GooTube: Now With Less Corbett Report!

05/21/201922 Comments

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Oh yes, the YouTube filters are getting stricter and stricter. Now a few seconds of bumper music is enough to keep an entire radio program from being seen on the platform. Good thing there are plenty of other ways to get Corbett Report content.

Interview 1442 – Around the Globe with Financial Survival

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  1. mkey says:

    People are getting off of youtube, facebook at a faster rate than they are being kicked from them. Go figure.

    Something similar is happening with subscriptions on youtube, it seems many videos don’t trigger a notification while I do get notified about others. That, of course, may just be a technical issue.

  2. generalbottlewasher says:

    Most enlightening Mr. Corbett. TV as a cultural weapon has left its mark on the page of human history. YouTube seems a sure bet when analyzed, to follow the TV playbook. All started out, as another Noble Lie, with the promise of education, information, moral intent, freedom of inquiry, community building and protection, commercial interests confined to the entertainment sector and in one generation has regressed into the honey trap it has become. Is it no wonder YouTube is patterned on this winning construct. It was inevitable to occur. Who was it said you need only invest in training one generation and they will carry forward into the next generation the indoctrination and hard harness the control desired by TPTSB.
    I’m connected by instrument more so than by data codes and hoops to access. This tablet (truly a fondleslab) was probably designed in part by Youtube or more likely they are all working in unison to put a simple device that can deliver the Noble Lie as innocently and covertly onto my fingertips. Im really surprised they didn’t give TV’s away for free back in the day. Then again we knew more about Greeks bearing gifts then than we do about Geeks bearing gifts today. I really enjoy your perceptive nature Mr. Corbett, intuitive to the writing on the wall and you don’t seem to mind the Lions in the den.
    So given that, when will the Lion People take down or take over the non-lying platforms? You know it is just a matter of time. Kaputz…

  3. calibrator says:

    I try to support the CR by both donating and also by not abusing its servers.

    However, the reason why I still watch most videos on YT is because the platform is way better from a technical standpoint: HD resolution, more features (scene previews – especially valuable in longer videos!) and just better comfort (quicker).
    Not even speaking about stuff like subtitles here which are essential for some people.

    Whenever I test out it gives me 240p as a default. Unbearable!
    When I switch to “Source” it becomes 360p or 480p(?) at most.
    Of course no previews.

    Bitchute isn’t much better: The resolution seems to also be at 360p or 480p.

    I don’t want to sound snobby or anything and I certainly don’t expect 4K video but 720p is much appreciated as the videos James & Broc put out are usually very polished – especially the big ones which often feature high res historic photos or statistics. They are a pleasure to watch as they gain so much by their quality.

    If the CR leaves YT or YT bans the CR (probably inevitable) I’m afraid I have to hit the CR servers.
    That’s not a threat or anything like that. It’s just equally inevitable.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Granted I am still using an antiquated Win OS, so my choices are quite limited.
      I try every few months to get the alternatives to work, BitChute, Dtube et. al. but to date they have never worked out on my system, so I still resort to YTube.

      I hate the direction YTube has gone in recent years, with restrictions, ads and the like.

      I hope a viable alternative will surface for me soon.
      When I try to play a video on CR, it defaults to YTube.
      Is there a way to play them directly from the CR server?

      • Robert Smith says:

        Peertube is also in need of improvements, although its been improving alot. What about, which seems to be the best Youtube alternative as it offers upto 720p High Definition, and even allows MP4 downloads in 360p,720p, even audio downloads.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      calibrator and Fawlty Towers,
      I understand.

      The YouTube issue is kind of a tough ethical dilemma, and in ways is much like IRS taxes or using Big Oil petro for our vehicles or purchasing products from despised mega-corporations and/or working for a mega-corp affiliate.

      I won’t imprison myself by someone else’s moral code or commandment.
      But “awareness” of the situations sure can complicate decisions and choices sometimes.
      I admit… I often use YouTube. Not always, but more than I would like.

      These kind of decisions get even tougher with the smart phones and their corporate hijacking. I go without most APPs, just because I am so opposed to the hijacking. (e.g. GooglePlay APP store) But I don’t know how long I can hold out. There have been times where certain APPs would have really helped me. (e.g. …ha! They rarely sell street maps or highway maps anymore.)
      I am a smart phone illiterate. I just don’t do the stuff that most folks do with smart phones, except for watching videos or reading articles. Sure, occasional calls, texts, photos…but not often.

      Anyway, the smart phone dilemma is something I am personally wrestling with. I’m kind of waiting. Waiting to see what technology we’ll have in a few years from now.

      – micro –
      (I think that there is something ‘off’ about things being shaped to be so micro. Small print, small screens, more pastels and less bold colors. There is an acclimation which is occurring. People are being accustomed to small screens, even with computers. That ‘blue light’ too. This micro-age seems ‘off’. It is as if one’s personal vision or personal space is being shrunk.)

  4. tgmolitor says:

    Agree, calibrator. mkey: YouTube Reaches Nearly 2 Billion Monthly Users in Q4 2018: In its Q4 2018 earnings call, Google reported that YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users and the number of channels with more than 1 million subscribers has nearly doubled in the last year.

    YT is not going away even if CR is. Appreciate James giving us weekly/monthly reports on the rising water level in his boat.

    • mkey says:

      Well, I’m sure their numbers are doing better than ever, especially since it’s been years now that they have slashed commercial proceedings to their customers/contributors.

      Not only have people managed to stay affloat without google add money, but they have grown stronger in the process as they learned to diversify their operations.

      Of course, I’m sure there are still loads to be made on cat videos, kardashian reports, gangam style ripoffa and ass shaking videos.

  5. Octium says:

    “You’re slowly disappearing from my view
    Disappearing from my view
    Reached out a hand to try again
    I’m floating in a beam of light with you
    A beam of light with you
    And I ran, I ran so far away”

    … lyrics from one of the song clips that probably got the video censored.

    Coincidence perhaps but Youtube is nothing more than beams of light that seem to be disappearing slowly.

  6. sjb says:

    Isn’t the reason Utube is faster than Bitchute & Dtube because net neutrality was abolished & now big corporations have priority use of bandwidth or some jargon like that? Seems like that here in Ecuador. Bitchute now very slow as is DTube. Utube is much faster, sorry James Gootube, think it is now owned by Giggle. Assange was sold to usa by Ecuador so now we’re becoming more controlled by them, via IMF….Probably have the base back in Manta soon ugh. I believe Ecuador is the only country to manage to get rid of a us army base.

  7. Dacajeweiah says:

    Hi guys,

    This just in:

    YouTube to delete thousands of accounts after it bans supremacists, conspiracy theorists and other ‘harmful’ users

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