From Silicon Valley to the Georgia Guidestones

07/10/201933 Comments

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Corbett Report member Octium connects the dots between two seemingly disparate Corbett reports: one on silicon valley and the other on the Georgia guidestones. So who is William Shockley, what does he have to do with the guidestones, and what does this all have to do with eugenics and computers? Find out in today's intriguing exploration.

Episode 359 - The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know

Octium's comment

Interview 1079 – Michael Bennett Solves The Georgia Guidestones Mystery

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  1. BigAL PR says:

    Thanks for this flashback, I never knew who was behind the Georgia Stones. One of the thing said in the interview 1079 was that the origin of the Stones has been essentially “debundked” and that Ted Rogers or other important members of the select group may not have been directly involved. While I agree that RC Christian may not have been a “direct” member of the “powerthatshouldnotbe”, because the possible connection with William Shokley, it would seems to me that a “direct” influence from powerful groups or individuals may have “guided” RC Christian to build this awful monument. Afterall, it would not be that easy for the likes of you and your readers, even if we had the money, to get the required financing, permits and constructors to erect something like this and keep it a secret for the vast majority.

    For me, the “debunking” of its origin remains incomplete.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    That good ole Ausie, Octium. Thanks!

    I’m gonna say it agin…

    I thoroughly enjoy The Corbett Report Community.
    It is fun, extremely informative, sometimes contains “laugh-out-loud” witty humor or links to extraordinary beauty, and I could go on and on.
    Folks here are sharp. And ‘real’. And friendly.
    It is a nice crowd to travel life with.

    The Corbett Report website’s subheader:
    Open Source Intelligence News

    Amen brotha (and sista)

  3. Peripatêtikos says:

    Just happened upon this piece on Fusion and Malthusianism: And I quote:

    Paul Ehrlich who authored The Population Bomb in 1968 said in a 1989 interview that providing cheap, abundant energy to humanity was “like giving a machine gun to an idiot child”.

    Ironically, the technocratic solution IS to give machine guns to idiot children.

    • Peripatêtikos says:

      Ugh. That linked article’s closing two paragraphs are so inane, I feel a disclaimer is needed.

      While they are no doubt effective and smart leaders, whose nations are certainly on the ascendent, neither myself nor Lady Peripatêtikos endorse the author’s attribution of saintly, benevolent wisdom to Presidents Putin and Xi.

      I say again: Ugh.

  4. jh says:

    Hey James, how did you end up posting a video about the Georgia guidestones on the very day that someone blew one of them up with high explosives? Just curious if somehow you heard about the explosion and quickly posted your flashback?

    Thank you for all you do,

    Jeff Hicks

  5. edwards.h says:

    Hi James. Did you post this video because the Georgia Guidestones just got wacked?

    Georgia Guidestones are now completely leveled.

    Georgia Guidestones, the monument with the inscription “maintain humanity under 500,000,000”, has been partially destroyed.

  6. Octium says:

    Had dreams of tablets cracking into pieces last night too. Hopefully a good omen!!

  7. Duck says:

    I hope this is posted in response to the Guidstones getting blown up rather then being an indicator Mr Corbett crackingthe code that something is going to happen suddenly 😉

    I do recall that weird thing where YT videos surfaced of someone cracking a specific block and dishing out pieces like it was the Berlin wall…. actually I wonder nowthat no one found out who the hammer guy was

    Found it

  8. Duck says:

    Hey… Luke Smith did a pretty good up close look at the guide stone some years back

    Happened on it looking up the two above

  9. rob.h says:

    Ding dong, the stones are dead. hehehe

  10. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Alright… who blew up the Georgia Guidestones!? 😂

    • Duck says:

      “…Alright… who blew up the Georgia Guidestones..”

      Nice try FBI…. 😉


      Seriously though MY money is that its either a magic ritual destruction to usher in some kind of New Aeon…they take that trash seriously

      If its not that id bet the Glow in the Dark types got some Spaz to do it as an excuse to crack down on conspiracy theorists….. anyone got any other ideas? 🙂

      • Jed says:

        I’ll never get to go see them, so sad. Lol

      • J.P. Wheeler says:

        You got me! Lol

        I think both of your theories are plausible. Like s511 said further down the thread, they sure demolished and cleaned that up real quick! It’s almost as if they were covering something up. 🤔

        They’ll “catch” a couple “far right extremist” suspects in a few days. The media will describe them as “religious fanatics,” believing in wild conspiracy theories. “These men were purportedly anti globalism and anti Davos/WEF. We need to start cracking down on these insane conspiracies and the crazies who believe in them!”

        I can see it now

    • Octium says:

      It was Climate Change!

  11. fruitdoctor says:

    In a somewhat related topic, James, have you seen the documentary about transgenders called “What Is a Woman”?

    The interviewer asks a psychiatrist where transgender started and she mentioned two men: Alfred Kinsley and John Money.

    When the interviewer asked her why none of us had ever heard of these men, she replied something to the effect of “powerful people don’t want us to know”.

    Perhaps you can apply your great research skills and do a video on these guys? Perhaps there are Eugenicist backgrounds with them as well? Since we know that transgender is leading us to transhumanism?

    • Duck says:


      You should look up The Trans Industrial Complex by Scott Howard printed by Antelope Press….. it’s a college textbook level dig into who funds the Trans movement…. you can find some interviews but pretty much he’s only allowed on far right podcasts.

      Trans goes back further as a religion thing (castrated “Priestesses” and such) but in modern times you should look at magnus hirschenfeld who inspired Kinsey’s and AFAIK actually was involved with attempted womb transplant trans operations (fatal
      Infection killed client as I recall)

      Abigail shrier book “irreversible dammage” is a good look at the human side of the trans contagion but Scott Howard is the guy who names names and follows the money

      Dr judith reiseman died a year or so ago and she was a big one for calling out Kinsey… getting air time was always the issue

    • Duck says:

      I think it was Tim Tate who did the Franklin doc that got pulled from TV who made “kinseys pedophiles ” you can get that on YouTube I think

  12. s511 says:

    I found it interesting that the state immediately came in with bulldozers and knocked down the rest of the ’guidestones’ and took them away. No permits or permission? Gone, no crime scene to investigate. Where is Columbo when you need him?

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett Report ODYSEE Video
    From Silicon Valley to the Georgia Guidestones

    (7:15 minutes)

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Following the bombing of The Georgia Guidestones on Wednesday July 6, 2022, featured on the HomePage of The Corbett Report was…
    FLASHBACK: From Silicon Valley to the Georgia Guidestones (2019)

  15. Roy says:

    How to hurt a stone !
    Drill into it, lets say 10 cm.
    Put acid into the drill holes, wait, refill.
    If it is in a climate with cold, just fill the holes with water.
    It will crack.
    Old technology, that works.
    No need for explocives.
    You can also drill a hole, and use some seeds, will do the work.
    And it looks nicer.
    Fire also do the work, with water, rapid cooling.
    You could say this would work with a politican too !
    Give them vaxx, and wait, or heat theyr balls, and cool them.
    Or plant a seed into theyr brains. Hard, but can happen.


  16. mrei says:

    The book by “Robert Christian,” “Common Sense Renewed” can be found here:

  17. schlittelbillet says:

    Who owns the land under the Georgia Stones? The local authority, always has. Check Really Graceful latest video to see the evidence

  18. Paul says:

    Dark Clouds Over Elberton – full version of the documentary talked about in “Interview 1079 – Michael Bennett Solves The Georgia Guidestones Mystery”

  19. fruitdoctor says:

    And here’s one more possibly relevant tidbit that may or may not be related to Dr. Kersten of the Georgia Guidestones:

    Dr. Felix Kersten was the personal masseuse/physician for Adolph Hitler. There’s a book about him called “The Memoirs of Doctor Felix Kersten” where he talks about saving many people from the concentration camps. He died in 1960 so he would have been old enough to be an uncle of the other Dr. Kersten perhaps?

  20. s511 says:

    Thanks mrei for the interesting document.
    by “Robert Christian,” “Common Sense Renewed”

    So this guy says he made the Guidestones. The hubris! ” Increasing crises may make mankind willing to accept a system of limited world law… With such a system we could eliminate war and provide every person an opportunity to seek a life of purpose and fulfillment.

    How is that working out? Anyone feeling more purposeful and fulfilled since global governance increased?


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