Episode 374 - The Greatest Depression

03/28/2020213 Comments

The Age of Terror was inaugurated with a series of controlled demolitions in New York City on September 11, 2001. Now the world is being led into the Age of Biological Terror with a controlled demolition of the economy that is already causing unprecedented carnage across markets and around the globe. As the dust settles on this demolition, an entirely new economy is ready to be erected in its place: one in which no citizen will be out of the sight of the all-seeing government. This week on The Corbett Report we examine the details of this collapse and why the bankster class is seeking to destroy the financial Ponzi scheme that they themselves created.

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Steven Bikofsky's WTC7 9/11 Footage

Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 3, Finance Discussion

Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories about 9/11

Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories about coronavirus

Feb 1 - More than half of China extends shutdown over virus

Feb 11 - China is struggling to get back to work after the coronavirus lockdown

Feb 12 - Coronavirus could start to empty shelves in some U.S. stores by mid-April

February 24 - The Dow tumbled more than 1,000 points on Monday and marked its third-worst point drop in history

February 25 - Airborne Nitrogen Dioxide Plummets Over China

Feb 27 - Dow falls 350 points Friday to cap the worst week for Wall Street since the financial crisis

The Rollercoaster Ride Has Begun

March 2 – Dow surge is the biggest-ever point gain

March 3 – Dow drops nearly 800 points after the Fed’s surprising news about the economy

March 4 – The Biden Bounce: Dow Futures Up 666 As Traders Forget About Panicking Fed

March 5 – Global Markets Follow U.S. Stocks Higher

March 12 - The Dow Jones had its biggest point drop in history Monday

March 15 - Fed Panics: Powell Cuts Rates To Zero, Announces $700BN QE5, Unveils Enhanced Global Swap Lines

March 15 - Federal Reserve Actions to Support the Flow of Credit to Households and Businesses

March 17 - Federal Reserve launches crisis-era commercial paper funding facility

March 22 - Morgan Stanley Joins Goldman, JPM In Predicting A Depressionary Crash; Expects Q2 GDP To Plunge 30%

March 22 - Fed will make up to $4 trillion in loans to businesses to rescue the U.S. economy, Mnuchin says

March 23 - This was the fastest 30% sell-off ever, exceeding the pace of declines during the Great Depression

March 24 - Dow Soars More Than 11% In Biggest One-Day Jump Since 1933

March 25 - Here's what’s in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus deal for businesses

March 25 - Negative rates come to the US: 1-month and 3-month Treasury bill yields are now below zero

What Are All the Fed’s Corporate & Investor Bailout Programs and SPVs? Here’s the Whole Shitload of Them

Covid-19 Bill WOuld Give Liberal Government Power to Raise Taxes Without Parliamentary Approval Until End of 2021

Japan to spend 15 trillion yen

Coronavirus Stimulus Offered By House Financial Services Committee Creates New Digital Dollar

EARN IT, Digital Dollars, Covid Tracking – New World Next Week

Why COVID-19 Stimulus Should Incorporate Digital Dollars

We Sent a Man to the Moon. We Can Send the Dollar to Cyberspace

Digital Dollar Project

Davos Discusses Digital Dollar

Gates on vaccine certificates

Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations

James Corbett on the Pandemic of Social Control (17m46s - 21m49s)

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!

Solutions: Building Communities

Solutions: Freedom Cells

Complementary Currencies: A Beginner’s Guide

Interview 638 – Paul Glover on How to Create a Community Currency

Solutions: Pirate Internet

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  1. malu25 says:

    Hi Corbett. Just wondering if you have looked into this-space based blockchain- “Sovereign Sky”.. it hits spot on to a universal currency. Check it out. It be great to hear your take. https://sovereignsky.com

  2. Fritzie's dad says:

    “Backed by the greenback” … That is hilarious! You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

    James – Thank you for the clarity in this video. It is truly an eye-opener on several levels.

    Also … I loved the analogy of the controlled demolition. And the ghosted George W. Bush effect.


    • manbearpig says:

      yes indeed, I too was going to say the word “greenback” takes on a whole new dimension in a technocratic gaia-worshipping carbon credit economy… unless… you think when they chose the colour of the dollar back in the 1800s they’d already planned to have…..Naaaahhhhhh!

    • mpradio says:

      That’s what I thought – “greenback” is a pejorative! Seriously though, what those guys don’t mention is that the greenback will be subject to an EXCHANGE RATE with the Fed digital currency so negative interest rates can be implemented in the digiverse while meatspace cash stalwarts will have to exchange an ever-weakening “greenback” for Fed digits just to engage in commerce…from the horse’s mouth: https://blogs.imf.org/2019/02/05/cashing-in-how-to-make-negative-interest-rates-work/

  3. mkey says:

    Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

    ‘Largest scale experiment ever’ shows what is possible as satellite images reveal marked fall in global nitrogen dioxide levels

    Slip of the tongue or they simply want everyone to know? To know, but to not know, if you know what I mean. You know?

    Anyway, kind of anticlimatic (pardon the pun) not to have any mention of the damned CO2 gas of life thrown in there for a good measure. CO2 sets everything up and then Nitrogen swoops in ad takes the cake. Maybe next time, CO2.

    • Fritzie's dad says:

      You could read it as a warning shot across the bow from the ptsb: “If y’all don’t reduce emissions ‘voluntarily’, then maybe we’ll be forced to act to take down economies … It would be a shame if anything should happen to your nice little economy, but ‘accidents’ happen …”

    • manbearpig says:

      “To know, but to not know, if you know what I mean. You know?”

      As I was on a nice long walk this afternoon everyone I saw out and about seemed radiant. Everyone seemed festive and joyful: which shouldn’t seem strange given that it was a brilliantly sunny, warm spring day but…

      it occurred to me that… maybe everyone knows there’s a totally theatrical and overblown aspect to this plandemic and maybe everyone knows that in fact it’s largely a pretext for transitioning into a new supposedly sustainable socio-economic paradigm and because they all TRUST that this transition really is for the health of the planet and their own, they are delighted, excited, anticipating this brave new sustainable world that promises to end poverty, suffering, burn-out, inequality and guilt.

      They all know without knowing if you know what I mean… you know?

      They are sharing the new sustainable spirituality, basking in the anticipation of a benevolant government offering them cool social apps, protecting them with cool high tech medical measures and relieving them of personal responsability.

      It’s like subtle social codes, company culture, people instinctively know how they’re supposed to act even if deep down they know it’s not real, that it’s something else, like hugging your mother-in-law and when you see uncle Albert, pretending you’d never heard about the embarassing incident with his niece…?

      ya know what I mean? they know perfectly well without knowing…

      At any rate, they really seem eager to play along…

      • wylie1 says:

        Much easier to project onto people rather than to ask them.

        I’m waiting for a defiant reporter type wo/man on the street multiple interview …someone with microphone on a long stick. All could be done easily and sanitarily if one thought about it for a couple seconds. Although the sound quality [may] suffer a wee bit.

        • manbearpig says:

          I’ve already heard what they say

          which doesn’t jive with what they do

          such as clapping at 8:00 pm, making masks and denouncing their neighbor for not respecting “self-isolation” rules:

          “Denouncing those who don’t respect the rules: are the French a bunch of rats?

          All over the world, the Coronavirus shows the most negative sides of our neighbours, ready to denounce those who do not stay confined.

          24 March 2020
          By Thomas Zribi

          “Rules are rules. And for some people, breaking them means being denounced by those who observe them. So, is France a country of rats? Answer with Thomas Zribi in Armel Hemme’s La Grasse Matinale.

          The information was communicated a few days ago by L’Ami du 20ème: Journal du 20e arrondissement de Paris. “The Prefecture of Police informs us that we receive many calls concerning the non-respect of containment measures. It is asked not to dial 17 (the police), as it saturates the emergency call system “. To sum up: many people call the police to denounce neighbours who go out, talk too closely to each other, or worse, let their children play outside.

          Hello Police? My neighbours are having a barbecue outside. There are three of them.

          And it’s not a Parisian specificity. In Nantes, the same thing happens. The newspaper Ouest-France tells of how fed up the police are with all the whistle-blowing phone calls they get. It is the same thing in Lille, where the switchboard is overwhelmed by calls from good citizens denouncing the bad ones. And it’s still the same thing in small towns like Fougères, in Brittany, where the police tell people that they’re being called, for example, because there are three neighbours in a garden having a barbecue.

          All this without any call for denunciation by the authorities, on the contrary. And let’s not even talk about the litres of denunciation found on social networks.

          So much enthusiasm in denouncing one’s neighbours isn’t that great, and it brings back bad memories. And now at least the Germans can keep their peace. There’s nothing to be proud of.

          Some other regions have set up mechanisms of denunciation….

          …But it is mainly in China that this system has been pushed to the limit. At the height of the epidemic, some regions set up a denunciation mechanism organised and paid for by the authorities…

          In the province of Hebei near Beijing, journalist Sébastien Le Belzic explained that a 250-euro bonus was offered to those who denounced visitors from the Wuhan, the source of the epidemic. Afterwards, the bad guys were locked up in their homes and their friendly neighbours nailed planks to the door to prevent them from going out…”


          In a country where everyone thinks their grandparent was a resistant…

          • mkey says:

            How did the “la resistance” manage to survive, one has to ask. In this climate they would be a more immediate danger from compatriots than the enemy spies.

            But, I’m affraid this is what the entirety of Europe has been brough down to. Fear infested, socialized to the rotten core, servile, indentured, pathetic bunch of sycophants.

            Rats have stronger sense of right and wrong than this bunch of spoiled old children, triggered by fear and skewed self-preservation instinct. People such as these don’t write history, they don’t even take part in it.

            • manbearpig says:

              No, but, what d’you Really think?? Don’t hold back!

              • mkey says:

                Well, I wouldn’t have them executed, if that’s what you’re asking. But I wouldn’t piss on them to put out a fure, either. I’ll put up with members of my family who are of that disposition, but my generosity doesn’t extend any further that that.

                There really isn’t any way back from this point. The wast majority are ready to ride this silently out, until it’s “over”. They don’t know when or how, but they are ready to wait because reasons.

              • manbearpig says:

                Well I think I’ve finally grasped your ever-so-understated point of view.

                However, I hope I won’t catch fire as … I’m afraid I’m one of those who’ll just wait the whole thing out until it’s “over” because… reasons…

              • mkey says:

                Would it make you feel better if I stated that I wouldn’t have an issue urinating over you if push came to shove?

              • manbearpig says:

                I woke up this morning to your comment and… I almost broke into tears.

                This is the nicest thing someone’s said to me in a while.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    3/28/2020 Corbett Report’s Episode 374 – The Greatest Depression
    A Bookmark Historical Timeline Episode

    Holy Cow!
    I am soooo impressed!
    James Corbett’s “economic acumen” shines like a sky searchlight beam ! It should make some of the mainstream economic pundits blush.

    I follow the markets, and yet I had missed many, many, many of the important event topics which Corbett laid out in his timeline coverage.
    As I was watching, I would also look above at my wall calendar to follow the flavor.

    Corbett hit a lot of economic nomenclature of which I was completely in the dark and blank with understanding, yet I could grasp the implications.

    I was shocked about the Ides of March. March 15th…a SUNDAY
    No Reserve Requirements for Banks.
    No Reserve Requirements for Banks.
    Did we get that?!
    Zero. Zip. Nada.

    Investopedia : Basics of Reserve Requirements
    Banks loan funds to customers based on a fraction of the cash they have on hand. The government makes one requirement of them in exchange for this ability: keep a certain amount of deposits on hand to cover possible withdrawals. This amount is called the reserve requirement…

    I could go on and on about this Episode, but I’ll cut it short.

    But, I gotta tell ya!… History is happening in a major way.
    I am so glad that Mr. Corbett is documenting it.

    (An aside: That suit and tie and color look good on Corbett. It also was the right wardrobe for this Episode.)

    • albus says:

      Fractional reserve banking is a myth that has misled economic policy for decades. I would highly recommend this article that lays it all out. Education is key to good policy decisions.


      • alexandre says:

        Hi, albus. Wow. I’d like to see you sumarize that!
        Does that throw Griffin’s Jakyll Island Creature into the bin? And the whole “End the Fed” movement etc?

      • justine.k says:

        I went to the Fed site to look at the note outlining the zero reserves requirement and searched the “ample reserves regime” that they purportedly eliminated the reserve requirements.Is it your opinion that the new regime is not necessarily bad? I’m perpetually distrustful of the Fed but want to understand, perhaps this is not so nefarious, or perhaps it is.

        It seemed to me that the new Ample Reserves Regime actually increases the amount the Fed holds on it’s balance sheet for banking reserves purposes (not sure if this is linked to the ‘repo’ market), but it would not beholden banks to hold the reserves as the Fed would do so (at least in the US, I have no idea if this can be exported to other jurisdictions, as the US dollar enjoys world-reserve currency status).

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Solutions – ANECDOTE as I watching this Episode

      Talk about timing…
      Saturday morning as I am watching this Corbett Report Episode “The Greatest Depression”, I get a call from an “unknown number”.

      Wow! It was a Corbett Report Member who I had not spoken to in a few years. What a thrill!
      From the get-go of the conversation, we were on the same page. We filled each other in on various topics and how our families and kids were doing and such.

      One of the “Solutions” things that she mentioned was that this year, she zoomed out to get her Spring garden in the ground right away. She is way ahead of me.
      I asked her if they still had their chickens. Yep, they do. She said that now, the chickens are somewhat considered to be ‘gold’.

      We discussed how there were a lot of Corbett Report Members from Texas, and also from our area of Texas. There is a large community of like-minded individuals in our neck of the woods.

      We shared information on how to handle the potential mandatory vaccines, and local Doctors, and also alternative health aspects.

      She has medical training and ICU hospital experience.
      An interesting anecdote which she told me was that during the 1980’s in the Houston area, she saw a lot of women who were suffering from Guillain-Barré Syndrome and that there was a personally observable link to the vaccines.

      During the conversation, mentally, I flashed to Corbett Report’s recent revisit (March 14th, 2020) of his 2009 Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law.
      This was a timely and profound Corbett revisit. Here is a comment on that Episode 086, which also leads to a “60 Minutes Show” detailing “Guillain-Barré Syndrome”.

      Anyway, our conversation made my day!
      Just so folks know…
      originally, a few years back, we ‘discovered each other and others’ on the Corbett Report community, and then saw one another at a local area VAXXED film event.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        DALLAS COUNTY STATISTICS – coronavirus as of today…

        One can’t help but to ask “What is the big deal?”
        The Fear Factor is way out of proportion.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Ooops. I forgot to insert the link in my above, first “anecdote” comment.

        During the conversation, mentally, I flashed to Corbett Report’s recent revisit (March 14th, 2020) of his 2009 Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law.
        This was a timely and profound Corbett revisit.
        Here is a comment on that Episode 086, which also leads to a “60 Minutes Show” detailing “Guillain-Barré Syndrome”.

      • flybyknightusa says:

        Thank you for that HRS. My sister was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome several years ago and has been living in constant pain; legs, feet, joints hurting, difficulty walking. I finally located the 60 Minute link. When my sister was initially diagnosed with GBS I asked if she had had a recent flu shot. She said no, and doubted that had anything to do with her condition. My girlfriend is a retired nurse and doesn’t share my concern about vaccines because in her 40 years in the health care profession, she rarely encountered anyone with a debilitating disease as a result of a vaccination.
        I lived in LA during the mid 70s and believe I contracted the swine flu, although it was never diagnosed. It was 1975 when I became ill, then sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. I was treating it with mega doses of vitamin C in addition to a diet of fresh fruit and veggies. After 3 weeks of vomiting, headaches, severe lethargy, I went to a free clinic to see an MD. After explaining my strategy, he told me: “A diet won’t do anything for you. You could get by on eating Snickers every day.” I could not believe it. He was a young MD right out of medical school and this is what he’d been taught.
        He prescribed tetracycline which knocked it out. They say antibiotics aren’t effective against the corona virus, and that may be the case, but if I did have the swine flu, which was rampant at the time, the strong antibiotic got rid of it.
        No one I know shares my views about the corona virus ushering in a digital currency and the effects that will have on our lives unless we take steps to break free of the system. Apropos, I have tried to find a good, instructive, step-by-step tutorial, “a mesh network for dummies”, but have been able to come up with one. I’ve searched the CR Solutions but don’t see it. Did I miss it? Do you know of a good resource?
        Thanks for all your posts. Hail to Home Remedy Supply!
        And James, bless you for taking birth. Lighting the way through this nefarious globalist New World Disorder minefield. Many of us would be lost without you.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Interesting anecdote.
          I think that any number of factors might prompt Guillain-Barré Syndrome, not solely vaccines.
          Certainly mercury or aluminum might have some kind of association with some individuals.

          As I understand it, a major liability of a viral infection like the flu, could be a bacterial infection onslaught.
          The body might be handling the virus okay, but the immune system becomes overwhelmed when a bacteria infection occurs.
          This is why antibiotics are typically prescribed, although they have no direct effect on the virus.
          And, we know that parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses can co-exist as part of the microbiome.

          Could you clarify this?…
          I have tried to find a good, instructive, step-by-step tutorial,
          “a mesh network for dummies”, but have been able to come up with one.
          I’ve searched the CR Solutions but don’t see it.
          Did I miss it?
          Do you know of a good resource?

          Perhaps, other Corbett Report Members might offer ideas.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Hey HRS! I should have known you’d have the first statement that actually has something to do with solutions rather than just admiring the iceberg that just hit the ship. So what are you doing to get into your liferaft?
        Me? I got sick of the stupid on the 20th. Been fishing on the river since. He’ll, all anyone has to know is the reserve requirements are gone and they should have enough sense to figure out they oughta have a plan. But, in a world ruled by stupid everyone just begs to be told what to do and think. Did you hear Schumer read their teeny 2.3 trillion relief? Straight outta Atlas Shrugged. Didn’t work well. Going back into town on Tuesday to get some goods. It’ll be tough, but I’ll try not to beat one of those sky is falling townies to death. Low on battery power now. But I’ll get back to you.

        Jimbob: I gotta fishing pole and a crossbow and a river. When you really know the land, that’s all the plan you need. P.S. have you planted your garden yet? Not you hrs. I know you have. PPS Surgeon general now says corona cold may have a .1 mortality rate. But crashing civilization is our response. I’m pissed.

        • manbearpig says:

          Hi You Shot Santa! Glad to see you’re still out there given’m hell!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Jim Bob !
          You ole wild-hair, loud-mouthed Red-Neck curmudgeon!
          Damn boy! It is good to hear that nasty voice of yours.

          We don’t get younger, do we?
          I would have a beer to toast to ya, but I already had my limit (one).

          I’m glad to see ya agin’ buddy!
          Until later,
          I’ll see ya when I see ya.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Hey manbearpig and hrs! Yep, still yelling at them young whippersnappers, though I smoke those left hand cigs instead of beers. But I’d compromise and chug a hard cider with either of you. However, I didn’t come back here to party.
            The dumping of reserve requirements means they’re about to flush the dollar. Not much choice with their model anyway. Which means (for a variety of reasons) that America has fallen.
            So, my question to everyone here is what are you doing to prepare yourselves? Not everyone can live off the land. But everyone can plant a garden. Even if all you have is a window.
            We can’t do anything about what has happened, but we can win our freedom. The powers that cower will not win. I promise you that. How can I say such a thing? Because if ya’ll don’t figure out something, I’ll raise an army of rednecks. But I’d rather not. So, what are you doing to earn your freedom?

        • mkey says:

          Hopefully you still have some bullets left over from the skirmish with jolly old gramps and his elk ilk.

    • wylie1 says:

      Thanks for emphasizing the NO Reserve Requirement for banks, HRS. I must have been distracted, or something, during that portion of the video.

      To me, this means The Weasel Powers are tempting and encouraging banks to over extend themselves even further, so they WILL default, thereby enabling themselves to scoop up the assets they want for pennies on the digitized dollar, consolidating power with fewer banks. Same same when Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. went belly up a decade-plus ago, along with the MANY other smaller banks that closed their doors.

      The two-for will be that they will control those assets via their debt. Double consolidation of power.

  5. scpat says:

    Excellent work James and Broc. Thank you for this.

  6. mkey says:

    I’m a bit confused by James’s schism. Considering 9-11 strong points (training exercise, new normal, conspiracy theories, terrorists, who could have thunk it) I really don’t see the similarity with covid-19. Now everyone is a terrorists, especially the unknowing, not only easy to profile, turban wearing, beard wielding middle easterners.

    Also, I for one am glad that we finally got rid of fractional reserve lending. Those fractions were like a pebble in the economy’s shoe.

    I would like to point out one distinction, however. How are supposed to be tax cattle if they give us allowance?

    • mik says:

      Allowance, UBI, or however you want to name it, will come with strings attached. Tax in future might be working something, for common good of course, probably something stupid to kill human spirit.
      People might be even happy being engaged in this, because otherwise they might be bored and boredom is very close to disgust observing from emotional perspective.
      So, someone might be happy to be cattle, to get some burden to carry.
      The others could choose to be something like pet animals.

    • manbearpig says:

      tax cattle’s obsolete. now we’re all hivemind bees stuck in a smart web.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      mkey says:
      Also, I for one am glad that we finally got rid of fractional reserve lending.
      Those fractions were like a pebble in the economy’s shoe.

      I would like to point out one distinction, however.
      How are supposed to be tax cattle if they give us allowance?

    • wylie1 says:

      Why remove the Reserve Requirement? Because many banks cannot or will soon not be able to meet it!

      So then throwing some more gasoline onto an out of control fire is the solution?

      The economy does not need less fractional reserve banking at all, putting ALL their depositors at much higher(infinitely higher?) risk, having removed all discipline what so ever, from the banks. If the banks aren’t lending it is because of two reasons:
      1. Don’t think they will get paid back
      2. Removal of Glass-Steagall act enabled commercial banks to play in the financial market casinos, providing much more reward in this low interest rate era, as long as they don’t shoot themselves in the foot, which many did… and are on the edge.

      Clearly the intention by the real banksters is to take the depositors dough and what assets they want, when those banks that are on the edge try to save themselves by making loans they shouldn’t. Otherwise there would be no reason to cut the fractional reserve when they should be raising it to provide a modicum of safety to depositors.

      The Cyprus model of Bail-ins will be used, taking depositors dough.

      Govt by the banksters for the banksters. Not for the people nor the economy.

      • wylie1 says:

        People as tax cattle:
        Spending by govt = future tax obligations.
        Taxing joe six pack to give to you is theft.
        It would seem you are fine with theft as long as govt does it for you. How about if the govt steals from you to give to me?

        If there were NO govt. There would be few to no economic problems. The economy would be ablaze with activity since it would not be built on debt. The corporate-bankster-govt-media complex would not be sucking the life out of every dollar via debt, inflation, and then deflation(of the value of what you bought).

        Govt always was and always will be the problem, not the solution. Government is the entity that enables all nefarious activity to continue. How long would a crook last if there were no govt to protect them?

      • mkey says:

        James cobbled up something together for the Glass-Steagall thing.

        Regarding the tax cattle, what I implied was that if the gubment hands out pocket money, the whole concept of tax cattle goes down the drain. Besides, why would they care about tax “money” when they simply “print” (add ones and zeroes on servers) “money” to their heart’s content? Taxation is just a form of keeping the people down by extracting well deserved (or ill deserved, but still) prosperity from their lives. And making a bit of cash to be stashed on the side.

  7. zyxzevn says:

    I don’t think anyone understands the full implications.
    The video will make most people confused, because they can only
    see a part of the whole happening.

    But it is clear that different agendas by different powers are laid out.

    1. Technocracy (Brave new world)

    2. Federal Reserve (Godfather)

    3. Pentagon’s eternal war (1984)

    4. Google/facebook – Complete Censorship and Push of Propaganda (1984)

    5. Technocratic De-huminization (Planet of Apes)

    Still missing:

    A. The Cocaine Import Agency for terrorism (including bioweapons)

    B. The Sexual Predator Class that did not kill themselves.

    • wylie1 says:

      Nice summary. Wondering what else may be lurking around the corner…

      Oh yes, Population elimination via vaccines, chemtrails, GMO leaky gut syndrome, FEMA quarantine camps, etc.

    • zyxzevn says:

      The Covid-19 problem can be summarized as

      1) pushing a technocratic agenda via creating a FAKE fear.

      It is fake, as in the west and S-Korea it is not more dangerous
      than any flue. It is only 1 fifth of a bad flue.
      It seems dangerous, because most of the statistics are invalid.
      See below for link

      2) hiding the problems of the failed economy and giving funds to those who created the problems.
      Creation of a debt-economy system that can be very hard to escape from.

      3) More totalitarian groups jump into the ship.
      – Bill Gates projects his dream of making everyone connected to a computer.
      – Google wants to track everyone’s movements, now legal.
      – The Medicine industry see a permanent state of emergency medicine.


      And all this just starts going away,
      now we have a simple and cheap cure.

      The Cure is here already

      But because Trump promoted it, the US media and Google
      are censoring it.

      Flue is 5 times more dangerous than Covid-19

      Bad statistics and wrong reporting create the illusion
      of a very dangerous disease

      • zyxzevn says:

        Doctors to Media: “There is no dangerous Corona Pandemic”
        Video in German with translations
        Mediziner gegen Medien: “Es gibt keine gefährliche Corona-Pandemie”

        There are not many patients in hospital.
        Wrong treatments likely have caused deaths.

        Media create an imaginary Pandemic..

        • zyxzevn says:


          You should all watch this video

          Video is much better than I thought.
          It is a must-watch, and illustrates the real problem.

          One gem at the end:
          In Italy, the Traffic deaths and Cancer deaths, are put on the Corona list, to make the number bigger.
          The Italian government does this to get more funding from the EU,
          for their well-known economic problems.

          • candlelight says:


            Pretty mind blowing video. I only wish the translating was more comprehensive at times. But, nonetheless, this report is like a smoking gun! So much for the theory of that tight concentrated pocket of NO2 over Northern Italy exacerbating the coronavirus epidemic in that particular region, which seemed to make a ton of sense. But, no. If this video is correct, Northern Italy forms a tight pocket of complete corruption on the part of the Italian medical authorities utterly distorting reality, blowing the whole corona thing way out of proportion; and that goes for Berlin, which according to the video, medical activity is even less than normal!

            It certainly makes you wonder, on an international level, to what extent the threat of this pandemic is not only exaggerated, but completely fabricated, in terms of the distortion of actual numbers, and their actual causes.

            What this video spells out in large, clear letters is that the coronavirus pandemic is essentially a H-O-A-X!

            It’s hard to fathom that the media, conspiring with major medical institutions, on an international basis, which no doubt would have to be orchestrated by organizations such as the WHO, would think they could cover-up something like this?

            If this video isn’t itself a hoax, and the interviewees are legitimate, then ultimately there are going to be any number of health practitioners worldwide who are going to be willing to blow the whistle on all this nonsense, at least at some point when the dust settles. And when that happens, and the counter narrative is as convincing as stated herein, it’s possible that the fallout will not only discredit organizations such as the WHO, but rather destroy them in a backlash they may not have envisioned. In other words, they may be playing a calculated gambit in a game they’re going to lose.

  8. generalbottlewasher says:

    The planes have been flying and the pollution is thick. The fog getting to the ground is not too good for clear thinking.
    Not to mention night time temps rise 10°f.
    While spending the better part of the day outside yesterday, I attempted to explain to a group that gathered every hole, on the concepts of ” Que Bono” ” Habius Corpus” and extremly complex use of the murder weapon and the arsenal of the Banking elite that are the assassins for hire. Inflation and recession and asset reallocation. QE and the destruction of the economy that was the largest economic engine and how the weakest possible economic system, communism, has subplanted the largest healthy system in just 90 days.
    Some did not know what a false flag was. Some could not fathom a State act upon its population. No that can’t be! I asked them, How much of your retirement evaporated? Why can’t you produce an income now? Don’t you realize its not a virus but the instrument , weapon to use on YOU to perpetrate the perfect murder, CRIME? Does anyone here know of anybody that has it?
    So why don’t you see it for what it is?
    The one liners just keep coming. Much like the planes that where spraying ahead of the front that was coming in. I was not about to mention them to this group of wide eyed deer. They had already heard to much to compute any more…
    It wasn’t till the 16th hole that the pea sized hail slowed us down so I could hammer them with ” where do you get all your perceptions of the world. They got it! The fact that none of them realized all that they thought was given to them by someone else, until now. Rather productive day I’ d say.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      The Dentist I was playing with was so upset over the heavy handed State closing him down for 2 weeks his ADA/AMA blinders where temporarily lifted. I pointed out he spends 12 hours a day 4 days week in peoples pie holes and can’t remember ever getting sick. I ask him how dirty are pie holes? He claimed they are cesspools. He was most upset with the fact the state took all his supplies. I didn’t ask if he was compensated for the conscription of all his supplies. Just didn’t want to kick his Professional Association while it was down. Im like that.
      I ask him if he wanted to form a dummy corporation to gather up all that free money into , and a place where we could leave the tax payer liable. He was interested. I think he got the way I intended and not the way James said.

      • manbearpig says:

        Congratulations GBW! Good work!

        That second part reminds me that I lived for about a decade during my formative years in a town called Amherst, Massachusetts.

        The town was named after Lord Jeffrey Amherst who, word had it, had gained notoriety for having had the brilliant idea of offering the local Native Americans lots of beautiful blankets in what appeared to be a gesture of peace,

        all full of the smallpox virus

        that quickly got the better of them all. A hecatomb. A Trojan Horse.

        The first biowarfare experiment I’d ever heard of at that time.

        Now I’m wondering if that story isn’t fake news…

        • Libertydan says:

          Relative to blankets infested with Smallpox traded to Natives, of what we now call America, I would not call it “fake News”.

          The Spanish Conquistadors starting with Christopher Columbus in 1492 brought many ills upon the Native peoples of the Americas. The mix of Greed and Pride along with a religious usurping of Christianity allowed the Spanish to rationalize untold evils. In Hispaniola, now Dominican Republic/Haiti, the Spanish were responsible for reducing the Native population from about 60k to 5k (about 90%) in a matter of a few years. As they worked and/or infected the Natives to death, they brought in African Slaves to replace them. Columbus Sailed 4 times bringing back Gold and other things of value to his “investors”. What is most notable though, is the death and destruction that, he, and those who sailed for Spain after him, did to the Native people of the Americas.

          So, how does that fit into what we are seeing today? The Natives of Hispaniola were doing fine before the Greedy bastards showed up. They even welcomed them, and fed them. (as you can read in the Spanish logs). But, Columbus had to make a profit, he had to return to Spain with riches that more than paid for his trip. He had to make his “Investors” happy or he would be reticulated as a failure. Thus, he was motivated to rationalized his evil actions against Native peoples that actually helped him.
          To this, I ask; “What kind of person becomes a Billionaire?” (make that a Billionaire 100 times over?)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Soggy socks on the green with the early fog?
        Hell! Oklahoma beats any state for hail.

        Ya know…if I was a Politician, I would want to choose my Dentist carefully. A Dentist’s office is probably the one place where a Politician might feel the pain of public opinion on his job performance.

        Here is my rendition of a story you told not long ago about the Mayor dining out…

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Homey we must correct the perceptions here.

          The Ok Governor Stitt is a novice in politics. Anti- Globalism from not knowing how the game is controlled and why his knee jerk reaction of seeing the economy being destroyed locally by The UN WHO. With no real body count to warrant such destruction.

          The Mayor Bynum, is a multi generational local poliloco professional Big Oil Globalism and economic tick of the worst public servant. Deeply entrenched the Rockefeller Foundation in local governance by accepting MULI-MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, Personal enrichment of the local elite few at taxpayer expence. He is connected .
          Hope you got the garden in and good luck with understanding Oklahoma politics. Hell they probably are all going for the money one way or the other.

          MBP I still want to do the experiment.

          • manbearpig says:

            So what’s stoppin’ ya? I don’t miss appointments I made for myself.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Im peddling as fast as possible Barbarella.

              https://youtu.be/4f7NxpAreQs oops it should go down there and that one up here. Sorry

              And are you taking your vitamins?
              Dr. Shiva Ayyudurai in laymans language.


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                One last Saturday Night in defiance of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars i leave you with…https://portal.uscellular.com/

                Nah, just Joshin yea. Have you thought of making a stew?
                Stew on this. I could put this on a loop for days on end.

              • manbearpig says:

                wow! I’m glad I only saw these links this morning ’cause they mighta interfered with these really weird dreams I had all night. I prepared myself mentally to remember them, like you said, but I didn’t need to as my cat woke me in time to remain consciously soaked in the weird images and ambiances!

                In the first one loomed the brooklyn bridge, unnaturally high, with these big faded pastel letters tagged onto one of the pylons: I couldn’t make them out immediately, as if I were farsighted or they kept morphing slightly so I kept trying to get passers-by to stop and read the tag that seemed like it was in a form of English with a weird accent.. like…Gomer Pyle…and finally, just as my cat jumped on me, a pigeon noisily flapped its wings to fly away and I made out the tagged words! “FOR SALE”!!?

                The second was just flocks and flocks of pigeons, kinda creepily hitchcockian…

                And the third, I don’t know if I was simply dehydrated from the campari consumed the night before but I was really thirsty, standing in an overspacious FAO Schwartz on central park south. I was on the first floor, completely dazzled by all the primary and fluorescent colours of all the crisply wrapped candy, particulary the lollipops, mountains and vast expanses of flashy aesthetically wrapped lollipops all around… like the ones I used to get at the doctor’s office after a shot…

                so doc, is it serious?
                was the experiment a success?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP, my friend in Comifornia is simultaneously taking the experiment. He claims “its becoming too painful to watch…
                We are weeks into self-isolation and its is really upsetting me to see Linda [ that’s his wife ] standing at the window clapping at the living room window, just gazing aimlessly into space. Tears running down her cheeks. It breaks my heart to see her like this. I have to cheer her up. I have even considered letting her back in….but the rules are the Rules. Im going to let her directly into the garage if she promises to stop clapping.”

                I will have to check your temperature to see if it was a success. There Now, I will place my hand…lets see, comfy? Now Turn your head and cough.

              • mkey says:

                Well, don’t leave us hanging. Did he let her back in?

              • manbearpig says:

                Poor Linda.

                I often feel a little as if I’m in a walking dead episode. but I’ve made my bed, and now I’ll lie in it.
                And I even sometimes wonder who the zombie really is.

                that comment, that I’d missed, is a fabulous lesson in how to put misdirection to optimal narrative effect.

                rather impressive.

  9. mik says:

    Excellent James.

    Reserve requirement zero means money multiplier is infinity. Now, it’s not only the fed who can create unlimited amounts of money, Banksters can create all the money they want too.
    Banksters = monopolists will buy all assets, all resources, they will become owners of the world literally.

    I hope some following editions on this topic will expand about another notion.

    Economy wasn’t in good shape, I hope we won’t forget this fact like normies certainly will in the next period of ensured mayhem.
    Economy was pretty much zombie after previous crisis, it was not the question if but when the next crisis will hit.
    But to be clear, all the insane measures as response to plandemia would probably destroy even healthy economy.
    In a way, they hided traces of their involvement even better than in 911 case.

    I’m sure it’s not coincidence we had greta-revolution right before plandemia. Climate paranoia had to be raised to higher level and then…shell game….corona paranoia.
    Not sure many realize importance of what Cory Morningstar put down so eloquently:

    “What is going on – is a rebooting of a stagnant capitalist economy, that needs new markets – new growth – in order to save itself. What is being created is a mechanism to unlock approximately 90 trillion dollars for new investments and infrastructure. What is going on is the creation of, and investment in, perhaps the biggest behavioural change experiment yet attempted, global in scale.”

    watch carefully exchange from 0:50

    Neil deGrasse Tyson On Coronavirus: Will People Listen To Science?

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      watch carefully exchange from 0:50

      Neil deGrasse Tyson On Coronavirus: Will People Listen To Science?

      Oh my goodness! Why would you put up a link to Neil deGrasse Tyson of all the people in the world?
      The guy is a PTB disciple!
      He basically said, self-quarantine as the scientists are telling you to and everything will be hunky-dory.

      • mik says:

        No, that is not what he basically said. Are you trolling me? Watch again!

        Also, the way how the message is delivered is important, isn’t it.

        “The guy is a PTB disciple!”

        So what?!?
        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          No I am not trolling.

          His message was simple. This is what he said:

          “I think we are in the middle of a massive experiment, worldwide, and that is…
          the experiment is, ‘Will people listen to scientists?’
          In this case, referring to medical professionals…
          For example and uh, are you washing your hands and are you taking these precautions, these are warnings offered by scientists, for our own good.
          And it seems to me if we all listened and paid attention and don’t get freaked out, alright, don’t live in fear, a life lived in fear is a life half-lived.

          It would be interesting if we all paid attention to what scientists say, maybe the corona virus will just blow on by, with a minimum of cases and then, ‘we kicked its ass’ for obeying the recommendations of scientists on how to minimize your chances of getting it. It’s an interesting experiment we are in the middle of.”

          Translation for those who could not understand those simple words:
          Listen to the official scientists/politicians/PTB, do what they say and the virus will just blow by.

          The guy is also a hypocrite, because he was sitting less than two meters away from the host of the TV show, not listening to his own advice (of “listening to the scientists”), thus exposing himself to a possible COVID-19 infection.

          • mik says:

            You are funny: “the guy is a hypocrite…”

            Whole covid psyop is full of inconsistencies and you are pointing just to one of them.

            Your translation for dummies consists only of blabber that’s been repeated 24/7, but the point is missed .

            The point is, he publicly stated: People, humanity, you are object of an experiment.

            Unfortunately, today such statement can obviously be funny, what a witticism, haha, we listen and we can’t hear the meaning of words,hahahaha, what is consent, oh, yea that manufactured thing hahaha, because we’ve been listen bs and nonsense for decades, hahaha, and words lost their meaning, hahahaha, oh life is so full of surprises and coincidences…. and…..funny hahaha

            And finnaly, you said he is from establishment, but you can’t get it, that at least maybe, this is not a joke, maybe he said it on purpose.

            It is an experiment, there is no way they could have knew the outcome.

            • Fawlty Towers says:

              mik the guy is a 9/11 falser!
              He is true blue establishment.
              Enough said.

              I would never in a million years drop this guy’s name, let alone on a site like the Corbett Report.

              I wouldn’t give him the time of day!

              “It is an experiment, there is no way they could have knew the outcome.”

              So your theory is TPTB relased this bio-weapon on the masses as a huge experiment, not knowing the outcome, because they had nothing better to do?

    • mik says:

      Forgot to mention another “coincidence”.

      Before greta-event they turned on afterburner in vaccine propaganda.

  10. robert.t says:

    After Sputnik or the missile gap or something we sent a dollar to the moon. Or something. Now let’s back that dollar with actual, hard greenbacks!

    Am I dreaming all this?

    I know that Phillip the Fair was naughty to round up all the Templar banksters on Friday 13. It didn’t forestall the miseries of the 14th C and the Hundred Years War. However, in light of what’s happening now, I have to wonder…

  11. Libertydan says:

    While watching “Event 201” in the Show Notes above, I saw the name tag for George Gao at the table and decided to look him up. (see link below)


    Indeed, George Gao has been the Director of the Chinese CDC since 2017 and he is at the table for this Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Event 201 Exercise in Oct 2019.
    Given that the “real” Corona Virus Breakout was allowed to spread out of China in December of 2019 because the “News” of it was suppressed by the Chinese Government, it is hard to believe that this was/is not deliberate Planned Pandemic.

    Also consistent with “Event 201” China is said to have lifted “Lock Downs” after 50 days of draconian methods (yeah, China, eh). We are supposed to hail total authoritarian government control. China then gives Shipping containers full of Face masks and test kits to Italy which helps them to curb the number of new cases. The USA now has the highest number of confirmed cases (even though they lack test kits). Only people reporting symptoms are being tested, and the deaths keep growing. In Michigan, the reported deaths from COVID19 went from 60 to 92 in one day. That is a 50% rise in deaths in a day.

    Note that “Event 201” concludes that the Virus will spread out of control in the USA because the people will refuse to wear Face Masks. Face Masks are not available in the USA today. When I went on line to order some I made note that there is a 2-3 Month lead time required. There are not enough N95 or better Masks for Nurses and Hospital staff who are getting sick and not able to work, much less for the guy on the street. Italy began to turn the corner after they got the free Masks from China. How is it that the USA still does not have them???

    Also note that over 50% of the U.S. “work force” has been ordered to stay home. Indeed, this is big, really big!
    The Governor of Michigan has even ordered Golf Coarse Closed!

    • Libertydan says:

      The latest from ABC News is that Italy just went over 10,000 total deaths, yet the number of new cases is declining. Indeed, the USA has less total deaths, but the number of new cases is growing at the fastest rate of any country.
      Spain was said to have 830 new cases in a day and China has committed to sending 4 million N95 Face Masks to Spain.
      They say 112,00 Face Mask are on the way to Michigan and Trump asks that the Gov show some gratitude, which she did. Indeed, none of these Masks are for the guy on the street, but it is a start, eh!

      112,000 sent to Michigan, while China sends 4 million to Spain. Interesting!

    • mik says:

      Masks are interesting story. I’ve heard reports about authorities confiscating masks on border, because they were not certified.

      Mask is really high tech and we need protection against mask production quackery…bullshit.

      Mask is so low tech and so easy to produce I see no reason to be in so short supply.

      The problem is medical certification. God forbid to lax certification in this dire situation, for example.
      On the other hand CDC laxed rules on use of masks. Perfectly logical, no need to think, it’s from government.


  12. dubrey says:

    All is well, Americans measure their wealth …..by the roll. Some are doing very well.

  13. BigAL PR says:


    While I agree that community and decentralized markets and currencies solutions would be ideal, I’m not sure that at this stage, it can be realized in a scale that would help even a minority of individuals let alone, communities. In Canada, my neighbors are now looking at me funny when I take a walk; we are getting conditioned to rat on neighbors that do not respect “physical distancing”. The success that the “powers that shouldn’t be” have achieved on a planetary scale in such a short period of time is above any worst scenarios envisioned by the most pessimistic of conspiracy theorists. We used to look at China and grind our teethes. The “Powerful” behind the governments are putting everything in motion and they look like they may be winning. We are a point where there may be not even be battle for us to initiate as our neighbors, friends and family members will stop it before it gets started… for our own benefit and security of course.

  14. Libertydan says:

    I would also like to note that with about a dozen of these BSL-3 and/or BSL-4 secret labs employing something like 13,000 Life Scientists, the United States Government Inc./Empire has many Bio-weapons at it’s disposal. Thus, we must be very careful about calling COVID19 a hoax, or they can make it real over night.
    The FEMA Camps, the coffins, and the bullets have already been purchased years ago. The National Guard has already been called to duty.
    Prescott Bush (President of Union Bank and funder of the Nazi Party) has had a son become Director of the CIA and President of the United States Inc., then a Grandson seated as President who brought about the events of 9/11/01 and it’s cover-ups. Why do we allow these evil people to rule over us through lies and deception? Is it fear, or greed, or perhaps even Pride?
    Did “Event 201” simply expose the weakest link in the US economy or did it help plan it out?
    I think that there are many competing power grabs going on!

  15. Mr.Mike7704 says:

    I found a mesh network used by some of the HK & Yellow-Vest types. Your audience may find it valuable, James. I do know you have mentioned this in previous work but, repetition is the mother of learning. We have a small group who have been experimenting in our neighborhood.
    Join me at Bridgefy to chat with friends without using an Internet connection or SMS! http://www.bridgefy.me

  16. GHT says:

    With All the Cash being Flooded into the US why has no one mentioned Hyperinflation?

    I would think this Mass influx of cash could start a Hyperinflation and Tank the system. The only way out of a Hyperinflation would be to back your Currency with a Foreign Currency or create a new one Backed by precious metals.

    I am not an Economics major Or guru of the Bankster scheme but The dollar is going to get much weaker with an influx of money and The Short sales from the stock market shows people are willing to ditch the greenbacks.

    Can any one help and or discuss more of Hyperinflation and the threat of it in the US with whats going on.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You are right. I agree.

      For the time being, “officially” inflation is not a problem.

      But once we start seeing price increases, those price increases could snowball.
      It is worth noting how the media denigrates “price gouging” under these current situations.

      Eventually…we could certainly see it.
      It may take awhile. As yet, we don’t know.

      We are in unchartered waters. There is no telling what storms will be coming in the months and years ahead. But it don’t look rosie.

    • Libertydan says:

      Indeed, the answer to Hyperinflation is a New World Currency. I think James tried to address this as the new Digitized Dollar. The rules of the new money game have not yet been exposed to us, however I think we can look at the Corona Virus Stay at Home Orders as “Banking Holidays”. Perhaps they need a few weeks to create a new money game, eh!

      • GHT says:

        A problem I have with the Digital Dollar was that I did not get a clear picture of what the Digital Dollar was Backed by.

        For Example if it was Gold then I can Ask where is the gold? If its backed by Yuan then I would have to ask what deal do we have with the Chinese?

        Right Now my impression (and I may be wrong) is the Digital Dollar is backed by Fiat paper Actual American Dollars.

        The American Dollar is losing value and confidences every time the stock market goes through another5 sell off.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I think that the Digital Dollar will be backed by the Digital I.D. which will be backed by the Digital U.S. Government which will be backed by the International Global Union of Technocratic Psychopaths.

          Now, I can sleep at night.

          • GHT says:

            I really hope your wrong. Because I sure could not sleep at night with that chain of control. (worst part is you might not be far off)

            I have trouble sleeping as it is.

        • mik says:

          Money, its value and usefulness is foremost a matter of trust and belief.
          Trust and belief are partly from irrational domain, so looking for pure rational answers could be in vain, particularly in this day and age.

  17. cu.h.j says:

    I haven’t had time to watch this yet, but I am looking forward to it. I am not well versed in economics or investing. Does anyone have any simple advice for trying to prevent going broke during this time? How can we protect our assets if we have US dollar cash savings and 401Ks? I will do some research on my own as well. I don’t live in a part of the US that has freedom cells or other like-minded communities.

    • mkey says:

      Just to help get you started. Diversification is key.

      Think about precious metals (actual metal in hand, not paper). Possibly you can invest in some paper gold as well, but invest only what you can stand to lose. Gold will never go to zero, while paper will, at some point in time.

      Having some cash in hand in various currencies is always a decent hedge.

      Real estate is another option, with a caveat. Since the market is in a bubble, prices are steep. Presumably, post crash you stand to get a lot more for an ounce than you’d get prior.

      • GHT says:

        in history we have seen rare times when gold did not have the same value as eggs, or chickens. In really hard time you can not heat your house with gold and when your hungry you can not eat gold as well.

        But that has been very rare cases. Gold and Silver for the most part go up.when times are hard (like in Germany Hyperinflation) Copper and brass become very sought after items.

        Some times to a man that has not had water in days Gold may have the same value as a cup of water.

        • mkey says:

          I assumed we were talking about having a bad time, not going back to zero. If we’re discussing apocalypse, then probably the best option is to liquidate everything you have, get a bit of land somewhere remote, start a farm and hopefully gather a few like-minded people. And get guns and plenty of bullets. Or, alternatively, get guns and a bullet press, gunpowder, bullet casings (these can be reused, so do pick them up) and an assuring amount of lead.

          Even though, in all reality, foregoing any game hunting, you would probably ever need only about half a dozen bullets.

          • GHT says:

            With Trillions of Dollars being pumped in and Speculative Value flying out of the Dollar what I am talking about is Hyperinflation. It may be as bad as Wars and I have participated in a few of them myself so I do not say that lightly.

            Your suggestions are good (Rural land is best) but Hyperinflation can come faster then getting the best set up and even when you have the best set up, many or most around you will not. That posses many other problems.

            I agree with your recommendations but they are a reaction to a calamity and not a true solution to the underlining problem.
            here is a short list of Hyperinflation in recent history.

            Hyperinflation is not as uncommon as you think
            • Egypt 276 AD – 334 AD 1 million percent inflation in 58 years. A measure of wheat which sold for 200 drachmae in 276 AD increased to more than 2,000,000 drachmae in 334 AD
            • France 1789-1803 Assignats were created as notes by the French government based on the value of confiscated church property. But they were printed with no relation to the underlying value and eventually became totally worthless (no exchange value).
            • United States 1779 47% inflation per month
            • United States 1861-1865 Total hyperinflation of 1,200 to 1.   Confederate Civil War Inflation Rates
            • Austria 1914- 1923 Inflation in one year (1922) reached 1426% and overall the consumer price index rose by a factor of 11,836.
            • Germany 1914-1923 Total hyperinflation 1,000,000,000,000 to 1.  Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany
            • Hungary 1919-1924 Inflation reached 98% per month in 1922
            • Poland 1918-1924 Hyperinflation 800,000 to 1
            • Philippines 1942-1944 Conquering Japanese army issued fiat currency which rapidly became worthless.
            • Greece 1942-1953 Total hyperinflation 50,000,000,000,000 to 1
            • Hungary 1945-1946 Total hyperinflation 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. Some historians believe this hyperinflation was actually an act of war as Russian Marxists tried to destroy the Hungarian middle and upper classes.
            • China 1947-1949 Total hyperinflation 15,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1
            • Brazil 1967-1994 Total hyperinflation of 2,750,000,000,000,000,000 to 1.
            • Mexico 1982-1993 Total hyperinflation of 10,000%
            • Bolivia 1984-1987 New currency replaced the old currency at a rate of 1 Million to one.
            • Iraq 1987-1995 Total hyperinflation of 10,000 to 1.
            • Nicaragua 1988-1991 Total hyperinflation of 50,000,000,000 to 1.
            • Argentina 1975-1993 By the end the hyperinflation currency exchanged at 100 Billion to one.
            • Peru 1986-1991 Total hyperinflation of 1,000,000,000 to 1.
            • Yugoslavia 1989-1994 By the end the hyperinflation currency exchanged at 1027 to one.
            • Poland 1989-1994 By the end the hyperinflation currency exchanged at 10,000 to one.
            • Zaire 1989-1996 By the end the hyperinflation currency exchanged at 300,000,000,000 to one.
            • Angola 1991-1999 By the end the hyperinflation currency exchanged at 1 Billion to one.
            • Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1993 Hyperinflation at the rate of 100,000 to 1.
            • Belarus 1994-2002 By the end the hyperinflation currency exchanged at 1 Million to one.
            • Zimbabwe 1998-2008 The overall impact of hyperinflation was 1 = 1025 The final result was a total elimination of the currency and only foreign currencies traded. Zimbabwe Hyperinflation and Zimbabwe Hyperinflation and the U.S. Dollar.
            • North Korea December 2009 to mid-January 2011.

    • Libertydan says:

      Saving for the future doesn’t seem to make a lot of since right now. Perhaps you should have invested in making friends locally. I think you are going to need them. (I Could be arrested for suggesting you socialize, eh!)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      I think other Corbett Members have some great points!
      In the end, it will be you who decides what is best for you.

      For now, I would hold onto your cash.
      Gain a better perception and then with more data, delegate how you want to file it.

      I closed out my 401K at the end of 2019 with the “early withdrawal penalty hit”, because I knew we were in a huge mega-bubble.
      Most 401-k’s have lost a lot of value. You might want to look at moving it to an IRA.
      I suspect that we will see many companies’ stock prices continue to drop over the coming year.

      Physical gold and silver are now in short supply, and so people are on a waiting list with lag time to receive purchases. Now, the premiums (fees above spot price) are high.

      If you like to gamble, you may want to consider some gold/silver mining stocks.
      Currently, there are some great values in my opinion. With the market sell-off, these stocks also went down as investors sold their stocks to meet leveraged margin calls.

      I like mines which are in safe jurisdictions (not ones in which the government will grab or will close it down…and some have been closed down in different countries recently). In other words, be cautious about which gold/silver mining stocks you buy.

      The precious metal “mining and streaming companies” have remained somewhat stable.
      They make the highest profits per employee of just about any investment sector.
      Franco Nevada (FNV) is one of the largest. Some others are Sandstorm Gold Ltd. (SAND), Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd. (MTA)… Wheaton, Royal, Osisko, and more.

      But look…don’t take my words as good financial advice.
      I am lousy at handling money.

      Here is a link to some of the YouTube Channels which talk about Gold and Silver.

  18. manbearpig says:

    In the corona newspeak lexicon:

    has “Self-isolation” become “shelter-in-place” ?

    “Sheltering” certainly sound cozier than “self-isolating”.


    • cu.h.j says:

      Yes, manbearpig it is the new newspeak lexicon. We have all those terms where I live, our city is under a “shelter

      in place” we are advised to “self-isolate” and maintain “social distancing” when leaving the house for “essential”

      reasons to “flatten the curve”. We are told to “go home”. This insanity is now pervasive. I would have never

      guessed something like this happening in the US. It’s a wake-up call though for me that I can’t just check out. I

      I just don’t know what I can do on a practical level since protesting is not allowed. People are so brainwashed it’s


      • GHT says:

        I agree and sympathies with you. I see it in the Rural Mountain communities as people talk about how dangerous this Virus is when in my state we have less then 100 cases for the whole state. I have friends on the east coast and they are completely changed and starting to speak and think like humans that I never knew. Very sad times.

        Hang in there and keep your eyes open. Stay safe in your mind.

  19. glasia says:

    The best I’ve found site that collects data and publishes daily updates with links on the Coronavirus outbreak is: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

    Here are some great links too:
    As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.

    A new French study in the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, titled SARS-CoV-2: fear versus data, concludes that “the problem of SARS-CoV-2 is probably overestimated“, since “the mortality rate for SARS-CoV-2 is not significantly different from that for common coronaviruses identified at the study hospital in France“.

    An Italian study of August 2019 found that flu deaths in Italy were between 7,000 and 25,000 in recent years. This value is higher than in most other European countries due to the large elderly population in Italy, and much higher than anything attributed to Covid-19 so far.

    In a new fact sheet, the World Health Organization WHO reports that Covid-19 is in fact spreading slower, not faster, than influenza by a factor of about 50%. Moreover, pre-symptomatic transmission appears to be much lower with Covid-19 than with influenza.

    A leading Italian doctor reports that “strange cases of pneumonia“ were seen in the Lombardy region already in November 2019, raising again the question if they were caused by the new virus (which officially only appeared in Italy in February 2020), or by other factors, such as the dangerously high smog levels in Northern Italy.

    Danish researcher Peter Gøtzsche, founder of the renowned Cochrane Medical Collaboration, writes that Corona is “an epidemic of mass panic“ and “logic was one of the first victims.“

    Former Israeli Health Minister, Professor Yoram Lass, says that the new coronavirus is “less dangerous than the flu“ and lockdown measures “will kill more people than the virus“. He adds that “the numbers do not match the panic“ and “psychology is prevailing over science“. He also notes that “Italy is known for its enormous morbidity in respiratory problems, more than three times any other European country.“

    Pietro Vernazza, a Swiss infectious disease specialist, argues that many of the imposed measures are not based on science and should be reversed. According to Vernazza, mass testing makes no sense because 90% of the population will see no symptoms, and lockdowns and closing schools are even “counterproductive“. He recommends protecting only risk groups while keeping the economy and society at large undisturbed.

    The President of the World Doctors Federation, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, argues that lockdown measures as in Italy are “unreasonable“ and “counterproductive“ and should be reversed.

    Switzerland: Despite media panic, excess mortality still at or near zero: the latest test-positive “victims“ were a 96 year old in palliative care and a 97 year old with pre-existing conditions.

    Prevention Expert: Data Shows Our Fight Against Coronavirus May Be Worse Than The Disease

    Nobel Laureate: Why Coronavirus Crisis May Be Over Sooner Than Many Think

    Oxford Epidemiologist: Here’s Why That Doomsday Model Is Likely Way Off

    • cu.h.j says:

      thank you glasia I appreciate the links.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Damn good work glasia!

    • GHT says:

      Very good info. I am glad many people are working on different aspects to help others with information that can truly help.

    • idablank says:

      The comparison between Covid-19 and the common flu is a strange phenomenon.

      For various reasons I traveled down the vaccine rabbit hole a few years ago and became intimate with that psyops. The flu vaccine is THE moneymaker and also the canary in the gold mine (outside of the CDC scheduled children’s vaccines, which is a whole other rabbit hole). So it’s not at all surprising that the magical fairy of pretend math-and-stuff expertly blessed the CDC’s flu illness and death statistics. Here’s just a quick summary:

      Despite “flu emergencies” “flu outbreaks” “flu pandemics” claims, studies show these people are not dying of flu. They’re already immune-compromised from other illnesses or treating w/ chemo or are dying from complications of pneumonia.

      December of 2005, the British Medical Journal published a shocking report by Peter Doshi (post-doctorate Johns Hopkins Fellow with MIT PhD) challenging “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” (BMJ 2005; 331:1412): CDC has created one overall category that combines both flu and pneumonia deaths. Why do they do this? Because they disingenuously suggest that the pneumonia deaths are complications from the flu but pneumonia has a number of causes.

      And despite broadly promoting that 36,000 deaths from flu in 2001, only 18 revealed the presence of an influenza virus. Doshi continued his assessment of published CDC flu-death statistics: “Between 1979 and 2001, [CDC] data show an average of 1348 [flu] deaths per year (range 257 to 3006).” These figures refer to flu separated out from pneumonia. In 2001 the CDC broadly claimed 36,000 deaths from flu, “‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001; 61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu positively identified.”

      There are over 200 different types of viruses in addition to influenza that cause flu-like symptoms. According to the NYC Influenza Surveillance Report, ONLY 16% OF SPECIMENS SUBMITTED WERE POSITIVE FOR INFLUENZA A OR B BUT MOST PEOPLE SEEKING TREATMENT FOR FLU ARE NOT CULTURED (my emphasis). A 2014 meta-analysis of 90 influenza studies showed that only 2.4% of people developed laboratory-confirmed influenza.

      The system gets away with this marketing ploy because most people seeking treatment for flu are not even cultured. MDs simply proclaim, record and report illness as flu.

      Other studies have shown only 7-16% of what is labeled as “flu” by the medical industry and media—is actually flu. MOST of the wintertime illnesses are upper respiratory infections, which will be entirely unaffected by the flu vaccine. Studies have shown the flu vaccine is only 33% effective on average, so this means the vaccine is only 33% effective for the 7-16% who are actually contracting the flu, or in other words, at best the flu vaccine is helping only 5% of the population.

      A Johns Hopkins scientist evaluated the 2011 “flu epidemic” that the CDC was claiming caused the death of 60,000 people but the study showed there were only 18 confirmed deaths from flu that year. That’s .0003%

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  20. Haidyn says:

    Hi James,

    Glad to be a new subscriber, I’ve enjoyed your work and have been relying on it more and more recently

    I came across this rather mundane article recently from a local news website here in Western Australia… the title caught my eye


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Haidyn – Western Australia

      Glad you are here.
      There are a lot of Corbett Members from down under.
      They are teaching me how to speak Aussie, but first I have to learn how to read upside down.

      Broc West is the fellow who does Corbett’s video work.
      He is an Aussie too, but now lives up in Vietnam in order to get a little more rain.

      Since you are now a subscriber, you can watch this!..

      The Australian Slang Challenge – Subscriber Exclusive #064
      The video is ‘down under’ the March 6, 2017 article:
      Bitcoin Over Gold: What Does It Mean?

      Occasionally, Corbett will have a tidbit type video with him for Subscribers.
      He will slip it in under the weekly article somewhere.
      He doesn’t do this every week, but just on rare occasions when he gets the itch.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Here is another James Corbett – Subscriber Exclusive Video

        James Corbett had an Open Thread on 1/28/2018 instead of his weekly newsletter.
        He writes:
        A nasty flu bug has made this week a write-off. So what did I miss from the news? Keep me updated with all the latest in the comments below!

        Well, many Corbett Members, including me, were giving out health advice and “get better” messages on that Open Thread.

        In Corbett’s next weekly newsletter, he had this…
        On Being Sick – Subscriber Exclusive #073
        Am I the only one who thinks being sick isn’t always a bad thing?

        Here is that Subscriber Video link (with how I found that link)

  21. Noahsark723 says:

    I spent the day doing a talk for my music channel called:

    The Living Room Sessions Ep.1 ~ The Revelation & Corona Virus
    An Address to The American People and The People of Planet Earth

    In this episode I discuss the end game agenda that is unfolding at this moment using the corona virus “pandemic” as a hegelian event to complete the mystery babylon – new world order agenda and how all of this is symbolically spoken of in the bible. This is not a religious reading of the bible but is a historical and spiritual reading in the search for truth in these times.

    This is a call to the America people and to all people of planet earth to awaken so as to gain the knowledge of this present situation so as to effect a healing and advert the coming technocratic slave system that is being erected around us at this very moment using the cover, false panic and fear of the corona virus “pandemic.”


    I hope you all enjoy it and if so to please pass it along!

    • alexandre says:

      Well, Noasark, I’m listening and loving it. I can see how many people will be thrown off by the language – bible, rasta, mythology – and the not very high tech pro style, but man, I can’t disagree with one word I heard so far. And what you’re doing is something a certain mythologist once said needed to be done, i.e. transposing myth into modern language, but again, I see how people will put that away as weird or “religious” talk. Mythology still has no place in modern political socio-economic talk, but listening to you is like a strange fresh air that’s most needed. I’m sure not many will agree, if any, but this is what I think – so far. And obviously I cannot disagree specially with what you say about music, even though I’m not a rock/pop man. I’m a jazz musician, but I have a friend, jazz guitar player which is also a rock player – he does a cover of Black Sabbath – and from time to time he shows me what real rock is and man, we’re all in there together, along with Bartok and Mozart. There’s a “truth” line that is in every style of music, as there is a “lie” line as well. So styles vary, but that line is the same. Or, as mentioned mythologist said: “the truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names”.

      Thank you, sir.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        You are welcome and thank you Alexandre for taking the time to listen to it, I appreciate it!

        As far as I am concerned mythology is nothing but history that has become “forgotten.” As Tolkien writes, “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the [the true story of the fallen angels] passed out of all knowledge.” …or whatever fits in the brackets from ancient times.

        I love Jazz – it is my favorite music. Jazz is the highest form of harmonic and rhythmic expression. But to me music is one whole thing, it is all the same thing and it is the roots of existence.

        I really feel that music has something to do with our growth as human beings – it puts us in touch with the deeper parts of ourselves. Our heart and so forth it engages the the whole being and brings us back to balance. And when you hear stories of those kids who have perfect pitch or learned it from a young age going on later in life and doing double doctorates and so forth. Man, that says something.

        I think all children should be taught the language of music like Rick Beato has done for his son Dylan. It is the universal and original language of creation.


        Here is a cover of Nardis that I did:

        and this is an improv that has a Pat Metheny quote in it:

        On the other hand music can be used to deceive and teach wrong things as well. See madonna, britney spears, jayz who says “we rockafellar” and so on so there is the lie being promoted as well with it.

        “the truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names.”

        That is so true and it takes a wholistic thinking, a 3rd dimensional thinking to see that. Where as the elites like to program people into their left brains and keep them trapped in 2 dimensional thinking which keeps them stuck in the manipulated dialectic.

        To really understand what mythology is and to see it one needs to develop symbolic literacy which is a right brained trait. To regain our minds functioning on a wholistic level is real next step in our “evolution” or the returning to ourselves and music has a part to play in that for sure!!!

        “…the singers and players of instruments shall be there, all My springs are in thee” – Psalm 87

        take care and till next time…

        • mik says:

          I’ve read your exchange with alex. I’m not musician nor inclined much towards spirituality, still both are present in my life, music more.

          I think music is devoid of truth or lie. By music I mean instruments and voices, but no lyrics. Lyrics can introduce lie or truth to music, music goes straight to emotions.

          Once I’ve listened almost only high energy, noisy, dissonant, syncopated music. Well, not much recently, mostly I don’t like the mood such music excites.

          A lecture about music (and more) that really impressed me

          New Horizons in Music: Polyrhythms | Loop

          • Noahsark723 says:

            Thanks for the link Mik, I like Adam Neely, I watched a handful of his videos in the past.

            I will give it a watch…

            There is alot of good info on music on youtube one could just skip going to a university and learn from all of the great musicians sharing knowledge there.

      • Noahsark723 says:


        What instrument or instruments do you play?

        • alexandre says:

          My main instrument is the guitar. I started with drums when I was a kid, but then something weird happened – a guy playing in some bus station and I was like enchanted – so I went for the guitar, taking solos by George Benson, Wes Montgomery and everything black – jazz for me was and always will be a black art (not like black magic, but as in black people). Curiously the guitar was what my dad played, so I put it down to some psychological issue. I wish I’d gone for the piano, but there you go. I’m “doomed” to the guitar. I “know” the piano for composing and arranging, but I can’t play a whole tune on it.

          I don’t consider myself a musician/composer/artist more than a student. It is fascinating and very difficult to master, so my view on music is less romantic and/or spiritual, strangely enough. And when you work with something your whole life, much of the enchantments and mysteries go away. Although being a more professional cooler look, music becomes something even more interesting. I hear Bartok or Ligeti with a “fresh air” feeling. Not all the time, of course. In fact I wish I could quit thinking about it for 10 minutes, that’d be a fresh air.

          Here’s a cool video with me from the back. It was a good gig, ages ago, when people were ALLOWED to get together.
          (I’m the green shirt of the right). Fun trio. Two themes there, Milestones and Autumn Leaves.

          • Noahsark723 says:

            Thanks Alexandre! Really good playing my brother!

            I can hear the Wes influence coming through in your playing.

            Jazz is a testament to the intelligence of African people to say the least and for sure at its roots it is an African–American art form.

            My favorite guitar player is Pat Metheny, he really has taken the instrument to a melodic form of playing that few guitarist have achieved.

            Freddie Hubbard is one of my favorite trumpet players, he is such a clean articulate player.

            Bill Evans on piano is just fantastic.

            Miles Davis’s airy sound and tone; his innovation over the years.

            Just to name a few…

            Each player has these qualities that no other player has and when you hear them – you know it is them.

            Jazz is medicine! It puts me in this place where I stop thinking because I have to pay attention and listen to what is going on.

            It is the heights of music and that came from African people. Jazz in itself proves all of the racist bullshit spread about black people just flat out wrong! …and little do those detractors know of Timbuktu!

            • alexandre says:

              Yeah. In my time jazz was exactly the reductio, the haven for outcasts, searchers for truth, sufferers of pains, things like that, of any color, gender or religion, learned on the streets, not schools. Or so I thought. This millenium brought so many disappointments and revelations that it all just went to hell. I know Pat is a good player, but he’s not, I’m afraid, what we have as reference. “Black” meant basically four things: swing, tempo, fun and truth. (Everything that places like Berklee don’t know shit about). It’s a language and if you speak it, you’re (were) in the family. You could be a blind female fat esquimo black gay indian from outer space with three legs and horns, if you played it right, we would hug at the end like brothers. It was really ridiculous to talk about racism – although I understand it’s a very problematic thing in the US with its history. But Miles, some times accused of racism, wouldn’t go watch Buddy Rich and comment how great he was to his friend. It was the center of my life, and still is, although my mind opened a lot with classical music. But jazz is the sum of everything, done in the moment. Or was. Now? Now what? All over, apparently. This was punch No 2 – 911 being No 1. Two George Foreman punches, no one can stand.

              • manbearpig says:

                ‘You could be a blind female fat esquimo black gay indian from outer space with three legs and horns, if you played it right, we would hug at the end like brothers.’

                oh! sounds like I should take up jazz!

              • alexandre says:

                Of course. If you’re a a blind female fat esquimo…you know the rest.

                By the way Noah, I didn’t mean to cast asparagus on Metheney, he’s a great player.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Racism is something that you grow up with in america. It was and is always under the surface. I grew up in a european american family being mainly italian, english, and cherokee(which came from my mother’s side)

                Racism was something I tried to make sense of from an early age because I grew up with African people in school. In Europe it is different – I heard all of the stories of Jazz musicians going over to Europe and being treated with respect – a completely different experience for them in comparison to america.

                It is a subject in america that has never really been addressed properly and with the “black lives matter” psy-op george soros has even muddied the waters on the subject even more.

                So it is a subject that is very important to me and that I have spent alot of my time sus-ing out in my younger years. It has even brought me close to physical fights at times because of confronting racist whites, but racism is on both sides of fence – blacks have it too over here.

                With the obama thing over here – I think alot of people voted for him just because he was black – which is a tell of racism still lurking in the subconscious – without any regards to who he is and serves.

                Martin Luther King put it right -“I long for the day that people can be known for the content of their character rather than the color of their skin” — roughly quoting.

              • alexandre says:

                Exactly. All you said, perfect. Yes, Miles Davis commented that in the US, when they went to a club, the first thing they used to do was check where the exit doors were. But in Europe, much more relaxed. I myself was treated there in a way I never experienced over here, even being white as a lizard. “Pale blue” as Billy Connolly described himself. “I need two hours in the sun to get white”, he said. But here we’re treated like a mix of convicts and unwanted children. The race thing here is very weird. More like “Do the Right Thing”, remember that? The guy is a racist, but loves black musicians and black music. Jazz musicians who, later I found out, were racists, which didn’t make any sense to me. There’s a giant encyclopaedia of prejudice at the bottom – against blacks, oriental, northeasterns, jews, also rich and poor, bourgeois and proletarian, Argentinean, cariocas etc- but on the surface it’s this advertising type of fake “tolerance”. King was right, but good luck with that. People are mostly applauding the military global coup, so it seems the majority of the planet are, even if unconsciously, fascists and nazis now – all disguised as cool tolerant tattooed humble minorities. I don’t know anymore. It’s the zombie Apocalypse ipsis literis.

                Time to listen to Black Elk – do you know that one?

              • Noahsark723 says:

                I do know Black Elk – I have the book Black Elk Speaks sitting about 3 feet from me right now. I got it out of my chest a few weeks ago when I went looking for my book of Haile Selassie speeches.

              • alexandre says:

                I imagined so. I don’t have the book, I only know the story. I’m afraid to get it in Portuguese because translations are very tricky. Never got it in English, don’t know why.

                The many many loops thing is something that’s coming to mind now.

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On Friday Mar 27th, Gold closed on the COMEX at about $1654 an ounce.

    March 28, 2020 Saturday
    Zero Hedge
    “There’s No Gold” – COMEX Report Exposes Conditions Behind Physical Crunch

    …While the demand for gold has been soaring as a safe haven asset amid the multiple global crises we are currently facing, forced paper gold liquidation (as leveraged funds scramble to cover margin calls) and unprecedented logistical disruptions created a frantic hunt for actual bars of gold…
    (see the Bloomberg details in article)

    …There’s no gold. There’s roughly a 10% premium to purchase physical gold for delivery. Usually it’s like 2%. I can buy a one ounce American Eagle for $1,800,” said Josh Strauss. “$1,800!”…

    …And in case you doubted this, the cost of an American Eagle one ounce coin at the US Mint is now $2,175…

    …In fact, I have not seen a single news site in the entire world, except for my own, mention the relentless increase in initial and maintenance margins in gold and silver futures contracts (the 100-oz gold futures contract and the 5000-oz silver futures contract) for the past two months, in a desperate attempt to knock long positions out of the game and thereby prevent an increasing amount of physical delivery requests…
    …but the fact that even this reliable manipulation mechanism failed recently is a sign of additional tectonic earthquakes to come in the global financial system…

    …there has been a massive price decoupling between physical and paper gold prices….

  23. Noman says:

    Thank you James for this great analysis.

    Currently in India huge events are unfolding. Firstly, there is migration crisis due Coronovirus lockdown.

    This migration of workers will disrupt the whole economy especially unorganized sector.




    Sea of people (working clase, daily wage workers) waiting at bus terminals




    Secondly, there are rumors about governement declering Economic emergency

    Thirdly, Indian government since 1-2 years is privatizing-corporatising- Indian economy. Every new “economic reform” like GST,demonitaization helped corporates to expnd their business and weakned the unorganized sector.

    India is going towards a centralized controlled economy by leaps and bounds.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Thanks again Noman!

      Incredible photos and video.
      Massive crowds!
      A great reverse migration is underway in India. -qz.com

    • manbearpig says:

      a war against the most vulnerable…

      those photos are heartbreaking…

      thanks for the info Noman

      I’m sure Modi had no idea he was leaving half a million migrant workers stranded.

      An innocent mistake.

      Just more “failure of imagination” I guess…

      not genocide…

      • mik says:

        i think times for euphemisms have passed…

        modi doesn’t give a fuck for those poor people
        like all those mf in the position of power

        I think they don’t care if all these people die.
        The only problem they might see regarding this is sanitation problem, what to do with all those corpses.

  24. alexandre says:

    As a special favor, I did a summarizing of this episode, for those old people who couldn’t get it.


  25. manbearpig says:

    My Corona!! This is one Doozy of a thread!

    From Billy Cobham via huge compilations of revealing facts and studies to India’s state of emergency!

    I heard somewhere that the Corbett Report had the best comments section on the net!!

    No need for any engineered mass migrations from THIS site!

      • manbearpig says:

        and that certainly includes NoahsArk723 though I haven’t been able to listen yet: have to change computers to access bitchute… won’t play on this one…

        • alexandre says:

          I know how that goes. My old Pentium 4 PC in the living room won’t play some BitChute videos. It can play TSM videos, though. But not Corbett’s. Weird.

          • mkey says:

            That probably depends on the video format. If that’s a Penitum 4 that you’re using, I wager the software is not up to date.

            For instance, the latest verions of browsers available on Windows XP won’t play many of the modern video formats available on today’s platforms. Many video posts don’t contain any files in backward compatible video formats.

            • alexandre says:

              Yeah. Certainly there’s something in the format TSM uses that makes it playable on the Pentium 4 PC. (It’s Windows 7 – veeeerryyy slooowwww). So TSM plays ok, but Corbett videos won’t play. But isn’t the format a BitChute thing? Whatever format you deliver, BitChute will convert to .. whatever, like YouTube does, and so there should be no difference. And I’d bet both TCR and TSM deliver in mp4. Confusing. Is Corbett stuff in Full HD (1920×1080) and TSM in HDTV (1280×720) maybe something like that? Still BitChute would convert to the same. Don’t know.

              • mkey says:

                These are quite large sites and formats used could depend on a variety of factors. Like current site usage, resolution, level of detail and possibly there could be difference in how different customers are treated. I’m not sure whether bitchute provides details on the video format used for videos individually.

              • mkey says:

                I checked TSM’s “Youtube is broken video” and “The greatest depression” from CR on bithchute. Both of them seem to be encoded with the same codec (AVC1) and in the same framerate (US standard). Not sure what to think about that.


              • alexandre says:

                Hmm, interesting. What about size? Uploading HDTV is not the same as Full HD.

                This episode of Corbett’s, after downloading from here (the “download the mp4” button), is 640×360, which makes even less sense because it’s smaller than any of those. From YouTube it’s the same size (just checking if it’s the same mp4). TSM videos, when I downloaded them if I remember, were HDTV, that is, bigger than Corbett’s.

                Conclusion: On the same platform TSM larger videos play on Pentium4 and smaller Corbett videos don’t, both with the same codec. Go figure. That’s digital forya.

                Different plans? Premium vs Standard etc? In any case, who cares? Who uses Pentium4 today?? It’s an old Dell I put where the old TV used to be, just to watch videos while having dinner. (It has the psychological effect of the good old Television).

                Mind control?

        • Noahsark723 says:

          If you have a problem playing videos – you can download them and if you can play mp4’s locally you will be fine.

          Just go to tubeninja and put the link in the bar there:

          I recommend downloading everything so to have a local copy to share if and when the net goes down.

          Also for those of you who would like to get off of windows and mac.

          The linux operating system has come a long way towards being user friendly at this point in time. Particularly the Linux Mint distribution:

          You can create a dual boot system so you can use both os’s until you learn the linux os and make the switch. I refused to upgrade my xp to any of the new windows and when all support stopped for it the end of 2018 I switched to Mint and it was so easy because it is very user friendly. And it is free open source software and from my understanding doesn’t have the back doors that windows and mac have in them. It runs better and doesn’t get cluttered like a windows os does, no viruses and so forth…

          Here is talk that Richard Stallman has done on linux/GNU if anyone is interested called Free software, free society:


        • Noahsark723 says:

          I didn’t think about with the last post in regards to downloading videos and linux.

          I have a youtube channel as well – here is the link to the talk there:

  26. alexandre says:

    MIT Technology Review translated to Portuguese.
    Just an update about my translations, for Portuguese speaking corbeteers. I made two blogs, one with Corbett’s stuff and another with other stuff. I am incredibly organized. (Mother’s laugh from beyond with echo sound fx).


    Corbett stuff – https://corbettport.blogspot.com/

    Other stuff – https://axemport.blogspot.com/

    I just translated the MIT Review article and I’ll need many weeks to recover. If the worst patient in the worst mad asylum had written that, it would still be weird. That must come from someone possessed by something from another dimension – if you read it properly. It’s just unbelievable. Non-believable. I mean “…Maybe movie theaters will take out half their seats, meetings will be held in larger rooms with spaced-out chairs”. Isn’t it obvious this comes from someone drooling in a padded cell somewhere?

    That’s not exactly an MIT article, as I understand it – correct me if I’m wrong. It’s a “review” by this Gideon Lichfield maniac, which is a “journalist” at this MIT Technology Review thing, which…let me check…is owned by MIT. So I guess I’m correcting myself as I look at it – it IS an MIT publication. It’s just that I have trouble believing that the MIT (or the Imperial College London) can be that insane and show publicly such a level of institutional dementia praecox without getting one single laugh. That it’s taken seriously is beyond human.

    BUT…there it is. Now Brazilians and Portuguese can get flabbergasted along with everybody else.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Portuguese – Corbett Report

      Corbett Report’s The Greatest Depression
      Fast-speed DRUMS SOLO

      (90 seconds)

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Alex, Im glad you finally got the work started that you needed to do. Its about time. Magnificent!

      • alexandre says:

        Thanks. Don’t have great expectations over here, cause really, only robots, beyond hope. Little crumbs like “Maybe 911 wasn’t what they say it was” is already like aliens from Mars. BUT…not up to us to think about that, right? Juts get the stuff out, and then off to the bar….I mean, the kitchen.

        Love HRS’s BUMP BUMP.

  27. mkey says:

    A bit on solutions.

    Coronavirus – Real Talk – Problems and Solutions

    This guys sheds some very positive light on his last name. Good show.

  28. haros says:

    News coming from Spain. I don’t know if you remember that in a recent New World Next Week, “Jameses” showed an article talking about a geolocation study in Spain, which took place in November/December. I send you a link in the case that you don’t remember: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50473442.

    Well, surprise surprise, yesterday Spain approved an “Order” where it states:

    Entrust the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, following the model undertaken by the National Institute of Statistics in its study of mobility and through the crossing of data from mobile operators [NOTE: the study shown above], in an aggregate manner and anonymized, the analysis of the mobility of people in the previous days and during confinement.

    How convenient, right? There are some mesures taken by Spain which makes me think that: 1) they knew what was going to happen (or that something was going to happen) or 2) that some organizations higher than Spanish government knew that, and they were the ones who directed Spanish institutions to carry out these measures (like the digitalization of education).

    For those how know Spanish or have a good translator, here is the PDF of the “Order”: http://www.boe.es/boe/dias/2020/03/28/pdfs/BOE-A-2020-4162.pdf

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – geolocation ! –
      Thanks for keeping us updated Haros.

    • mkey says:

      This is being discussed in the parliament over here as well.

      I did run into a coherent article criticizing this move, of course it will go largely unnoticed. But some decent points were made.

      – health wise, this is a lousy move because it will merely enable prosecution instead of enabling better health and safety
      – it’s also extremely easy to ditch this form of surveillance since you can simply leave the phone somewhere
      – there is really no proof that you are the who was using the phone at the and place the surveillance has been gathered

      The first impression of the scare is apparently running a bit thin so some members of the media are beginning to ask the most obvious questions. It was quite painful to list to about an hour of TV propaganda, it is true what they say, if you repeat the same thing over and over again it will become the truth.

      Even the president is starting to put on a TV show and call out these authoritarian methods. The minister of interiors is basically calling all the shots, but of course he’s just a puppet of the PM who’s of course just a pupped of the EU.

      The president concluded that these “decisions” need to be brought by the parliament in a two third majority. The minister responded that there is no time, because they need to decide daily while the parliament does not meet every day. I shit you not, this is he said, may I get stricken down by Covid-19 if I’m lying.

      When someone said that they are basically limiting human rights with these measures, the minister said that they are not limiting human rights, they are just imposing repression over everyone and they need to continue doing so. He didn’t even invoke the emergency argument and didn’t need to, people are lapping up this bullshit like there’s no tomorrow.

    • mkey says:

      Other than that, we have 6 official covid-19 related deaths as of today.

      The first elderly gentleman who died (70), they spent some time ruminating about the cause of death and it was in the end decided that his death should be chalked up to covid-19. According to his family there was gross misconduct because it took several days for him to even get hospitalized and tested. Later “officials” claimed the man refused hospitalization and they went on to confirm he was the first “victim” of covid-19 even before they had test results. Later apparently there was something wrong with the sample, so they removed the man from statistics. Later he was reinstated, I don’t see any further mention of misconduct. It’s a crisis, after all.

      The second man who died, was 74 years young and had cancer. He was apparently in critical condition and on respirator. I can’t find his name nor any details of his condition, but initially the reports said he was a patient on oncology. It appears they got smart after the first case not to give any details out.

      Then a woman of 65 died, also a cancer patient. She didn’t have any Covid-19 related symptoms. They tested her about one hour before she passed away. I’m pretty sure the media are lying on that, my gut feeling says that they tested her postmortem. Still, only the first deceased name is known. One of these sources mentioned that the second “victim” was also an oncology patient.

      Then a 92 year old (I shit you not) woman perished. She had “significant comorbidity”, but still chalked up to covid-19. Most of these news reports are just providing a single or maximum two sentences and are basically all copying the same source.

      Then a “middle aged man” died (actually 60), reportedly he suffered from hypertension. He apparently died on a respirator with a pulmonary inflammation and was otherwise healthy.

      The last to have died, sixth, was an 84 year old man who was in critical condition after a stroke. Probably less said the better.

      All of this makes me think that the actual covid-19 death rate is at least three times lower than reported and for that I have to shut off my brain and assume that only this virus can cause pulmonary failure.

      • haros says:

        mkey, where are you from? Just to know what is the country where all these measures are being implemented.

        I did run into a coherent article criticizing this move […]
        You are absolutely right. I guess that they are just doing a big scale experiment and they don’t care about “outliers” -people who might be turning their phones off, leaving it a home and so on-. If this is not the case, I am not sure why are they doing this surveillance. Maybe a psy-op to make citizens feel absolutely powerless? Because I am sure that most of the people who has read this document are thinking: how am I going to live without my phone?

        The minister responded that there is no time, because they need to decide daily while the parliament does not meet every day.
        They are playing with this. They say, for example, “we can’t research if the virus is producing the disease because maybe it is too late”. It is exactly the same reason why doctors prescribe antibiotics without doing an antibiogram (or at least before knowing the results).

        Ah, the stories behind the cases… I recommend you to read this letter if you haven’t: https://swprs.org/open-letter-from-professor-sucharit-bhakdi-to-german-chancellor-dr-angela-merkel/

        Taking into account that he is writing from a medical mainstream perspective (the one that I have at this moment, although doubting more and more everyday), I think he has done a great job in this letter. Even if he wouldn’t have been written it, the letter would be still formulating extremely important questions that NEED to be answered for governments and science.

        • mkey says:

          I have spawned in what has later become known as, according to many metrics, the worse EU nation state, the failing psycho-social experiment in rejecting personal responsibility at the expense of living in the past, well into our middle ages while abundant corruption causes as much damage as we are willing to bare. And, oh boy, are we willing. The name of the shame is Croatia, the last bastion of post communist era idiots and thieves. Not that there aren’t any classic communists left in Europe, it’s just that they are not as nearly blatantly stupid, ill mannered, greedy beyond all measure. A band of rabid raccoons would do a better job at keeping this land afloat.

          The “economy” was weak as it was two weeks ago, now it spiraling down into the abyss of possible rife hunger and inability to heat one’s home appropriately during the winter months. The whole shebang was running on deficits for decades now, tourism somehow managing to pick up the tab. Not this year, most probably not the next year, either. And that’s assuming this thing starts blowing over tomorrow.

          People have already been denied the right to assemble and protest; free speech rights long gone and forgotten (most don’t have much to say anyhow, so I’m not sure how sizable a loss that is in practical terms); right to travel abrogated and predicated on having “permits”, We are basically not allowed (actual police checkpoints are all over the place; they kept clamoring how there isn’t sufficient cops up an about, but somehow pulling triple shifts is a nonissue now) to leave our place of residence, which for people in more rural areas (that are aplenty) spells like “tough luck”.

          I have not one but to permits to go to work to the larger city close by so I can run small errands along the way. They started pronouncing that a new permit system is under way, because this one is way too lenient.

          I have to wonder what’s the endgame here and knowing what I about this ruling scum, they only thing they care about is winning the election, which is to be held mid September. That means, they either end this lunacy soon, face the absolute shambles of the coming summer and then lose the election as low IQ voter forget about how covid-19 is to take the blame for everything that has been done badly for the past 30 years. OR they keep the smoke and mirrors show for months, claiming how they saved the people and defeated this Satan’s spawn (probably sent by the Serbs to destroy us) and ride this wave into a resounding election victory. It’s stupid and crazy enough to work.

          You may have noticed I’m a bit ticked off, but that’s my own fault, a present for actually believing people are not stupid enough to fall for a ploy as ridiculous as the whole covid-19 mass conspiracy.

          • haros says:

            Taking into account how you express yourself in English (if I can judge taking into account that my skills in this language are far to be perfect) I would say that you are a London native!

            In Spain we don’t hear very much about your country, as I guess that news in your country don’t mention Spain often. The closest thing to Croatia that we can hear are the names of Rakitic and Modric.

            I could say the same about Spanish metrics. Just take a look at the unemployment rate in this country, which is the second higher in Europe, just after Greece! Not that I care very much about these metrics, taking into account that they just reflect the broken economic system we live in. But the corruption here is just extraordinary too. The favorite Spanish sentence in politics is: “your party steals more money than mine” (not with these words, but almost).

            What you are describing is just awful. I don’t know if I can foresee hunger in Spain but the economy is being destroyed. I don’t know if you saw that I posted yesterday a news article about the last Spanish mesures to fight against… against what? I don’t know it yet. Summing up: Spanish economy entered in a state of hibernation. I think, for what you describe, that Croatian is in the same situation.

            All the mesures you are talking about are mostly the same here, so I guess that we are feeling the same about all these totalitarian situation. Not even when Franco (dictator) was in power Spanish people saw something like this (according to what my father has told me).

            new permit system is under way
            What would imply this new permit? I ask you this because we have to download a form in the Government website stating why we need to get out of home. As an example: I have to download a paper saying that I have to go to the supermaket to buy food. It should be obvious that I have to buy, right? Not for the police: they need the paper (another psychological tactic, since you don’t have to present any document to get the permit).

            You may have noticed I’m a bit ticked off, but that’s my own fault, a present for actually believing people are not stupid enough to fall for a ploy as ridiculous as the whole covid-19 mass conspiracy.

            Don’t worry because it is normal to feel in that way. I am thinking about learning Russian and go to a remote area in Siberia, where the only things that could chase me are bears… and drones. Fortunately, not humans (or not many, at least).

            By the way, I received an hour ago a video about what to do for not getting infected: wash your hands, social distancing and so on. Obviously it was an animated video for retarded people. I have been about to block this person.

            Talking about retarded people (I feel bad calling someone “retarded” but this is what they are demonstrating): now it is trendy to take photographs of yourself wearing a mask and upload them on antisocial networks. Doesn’t matter if you are at home or not.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              haros says:
              Talking about retarded people
              (I feel bad calling someone “retarded” but this is what they are demonstrating):
              now it is trendy to take photographs of yourself wearing a mask and upload them on antisocial networks.
              It doesn’t matter if you are at home or not.

              • mkey says:

                This is really a classic, isn’t it? Generations upon generations of narcissistic uneducated fools that think they are going to live forever. What could go wrong?

            • mkey says:

              In these parts likes of Spain, Greece and Italy are mostly in the news when there is something negative or seemingly negative to report. In all of these countries the failing economy is the unrelenting result of “social” policies where so many people have clawed on to the government teat that there’s practically no teat left, it’s just claws.

              I’m not envisioning mass starvation here, but currently about a quarter of the population live below the poverty line. All said and done, that line will have to go higher, leaving more people in a sad disposition. The “social” state manages to keep everything afloat, buying “social” peace, but when the spice stops flowing these government programs will run dry. In these quasi third world countries the most significant investors are emigrants, sending cash to family who was left behind. The mid term situation will vastly depend on these funds.

              The “new” permits they referred to involve an “official” supervising your right to work (I guess these people feel entitled to deliberate on whether or not your work is essential or if it can indeed be performed from home; my certainly can, but I’d sooner contract 5 infections than have these people order me about) and then issue a digital document (among the common folk known as PDF) to grant you the divine right for labor. I’m not sure if that is going to go forward, the minister is issuing various threats hand over fist, I dare not presume anything after the initial assessments made by me left me baffled over the entire sad situation.

              As far as the police on these checkpoints go, it’s my general feeling that they don’t take any of this that serious. They could be assholes about it, but they aren’t. That means something. And there is a certain level of leniency (“oh yes, go ahead, I remember you from this morning” and the likes).

              I totally get you about the remote areas, maybe Siberia wouldn’t be my first option, I bet Spain has quite a few remote areas of its own where people could go by while being mostly unmolested.

              Instruction were issued over here as well. Somewhere along the lines of “when you get home take off your shoes and wash your hands (????)”. Gems also include such advice as “sneeze in your elbow” and “keep your living space clean”. Yes, because I usually defecate right in the middle of my living room and wash my feet at the same time with the lettuce to save on water. Thanks for treating me like a damn idiot, state, thanks a lot.

              • haros says:

                It is funny that you wrote this sentence: “where so many people have clawed on to the government teat that there’s practically no teat left, it’s just claws” because everytime I hear about universal basic income in a Corbett video (or anywhere else) I think that the Spanish government won’t need to spend a single euro on propaganda to convice population. I am sure that 99% of Spanish citizens would applaud on balconies for a year to welcome this measure.

                Thank you very much for explaining me so well the situation in your country.

                I have to say that I haven’t seen much of what is happening on Spanish roads (checkpoints, how is Police behaving, etc.) because I have worked in the digital world for a few years, so I haven’t had a “good” reason to drive somewhere. What media is saying is that police fined 3700 people this weekend for leaving their first residence to go to their second one, but of course who know if this is true. Media is pushing citizens one to another so we can’t trust anything.

                At this moment I am wondering if the lockdown will be extended in Spain, because reported cases are not getting lower (today it’s possible that it will reach a maximum), and I am curious to see how people would react to this possible measure. It has been already 17 days since the beggining, so you can understand who I feel.

                Well, I would prefer a more calid country, for sure. The thing about Russia is that it is so vast that you can go anywhere. Spain is not a little country but we are locked, since it is a peninsula, so if things get worse in the future (for example, mandatory vaccinations for traveling), there is not an easy escape. Maybe I am exaggerating a little but in Spain we have this saying: “Piensa mal y acertarás” (=think wrong and be right).

                In Spain there is a “hippie-like” community in Grananda and I would love to ask them how police have been treating them, because it would be revealing.

              • manbearpig says:

                “Piensa mal y acertarás” (=think wrong and be right)=

                “prepare for the worst and hope for the best…”?

                I’ve had similar strategizing relocation thoughts (to escape forced vaccination for example) which would entail going far from my children and any future grandchildren… which dampens my fervant gung-ho anti-social principles… I’m also, to my shame, not much of a survivalist…

                disappointed with Spain ’cause Alicante was my compromise for leaving France while staying within a 90-minute direct flight of my offspring…

                I definately wouldn’t survive Siberia… prefer a stifling desert…

              • haros says:

                MBP, “piensa mal y acertarás” would be more like “if you have the feeling that something is not what it seems, think the worst possibility and you will be right”.

                It is a pessimistic point of view, to be honest, but it is a very common Spanish expression.

                I am not a survival skilled person either. In fact, unless my animal instinct would wake up, I wouldn’t last for a month in wildlife, unless I would rely on others. All this conspiravirus situation has taught me that I have to focus in the next months on becoming absolutely self-independant to feel free. Doesn’t matter if end up living in a community, but at least I would always have the possibility of living anywhere.

                I hope you never have to leave your people behind because of our totalitarian governments. It must be so hard… On the other hand, it happens all the time in other countries, but we are not so aware of it. I don’t have children, but I feel extremely sad when I think about having to go far from my family.

                Alicante sounds nice, although I have never been there. Only in Valencia, which is near of it.

              • mkey says:

                I believe the forced vaccinations will be a part of the “good dog, good boy” system. Vast majority don’t have anything against vaccines, many others will be motivated by making “free” services predicated on jumping through hoops.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            mkey says:
            You may have noticed I’m a bit ticked off,
            but that’s my own fault,
            a present for actually believing people are not stupid enough
            to fall for a ploy as ridiculous as the whole covid-19 mass conspiracy.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I encourage readers to read through the above mkey comment where he lays it out on the table.

        “Other than that, we have 6 official covid-19 related deaths as of today….”

  29. mkey says:

    Why Is the Federal Reserve Lying About Coronavirus?

    This guy is back with his fact based conspiracy claptrap. Spoiler: it’s a bit of a cliffhanger.

    • CQ says:

      mkey, when I went through Corbett’s recommended videos (for members only, as you know) under his IF editorial yesterday, I came across this one with a hat tip to you. Then, as I started watching it, I did a double flip with delight: John Titus!!! He’s baaaaack!!!

      You see, when Corbett introduced us to Titus a couple years ago, I’d gotten hooked and had watched all four (or was it five?) videos he issued in 2018, I think it was. Then he disappeared. I’d check his channel week after week, only to find . . . nothing new. Every time I felt so disappointed — til I finally gave up looking.

      John’s the best at deciphering and explaining arcane economic data and events, isn’t he! And his dry wit is charming.

      Anyway, just wanted you to know how MUCH I appreciate your having mentioned that video here (I’ve been catching up on comments in this thread, as you can see). Now I’ll be going to Titus’s “Best Evidence” YouTube channel regularly to see if he has uploaded his next “fact-based conspiracy claptrap.” As you say, he left us dangling on a cliff . . . .

      • mkey says:

        From what I gathered, an ilness caused the hiatus. He planned to put out new videos on a more regular basis, the idea was to have shorter videos out more often, but maybe he’s not up to spec.

  30. MagicBullet says:

    Putting “Event 201” into the search field on either the BBC or CNN returns zero results for this term in any of the resultant titles or initial descriptions.

    Scanning the content, the term wasn’t found for the 3 BBC results, or any I could scan for CNN since 2019. Either I didn’t search properly or it’s not newsworthy. It couldn’t possibly be ignored on purpose…

  31. tricky says:

    Thanks James for being an oasis of rational thinking in a desert of blind, unquestioning obedience. In my personal life, it feels like I’m surrounded by Manchurian Candidates who’ve just been activated!

  32. bestrod says:

    Hi James. I would like to see some information ASAP about the holders of the shorts on the various stocks that have tanked because of this Event 201 plan. This has been engineered like 911,Greece and the various financial disasters and as your follow the trillions 911 video, somebody is cashing in.

  33. RobinHood77 says:

    Hello Fellow Subscribers,

    I am an avid follower of The Corbett Report, but rarely leave comments. About a year ago, I subscribed to BestEvidence on YouTube. He has had health problems and hasn’t posted much recently but today he posted this which I thought might be significant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAbXuJ2tK90
    Check it out.
    All the best,

    • RobinHood77 says:

      Haha I just saw that James put that link at the end of his latest post.

      • CQ says:

        And you saw, too, RobinHood77, that James gave the “h/t” to mkey, who barely beat you to the punch in mentioning the Titus video (see a few posts above yours).

        Thanks for sharing the link, though–just in case mkey hadn’t already done the honors.

        As you saw in my above reply to mkey, I’m a huge fan of Titus. In fact, during a phone call with a fellow Corbett member this afternoon–I mean yesterday afternoon–I screamed “John Titus” into the phone, probably blasting my friend’s ear off, when he asked me if I’d watched the new Fed video by “that guy from Chicago.”

  34. haros says:

    More news from Spain, and this is very important for the economy of the country. First, take into account that the unemployment rate in this country is 13,7% as of January 2020 (nowadays has likely skyrocketed). Also that in July 2013 it was as high as an staggering 26.3%. In the case that you want to take a look to our data: https://datosmacro.expansion.com/paro/espana?sc=LAB-

    The news: https://elpais.com/espana/2020-03-29/el-gobierno-ordena-la-hibernacion-de-la-economia-para-evitar-el-colapso-del-sistema-sanitario.html

    The Government orders the “hibernation” of the economy to avoid the collapse of the health system.

    Excerpt 1
    The Government orders to almost completely stop the Spanish production system, which will continue only in the essential sectors and in those where they can maintain teleworking, because it wants to save time to avoid the collapse of the health system that may come if contagions continue to increase at the current rate.

    Excerpt 2
    “We will take measures so that when all this happens we can resurrect and rebuild our production model.”

    Both are in the first paragraph of the news, but I think that it shows the most important of it. I have highlighted the second part because of this “rebuild” word. I just have a feeling that most of what Corbett has been saying about the new economy and the “new normal” will materialize very soon on Spain.

    Meanwhile, of course, people keep applauding very happy all these measures. I have given up on reading people’s comments on news because I lose faith in human beings (lucky for me, it exists CorbettReport and its users -and one friend of mine which questions everything-)

  35. marvinsannes says:

    I got a book around here on the orchestration of the Oct. 29 crash, decade of Depression, WWII welcomed with open arms and celebrations. The parallels are so exact. I guess I’d call plan-demic “stunning” if I’d not seen it repeated so many times in my lifetime. Ask a question and you’ll get: “Disrespecting the dead” ——-Again! “Murder Most Foul” ——- Again.

  36. marvinsannes says:

    I hope when the creatures start shooting, they don’t shoot each other: There are some better targets!!

  37. Mungjam says:

    About 7 to 10 years ago a shift happened here (small colourful enclave of natural resource people, back-to-the-landers, food hubs, farmers markets) when local government and small electronically connected businesses in the broader community seemed to get ‘infected’ by gov propaganda and to the fullest recycled its deployment principles of propaganda mantras and emotional weaponry to crowd steer their own power/profit agendas. Of particular interest was the outwardly strong promotion of social ideals that fully capitalized on the larger community’s emotions, resistance towards bureaucratic power centralization, and authoritarian dictates. Inwardly they rapidly enlisted business ‘collaborators’ attracted by the success of the PSY strategies, which was easily measurable by positive community response for the heavily advertised -as ethically superior -standards screen. Who doesn’t like to steer a crowd in motion? Scratching the thin surface, a palpable incongruence emerged for who cared to look closer, but it worked – nearly every public program and business was soon delivered through this same lens with, vivid and loud celebrations of the collective whole, claiming ‘social license’ (a new way of saying “no, we don’t need a vote on this”) which thus ensured that social ‘guilting’ carried social punishment for freedom of speech. This disapproval has now changed to hatred and words like “racist”, “xyz denier” and as of late “murdering my grandmother”.

    What is in the large is in the small.
    I speculate that the top-down crowd steering has been so successful because the power tools are so easily recognized and used by any individual, either by mimicry or understood mechanics, right down to the smallest of communities. Happily carrying the poison back to their nests. Indications are universal power mantras such as “the New Normal and Social License” which have been used for a wide assortment of business objectives, broadly PSY-fogging people into ‘collaboration’ and abandonment of their values, rights and beliefs and adoption of fear in the face of the unknown, which apparently never existed before (“in these unprecedented times”, “global uncertainty”, “environmental apocalypse”, “new measures”, “collapse”….). A brand new, hefty shackle was applied to the ‘collective whole’ mantra with the amazing global roll-out of the world pandemic which shattered the fabric of individuality even across national borders and forcefully drowned any remaining bravery of freedom of speech, now facing shame on a world scale. Who in their right mind can stand up to that? We found ourselves standing in a crowd on a sunny day, every 10th person holding a mirror, blinding their surrounding peers while questioning: “whose skin is blemished?” And dumbfounded, panic-struck and blinded everyone pulls out their own mirror to disappear in the glare safely. Human choices are driven by fear and avoidance of pain, rather than by projection of gain and rationale – or so the experts tell us.

    There may be a weak link in this PSY that is used to destroy society as we know it. A strategy that is so effective and simple that it is easily applied from top to bottom to market one brand should be just as effective a tool to rebrand the message and feed it bottom-up.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer posts can be split into multiple comments. -JC]

  38. Shar says:

    I live on Social Security and I’m terrified about what will happen when this 67 year old physically disabled woman cannot man the factory floor. I’ve heard that Trump said something about stopping social security. OMG. Then what?

    Suicide parlors? aaaagghhh

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I feel ya!
      Our generation is really gonna get hit.
      The “rules” have changed.

      • CQ says:

        HRS, it’s touching to watch you reach out to newcomers and to people who haven’t posted in a while. I’m always grateful to you for letting everyone know you “hear” them and appreciate what they have to say. Thanks for being such a sympathetic and welcoming host at the Corbett Report door.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You often do the same.
          Many veteran Corbett Members do.
          It is a great community here.

          Corbett has been working his ass off.
          He has been pumping out all kinds of stuff.

          Also, I can tell his daily routines have changed on “timing”.

          We are lucky that he developed this community.
          It sure comes in handy now.

  39. vikingraider says:

    One of your most incisive videos yet, on where the future is going.

    I live in the elite test bed for many policies they then roll out worldwide. Like who was first with the monetary compensation for employers to hold onto their employees instead of sacking them and the state pays 75% of it? Denmark.

    They are way ahead on the “digital dollar”, with the digital krone. They achieved this by making it impossible to function without a nem-id or an e-boks. Nem-id – “Easy ID”, is where every citizen nominates a bank account for state transactions such as tax refunds, but you can guess how deep the tracking goes here.

    Then e-boks is how the state communicates with you – here you must hand over your mobile number and email, so they can send you their demands and you can’t avoid getting them, especially at weekends when they know psychologically you’re more relaxed and they can instill most fear.

    Couple that with “rejsekort”, Travelcard – that you use to pay for all buses and trains, they really have got their surveillance systems working in sync and data gathering constantly.

    Sadly, most Danes seem to love their nanny state.

  40. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Community Food Bank Giveaway – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area
    (brief Twitter video)

  41. thoth52 says:

    Superb and timely work as always James. I’ve been a subscriber for years and this video, and so many others are the reason why.

    I’ll pass this along to as many as I know. Fortunately I live in Oz. We live on an island with an isolationist ideology (if you dismiss the cretinous actions of the Labor & Green parties) and that has protected us very well in the past. 95%+ of the population live within 100 miles of the coast. I live much further away.

    The cities will self-destruct eventually like some dystopian nightmare from Judge Dredd. It’s been happening for years.

    Keep up the great work while you can.

  42. anijah says:


    Thank you so much for the time and patience that you have put into the all your videos and articles. It is greatly appreciated.

    Two questions I would like to ask as apart of your solutions series that you recently put a link to.

    Would you ever start an indoor farm and have you seen solutions for successfully starting one?

    Even if it is just for the consumption of your own friends and family.
    Not everyone has a backyard that they can use.
    (see link below)

    Second Question is in this time of social distancing what kind of home schooling material would you put together that would help with general critical thinking skills and deduction and reasoning?

    When you look at products like Khan academy as a professional what do you like about Khan academy

    What would like a curriculum to look like if you were to put one together your self?

  43. scpat says:

    Every action has an opposite and equal reaction…
    Positive solutions are gaining steam thanks to this crisis.

    Affirmative Agroecological Responses to Coronavirus
    March 30, 2020

    “Driven by the shuttered economies and supply chain disruptions provoked by the Coronavirus, and our basic human survival instincts, people have churned up a tsunami of affirmative agroecological activity toward securing garden seeds, growing food cooperatively, and otherwise connecting with local farms.

    The New York Times has published an article about the new, rapidly developing Cooperative Gardens Commission. In response to the pandemic, Experimental Farm Network (EFN) is urging people to establish “cooperative gardens” to grow as much food this year as they possibly can.

    EFN initiated their effort on March 18, 2020 under the name Corona Victory Gardens. Within days hundreds of people and groups responded and began organizing to build a movement. In less than a week, over 1,000 people came forward to either request support or to offer resources. At that point the network officially changed its name to the “Cooperative Gardens Commission.”

    Working at computers, 400 self-quarantined volunteer organizers formed 14 working groups: Outreach, Education, Fundraising, Media Relations, Policy, Tech/Logistics, Work & Livelihoods, etc.

    Their intention is to build the commission into a broad-based, inclusive, and lasting agroecological movement for people and groups who have resources to share, or who need resources to grow food. The Commission has three aims:

    – Support people in cities to take over defunct community gardens and vacant lots and fill them with life once more.

    – Support people in towns and suburbs who normally strive to keep their lawns green to instead rip up grass and plant vegetable gardens.

    – Encourage farmers who normally grow fields of commodity crops to set aside a portion of their land and labor to grow fruits and vegetables for their neighbors and for those in need in nearby communities.”

    • scpat says:

      As I was doing some research into growing food at home, I found something cool. Here is a database of more than 4,000 CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) farms, where members of a community can buy local produce and other food from local farmers. The database also contains locations of farmers markets, food stands, etc.

  44. HomeRemedySupply says:

    North Texas – March 31, 2020 – Tuesday

    I paid $1.43 per gallon for gasoline today.
    Grocery Store: “Limit One” still on many items, including bottled water.
    But no limit on beer or soda.
    Produce is full. Meat counter and frozen food still a bit low in sections.

    Fast Food drive-thrus are open, but no dine-in.
    Traffic on the roads is easy driving.
    Schools are closed.
    Restaurant dine-in closed.

    Most folks are relatively cheery and relaxed…even with “distancing”…employees sometimes chatting close to each other.
    I did not run into any floor templates on where to stand nor signs about “getting too close”. My cashier and I were very close. Normal talk.
    Rarely, do I see someone wearing a mouth mask.
    However, at times, some folks seemed stressed and quiet.

    BANK – Online messages from the bank website write about how to handle conflicts with charges from cancelled travel places and such.

    When I went to pay a credit card online today, it had a message offering to postpone my payment until June with no penalty nor downgrade in credit standing.

    It is a sad song for the little guy in business, and for the hourly folks laid-off.
    Every time the government injects money, the chasm widens between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

  45. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Commercial Real Estate – Bloomberg
    Throughout 2019, many pundits had noted how the commercial real estate market was in a bubble.
    In fact, this was observable. Commercial Rents were very high.
    Remember “We Work”?

    March 30th, 2020 Monday
    Barrack Says Real Estate Collapse Will Take Hold in April
    Video (10 minutes)
    Real estate billionaire Tom Barrack, Colony Capital’s chairman, founder and chief executive officer, talks about the state of the commercial mortgage market and if the Federal Reserve is doing enough to help it. He speaks to Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets.”

  46. manbearpig says:

    Just for the record:

    1 APRIL 2020 / 11:41 / 2 HOURS AGO
    “France: €15 million “service vouchers” for homeless people
    Reuters Staff

    PARIS (Reuters) – “Service vouchers” will be distributed to homeless people in France to enable them to buy food and hygiene products during the period of health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of City and Housing announced Wednesday.

    This initiative, which complements the actions of local authorities and associations, mobile aid services and food distribution, “will benefit 60,000 homeless people, for a budget of 15 million euros,” the ministry said in a statement.

    “These cheques will be in the amount of seven euros per day” and “will be distributed by associations to homeless individuals and households according to their needs and dedicated to the purchase of food, hygiene products and products for young children,” he added.”

    Marine Pennetier, edited by Bertrand Boucey

    7 euros per day per person or family?

    on par with a “restaurant ticket” company perk?

  47. holmesmd2 says:

    It’s been a long day, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to understand this whole picture and what it means for us and to what can we compare it to in order to actually get a grip on the emotional impact of what’s happening, if it actually matters in the long run. Maybe there’s some use in trying to gain perspective; at this point, I’m really not sure.

    I must stay that we have to hand it to whoever or whatever or however this has happened. It is an amazing symphony of orchestrated forces that have come together and continue to come together to create a nearly perfect disaster on the entire planet, but my focus is mostly on how can we in the US relate to this and create a framework of perspective?

    It at first seemed logical to look at the great depression as a proxy for where we are and going. But that’s not what captures it for me, at least not for today’s experiences. It seems to me that what we have actually is something that was even worse than the depression.

    We are now looking at what could be called a


    My brain gelified into that paradigm because it’s so different from the experiences we’ve read about regarding the depression, where people really were able to at least TRY to come together to help each other.

    Today, even if you tried to “help someone” they might call the Sheriff and have you quarantined and / or jailed as a “social distancing terrorist” or a Covidiot, and that kind of treatment wouldn’t even be surprising to most people, but actually Cheered by many them. A large percentage would simply look the other way, and the others would be afraid to speak out because of he social and now LEGAL ramifications of “standing up” or “standing out”(Maybe even STANDING OUTSIDE YOUR OWN RESIDENCE). I’ve heard stories that in some jurisdictions (TN or KY) where people are using ankle bracelets to track down “positives”. Twitter now has an app that enables you “compete with your friends” to see who can “hibernate” the longest, and according to RT…If I didn’t hear wrong…there’s also a move to create real-time tracking of the “positive zombies”, or whatever we’re going to call them eventually.

    Two nights ago, we discovered a GREAT Documentary about a priest in Poland in 1979 – 1983 who was only in his early 30s but virtually transformed the entire country and turned it against the idea that communism and despotism was NOT acceptable. That entire process, however was based on the building of HUGE CROWDS of people who attended his Masses inside and outside the church until maybe 30,000 people attended his monthly celebrations of the Mass dedicated to the Solidarity Movement, it’s remnants and it’s followers and their truth. When Father Jerzy was kidnapped by the secret police and missing for 9 days, 50,000 people attended the mass that he was unable to lead. Days later he was found bound and murdered in a lagoon.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  48. holmesmd2 says:

    Sorry…last post got snipped….I’ll continue here: Part II:

    The RADIO was used to re-broadcast his sermons, and they were released to the ears of MILLIONS of people in the Soviet Block throughout this time, and this entire process and his martyrdom was the original domino that fell and eventually resulted in the fall of the wall, Berlin, 1989. None of this was done with force and violence, however. From that fact alone, maybe we can find hope. I pray that it’s true.

    However, today, that kind of action is BRILLIANTLY forbidden, and cannot possibly happen:

    1. Church services are ILLEGAL, and in Florida, and maybe other places Ministers are being arrested for defying the “social distancing” rules. These people are even being accused of MURDER, by extension of the idea that he’s putting people’s lives at risk just by allowing them to attend church services.

    2. The Media is CONTROLLED and the Internet is as well, as much as we’d like to believe that the truth is still out there to find. Maybe it is, but it’s a Hell of a lot harder to find now than it was. Virtually EVERY search on the StartPage.com website returns hundreds of MAINSTREAM MEDIA links before anything else, and sometimes even 10-20-30 pages back you still see CNN CBS NBC Washington Post, etc etc.

    So….our predicament is a beautiful prison created by minds that have put much work and into learning from the past mistakes that have prevented the institution of a New World Order. I can’t help thinking that in the NewsSpeak world we’re in now, “The New Normal” = A “New World Order.” I hope I’m wrong. I keep hearing many of “us” saying these words, the “New Normal”. What does that mean?

    What I do know is that over 1,000,000 people came to his church, the St Stanislaus Church in Warsaw to remember his life and his death.

    Anyway, that documentary is still worth watching on the Documentary Channel on Roku, and probably elsewhere…it’s called

    Messenger of the Truth:




  49. holmesmd2 says:

    Finally for Now: Part III:

    It’s a useful exercise, I think to make a list of the similarities and differences between what happened in the revolution of Poland in the late 70’s -early 80’s and the situation we’re in now. Maybe there are lessons we can learn from those past examples to help us to deal with this in a logical way that an help us to get past fear, frustration and paralysis. I hope so. Maybe we can discuss it here on this forum.

    Here are just a few of the obvious challenges to that concept that we face:

    Just today, I saw multiple people recoil in horror as we came within about 10 feet of them in the section of the store we were shopping in…especially in the vegetable section, where it’s almost impossible to avoid being within the “forbidden bubble” of others, and their reactions are not necessarily seen as anything but NORMAL by the majority of people we see. They have a Gut-Hook on all this propaganda and paranoia….pretty soon we’ll have an app where you can earn points and maybe even money by turning in the ‘bad guys” who aren’t part of “our tribe”.

    Recently, our own neighbors, who have been very good friends of ours are increasingly looking at us with suspicion and anger….how can that happen so quickly?

    How did we get here? I’d like to just see ONE statistic, if it’s possible to come up with it: Can we COMPARE the TOTAL numbers of DEATHS on any given day or days, and do that for each of the similar days in previous years to find out if there is any statistical difference in toto from this “pandemic” or not. Does anyone already have access to someting like that? I haven’t seen it.

    In other words, are more people dying this year on April 1st in each jurisdiction that has been declared a “hotspot” or are we just misdiagnosing the “cause of death.”? And…..BTW, are coroners around the country actually doing any autopsies on these people or not? I still haven’t seen a single interview with a husband, wife, sister, brother, son, daugher or any combo thereof who are actually MOURNING the death of their loved ones…have any of YOU? Please post the links cause I’d like to see them.

    One problem is that because of the “rules” we’ve not almost ALL come to accept is that church services, much LESS funerals are just out the window…what’s that about, btw? In other words, we have created a social isolationism that forces us all into one camp or other…either we believe this is real and we are all going to die or something like that, or the other camp which believes that this is largely overblown and a tool of the powerful Oz’s of the world to birth a distopian reality that is artificial and pathological.

    If you’re in the wrong camp, there’s just absolutely no way to measure where to limits of the fear, hatred and paranoia will take us, not to mention the impending poverty and desperation that goes along with that…it’s just beginning.

    So for now, it’s brother against brother, family against family, neighbor against neighbor, and the only thing that I can relate that kind of situation to in THIS country is the Civil War, which killed more people than all the other wars we’ve experienced before or since, if I’m getting my history right (someone please correct me if that’s wrong, cause it’s likely way off, but the CIVIL WAR is unfolding before us RIGHT NOW!

    The “offiicals” who are ruling over these strange times have many of the bases covered. Maybe baseball is not the game we should be playing. Maybe we need to find ways to redefine the rules of the game, or better yet, change the game altogether.

    Sorry….this is completely unorganized and rambling…maybe after more sleep I can regroup my brain and do something more concise and productive. Still: Watch the Video..it’s a GREAT place to see Lessons for the present by seeing courage, tragedy, and even victory in the past.

    • CQ says:

      holmesmd2, your three-part eulogy to Father Jerzy hasn’t been lost on me. The trailer makes the documentary look truly gripping, so I’ll definitely rent the movie, despite not wanting to contribute to Amazon’s profits.

  50. Antonio says:

    As if it needs to be said, if so-called dramatic gains in the economy could be wiped out by…what?…then was it real at all? The fundamentals, if they were sound, would have remained even in the face of a pandemic. The decline was already in progress before most of the world set upon a course of self-destruction (shelter-in-place) orders, so the pandemic can’t be blamed for all of it.

    Trump’s economy was as fake as Obama’s, but Trump will have the dubious distinction of being left holding the bag and being blamed for the collapse. I’m not particularly happy about this, as I had hoped that Trump would indeed be the one to turn the tide against the Deep State. His Inauguration speech was a throwing down of the gauntlet, of sorts, but was it a wink-wink throwing down of the gauntlet? Seems so now. Disappointed, but not really surprised.

  51. Antonio says:

    The book of Revelation never seemed so plausible as it is right now. That vision of total control over the individual is now possible, with the technology available to those who seek that kind of control. It’s only going to get more and more possible as time goes on. With the advent of 5G and the ubiquity of the internet all around you in practically everything that exists, the total lock-down on your financial independence with digital currency and social credit scores and the possibility that this will all be tied together with some sort of implanted digital ID, I don’t see the individual standing much chance against those who desire to rule the world.

    What a frightening but, at the same time, fascinating time to be alive. I may have to become a Dispensationalist again!

  52. american.holdings says:

    Great report James.

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