FLASHBACK: Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (2009)

09/03/20225 Comments

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Long time Corbett Report enthusiasts will remember Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist, the ambitious feature length documentary project that I started (and abandoned) way back in 2009. Unfortunately, that video doesn't exist anymore thanks to the YouTube censors, but it is preserved on the 2009 Data Archive USB. Today I present to you the Prologue from that documentary project.


2009 Data Archive USB

AlQaedaDoesntExist.com (wayback archive)

Upcoming Livestream Watch Along/Q & A's of the False Flags documentary

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “And there’s not one of those. There are many of those.” –Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
    …just a few months after 9/11…

    From NBC’s Meet The Press on December 2nd, 2001 with Tim Russert, the host of the program, talking to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

    LINKS – Cave Fortresses
    [If any links are dead, they should be found at ARCHIVE.ORG Wayback Machine.]

    In my eyes, this is one of the boldest, blatant fairy tales ever told to the world.
    It is tantamount to saying: “There is a Santa Clause coming from his workshop at the North Pole.”

    Back in 2001, (before I ‘woke up’)…
    …It was a busy season for me with the business. I came home late one night from work and sat in the small TV room eating dinner alone off a TV tray. I vaguely remember this.
    Some government guy was being interviewed and they were talking about the cave complexes of Bin Laden. They showed an image of a massive complex.
    My puzzlement and surprise is what I remember. It stuck.
    I thought to myself that in a future news cycles they would show videos and photos of the inside of these complexes.
    That never happened. I sluffed it off thinking that “it must be classified information.”

    It isn’t often talked about, but to me, this is one of the tallest tales of the 9/11 Narrative.
    The many sophisticated cave complexes (complete with computers, bedrooms, offices, and truck drive-in entrances) in Afghanistan…I would be embarrassed if I attempted to con people with a load of crap like this.

  2. Buddy says:

    Who’s to blame for this lie about Bin Laden’s mythical underground lair (and 30 more)? Rumsfeld followed orders. Like everyone else. Like you and me. Obedience gets you off the hook. That’s part of its appeal. I was just following orders. In the interview with Stephen Colbert, Colbert and the audience acted like they have discovered some profound truth when Rumsfeld indicates there’s a difference between “intelligence” (spy stuff given to Rumsfeld) and facts. It’s not the gotcha moment they think it is, as Rumsfeld explains there is subjectivity in gathering intelligence, making decisions, and forming public policy. But that means asking the obvious question: Should the intelligence agencies have that much power? Given the ambiguity in what they do. Given that they are not elected. Given that they exercise extra-constitutional power. Pass the buck. Power without accountability. So it’s not about good people v. bad people. It’s not about finding “good people” to run these agencies. It’s about questioning the role of these agencies. It’s about a system that encourages incompetence, failure, and crime. Changing the names won’t change that system.

    • vadoum says:

      without cops would there would be any robbers?
      without ears would the tree make a crashing sound when falling?

      “It’s not about finding “good people” to run these agencies. It’s about questioning the role of these agencies.”

      I agree, sort-of. true the agencies offer excessive power which can and does seduce and corrupt at the expense of “innocents”.

      “a system that encourages incompetence,”

      but who done what is the bottom line?

      “agencies” are simply abstractions; people make choices and gestures that they are liable for, thats simply the flow of our conscious reality. At least nobody Ive met lives beyond the scope of that cause & effect. i think of it as the price for sovereignty or “free will”, and is anyone really innocent? it all adds up to “cosmic giggle” (T.M.)

  3. Claims Yourbet says:

    AQ Doesn’t Exist On Daily Motion: https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x7zs6x

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