Episode 123 – Meet Smedley Butler

03/28/20103 Comments

Running Time: 59:16

Description:He was a tenacious soldier, the most decorated officer in the history of the U.S. marine corps…and he detested war. Find out about the tyrannical government moves and secretive fascist plots that turned this famous general into a campaigner against war on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.


Documentation – Sunday Update
Time Reference: 03:59
Description: Pentagon vs. Wikileaks, GATA vs. CFTC, Police vs. Everyone.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 14:04
Description: General biographical information on Major General Smedley Butler.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – Hans Schmidt on Butler and the Bonus March
Time Reference: 17:25
Description: From a 2008 episode of the radio program History Counts.
Link To: Radio4All
Documentation – Smedley Butler speaks at the Bonus March 1932
Time Reference: 19:27
Description: Actual recording of one of Butler’s speeches.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – BBC: Bush’s Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America
Time Reference: 21:07
Description: Information on ‘The Business Plot’ and the involvement of Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation – The White House Coup
Time Reference: 21:50
Description: BBC whitewash on Butler and the Business Plot.
Link To: LiveVideo
Documentation – War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 38:42
Description: Empassioned reading of Smedley Butler’s famous speech by Graham Frye.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Ron Paul’s What if? speech
Time Reference: 44:29
Description: Watch this YouTube video and spread it around. It is an excellent production.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
Time Reference: 48:45
Description: The NY Times exposes what we all already know: that the warmongers are paid Pentagon shills.
Link To: NYTimes
Documentation – Alex Jones Inside CNN Attack Piece
Time Reference: 49:51
Description: A must-see look behind the scenes as Alex Jones gets interviewed by CNN…and he tears them a new one.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – War is a Racket
Time Reference: 50:45
Description: Read the entire book online.
Link To: Infowars.com

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  1. Duck says:

    Freaked me out with Gilbert and sulivan intro… lol
    Just recently read “The Plot to seize the White House” (in reprint) by Julius Archer and am amazed Butler isnt way better known since his life story is so like an action novel of the era he lived in. LOL

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