Interview 1079 - Michael Bennett Solves The Georgia Guidestones Mystery

08/24/201516 Comments

The Georgia GuidestonesDr. J. Michael Bennett is the associate producer and primary researcher behind the remarkable new documentary film, "Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones." Combining new interviews with some of the key people involved in the guidestones construction with never-before-seen evidence and good old gumshoe detective work, the documentary reveals the identity of the guidestones' pseudonymous creator, "R.C. Christian," and in the process uncovers dark connections to the racist, Malthusian pseudoscience of eugenics.

Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones

Dark Clouds Over Elberton (Trailer)

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  1. rockshot says:

    I lived in north Atlanta in the late 80’s early 90’s and had heard of these “Gadstones” (Georgia’s flat “I” for Guidestones). I had been to Elberton several times and knew people who grew up there and this was not talked about much, but when it was it was dismissed with an eye roll. Very similar to the Wiccans and Druids of the time, generally deemed as just a few misguided gullible people with nothing better to do. (Another stupid fad) I never wasted the time to take this seriously, and certainly never visited the site.
    This interview gets VERY interesting at the end with Dr. Bennett.

  2. EYEisBloke says:

    Interesting interview and I’ll look forward to watching the documentary. Wondering does it cover / explain the cube that was added in 2014 which prompted much speculation? – pretty sure it was removed eventually and think the general assumption was that it wasn’t put there by the creators (but I could be wrong about that).

    • NotDole says:

      The cube they got is a fake one. Look up fake guidestones cube or something, the original one had to fit the dimensions of the crack the english stone always had (compared pictures taken in the 80’s as to now) where it sure was not a natural process, those things are made to resist a nuke attack, so they would help the surrounding english speaking people…I don’t know why Swahili is included when its not spoken at all in north america while French is, but no French stone anyway) that was (and is back now that another granit stone with peg holes was inserted back again, it’s all on video on yt, maybe it will lead you to the blog of the guy who’s not a conspiracy theorist has who received weird emails and such after filming the cube removal and replacement) in the english 10 commandments of natural philosophy (that means science) of the eugenicists (although a couple in there would be good things). The person who put the cube was indeed not seen by cameras that somehow didn’t work when it did, and the real cube, can be seen in a youtube video where the who removes it shows that it has pegs, pegs just like those showing up in pictures of the english stone with the block removed, it has 2 pegs.

      These liars in that movie have a hole-less cube with so couldn’t be fit in place without the pegs being inserted in. I linked James to this before, there’s a blog where a guy who visited when “Mart” the low level freemason who takes care of it, had to use a hammer to pull it out (the cube and its other hidden symbols becoming real.

      This guy put that fake cube in between the changes, because the size just doesn’t fit if you want it to stand there on top of the english stone, it has to be…Tetris’d in if you get what I’m saying.

      • NotDole says:

        Forgot to mention, that’s why the part at the beginning has them showing the cube and the letters and numbers, but not the side where ther peg holes should be. It’s extremely badly filmed on purpose.

  3. alice88 says:

    Dr. Bennett mentioned a couple of things that perked up my ears: the Da Vinci Code and David Duke. Isn’t the film Da Vinci Code rewriting the narrative of Jesus Christ, that Christ was not crucified but got married and so on Dr. Bennett implies that he believes that narrative, no? I don’t know much about David Duke, but Dr. Bennett appears to be maligning the man. What is bad about David Duke?

    • VoltaicDude says:

      What is wrong with David Duke?

      Before he ran for public office, and thus had to minimize his past alliances, he was with the KKK.

      He now still associates with hero-worshipping the memory of Adolf Hitler.

      Not that Hitler was much worse than Bush, Rockefeller, and Rothschild, as they all had a significant role in creating that historic figure.

      See: JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

      • NotDole says:

        Well good for you giving praise to a man known for hating blacks and browns and reds and probably yellows along with jews (not zionists, Jews).

        • mammique says:

          Duke is a racist, not a supremacist, he doesn’t hate browns, reds, etc. He strangely like to differentiates and sort human beings into these skin color categories. I don’t think there is any hate in this, it’s more like a tribal instinct motivation. And yes he does have sympathy for the Third Reich, sadly.

    • alice88 says:

      I just checked out the debate between Alex Jones and Dr. David Duke (PhD in history)
      that took place on Aug. 18, six days before this interview. Duke was well prepared, coherent and articulate providing lots of info and stats. He joined the KKK when he was a teenager and have dropped out of it subsequently. I forgive him. Most of us have joined groups or rallied for causes in our naivete and ignorance of which we regret afterwards.

      I–like Dr Duke–am very alarmed with the immigration issue. In grad school, I was shocked by the large number of Hindus and Chinese grad students who were foreigners; many want to stay and do stay to work after matriculation. I too am disgusted with the degeneration of society, but not just European American cultures. I see more and more graphic nudity and violence in foreign films. So much of popular music is just noise and satanic. Obesity is on the rise worldwide… I fear for all races.

      Hollywood disseminates violent and disturbing films. Da Vinci Code is pure fiction, not to mention heresy and yet Mr. Bennett offers it as an analogy to his quest for the truth.

  4. karlharvie says:

    James, its not like you to give any of your important time to these “true story” so called documentaries. Why spend any of your time communicating with these fairy tale telling crackpots? I don’t get it. James have you been threatened by the so called religious wingnuts?

    • sentient33 says:

      Just curious if all would have been swell with you if he hadn’t been a Christian? He talks about the same subjects James does. Is it the subject matter you have a problem with, or the fact Bennett is a Christian? Is that what makes him a “religious wingnut” and a “fairy tale telling crackpot”? Or are you just a troll, and I just took the bait?

    • VoltaicDude says:

      Did you actually listen to the whole interview?

      I don’t mean to insult, because that would define me as kind of silly and ridiculous, but to me your comment about the worthiness of this interview does seem a bit silly, and frankly like maybe there is some hidden fear on your part about dealing with this sort of subject matter, which does, whether we like it or not, have some real social impact.

      Perhaps you’re familiar with Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series on PBS (from the 1970’s)? Was it a waste of time for Sagan to look into the possibility of alien life in the universe?

      Of course there is a lot more dumb-headed propaganda produced about “Martians,” etc. – but does that mean we can’t deal with the subject matter in a reasonable, open and honest manner.

      I would argue maybe we even have a responsibility to contrast the bad propaganda with more reasonable consideration. We should as responsible people, be able to talk about anything reasonably, which has the power to make any subject matter relevant.

      But, my commentary aside, Corbett and Bennett actually address your concern within the interview itself.

      You might want to checkout the following minutes:
      21:21 – 24:31
      29:30 – 30:55

      Altogether less than five minutes of your time.

  5. stevekelly911 says:

    Something interesting about these stones that people never mention, is the solid connection they have with THELEMA (The satanic cult of Aleister Crowley which bears the number 77 as the main numerology on it’s seal of A:.A:. known as BABALON).

    1– The Stones were built on Highway 77

    2– The Stones were built on the ‘Double Seven Ranch’

    3– The Stones were erected in the 77th year of Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus calendar (first year was Vernal Equinox 1904 to Vernal Equinox 1905). Remember that the stones were inaugurated on March 22nd 1980 a few days after the Vernal Equinox which began the 77th Thelemic Year.

    4– A very strange phrase was read out at the stone unveiling on March 22 1980 by the William G. Hutton, President of the Monument Builders of North America (a Freemason and a Shriner), who made a speech where he said:
    “The Guidestones are what may be one of the few lasting mementos of a civilization that some thousands of years hence may not exist. It would be very interesting to hear the remarks if some future resident of that far-off time, say in the YEAR 3586, happens upon them and deciphers one or more of the stones and says something like, ‘I wonder what went wrong here?'”
    Now, this might seem unimportant, but on a Thelemic calendar which uses a 22-tarot-card cycle to express its years (as per Crowley’s directives), the year 3586 falls directly on the same vertical cycle as the 77th year of 1980, and also in the 77th horizontal cycle sequence (a double ‘coincidence’).

    This is the equivalent of leaving DNA evidence at a crime scene.

    The 77-cycle can be seen on this image;
    ### ###

    The 77 connection to literally satanic Thelema is explained here;
    ### ###

    So James, I respectfully disagree with the assertion that this monument was merely a pathetic monument by a few crackpots with some small-time localized ideas. Crowley was also aligned with the extreme right and elements within British Military Intelligence, and the coincidences above point directly at the occult philosophy behind these stones (a dark form of Freemasonry). The numerology of the signature 77 is also very prominent in the Sept 11th 2001 attacks, and the 7/7 London Bombings.

    I will definitely get a copy of the documentary though … you sold it to me 🙂

  6. mammique says:

    Is there any online version, video-on-demand or even free? Thanks.

  7. Octium says:

    In the “Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy” Douglass Adams tells a tale of a race that plans to rid themselves of a third of the population they deem to be useless such as hairdressers and telephone sanitizers. After they achieve their goal the remaining population “lived full, rich and happy lives until they were all wiped out by a virulent disease contracted from a dirty telephone”

    Well sure – he was trying to be funny, but it does highlight one big problem with the mass depopulation agendas and that is how do you determine who really is useful and who is not?

    Human interaction is a complex thing to predict, but what if you could build an entire city that could run itself without any people? Of course we will tell them it is all for the good of the environment – they always fall for that one!

    New Mexico is going to have a billion-dollar ghost town for research

  8. Paul says:

    “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones.”

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