How Do We Counter Military Worship? - Questions For Corbett #022

05/27/201567 Comments

In this edition of the Questions For Corbett podcast, James answers your questions on how to snap people out of the military matrix, the Japanese zaibatsu, Israel and geopolitics, Mao's Great Famine and more. Also, James asks viewers their thoughts on Cuba-US relations, personal care products and staying positive amongst the negative news.

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  1. Corbett says:

    Allow me to start the ball rolling on this one. Regarding the “personal products of the elite” here’s some take-it-for-what-it’s-worth reporting on the royal diet:

    Oh, that quirky royal family, eh? So what else can we dig up on what products the PTSB really use behind closed doors?

  2. info5 says:

    the phrase “breakaway civilization” that Catherine Austin Fitts uses is borrowed from Richard Dolan, who specializes in (*looks left and then right then wipsers)… aliens.

  3. lincolnlea says:

    Don’t know about the eating habits of the R&F James, however in regard to the query left by a listener concerning why USA is trying to thaw relations with Cuba now, I wonder if it isn’t another move to try and isolate Russia in preparation for an Amerikan war with Russia. Amerika has never forgotten that Cuba was more than happy to allow Russian war ships to dock there, and to house missiles aimed at US. So – they might think they can get Cuba on side, be friends and thus drive a wedge between Cuba and Russia preparatory to their plans to instigate a war with Russia (which they will PR as being all Russia’s fault and “aggression” of course).

    • rockshot says:

      Neither Raul Castro or Putin are so stupid, so it doesn’t matter WHY after all these year, the U.S. has decided to bury the hatchet. The only result is that we can now get Rum and Cigars.

      • lincolnlea says:

        I have to beg to respectfully disagree rockshot. It matters “why” if the answer is something highly nefarious which could adversely affect us all.

        Look – if it’s just Obama wanting to leave some sort of good memory to atone for all his evils, then it certainly doesn’t matter. However, I don’t think Pollies, including US Presidents, do anything outside of deciding they’d like a coffee, for themselves. He does what the Shadow government tells him. So – why would the SG decide to send him to Cuba to play Mr. Nice Guy? I know that if Russia and China were to take on USA big time, they have enough “Silent Runners” subs to hold off the coast and attack US, but having a base in Cuba would be very very handy. US has only kept it’s anti-Cuba behaviour out of pointless spite – and having a go at Russia. So – if they are trying to bring Cuba into the fold, there’s only one reason; that it’s in their specific, close up, interests.

        And the only interest I can see is that they want to deny Russia a possible base off coast.

        And the only reason they would care if Russia had some warships in Cuba is if they know they are going to be engaged in something hot with Russia which might make Russia want to come to Cuba and set up possible strike mechanisms.

        So —– it’s a straw in the wind, maybe, indicating Amerika’s near future intentions.

        • rockshot says:

          Yes lincolnlea, I am just saying that there is more to this sudden “olive branch” than meets the eye. There is something very suspicious and worrisome about it all. I have been thinking about it and what you are saying could well be and what I am thinking as well. Could this just be to control the public narrative?

        • mariedarragh says:

          Is it possible that relations were always good underneath and that Castro worked for the US, the US helped win the revolution and this was always part of the plan?

          Dr. Stanley Monteith mentioned something to that effect here. This is a very interesting speech of his by the way:

          And found this here:

          This article mentions how many times they tried to kill Castro for example. Was it really that impossible or were they not really trying?

        • rockshot says:

          Marie, that could also well be the truth!
          Like it was with Bin Laden! They made it sound like he was in some cave with a candle and a rug, sooo sneaky and elusive.
          They could not find him because they were not looking!
          Then they were stupid enough to show the Bin Laden complex with 12 feet concrete walls set in the center of a shanty town high on a hill. Headlines read: “Bin Laden Complex went largely unnoticed by neighbors”.
          Of course they left out the part that they reported that Bin Laden had died in Dec. of 2001 of kidney failure.

  4. lincolnlea says:

    Went and had a read of the article regarding Royal eating habits. It’s not that “Royal”. I suspect much of it might be more generational. I’m close in age to Charles, and had older than usual grandparents (both sets in their 40’s when they bore my parents), so I feel quite close to much of the food described. Eggs were long believed to be highly healthy (a view now back “in” with mainline medicos). I was brought up that one should eat at least one a day. A certain fussiness with regard to food was also the norm. I was taught both at home and school about the perfect way to cook the perfect egg. (I still can get a perfect soft boiled egg while I shower, dress and get ready for work !!). These things last a lifetime. Crumpets for tea of course, so typical of a certain class of way back England. Poached chicken, and a proper meal at breakfast were also the mainstays of all solid middle to upper class Britain; in regard to the meals eaten by long gone Royals, I think you’ll find anyone of that time with any money ate much the same. I always remember my parents scathing contempt of “rubbish American food” when cereal breakfasts were introduced to Britain post WWII. I never have eaten them, neither did my kids.
    So — “Royal” oddities.?? I dont think this article suggests theres’ much different to any family of their time, with a background in eating good food. I remember being struck when it was announced that Princess Diana’s last meal prior to the crash was an omelette, salad, and a glass of mineral water. All that money, I thought, yet she eats just the same as I do !!!

  5. rockshot says:

    Remember all the reports and media coverage in Obama’s first term about how Michelle started her own White House vegetable garden? That was a few years BEFORE I knew what a GMO was. HUM…Coincidence?
    James, I thought that you forgot all about me and my question, but here I am internationally known for asking it! Ha, HA! And thank you for your tips of dealing with all the truths and damned lies as they come unraveled. The latest has to be the movie “Hellsorm” which RY Dawson has had to post twice on his channel and website. It is also posted elsewhere, but it is being called a “Must See”.
    Normally,I treat the whole thing as a “who dunnit” game. But, I have times that I “just can’t take anymore of the ugly truth”, and will read or watch some complete fiction or a documentary about Archeology. (BTW, “Daredevil” was well done)
    Speaking of Daredevil, my cousin told me that I am “CRAZY” if I thought that I would be able to get in touch with Banksy! So if anybody knows Banksy or knows somebody who may know him, I am NOT trying to get in touch with him, just delivering a message that James would like to interview him. I would not be surprised to learn that Banksy watches Corbett. Just one is Verbal and the other Visual. I admire BOTH guys and believe that it would be an awesome interview.

  6. webmaster3 says:

    Dear Corbett,

    acc China this org is rockbottom driving. imho 🙂

    it came to my attention as the Rockfells donated to Prachandra, the maoist revolutonary leader of Nepal (after killing >16.000) 2 BBillion U$D private Rockfell money for changing Lumbini, located in Nepal and being Buddhas birthplace, into an international location for the forcasted “spiritual tourism”.
    this resonates in accordance with CFRs mission statement:
    The … (CFR) is an … publisher dedicated to being a resource for … religious leaders, … to help them better understand the world


    thx for your enthusiasm

    Franz Josef from Austria

    isn’t nice?

    so i can feel with the rockfells: if we move our gold to China, its safe and everybody is guessing what it going on , – or?

  7. marcus says:

    As for the personal products I found that it is absolutely not necessary to use any products at all. Two years ago I started this experiment and since then I have not used any shampoo, bodywash, soap, tooth paste or whatever. It takes some weeks for the hair and skin to adjust as you’re suddenly not waging war against the delicate protective layer your body produces. And as bacteria is by no means the causative agent of what is reffered to as caries, toothpaste does not make any sense at all except for the minty taste – again check out the so called 5 biological laws (clumsy term I know). The only thing that I am using is baking soda as a deodorant which works just excellent.

  8. marcus says:

    Offtopic: Living in Japan, James, you have certainly heard of natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka who co-pioneered what is today referred to as “permaculture” – his book “One Straw Revolution” is a highly recommended read because, as a saying goes, “all the problems of the world can be solved in a garden” 🙂
    Here is link to a pdf version – enjoy

  9. Octium says:

    From the Rockefeller family photos (Guccifer Hack on Cryptome) it looks like they mostly consume home made products. Alcoholic drinks and water were the only branded products I noticed in the photos.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for that link, Octium. I actually hadn’t seen those photos before. And looking at the food/beverages was a nice distraction from having to look at David’s wrinkly old demon face! You are correct, of course, all of the hors d’oeuvres and food/drink seemed home made except for the beer and water. Must be nice to have a team of private chefs at your beck and call, I suppose.

  10. phreedomphile says:

    Just an observation regarding Cuba. A few years ago when the middle east nation state targets (and Libya) were falling like dominoes, I noticed generous NY Times articles on how Cuba was doing some neoliberal reforms eventually culminating in significant policy changes such as allowing private property ownership (2011, link below). Afterwards, other articles in the MSM touted additional reforms that seemed to signal Cuban leaders finally capitulated and agreed to fully join the globalist NWO paradigm. As members of the club, they were being given positive press and soon would become entirely assimilated, no more hold outs unless we are to believe North Korea is the last. Hardly a whimper though anymore on its axis of evil status, so perhaps it’s a clean sweep.

    Switching topics, on the matter of Bitcoin, I would like to urge everyone to still be on guard for elite psy-op, co-opting, or deep infiltration. We saw it with Google, Facebook, and Wikileaks/Assange, and others. TPTB leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating controlled opposition. A friend who happens to be a programmer feels strongly that his research into Bitcoin points to a psy-op, he recently shared the WSJ article in the link below reporting Larry Summers has joined the advisory board of Inc 21, a tech company that will be making smartphone chips that enable purchases with Bitcoin. Here we are being herded into the global digital currency cashless society and *coincidentally* it was Summers who famously at the November 2013 IMF meeting called for a move to a digital currency and negative interest rates, and voila, here we go. Around that time the MSM began giving Bitcoin a considerable amount of favorable coverage, the opposite of what Bernard von NotHaus experienced with his Liberty Dollars. Can’t get any more international bankster than Summers, he and Rubin spearheaded the effective repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. Maybe the answer is to encourage the use of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies – decentralization, along with P2P, and barter.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the tip. I really wish that were true, but unfortunately the more you look into it the more you see the government is just issuing a non-denial denial. My favourite passage from the article:

      Speaking before the Israeli Knesset in January, Prime Minister Stephen Harper called anti-Zionism “the new face of anti-semitism,” specifically singling out campus groups within Canada.

      Ottawa also signed a deal with Israel to develop “a coordinated, public diplomacy initiative both bilaterally and in international and multilateral fora to oppose boycotts of Israel, its institutions, and its people within three to six months.”

      It was tough talk from Blaney that prompted the CBC to ask what the minister meant when he told a United Nations meeting on anti-semitism, held following the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris, that Canada would take a “zero tolerance” approach to the BDS movement.

      A spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety responded by giving CBC a list of the sections of Canada’s Criminal Code which deal with hate crimes.

      Still, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we’ll see if/when they start charging people with hate crimes. I imagine it’ll take another false flag to get the Canadian public on board.

      • NotDole says:

        Oh I remember that disgusting trip he took last year in January over there calling out any criticism “new antisemitism” (that thing even has a wikipedia article now….infinite facepalms). Which even included members of the US listed Terrorist Organization the JIDF…I can’t believe sometimes that Harper before politics was a computer programmer…it shows he has a brain and understands logic, the fact he’s trapped into this “we want to self-fulfill the Revelations book!” evangelical christian thing he’s part of (and puts a big hush-hush about too) is really bizarre.

        Canada might make another 180 again though…Harper’s popularity is downwards and yeah left/right is BS 90% of the time, but man your native province of Alberta kind of surprised me here by breaking the 43 year rule of the provincial “Conservatives”.

        If I can just see things change in a way that the Canadian flag will not be on one side of the belligerents in the wikipedian Syrian Civil War article, I’ll be glad, notice the total lack of other US lackeys (the lack of Israel being a different thing…).

        The other parties (libs, ndp) have proclaimed the generic support for Israel that countries like Portugal will proclaim, but my silly me is hoping that once Harper is out in October (a very real possibility, although he might get stuck in a thin minority government, again where at least nothing they want to pass into law will, at least it’s what happened when the Liberals/BQ shared the opposition. There might be a resurgence of the BQ, as even if they went from 50 seats to 4 seats, with 24% of votes in Quebec…it would hurt the NDP, but hey, most of Harper’s reign has been a nothing’s happening government gridlock (2006-2011), might as well wish for a government that doesn’t do anything, it’s almost as if it didn’t exist then 🙂

      • BennyB says:

        If there’s a plus to be found in all of this BS Israel A##Kissing rubbish, it seems that the ramped up fanaticism appears to be largely in response to the fact that slick PR and intimidation on the part of the pro-Israel Zionist lobby is no longer sufficient cover for diverting criticism of its war crimes, overtly racist colonial character, and its overall claims to legitimacy.

    • NotDole says:

      Yeah,I saw Missing Links a long while ago, but I think it’s not just up to Israel, it tries and flexes its muscles but also must be realistic, it’s army reports and mossad reports usually make a lot more sense than their political class, which is confusing, yes, even Mossad doesn’t view Iran as dangerous at all. I wish I could find the link right now, but it’s been talked about since a memo came up totally contradicting Netanyahu like the next day he made one of his crazy proclamations. I’ll find it later, right now, I feel pretty ill, stomach issues ugh.

  11. Eli says:

    Thank you for the great answer 🙂 I am amazed at how well this propaganda campaign is. The narrative seems to have changed over the last few years and you can see it everywhere these days, instead of it being look how cool we are come join us, it’s now look we are protecting you from the evil boogie men all over the world now worship us for it. The most difficult part is that we are programed from childhood to be patriotic and its very hard to be snapped out of that way of thinking, and now they are directly equating patriotism to military worship.

    I think the majority of people are trying to be good people and we are taught at a very young age that good people love their country. It just gets frustrating when you can see through all the insanity but cant get people to listen. But I was firmly locked into the matrix, and just one guy out of the blue telling me to look into building 7 on 9/11 (I was actually out of the country on 9/11 and didn’t know anything about building 7), was the seed that finally snapped me out of it. But, I was ready to find the information and knew in my gut something was rotten in the state of Denmark. So I have to agree with you wholeheartedly about just planting little seeds. Its much more effective then the Rodney Piper method (they live reference), though that way seems much more fun. 🙂

    • rockshot says:

      Great post Eli, but I don’t think that the propaganda campaign is so good. For me, that is the very thing that got me to wake up. It just does not make sense and contradicts itself so much they are losing the narrative (which is a Hollywood term for making a movie believable and holding the interest of the viewer). Take the Hillary campaign for example, every day, she has a different excuse! And so flimsy and sloppy excuses on top of that. Seems like a little kid could think of better ‘stories’. The dog ate her emails, etc.? Then there is that “Official” laughable story of what exactly happened on 9/11. Don’t forget the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that “Sadam was hiding in Iraq”, then after million of dead and untold destruction we hear, “OOOPS! Well we made a ‘mistake'”!

      For those who do not know what he means by loosing “narrative”.
      Apparently the reason for this is that the Government keeps hiring different PR firms to produce stories for public. Imagine if a sit-com hired a new group of writers every few episodes. But each new group disregarded the previous shows; so instead of Fred being married to Ethel, the next episode has Fred married to Lucy and they suddenly have 2 girls, but no little Ricky. Then the next show has little Rickey, but he is in his 20’s but his sisters are even younger and the father, Ricky, is now a stay at home father of the girls, and Lucy owns a movie theater and Ethel is the prostitute that lives downstairs, but Lucy doesn’t know who she is. And now we don’t know if the landlord is Lucy or not, Fred is never mentioned.
      Would you just stop watching this show? This is why most are leaving MSM in droves. You do make a good point about the story changing over the years too. I saw a commercial from the mid 80’s recently, WOW!
      Sorry Eli, But I did not know what “loosing narrative” or “pirateering” meant until about 6 months ago!
      Eli, I do think that it is possible to love your country but hate the government at the same time. This is the theme of “The Sound of Music”! “Bless my homeland forever”, but “I’m proud to be an American…”, not so much.

      • cabanaobr says:

        Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see the contradictions in the official narrative, mainly because they are only half-paying attention to it.

        What actually happens is that individuals/groups have their *own* narratives, and pay selective attention to their environments such that contradictory information is either forgotten or explained away, and gaps are filled in by the individual.

        This is only human. People have to navigate in a certain reality, and the brain stores information partially at least by linking it to other information. Disconfirming information or information perceived as irrelevant does not link anywhere, So it falls through the cracks.

        Even little children are good at putting square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round ones. Our brains work similarly. If a square peg finds a square hole, it sticks. If it doesn’t, it sort of bounces around until it is dumped down the chute.

        • rockshot says:

          Thank you very much for your reply cabanaobr!
          This message board can be a little cliquish/stuffy and your reply is greatly appreciated. We are all in various stages of learning and awareness. I am not ashamed of being ignorant and confused, but that makes me an outcast here, at least I am very different than the verbose “intellectuals”! James Corbett is also very tolerant of me and kind as well.
          I really like your square peg explanation. I can think of 3 or 4 examples that also play factors, one being the shame of being stupid, another is mental laziness, and another would be fear of questioning authority and the last would be the type that lets others fight their battles for them, the last being reluctant to admit that you fell for the B.S. hook, line, and sinker. But for the most part and the vast majority, “I reckon that you are blazen to be true”! (I think that is Shakespeare, Ha, HA!)
          You did not have an opinion on the second half of my question. Do you think it is possible to be patriotic and love your country but still hate your government? OR would this just be chasing or stalking an ideal? Can you love your homeland and abhor the ones running the show, as you would like a play, but hate a particular version of it that same play? In your opinion does this make sense?
          Thank you again, kind sir or madam!

      • Eli says:

        If you doubt the effectiveness of the military propaganda should check the poles, military is most loved institution in the country, above small businesses, churches, and everything else polled, in every poll I have seen its high 70s low 80’s where congress is in teens. The extent of military worship is rather scary. Its not even the approval rating as much as the extent to which people are enthralled with “honoring” the military, and how they are pushing to elevate the military as a higher level being then us poor common folk. It is not a healthy situation in my opinion. It is definitely not healthy to pump up the egos of the soldiers to where they feel superior to the rest of the citizens, but that’s definitely whats happening.

  12. Beau Boeye says:

    I wanted to thank you James for discussing my question’s topic, and I also wanted to thank Eli for being part of the conversation with me.

    This is a very important topic to be discussed for several reasons, and is why I asked the basic question “Is there an agenda behind [this]”; I felt like that would be a great introduction to the opposite side of this narrative. I think it’s important because this scenario, while being the current hot issue, is another door which can open the minds of the individuals which who decide to investigate further; and with that said, you laid out a great dialogue/resources for those interested to dive deeper.

    You pronounced my name correctly, but it sounded funny because you were trying hard not to mispronounce it, haha. And regarding torrents; I have thought about preserving your work and making an easy-access to a large sum of it via torrents. If I could give you a bit of advice, please work on creating a consistent naming format for your files (and if you want to be more meticulous, add metadata to your files if you don’t already).

  13. cabanaobr says:

    Bad News Last Week. 🙁

    Brazilian Journalist looking into pedophile ring was murdered. Body turned to “police” in by “anonymous tip”.

  14. bubromer says:

    Two Questions for Corbett, one economic, one political:
    (1) What in the end is the rationale for endless economic growth? I read in this charming e-book, The Organic Economy, which can be found at, that countries need growing economies in order to pay back interest on debt money issued by banks in the form of loans – i.e funny money – which funny money can only be paid back by the principle money created by people’s honest labours (hence work propaganda by the system). Is this too crude a simplification? Is it also true to say that when a country’s economy stops growing it can no longer pay interest on the funny money issued by the banks and hence collapses?

    (2) I have been reading Tragedy and Hope by Caroll Quigley and it seems clear that for centuries politicians (and the people) have been hoodwinked by the so-called financial expertise of banking elites and that since 1979 in the UK we have re-entered a phase of financial capitalism (as opposed to industrial and commercial) and that financial ‘deregulation’ was at the root of the 2008 crash. As a UK leftie I tend to regard this crash as confirmation of the economic bankruptcy of Thatcherism and New Labour as well as the current Conservative government – i.e. the reliance on finance and the City of London as the country’s prime economic motor – which just sucks a country’s prosperity and sees a redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top. What are your views on left-wing critiques of neoliberalism? Are they right to say that neoliberalism has seen an unprecedented transfer of money from the poor to the rich and that the levels of elite corruption in the UK have increased (see book How Corrupt is Britain? by David Whyte) – because less rules to break – as a result of this right-wing ideology?

    Thanks for reading.

  15. EYEisBloke says:

    I have a couple of thoughts to chip in about one of the final questions (from Steve) about keeping a sunny disposition on life

    James can add me to the list of people who have been inspired to start my own vegetable garden. It may have started out as a fairly practical project to put my garden to use but it has developed into something of a passion and I can thoroughly recommend the satisfaction that always follows consciously connecting with nature.

    Also, I’ve included some links to people who kind’ve helped me to work out that same question:

    This little pearl of wisdom from Terrence McKenna always helps me to keep things in context:

    If you have a spare hour – I recently found this talk from philosopher Neil Kramer pretty inspiring:

    If you don’t – this famous plenary from Bill Hicks pretty much comes to the same conclusion:

    Hope this helps…:-) EiB

    • Corbett says:

      Thank you very much for that, EYEisBloke. I’m very interested to hear about how other people stay sane and keep things in perspective in the face of such overwhelming material.

      • hoppers says:

        I learned how to cook – really properly. Not eating mass produced garbage and GMO’s helps keep you and your family sane and healthy, and cooking is therapy plus.

        I learned to laugh at the purveyors of ‘Fear Porn’ who are all too prevalent in the AM, and whose ravings used to depress me. Sadly there are about 10 sites out of the thousands out there that I feel I can trust. This is one of the 10.

        Most importantly I decided that rather than get depressed at the problem, it is better to be part of the solution, which is why I am here.

        These are horrible, but exciting times.

      • bobdobalina59 says:

        Hi James and all,

        I certainly have my times when I feel distraught and depressed as well. My short advice for people is to learn more; keep learning. The more you learn the better you will feel.

        You will realize you are not crazy. I have finally started to be able to articulate to myself the ways in which I am right and elite controllers are wrong. This took a lot of learning, mostly about the history involved. One quick example, I recently read an essay by C.S. Lewis called “The abolition of man.” He borrowed the ancient Chinese term the “Tao” to discuss truth and called the elite controllers the “Conditioners.” So, there have been people like James Corbett throughout history who follow the truth, and the more I learn from them the more confident I feel. Also, I recently watched a lecture by Eustice Mullins
        where he discusses Ezra Pound and the Fed, etc. My point is that the more I learn the more I realize I am not alone.

        Lastly, I agree with James: do something. I am fortunate to teach university students. I teach critical thinking and writing. I do not hesitate to bring in materials on propaganda and related topics. My students are reading out of Cialdini’s “Influence: The psychology of persuasion” at the moment. I am also writing a personal essay to my son on natural law, so as to articulate and give him my ideas on morals.

        Hope this helps some!

      • lincolnlea says:

        Hi James and all:

        I agree that it’s possible to over read in this area and get swamped with depression at the sense of a cloak of utter evil being spread over the world against which one is powerless. I’ve become very depressed by it, but I fight it off by reading in different areas.

        I listen a lot to “meditation” music on youtube, with water / bird sounds; and read in areas exploring pre-history, into the end of the last Ice Age and the evidence that civilisation has been around a lot lot longer than we have been told; that there have been very advanced civilisations way back, pre 12,000 yrs ago; I also read into alternative theories of the “who are we and where did we come from” meme, exploring all life as concretisations of energy; the possibility of alternate ways to live; and so on.

        I am also currently exploring, with a view to writing about, Chaos and Complexity Theories, and that they provide scientific evidence that anarchy is, in fact, the ONLY way it’s possible for humans to live a happy, flourishing, healthy life in the way humans were meant to live.

        It’s very different from reading about the current geo-political and possible WW III situation, and leaves me feeling refreshed and hopeful because, i think, it brings in a longer term perspective; a “this too shall pass” sort of thing.

        • Corbett says:

          Excellent. If and when you do write about chaos/complexity theories and anarchy I would be very interested to read it (as I’m sure others here would). Let us know when it’s done!

      • studiotwoseven says:

        Back in the day I used to ‘doom trough’ as much as I could, which resulted in depression and the question: “Why go on?” Now I try and limit my forays to a few trusted sources, like The Corbett Report – which is why I recently joined.
        Why do I trust the Corbett Report? James seems to bridge the gap between being aware of the problem and giving options on how to move forward. Moving forward involves work. My humble advice is to find some work that you are passionate about and do it with all that you can muster. I think that is what James is all about. When you build something solid, look on it, and when you know that it is not adding to the already existing mountain of crap … then a good feeling of going on ensues.

  16. Gefaat says:

    Regarding Jack Dallas’s question and your invitation in minute 48’24” for answers as to why is the US now normalizing relations with Cuba, this is a complex issue that has its parallels with what I would term as The Latin American Light “Gladio” Version, where Venezuela has been from the very begining the top crown jewel to be conquered.

    Some historical facts must be referenced here. When Fidel Castro overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in the 50’s he was already a well groomed CIA asset. During that time it was also a must to remove the Venezuelan military dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez, a man who was doing great deeds spurring mayor infrastructure investments for agriculture, transportation, industry, tourism & education by opening Venezuelan immigration to qualified labor mostly from Europe.

    Venezuela was flourishing like no other part of the world and the powers that shouldn’t be did not like that the Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar, became more preferred than the US$ as an international reserve, due to the fact that it was well backed by an immense wealth of natural.

    In January of 1958 Venezuelan military dictator Perez Jimenez was forced out of power and escaped to Spain, thanks to the covert US aid to Venezuelan “democratic” political parties where Acción Democrática, under the leadership of Rómulo Betancourt, took control over the country. Betancourt had strong ties with the international Communist Party during his exile years prior to becoming elected president of Venezuela.

    The startegy of the globalist agenda worked as Betancourt had to fight against Fidel Castro’s intrusions to invade Venezuela with guerrilla forces during the early 60’s. Those attemps failed as the Venezuelan military was a then a praetorian stronghold.

    Such was the initial stage for a most complacent rule of democratic law in Venezuela for the coming 4 decades where two political parties -equivalent to the US Elephant and Donkey charade- successfully alternated in power, sucking the juices of one of the richest countries in the entire planet. Needless to say, corruption has reigned galore in this graceful land.

    However, the polarity between both political factions was not good enough for the 21st century global strategy agenda. Thus, the coming into power of Hugo Chavez in 1999 was set forth in Venezuela, fulfilling Fidel Castro’s most cherised plan set forth in Brazil’s “Foro de Sao Paulo”, all under the covert influence of the Zionist globalists.

    One must understand that Cuba was an experiment to isolate and submit a whole population to the whims of a corrupt elite that would spread radical leftist and subversive ideologies throughout Latin America in order to create social unrest to such a degree that it would justify US regional interventions and controls with it’s big stick policies.

    That experiment was quite successful indeed, thanks to Hugo Chavez and his self appointed successor Nicolas Maduro, placing Venezuela under the control of TPTSB though the deeds of the Castro-Ruz dynasty. In a nutshell: Cuba was the bait to catch Venezuela as the mayor game. Thus, Cuba can now be “free” since Venezuela is now enslaved for the time being or “¡por ahora!” –as Chavez had famously stated back in 1992 when he failed a military attempt to overthrow president Carlos Andres Perez

  17. I would like to expand on the Department of Defense (DOD) Excess Property Program, The 1033 Program. In the ProPublica article you offer they state.

    “The 1033 program allows the Pentagon to transfer weapons to local police departments on permanent loan for free.”

    For free? Absolutely. Permanent loan? Not exactly. At this point I need to add that since this is a federal program I’m under the assumption that the program is uniform across the many States. I have one such application form for the Missouri Department of Public Safety. I haven’t been able to locate the source. Nevertheless, here is the .pdf from the CYM Archive.

    Let me know if the dropbox link doesn’t work and/or inform me of a better way to share files like this.

    This form has a little nugget for us to chew on.
    “C. Property available under this agreement is for the current use of authorized program participants; it will not be requested nor issued for speculative use/possible future use.”

    Promoting the Police to use it. I think a FOIA request to the Police Depts. regarding their justification of things like MRAPS might unearth more things like this.
    “We got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons”

    Researching a bit into the Washington State 1033, I found this.

    Here is the spreadsheet containing the list of gear given to WA current through I believe December 2014. It’s really interesting looking at what’s in here. Things like BBQ’s and bowls, riot shotguns, pounds of spent brass, explosives disposal robots and something called “SPECTROSCOPY,NUCLEAR SYSTEM” that costs $21,989.56.
    One really interesting find is that in Row #886/888, the King County Sheriff’s office got 9 television sets for, get ready for it… ” PERSONAL/HOME USE”. At the cost of $2,478.54 to the tax payers.

    One other potential puzzle piece is from this article.

    Saying “This data does not represent all of the military-style gear that law enforcement agencies have. Agencies also purchase equipment with their own money or with federal grants.” If this is the case there is really no way of knowing how much gear the batman have. Parallel to be loosely interpreted.

    What are yall’s thoughts?
    Mr. Resister

  18. #QFC

    Or as I like to call it, questions for beardy.


    Under US Title Code 10

    Do a search for “1585a”, that brings us three results.

    1: Ҥ 4027. Civilian special agents of the Criminal Investigation Command: authority to execute warrants and make arrests
    (a) AUTHORITY.—The Secretary of the Army may authorize any Department of the Army civilian employee described in subsection
    (b) to have the same authority to execute and serve warrants and other processes issued under the authority of the United States and to make arrests without a warrant as may be authorized under section 1585a of this title for special agents of the Defense Crimi- nal Investigative Service.”

    2: Ҥ 7480. Special agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service: authority to execute warrants and make arrests
    (a) AUTHORITY.—The Secretary of the Navy may authorize any Department of the Navy civilian employee described in subsection
    (b) to have the same authority to execute and serve warrants and other processes issued under the authority of the United States and to make arrests without a warrant as may be authorized under section 1585a of this title for special agents of the Defense Crimi- nal Investigative Service.”

    And 3: Ҥ 9027. Civilian special agents of the Office of Special Inves- tigations: authority to execute warrants and make arrests
    (a) AUTHORITY.—The Secretary of the Air Force may authorize any Department of the Air Force civilian employee described in subsection (b) to have the same authority to execute and serve war- rants and other processes issued under the authority of the United States and to make arrests without a warrant as may be author- ized under section 1585a of this title for special agents of the De- fense Criminal Investigative Service.”

    Nowhere in this title can I find 1585. There isn’t even a chapter 1500 in the table of chapters.

    14901. Separation of chaplains for loss of professional qualifications.
    14902. Separation for substandard performance and for certain other reasons.
    14903. Boards of inquiry.
    14904. Rights and procedures.
    14905. Officer considered for removal: retirement or discharge.
    14906. Officers eligible to serve on boards.
    14907. Army National Guard of the United States and Air National Guard of the United States: discharge and withdrawal of Federal recognition of offi- cers absent without leave.

    CHAPTER 1601—TRAINING GENERALLY [No present sections]
    16131. Educational assistance program: establishment; amount.
    16131a. Accelerated payment of educational assistance.
    16132. Eligibility for educational assistance.
    16132a. Authority to transfer unused educa…..”

    It jumps from 1400 to 1600. Now, is it just me, or are they granting authority to themselves for warrantless arrests by citing a non existant title code? Or am I missing something?

    Thanks James.
    Mr. Resister

  19. BuddhaForce says:

    Thanks for the reply James, will have to look into that documentary.


    In the US, the Senate Select Intelligence Committee is supposed to have “oversight” on the Intelligence Community, this includes potentially being briefed on covert actions, at least according to the official website. My question is, do you think that any of these members wind up getting involved in Intelligence Community activities? I’ve been wondering about this ever since John McCain has recently popped up in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and other places, meeting with key people, where we suspect intelligence operations and covert actions are taking place. Is it just a coincidence or is there something more? I can’t help but think about Fletcher Prouty’s insight on how the “Secret Team” planted people into the military and let them move up into higher areas to gain more control.

  20. otabenga says:


    I’ve read that Russia and China combined hold enough US paper (money + debt) to crash the dollar and the US economy at will. Is this true? If it is why do they put up with the absurd belligerence of the neocon crazies?

  21. EYEisBloke says:

    Hi James,

    I have a #QFC – It’s a genuine question and also an opportunity to unashamedly plug my humble blog which I’ll explain more about below the line. But first my question, which I think follows on nicely from some of the themes covered in this latest edition…

    My question is this: Would you lend any credence to the (‘conspiracy’) theory that ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ (particularly the Rockefellers) attempted to hijack the feminist movement in the late 60’s in a effort to balkanize the working classes and undermine the family unit? If so, how successful do you think they have been?

    For some context I’ve included a link to an interesting exchange between NYU Media Studies Professor Mark Crispin Miller and UK based journalist Laurie Penny at an Occupy Wall Street meeting after she interrupted the meeting for a second time to complain about the exclusively middle aged white male make-up of the panel. The Oxbridge educated Penny later dismissed the theory out of hand in her column for the New Statesman.

    • BennyB says:


      You got it. Aaron Russo mentions this specifically here:

      I recommend watching the whole video that clip was taken from. There’s a lot to be taken away.

      Regarding your second question, I think the effort has been quite successful. I’d say we have what you might call a pseudo “one child policy” in a lot of places. It’s so difficult for people who aren’t in high paying jobs to support children that the only people who can really afford to have large families are the super wealthy. Of course I believe in equal pay for equal work and upward mobility for women in the workplace. However, I feel that there’s a cynicism, where the beauty of the relationship between mother and child (not to sound corny), particularly during nursing, is undermined either from career pressure or just the basic necessity of making ends meet. In the United States this is particularly bad. In societies, many of them poor, where there’s a tendency for families to have many children though… don’t worry! Bill Gates has “solutions”.

      I’d like to end on a more upbeat note, but perhaps what I try to come back to, and this ties into what was discussed in this edition of QFC, is the fact that just understanding some of the really discouraging and depressing topics we tend to discuss to the extent where we’re able to intelligently present this information to people is something positive and proactive. As James mentioned, even if it doesn’t take with people right away, as is often the case, a seed you might plant now may grow later on under the right conditions.

    • macburns says:

      It appears to me that the feminist movement is part of the dialectic, that is created to divide people into different camps and get them to fight with one another so that eventually a solution will be offered by the ones who got this mess started in the first place.

      I give credit to Niki Freidrich Rapaana for mentioning this on her facebook page. (She is more active on facebook than she is on her blog lately). James I do agree with you about facebook, it is creepy and it is a mental institution. But that is where the all the psych patients hang out and those are the ones whose escape we are trying to facilitate, while we the escapees are hanging out over here with you.

      Naomi Wolff (Rhodes scholar) is an influential tool in this dialectic, as was her mother.

  22. EYEisBloke says:

    Which leads me on to my request to any members of the Corbett report community who might have a few minutes to have a quick look at my blog and give me any feedback, suggestions, comments etc (good or bad) for which I would be extremely grateful.

    I’ve been supporting the work of James and others from the sidelines for a while now and whilst inspired by his regular encouragement that listeners get involved, until recently I struggled to come up with a project that I felt I knew enough about and also wasn’t going to simply duplicate the efforts of others.

    My background is in human resourcing, most particularly projects promoting diversity and equality, so it struck me as fairly obvious to start with a project examining why/how some sections of the media openly demonize / undermine anyone attempting to advocate / discuss concepts of gender equality from the perspective of men.

    What especially interests me is why/how some sections of the (so called) liberal media get away with doing this by using tropes that would automatically generate a (social) media storm if it was directed against any other ‘protected group’ within the current equality paradigm

    Over the Christmas break I got my head around twitter and wordpress and just started typing. By January I had a fairly well formed plan which is to produce four seasonal collections of articles on the theme of a phenomenon I have grandly defined as ‘the Glass Blindspot’. This is essentially where someone consciously or unconsciously ignores information clearly relevant to a discussion about equality because it would undermine or distract from that person’s preferred narrative.

    My central aim is to document and hold a mirror up to some of the more hypocritical or clearly inaccurate statements carried in the mainstream media by people purporting to be equality champions. I always send a copy of my critique to the author for comment although (probably unsurprisingly) so far I have mostly been blocked, ignored or dismissed as a misogynist or worse still, that much maligned sub section of the blogosphere – a male rights activist.

    I try to inject a fair bit of humor into proceedings and also play upon mainstream media’s tendency to undermine people as conspiracy nuts if they venture into unwelcome territories. I wear my ‘truth seeker’ badge upfront but my aim is to actually try and engage a relatively mainstream audience on gender equality issues and hope that the more inquisitive of them will stumble upon various links to content like the corbett report that I scatter about in a very matter of fact kind of way.

    Any feedback along with suggestions about how to grow an audience would be very much appreciated. I’m still very much learning my trade but so far I’ve had a fair amount of positive feedback and I’ve committed to just keep on going until the end of the year. I’ve included links to a few pages to give you a bit of a flavour:
    #everydaysexism @everdaysexism Edsp
    For the Uninitiated: #shirtstorm
    Mad Max(ipad) – One Bloke’s Humble Opinion ‪

    • BennyB says:


      I just took a brief look at your blog (the about section) and I have to say kudos and two thumbs up =]

      I think it’s valuable for men to be part of the discussion on subject matter generally categorized as “women’s issues”, both as listeners and contributors. I made a self-depreciating comment above, regarding the relationship between mother and child, but I think there’s a value in saying this as a man, where it comes from a place of being humble and honoring the fact that, while there shouldn’t be limitations placed on what women “can or can’t do”, not recognizing that there are fundamental differences between the sexes lacks a certain amount of respect. Sometimes this gets lost (intentionally or not) and from personal experience, for whatever reason, there seems to be something liberating about having this with female friends as a guy, specifically.

      Your name (here and for the blog) is clever too. I’ll make a point to check back at some point and take a closer look, but for now, that’s my two cents.


      • EYEisBloke says:

        Thanks Benny, really appreciate that.

        Hopefully it goes without saying that I’m firmly committed to the principle of equality for all. So far I’ve had (at least) as much positive feedback from women as men, which hopefully suggests I’m doing something right.

        I’m conscious that political correctness can be used as a control mechanism to stifle debate or dissent and that noble social justice concepts really can be hijacked for other purposes, be they be the grand schemes of Rockafellers or the self interest of career obsessed individuals.

        For me the most obvious flaw in the ‘acceptable equality spectrum’ is that activities almost exclusively promote concepts of difference (race, sex, religion) along a horizontal axis as apposed to vertical.

        Meanwhile over the last four decades since equal pay legislation was introduced in most western states, income inequality along the vertical axis has grown to the extent that the average household now require two full-time wage earners to maintain the standard of living that was broadly achieved by one in the 1970’s.

        Forgot to include link to this page – which is essentially my manifesto:

  23. BuddhaForce says:

    On the subject of Cuba, not related to specifically to why relations are thawing, but interesting none-the-less…

    Just saw this flash across the news feed…If you read down to the bottom it suggests that Obama could order the declassification of the documents, shaming the CIA, in order to maintain normal relations with our new friends Cuba.

    So the war inside the Intelligence Community continues, with Cuba as the proxy.

  24. mauricebourke88 says:

    QFC: Hi James, going in an entire different direction to this video, recently over the last year or so there seems to be a great push by corporations to acquire other corporations, massive amounts of money spent on mergers example Fed ex buying tnt. Is there a reason behind all these massive mergers at once or is it just a phase with no underlying reason

  25. Gerben says:

    Hello James!

    Thank you again for the great work you’re doing.

    I too have a question for you:
    Very recently I’m discovering (alternative) coverage about ancient Egypt. A documentary series named ”The Pyramid Code” (which has been bundled on YouTube and named ”A Different Story about Ancient Egypt and our Origins”) raises, and suggests answers to, some very interesting questions. I’d like to know if you did any coverage on such topics whatsoever. -and if not, do you have any thoughts you’d like to share on this topic and/or would you be willing to do coverage on such topics?

    Link to documentary on YouTube:

    Kindest regards,
    Gerben from Holland

    • BennyB says:

      Hi Gerben,

      I’ve also watched that series and thought it was pretty good as well. There are also some other instances of ancient architecture constructed with some forms of technology which I don’t think have been adequately explained either. With respect to the Egyptian pyramids, certainly the official explanations for when and how they were built are complete rubbish (at least as far as I’m concerned). “The Pyramid Code” does a good job asking some of the right questions without being either overly indulgent in speculation or geared towards “debunking” the rationale that there’s more than ample ground for not accepting the “official” explanations. I must say that I find the behavior of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities suspicious when it comes to the restrictions they’ve placed on research and now even just photography. I definitely find the topic as a whole quite fascinating and I’d be interested in whether or not this is something James has looked into as well. To the best of my knowledge I don’t recall him discussing the topic.

      • Gerben says:

        Hello BennyB,

        I totally agree with you!

        I have yet to see more of Carmen Boulter (director of ‘The Pyramid Code) but I think it would be interesting to have her on the show as a guest. In the coming weeks I’ll be watching more of her as she has been interviewed by various people over the years.

        James, I have an additional question:
        I’m a believer in that we are being programmed. But alas, I’ve seen nothing about what our children are being taught in school. Especially (our) history classes. Ancient Egypt is, probably, one of the few examples of selective education and information that is being presented as fact. While our scientists claim their ‘theories’ being just ‘theories’. Our children don’t know this. Do you have some thoughts or planning on covering what is (and has been) going on with/in our history (and text-)books?

        I’d be interested to see you cover such topics and/or subscribers to the Corbett Report help me find some interesting articles, interviews, video’s, documentaries, films, pod casts, etc. where such topics are being covered.

        Kindest regards,
        Gerben from Holland

  26. studiotwoseven says:

    #Question for Corbett: recently I noticed a news story about a government agency (NIST) initiating a call for technology to identify tattoos. Here where I live (Portland, Oregon) you cannot go ten feet without crossing the path of an inked human. My question James, is do you think that the ever increasing fad to get a tattoo has been orchestrated in some way to identify and target citizens, not just hardened criminals as they claim?

    thanks James!

  27. Batya says:

    #QFC Hi James, recently I saw a video from RiseTogether who’s blog I have found informative, suggesting that Swissindo is a solution for our financial problems. Did you hear about this? Is it complete bogus, another disguised solution for the NWO or indeed a possibility to solve our enslavement to the current monetary system?
    Curious to hear more about this…
    Greetings from Holland!

  28. Phillip says:

    Re: “normalizing” relations with Cuba:

    There’s never just one reason for actions like this. In addition to the geopolitical reasons cited by others, it could be as well that with the 1st generation of anti-Castro refugees fading into history, it might be considered politically safe to normalize now.

    It wouldn’t be as easy for a GOP president to do this, so it was decided that just in case The Donald or Jeb becomes the next US president, they’d better act now.

    Some other thoughts:

    I never bought the fantastic stories about the CIA’s attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. Exploding cigars, poisoning his scuba suit, making his beard fall out – it all sounds a bit too Wile E. Coyote to me.

    I also note that the latest alternative JFK conspiracy theory is “Castro did it.” Other culprits have included the Mafia and LBJ.

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