Interview 1442 - Around the Globe with Financial Survival

05/16/201919 Comments

James joins Melody Cedarstrom for this wide-ranging edition of Financial Survival. Topics covered include Vietnam and tyranny, big tech regulation and back door globalization, the US-China trade war and false flags in the Persian Gulf.

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Law and Disorder: Even Tyranny Has Cracks

China's new propaganda music video celebrates trustworthiness and the Social Credit System

Don’t Throw Big Tech in the Briar Patch! – #PropagandaWatch

Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” – FLNWO #35

Global Trade Collapsing To Depression Levels

Bitcoin Resurgence

Warnings of ‘Gulf of Tonkin 2.0’ as Trump Officials Blame Iran for Oil Tanker Attacks

US Naval False Flags: A Brief History

White House reviews plan to deploy 120,000 troops to Middle East: NYT

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A nice review of James’ recent article and of what is going on.

  2. sherry.a says:

    James..please one of your ardent fans and subscribers as well as one of 80 million Iranians..the country’s name is pronouced…eeeerun
    NOT ‘I ran’–this may seem unimportant but it portends to a level of ignorance and disrespect from such a worthy community…thank you! Going to war with Iran will be the biggest mistake Empire has made in this century…

    • candlelight says:

      sherry.a, you’re reminding me, as a nine year old, listening to my best friend’s mother pronounce Iran, which, as you say, is pronounced markedly different from that of an English speaker’s pronunciation. In my mind’s ear, I can hear her pronouncing Iran something closer to the first syllable sounding like “ear” as in the ear we hear with and with a little more emphasis on the “e” making it a long “ē”. The second syllable like “Ron”, as in Ronald, or the “ran” in Tehran. The “r” is pronounced in both syllables, slightly gutturally rolled.

      This is going back over 50 years. How would you rate my auditory memory? 🙂


      • candlelight says:

        I’d like to add, that I fear for a very serious, confrontational turn for the worse regarding US/Iran relations. The rhetoric from the Trump administration has ratcheted up to a nauseating degree. In other words, its gotten about as truly sickening and dangerous as it’s ever been in the past, and in my opinion, more so.

        It reminds me of only one thing, that whatever sabre rattling theatrics going on in the White House, pimped along purportedly by John Bolton’s unsavory intent, together with what is being orchestrated on the field of operations, i.e., the Strait of Hormus, is being entirely controlled by none other than Pentagon military planners, under the direction of their oligarchic masters.

        Trump might be a big believer in being the sabre-rattler-in-chief, and might believe that Iran is America’s mortal enemy, or he might be play acting. Either way, he’s got to get it right, because as we know from experience, when it comes to corporatocracy and military expansionism, failure to get it right lets that personalized bullet fly. That is, the bullet with the commander-in-chief’s name on it. If the President knows one thing, he knows that it would do more than muss-up his coveted head of hair. He isn’t that stupid, is he?

        • candlelight says:

          Interesting update – New York Times plastered today with articles on US/Iranian tensions: Trump insisting he doesn’t want a war with Iran; Pentagon intelligence sources saying Pompeo’s twelve steps needed before any negotiations take place are unrealistic, and US sanctions are provoking the Iranians; several congressional leaders say latest war rhetoric unjustified; John Bolton, biggest war hawk of them all, pushing the hardest for regime change in Iran….

          Seems like quite a dance. My question to Trump: If you’re so smart, why in hell would you appoint a proven neocon war hawk punk to be your National Security Advisor?

          • candlelight says:

            Another sidestep in the WH dance revue mentioned today was Trump’s annoyance with Bolton over the push against Venezuela. Earlier articles had already indicated Trump’s disapproval of neocon Bolton’s inaccurate over-assessment with regard to the opposition’s power and influence, i.e., it’s failure to mobilize Venezuela’s military.

            Linked below is an Australian Broadcasting “inside” look at the Venezuelan situation in 2017.

            Laughably, starting at 19:06, it includes the undercover reporter visiting a den of armed thieves, kidnappers and murderers. How convenient. It’s reminiscent – but not a perfect parallel – of CNN or the BBC, I forget which, visiting Osama Bin Laden in his hideout prior to 911. The absurdity of a newspaper crew meeting the illusive Bin Laden at a time when all the world’s intelligence agencies were trying to find him was poignantly addressed by the late Bill Cooper.

            Also featured and of interest is an opposition protest march which just happens to take place on the undercover reporters’ last day, in which they seem to have randomly showcased among the protesters Juan Guaidó if I’m not mistaken, and not once, but twice, at 23:50 and 24:40. At the 24:40 mark, this protester, dressed in an orange shirt, that I believe may be Guaidó, is literally locking arms with a thickset, thuggish looking guy in sunglasses, looking more like Guaidó’s CIA asset handler than anything else.

            At any rate, this “undercover” hit piece from Australia smells of directed, intelligence propaganda. For instance, no mention is ever made of the adverse effects of economic sanctions placed upon the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

            No, not a chance. Not when you’re trying to smear those you’re against.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks. I did not know.

      I subscribe to Parastoo Dallas.
      Years ago, I advertised in the magazine when I owned a bunch of stores.

      I have spoken to many Persians who I run into, but no one has ever corrected me.
      Texans are pretty bad about pronunciations, anyways…we butcher a lot of words. Just ask the famous Joe Bob Briggs.

    • Octium says:

      Thanks for the correction.

      However knowing that totally ruins this joke!

      Apple presents the iRack

    • manbearpig says:

      I wouldn’t take it personally Sherry. There are many, probably even most countries that no one I know (including myself and probably yourself) pronounces correctly and I’m sure it’s not mostly out of disrespect. Ignorance, well, I guess we’re all guilty of it. As long as we understand each other sufficiently to communicate. If we get that up in arms about the various regional, national pronounciations of a given country’s name how can we preach tolerance, acceptance, Curiosity, cooperation and understanding of greater differences? You say potato, I say potahto… Iranians say “the United Stets” and Americans, well, say I ran… Or perhaps henceforth we should just spell it Erun? though we might then confuse it with some sort of online marathon…?

      • manbearpig says:

        I wish I’d seen that hilarious I-rack video before leaving my sille e-joke. Makes me realize though that we’re really living in the I-rate era of the E-go. IT is the new I-deal, the new…I….
        and then there’s that new film “I Am Mother”… and other is me…
        n’est-ce pas? or…

    • mik says:

      Sometimes butchering foreign names by english speakers brings surprisingly accurate results.

      Ones James EP changed Juncker (EU) to something he really is. (proper pronunciation Yooncker)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Did someone say?… “I’m a Pig!”

        This Tale is taken from Texas. ‘Tis True…

        There was a 40 year old Governor of Texas between 1891 through 1895.
        Twenty years earlier, outlaws lured him across the county line, and then shot him in the back. Governor James Stephen Hogg fought the Railroad Cartel.

        About 10 years prior to becoming governor, he had a daughter who he named “Ima”.
        Ima Hogg

        She did not have a sister named “Ura”.

        Photo of “Ima Hogg” at about age 20.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 16, 2019
    by Irina Slav (ee-rena)
    Mystery Tanker With Iranian Oil Unloads In China

    A tanker carrying Iranian fuel oil has reached its destination at a Chinese port and has unloaded its cargo in storage tanks, Reuters reports, citing shipping data. The shipment violates U.S. sanctions against Iran after Washington removed sanction waivers for eight importers of Iranian crude and oil products including China.

    The unloading of the cargo—130,000 tons of fuel oil—was confirmed to Reuters by an official from the oil storage terminal in Zhoushan. Another official, however, denied the cargo came from Iran since the Zhoushan terminal had not received Iranian oil for four years.

    Reuters notes, however, that Iranian exporters have been using things like ship-to-ship transfer of the cargo offshore and forged documents saying the cargoes were Iraqi oil to evade sanctions since November 2018. The tanker that docked at Zhoushan was one of those sailing with forged documents, Reuters said.

    The news comes at a time when tension between the United States and China is flaring up again. President Trump was the one to fire the starting pistol for this round of the trade war when he said negotiations on the trade deal were going too slow and said Washington will be raising tariffs and introducing additional ones. China retaliated in-kind, including by raising the tariff on U.S. LNG imports but not on oil imports…

    … This means demand for oil in China remains strong and growing despite a fuel surplus that has had refiners in neighboring countries worried.

    China has openly said it would not comply with U.S. sanctions against Iran but state refiners have been careful….

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    The drums of War are beating loudly. B.B. , Bolton, and lets not forget the Sunni Traitor Brennen, you know he is breathing easier as are the others as mobilization has begun. When the Law serves the common folk you will know that you are dead to this earth and your spirit is now placed in Heaven.
    The inquiries into the first World War have on occasion pointed to Russian, French, Belgium and English mobilization as the aggressive cause for War Guilt. Never the whole Guilt but at least part of the cause and part of the Guilt.
    This move against Iran seems to be progressing without any semblance of Guilt whatsoever. Will we rely on historians to bewhale our collective Guilt in this looming time of atrocity in 100 years?
    I pity the Persians and morn the 500,000 + murdered Iraqi and Yemeni children. To curse those who have fabricated and fermented hate is to cause a condition no better then those that are corrupt. So how do you counter such corruption? Do we pull out our eyes so we no longer take offense at what we see? Do we sew up the openings of our ears so the corruption of the truth cannot be heard? Sew up our mouths so we cannot voice the hatred in our heart.
    What do we know of ourselves when the Battleships have sailed, the fighter wing has departed. I can tell you the last time I saw the AWACS do touch and goes at the Airport in this little Berg we where bombing someone 3-6 months later, Two times this occured in my living memory. This last Friday May 10th the Fighters and AWAC choaked the §H¡¬Г out of the golfers on the golf course at the north end of the runway, not to mention the noise was deafening. This is number three. Why would a populous let this occur? Maybe I’m way out of tune with reality here? If so this is no country for old men. That is….? You fill in the blank and please let me know why.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      So we don’t have a sad Saturday night lets fire up a little Deluxe to sooth the worried souls. Why? Cause it is Saturday night, and were not dead yet!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      General of the Bottle Washer Clan,

      Were you playing golf down in the Austin area?
      Or OKC near Tinker?
      That’s worrisome that the Air Force might be ramping up.

      Yesterday, (Saturday) I was down Austin way, fighting the I-35 Austin bottleneck and then the T-storms.

      “…I ain’t never taking no dumb blind chance again
      Until another curiosity tumbles in…”

      Nice tune.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Homey, you know our little town here is a swamp of political graft. Hon.Senator James Inhoff began his career here. Now that he has become Chairman of the Armed Services Appropriation Commetee we are awash in Top Guns and BlackHawks and several black-site manufacturers of death. Only when the AWAC comes to town has something changed. Large as an old SAC B-52, 8- engine behemoth with a flying saucer attached to the top it belches black smoke like an old locomotive. Not easy to forget. Almost as impressive as the old Space Shuttle on the back of a 747.
        And like the song says, I won’t be fooled again.

        ” till another curiosity knocks me on the chin ”

        thanks for introducing Deluxe to Saturday nite,mbp.

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