The Sugar Conspiracy

12/09/201783 Comments

An explosive new study in the PLOS Biology journal confirms three things that independent health researchers have been saying for years:

  1. Sugar-heavy diets are worse for your health than fat-heavy diets.
  2. Researchers have known this fact for decades.
  3. The sugar industry actively covered up the research supporting this fact.

The study—bearing the typically unwieldy title "Sugar industry sponsorship of germ-free rodent studies linking sucrose to hyperlipidemia and cancer: An historical analysis of internal documents"—reads like an unlikely pairing of crime thriller and academic article.

At the heart of this medical thriller lies the mysteriously named "Project 259," a research study which ran from 1967 to 1971 to examine the link between sucrose consumption and coronary heart disease...

Join James for this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber editorial as he uncovers the secrets of "Project 259" and unravels the decades-long sugar conspiracy.

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  1. The dinosaur media never likes to report on any ground-breaking news. They like the status quo until forced to admit the times a changin’ – sort of like how they reluctantly adopted hyperlinks. I suspect the same folks who consume CNN or the Washington Compost (James Evan Pilato I’m looking in your direction), probably also consume lots of sugar.

    • Hotfoot says:

      That’s a bit harsh on James Evan Pilato. There’s a difference between discussing and berating propaganda, and consuming/absorbing it.

      • john.o says:

        Yes, and I unabashedly depend on Pilato and Corbett and a host of other sources (balanced in selection to try to cancel bias) to keep me informed on a sad aspect of a world I rarely have time for.

        They watch this shit so I don’t have to and I am not ashamed to say so.

        I consider myself a scholar in a couple of areas that I would not recommend everyone spend their time on. Nobody can research everything. Verify everything you can personally, but in the end truth, like currency often comes down to trust.

        I find these gentlemen are trustworthy to filter the cesspool of “the news” for valuable items, to provide me things to think about without telling me what to think.

        I don’t envy them and hope they wear gloves and masks.

        • MatthewD says:

          honestly, I don’t know how they muster the strength to subject themselves to it.
          I don’t have the stomach anymore

  2. anna.z says:

    This is a crucial issue, thank you for covering it. Similarly, many doctors still refuse to recognise systemic candida overgrowth as a major and growing health concern, even though it is now starting to kill people in hospitals. Candida overgrowth problems are directly linked to modern diets, antibiotic consumption and chlorine in the water supply which destroys intestinal flora, and any public initiative to take it seriously would threaten too many powerful industries.

  3. manbearpig says:

    Halloween, Christmas and Easter: Soft drinks and breakfast cereals: all prevalent cultural institutionalized incitations to spend your way into sugar shock.

    But industrial doses of Rituline will take care of your kids’ ADD…

    Jeff Goldblum’s transformation in “The Fly” pretty much cured me of my penchant for dunkin’ doughnuts and other pancreatic poison.

  4. john.o says:

    The principle of all OFFICIAL Oracles and Prophets in history:

    “…powerful families and priestly hierarchies pay for the types of oracles and prophecies that they want.” – History

    The secret of MODERN SCIENCE:

    “…large corporations and politically-motivated government agencies are paying for the types of science that they want.” – James Corbett

    As for WHY NOW?, I will accept the etiology in the stubborn, honest, brave reporting, but must also note that in this, as in so many industries and areas, from cannabis to organic foods to worker’s rights to women’s rights to energy production/consumption to banking/currency, CHANGE tends to happen when powerful interests feel confident they have sufficient control of the new pair of theses and antitheses in their dialectical dance of power.

    That’s sucrose. Watch for

    C&H (C&H)
    non-sucrose sugar (non-sucrose sugar)
    from Hawaii (from Hawaii)
    made in the Sun!

    • manbearpig says:

      “CHANGE tends to happen when powerful interests feel confident they have sufficient control of the new pair of theses and antitheses in their dialectical dance of power.”

      That was quite remarkably well-expressed…

      but are you a conspiracy theorist or something?

    • redrose says:


    • john.o says:

      I am.

      But unlike most of my brothers and sisters on YouTube, I am having a hard time choosing whom specifically, to blame.

      And let me tell you, that effing sucks.

      In a nightmare Darth Vader once told me that I too am an Israeli Freemason Anglo-Yankee Bio-reductionist Nazi Collectivist Leftist Liberal Right-wing Fascist Nut, but I laughed and said, “This is just a bad dream, Dad.”

      • manbearpig says:

        So you’ve opted to keep the hyphen.

        Then again, if you hadn’t, someone else would’ve.

        Sorry, I’m just procrastinating.

        • john.o says:

          Ouch. Busted for conformity.

          I seek peer approval and a Belleza to obey like the next man….

      • manbearpig says:

        Just for fun (my own);

        My universe today as I offer my modest contribution to revealing and immortalizing the history of creations such as this one, originally from 1984:

        A dream or a nightmare?

        • john.o says:

          “une tribu de danseurs venus d’on ne sait quelle contrée”

          ou peut-être on sait très bien…

  5. mkey says:

    The “just for fun” article is mind boggling, kudos James.

    • mkey says:

      I have a “just for fun” link of my own.

      Joe Rogan Vs. Brian Dunning Very heated debate on WTC 7

      I don’t who Dunning is, but he’s hilarious.

      • john.o says:

        holy moly

      • manbearpig says:

        The controlled demolition of a skeptoid!

        or pooping and peeing your way to strawmanhood!

        Spindoctors often have me reaching for my glutathione…

        Then again “Holy Moly” pretty well covers it.

        Yea that was fun!

        Have to check out Mr. Corbett’s just for fun…

      • Mark44 says:

        If there’s one thing worse than a condescending 9/11 debunker,
        it’s got to be a fast-talking condescending 9/11 debunker. 🙂

    • cush350 says:

      I tried Google Translate but got a pop-up message I can’t repeat here.

      • john.o says:

        i tink wey you get dey be di poo-poo message, dem dey say you no learn to read!

    • manbearpig says:

      “…The new (Pidgin English)site was launched in August by the BBC World Service as part of a £289million taxpayer-funded expansion —

      which will also see its broadcasts available in heavily isolated North Korea…”

      I don’t know but… in light of this sensitive Tinder poo-poo incident,
      couldn’t this jeapordize national security?

  6. john.o says:

    thank you, mkey, i missed that!

    “Di lady decide to carry her thing back; she use head enter the small space wey di poo-poo bin dey, but na so she come trap for there, and trouble start.”

    I think this is obviously James trying to warn us.

    “Mr Smith say im no get choice but to call fire service make dem help remove di girl, along with her poo-poo.”

    Whether I would handle this situation myself or call in the authorities would depend on the girl and the poo-poo, so I won’t second guess Mr James.

    • john.o says:

      More from Pidgin BBC advice on Swineflu:


      -No near people wey you know say get di virus

      For person wey don catch am, medicine (vaccine) dey for swine flu and health officials dey advise say make person no too near other people.”

  7. VoiceOfArabi says:

    ignore the old ways at your peril

    That is the most important/valuable/critical information i have re-learned in the last 5 years. I am an old man yet, i had to relearn this. I wish i understood it when i was young. This will change your life…

    for example. “the duck test” – if it walks like a duck, etc etc… This can be used to answer majority of questions that we have.. example. Was 9/11 a false flag ops??? check it against the duck test.

    Another example. “there is no smoke without fire” very simple saying but again, can answers a lot of our questions.. Is sugar bad for you?? was 9/11 false flag?? is there a plan to control the number of population??? if there is smoke, then there is a small fire somewhere…

    the big puzzle is.. if my calculator give me one wrong answer every other two correct answers randomly. I would stop using it. The governments have proved that they give us wrong answers randomly and deliberate, why then do we believe anything they say. I don’t even believe the date that some newspapers report 🙂

    • john.o says:

      Great post, VofA. Man, do I share that “wish I woulda.”

      Many people still believe what governments say conveniently and temporarily, and that IS puzzling. It is made slightly less puzzling when I recall how fundamentally lost and insecure the individual is without his family, society and culture.

      Faulty calculators are contradicted by reality very quickly and immediately. Unfortunately, faulty assumptions about the intentions of the powerful, while revealed by the simple duck test, don’t hit home so fast for many, and those who are hit, tend to die young.

      Even those who know it is all a fabric of lies must analyze the fibers in the web of their own slavery, without becoming further entangled. And that ain’t easy. Witness someone’s complaint that James Evans Pilato lives on a sugar diet of major media stories.

      In this part of the world they say every man has to bear his own cross or serve Allah in his own way, and I say God bless James Evans Pilato!

  8. Pablo de Boer says:

    Sugar: Killing us Sweetly. Staggering Health Consequences of Sugar on Health of Americans

    In September 2013, a bombshell report from Credit Suisse’s Research Institute brought into sharp focus the staggering health consequences of sugar on the health of Americans. The group revealed that approximately “30%–40% of healthcare expenditures in the USA go to help address issues that are closely tied to the excess consumption of sugar.”[1]The figures suggest that our national addiction to sugar runs us an incredible $1 trillion in healthcare costs each year. The Credit Suisse report highlighted several health conditions including coronary heart diseases, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which numerous studies have linked to excessive sugar intake.[2]

  9. Pablo de Boer says:

    Sugar Industry Collusion Since 1950s to Hide Dangers of Their Product – Just Like the Cigarette Industry

    There’s Big Pharma, Big Ag, and now Big Sugar – all industries too sweet on the smell of money to be truthful about their products to the public. New information has come forth that proves the sugar industry knew their products would cause dental and health issues since the 1950’s, but they worked with our government agencies (cigarette-ad-campaign-style) to make sure we wouldn’t know the true damage sugar could cause until we were all addicted.

  10. Pablo de Boer says:

    “Sugar Wars”: The Predatory Sugar and Drink Companies, Health Impacts, Food Choices.

    Superficially rational, there are in truth few instincts more fundamentally illiberal than the drive towards preventative policymaking. Henry Hill, CapX, Mar 21, 2016

    Fat wars, sugar wars, salt wars. Health humanitarian crusaders; predatory sugar drink companies; and government accountants. The modern age of nutritionist bitching, with its common cast, has again moved into prominent focus with the discussion about taxing sugary items – more specifically sugary drinks.The British Exchequer was certainly salivating at the prospect of more revenue (approximately £530m), though the issue has been sold as a health one. Austerity Britain is on the hunt for more money to fill the gaps in Chancellor George Osborne’s already deficient budget, and taxes dressed up as medical initiatives is one way of going about it.

  11. Pablo de Boer says:

    Big Sugar is a deathly booming business just like other dope

    — Global Industrial Sugar Market will Reach USD 100 Billion by 2022: Persistence Market Research —

    The Industrial Sugars Market is predicted to record a moderate CAGR of 4.7% for the five-year study from 2017 to 2022

  12. Catte says:

    The faux left wing of the MSM do quite regularly feature articles on the dangers of sugar – and the government itself tends to use that argument to push the “benefits” of aspartame, sorbitol etc. That argument has made a lot of headway. The average person is now much more worried about sugar than about chemical sweeteners, and it’s very hard to find a bottle of soft drink in the UK, marketed for kids, that doesn’t have artificial sweetener in it.

    And the massive rise in consumption of aspartame over the past few decades has been linked in some studies to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cancer.

    So, this is a greyish area in terms of agenda. We have to be careful not to leap from one bandwagon to another.

  13. john.o says:

    There were four great New World drugs that changed the Old World in Europe: Nicotine, Caffeine/Theine, Cocaine and refined Sugar.

    A study of Western Philosophy and these drugs is very instructive. Nietzsche made fun of Kant’s weak tea in the morning. He himself proclaimed that only STRONG tea was right for the philosopher. I don’t recall Nietcshe’s opinion on coffee but he consumed huge quantities of jam (after enormous helpings of fruit and honey and was “medicated” with all kinds of opiates and other drugs–I did not want to complicate this with the Opium Silk Road story, but it’s obviously in here). Kant too was into Jam and at the end of his life was a coffee convert who grew impatient (categorically I guess) when his servant did not have it ready. Kierkegaard was into coffee; every body knows about Freud and Tobacco and Cocaine…

    But as anybody who has ever hung out in any part of the drug culture will know, refined sugar is part of the scene. It has been for a long time.

    Look, like many intelligent confused stoners, these guys did sometimes have interesting things to say, and though I have cut carbs and cut out out all processed sugar for part of the year, I am in no position to judge on this question in general.

    • Corbett says:

      Haha. Interesting observation. Maybe the Pythons were (almost) onto something!

    • john.o says:

      Yeah I think they got the drug wrong except for maybe the Greeks.

      Nietzsche hated alochol, even though he loved the Symposium (“The Drinking Party” by Plato), but those Greeks had all tripped at the Eleusinian myseries, albeit after fasting and no alcohol or sex…some of them like Socrate’s lover Acibiades partied with shrooms and friends though. It was quite the scandal, profaning the mysteries was punishable by death. But he was a traitor soon anyway, and like National Security, nobody could talk about the details.

      Philosophy has mostly been the province of renunciation or the stimulant alkaloids, IMO. The people into alcohol or opioids usually become romantic poets or novelists or musicians.

      Somewhere Aldous Huxley remarked on Nietzsche’s jam habit as part of the constellation of “menschliches, allzumenschliches” hypocritical characteristics that turned him away from his own ubermenschlich aspirations and atheistic philosophy and made him inquire into the spiritual life.

      But Huxley could never get past Nietzsche’s view of Jesus and Paul and Christianity, which no doubt felt like chapel at Eton to him, so he turned towards Vedanta, and eventually Mahayana Buddhism.

      Nietzsche had called seminal retention by the yogi, the highest type so far before the Ubermensch. And he considered the Buddha very noble (if a life-wearied Nihilist) as opposed to Jesus whom he considered a lowlife Dostoevskian Idiot, and Paul, for whom he reserved a special vitriol all his own.

      Huxley eventually explored the seminally-retentive Tantric Religions of the East as a way not to end up another brainy, brain damaged, atheistic, neurasthenic Nietzschean jam addict, without having to convert to Christianity or become celibate.

      Esalen Institute came from Nietzsche’s sucrose habit. QED

      • manbearpig says:

        And now, to transform the New World is the most dangerous of them all:


      • manbearpig says:

        D’ya think Blake woulda taken a giga-dose of LSD on his death bed?

        • john.o says:

          I think it was only 100 mics. Average street dose today and not even half a small dose back in the day. In 1969 Double Barrel Orange Sunshine was 500 mics.

          Sure was an interesting day: Kennedy, Huxley, and CS Lewis…

          Blake needed no stimulant. Huxley referenced Blake’s poetry in the title and text of his most famous work on psychedelics “The Doors of Perception.” He saw “great mystics” like Blake as being naturally trippy, a heroic, saintly poetic grace. There is truth in that, but I don’t think Huxley understood Blake very well or deeply really. He knew Blake had something he didn’t have.

          Huxley was a very sensitive and sincere man, though, in my opinion. Remember he was the brother who rejected Nietszche, who did NOT want to become a genetic-scientist and join the family enterprise. He became a novelist and hung out with working class DH Lawrence and read Blake – the ultimate Science debunker.

          Huxley struggled with his intellect, education and body type as limitations on his feelings and humanity. He wanted to inhabit his body and felt trapped in his mind. He tried to think his way out, which obviously doesn’t work. Psychedelics helped. Or seemed to. They gave him powerful experiences he couldn’t reason away. Intellectually, he never really gave up materialism. Even his understanding of the Eastern religions is weak by today’s standards (They didn’t have the yogic diaspora from India and Tibet in every Western city then yet.) It is not surprising that he asked for LSD as he was about to find out what happens…

          Esalen and the movement spawned is quite something else.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Sweet TidBits on Sugar –
    Sugar is excellent for killing weeds and privet-like tree growth.
    I will pick up a 50 pound bag for about $12, and spread it over the target area. Then lightly water in.
    The sugar stimulates the microbe activity. The microbe activity becomes so intense that it rots the roots of the weeds, much in the same way sugar promotes tooth decay.
    The weed killing process can be accelerated by covering the area with newspaper or cardboard to block out the light.

    What is more… After some time has passed and the soil stabilizes, the newly planted grass or plants will grow extremely well, because now the soil is much more “alive” with microbe activity.

    A common “feeding program” which I use, is spraying a mix of compost tea and molasses. (Molasses is the residue from the sugar refining industry and contains a lot of nutrient value.) The fundamental concept is to improve the microbe activity in the soil, because plants need microbes to uptake nutrients.
    Howard Garrett, “The Dirt Doctor” has more specific information on using molasses plus many other organic gardening tips.

    In 1974, as the manager of a Texas Donut Shop, I well remember that the cost of sugar approached $1 per pound (1974 dollars). People were smuggling sugar up from Mexico. It was not pure white,but an off-brown color.
    Sidenote: I made my own “magic marijuana donuts”. They tasted terrible, especially with the twigs. After eating one I did not notice any kind of buzz. I ate several more. No buzz. Then I went on my delivery route, delivering boxes of donuts to local convenience stores and the like. About half-way through my route, I forgot where I had been and where I needed to go. Kind of paranoid, I had to watch the speedometer to make sure I wasn’t going too slow. I winged it and maybe completed my route.

    David Blume (“Alcohol Can Be a Gas”) has the best use for sugar. Use it to make moonshine and run your car for around 50 cents to $1 per gallon. An acre of cattails might make more than 5,000 gallons.

    • manbearpig says:

      Wow. Good point. The positive side of every double-edged tool.
      BTW, I suppose you’re aware that Sibel Edmonds and Spiro whose last name escapes me will be in Austin this Tuesday, December 12th on Congress Avenue.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Cool! They will enjoy it.
        The Austin area (surrounding towns) of Texas is really cool.
        It was even cool in the hippie days when I lived nearby in 1972, when hippies could sell their wares on the sidewalks of the “Guadalupe Street drag”.
        In 1986, my wife and I lived next to the river, just a 1/2 mile from Congress Ave. Rowed my raft under the Congress St bridge with my small son to see the bats.

    • NES says:

      The sugar as a weed and sprouting sucker deterrent is really, really interesting. I’ve been gardening forever and have not heard of it–oddly. How do you avoid killing the good things in your yard/garden? Do you follow a general sowing measurement around plants/hedges as you would for fertilizing or do you use the sugar in more of a casting method for getting rid of unwanted growth in open areas where avoiding your wanted plantings is not an issue?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Just sprinkling sugar around on the yard will help all the plants, weeds included. But molasses is much better for helping all plants.
        If you pile on sugar (concentrate it) in one spot, it will burn the weeds or plant. Too much too quick microbial activity.

        The simplest & cheapest method of killing weeds surrounding desirable plants is to place newspaper or cardboard or a rock over the weeds. Then later keep the mulch heavy.

        When I segment a part of the yard for future planting, I first cover it with cardboard (rocks or parts of wire coathangers to keep the carboard down.) Now (winter) is a good time of year to do this, so you can prep your bed in the early Spring. Putting down some sugar will help rot weed & grass seeds. You don’t need heavy amounts of sugar for this purpose.

        The keynote is “microbe life” in the soil. Look at images for mycorrhizae and root growth. The plant gives the mycorrhizae sugar, and the mycorrhizae gives the plant nutrients. Some microbes fight other microbes. It is a whole dynamic in itself.

        10% vinegar will kill weeds, especially spraying them in hot sunny weather), but it also might temporarily make that soil “dead” because the microbe activity becomes attenuated.

        Corn gluten meal (the protein part of the corn)…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Corn gluten meal (the protein part of the corn) can be broadcast in the yard as a weed seed pre-emergent in the early Spring or Fall. However, don’t put out desirable seeds where you broadcast the corn gluten. The high protein content burns the sprouting seeds. Proteins contain nitrogen. So, the established already growing plants will green lush. Animals (like dogs) like to eat the corn gluten meal. It stinks like something died when wet.
          (Think about proteins we eat…they contain nitrogen. When we pee, we pee out nitrogen waste. Looking at the chemical structure of amino acids helps grasp this “nitrogen” link.)

          I use horticultural cornmeal (not gluten meal) to fend off undesirable fungi. It even makes skin soft when feet or hands are soaked in cornmeal and warm water. It can kill toenail fungus.

          Go to Howard Garrett’s “The Dirt Doctor” website and YouTube channel for lots of info.
          He helped on the Dallas Anti-Fluoridation campaign. The DogsAgainstFluoridation website has a lot of Howard’s links and his cool stuff is on the INFO webpage.

  15. NES says:

    “Sugar Blues” written in 1975 by William Hufty was the book that put me on to sugar as poison. It mainly traces the historical route of sugar. The single thing that stuck with me all these decades later was his world map which followed the rise of illnesses alongside the distribution and subsequent rise of sugar consumption. It was quite eye-opening in ’75. The book originally had a blue cover, as I remember. It’s still being printed today. At least a million copies, the promo says. Some who comment on its efficacy these days don’t take into consideration that the book is 42-yrs old and had far fewer research studies to pull from. But that’s just some people. It was an excellent book for it’s time. Those who read it were much more informed than the majority who did not. Wish I’d found the Pover study.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On James Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing” “Blockchain video”, around the 11:00 mark they talk about its electrical applications. I raised my eyebrows at the control aspects. Later in the video, the lady mentions how blockchain can elevate institutions.
    Is this a “fork”? (a fork in the road)

    • mkey says:

      OMG that video was recorded inside the matrix loading program!!11!!1

    • mkey says:

      Well, from its very name blockCHAIN it kind of follows there is a strong potential for control abuse, no?

      A term like “wings of freedom” makes sense intuitively, but how does “chains of freedom” sound? The more centralized “institutions” get, deeper we’ll get shafted on every occasion.

    • john.o says:

      There is a central fallacy in the whole blockchain argument. It is argued that with blockchain, we won’t need institutions as middlemen as much.

      But blockchain is a middle man as is whatever company is applying it to a problem.

      As to the electrical grid: “The owners won’t even have to know…” Exactly!!

      Blockchain might be seen as influence/control by a an anonymous network of individuals, strategized and mediated by [a] particular profit making institution[s]. A type of faceless fascism if you think about it.

      If the grid networks themselves can compete so that I can really opt out of an oppressive grid, ok, but why am I not confident this will happen?

      Seems to me the issue is not really blockchain but freedom and as usual the libertarian right is always sure that if we just let everybody compete to shape our environment the big money bullies won’t win and enslave us.

      Of course the left is always sure that if we block competition and growth we will be free of the bullies rather than lock in their ill-gotten advantages forever.

      I am not a young person and I have been hearing some version of this little back and forth all my life. It reminds me of another of Corbett’s suggestions: “This Explains Man’s Fatal Attraction to Communism.”

      • john.o says:

        Let me give the Libertarian Right a few tips: if you want to critique the labor theory of value, I am with you. It clearly is flawed. In fact it is false and wrong.

        So is the notion that a tulip is worth more than the land upon which it is grown, or that a currency day trader is worth more to me or society than the person growing and harvesting my food. Especially when offered up by portly brainy men who clearly have never been forced off their land to work unpaid overtime in a SUGAR factory with a kid at home.

        If I read one more comparison of the economies of Venezuela and Cuba with the economic miracles all around them, I shall…I shall…I shall write a longer rant about it!!! So I shall, because I read these canards once a day.

        For now, I will note that the formal argument is identical to the eugenicists. I am no defender of Venezuela or Cuba, which are abstractions anyway. I will note that raising a child where, if she gets sick she gets medicine, and where she is not likely to be sold as a sex slave in a foreign country, and you have time with her when she is growing up, MEAN something.

        Living in your effing economic miracles is HELL for many, many people you never meet, and the fact that some very evil people capitalize on that to control the world is not going to make me feel differently.

        If we are to live together, we will have to work this economic thing out and there are canards in every direction, but smarmy lectures with no consideration of how your economic miracles and MAGIC theory of value, spread war and poison everywhere are not helping.

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hello john.o,

          As i read your post, i find myself agreeing with majority of the points you highlight, which is comforting and leads me to believe we would enjoy the same drinks 🙂 .

          That said, i think the central issue to all of this is “enslavement”…

          Man (man&woman) has always desired and aimed to enslave other men and animals. if you go through history, you will find this abundantly clear.

          Yet, even the topic of “SLAVERY” is not very well understood. (and before anyone points it out, I apologies for our role (Arabs) in supplying the slave route to the america’s)

          I mean, the topic slavery is taboo. no one talks about it freely, and everyone avoids the conversation as if it is a very dirty secret.

          Yet, i think if we understand the secret behind slavery and what makes it happen, we will understand “MAN’s” desire to rule.

          for example…. during slavery… why are the following things happen.. why are there house slaves mentality?? why are there field slave mentality? why are there very few rebellious nature among men and woman (and most importantly, mothers).

          Like it or not.. we are all enslaved currently… but all indication shows that the screws are being tightened further for the next few generations until we become chickens in a chicken factory farm. (positive side is, you get free anti-biotech in your feed 🙂 )

          • john.o says:


            “…the topic slavery is taboo. no one talks about it freely, and everyone avoids the conversation as if it is a very dirty secret….”

            YES. BECAUSE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Cheers, VofA!

          • john.o says:

            I won’t get sillier with more exclamation marks but this is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT:

            “If we understand the secret behind slavery and what makes it happen, we will understand “MAN’s” desire to rule.”

            VofA, you have nailed it.

            And I would add: we will see man’s desire to PROFIT, by clean paper and digital manipulations, off of the distant labors of miserable others, without having to see or think about how they live.

            And call that: THE RIGHTS OF MAN!

            • manbearpig says:

              Uh, do you guys admit various types of slavery, like the differences between

              -African blacks being taken away from their homes by other blacks and/or whites and sold into slavery abroad

              -and people born into urban or rural poverty who’ll take any job they can get, mostly factory slaves

              -and those in middle class situations who more or less aimlessly find themselves doing more or less qualified jobs for peanuts

              -and cruiseline workers who toil under grueling conditions but who are paid wages that are several times what they could possibly get “at home”. (still shameless exploitation)

              -the slavery created by overtaxation by governments

              -finally, other situations I’ve omitted through ignorance and haste


              Or is there a commonality among them all?

              Born Wolves and Born sheep and all the stuff in between that explains the existence of tyrants at every level?

              Did the sheep create a need for wolves and/or vice versa??

              Is it a generalized lack of Chutzpah and vision that begs to be preyed upon??

              WHAT’S THE KEY??????

              Sigh. Now back to “teaching”…

              • john.o says:

                A lot of what you mention is covered under the study of slavery. There is intra-tribal debt slavery, regulated as in the “Old Testament.” And there is full chattel slavery and there are grades in between. A lot of the slaves out of Africa were caught in a system of debt slavery that through war and Bantu expansion became chattel slavery, and all of that was fed by the “market” of course.

                Under capitalist corporate expansion and more or less coerced and trapped employees, the grades and shades get more complex but they always were, even emotional: many a Roman boy loved his Chattel Greek slave teacher like a father. Any Faulkner reader knows the wrenching tragedy of human love (eros, philos and agape) bound and perverted by the laws of slavery. And everywhere chattel slavery could be rendered debt slavery and the slave allowed to PURCHASE HIM OR HERSELF BACK!! (take note Vin Armanai) at the master’s discretion, of course.

                VofA’s point is much more basic though, if I understand it.

                ALL of “human history” since the formation of cities has been driven by the engine of slavery — including chattel slavery right to the present day — of some kind we now all find “theoretically” objectionable, I think. The defenders of ownership and rights and freedoms under any current regime anywhere, do not want to acknowledge that we are still trading in slaves, but WE are. (I own almost nothing, but still must include myself.)

                MEN AND WOMEN BOTH HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AND STILL ARE COMFORTABLE WITH IT DEEP DOWN INSIDE especially if they don’t have to look at it.

                It’s a dirty secret.

              • john.o says:

                And by the way, this entire discussion is relevant to SUGAR production, where debt and chattel slaves still labor. And the fluctuations of their “worth/value” are not “firewalled” from the “worth/value” of any currency currently traded anywhere.

              • manbearpig says:

                A very complete and coherent answer (especially within this context of a comments board.)

                Thank you.

                I shall ponder this as I walk home this evening… now…

                reminds me of that video… Human Resources… the History of your Slavery… or something to that effect…

                now gotta drag my butt out of this office and into the rain!!!!

              • manbearpig says:

                Ok, I’ve got it all figured out now.

              • john.o says:

                Quitting your job? Retiring to Walden’s pond? Going for broke on crypto?

                All ears.

              • manbearpig says:

                A good night’s sleep.

                Then we’ll see.

                Maybe Faulkner. Maybe jam. Maybe plan a trip to Tucson to meet Stuart Hameroff.

                Have to see.

                Maybe get some great Greco-Roman classics together to read with my son in Crete after the music and dancing in the Tavernas following midnight Easter mass with a thousand candles around the lake in Agios Nikolaos.

                Or maybe Gilgamesh.

                Have to sleep on it.


                P.S. Thanks for asking.

              • john.o says:

                Sounds good. Especially Crete.

                Don’t do Faulkner, Gilgamesh and Jam TOGETHER. Bad trip, slow comedown, nasty headache, addicting.

              • manbearpig says:

                ANTIGONE seems somehow appropriate…served with gemista and tzatziki…washed down with a little…Tsipouro?

              • john.o says:

                Antigone is relevant. An unusually frank summary from wikipedia:

                “Sophocles’ play is a typical…Greek tragedy with inherent flaws of the acting characters that result in negative and irreversible consequences. In essence such classic theater originated from the ancient hymns to Dionysus for whom goats were regularly slaughtered. Antigone and Creon are prototypical, tragic figures in an Aristotelian sense as they struggle towards their doomed and lonely end without correcting interference by deities.”

                But Iphigenia in Aulis might also work:

                “The play revolves around Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek coalition before and during the Trojan War, and his decision to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia, to appease the goddess ARTEMIS and allow his troops to set sail to preserve their honour in battle against Troy.”

                But this “New Age” non-Christian will end with a fuller version of a Blake passage quoted already:

                “The Stolen and Perverted Writings of Homer & Ovid, of Plato & Cicero, which all Men ought to contemn, are set up by artifice against the Sublime of the Bible: but when the New Age is at leisure to Pronounce, all will be set right & those Grand Works of the more ancient & consciously & professedly Inspired Men will hold their proper rank & the Daughters of Memory shall become the Daughters of Inspiration. Shakspeare & Milton were both curb’d by the general malady & infection from the silly Greek & Latin slaves of the Sword.”

                “Rouze up O Young Men of the New Age! Set your foreheads against lo the ignorant Hirelings! For we have Hirelings in the Camp, the Court, & the University: who would if they could forever depress Mental & prolong Corporeal War. Painters! on you I call. Sculptors! Architects! Suffer not the fashionable Fools to depress your powers by the prices they pretend to give for contemptible works or the expensive advertizing boasts that they make of such works; believe Christ & his Apostles that there is a Class of Men whose whole delight is in Destroying. We do not want either Greek or Roman Models if we are but just & true to our own Imaginations, those Worlds of Eternity in which we shall live forever, in Jesus Our Lord.”

                – Blake’s Milton

              • manbearpig says:

                I was going to write a comment on the “We Must Stop Normalizing This” thread about Mr. Corbett’s remark concerning Sex dolls arriving just in time for the creation of movements such as Men Going There Own Way…Because a student this evening spoke to me about a movement in France that’s getting a lot of traction called “Dénonce ton Porc” (ou “Balance ton Porc”) “Expose your Swine”, the echo of “MyHarveyWeinstein”, a hymn to the separation of the male and female halves of the human population even as they become androgenously indistinguishable and surgically interchangeable…

                when I discovered a nostalgic yet optimistic Miltonian-Blakian eulogy of sacred and eternal complementary unity, born, bred and perpetuated in the imagination…

                So I too, shall repeat myself at the risk of purging time in the moderation queue and for lack of greater insight;


                ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust…

                To the daughters of inspiration…

              • john.o says:

                That link is quite extraordinary! The topic of Blake, the Bible, the Brain, Michelangelo, Art and Drawing – that’s one topic btw! – is too big for this brain now. Maybe after some Jam.

            • VoiceOfArabi says:

              So… try to run the duck test on this…

              -Food industry poisons the masses using food and gets them to pay for it. (e.g. too much sugar in everything, or GMO or just spraying poison on crops.

              -health industry tries to help the masses by doing stage 2 poisoning and gets them to pay for it. e.g. Antibiotics, painkiller, etc etc to kill off all your self healing abilities.

              So.. What are we??

              Whatever we are, we are “GOLD” for our owners. We are the golden goose that continuously pays the master money$$$

              • john.o says:

                Why do they explore the universe and seek intelligent life elsewhere?

                To find a market for our flesh.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                That’s a good question that i have no answer for…

                But, perhaps for…

                – Find new willing species to harvest even more than humans. (i think, Humans are the most harvested animal in all the animal kingdom… )

                – Insurance policy just in case the masses wake up one day… These Gandhis/Castros/che guevaras/nasrullahs keep coming back like a bad penny… what if?

                Anyway.. I stand by the Human animal being the most harvested on the planet so far.

              • john.o says:

                Pray do tell more, VofA. No argument here, but I would love to hear you go deeper into what into what precisely is being harvested.

                We are aphids, but except for a few anachronistic psychopathic cults and serial killers, consuming our flesh for food is not that common now. Even when it was, it was more for the, ummm…spiritual, rather than the nutritional benefits PRIMARILY, but that’s not always a clear divide…

                There is the sexual flesh market and it is considerable and huge, but still most of us do not personally get used in this way, and an even smaller percentage have the honor of getting used and destroyed and consumed this way directly by the elite.

                The SUGAR of our labor is harvested and refined for sure, but a lot of that just goes to our upkeep and we are no longer the most efficient ways to get some things done. They can only lower expectations, their own and ours, for so long. Ergo depopulation.

                So we ARE the most harvested, VofA, but if they could find a market for our FLESH as a directly consumable product, they might keep the population higher! (And dumber, but you can’t have it all; as my 7 yr old told me once shortly after attending school for the first time, “everything is negotiable.”)

                If we can adapt to the antibiotics and psych meds, this could be the survival we are looking for.


              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Thanks John.o, That was interesting… “as my 7 yr old told me once shortly after attending school for the first time, “everything is negotiable.” ”

                I find kids to be super smart before they get brainwashed.

                Well.. What i mean is.. our labor is a process of generating value / wealth. Yet not many people leave this world with any wealth to be reported.

                So, in the USA over 70% of the population have under $1000 in savings. (which i would not even bother call saving, as a single visit to the doctor would wipe it out.

                Now if you consider the whole world, and the majority around the world will have to work or die, that number will jump into over 95% of the population (the masses)..

                So, question…. Where is all that value going?? who is harvesting all that wealth??

                We come to this world… we work hard.. we get taxed, we get poisoned by food industry, we get poisoned by health industry and pay for both, and then we die and pay for dying.. efficiently harvested!.

                In the old days, the sick and the people in prisons were waste of “human animal”, but now a days, they are both money making assets.

          • wall says:

            Voice of Arabi, why don’t you post on newsbud anymore?

        • Mark44 says:

          If we are to live together, we will have to work this economic thing out and there are canards in every direction, but smarmy lectures with no consideration of how your economic miracles and MAGIC theory of value, spread war and poison everywhere are not helping.

          Hear hear!

  17. badgerdad says:

    James Thanks for covering this. I am doing this same research right now and the things that were covered up in the sixties in the name of profits for the sugar industry are criminal and disgusting! As a health coach, the biggest challenge I face is addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates. They are not suitable for human consumption and are straight up killing human beings!

  18. fynespirit says:

    Which is worse for you fat or sugar?…wrong question, neither is associated with good health. Diets high in oils fats and animal foods are unhealthy. If you replace the fats with processed carbohydrates like sugar as diet foods do, they are likewise unhealthy.

    The only really important question which need concern us is – which diet has been shown to create health most effectively? And that is a whole food plant based diet very low in oil. This diet is the only one proven to prevent and reverse heart disease (the biggest killer in the industrialised world). It actually dissolves many arterial plaques and opens up previously blocked arteries and does so very quickly, say two weeks (see the work of Dr Caldwell Esselstyn at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic and his book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease) There is no evidence that a diet high in animal foods, fats, processed oils AND refined sugars and processed packaged foods can achieve this in fact a deluge of evidence to the contrary. It is the only diet that does this and no drug or surgery can match it’s astounding results. Heart disease virtually need never occur and before about the 1920s was exceedingly rare in the West to such a degree that it wasn’t even in text books.

    Further it’s critically important to distinguish between proceesed (white) carbs and whole unprocessed grains/carbs (potaoes, brown rice, oats, peas, beans, lentils etc). These are excellent nutrition for humans as they contain fibre (with also promotes good gut health). Even diabetics can and should eat whole unrefined carbs.

    Whole plant foods are they key to good health and have been shown to be protective against many types of cancer through ‘turning off’ cancer genes (epigenetics). No study has ever shown that animal foods and processed foods – including added sugar, have this effect. And it’s not all grim; think delicious indian curry, Thai style veges, Mexican burritos with fresh salsa and guacamole, roast vege pizza sans cheese…mmmm.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I agree with you about the benefits of vegetables and whole grains.
      – Oils –
      However, I think that healthy oils (coconut, olive, whole grain flax or chia seeds, walnuts and other Omega 3 type oils, are crucial for good health.)

      On a cellular level, we get energy (ATP production) from one of two sources. One is “sugar” or carbs. The other is “oils” or lipids. The best form of body energy (ATP) is from oils (lipids). I often take Acetyl-Carnitine to facilitate that oil energy source, because as we age our Carnitine levels are lower.

      Dr. Mercola has some good information about oils for a source of cellular energy.

      • senge says:

        Hi HomeRemedySupply

        I agree with you about the fact, that choice of oils is essential.

        The Iron-Man winner of 2015 and 2016 lives on a diet with lower than 10% carbs.

        Now that seems too extreme at first glance, but blood samples after the highly straining competition show significantly less inflammatory processes compared to athletes on a regular diet. That means all those kilometers cause less stress to his system.

        Also regeneration time is much shorter after the event.

  19. scpat says:

    In response to recommended reading article, “Pentagon revealed as top funder of gene editing tech”, of course that eugenicist Bill Gates has his slimy hands in the gene editing pie. This is downright frightening information.

    “The technology is capable of splicing DNA strands in order to insert, alter, or remove targeted traits, and “drive” them through a population by ensuring all the offspring of the targeted organism inherit the alteration.”

    I wonder what a eugenicist could be interested in gene editing technology for?…

    “According to emails obtained by ETC Group, Emerging Ag recruited more than 65 experts, including a Gates Foundation senior official, a DARPA official, and scientists who had received DARPA funding, in an attempt to covertly influence the UN body.”

  20. kevin says:

    sugar coated 2015 was another good documentary on how we were all lied to. Now having been fully exposed but still no accountability. Funny how a lot of people think our government is there to protect them. Then you walk into wall mart and look at the walls of sugar products for sale. Thanks James for keeping topic alive.

  21. nigel.m says:

    Interesting aswell how the Spanish-American war of 1898 culminated in the Cuban Sugar industry being taken control of by the victors..

    Back then, sugar was white gold(as opposed to Oil-black gold).

  22. keslu says:

    Things might be a bit more complicated than this article suggests. Apparently John Ludkin was supported by the egg industry, to take heat off cholesterol.

    • keslu says:

      Adding more information from the same source on this – here’s recent video showing the industries influence on the sugar recommendations over the years:

      The Recommended Daily Added Sugar Intake – Nutrition Facts

      Also, to correct the typo: the name is Yudkin, not Ludkin 🙂

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