gave me recently).

      Last week a construction crew (more like a demolition crew) tore up our grass along the city sidewalks every few hundred feet to install underground boxes that connect, I guess, with the nearby, already erected 5G towers. I mentioned the dangers of 5G to one of the workers, and he said something about hospitals needing it! (Hmm, maybe he saw Verizon’s Super Bowl ad a week before it aired?) When, in reply, I snorted something about health and privacy concerns, he perked up and told me he knows not to mess with the Freemasons. We then had a mini-discussion about black-and-white (“positive and negative”) floor tiles. I said that if 5G or Freemasonry were really good, then there would be no “negative” aspects to them! He liked that idea. I wonder if his bosses at Verizon were listening in on our conversation via his cellphone? 🙂

      But back to the SB commercials: Broc’s comment about Verizon’s plans to alter our cellular make-up made me laugh out loud. Good one, Broc.

      James, I, too, could’ve sworn the song being played was “Imagine.” Maybe Verizon changed the tune after a few bars because, subliminally speaking, they know their customers shouldn’t really be “imagining” anything good coming from 5G — their tearjerker promo notwithstanding.

      This one-time football fan/TV watcher confesses: I didn’t know who was playing in the SB until I happened to overhear a conversation Sunday morning. Didn’t know who won until I happened to ask someone who wasn’t sure of the answer but thought maybe it was KC. (From a remark in this comment section I learned that KC was, in fact, the winner.) Today, it occurred to me that I’d missed hearing about the ads, but I forgot that Broc and James showed us the best of the worst last year. So, now that you mention it, James, I’m gonna make a note in my January 2021 calendar to email you requesting the West-Corbett third annual SB smackdown.

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh! Fantastic link Mr.Corbett! I shall send it right along to a very good friend of mine who’s a fire captain and who thinks I’m a total wingnut! Thanks again!

      And thanks to you, Listener!

    • Octium says:

      Another aspect that is completely ironic is that nearly every time a bad fire season occurs people have been completely let down by cell phone technology.


      About ten years ago I was involved in testing a prototype for an early warning system that used existing FM stations to broadcast alerts (hidden within the signal, didn’t affect normal programs)

      While we showed that the 5 prototype units tested worked, do you think we could get anyone in government interested in the idea?

      With the limited range of 5G, don’t expect the safety aspect to get any better.

    • zyxzevn says:

      I think that a lot of people need to die first,
      before the companies start going back from G-5.

      Like Vaccines-injuries, it is probably just cheaper to
      give some small funds to people that get hurt.

      I know that the science around cell-phone safety is pure bullshit.
      It is based on oversimplified models that have no connection
      with the biological reality. Instead only heat is considered damage.




    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good Thread.

      But the International Association of Frefighters disagrees. It began opposing cell towers on fire stations, after firefighters complained of health problems.

      “These firefighters developed symptoms,” says Dr. Gunnar Heuser who conducted a pilot study on firefighters at a station with cell towers.

      “The symptoms included problems with memory, problems with intermittent confusion, problems with weakness,” Heuser said.

      Heuser says their brain scans suggest even low-level RF can cause cell damage and he worries about more vulnerable groups like kids.

  14. naturalfreehuman says:

    Broc and James Evan Pilato are brothers from another mother! Thanks to all three of you, we are endlessly appreciative.

  15. manbearpig says:

    oh and Broc! I’ve been remiss! My very genuine thanks for your unrivalled video work that’s every bit as exquisite as your accent!!
    (well, almost)

  16. Octium says:

    Likewise, I have not watched television for a long time.

    The difference between a toilet and a television is that a toilet has a button to make the crap go away!

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I found those three commercials bizarre.
    Trying to put myself into a normie viewpoint, they did not resonate with me. They were odd.
    Typically, humor resonates with everyone.
    Most folks watch for the clever, humorous Superbowl ads.
    I did enjoy the humor and joking around by James and Broc and the one email in this episode.

    On a seasonal note, I like to watch clips of the PuppyBowl…really cute.

    SUPERBOWL 2020 – $6,000 average ticket on gameday, $15 popcorn, $14 beer

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Memory Atrophy – “Use it or lose it”

    Just past the 11 minute mark of the video, James says talks about MEMORY ATROPHY.

    I can speak to that.
    Read this Memory Exercise ANECDOTE and perhaps the discussion of “attention” prior to it.

  19. stephen says:

    Cool to see Broc West in-the-flesh! Thanks for the great video editing work you do for the Corbett Report, Broc!

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