History Repeating: The War on the Kulaks

10/15/202321 Comments

If you've read We're All Dutch Farmers Now and We're All Sri Lankan Farmers Now, then you'll know all about the concerted war on farming that is taking place right now, not just in Holland or Sri Lanka but in Ireland and Argentina and Canada and Spain and seemingly every other country around the globe. And, if you have read those editorials, then you'll also know all about the Malthusian Absolute Zero Sustainable Enslavement Great Food Reset agenda that is behind this push to villify farmers and to stigmatize the very act of farming itself.

But do you remember when recently ousted Dutch farm minister Henk Staghouwer declared that "we must smash the farmers, eliminate them as a class!"?

And do you recall when Canadian prime minister Justin Castreau asserted, "To launch an offensive against the farmers means that we must prepare for it and then strike at the farmers, strike so hard as to prevent them from rising to their feet again"?

And do you remember what beleaguered Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa was heard to remark (shortly before fleeing the country)? "In order to oust the farmers as a class, the resistance of this class must be smashed in open battle and it must be deprived of the productive sources of its existence and development."

Of course you don't, because they didn't say those things. Joseph Stalin did. And he wasn't talking about farmers. He was talking about kulaks.

That's right, if this 2020s war on farming sounds familiar, that's because it's another example of history repeating. A hundred years ago, Joseph Stalin was plotting how to destroy the kulaks and confiscate their land and property for the glory of the Soviet empire. Today, Gates and Schwab are plotting how to destroy small farmers and take over their land and resources for the glory of the 2030 Agenda.

Think I'm joking? Let's take a look . . .

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  1. terez says:

    Another brilliant article. I’m linking it in a draft for a future episode on the Food War. And thanks for the recommendations on Israel/Hamas (if that’s not redundant). I put out these so far and will do another today linking your Babies on Bayonets, and Vanessa Beeley and Max Igan.
    https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/profiteering-and-propaganda-israelhamas and https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/gaza-jailbreak-or-trap?

  2. mkey says:

    Seems almost suspicious how all these governments spanning ages and geographic regions have shown to be very adroit at misdirection. Almost.

  3. openlens says:

    Stellar offering as always Mr. Corbett. Thank you for sharing that poem. It dropped me right at the doorstep of Stuart Ewin’s “All Consuming Images. ”
    Stellar day and night here where I am.
    The film “Bitter Seeds ” is a document of the disaster wrecked on the farmers of India. And we’ve witnessed a drastic reduction in the numbers of small farmers in the US in the past forty years.

    • SuziAlkamyst says:

      I took quite a long train journey through the south western side of the UK and across to East Sussex…the number of fields covered in weeds without crops or animals were extremely numerous, and I remember a few years ago hearing that in order to ‘regenerate’ the land, farmers would be paid not to utilise parts of their farmland…back then I thought how marvellous to help constantly mono-cultured fields to recover a natural balance, but since the recent stupidities, and seeing all those unused fields on which it would be wise to let animals graze and defecate all over the place for them to truly regenerate quickly, I’ve realised that paying farmers not to grow food, had nothing to do with regeneration, but was a step towards destroying the food supply and making it easier for those selling highly processed garbage, probably made of bugs, to what it appears they want…starving people.

  4. Torus says:

    War against farmers…. The words don’t go together. It’s non-sense. My mind cannot comprehend this phrase. Pure stupidity. The editorial, however, was clear and compelling.

    I always enjoy checking out the “recommend” from these weekly reports. I even learned some new words today, thank you very much: scamp and heyoka. These sound like my kind of people!

    “In this present age of threats to democracy and individual liberty, probably only the scamp and the spirit of the scamp alone will save us from becoming lost as serially numbered units in the masses of disciplined, obedient, regimented and uniformed coolies. The scamp will be the last and most formidable enemy of dictatorships. He will be the champion of human dignity and individual freedom, and will be the last to be conquered. All modern civilization depends entirely upon him.” -Yutang

    • Gavinm says:


      Thanks for sharing that quote, I really like that.

      I hereby declare that malus sieversii is among the ‘scamps’ of my young food forest as it utterly rejects uniformity, grows vigorously and disobediently and is a champion of embodying individual freedom (as each tree produces an entirely unique and unrepeatable variety of fruit). Amaranth and Tulsi also have some very scamp-ish qualities in my garden 😉

      Here is to the scamps of society and the scamps of the garden, long live the scamps! 🙂

  5. Gavinm says:

    This was very well written, thanks for the time and effort in doing the research and weaving the threads together so artfully and precisely.

    I would like to delve a bit deeper into and unpack the part about…

    “… two competing classes of farmers. There are the Virtuous, Sustainable, Green farmers—i.e. those farmers who are willing to adopt whatever technologies and practices the bureaucratic overlords deem necessary to meet the ever-changing emissions targets—and there are the bad, old-school farmers who want to persist with their outdated, pollution-heavy farming methods.”

    As I have said before, “Sustainable” methods and goals (even if they were intended to achieve what they claim to, which they often are not) are not good enough. So any farmers who seek (in earnest) to just keep the land (and the quality of the food they are producing) in the same state it is in now, forever (which would be the literal definition of “sustainable”) are not doing this world (and certainly not doing future generations) any favors.

    I think it is worth noting that there are some farmers that are striving to go beyond ‘sustaining’ the status quo, and rather are taking active steps to regenerate, enrich and diversify the ecosystems they farm within.

    They are not seeking to meet some minimum metric so they can get some “green”, “sustainable” or even “regenerative organic” label handed down to them by centralized government regulated institutions slapped on their farm and products, they are actively improving the soil, the wildlife habitat, the symbiotic relationships between species and the quality of the food they produce year after year. Those farmers are indeed virtuous and IMO we should strive to support their efforts and raise awareness about such noble endeavors when ever we can. Regenerative Agroforestry operations (here is a brief description of what they are from a book I am currently reading for those that are not familiar with the term: https://archive.org/details/img-09awd-39 ) are leading the way in this regard (which is why I included a collection of ideal plant/tree species lists for designing a Food Forest, specific to each cold hardiness in my recently published book).


    • Gavinm says:

      (continued from above..)

      I bring up the farmers that go beyond so called “sustainable” practices because I think as people begin to draw lines in the sand and put farmers into “camps” in their minds, there is a risk of conflating those who are selling out and/or kowtowing to the “nitrogen ministers”, carbon credit/tax institutions and various megalomaniacal oligarchs hellbent on controlling the global food supply in order to be deemed as “green”, “sustainable” and “virtuous” farmers, and those who are actually seeking to farm in a way that is indeed virtuous and goes above and beyond just being “sustainable”.

      As I pointed out in a substack post a while back ( https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/globalized-greenwashing-the-oligarchs ) the plutocracy and their army of PR specialists is already attempting to hijack and distort the word “Regenerative” as to subvert existing decentralized movements to go beyond “sustainable” in agriculture and derail their momentum. This means there will be more and more people using the term “regenerative” who are either confused about what it really means, or, are actively lying and seeking to play language games in order to achieve their intended goals.

      Thus, I felt it would be worth mentioning that it will be important to use a keen sense of discernment when describing and designating what camps farmers fall into and discerning what they are really about. In essence, taking a look at their actions (and assessing the results of those actions) rather than judging them based on their words (or the labels they have had slapped on them by others) will be of paramount importance.

      Rather than a war on farmers, we need a massive movement to support regenerative farmers and a multi-pronged effort to educate and empower those using conventional methods to take the steps needed to go beyond ‘sustainable’ and move into actually regenerating the soil and actively increasing the quality of the food they produce (and increasing their yields) year after year.

      • SuziAlkamyst says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more! regenerative farming in it’s true sense is what we need to support.
        So many words have been hi-jacked and their meaning attached to the often meaningless. Just the other day there was an ad on TV from some potato farmers lauding themselves as being regenerative farmers and ‘caring’ for the planet…behind the two going blah, blah, was acre upon acre of potato field, unbroken by any hedges, totally mono-culture in method and most definitely NOT regenerative…In advertising and propaganda, words that were held dear for their meanings have lost their meanings.

        • Gavinm says:


          Yes I have seen that sort of greenwashing tactic been used here in Ontario recently as well. In the most recent case I found some roasted legume and pulse snacks in our local grocery store labelled as “regeneratively grown” and so I was curious to learn more. Knowing that most non-organic legume and pulse (lentils etc) farmers in Canada use glyphosate as a desiccant (dousing the plants and beans/lentils in Roundup right before they harvest as it helps kill the plants fast, desiccate the beans or lentils extending the durability and shelf life of their end product at the expense of the quality of the food and the health of those eating the systemic biocide soaked items) I wanted to double check that the farmers that were growing those chickpeas and lentils that go into the snacks are not doing that. So I called their head office and make the inquiry based on a hypothetical fatal allergy to glyphosate (in an attempt to mitigate any wishy washy answers and force their hand to answer my questions honestly and directly) and sure enough, she informed me that unfortunately the farmers that grow the crops that go into their snack products do spray glyphosate as a desiccant.

          I first wrote the farmers directly pointing out several studies showing how detrimental glyphosate is to soil health and human health, but received no response so I called them out on their social media pages and now their packages no longer say “regeneratively grown” they say “sustainably grown” (which in reality is also a lie, since we can obviously not sustain producing and spraying systemic biocides, that act as anti-biotics in the soil and in our digestive tracts) in the long term (but I am not gonna call them out on that term as it is so hollow and hijacked anyways I see little point).

          Their FAQ page on their website talks a good game about no-tilling and helping nurture the soil too https://threefarmers.ca/pages/faqs but they still neglect to mention they are poisoning the soil and the people who buy their snacks with glyphosate residue (so all the other stuff they say they are doing is really a moot point considering how detrimental glyphosate is).

          That is why I advocate for getting to know one’s local farmers personally, and paying attention to what they do, before taking what they say at face value.

          This is why I also advocate for everyone to take action to cultivate a regenerative garden at home (or better yet to start planting a Food Forest) for that is truly the only way to know for certain that one’s food is grown in a way that gives back to the Earth, increases the nutrition of food year after year and ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy the same blessings we do.

          Thank you very much for the comment.

  6. TruthSeeker says:

    Below is a link to an Epoch Times Documentary on the coming Food Stortage and how it is being created.


  7. SuziAlkamyst says:

    As I was reading this article, it struck me that I’d read a while back that the proponents of Communism: Lenin? Trotsky?, Marx? were funded by several big US businessmen from well known robber baron type families and others? Please set me right it I got it wrong…If however what I just mooted is correct, then it would appear that the very same people/families? haven’t given up, haven’t stopped working at turning as much of the worlds peoples into Serfs…under an umbrella of Neo-Feudalism. Obviously the Soviet Union was either an experiment on how to go about doing what they’re trying to do now, or something didn’t go according to plan and now, with the help of well developed technologies that hadn’t yet come into being back then, they feel it’s time to give the idea another go and take a slightly different tack! Let’s make sure they don’t get their way.’They’ really don’t seem to be able to get it into their thick skulls, that what they desire never lasts for long. They haven’t learned from history…we MUST learn from history!

  8. SuziAlkamyst says:

    By the way, thank you James, another interesting article and I really like the poem.

  9. “To launch an offensive against the farmers means that we must prepare for it and then strike at the farmers, strike so hard as to prevent them from rising to their feet again”

    An interesting quote, would love to see the source for this. Not to mean that I doubt its authenticity, just that I can’t use it without a source.

    Thank you.

    • Corbett says:

      Please continue reading. The answer to your question is two paragraphs below that quote.

      “Of course you don’t, because they didn’t say those things. Joseph Stalin did. And he wasn’t talking about farmers. He was talking about kulaks.”

      • Sorry James,

        I was reading the article in the truck today while the apprentice was driving to the next job site, and I never saw that sentence as we were nearing the next job and I was skimming.

        But that quote probably pales in comparison to that monster’s thoughts if one were able to get into ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶T̶u̶r̶d̶h̶o̶l̶e̶’̶s̶ Trudeau’s mind, which is why I thought the quote plausible, but it seemed incredible that he would be so foolish as to utter those words out loud.


  10. Kati says:

    To continue the words of Solhenitsyn, a must read from him
    “200 Years Together” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    never published in english because its too hot for any publisher.
    Gives me the idea why i dont ask Dave Gahary is he wants to publish it.
    Must read to understand why on ukraine soil 2 pogroms happened, and all events which lead to holodomor plus to the present.

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