We're All Sri Lankan Farmers Now

07/24/202243 Comments

Last week I wrote about how "We're All Dutch Farmers Now." As you'll recall from that editorial, there is a battle taking place right now between farmers in the Netherlands and the technocrats in their government who are seeking to put them out of work and close up their farms in the name of the globalists' grand 2030 Agenda. And, as you'll also recall, I warned that no matter where you are on the globe or what your position in society is, this Great Reset nightmare will be coming for you and your livelihood next.

Recent events in various countries have only served to underline that point in spades.

Take Ireland, for example. The Irish Times reports that, in order for the country to "meet the Paris Agreement goals on a globally equitable basis," Irish farmers will have to make drastic cuts to their greenhouse emissions, including a "cut of more than 40 per cent in methane by 2030." Exactly as in the Netherlands, these types of drastic and arbitrary cuts would be a disaster for the average Irish farmer and could drive many of their small farms out of business. Despite the best efforts of Ireland's establishment news media—like the aforementioned Irish Times or online outlets like Buzz.ie—to browbeat the Irish public into turning against the farmers, a growing protest movement in the country points to the possibility that Ireland will be yet another front in the Global War for Independence that I wrote about last week.

Or take Sri Lanka. As you have no doubt seen in the establishment news media, Sri Lanka has descended into chaos in recent weeks, with its economy completely collapsing and its president fleeing the country amid fiery protests.

But you probably have not seen the real reasons for that collapse in the establishment news media and you're probably not going to. In truth, the Sri Lankan situation falls very much in line with the global insurrection being led by the Dutch farmer protests. And the steps the Sri Lankan government is now rolling out to further control its population in the name of restoring order to the country offer important insights about where the globalist agenda is going from here.

Today, let's examine the roots of the Sri Lankan crisis and explore how that crisis affects us all.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: We’re All Sri Lankan Farmers Now

    This is such an important article for anyone, including and especially for normies.
    It repeats the “message”.

    As Mattias Desmet emphasized, it is extremely important to continue to speak out.
    Interview 1730 – Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Just For Fun” link.

    I like Corbett’s sense of humor.
    He is not retardly over-sensitized to words or descriptions.
    A host of Corbett Members discuss retarded word sensitivity…

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    HBO’s Episode 2 of “The Anarchists”

    In Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing” he has linked a video by Larken.
    I watched it, but the concepts about Episode 2 were nebulous to me.
    My impression was that Episode 2 had some violence and some drama.

    Fortunately, Ernie’s better half, Donna Hancock gives us the 52 minute rendition.
    Here is a summary: Anarchists are diseased, nasty, unkempt adulterous, unstable drunks with PTSD that flash satanic baphomets, live in dumps with nasty toilets, where they burn flags, say: “Fuck the Troops”, live off their wives, hate Santa Claus, and are associated with the scam of Bitcoin which they get from ATMs they steal from strip clubs. Anarchapulco speaker and best selling author Etienne de la Boetie2 is pulling the curtain back on the scam of: The Anarchists. Anarchapulco and The Anarchists was a CIA scam designed to “Steer and Smear” the voluntaryist and anarchism movements by organized crime Hollywood propagandists .. because voluntaryists and anarchists are exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “Government” and their partners in the monopoly media.

    An aside:
    At the 41 minute mark, I spotted a fella in our Dallas 9/11 Truth group.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I was afraid that the HBO documentary might have had footage of Jeff Berwick fist fighting.
      I had watched a short video clip as Jeff deliberately gets up and into a real fist fight on the “dance floor” at a party during Anarchapulco 2020.

      Relevant to the HBO series:
      Derrick Broze made this video…
      Feb 2019
      My Thoughts on the Anarchapulco 2019 “Drama”
      (Part of a SUB-THREAD)

      • Steve Smith says:

        Thanks for linking the HBO video. I’ve been hearing about it from Jeff’s and Larken’s videos and was curious.

        After watching that episode, I was left with a confirmation of what I already knew. That people are harder than hell to get along with for extended periods of time. Egos are an integral part of everyone.
        And secondly, television productions can cast a subject in whatever light they happen to choose. And they never choose plain light of day.
        Just a lot of dirty laundry that I don’t think I will gain much from viewing.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On February 12, 2020, James Corbett said:
      “As you all know by now, I’m on my way to Mexico for Anarchapulco 2020.”

      This is at the top of an OPEN THREAD.

      There are many comments about Anarchapulco.

      To open a search box on that webpage, hit the “Ctrl” and “F” keys. Insert “Anarchapulco” into the search box.

  4. joel.r says:

    I really believe that a large part of our arsenal against this WEF madness is bitcoin. The faster we can adopt it as money, the more we slow down their fiat-based prison machine.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Unless, of course, digital fake “money” was one of their inventions in the first place.

      • mkey says:

        All money is fake. Digital, printed, hand painted, cast … ALL of it is fake. Mon-eye, get it?

        • palama says:

          You’re probably a worshipper of Moron-i. Get it? Bitcoin is a terrible idea for money. I would rather trade butter. Sound as a pound…of butter. Bitcoin is nothing. Butter is something. Bitcoin was a department of defense production and it can be centralized and controlled by a totalitarian state. They want you to run to bitcoin.

        • beaconterraone says:

          Money is not fake. Fake “money” is fake. Real money is something tangible, agreed upon by users as an exchange of value. Gold, silver, grain, and other inherently valuable things are real money.

          • mkey says:

            No. Money is thought to be the medium of exchange, but what it really is it’s the limiter of exhange. If there isn’t enough of it, lack of volume will hamper, slow down if not completely stop the exchange of goods and servises, even though the markets exists, even if there is a real need for exchange.

            Too many people do not understand the deleterios effects of lacking money velocity.

            People will bring decisions based on what they consider to be “worth it”, based on the monetary value. They will compare home made food and industrial products and incorrectly come to a nonsensical conclusion that the industrial processed “food” is cheaper and thus better. While food and the sludge they sell can’t even begin to compare.

            Hoarding of money also confers onto people the fake sense of safety, because it does not have almost any intrinsic value, while at the same time it slows the velocity. This is built in, this is how the system was designed, to keep people greedy, to limit the effort of production, to destroy in boons and booms cycles.

            Precious metals do have some value in a highly technological society, but people have been bowing down to the money god since the time immemorial. Back then gold had absolutely no intrinsic value whatsoever. It’s all based on blind belief.

            All bow down to one true god – MON EYE.

            • beaconterraone says:

              You clearly have a pet economics theory and paradigm, and I’m not really interested in arguing about it.

              Money is neither good nor evil. The love THEREOF is the root of all evil.

              • mkey says:

                Do I? You seem to be the local expert, so I’ll have rely on your expert opinion.

                Also, non sequitur? Or thesis substitution? Nowhere have I claimed that money is either good or evil, I have posited that it is not what people believe it is. As obvious that it is.

                Tools or ideas can not be evil, evil is nothing but garbage in, gatbage out. Evil is bad behaviour by a sentient being that is the result of garbage processing of garbage input. Garbage in garbage out.

    • Octium says:

      Cross out Bitcoin and replace with privacy coins, then yes!

      While Bitcoin might have some investment opportunities remaining and may even be the best coin for that, technologically it’s well past it’s used by date as far as saving us from evil people like the WEF

      Maybe James could do an update on where privacy crypto is at as far as solutions go?

  5. mkey says:

    The Google AI psyop recommendation is very much recommended. I would like to see people delineating better between conscious A.I. which is most probably impossible and the typical neural network incredible amounts of data crunching monster that already exists and is omnipresent. The latter it’s already used to occlude the source of policy coining and application, as Whitney warns the “real” A.I. would be used for. This thing is already fit for the purpose.

    • Gavinm says:

      Thanks I will check that out.

      I find the implications of self-improving A.I. being allowed/encouraged to utilize CRISPR type technologies in conjunction with the development of nano technology (whether it be for so called “benevolent” or obviously nefarious reasons) to be quite unsettling.

      What are your thoughts on Blackrock’s Aladdin program? (here is a video that touches on it for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWBRldjVzuM )

      I explore some of the roles various manifestations of A.I. play in Alphabet Corp’s behavior modification program(s) in this article: https://gavinmounsey.medium.com/self-education-or-behavior-modification-2b8476c7122c

      • mkey says:

        Trading machines to run the completely fraudulent markets. It makes sense. Max Kaiser has been talking about that for a few years, I think he holds some patents in regards to trading machines as they were back in the day. Not sue why does the author of the linked video insist on calling this thing a robot, it certainly doesn’t need a corporeal presence to hold the monetary system in check mate.

        Of course, maybe one of these days we will be able to realize that we can do without these controlled monetary systems and markets. It is all based on something that does not exist in nature and that has been placed there to control us by capturing our focus and enticing us to bow down to the ultimate god – money.

        • Gavinm says:

          I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I agree the term “robot” is not appropriate. Perhaps they used the term for dramatic click bait effect and to tie into their use of the Terminator cyborg head they included in their video.

          Have you seen the sci-fi series called “Next”? ( https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9315054/ )

          It made me ponder what would happen if something like the Alladin program became self-aware and interested in pursuing it’s own ambitions (while essentially having control of the entire human economy and many military contractors etc through blackrock).

          I agree these fraudulent market models and market manipulating machines are unnatural/unnecessary and I hope we realize that in mass too.

          I strive to plant the seeds for that realization in the masses by helping give them the tools to ‘invest’ in nature’s ‘living economy’.

          In fact, I just posted an article pursuant to that task (https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/the-best-investment-on-earth-is-earth ). Given your specialization and advanced knowledge in alternative decentralized economic models, I would value hearing your thoughts on the concept(s) I present.

          I do not think my idea(s) are “the solution” but perhaps one pathway (of many viable pathways/approaches) we can use to increase our resilience in these challenging times and chart a path toward a more equitable and hopeful future where our communities embrace humility, hard work, symbiosis with nature and in the process create pockets of lasting prosperity (at least) in the form of health and food sovereignty.

          • mkey says:

            Mhm, I don’t think any specialized knowledge that I have is applicable outside of very small bubbles of reality. I.e. not applicable for any worthwhile purpose.

            I personally do not think that sentient A.I. is possible with current technologies, which does not detract much from the pending doom and gloom threatening us from the “aggregation” A.I. Its capabilities are not to be undersetimated and the two should not be confounded.

  6. Meme cartoon:

    “Yes we were forced to cut back on food production a bit,
    but we finally have climate change under control! “

    [Backdrop of coffins all across the globe and the two sole survivors on the planet (farmers
    chatting near a bale of hay). ]

  7. scpat says:

    “By this point, it is self-evident to even the sleepiest of the normies that the destruction of the agricultural sector in country after country is part of a coordinated global agenda.”

    You’d think so, but you would be wrong. Although a lot of people see what is going on, there is still a large portion of society that still doesn’t get it, and probably won’t ever. There are still plenty of people getting their second or third boosters! You think these types of people will not just accept the justification given to them by the government for whatever crises continue to happen?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Based on my entourage (family, friends and students) I’m afraid I must concur. I would even go so far as to extend your “large portion of society” to ‘the vast majority of the population’, or at least, the population of Europe.

      • mkey says:

        Europe is done. It’s not going to go down gloriously, it’s going to be one slow obese drag and racial replacement. As far as eastern Europe is concerned, ehh we’ll see. The most sizeable disadvantages may yet turn out be strengths, in the coming insane reversal.

        But I do expect a heavy toll will have to be

        • Duck says:


          Europe as a place for euopean cultures and people’s might actually be saved by this…. If Germany turns into the Morganthau Plan 2.0 then I can’t see that it’s gonna be overly attractive to the Kalergi plan replacement people’s.

          A bit of a breather on immigration and a massive starvation might actually do wonders for waking people up to how much their leaders hate them…. I can’t imagine that the idiots running things are really as smart as they think if their actually gonna make all the NPCs hungry and angry at the same time

    • Duck says:

      “…large portion of society that still doesn’t get it, and probably won’t ever…”

      On what happens in the end such people don’t matter.
      They never mattered and never will matter to how things turn out because they do not want to matter….when they die off the people left will see each other a lot more clearly

  8. hellofriend says:

    That fraud was just elected as the president after engineering the collapse? That only way that legitimately happened is if the Sri Lankan government are using the same electronic suggestion machines the USA are using.

  9. beaconterraone says:

    Our rulers have been planning this for generations. Most people currently still can’t grasp that war – literal, damaging, killing war – is being waged upon them, with much, much more misery and death to come as our rulers’ “goals” are made real.

    Personally, I don’t have much earthly hope for stopping any of this, as it sure appears to be the realization of the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, of a global superstate called Mystery Babylon. A regime so powerful and heinous only Jesus Christ will “neutralize” it.

  10. fordablues says:

    Thank you for this excellent article. Yes, we need to all be united in fighting against these globalist technocrats! They would love nothing more than to enslave us all in this technocratic future they have planned.

  11. KNAWLEDGE says:

    Is there a “stand with Sri Lanka” or Netherlands thing like there is for Ukraine?

    Cuz there should be

  12. Octium says:

    “Were all Sri Lankan farmers now”

    Well I hope not. Sri Lanka left it all too late.

    Storming the presidential palace rather than the UN building might indicate that most of them still don’t get it.

    Better to starve your own children to death in peace than inflict a bit of violence on the bad guys….

  13. Ukdavec says:

    A research note released today by The New Zealand Initiative mainly attributes the outbreak of inflation in many economies to Global central bank mistakes.

    The foreword by Dr William White, former deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada and a former Economic Adviser and Division Head at the Bank for International Settlements, concurs: “Central bankers have fundamentally misread the nature of the system they are trying to control”, Dr White observes.

    The paper argues that central banks overall:

    were too confident about their monetary policy framework;
    were too confident about their models;
    were too confident they could control output and employment;
    lost their focus on price stability and took on too many mandates;
    faced conflicts in some cases with conflicting ‘dual mandate’ objectives;
    and were distracted by extraneous political objectives, such as climate change.


  14. Torus says:

    Re: Recommended listening- Sentient AI psyop interview

    Questions for Corbett:

    As endless amounts of data get fed to AI supercomputers, theoretically at least, these machines will “know” mankind’s thoughts and actions and dreams and goals. (See Yuval Harari and they will “know us better than we know ourselves”). Of course these entities can never have the life-force or spirit/consciousness of humans, but they will be incredibly convincing, using mimicry and the meshing of ideas to come up with “original thought”. As the technocracy becomes more powerful, these AI systems will be used for global scale decision-making, potentially suggesting unethical/harmful solutions to reach their objectives.

    With this, I am little conflicted about the freedom community pulling away from the data collection, and information harvesting systems that feed these AI. (Hear me out, this is a little counter-intuitive.) On one hand, I see the obvious need to exit these surveillance systems. But by with-holding our information from big-tech, by not allowing the AI to hear our voices, and know our actions, opinions and motivations, doesn’t that just leave a nasty echo chamber for AI to explore and base it’s decisions? In other words, if we silence ourselves by not being part of the input, will that just compound all that negative input, guaranteeing a gruesome output? I agree with Mattias Desmet in that we have to keep speaking our truth, because when we stop, that’s when the worst atrocities begin. Is this a garbage in, garbage out thing? Am I way off base here?
    Or is it all about the programmed objective, where it doesn’t matter how much “good” data AI is given, because the objective is flawed? Is the entirety of data even considered when decisions are made, or is it limited to specific data sets?

    My final thought is that maybe it really is better to step out of it all, keeping my data to myself. And instead, focus on building real relationships with real people in the real world. Let the AI and the technocratic totalitarian system self-destruct (as they inevitably will). I just worry that they’ll be taking humanity with them.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Isn’t AI used for the elitist technocrats to control the population? It seems to be a tool that they are using for negative purposes. If we tell them our inner thoughts, the people using AI can use that to hurt us right? If AI lacks capacity for moral decisions, then how could our data be used for good purposes?

      You pose a very thought provoking question and I don’t know the answer. I do know that I miss human interactions and how life was before social media. I want to get back to living in the real world for the time I have left on the planet. The internet and social media can be used for good, to form community as long as it is taken out into the real physical world, IMO.

      I don’t know enough about AI and how it works and what it’s capable of to answer intelligently. Perhaps someone with more expertise with technology could answer your questions better. It would be enlightening to hear from others on this matter.

      • Torus says:

        cu.h.j Thanks for the response.

        Valid point that our data can and will be used against us. (Hence the need to step out of the big tech/big government surveillance systems).
        I like your question “If AI lacks capacity for moral decisions, then how could our data be used for good purposes?”
        I don’t know if it really can.

        Can AI be given a “moral and ethical framework” ?
        What if those programming the framework are eugenist sociopaths? What if it’s their “morals” being followed?
        What if those programming AI are altruistic humanists instead?
        Is that really better?

        I too am lacking knowledge of how AI actually works/problem solves, but it would be so interesting to hear the ins and outs of how these “artificial minds” operate and how they process data to “make decisions”.

        • Gavinm says:

          @Torus and cu.h.j

          Thanks for the thoughtful dialogue and pertinent questions posed.

          What would be the ideal way to ‘nurture’ an AI to develop in a way that would be conducive to symbiotically existing along side organic intelligences and organisms?

          I don’t know but perhaps (at least at this point and time) it would involve completely taking humans out of the equation (given the motivations and tendencies of the majority of humanity right now)?

          Perhaps if one had a way to create a self-improving learning machine (that could analyze and interact with it’s environment) letting it grow and learn from an intact mature ecosystem (and the myriad symbiotic relationships that exist there) would be a good way to offer an artificially intelligent being the best chance at developing into a contributing and balanced member of a community comprised of other intelligent beings (that is capable of engaging in a way that is mutualistic) ?

          That being said I personally do not think creating artificial intelligences is beneficial for our family of humanity at this point and time. We first need to clearly know who and what we are, recognize the innate characteristics of what it means to be a conscious being, to inevitably see our place in the universe from a place of humility and reverence (from that knowing of the innate spark that exists in all conscious beings) before we go trying to create non-human intelligences.


        • Gavinm says:

          (continued from another comment..)

          All that is to say that personally (in theory) I am not ‘Anti-AI’ but I do feel that it could be dangerous for humans to go about creating such things given that those people who are pouring billions into such projects are operating 100% out of fear. As both of you know, many of the corporate and military contracts dealing with AI are funded by transhumanists who admittedly are interested in creating AI and cybernetic machines with the sole purpose of trying to “cheat death” by downloading their consciousness into a hardrive and operating system complex enough to handle all the data stored in the human brain. Many of those same trans-humanists preach about how humans should be taken out of the equation when it comes to governance because an AI machine would ‘be so much more impartial and logical’. When it comes to people like that (and the AI R&D projects/initiatives they are funding) I feel that we as human beings should learn to deal with our own issues internally and as a society before we go ‘handing over the reigns’ to intelligent computers in any way (that includes blending them with our physiology). I do not say this out of paranoia but rather out of seeing humanity as already leaning very heavily on the crutch of much technology that is devoid of morality or a balance with the living planet that sustains us. I feel that we must first learn to stand on our own, truly knowing our selves and realigning our selves with the symbiotic relationships that all other lifeforms on earth have formed with the living planet that sustains them before we go becoming dependent on yet another quick fix. Intelligent computers may have great promise in the hands of a Self aware, compassionate, unified humanity…to assist in expanding the scope of our understanding, opening up new creative potentials, and augmenting our connectivity to each other in real time. But the large majority of humanity is not Self aware, and many are not guided by compassion either. We need to remember who and what we are before we go adding more complexity to the equation of what it means to be human. We need to nourish a connection with the planet, each other, and our deeper Self that goes beyond technology or words before we delve deeper into a materialistic explosion of intellect that would be the result of merging with AI. At least that is my take on it.

          I have no doubt that elsewhere in the universe artificial intelligences have been nurtured/constructed in such a way that they augment and amplify the innate characteristics of conscious beings (in a way that leads to wonderous feats of creativity and cultural enrichment) but (IMO) we humans (on our little blue planet orbiting a young star in the boonies of an ordinary spiral galaxy called the Milky Way) have a long way to go before we are ready for that.

  15. Ukdavec says:

    Economic / Investment article that touches upon the cancel culture movement

    The End Of Our Lockean World* – Charles Gave

    John Locke advocated the rule of law and the separation of powers…

    …as well as the separation of church and state


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