Interview 1500 - Marc Morano Debunks a Decade of Climategate Lies

12/09/2019142 Comments

It's been a decade since the leak of emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia exposed the lies, obfuscations and dirty tricks behind the climate change orthodoxy. But although the conversation has long since moved on, there's still a lot we can learn from the lessons of "Climategate." Joining us today to reflect on a decade of Climategate lies and where the debate stands today is Marc Morano of

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  1. thomas.j says:

    Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace on climate change:

    Incidentally he is also a lobbyist for the biotech industry. You can’t be right about everything:

  2. phreedomphile says:

    Also please check out scientist engineer Tony Heller who has been carefully and brilliantly deconstructing climate gate related issues and, generally, the Establishment’s climate change narrative on his youtube channel and blog for about a decade. His content is always succinct using historical records and data graphics – with an exquisite dash of dry humor.

    Heller has worked for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) as an expert data and systems analyst, a highly respected hired gun searching for critical errors and systemic defects. He’s also an ardent environmentalist in the truest sense, and a kind and caring man. Last month I had the honor of meeting him in person.

    • CQ says:


      I’m sure I’m not the only Corbettphile who has long been a Hellerphile, but I must say I’ve never seen Tony’s career and character explained so succinctly and satisfyingly. Thank you!

      Lucky duck you are to have met him in person. Was that in beautiful Boulder?

      Truthphile CQ 🙂

      P.S. Now I’m gonna check out James and Marc; I’ve also been a Moranophile for a while.

      • phreedomphile says:

        Hello CQ, great to meet another kindred spirit in this forum! 🙂

        Yes, indeed it was in Boulder at a venue in which Tony gave a presentation.

        I’m also looking forward to this Morano interview. Seems there is never enough time in the day to keep up with all of the great researchers out there which is a good reason to actively network more especially now given the growing censorship.

        Cheers and kind regards!

        • CQ says:


          What a kind reply you wrote. Have you watched the JC/MM interview yet? I found the time, thank goodness, and was glad they reviewed decade-old Climategate.

          Did you see Nick Weech’s question for you about Tony? It’s just below our exchange.

          If you would like to email me, I will ask you about a semi-related subject having to do with Boulder.

    • Nick Weech says:

      I agree totally. How was the meeting? Was he as unassuming as he seems to be, in the flesh

    • manbearpig says:

      I find this one particularly annoying. Maybe ’cause it’s almost the full moon…

      Smoking gun of temperature fraud:


      • phreedomphile says:

        I hear ya, manbearpig, it boggles the mind. As a person with an education in the sciences, I feel like I’ve been living in one of those Escher paintings where a scene steadily transforms into an inverted world. Bizarro World?

        BTW, that Heller youtube clip brings up Hansen. I encountered him years ago on The Oil Drum. He rolled with the group mantra of elite academics predicting peak oil would very soon unleash TEOTWAWKI, a Mad Max scenario that demanded a global totalitarian system – in their estimation. When the banks imploded in 2008 they said crime would soar. It fell in the US. Oops.

        How are you doing, my friend?
        Hope you enjoy the holiday season.
        Bonne année et bonne santé!

        • manbearpig says:

          ZUT ALORS! I missed this message!! and speaking of inverted worlds, TEOTWAWKI…reminds me of JABBERWOCKY…killing the mirror image of a non-existant creature deep down in the rabbit hole… once in, do you ever get out…?

          I’m grumpy and grumpier, 2PH, but less so reading your messages,
          Hope 2020 holds resounding satisfactions for you and yours as well,
          yea, Bonne Santé surtout et de très bons crus!!

  3. flammable says:

    The “debunking” of Climategate reminds me of the Art of Debunking

    It is amazing how some group or organization could just say something is debunked and so many people take their word for it. What is even more amazing is they can make up something obviously wrong and add it to the story in order to debunk it. Guess nobody is bothered to look up the actual evidence.

    • brian.s says:

      It doesn’t matter what anyone says so much as who stands behind what they say. If you are in any public or corporate or political office, or any position of influence, you may find that what some people say is backed up by incentives or penalties that are incurred if openly contesting it.
      Dictating a narrative compliance is not just in weaponising climate and is basically ‘Big Brother says so’ with the mob generally doing Big Brother’s work. In other words it is about the use of coercion and deceit – wielded from a broad spectrum dominance that can all to easily capture and direct public opinion.

  4. weilunion says:

    Colin Cancer talks about anthrax as if he did not know who sent the letters to Congress.

  5. yvonne.m says:

    Hi James, i live 2 miles from the UEA, this is something i’ve been really interested about since i heard about the doctored evidence

  6. generalbottlewasher says:

    ” We just keep doing what we are doing ” And ” The day we can go down to Walmart and get a solar panel, take it home and get off the grid is the day these climate solutions end.”

    Those kind of straight talk solutions make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oklahoma is constantly giving that-kind-a solutions to the world {Texas} but they go unheeded.
    Im liken what Morano is sayin, thanks for this Up lifting report.

  7. Nusuth says:

    Marc I won’t say capitalism isn’t compatible with the earth. But I would say we do need to change, and we are. Industrial methods always pollute, all pipe lines leak, all chemical nutrients leech, pesticides strip the soil of life, cars require strip mining of every resource. Its time to grow an organic economy or catallaxy, not just “frac a bunch more oil and sell that an weapons who ever got cash” okay you didn’t say that but that’s what I heard.

    • brian.s says:

      Concentrations of capital – that are also drawn as credits that run in front of a true reckoning or account, or as speculative investments, and the wielding of pension or insurance funds, make for a leverage of political influence that can and does capture its own regulators and political systems, Media and education systems to use the institutions of social cohesion as weapons for its own growth and protection. This is more like to a cancer on the Earth – not Human beings.

      For anyone running a substitution for life – there is never enough.
      If you have a hole in your life there is no fix for your habit that doesn’t up its demands.
      Until this addiction and its collective support – bottoms out – the race to the bottom gathers pace.

    • Nusuth says:

      I’d also like to say once again, we aren’t destroying the earth. The earth will bounce back, we are destroying the current status quo for people to live comfortably.
      The time is now we have the science to produce food in healthy ways that could benefit the ecosystems around them, we could all live with food forests growing around us, great meadows where we share the bounty of the great mother with the birds, bugs and all the above!

      • Nusuth – I disagree.

        Now when you say “we,” if you are talking about humans, that I agree with, but I’m specifically talking about the EVIL CORPS & the criminals in gov’t & technically they are human. Psychopaths for sure, but still biologically human, although I still haven’t studied whether they really are part alien.

        They are beyond a shadow of a doubt (to me anyway) destroying the earth & have been for quite some time.

        There was nothing healthy about the industrial revolution.

        Coal is VERY toxic & is used in so many ways in our lives that most people don’t know that almost everything they touch is made with toxic coal & that’s why it’s toxic in our homes.

        Everything plastic you touch is made with coal & even the receipts you get from the store you just bought is all made with toxic plastic.

        I haven’t studied this, but I even heard toxic drugs are made with coal.

        You mentioned just some of the ways, & I’ll take it further with glyphosate that has now poisoned almost our entire planet, especially since Monsato gave up the patent & some Chinese companies got their hands on it.

        And there are several other herbicides/pesticides that don’t get as much attention that are just as poisonous.

        EMFs, RFs, & DE – cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters, satelittes all wifi devices, & now the weapon called 5g.

        We are ALL made up of energy including all specifies, & this fucks with our natural energy.

        GMOs – which is basically fucking with mother nature & ANYTHING that takes mother nature & totally destroys it to control is it WRONG.

        So no, we aren’t personally doing this, but b/c the majority of the populous is uneducated, they don’t understand how dangerous this is & they aren’t protesting (lets say like they are with vaccines), this has been going on for a while now & ramping up since around the early 90’s (I believe.)


  8. troymc says:

    Manufacturing Consensus.

    There was a psych experiment, people tend to agree to something obviously false if presented with a consensus of other people agreeing.

  9. miriam.b says:

    I can’t believe Marc Morano has talked for 47 minutes about all this without mentioning CLIMATE ENGINEERING and the devastating effects it is having all over the world.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Miriam.b ; I couldn’t agree more. You know who is in power by who you are never aloud to criticize. I wonder if the myth of power is a fraction of the mass of power. Im sure the arsenal for use by the globalist cabal operating out of the US contains weapons of mass destruction. However,I have come to knowing that the unknown is equally terrifying is where I believe we are today. The power is all in the mind of the terrified.
      The earth is much bigger than any machine power in the arsenal and equilibrium of some mass , like that of the earth, will return quickly if perturbed. The physical world doesn’t lie as frequently as the psychopathic paranoid overlords do to the honest folk.
      Then again someone was spraying the sky here so much the last two weeks everyone is coughing and hacking.

      • miriam.b says:

        I hear you, generalbottlewasher—-the spraying here in central Illinois is horrific.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Miriam.b- the hype is only found here in the recesses of independent news boards. Nothing in the MSM. I see the Ken Lay type diabolical greed with precision of a military strike on derivative plays and market shorts { not to leave out Big Insurance frauds} as the basis of myths that the powers control the weather. No such thing . They are only able to rob one ATM at a time with localized collateral damage.
          But they make many attacks that accumulate into vast sums without detection or facing anyone strong enough or cunning enough to oppose them. The SEC is one of the cops on the take.
          Its very much like the myth of Bonney and Clyde. Bigger than life unstoppible!…???

      • I know, & that’s what I don’t like.

        People KNOW that something is very very wrong & yet when people talk about the climate change hoax, they almost NEVER explain why the weather has turned against us.

        That’s what happened to me when I was first attacked even on Jame’s channel on YT.

        People need to tell the WHOLE story way better.

        GeneralBW – which geo-engineering channel do you trust the most?

        I did trust Jim’s for a while, but then someone told me when he reached out to him several times that Jim wouldn’t talk to him. He was quite upset about it actually. I found him on Discord.

        And someone disputed what Jim said in an interview on someone else’s channel (about what fuel is in the planes’ tanks) & not one person addressed what the guy said.

        I’m the type of person who needs to see not a debate (I don’t like that word at all), but definitely 2 people going back & forth so I can get a better picture as to who is telling the truth.

        I often find people say a whole bunch of things in YT comments to dispute something I believe in & the experts NEVER explain away the disputes.

        Makes me distrust the “experts.”

  10. Camille says:

    While listening to this interview I was thinking about how great it would be if Marc would bring up the whole intentional-destruction-of-Arctic-Sea-Ice aspect while he’s over in Madrid.

    Change the conversation.

    What Is Really Going On With Arctic Sea Ice?

    • CQ says:

      Yes, this video by Camille takes an approach to Arctic Sea ice that I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

      I, too, hope Marc mentions the subject in Madrid.

      Thanks for bringing it to our attention again, Camille, since many in the Corbett crowd probably didn’t see your previous comment on this important subject.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        CQ; here is my first introduction to Article on Seaways development.

        • CQ says:

          Wow, that website is a treasure, gbw. I scrolled through the long home page and didn’t see anything on seaways per se, though I did find Ian Baldwin’s conclusion: “In short, the puppet masters must keep melting the ice and convince us they are doing everything in their power to stop the ice from melting.”

          Do you have a link to an article or essay that’s more specifically about the Arctic ice?

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            CQ, yes you noticed the layout but believe me it has been corrected and gets better over time. Ian Baldwin’s 19 articles are each accessible by clicking on the summary of each. Its 4 years in the making and when there were only 5 or six it was easier to follow. The Putin talk with CNBC directly indicates the complicity of the two Super Powers and the pivot to the North. {Mostly for Big Oil}
            The rest is finding the time to read each article. Sorry I can’t be of anymore help. Don’t you have a box to pull out a little more time in your busy life? Ha!
            By the way today had lot of new and exiting discoveries. The most disturbing is the XR. Do ya think it could be a reaction to the Yellow Vests. Macaroni (Macron) saying ‘mess with us and we will turn your kids against you and go into territory you never believed possible.’ I can only thank of Gobbles and his daughter, Thurnberg and his daughter. Its gone weird for sure. Uncharted territory or repeat and retool of past tries?

            • CQ says:

              Bless you for finding it in the mammoth amount of geoengineering copy that Ian has churned out, gbw.

              It’s now on my “to do tonight” list — after a look-see at today’s #PROPAGANDA WATCH.

            • CQ says:

              gbw, I’ve just finished reading Baldwin’s Part 5. Thanks for steering us to it. Obviously, he has done his homework not only on geoengineering, but on many related, tangential topics. I appreciate that he provides end notes; that’s always a plus. Better yet, he writes really clearly, which allows non-scientists like me to understand his many fascinating points.

              I guess you could say, in a nutshell, that Baldwin reminds me of the guy whose webpage we’re contributing to with these scintillating 🙂 comments.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                CQ; I often wonder that the secrecy of
                ” large Plays” dovetails so nicely with Big Military, Big Oil and big Banking. All are masters of secrecy. So few public domain facts and verifiable information its a wonder we get enough fibers to weave a coherent tapestry of ‘What is really going on.’ Being from Ok, I see Big Oil at the center of resource sequestrations. They have had a lot of trial and error over the last century. A purely reductionists observation.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                CQ, wondering again about this climite thing. If its hidden in plain sight and are gaze is hypnotized to seeing what’s really going on, then can we gain knowledge from our peripheral vision.


                If we interpret the world in this manner it seems to correspond to language, globallize comes to mind.

                Several books have attempted to do so in the past.
                Uptown Sinclair; Oil!… Teapot Dome swindle by Big Oil and Big Military.
                Taylor Caldwel; Of Captains and Kings… Joseph Kennedy and the model of the Anglo-American establishment and birth of NWO.
                Carroll Quigleys tomb; Tragedy and Hope…a real Gaze history book of A-AE and NWO written in pure globallize talk. Fortunately deciphered by Joe Plummer;T&H 101.
                And of course all the peripheral sight found here, with the scantiest of evidence in our direct Gaze and an abundance around our periphery . Need I say Bldg.7 explained in globallize and hidden in our Gaze but found in the periphery ?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                CQ and just 5 hours ago this pops up. Richard Grove at Tragedy and Hope channel does an interesting book review of just such a book. Uncanny. One mind working together from the periphery .


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                CQ. And MBP , this came to my attention today and wanted to share this site . New to me , hope you enjoy the info and hope it comes to other States of this crazy Union.


                I could only hope Ok.legislature would take this up.

              • CQ says:

                GBW, it’s good to know that citizens in Rhode Island are stepping up and not only confronting the geoengineering agenda and implications but also informing their local legislators. I’m impressed by the substance and tone of Rachael McIntyre’s presentation. Not sure what to make of the reporter’s article, though, after reading the first comment below it, by ForwardThinker. Thanks for sharing, GBW.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                CQ I wanted to leave the text of the bill for anyone to look at that might want to commenting the pros and cons of a bill. This bill attempts to govern the ungovernable. I will dive in and see who and how this is was written. I can’t imagine it want written by industry. We’ll see!?? Link too…
                Rhode Island H5992 PD

                It was presented in May 2019.


    • miriam.b says:

      With regard to Arctic Sea Ice, I wonder if Mr. Morano is another person who is afraid to bring up the massive, ongoing Climate Engineering programs?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      More of the the MSM same-ol-same-ol today.
      The Washington Post: Greenland’s ice losses have septupled and are now in line with its highest sea-level scenario, scientists say.

      Makes one wonder. Wonder about resonances Tesla was experimenting with.
      And we all know when scientists say… Run!

  11. alexandre says:

    Does anyone know where the Extinction Rebellion really comes from? I’m trying to find out who are the XR maniacs and I’m finding weird stuff. “They” say everywhere that “we” this and “we” that, but who are “we”? Not to mention the weird system they have of Anchor Circle, Guardianship and Visioning and shit that doesn’t make sense. Looks like UN stuff, or Codex Alimentarius shit. Check out this from XR UK Organism/glassfrog…

    “Providing visibility to the Super-Circle into the health of the Sub-Circle, including reporting on any metrics or checklist items assigned to the whole Sub-Circle”


    Link –
    Supposedly from this Ian Bray who is … ?
    How about Stu Basden, who is a … “Regen Advocate” (?), whose role is .. “Holding the Restorative lens”?? I mean WTF, guys. This is truly weird.

    Where did this shit came from? This has all the smells of what advertisers used to call “public action” or “advertising action”, something that comes from ad agencies, so I was trying to find out what agency this insanity came from, but can’t find anything. Is there a way to find out the true origins of this thing?

    The UN military stuff – to force countries to reduce carbon to zero – as Morano said, is really scary.

    • CQ says:

      It is weird alright, alexandre.

      If you don’t get Patrick Wood’s three-articles-a-day emails from his Technocracy News, you may want to subscribe. Last week Wood picked up the piece about the possible use of UN military troops to enforce the NWO’s climate agenda: (I couldn’t tell if that’s what was visible on the screen during the JC/MM interview).

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        CQ and Alex, they XR are holding their cards close to the vest. The picture pattern I see is the open source circles in circles of the old Round Table groups. Hiding in plain sight. We have so much cognitive dissonance in public its truly alarming.
        Monopoly going up against other monopolies trying to be the only monopoly . Crushing the life out of diversified wholesome communities and associations for domination.
        I see the MSM holding them ,XR in reserve. They are no Yellow Vests. Are they the push back to those galling deplorable unwashed heroes?
        The outer circle always are exploited to the benefit of the few in the inner circle.

        • CQ says:

          Your last sentence, gbw, reminds me of a young grocery store manager I know. He does lots of “truth” reading/watching and sees through the official lies told about 9/11 and other false flags, yet he’s a proud Freemason. He claims to not be bothered by what he has heard about the higher-ups in Freemasonry’s inner circle, because, he reasons, his participation in the outer circle, whose members do lots of charitable giving–especially before the holidays–is so rewarding. I suspect he wants to stand in solidarity with his Mason friends at church–yes, at the African Methodist Episcopal Church he attends.

          gbw, when you speak of “those galling deplorable unwashed heroes,” are you referring, tongue in cheek, to the Yellow Vests?

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            CQ; I was referring to Quigleys description of Milners Round Table Groups and how they work to accomplish goals. They were designed after the compartmentalized Freemasons structures of command control and manipulations to insulate the inner Elites of the Temple.
            And yes to the tongue and cheek of real heroes who know rights from wrongs. Why that hasn’t taken off here is a mystery. How do we expect to ever deal with the technocratic take over if we never show displeasure of what’s being forced upon us and of what’s being taken from us at the same time?

        • alexandre says:

          Hi GBW. I more or less get the overall flavor and the madness. I just wanted to find specific stuff, which probably doesn’t exist. I’d be really surprised if Ian Brey or Stu Basden are real people. XR’s site was certainly done by AI., or worse, people that are like AI. I don’t know, maybe I’m confused about the whole thing and trying to fight wind mills à la Quixote. I just wanted to know the mechanisms that make the phrase “the Earth needs your help” on the paper bag in my town’s bakery, a very small town. In advertising it was kind of simple – you have meetings at the agency with writers, art directors, film directors, you have a product and a client, and they have a ‘strategy’. But to spread this climate disease on an entire planet, so strongly and effectively, through the same mechanisms, I’d like to know how that works. How an ad action can hide behind so many popular movements without being discovered. Or is the popular movement really independent and spontaneous? That would be even more scary.


          “Rep Link
          Purpose: Within the Super-Circle, the Rep Link holds the Purpose of the Sub-Circle; within the Sub-Circle, the Rep Link’s Purpose is: Tensions relevant to process in the Super-Circle channeled out and resolved.”

          … doesn’t help much. If anyone can understand that, I’d be surprised. It’s just AI gibberish, but then this idiocy wouldn’t have any effect, let alone to this universal extent. I can’t find one Antarctica documentary that doesn’t have “Climate Fucking Change” (excuse me) as its main subject. (Ok, I found one by TruthStreamMedia). I don’t know. Maybe I’m just tripping, or panicking. Mass madness really scares me, like The Exorcist. It’s really mass possession, and it’s no fun.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Alex, Americans are the quinticencal products of fakery. They have no concept of the real. The closest thing I can thank of to compare to is the cops and the gangs that are in a battle for survival here. Why do cops risk their lives? For power. Why do gangs fight to survive against power. They possess power if only for a minute. Its unknown to 90% of Americans. Completely neutered. We deserve to have no opinion on anything. For example 911, financial coup 2008 ect.ect with no power to possess any real threat to the real power process, or even to know of it 20 years after. My Venezuela freinds in the 80s where determined to not go the way of Brazil. Imagine that ! Americans won’t know the mass possession nor will they do anything about it if they get a text proclaiming when it will happen. Call me a pessimist or a realist. Its a toss up if we can resist being mass processed here anymore than you there. QueVoy! !!

            • alexandre says:

              “My Venezuela friends in the 80s where determined to not go the way of Brazil.”
              That was interesting. (Everything was interesting, but that caught my attention). What is the image of Brazil in Latin America, I wonder. Probably péssimo. Sell outs, puppets etc probably. I can imagine what “the way of Brazil” means. What a shame. Que vergonha.

              Well, señor Jung already explained: “The IQ of a mass is inversely proportional to its size”. If you get 1.000 Einsteins, as a mass you’ll get an El Chavo. No matter where, here or there, a mass is always a mass. And that’s the target of advertising.

              Pues Vayate!

      • brian.s says:

        Fear is a distortion filter. If you are not sensitive to this you will also realise that unowned fear is contagious and propagates as ‘solutions’ or ‘warnings’ or movements to ‘save’ us all.

        All you really need to know is that fear packaged in deceit is not addressed to the truth of who you are – and so choose not to open it as if it is for you.

        As for background – you can look up Cory Morningstar’s The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg.
        F William Engdahl is a patient and methodical detective in the background to a lot of the political underpinnings to world events including the cultivation and weaponisation of the Environmental Movement.
        I recently read global News article by him of Funding behind XR.

        One of the signatures of the deceiver is that it DOES the thing it presents itself as protecting or defending from. IE War on ‘whatever’ induces Do Something Now! – while actually protecting and propagating the problem behind the best mask you can run – defeating evils or avoiding evil or feared outcomes.
        It is a kind of magic that many actively WANT to believe in and give sacrifice to RATHER than own their fear. That is another reason for manipulators to feed fear as the driver of their ‘market’.

        And so you get an ‘identity’ of managed and protected fears that feels better even as you die in it.
        Or you find the wherewithal to face fears and find willingness and curiosity – which is a primary desire for truth or for knowing the true of our being – rather than seeking only for ‘truths’ that can be weaponised in the fight against ‘whatever’.

        No matter what agency of deceit we meet, we have to at some level align in acceptance for it to be effective in OUR minds. Growing awareness of what we are (moment by moment) accepting as true by acting or reacting from it, is a life in willingness of a true presence in which to live, meet, share and grow. As distinct from a mask we learned in our formative years that we have become identified in.

      • alexandre says:

        Thanks CQ. I’m already subscribed and get my emails every day from Patrick. Did I confuse things and thought the UN military was in the JC/MM interview? It’s there isn’t it? Anyway, yes, very scary stuff. Insanity should be treated, not promoted and funded.

    • Octium says:

      Truthstream media have released a new documentary recently going into XR

      • alexandre says:

        Yes, I watched it, but still the origins, who are they, the names, bios details etc, this is not clear. Or is it and I missed it? I’ll watch it again.

        By the way, let’s subscribe to them (truthstream) on BitChute, cause Melissa said she’s not gonna upload to YouTube anymore, which is great, but they’re probably worried that they’re gonna lose people etc. Just a note to help them a bit.

      • alexandre says:

        Thank you, Thomas, I’ll have a look. I didn’t want to delve into occultism, but I guess I have to. I hope to find at least some source, some origins.

        I know it sounds obvious to say that the advertising MO is in everything now, and these “social movements” are obviously ad campaigns (like the “Me Too” or the “El Violador Eres Tu”), since advertising was always about some sort of social engineering, but now it seems it took over everything. It moved up, it grew and swallowed everything. I’m sure there is one, or many, advertising agencies behind these movements and I want to find which, if possible. Who is orchestrating all this stuff? Who is producing it? That sort of detail. I can imagine that for the XR campaign you have a team and for the El Violador you have another team from another agency etc, but which? Who? Where? You know? Who is Ian Bray? Does he exist? Where did he come from? Who is his boss? And where? Specifics. That would be a way to show people this is all fake – not spontaneous social movements. Like showing people in India (or Brazil) that the character of the sopa opera is actually an actor and that’s all a TV production, not reality. Indeed there’s a lot of occultism involved, but I’m trying to find who the myth creators are, so to speak. They painted the XR logo on the white horse, for f..k’s sake.

        Thanks a lot.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Boa tarde Mistro, Como esta indo? Algumas correcoes estao em ordem. Con sua permissao?
          The act of the deliberate insult to the horse blanco was blown way out of proportion by a real Napoleonic Dick. His exaggerated disgust of the offense did not fit the crime as presented. The black lines were made of black cloth and articles of black clothing. Not paint. Easily removed and restored to the previous restoration conditions . The children were permanently effected by such wanton disrespect of such a noble historical effort on their part.
          How their inocence was deranged was all theater of the jerk who is banned from the local pub for being a Dick when ever possible. Of course I know you knew this.

          P.S. Minhas desculpas por esticar um pouco a Versace. Hope you are well.

          • alexandre says:

            Mistro? Is it Maestro, ou Mister? Mistério? Ministro?

            Thank you for your inputs. No, I didn’t know the full story and I’m glad it wasn’t too much of a problem. In any case it would be just the kind of idea an ad idiot would have. Place your logo everywhere – and the effect, even if physically not a problem, is just horrible. From the point of view of the ad campaign, mission accomplished.

            Esticar a Versace?

            • manbearpig says:

              Hey! I know! Maybe we could just stick a neon Nike sneakers brand “Swoosh” logo above the entrance to the Acropolis or the Collosseum!? (and then chant a few verses and perform an ephemeral Happening to the sneaker god, Phil Knight (who magnanimously allowed China’s child labour market to explode!))

              (using led-lit neon coloured clothing of course… no permanent damage…)


              • manbearpig says:

                ah no, come to think of it, it wasn’t China but some place in Indonesia…

                and it wasn’t my idea in fact, it was in some English grammar workbook… except for the clothing part of course… and the happening part…

                anyhow, let’s get some coffee, we’re late…

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Alex, oppps! auto correct! Should have said.
              Minhas desculpas por esticar um pouco a verdade.
              You know that advertising world like no other.
              All that XR and Greta crap is being gobbled up by people , ahh like ahh CokaCola ! Its the new Coke. Are people that stupid? Or is this the perfect Ad campaign? I’ m not drawn in , I ‘m repulsed. What’s wrong with me? So its not targeting me? Maybe they should a used a bazooka instead of a laser beam huh? Its diabolical.
              P.S. mbp. Cristo has nothing on you!

              • alexandre says:

                Ha ha ha, very good. Good laughs. Verdade, ok. Truth, ah…truth. Why can’t I just watch Netflix and say “to hell with the truth” like everybody else? Happy bastards.

                You can’t handle the tooth!!

                You or me, Corbbet and all corbeteers here are no targets for this whole shit, be assured. They truly don’t give a shit, specially because it really seems like a matter of time before we’re thrown into some corner where we’ll only be able to connect through some torrent pirate bay channel or something. James who?

                I know about advertising to a certain degree and maybe I’m recognizing in this giant climate monster the same traces or looks – look, ma, it looks just like advertising! Like the good old commercial advertising grew to some ultradimensional vaporous monster (a la The Stuff) and now everything IS advertising/propaganda. So when you sneeze or when someone talks to you, it’s all advertising. “I love you” actually means “I accept the contract, for there’s a profit to be had, and I’m glad you bought the persona I produced so carefully” and when she says “I love you too” it’s the same. A contract. Something like that. BUT….I’m probably panicking, as I said above somewhere.

                Thomas sent me a fantastic link that has links and one of them is this “From the NonProfit Industrial Complex” (that I think TruthStream talked about) which apparently will answer all my questions. Have you seen/read it?


  12. Octium says:

    I guess the positive side is that there will be a small number of survivalists that will be able to pick things up again after the sheeple have been sent to slaughter and after the technocratic system fails.

    Which it will do. It’s the true reason why it is called a pseudoscience. It’s because it doesn’t actually work! The more effort that is put into trying to make it work – the faster it will fail.

    Of course the trick is to survive the transition.

  13. CQ says:

    BTW, congrats to Corbett on doing one thousand five hundred interviews since 2006!

  14. John Blaid says:

    Here is a living article of mine that may benefit people where I collect sources that highlights the various aspects of the fraud of climate change. It includes the work of James Corbett and Tony Heller and testimonies done by climate scientists, politicians and other researchers.

    Political topic of climate change is a fraud

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I loved all the ‘animation’ of Marc Morano in this discussion.
    Corbett did a great job of directing the conversation.

  16. Nusuth says:

    Has anyone considered that both sides of the climate bullshit is a psy-op. They have created a 1 or 0 scenario either climate change is destroying the world or everything is fine. Industrial society running unchecked is a cause. Of course both sides of climate argument allow for business as unusual Climate change is a distraction. When Masanobu Fukuoka wrote in “sowing seeds in the desert” that the united states is fast changing it’s whole land space into desert, he didn’t care about climate he was just looking at the plants and the soil. He saw a problem and as do I.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Nusuth, the earth is no liar. Incapable of lying? It seems the patterns the Earth *
      projects is in direct opposition to what hubris puts forth. No wonder they hate the world so much. I can revel in that driving TPTSB ape-$#¡t.

  17. Noahsark723 says:

    Morano is a fitting name for this guy. Sure climate gate is real, the numbers are manipulated, but to what end? To divide and rule and to create a debate that obscures the real agenda of geoengineering and climate “change” but who is really changing the climate? Climate change is real but needs to be put in the proper context of the few who are changing the climate with exotic technologies. Co2 is nothing but the scapegoat cover story for what is happening. This shit they are spraying is what is behind the bee die off and all of the other extinction shit happening. This is really no different than 911 but on a global scale using technologies that most can’t even fathom exist. These evil bastards are using the earth and its natural systems to create a controlled demolition, if you will, of the environment to justify bringing in the global government. This is the great psy-op of our time.

    This guy promotes trump? Fracking? a consumer economy that is consuming the flesh from off the face of the earth? bullshit – this moran(o) is either a fool or an agent. truth can be used to deceive and people need to get wise to that. Light can be used to blind and much as it can be used to reveal.

    Some resources to consider…
    Dane Wigginton – Geoengineering watch

    Sophia Smallstorm

    This is not normal – strange weather

    Cowspiracy – Destroying water table – this is completely out of balance with nature.

    You piss in your well you are going to get sick!

    • phreedomphile says:

      Word to the wise, Noahsark723, be mindful that Dane Wigington appears to be an intelligence asset and gatekeeper. An early clue was when he threw Michael Murphy, producer of the films What (and Why) in The World Are They Spraying, under the bus for suggesting there may be a problem, reaction, solution type situation going on with geoengineering. Wigington apparently believes that anthropogenic climate change is a problem and it’s the reason the spraying is being done (in a reckless manner). Wiggington also supports the UN Agendas 21 and 2030 Sustainable Development mandates. A couple of years ago he was working with CIA agent Kevin Shipp to spread a meme about the deep state being terrified of Trump (lol) which served the Q psy op. He has also ran articles on his site supporting the ongoing geopolitical Kabuki theater. There’s more but I’ll leave it at that. Not saying we should attack people like Dane, rather be mindful of their biases and possible role as gatekeepers.

      Are you familiar with the work of James Lee on Climate Viewer(dot)com? A hard working idealistic genius, he has active websites and a youtube channel. He presents solid evidence of weather manipulation to include a rich historical database.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        Thanks for the heads up here. I don’t agree with everything Dane has to say, but I also don’t see him as a gatekeeper, though I am always open to being wrong about things like this, but I don’t see it. I listen to Dane every week and think that he is misinterpreting some things when it comes to the climate change thing because if geoengineering has been going on for 70 years than how is one to decipher between the effects of the geoengineers and the general populaces effects on the environment? Dane doesn’t say that they are doing this because of global warming but that they are creating their propaganda in regards to rolling this out into public view as a solution to it. That is why he has spoken out against fools like David Keith who can be seen speaking from both sides of his mouth when ever he opens it when he comes out to put forth this false solution.

        I wasn’t aware of the Michael Murphy thing – but there seems to be more there than meets the eye…

        As far as trump (card), Dane sees trump for who he is and makes that point clear in almost every episode. He stands on sound ground from what I have heard him say.

        In the end all of us are subject to being fooled by disinfo – but if the individual is vigilant over time it doesn’t take hold and it only really works on weak minded people who are looking to follow rather than do their own thinking. None of us are going to have a pristine record when it comes to that. Maybe he was taken in at first by kevin shipp – i have been listening to him for a few years now and no mention of shipp or the q anon psy-op.

        If you ask me Alex Jones is either directly working with the cia or is handled by someone who does. That is clear to me because I used to listen to him every day while doing my own research elsewhere. Alot of times is isn’t what they talk about but what they don’t talk about and that they do it within concise patterns. But alex is whole other story…

        There is so much more I can go into here but to finish – Black Lives Matter was created so a real conversation couldn’t be had about the African people and their true history. it is a psy-op to steer the conversation into a designed pigeonhole so the real perpetrators of slavery and the true historical suppression of these great people is short circuited from being had.

        The whole global warming/ climate change thing is a cover of the same order – this is the end game – they have control over the weather – they can fool the masses with that and cause famine and pestilence on a global scale – the tools for global population reduction is in their hands – they are just setting the narrative with climate change bullshit debate.

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

        • Noahsark723 says:


          I am interested to hear more about Dane Wiggington. Could you get me some links in regards to his support of agenda 21 for example and you mentioned there was much more…

          Could you be specific with links – i appreciate it!

  18. corbeaux says:

    Reducing the whole conversation on this topic to the subject of “climate change” is a reductionist strategy. The real name is “destruction of the environment”. The problem is the unconscious behaviour of humans vis à vis the world they are part of. Reducing the whole thing to “climate change” allows governments to propose scams and false solutions like the climate tax, cap and trade, etc., and lets critics proclaim it’s all a scam. Climate change is a misnomer. It is a tool of division. It is propaganda. The problem is much wider and much deeper, it has to do with the way humans inhabit their world. It is a spiritual problem, if one is inclined to use such words.

  19. Nusuth says:

    A paper that might interest those here “Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience”

    Looks at early ecology’s roots in the nazi party. Some what written from the perspective that left coming to terms with itself being fascist. Regradless reading the quotes from national socialist scientist about ecology and their striking similarity to modern day climate alarmist and even my own personal brand of organic economy is very interesting. Additionally a portion is dedicated to the usurping of a German vagabond movement into a nazi movement via ecology which parallels could be equated to the extinction movement or whatever they are called.

  20. jason.s says:

    Just started watching and it seems there might of been a part overlooked in regards to how email communication can be retrieved. Unless emails are encrypted, they are wide open for anyone who has knowledge of where the emails are coming from to catch them as they are being transferred. So this method isn’t really leaked or hacked but more like captured in transit.

  21. dsw says:

    Thanks to my dearly departed brother who several years ago courageously spoke up about the University of East Anglia hoax, I have been awakened to the steamrolling of anthropogenic climate change. Overall, the interview was a great eye-opener, however, the one thing about the interview I found disturbing— Marc Morano’s full endorsement of fracking. My understanding is that fracking is a major source of aquifer pollution. Is this not true? If it is, James, why didn’t you say anything countering Marc’s pronounced glee for fracking?

    • alexandre says:

      I also found that part strange, and him praising trump so much, but I thought it’s just that he doesn’t “go so far”, probably because he doesn’t know so much. He is “half-a-normie”, let’s say. So it’s understandable, and if Corbett said something it would throw the whole thing in another direction. One gets the good parts and throws the rest in the bin.

      Something like that?

  22. mnunn says:

    No mention of ongoing geo engineering, something James has covered in the past. I get confused by his thinking on climate warming/change. You can’t explain what’s happening to the environment/climate without addressing it.

  23. peregrine says:

    I must share this video. It’s humorous and skeptical of !O!M!G!! rise in CO2 and the effects on Earth:

  24. travelinglass says:

    I was disappointed not to hear about the true climate catastrophe geoengineering not brought up throughout this conversation (also 5g). I was also disappointed to hear fracking brought up in a positive way with benefits.

    • alexandre says:

      Me too, but I think Corbett knows how far he can go with the interviewee and knows what he can extract that is useful. Pressing on points the interviewed doesn’t know / agree etc would be a waste of interview. I think.

  25. generalbottlewasher says:

    Time Magazine the pervading mouthpiece of NWO today announced their person of the year! Drum roll please… Greta Thurnberg !!! ?.
    Grata was surprised at the recognition and said she hoped the message is finally getting through.

    GAG ME!!!

    • alexandre says:

      My god. Vomit ad eternam. Next one to receive the Nobel peace prize will be Lucifer. The following year, Ahriman. Never heard of Ahriman? Makes Satan looks like Woody Allen.

    • manbearpig says:

      I’m sure she was at least as surprised as I was to learn of her distinction.

      Let’s see…what category…she’s not a president, not a scientist, reportedly too young to be a woman, not a “controversial choice”…

      Maybe she falls into the ‘inanimate objects’ category??

      “Inanimate objects

      The Computer (Machine of the Year, 1982)
      The Endangered Earth (Planet of the Year, 1988)”

      • manbearpig says:


        full moon…

        • manbearpig says:

          “Back in the days when the UN used adults as their climate spokesperson…”

          there already were 30-year sea-level rise cycles… man-made ones…

        • alexandre says:

          What are you apologizing for? Calling that little idiot an inanimate object? I’d like to call her many other things, but maybe even we get shy about saying anything a bit hard about this girl? So the tactic works then. Hide behind an adolescent girl, preferably with some sort of problem, and you can explode many planets. “They are taking advantage of her”, yes, child abuse, but she looks (and sounds) old enough to know what the fuck she’s doing, and stop it.

          Sorry me, now. I hate this….chick? Wee monster? Itsy bitsy nazi?

          Full moon indeed. I’ll take my medication…

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Alex, she is an iconic tradmark representing the near perfect PR campaign. Well on the way to a lifetime career of being famous for only being famous. Big forces have hold on all sides and she may last longer than 15 seconds .
            Will she see any money out of this? Does she have a generous stake in the franchise that every sane person knows is running out of time? Its no Star Wars franchise. I don’t see any future for its CO2 cause, that part of the franchise is based on scientific fraud, however if they capture the world Eco Movement, in time, no one will care it started as a fraud , the fake foundations and nonprofit Enviro-Markets monies will wind up in the same bank but with a new name and address… I can appreciate how crafty this was planned out. Has the appearance of Royal sanctioned name change of older environmental cash sales con jobs. Put into younger newer hands. Birth of a new religion…erh…Logo, needs a world class PR firm. Who will even have the same campaign running in the wings, so assuring the clients wishes are realized. If Greta Logo fails it can be replaced by the new anti-Royal group Logo, XR . New Logo and address, same Bank.
            You said it awhile back ” everything is an advertising campaign now ”
            What I want to know , are the banks competing or is it all the same bank?

            • manbearpig says:

              Which banks aren’t tributary to the BIS for example? Iranian, Syrian, Libyan, Lebanese etc…?


              True or misdirection?;


              • alexandre says:

                Yeah, that TSM video was a good one. The idiot thinks he’s part of the club because he’s a billionaire and “ads value”. Like the Hindus or Jewish it’s an ethnic “religion” (read club or gang or secret society). You can’t get in with money, you twit.

                I hate to bring this ad thing again, but in an advertisement truth doesn’t matter. It’s a made up world to sell a product, but now this made up fantasy world occupied the real world (as in occupy WS) to sell itself, so my guess is that Great is being brewed (is that correct?) to be something like the president of Earth, or Queen of Asgardia, some leader for “the future”. The youngest chief of state in history? She’s making the rounds, no? Talks here and there, all the clubs subsidiaries – UN summits, conferences, TED, CFR, WB etc. O ye, if she never comes to be the Queen of Earth or something, you bet your Gibsons that the idea is in the psychos’ “heads”.

                Well, just a quick search and look:

                The more “make believe” and “new” the better, even if it’s actual lunacy. As I said, ads don’t worry about truth or reality. Fantasy is much better, and for children, fantasy IS reality, and it’s serious stuff.

                Coup d’état all over the place, spiritually, economically, politically, psychologically, you name it. Everything has been taken over by something else. Someone mentioned aliens somewhere here in the comments and, as ridiculous as it may be, at least metaphorically it’s exactly correct; an alien race came and took over everything from within. Since that’s unbelievable and beyond proof, we get stuck with researches, evidences, documents etc. What else could we do in such a Toma? People like Jung and Campbell had some ideas, as “tomas” (possessions) indeed come from within (the unconscious…..timpani roll), so they’re not exactly alien, but even that is out of reach now.

              • alexandre says:

                MBP. Now that I think of it – and addressing your question about “same bank” – reality will still be in the hands of the same owners (whoever, wherever) and we’re gonna be stuck in fantasy world. But then, isn’t this just a modern version of what has been always? Reality monopolized by whoever wherever and us stuck in fantasy world, i.e. governments, kingdoms, social systems etc? “They” don’t have banks. They use banks for control, I think that’s well understood. It’s their pesticide. And “they”, in my imagination, are way up above Rockefellers or Rothschilds. If you can name them, they’re not it, would be my guess.

                Imagine a human family that have a garden full of ants. They use insecticide (anticide?) to control the ants, but they would never touch it. Anything the ants can discover or reveal will never reach the family in the house, way over there. Then someday someone in the family has an idea; “Enough with insecticide. It’s destroying our garden. I have something better. We hypnotize the ants to kill themselves. They elect leaders, they have political parties, they do demonstrations, political debates etc and at the end they go insane and kill themselves. It’s not so cheap as insecticide but it’s much more fun to watch, and we don’t poison the garden.” “Good idea”, says the chief. “Call Amschel right away”. Something like that? We have to use our imagination!

              • manbearpig says:

                No fun to watch ants kill each other…

                but guess it depends on whether or not I had something to prove about ant behavior…

                and my own hypnotizing capacities…

              • alexandre says:

                If you were “them” you wouldn’t think like that.

                Campbell tells (told) that in India you can (could in the last century) tell which caste the person belongs to by their looks. The castes above don’t mix, so they look alike etc, and they’ve become almost like another race. So… improvising: Brahmins = owners of Earth, Shudras = ants. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers would be the Kshatriyas or even Vaishyas (the money people), that is, some caste below the Brahmins. The Brahmins don’t deny the right to exist of the Shudras, but don’t even think about going up the scale. The thing is brutal, but the Shudras have to be there for … they are like “the feet of Brahman”, or something like that. In that sense, the masters don’t want to kill the ants but only “manage” them. We’re the same, just more disorganized, out of whack. Technocracy is maybe an attempt to organize this mess to resemble more the caste system (alphas, betas etc?). Thank god there are good ants here to say “wait a fucking minute.”

              • alexandre says:

                Caste system, by the BBC, but still…

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Far from final but a convincing indictment. An angle that’s very similar to T. Healers takes


              • manbearpig says:

                I really appreciate the gesture GBW but this fervent advocate of “Just Facts” writes:

                “…Palestinian Islamists were cheering gleefully at thousands of deaths on American soil. This was burned into my mind remarkably clear – the woman wagging her tongue, the boys pounding their fists into the air. Until last night, I had not watched this news scene in a decade, and when I saw it again it was precisely as I remembered it…”

                and then concerning Bin Laden’s sensational death:

                “What impressed me were the concerns various Americans had about rejoicing over guilty bin Laden’s death – Christian sentiments that contrasted sharply with those held by the Muslims in Palestine who celebrated the deaths of innocent Americans on 9/11…

                …(I will add here that the Bible makes a distinction between rejoicing over justice being done and gloating over the death of one’s enemy.)…”

                Well, it’s true; the devil’s in the details…


                I’d love to claim her as an ally in Climate Truth GBW, but 9/11 truth remains a litmus test of credibility.

                More “Just Facts”?:


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP , did not know the whole story, as I stated far from final. You exposed a part relevant to the whole understanding of how AI makes sure the message is weaponized and delivered with pinpoint accuracy.
                It takes a village . Thanks for clarifing and putting tares where they belong before harvest.

                I type T. Heller and it went to press T. Healer. What can you do?

  26. geof.h says:

    When I hear people say they “believe in climate change” I think of Tomorrow Never Knows:

    Love is all and love is everyone
    It is knowing, it is knowing

    And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
    It is believing, it is believing

  27. andy_spoo says:

    I normally agree with most things that Corbett Report produces but on climate change I do not. Their are so many things wrong with this interview and the opinions expressed within it are outdated and incorrect.

    Why do so many Europeans believe in Climate Change compared to Americans?
    That is the WRONG QUESTION. The question should be ‘Why do so many Americans NOT believe in climate change compared to Europeans’? The answer is the USA have a massive fossil fuel lobby that is not present in anything like that scale in Europe. Both USA political parties receive millions of dollars for their campaigns from that fossil fuel industry, which influences politicians and policy on climate change. The fossil fuel industry obviously has a VESTED INTEREST in saying that climate change is not real, so they can continued to burn their CO2 producing fuels and therefore make money….. LOTS OF MONEY.

    So what happened to Corbett’s principle of FOLLOW THE MONEY? When in comes to climate change…….that principle seems to go out of the window when it becomes inconvenient.

    And of course their is the USA military, one of the worlds biggest polluters. If climate change is to be tackled then they would have to severely limit their operations in all of the thousands of bases they have over the world. The military also has numerous propaganda organisations with which to influence people about climate change. Europe has a small fraction of bases compared to the USA and the military has far less influence on it’s populations opinions compared to the USA.

    FOI and The Hockey Stick
    The reason why the FOI was not originally given out was that the university DID NOT OWN THE DATA SET. The dataset was not owned by one organisation, but was compiled from many organisations data sets. The university would have been in breach of contracts had it just handed out the data there and then, which could have led to them being denied new data from those organisations, or being taken to court. And in the end the data set was given out after consultation, and those that had seen the data after the controversy (e.g. Steve Mosher and others that had the knowledge to understand it) AGREED with the finding of the report. The only MAIN PLAYER, Steve Mcintyre, who did not agree with the analysis was the guy that worked in the mineral mining industry, an industry that has many links with the coal mining industry. Funny that you didn’t mention that in the interview (Follow The Money, remember that??).

    The hockey stick, for those that don’t know, is where the data set showed a trend in temperature change but curved UPWARDS at a certain point, creating a chart that looked like a hockey stick. The graph in question was of global temperature plot showing data over the last 1000 years. The upward curve (temperature increase) started when the industry first took off, when man was burning coal in large quantities.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. – JC]

    • alexandre says:

      I’ll give it a try.

      “…their CO2 producing fuels…”
      “…worlds biggest polluters…”
      “If climate change is to be tackled…”

      You seem to believe that climate change is caused by pollution and humans. That’s a problem. With that premisse, your whole text is very problematic. First you have to define this question and then see what Corbett thinks, says, fails to address etc, because Corbett – as probably the majority here – doesn’t buy the anthropogenic climate change propaganda. Climate change is real, it’s normal and it’s not caused by humans or pollution. That would be the first thing to be well established. Then you could see the failures in the interview – which I’m sure are many (I also found the question you mentioned kind of meaningless), but as I said before, Corbett (and others) know how far they can go with each interviewee depending on what he knows etc in order not to waste an interview. Get the good bits and leave the problematic ones behind, otherwise it turns into a debate, which isn’t the intention. I think.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…So what happened to Corbett’s principle of FOLLOW THE MONEY? When in comes to climate change…….that principle seems to go out of the window when it becomes inconvenient…”

      Surely you jest.

      You say you agree with most of what the Corbett Report produces and yet it seems you are utterly unfamiliar with Mr Corbett’s seminal works entitled “How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World”, “What is Sustainable Development” or “Carbon Eugenics”. Have you viewed none his reports on Maurice Strong, or his interviews with Rosa Koire or Elaine Deware or Patrick Wood? If you were familiar with the Corbett Report content you would know that following AGW money

      leads you to the very doorstep of petrol-funded, Club of Rome begotten Climate Alarmism, the founders of the IPCC and the handlers of the climategate delinquents, Micheal Mann, James Hansen, Phil Jones and all their fellow climate muppets.

      As far as French climate skeptics are concerned, the French population is quite unaware of their existence and point of view as the accomplished professors and scientists that comprise them are simply excluded from the climate debate (e.g. François Gervais, Vincent Courtillot and Benoit Rittaud) and/or unceremoniously fired and taken off the air as was the case with distinguished media show host specialized in meteorology and climatology, Philippe Verdier.

      This sort of ruthless censorship can disrupt an honest climate debate and result in generalized ignorance. The French, unlike you, might have an excuse.

    • flammable says:

      Follow the money is important but also we must find out what exactly is this money used for. I hear about billions spent on climate change denial and covering up the truth but I could not find any money allocated to do so.

      The only billions of spending these energy companies do in terms of propaganda is selling their products and claiming their products to be safe. I could not find any advertisement that denies climate change at all. Then again people will assume not talking about climate change is equal to denying it.

      You should also look at legislation related to climate change. All of them simply tax offenders. The US military and energy companies will always be able to pollute the environment as they can afford to pay the taxes and fines.

      What you said about the FOI and the hockey stick graph makes sense. I do have a ton of questions about data ownership and that whole system of how to share data. Or why is data is not allowed to be shared or needed approval.

      Still you mention follow the money and it also applies to the funding of climate change research. Why are energy companies one of the biggest funders of the research? Are they really trying to deny climate change by funding the movement?

      Maybe the funding was for the energy giants to hijack the research into the Earth’s climate. To both profit from it and hide the real damage these companies are doing to the earth.

      To me even I find the data to be real it only shows a coincidence. CO2 being the main driver of climate change just goes against a lot of established science. Unless you can prove CO2 produces more energy than previously thought.

      I think the real danger from oil and coal industries is pollution that is making us sick and shortening our live spans right now. And this climate change movement has gotten people to ignore the current danger. That is what the lobbyists from the energy industries are really paying politicians to do. Get the public to ignore the environmental dangers slowing killing us right this second.

  28. alexandre says:

    A question to anyone who can explain like I’m a 6 years old. Isn’t CO2 confused with CO1 (Carbon Monoxide)? Isn’t carbon MONOxide the polluting one? Do people mix the two? Do the propaganda mix it too and no one notices? I never understood CO2 as a pollutant. Monoxide yes.

    • manbearpig says:

      Since no one else has offered a response I’ll propose my feeble understanding of the question:

      “…CO – carbon monoxide and CO2 – carbon dioxide are often confused. The names sound the same, they are both colourless and odourless gases, and at high concentrations, both can be deadly. The difference is that CO2 is a common, natural gas necessary for all plant and animal life. CO is not common. It is most often a by-product of the oxygen-poor combustion of fuel…”

      and yet it is not the pollutant but the naturally occurring gas that is incriminated under the pretext that it is a “greenhouse gas”.

      A greenhouse gas is an atmospheric gas that blocks some of the infrared light radiated back up from the surface of the earth that was warmed by incoming sunlight, thereby warming the atmosphere; with the non-absorbed infrared light being reemitted out towards space.

      Supposedly the accelerated addition of the trace ghg, CO2, into the atmosphere (water vapor being by far the predominant greenhouse gas) resulting from the industrial and military revolution is causing an accelerated heating of the Earth’s atmosphere; but there are reportedly quite a number of flaws in this simplistic reasoning with the first being that there has been no accelerated heating of the Earth’s atmosphere.

      As you probably know, Tony Heller’s “Basic Science for Climate Scientists” is an enjoyable way to set out on the climate scam journey:

      Should you have any questions about English grammar, please don’t hesitate…

      • manbearpig says:

        What I find fascinating is how the unsubstantiated bunk linked below can possibly exist:

        It’s the media communication and the people’s reception of the communication on such subjects as 9/11 and climate change that I find really astonishing. Also my near total incapacity to dissipate the spell for even a moment… It does make me wonder…

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          MBP , just out from Solari Report. Patrick Woods part, I found very interesting. The rest is self explanatory knoll you get into the genetic amino acids talk. It reminded me of Alex’ s question in a way..

          Watcha thank? Its got to be important.

          • manbearpig says:

            like so many dancing morphing russian dolls

            nucleons within nucleons are particles and waves depending on their scale and in which dimension they’re being observed or not
            encoding countless swirling life forms and consciousness itself?

            Ulrike Granogger reminded me of this:


            echos within echos of ancient knowledge embodied and described in numerical patterns embodied and described in multi-dimensional geometric forms embodied and described in Nature.

            starting to get a little seasick…probably all the coffee…

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              MBP. The patterns Youtube was much more interesting and may be more relevant than Ulrike’s , Winthrope Rockefeller kind of technocracy religion. Fitts always has a surprise to spring on the public. Maybe the price of half the truth is payed by delivering half the truth.
              The Ulrike piece is so unlike the other three choices it stands out in so many ways comparing theme , content, ect. Ect.

          • manbearpig says:

            Ho-ly Ca-Noll-I !!!

            at 46:07 of this video! Fractal computers and gravitational wave antennas for gravitational wave communication!!??

            The human brain can be simulated thanks to fractal computers with cliques coming together to write the questions and the answers??!!

            LIght wave communication/space time oscillation communication


            We could really be in big trouble now

            That talk was more fun than a Mike Scahill movie!

            now back to the 3-D cylindrical space/time rotations of the hamster wheel…

            • alexandre says:

              Don’t worry, mbp. No matter how far a calculator goes into its multidimensionalhyperhecosahydronistic adventures, it’s still a calculator. It cannot go beyond its own dimension.

              Considering the genuine interest in how life works, this is just a nice friendly form of scientism. The obsession with imitation, simulation, reproduction etc is exactly that; an obsession, which is a symptom of a psychological sickness. Maybe the calculator, insane, is desperately trying to imitate its God, which it thinks it’s the human brain. By imitating perfectly the brain intricacies, it thinks it’s achieving its goal, but the one thing it cannot and will never imitate, or even understand, is consciousness (and that was stated by a renowned professor that actually pays people to find out). Then we can think of the military applications of all this, which is the real motivation, right? The scientist may be enthusiastic about nature, but whoever pays his bills is interested in something else. In that sense yeah, we are in big trouble all right. IF I understood it correctly.

              Did she mention Maxwell? It reminded me of Eric Dollard. He talks a lot about Maxwell. Would that be the same Maxwell?

              • alexandre says:

                Wait a minute, mbp. I’m going further on that video and maybe I didn’t get your comment right. It’s getting a bit more scary – the LAGRANGE thing etc. Maybe I was too hasty in replying? Shall I stand corrected?

              • alexandre says:

                Well, very interesting, but still I see a problem with the premisse (I hope it’s a premisse) that the mind is the source of consciousness. Apparently in the East, which she mentions a lot, the mind is a function of consciousness, not its source. So there’s too much focus on the mind, or the brain, as a source of anything and that’s why it sounds (to me) that this line of thought will never get anywhere (except the insane military applications). In any case, beri beri interesting. How ever did you find this one?

              • manbearpig says:

                well, too tired right now to try to better understand who exactly Ulrike Granogger is but she referred to the two projects linked below.

                Seems like a Mike Scahill-style New Age religion based on quantum physics. In my haste, I thought that the video had mentioned that some sort of new computer existed known as the fractal computer.



                anyhow, it was fun. Have to go back and rewatch that computer part with the cliques though… time to visit Morpheus now…

      • alexandre says:

        MBP…Erm….grammar….erm….”Does the propaganda….”? Was that it? Or was all of it? Don’t hesitate to point out my errors, so I can learner. I won’t take offense.

        The NY Times article I can’t open because I don’t have an account there, nor shall I ever (how’s that for grammar, ‘ya bastard’ – in a Scottish accent).

        About the CO explanation – and thanks for that – at high concentrations even pizza can be deadly. So…what do factories put out, CO or CO2? I always thought CO, not CO2. (I said, “like I’m a 6 years old”).

        Yes, I’m watching the Tony Heller video again, eating some chicken wings. Let’s see if I can pay more attention this time.

        • manbearpig says:

          “what do factories put out, CO or CO2?”

          That pertains to this part:

          “CO is not common. It is most often a by-product of the oxygen-starved combustion of fuel…”

          As far as English grammar goes, the only reason I mentioned it is that, unlike chemistry and physics, I’m supposed to know something about it (but I don’t particularly.)

          Thanks for the pizza warning! 😯

          • alexandre says:

            English teacher, are we? I shall inquire you incessantly!
            Thanks for the clarifications. The Tony Heller videos are indeed so very good, by the way.

            Now let’s move to the new Corbett video. I’m doing an experiment with wifi. Bring the pizza.

  29. manbearpig says:

    Cited as heros in getting the truth out about climate change it was interesting to get Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick’s input about Julian Assange and Wikileaks’ role in the Climategate emails:

    “Assange on Climategate
    Steve McIntyre
    Nov 30, 2010 at 9:48 AM

    Jeff Id links to a YouTube video of WikiLeaks’ Assange making a variety of untrue or inflated claims about Climategate and WikiLeaks’ role.
    Assange falsely claimed that the Climategate emails were broken by WikiLeaks. This is obviously untrue as CA readers know…

    …Assange asserted that UK newspapers had close involvement with UK intelligence, that he had supposedly been told by UK reporters that they had received the dossier from the FSB (presumably FSB, the Russian intelligence) just three days before the Copenhagen conference. Assange then proclaimed that the UK intelligence tried to “frame us as a conduit for the FSB – absolutely outrageous”.
    The dates of the Copenhagen conference were Dec 7 to 18, 2009 (see here for example). Gertting the Climategate emails three days before Copenhagen (Dec 4,2009) was hardly a scoop. By that time, even Jon Stewart had done a comedy segment and Minnesotans for Global Warming had issued the Hide the Decline video…

    Ross: “Of course they should simply have said that they weren’t the source of the leak, that it was in full circulation long before anyone looked to them for a copy and they didn’t know much about the details of what followed. But that would have been too humble, especially in front of a room full of simpering hero-worshippers. So they pretended to be insiders and proceeded to deliver a few minutes of sheer drivel.
    While I was in the UK last fall, there was brief interest by the UK tabloids in the Russian angle, and an article appeared in the Daily Mail speculating that Russian intelligence officials had hacked the UEA and stolen the emails. But nobody took that line seriously and the story died within 48 hours. If Assange has a shred of evidence to support his lunatic theory he should release it. What’s with these secret communications between him and UK intelligence: out with it, Mr Wikileaks! Bloody poser.
    On this issue at least they are nothing but fakes and cretins. Saying that UEA released all the background emails and whatnot to provide the full context is beyond idiocy; and Assange’s discussion of the “trick” is just painful to watch.””

    • manbearpig says:

      “…The UK papers, which have close involvements with British Intelligence…said that we received this stuff from the FSB…My opinion is probably, not certainly, maybe the papers did it by themselves, but Probably UK intelligence tried to frame us as being a conduit for the FSB because actually they didn’t like the truth of what was in those emails – absolutely outrageous!…” – Julian Assange

      Here you can watch the video mentioned in the climate audit piece above where Julian Assange attempts what could be a “trick” of his own, mendacious indeed; that of bouncing off and adding to otherwise discreet and half-hearted speculation that the Russians were actually behind the CRU leaks (an allegation made by at least the Telegraph who doesn’t mention Wikileaks at all). Indeed Mr. Assange fans the embers of that predictable nonsense to portray himself and Wikileaks as Hero-victims. Could Mr. Assange have pointedly evoked this Russian conspiracy theory to deflect attention away from the real scandal; the hacked CRU emails themselves?;

      Concerning the “trick” evoked by Assange, this is how McIntyre concludes in the article linked in the comment box above:

      “In the example of interest, the Climategate correspondents did not use a sophisticated mathematical method; [or “Cool technique” in JA’s tricky words – mbp] they simply deleted data that didn’t accord with their expectations…”

      But the real question remains: If he knows the British newspapers have “close involvements with British intelligence” why does he filter his leaks through them??

      This very question was posed by Chossudovsky in his December 13th, 2010 article entitled simply “Who is Behind Wikileaks?”:

      “…Is Wikileaks part of an awakening of public opinion, of a battle against the lies and fabrications which appear daily in the print media and on network TV?

      If so, how can this battle against media disinformation be waged with the participation and collaboration of the corporate architects of media disinformation?

      Wikileaks has enlisted the architects of media disinformation to fight media disinformation: An incongruous and self-defeating procedure…”

      – Michel Chossudovsky

  30. manbearpig says:

    Had someone already seen or linked this video?

    Hide The Decline: A Climategate Backgrounder
    150 795 vues•Sortie le 6 déc. 2019

    Sorry if this post is a repeat: but I found the recap very helpful.

    • alexandre says:

      Just saw it. Yep, another good one for the collection. I think things should be put more into the right perspective though, because it’s as if they were talking about real scientists and serious people. The IPCC is not “misleading”. It’s a gang of bastards hired by another gang of bastards to promote yet another gang of MFs’ ad campaign to support the transformation of this planet into a disfigured semi-aborted deranged monster, a task they accomplished quite successfully. Something more on that vein, you know. More panache. How’s my English MBP?

      • manbearpig says:

        My most distinguished and reservedly charismatic climate science neighbor would want to know why you need so much attention and/or from whom you receive financial compensation for broadcasting such unscientific blasphemies. More cynical adverseries might cry out:

        “You have meddled with the primal forces of nature Mr. Brazil
        And I won’t have it.
        Is that clear?
        You think you merely stopped a business deal.
        That is not the case
        The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country
        And now they must put it back.
        It is ebb and flow.
        Tidal gravity.
        It is ecological balance.

        You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations,
        And peoples.
        There are no nations.
        There are no peoples.
        There are no Russians.
        There are no Arabs.
        There are no third worlds.
        There is no west.
        There is only one holistic system of systems.
        One vast and immane,
        Multinational dominion
        of dollars.
        Petro dollars.
        Electro dollars.
        Rubles, Pounds and Shekles.

        It is the international system of currency,
        Which determine the totality of life on this planet.
        That is the natural order of things today.
        That is the atomic and subatomic,
        And galactic structure of things today.
        And YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature.
        And you will atone.
        Am I getting through to you Mr. Brazil?

        You get up on your little 21mm Corbett comment box,
        And howl about America and democracy.
        There is no America.
        There is no Democracy.
        There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T,
        And Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon.
        Those are the nations of the world today.

        What do you think the Russians talk about in their Councils of State?
        Carl Marx?
        They get out their linear programming charts,
        Statistical decision theories, Minimax Solutions
        And compute the price cost probabilities of their transactions,
        And investments.
        Just like we do.

        We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies Mr. Biel.
        The world is a college of corporations.
        Inexorably determined by the
        Imutable bylaws of business.
        The World is a business Mr. Biel.
        It has been since man crawled out of the slime.
        And our children will live Mr. Biel
        To see that
        Perfect world
        In which there’s no war,
        Or famine,
        Or brutality.
        One vast ecumenical holding company.
        For who all men will work to serve a common profit,
        And which all men will hold a share of stock.
        All necessities provided.
        All anxieties tranquilized.
        All boredom amused.”

        As for your English, a pair of hit and miss prepositions barely offers the faintest hint of an exotic elsewhere…

        • alexandre says:

          I yield.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Alex the art of using English in a lyrical flowing manner can be near imposible. Take note. The Tri-meras of Words (mbp) has been on a tear, a gusty blow of vowels with constantent burning brilliance of the sun. HolySmokes Trimera! You is on fire. { Just outstanding production lately .}
            Alex this is no normal English speaker but a Titan of the tongue. Culturally speaking anyone from 1970 to present, in the English speaking cinema age , and I mean
            Anyone that can use “squeal like a pig” Ned Beatty in a piece without ‘ Delivernce ‘ deserves a promotion and a raise. LaCroixLangue OraRey, to you my dear Trimera from your humble admirers for going above and beyond English imagination . (and giving more joy to this country than you take.)

            • manbearpig says:

              “…(mbp) has been on a tear, a gusty blow of vowels with constantent burning brilliance of the sun. HolySmokes Trimera! You is on fire. { Just outstanding production lately .}
              Alex this is no normal English speaker but a Titan of the tongue…”


              and “dream on creep”?!

              but in a weary spirit of Deliverance the trimera prefers scat to scatology and will thus leave you two alone with the mars bars, rottweilers and ambiguous beauty of two squealing banjos…



              • manbearpig says:

                yea, good scat and some good ol’ soul like this Billy Connolly:

                “The great thing about Glasgow is that if there’s a nuclear attack it’ll look exactly the same afterwards.”

              • alexandre says:

                Billy is ambiguous himself. It’s hard to become a celebrity and remain “working class” at the same time. BUT…..funny as hell. IF … you get in the right ontology. Or should I say Ornithology?


                I don’t know, I’m tired and happy. Just came back from a gig in the big city and we played a blues on the second set with such swing that it gave me energy for the next 5 months. I’m invincible now!

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey Alexandre!

                Thanks for teaching me a new word!: “Ontology” (ornithology was in my repertoire).

                And thanks for communicating your euphorically empowered vibes! Totally tangible! (no need for weird earbuds).

                Here the sun’s shining warmly on a Friday afternoon so yer invincibility is boosting my TGIF optimism! Nice to read you happy!

                So just to make this comment vaguely pertinent to the topic at hand I’ll link Tony Heller’s “First Annual State of the Climate Address”. I know you’re wary of him but except for the partisan Trump-upmanship it’s a pretty reassuring recap… in terms of weather…


              • alexandre says:

                Ontology, ornithology, tomatos, tomatos.
                My invincibility is weakening as reality sets back with this money thing which has been the terror of the family for over 55 years. Never there, almost there, never enough, almost enough, down again. The knife in the throat all the time. No matter what you do the knife just won’t go away. Maybe it’s an Argentinean damnation. “Laugh on Saturday, cry on Sunday”, my mom used to say.

                Anyhow, I’ll watch the video, thanks.

                As for Connolly, I don’t know how much you must know about Scotland – not the history, but the spirit – to properly appreciate it. I had this Scottish partner who used to tell me stuff about Scotland and it kind of made me get the swing of it, so to speak, just a bit. So I don’t know. Similar to reading Joyce without having a clue about Ireland, something like that? How come you never heard of him? he was in Mrs Brown, big movie etc. In Scotland they call him “Big yin”.

  31. alexandre says:

    That’s why I yielded, like a knight defeated in battle. “I yield”, they used to say (didn’t they?). And then, on yer bike to Arthur’s court.

    English. I remember a line on a Shakespeare book I bought once (as if I could even read the title) and it said: “The darkness which the blind do see”. Man, I can’t translate that to Portuguese for the life of me. I mean, you can, but the feeling, the … mood… of the phrase is not the same. Said book was enormous with half of it being the translator’s explications about the problem of translating Shakespeare. So yes, señor Titan. “…a pair of hit and miss preposition barely offers the faintest hint of an exotic elsewhere…

    That’s p’rty. And damn you, prepositions!

    • alexandre says:

      I must say that I’m one of the only Brazilians that can watch a whole Billy Connolly gig understanding almost everything, but not only that; laughing his arse off. An old Scottish friend that used to live here couldn’t believe I could understand it. Once I got a line from Billy that was: “Don’t get thin, if you wanna get thin, stick a Mars bar up yer arse and get a rottweiler to chase you down the street”. He gave me a medal!

  32. cooly says:


    Apparently you are a Billy Connolly fan.
    There is a video on YT called Billy Connolly: A Scot In The Arctic. Maybe you have seen it. If not, check it out.

    • manbearpig says:

      Had never heard of the guy before yesterday but I’ll try to make a look-see of your link part of my Friday night entertainment program. I’ll admit that’s his material’s probably a little over my head though.

      • cooly says:


        Don’t worry. That video won’t go over your head. It’s just a very interesting and funny guy camped out in the middle of nowhere, talking to a camera.
        And as far as the evening entertainment goes, (quite necessary for me, anyway- after a day of depressing reality I need to decompress- )
        May I make another movie recommend, for you and anyone else who might be interested.
        It’s called Fido. Connolly plays the part of a pet zombie. Hence the title. A weird little film, one of my favorites.

  33. Matt says:

    This interview is really eye opening. I’ve always been suspicious of the modeling science, and I don’t doubt the resulting hysteria is being used to usher in technocratic controls. Furthermore, as a scientist (medical science), I’m well aware of how dogma and moneyed interested are used in science to silence dissenting voices. However, the rise in global temperatures, corresponding rise in CO2 levels, and strong correlation to human activities has seemed like solid science to me for quite a while. Can anyone point me to a specific resource (documentary, book, etc) that provides a well-reasoned scientific and technical refutation of these foundational elements of climate science? I went to the Climate Depot website, but found it difficult to navigate.

    Beyond that, I’ve also been of the opinion that if energy technologies are available that reduce pollution and are more efficient, then shouldn’t we promote those technologies? Fracking was mentioned here, but I’ve seen a lot of information on how fracking pollutes the water tables of the locations it is performed. Is it really an improvement over oil and coal? To the extent that solar and wind are more efficient and less polluting, shouldn’t we favor those technologies? Maybe I’ve just been overfed a diet of BS on this subject, but I’m suspicious of points of view that support the activities of “big energy” (or any big moneyed interests in general).

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