How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 1: A Brief History of BlackRock

11/13/202254 Comments

Let's play a little game.

Let's imagine you're Joe Q. Normie and you need to run out for some groceries. You hop in the car and head to the store. What store do you go to? Why, Walmart, of course!

And, being an unwitting victim of the sugar conspiracy, what do you buy when you're there? Coke, naturally!

And you can get jabbed at Walmart these days, right? Well then, you might as well make sure you get your sixth Moderna booster while you're there!

And don't forget to fill up with gas on your way home!

Is this creeping you out? Then why don't you shut yourself in your house and never go out shopping again? That'll show 'em! After all, you can always order whatever you need from Amazon, can't you?

Are you noticing a pattern here? Yes, in case you haven't heard, BlackRock, Inc. is now officially everywhere. It owns everything.

Sadly for us, however, the creepy corporate claws of the BlackRock beast aren't content simply to clutch onto a near plurality of the shares of every major corporation in the world. No, BlackRock is now digging its talons in even further and flexing its muscles, putting that inconceivable wealth and influence to use by completely reordering the economy, creating scamdemics and shaping the course of civilization in the process.

Let's face it: if you're not concerned about the power BlackRock wields over the world by this point, then you're not paying attention.

But don't worry if all of this is news to you. Most people have no idea where this investment giant came from, how it clawed its way to the top of the Wall Street dogpile, or what it has planned for your future.

Let's fill that gap in public understanding. Over the course of this investigative series, you're going to get a crash course in the creepiest company you've never heard of.

This week I will give A Brief History of Blackrock and describe how it came to be the economic and political juggernaut it is today.

In Part 2 of this series, we will examine how BlackRock's Going Direct reset paved the way for the massive economic and monetary transition that we have just lived through under the cover of the scamdemic.

And in Part 3, we will examine the Aladdin system and the other creepy ways BlackRock is planning to use its power to mould society in its own interest.

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  1. deadseason says:

    Vanguard is up there too and I just saw a report that said that they have overshadowed Blackrock

    • nosoapradio says:

      even as their name would suggest!
      (sorry, just jokin’ around, going in circles during the deadseason or at least dying one.
      I think it’s the coffee and cigs…or just tryin’ to resist the insistant siren call of netflix on this now decidedly grey day of lethargy…)

    • Gavinm says:


      𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗩𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘂𝗮𝗿𝗱 𝗚𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽 seems like it is the current banner/vehicle carrying forward the financial interests of the multi-generational oligarchic families of the central banking cartel, royals and chemical manufacturers (my preliminary research indicates majority share holders/owners include Rothschild Investment Corp., Italian Orsini family, the American Bush family, the British Royal family, the du Pont family, the Morgans, Vanderbilts and Rockefellers.)

      I do not know if Vanguard and Blackrock are just two names for vehicles that are part of the same ‘plutocratic economic blitzkrieg’ (both being controlled by the same people, but appearing to be separate, providing a smokescreen for oligarchs that do not like being in the spotlight) or if they are separate entities entirely (waging distinctly different forms of economic warfare) and representing distinctly separate individuals with separate goals.

      One thing is for sure though, when it comes to the scamdemic, both Vanguard and Blackrock worked hand in glove for profiteering from the destruction of small businesses (hyper-consolidation of wealth via their corporate investments), pushing the bio-weapon injections and advancing the digital control grid (closer to being able to put a choke hold on anyone that is dependent on centralized infrastructure). So, if those entities (Blackrock and Vanguard) do represent the interests of separate people, they apparently share goals, methodology and modus operandi when it comes to their use of psyops, biological warfare agents and governments as pawns to accomplish their intended “Full Spectrum Dominance”.

      Thus, since their modus operandi is the same, the solutions that empower us to starve, dismantle and render such abominations obsolete (and leave them behind) are also the same.

      • weilunion says:

        You make good points. They are all part of the trans-global cartel system that corporations have put together.

        Their job, of course under capitalism, is to maximize profits. Period.

        Their job is not to assure you have work, homes, opportunities, education etc.

        Fascism was a result of cartelization in the early 1900’s.

        So they moved overseas.

        Now, financial global capitalism is so huge, they are themselves countries.

        For the government is just a managerial class for elites.

        The real power behind the synarchy are the transnational corporations.

        Welcome to the age of Dominance.


        The history of the human world is the history of class struggle and you will notice Berkshire on the list for Buffet understands. As he noted 11 years ago:

        ‘My Class Has Won’ And ‘It’s Been A Rout’

        And why is it that the ruling class understands the dynamics of class struggle but the working class and victims of financial capitalism do not?

        Simple. No education.

        With Beavis and Butthead is the mascot for the culture, you eventually just might see America sold on the Antiques Road Show to the same cartels that destroyed it.

        • Duck says:

          Fascism is just communism with the Jewish cultural baggage taken out and replaced with the local Ethnic one.

          It’s not a reactionary or conservative force, but a revolutionary one, at least in Itallian and German varieties. Ever looked into South American flavors so can’t say what they are like

    • southamerica says:

      Vanguard owns majority stock of Blackrock (or perhaps it’s vice versa, I don’t recall but I’m sure JC will get to it). The creepiest thing of all that when you get to the top of that tree the owner/directors of Vanguard (or Blackrock) are anonymous. Any guesses…?

    • frans says:

      And if I’m not mistaken if you look t the owners of Blackrock who shows up? Vanguard…

      • taxpayer says:

        Vanguard is the largest owner of Blackrock common stock, having about 11%. I’m pretty sure that Blackrock doesn’t own or formally control any Vanguard stock.

    • mike.y says:

      Yep, and State Street seems to always make it a trio.

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Hmmmm… why do visions of being blockchained and bitcoined to a blackrock hover before me…?

    • Gavinm says:


      As I understand it, blockchain is a separate thing from bitcoin. Bitcoin may utilize (and be based on blockchain) but blockchain is a system that can be used for either creating/facilitating decentralized transaction/data storage systems or be weaponized to create hyper-centralized oligarch controlled transaction/data storage systems (intended to create “digital concentration camps” as Catherine Austin Fitts calls them) like CBDCs etc.

      Though, I am no expert on cryptocurrencies or blockchain tech, so I could be way off with that.

      Personally, while many of the characteristics of decentralized blockchain currencies appeal to me at first glance, I still trust the depending on living economy of the Earth more than I do ones and zeroes on a computer hard drive for ensuring I have the means to provide basic necessities for myself and my loved ones so that is where I put the majority of my energy.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Well, Gavinm, as I understand it there are public and private blockchain systems and Bitcoin is based on a permissionless (public) system offering pseudo-anonymity and CBDCs would either be based on private blockchain systems offering no anonymity (as you’d need to provide all your data to participate and be “permissioned” into the system) or based on a non-blockchain system that would be equally devoid of anonymity. But in reality, I don’t know diddly squat about any of this.

        The glib reference to Bitcoin was only because I’d just seen some passing articles about BlackRock being instrumental in buying up some 185 Bitcoins.

        In reality, whatever the exact nature of the digital money that will be put into circulation by BlackRock, with the blessing of Carstens the big BIS guy, it’ll be the infamous CBDCs adopted by governments everywhere.

        At least, so it would seem. But I’ll stay tuned for the next captivating Corbett clarification!

        • nosoapradio says:

          and I probably never tried hard enough but I’ve never understood how a permissionless system could not be vulnerable to essentially being bought up by colossal fortunes and hijacked which is what, for a flash, I imagined the Fink at BlackRock doing to Bitcoin (instead of simply stigmatizing the crypto out of existence which would have left it open for use by marginals like us as an alternative/parallel monetary system.) More effective to take control of it, use the aspects that have proven effective as a prototype and discard the rest.

          But I reiterate, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

          • nosoapradio says:

            But Catherine Austin Fitts, who you paraphrased does. I should watch/read more of her and Titus.
            But the clock just struck Happy Hour so it’s time to celebrate the new imminent work week!

        • Gavinm says:


          Sounds like you have a more comprehensive understanding of the nuances of blockchain tech, it’s current uses, potential uses and it’s dark alternatives than I.

          Speaking of BIS, I would be interested in mapping out all the interlocking points that connect Blackrock, Vanguard and the BIS.

          My little brother is a city guy and tech specialist that was into cryptocurrency in a big way, managing groups that “mine bitcoin” (whatever that means) and making investments in other cryptocurrencies. He tried to suggest I invest but I told him “look man, all I know is that human markets, currencies and systems rise and fall, expand and collapse but nature’s living economy has persisted for eons with relative stability. If I plant a seed in the rich earth and tend to that investment I will get food, medicine and (usually) hundreds to thousands of seeds that can in turn be planted the following year exponentially increasing the value that can be accessed by myself and others. This equation and living economic model of Mother Earth (that provides exponential abundance to those that steward her living systems) was the same for our ancient ancestors and will be the same for our distant descendants as it is now. It requires getting one’s hands dirty, it requires sweat, blood, tlc (and sometimes tears) but it is an investment I can trust as it is built on the living architecture of creation, natural law and living systems that have been around a lot longer than humans and their systems.”. He said he can’t argue with that but thinks he does not have a ‘green thumb’ (which is another way of saying “I am not willing to put in the time and energy to learn from trial and error how to cultivate skillsets outside my comfort zone related to gardening”). Oh well, to each their own.

          I feel grateful that my day job allows me to put some of my time and energy into planting trees that can contribute towards facilitating the growth of the ancient living economy of Mother Earth, but in the end I still get paid in fiat, routed through the central banking cartel’s subsidiary systems, which is taxed by various parasitic involuntary governance entities and continues to feed into the oligarch’s parasitic empire each time that fiat currency changes hands. One day I hope to abandon that form of monetary exchange all together, but I still a ways to go before my wife and I can live that way (comfortably).

          Thanks for the comments, wishing you a prosperous and easy going work week ahead. 🙂

          • catalyst says:


            • catalyst says:

              I wait with great anticipation for James’s next 2 parts on this…(gonna read this one again while i wait ;D), you’re a living legend James, you have the support of forces unbeknownst to us all.

        • Duck says:

          Bitcoin is only anonymous if you never buy any in your own name or do a purchase in your own name or otherwise link your actual self to your wallet

          As I understand it every transaction that has ever happened is stored in the bitcoin blockchain and anyone can read it.

    • frans says:

      And if you look up the owners of Vanguard, You find… Blackrock as the biggest shareholder…

      • taxpayer says:

        I don’t know where you’d look that up, but I know Vanguard is owned indirectly by the investors in its mutual funds (and ETF’s?). Blackrock probably owns little or none of that. But thru backchannels, perhaps they have control?

  3. pdtam says:

    Ever notice that it’s always Jews who are running everything? Ever noticed Wikipedia always seems to make sure the fact that they are Jewish is ALWAYS mentioned? As if they are so vastly different from other Americans or other countries that they must always add it to their bio?

    • Duck says:


      Actually your will need to download the wikijew database soon since “early life” made so many people realize that it’s almost “every single time” when you look up a person of note.

      I recall when I saw the picture chart of how many news people were Jewish, then one of how many bankers were Jewish, and how many Bolsheviks and how many antifa and….. well you get t he idea. I was like how can 1 % of the population be showing up 70 or 80 % of the time

      You do not see those charts much these days but I still do “early life”

      • Chunky Monkey says:

        So are yous saying you think that 1% cited is incorrect and it’s much more or really we are the 99% and that 1% in control by a certain race of people who just so happen to make up 1%? I do think it can be myopic to just attribute the blame to one group of people though as all different types of people have caused us to get where we are and greed really is the commonality between them all.

  4. Gavinm says:

    Thank you for tackling Blackrock with this exposé series James.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you dig up on the Alladin system.

    In the future, I think I will attempt to cross reference the list of corporate contractors, military/intelligence R&D outfits/shell companies and oligarchs that I have found to be involved in what historian Richard Dolan refers to as “The Breakaway Civilization” with Blackrock’s investments and key players to see how much correlation exists between the two.

    Given the pervasive influence and ownership of entities like Blackrock in the food, medical, military, telecommunications and even real estate industries I suppose the only way to effectively resist and boycott Blackrock is to embrace radical decentralization (and reclaiming our sovereignty) in all aspects of our lives. Perhaps we can see this imperative for decentralizing the means to produce our basic necessities locally (to avoid being caught up in Blackrock’s economic dragnet and avoid feeding into it’s web of parasitic corporations) as an impetus that is a blessing in disguise (at least for those that are educated, realize the stakes, and are up to the challenge) as it invites those that are capable to become their best selves.

    Here is to those that are courageous enough to raise their gaze from the ground, see the goliath standing before us and take the necessary steps to bring it to it’s knees. May your actions serve to awaken and galvanize the sleeping/complacent masses, inviting them to ‘rise from slumber in unvanquishable number’. May you reap the harvest from the seeds that you sow and one day find yourself living in a community filled with self-governed, self-aware, courageous, integrous and creative individuals that live lives of purpose and meaning (guiding their actions in alignment with natural law).

    Thanks again for shining a light on this particular ‘goliath’ in our midst.

  5. Gavinm says:

    I imagine by now, the noble, relentless and veil-piecing works of James Corbett are on the plutocrat’s radar. Thus, I would like to invite anyone reading this now to join me in a prayer to ask God (and those that work closely with Creator that watch over, protect and guide humanity) to provide a ‘hedge of protection’ around James and those close to him.

    I have found that if one chooses actions that are in the interest of protecting those that cannot protect themselves, giving a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves, offering pathways to healing, empowerment, hope and unification of our family of humanity (as James Corbett has been doing for years) there are beings that stand at the ready in higher realms that are willing and able to provide protection and guidance.

    While I do believe that each of us have a pre-determined time when we have agreed to leave this Earth (and no amount of prayer or will power will extend that time frame) the time we do have here can be drastically improved and our efforts supported in meaningful ways through genuine, open-hearted prayer/meditation. The Creator of all things does not interrupt or override our free will, but when invited to be part of our lives on Earth, all things become possible.

    I therefore ask that the Creator of all things send emissaries to stand guard, surrounding James and those close to him in an impenetrable shield of light, protecting against any and all that would wish him harm, so that he may continue to do his important work in service to our human family.

    So it is, and so it shall be.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I will accept your invitation Gavin. Adding only the one qualification that I include with all my prayers these days. That being that not my will be done but His.

      I was recently exhorted to pray for our nation, (the U S.) and for the state of Israel. This caused me a bit of consternation because I see the unfolding of history that indicates to me that we are drawing close to the end days and frankly I am looking forward to the the end of suffering, injustice and death.
      However I can’t forget that with the end of this age comes the closing of the door of opportunity for humanity to accept the gift of salvation. And as much as I might seem to dislike most people, I do truly love humanity.

      Ultimately I agreed to pray for these nations. But with the caveat that I cannot understand His plan and that God’s will be done.

      My prayer is for a hedge of protection and God’s blessings for James but mostly that God draws him to Himself. Just as I try to remember to pray for everyone.

  6. wessel says:

    As far as I know, both Blackrock and Vanguard manage investments for other people.

    For example a Dutch pension fund will pay Blackrock to manage its investments. So then Blackrock manages $100 million, but it doesn’t own those $100 million. (For a list of investment firms used by the largest Dutch pension fund, see

    Or take Vanguard’s popular VWRL “all world” mutual fund. Even the smallest investor can buy VWRL. It tracks the value of the entire stock market. The fund is managed by Vanguard, but the money belongs to the individual investors.

    John C. Bogle founded Vanguard to provide “low-cost index funds for the long-term investor”. Many individuals did very well by his advice. See for example the incredibly active internet forum.

    • taxpayer says:

      At least regarding Vanguard, you are correct. But part of “managing” is to vote for corporate directors and decide major corporate policies. There’s no mechanism for the beneficial owner, the small investor, to be exert any control.

      • wessel says:

        That’s true, investors with Vanguard give up their voting rights. Few small investors would visit a shareholder meeting if they owned the shares. And institutional investors can pressure Vanguard itself, or move their capital elsewhere. So I wonder how much difference this makes.

    • yann says:

      That’s the part I’m trying to understand… (I’m financially challenged) Why do people say that Blackrock, Vanguard, etc “own” all those companies when, as far as I can tell, they manage the shares owned by other people. What’s the trick/loophole?

      Thanks for any pointer in the right direction!

  7. Kati says:

    Woolfolk wrote a book 1890 about the money kings, back then they acted openly in the spotlight before they noticed it might be better in the hidden. He writes about several families but the main family of the money kings is sure the Rothschilds, having over half of the planets wealth in 1890 i would guess it is not less by now but perfectly hidden in infinite companies, subsidaries, etc or such mega wallets like Blackrock and Vanguard.

    No matter what its a very interesting read even 130 years of age.
    “The great red dragon or London money power” by L. B. Woolfolk

  8. WAYNED says:

    Always a great read. Love the detail and background. Always think there is a layer before each layer and wonder who the fink fronts for, and before them…

    Truth is stranger (and so much more interesting!) than the fiction that is television.

    Are we in a technocracy? Is there a borg in charge, feeding scripts to the once-young, now old “leaders” of today? It’s difficult to explain the direction of things and the willful ignorance of humanity any other way. Did they already make a switch? There is no humanity behind the one unison of scripted pronouncements from their ilk.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 1: A Brief History of BlackRock

    Oh man! This is good. Really good. I can’t wait for Part 2.

    With the coming economic conditions in 2023, I’m sure we all will be recollecting this series.

    • Frode says:

      This would make an excellent documentary as well.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I agree.
        Visuals help to cement mental concepts.

        The way Corbett tells the story in this article is real…it communicates to the average person.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This article reminds me of…

    MONOPOLY – Who owns the world? – Tim Gielen

    James Corbett had it linked under the “Recommended Viewing” with his October 11th article
    Breaking the News: How the First Media Moguls Shaped History.

    • vadoum says:

      had to keep scrolling til finding that, finally somebody, thanks HRS. The monopoly “doco” is so last year,, but it did leave me with the same query that a few have mentioned above and deserves full scrutiny: does Larry own fink while fink owns larry? could Knif Yrral play a part?

      seriously we need an accountant versed in spherical logic here, there will be a slanderous name for such egregious manipulation of trust: if black rock and vanguard together own the majority of mega corporations,, and but they also both own the majority of each other, what does that mean? it should prove or illustrate something? I like to think of circular logic as relativist shyte, the example Ive posted here before (apologies) is:”I must tell the truth, everything I say i a lie”. but this ownership game will have a trail to track. people decided and acted. What does that ledger look like? who pays who? and when? and do they pay each-other or anyone anything? or do they just fire ones and zeros at each other? how would they settle a divorce? who gets the last musical chair? maybe there never were any relative chairs, just quantum chairs?

      and for those hankering for the cosmic angle: Jose Arguelas was a student of mayan mysticism, (studied, wrote, spoke about it) He reckoned that the Mayans had a name for the center of the galaxy “Hu nab ku”. (big claim considering their physical telescopes were windowless but roofless 4-5 story towers,,) and but what did he say Hu Nab Ku was? ,,,, wait for it:

      a black cube

      this is a brief rave on the name, but the cube theory may be hard to source,; I have that from a woman who was close to Jose in aus & NZ during the last decades of his life.

    • nosoapradio says:

      I actually got a couple students to watch parts of that documentary, Monopoly in an effort to create some lively ESL discussion. That was before I was formally ordered for the second and LAST TIME to immediately cease and desist evoking anything even vaguely resembling conspiracy theories during my classes, they’d received feedback… That was a while back now… think I’ll have another looksee myself in preparation for the next installment of this BlackRock series.

      Yea! I remember Nogales!! And you gotta good memory, as the passenger of a motorbike I used to head up to Mount Lemmon, for example, and we’d sit on ledges exactly like the one here to watch the birds of prey soaring and circling over the green and arid landscapes… and I remember the drastic temperature change as we wound our way up the mountain, how chilly it got in comparison to the desert and then vice versa… oooh whyyyyy did I leeeave…??? sigh.

      Now I’ve got Solsbury Hill in my mind’s ears…

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Remember: You are powerful. You are beautiful. And you are free. Peace.” -Derrick Broze

    I swear…that dude is involved in so many things. He sure ain’t scared to get his hands dirty.

    What a great, real life confrontation. See Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing” below the article…
    Former CIA Director John Brennan Confronted on Torture, Drone Bombings, Surveillance (9 minutes)
    Broze helps to groove us in on some of Brennan’s history.
    Michael Hastings comes up.

    See Corbett’s
    Episode 274 – Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings
    Michael Hastings was that rarest of breeds: a mainstream reporter who wasn’t afraid to rail against the system, kick back against the establishment, and bite the hand that feeds him. On the morning of June 18, 2013, he died in a fiery car crash. But now details are emerging that he was on the verge of breaking an important new story about the CIA, and believed he was being investigated by the FBI. Now even a former counter-terrorism czar is admitting Hastings’ car may have been cyber-hijacked. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the strange details surrounding the untimely death of Michael Hastings.

  12. NewWhirlThisWeek says:

    This was an excellent article, I didn’t want it to end! succinctly and perfectly put…

    “when we peel back the layers of propaganda from the past three years, we find that the remarkable events of the scamdemic have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a virus. We are instead witnessing a changeover in the monetary and economic system that was conceived, proposed and then implemented by (you guessed it!) BlackRock.”

  13. NewWhirlThisWeek says:

    Can’t wait for part 3…’Aladdin designed to eliminate humans from the equation’
    Roger James Hamilton is not a man I trust, but the 2 min vid he narrated on ‘Aladdin’ is most interesting.

  14. Ukdavec says:

    And so it goes on ….

    BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory will consult Ministry of Economy for UKRAINE on creation of a roadmap for implementation of an investment platform.

    Enquiring minds are pondering whether the trevails of SBF and FTX will cause a problem with this agreement.

  15. naim says:

    well, if one just look at those screenshots, vanguard seems to be worse, is also always there and has even more shares than blackrock…. sooooo, what can i make of it?

    • NewWhirlThisWeek says:

      naim ~ ” vanguard seems to be worse, is also always there and has even more shares than blackrock…. sooooo, what can i make of it?”

      Check out who’s the largest shareholder of Vanguard and all becomes clear 😉

  16. ticop says:

    Thank you for explaining the Blackstone/Blackrock distinction. Great example of competing factions promoting the same goals. So looking forward to the next two parts.

  17. NewWhirlThisWeek says:

    Isn’t it interesting how significant the ‘BlackRock’ seems to be to the ideology of the global ‘cult’ as I like to term them…Another significant Black Stone is a rock, set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba, the ancient building in the centre of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Another is to be found in the UN Meditation/Prayer room, a 6-ton iron ore stone altar as a sign of permanence in a world of change…or indeed a BlackRock.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find other examples if I had the time or inclination to look…significant? Maybe…

  18. altittude says:

    Thank you James, you heard my request. Cannot wait to compile this info especially the Aladdin part.

  19. jld says:

    Thanks for this article. I keep seeing the name tossed around but had little idea who they actually are. Looking forward to the other parts.

  20. selfdeception says:

    pleeeeeeease can we have a video / documentary on this.

    • Duck says:

      Lol…. I like audio stuff too but you must admit that reading gives you the information faster and with better retention. 🙂

      I always hoped Mr Corbett would do a book one day but he could probably just edit all his transcripts into a massive tome

  21. Gavinm says:

    Thanks for the fun soundboard link James 🙂 I think someone should add “screw your freedom!” to the list and also someone should do a voice over clip with a video sequence from terminator with his cyborg face showing as he says “Screw your freedom!”.

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