Episode 060 - A Bioterror False Flag

10/19/200896 Comments

Running Time: 1:10:24

Description: Anthrax, bird flu and even the deadly 1918 Spanish flu are being toyed around with in secret government biological weapons programs. How safe do you feel?

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Documentation - Scientists' deaths are under the microscope
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Description: Globe and Mail article from 2002 that attempts to make light of the fact that an incredible number of world-class microbiologists started dying in mysterioius accidents around the world shortly after 9/11.
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Documentation - The mysterious deaths of top microbiologists
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Documentation - Government Biological Weapons Legislator: Anthrax Inside Job Cover Up Continuing
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Description: The government is declaring a health emergency about a possible anthrax terror attack...sometime between now and 2015 (now THAT'S covering your bases!)....And, oh, by the way, if you die from the mandatory anthrax vaccine after they declare martial law they can't be held liable
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Documentation - Main post office plans emergency drill today
Time Reference: 33:17
Description: More conditioning to convince the public that there's anthrax in every envelope.
Link To: Sign on San Diego

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  1. Is there any chance the Corbett Report will cover the mysterious and abnormally large number of the holistic / naturopathic doctor deaths in the USA starting a few years ago?

    Perhaps it’s Big Pharma at work, or much ado about nothing. I’d like to know.

    You may wish to contact Holly Seeliger, aka Zoon Politikon for more information on it. She’s among the few I’ve seen cover it. And she’s a huge Corbett fan. (Tell her hi from me.)

    Thanks for being the Sunshine disinfectant!

    • trishcomicmom says:

      Yes, I think that Dr. Mercola’s wife was, at one point, keeping a list of those doctors who died mysteriously. Our own pediatrician, a real advocate for patient choice, including with vaccines, died rather mysteriously (he was in perfect health) a few months before the campaign for forced vaccinations for public school students started in California.

      • Thanks for commenting and your experience.

        Maybe we can raise enough attention in these comments to inspire James to cover it?

        It wouldn’t hurt if there were relevant related links to the current crisis, and though we don’t want to develop nonsense conspiracy theories, it doesn’t seem that far fetched to me that there might be natural solutions to real viruses – including getting out for fresh air. We’re forced to be cooped up breathing the same air, though many of us live in apartment buildings. So much utter illogical stupidity among all this fear!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Erin Elizabeth (HealthNutNews)(Dr. Mercola’s female friend) has followed and listed the deaths of many Holistic Doctors.

        From October 2019 at Corbett Report

  2. De Clarke says:

    Should we assume that Covid-19 is (obviously) bio-weapon and also an agent that has benn purposefully released in order to further push forward certain agendas?

    • phreedomphile says:

      Well, we can’t prove it’s genetically engineered given the genetic sequence was publicly released and analyzed by scientists around the world in an open source manner finding no evidence of genetic engineering.

      An unnatural laboratory frankenvirus made without G.E. tinkering is possible. However, a Nature paper analyzing the virus concluded it is most likely a natural phenomenon. A 2015 Nature paper, that included a Chinese scientist from Wuhan being paid from a US grant in collaboration with the government of China, shows intention and work done to create a similar highly pathological virus.

      We can’t prove it’s a bioweapon but the timing is too coincidental to Event 201 and many other activities coinciding with benchmarks for a “post carbon world” related to the UN Agendas.

      Maybe we shouldn’t concentrate on the FEAR FACTOR that’s the main focus of this big global psy op. Instead, we can put forth verified information already available showing 1) the lethal nature of the virus has been greatly exaggerated; 2) two major reports have come out on the HIGHLY successful use of hydroxychloroquine (one a formal published study led by a world class expert on infectious diseases, the other out of NY involving 699 patients, all of them recovering rapidly and fully); and 3) the many effective natural alternatives for prevention and treatment. [Hat tip to the great links supplied by Home Remedy Supply on the most recent New World Next Week thread.]

      Please don’t give into the fear porn. It’s paralyzing and divisive by design. Take this opportunity to show others the intent to control us and the ineptness of all governments. Problem solve together and make this psy op backfire!

      • De Clarke says:

        I had impression that this virus could potentially be modified and then purposefully ‘released’ especially, taking into consideration mentioned by you work done in China to create a similar virus.

        Saying that, I also thought that this could be potentially discovered and exposed by scientists.

        Is Coronavirus A Bioweapon? Dr Paul Cottrell


        • phreedomphile says:

          Viruses can be modified by passing them through animals, and possibly cell lines, though the latter would seem to be less effective. It would take many passages and a great deal of time and money to get the desired characteristics. Probably a lot more work and expense than the basic academic model could accomplish which is probably what the authors of the recent Nature paper were factoring in. How long would it take to create something like that? Orders of magnitude more permutations going on in nature compared to laboratory experiments. So they calculate the odds the new virus came from research and say it’s low. But what they cannot factor in is black ops research. Seemingly black ops research was somewhat primitive several decades ago. Today black ops has a virtually unlimited budget, advanced tech, and a well coordinated global intelligence network. In this light, the question of probability changes because of the sheer amount of manpower able to create and test viruses covertly.

          Hope that makes sense. No doubt there are virologists who could help us tease this out better though they might put themselves at risk for doing so.

          I’ve previously watched the Cottrell video and what I’m saying doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different than what he said. One caveat you might be thinking about is his mention of the HIV sequence homology based on a published commentary. Yet it wasn’t a perfect alignment and other researchers pointed out countless other viral sequences in databases that also share some overlapping sequence homology. Not surprising given we’re dealing with relatively short segments, only four nucleotides, and continuous viral recombinations in nature.

          Also, please consider these factors. Viruses are notorious for rapidly mutating for various reasons and some are even more prone to this than others. That makes them difficult to control and also ensures the viral code will rapidly degrade making it soon relatively harmless in the vast majority of cases. Highly dangerous bioweapons released on the public without some type of two step or more fail safe process could easily take out the police and military forces which TPTB need to control societies. I suspect we’re dealing with a continuous release of slightly different variants onto different regions with a mix of results. Frankly, it makes zero sense that China was able to contain a highly contagious virus and India hasn’t been hit hard. This is the most complex psy op I’ve ever seen, it’s bifurcating, and it’s against a backdrop of an ongoing blizzard of nonlinear disinformation (see Adams Curtis’ description of this protocol on youtube).

    • alexandre says:

      I would suggest investigating deeply the whole virology microbiology thing, including contagion. Something funny about it, but it has to be looked way back. If it comes from the Rockefellers / eugenics etc, we may find something surprising, like there is no contagion, or there are no viruses, or what is called virus is actually exosomes, things like that. Just a feeling. They are singing that pandemic song for so long that they would already have done something with it, and even now, after Dr Andy Kaufman presentation, it’s going to shits again – the idea of a real disease (other than normal flu).

      Again, just a feeling. Something to look into. The history of virology, something like that – not from wikipedia or the Johns Hopkins Foundation obviously.

      • Dawn says:

        There is no scientific evidence that any virus or bacterium is the cause of a disease. Viruses are nonliving particles.This means that diseases are not infectious. This also means that ‘germs’ cannot be bioweapons. Weapons can of course be made using chemicals and radioactive materials, as well as electromagnetic radiation.
        Dr Andy Kaufman discusses the problems with the ‘germ theory’ with David and I in the latest episode of his podcast.

        • alexandre says:

          Thank you, Dawn.

          • alexandre says:

            Wow, Dawn, that was fantastic. Just finished the interview. I’ll see if I can get the book. Money / card issues, but I’ll do my best to get it. For me personally the thing is settled, so thank you very much indeed.

            I would to a big “BUMP BUMP”, but that’s for HomeRemedySupply to do, I guess.

            • Dawn says:

              Thank you alexandre, I’m so pleased it has helped. Let’s hope more people watch it and realise that they are being misinformed and lied to.

        • robert.t says:

          Thanks, Dawn. Much to ponder there.

          On the subject of CV origins, I don’t discount a beat-up of an existing strain or even a fictitious strain. The globsters don’t have to fake well or worry about exposure any more. Indeed, I suspect that they make things silly on purpose now, just to test thresholds and the reliability of their slave media.

          After the Parson’s Green bomb which could not even damage itself (that was my turning point) they can pretty much say what they like and get any number of experts and authorities to go along.

          In the ’70s movie Capricorn One the space hoax is exposed in the end in the most blatant way possible before the whole world. (I won’t say more in case I spoil.) Now, however, it really wouldn’t matter what was seen and witnessed even by millions. There is a central narrative pumped through media as long and hard as needed to create belief. And that’s what stays. Millions may know better, but the millions can’t reach the billions reached by the corporate behemoth(s).

          Why would they go for beat-up or for simply inventing a virus? Because it’s easy to fudge and control something that’s not serious or not even there. Soon they might want to start ringing church bells at 8PM for the heroic vaccine team (with LGBT and much colour) who raced against time etc etc. Don’t want an actual wild virus spoiling that party.

          But how would they get all those evil axis nations to go along if this was pure fudging and invention? Ah, there’s a long and fascinating story, right there. It’s a naughty world.

          • Dawn says:

            Viruses are not alive, so there can be no ‘strains’.
            The idea that the particles called viruses, which are simply genetic material in a protein coating, are able to precipitate heath problems and even kill people is entirely unproven.
            It is, however, extremely useful to TPTSB to promote the idea that there is a dangerous ‘virus’ that people can catch and spread to others. It is certainly being used to scare people and make them accept the draconian measures currently being implemented around the world.
            Although some people are beginning to realise that the measures are excessive, the vast majority still believe that a ‘virus’ is the problem; but this simply is not the case.

            • robert.t says:

              Yep, I stand corrected. I’ve got to start sending more hard doubt in that direction.

              At age 70 and in otherwise good health I have a complicated fungal condition centred on my sinus (but not limited to there). It resulted when I took antibiotics. Can’t prove the cause, and I’d still take antibiotics to save a life or a limb…but I look after my body’s flora like a treasure these days. (The all but incurable fungal sinus is slowly being cured by Dr Me after mucking around unsuccessfully with pharmaceuticals for years.)

              The corporatisation of medicine and its forced fitting to the legal and political culture is a worry. The doctors and pharmacists of my acquaintance may have an interest in the subject of healing but their minds are usually thrust elsewhere.

          • alexandre says:

            If I can interject here, robert. The system of funneling information through one little tube – the narrative pumped through media, as you said – I know a bit about because I worked for some 30 years in advertising doing music, and I’m from the video (and films) generation. I never participated in the big campaigns, my dad’s studio was a small one, but I knew everybody and saw many times this “magic” happening; from nothing, suddenly thousands of people are singing some jingle or buying some stuff. From the meetings in the agencies (about which no one haves a clue) to the productions houses (also people have no clue) to the air. It is quite a powerful trick and psychologically devastating. In my 50s, I have what could be called APTSD (Advertising Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?) because I can’t sleep if I don’t have some screen blabling something. Today I don’t have a TV, but I have a computer where I put some TruthStreamMedia videos or something, low volume, so I can sleep. I have tried to go to bed without it and after 2 hours rolling when I finally fall asleep, a nightmare wakes me up. So the video / TV / film phenomenon was the greatest power tool invented to mass mind control in a serious actual way, really molding and addicting the minds, so I just wanted to spice your comment a bit there. All you have to do to invent a new truth, no matter how ridiculous, is put it on the tube – now fragmented into many new medias, but still tubes, big and small – and reaching far more people than TV and films ever did. Piece of cake.

            The more I read and watch, the more it seems we’ve been screwed since the 1700s.

        • J-Smoove says:

          Thank you Dawn. I just finished watching and also plan on buying the book. A lot of interesting content and information. I have much research to do.

          Yesterday, there was a CNN post on instagram that stated “Experts say coronavirus can spread by talking or even just breathing” Gotta love the “Experts say”. That will reel them in easily. I really wonder how many people looked more into that statement and did research. I would think most would just see that and spread it to family and friends as truth.

  3. cedomir says:

    No amount of verifiable information, recent history, pharma/govt collusion, track record or context can convince most people to even doubt the information served to them. I find that those suspicious of government and powers that shouldn’t be are closer to recognising that something big is going on and that it ain’t Covid. It’s just too big to stomach. It suggests evil intent. Most people believe that other than a handful of rogue states and pocketful of extremists, most people in positions of power are fundamentally, at worst, serving their own interests.

  4. Libertydan says:

    Having recently visited the Georgia Guide Stones (see link below), and noting that Athens Georgia which is mentioned in Episode 60, is very close to the Guide Stones, I am beginning to wonder if there is a connection.


    Indeed, these Bio-weapons and/or Vaccinations made in Athens could be used to drastically reduce world populations. My guess is that most of these (Mad) Scientists are paid well, but would be doing something else if the money was not there. Corporations and Governments (perhaps even secret societies) who employee these guys are the real threat.

    It is kind of like the story of the local Contractor who carved and assembled the Stones who said he really didn’t want the job, so he gave these guys (who required that they remain anonymous) a high Bid for the job. According to the story, they didn’t flinch at the price, so the Contractor got paid well, for erecting something he likely wishes he could disassociate himself from.

    Money is indeed, the Root of all Evil, but how do we get by without it?
    Or, perhaps better yet, how do we keep people from getting so rich and powerful that they are able to entice others to do evil for them?
    Power Corrupts, and Ultimate power corrupts ultimately, eh!

    • mik says:

      “Or, perhaps better yet, how do we keep people from getting so rich and powerful that they are able to entice others to do evil for them?”

      A “billion-money” question!!!!!!!

      “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Voltaire.

  5. ben.r says:

    It’s not a hoax.
    It’s a covert operation.
    The virus is the cover story.
    The real game is 5G, total surveillance, and centralization à la CPC.

    The respiratory illness, the pneumonia, in Wuhan could easily have been caused by the polluted air and the recent 5G rollout in Wuhan. There is no proof that the Wuhan respiratory illness (WRI) was caused by bat soup nor the corona virus. None. The virus hunters of the WHO found what they were looking for, because they could already find it everywhere, as they could find other bugs everywhere.

    South Korea and northern Italy also have polluted air and recent 5G rollouts. Is this a co-incidence?

    The greater risk is not biological today. It is political, the totalitarian tiptoe, the further erosion of civil liberties and freedoms to assemble and even worship – under misguided notions of health, illness, and prevention.
    Do you accept the idea of the “aymptomatic carrier”? Do you accept that no matter how healthy you feel, no matter how healthy you keep yourself, that you are suspected of being an “asymptomatic carrier”? Do you believe this?
    If this were about public health, then why are they not studying healthy people?

    Beyond 5G, despite pushback in Switzerland and the City of Brussels, vaccines are so far playing a cameo role, but look at the scientific committee of the WHO and their affiliations to see where this is going and why.
    There are other ways to maintain health and to strengthen the immune system that do not require virtual incarceration and in-house arrest under a medical-industrial-academic-entertainment complex.

    NoMoreFakeNew.com, globalresearch.ca, and off-guardian.org are other excellent sources of information and analysis of publicity about what is happening, if you search for the truth and can think freely.

    • CQ says:

      ben.r, thanks for mentioning those websites. For the past several years, I’ve been reading all the posts written by NoMoreFakeNews.com blogger Jon Rappoport. He’s a “medical cartel” buster extraordinaire.

      Jon’s best work on the “pandemic” is, in my view, his three-part audio series that Catherine Austin Fitts published as a “Special Solari Report” on April 1st: https://home.solari.com/the-creation-of-a-false-epidemic-with-jon-rappoport

      Each part is important, but if I had to pick just one, I wouldn’t miss the third, in which Jon lays out “the true goal of the false pandemic.”

      In introducing the series to her followers, Fitts borrows a quote from a propaganda consultant named Ellis Medavoy whom Rappoport interviewed for one of his books, The Matrix Revealed. The quote is so powerful that it’s worth repeating here:

      “A step‐op is one in which the bad guys keep going, one intrusion after another. It isn’t just West Nile, it’s West Nile, then SARS, then Bird Flu, then Swine Flu. It’s all one package, with the idea, in this case, that they’ll slowly wear down the resistance and people will buy in, will buy the story, the lie. They want to people to OBEY. That’s the whole essence of this op: OBEY. It isn’t only about fake epidemics and getting vaccines. It’s about operant training in OBEYING. Get it? In general. Obey us. We command, you go along.”

      Thankfully, most Corbett Report members know better than to willingly subject themselves to operant training. We’d make pretty poor soldiers, I suspect.

      • ben.r says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        I am disappointed in some friends and family that they appear to be so frightened that they have lost the ability to think independently of the official narrative and to ask questions. So I write to you.

        As you suggested, I listened to the last third of Rappoport’s audios posted by Fitts. I also have read his articles and admire his research, experience, and clear insightful writing. He is much better, when he is writing or talking about what he has seen or what others have seen (unlikelihood of a bio-weapon, snitching on neighbors with a cough, and fights in supermarkets about not enough social distancing) then he is about speculating who is behind this and what the future looks like.

        Like others, he puts his finger on the fact that many people who are already living on the edge of despair are being pushed over the cliff now, losing their jobs, their income, and their ability to make ends meet.
        Yeah, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation have their fingers in the pie, but the individuals responsible we may never see nor hear of. Gates, Soros, and certain politicians are their front.
        Obedience to authority? Trying to get this is nothing new. It may be the reason for compulsory education, beyond learning to read and write.

        I still think that the game, as Rappoport points out, is 5G for total surveillance, centralized, and also forced vaccinations. They have much greater value, with much pushback in process recently, but who knows? in Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium, there has been political pushback to forced 5G rollouts. Will these continue? Can others learn from them?

        The real question, to me at least, is: what are you going to do?
        Corbett’s response: listen to my ‘Solutions’ podcasts and act on them. Am starting to do this, for example thinking of possibly setting up a local “freedom cell” to exchange information locally and freely, because an even more frightening prospect than what Rappoport describes is the possible suppression of dissent, including outlawing questions of the official narrative or questioning the totalitarian tiptoe.
        Also, it is possible to ask questions in public of the undecided or the uncertain, such as “what is the proof that the Wuhan pneumonia was caused by the bat soup and not by the bad air and recent 5G in Wuhan”? “Is the PCR test reliable?” “What about the confounding co-morbidities?” “Who profits from the fear and panic and virtual prison camps everywhere?”

        Most disconcerting to me, but overlooked by Rappoport, at least in his third talk, is the imminent possibility that vaccines will be forced on us.

        So my question to you is: what are you going to do, if you receive a letter, an email, a phone call, or a knock on the door that says, “we are from the public health authorities, and to protect the public, we are offering you a free vaccine, which by the way is compulsory”. What are you gonna do?

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

        • CQ says:

          ben.r, sorry for the slow response. I’ve been exploring various links much of the day. I’m glad you find some consolation in conversing with fellow Corbetteers when your fear-filled family and friends act blind, deaf, and dumb.

          Like you, I’m puzzled by Jon’s not mentioning the mandatory vaccine aspect of the agenda in laying out the “goals” of the globalists, especially since he’s written about that subject extensively — and even lumps all his “V” posts into TWO categories, no less: vaccinegate and vaccines.

          I also wasn’t sure why Jon mentioned those two foundations but left out other key protagonists in the unfolding horror show.

          Aside: ReallyGraceful’s March 31st video gives a 14-minute glimpse into the family history, early childhood, education, and pre-MS days of a certain child prodigy (whose father, I hadn’t realized, was a chum of the Rockefellers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wuMkShZ42o

          What would I do, you ask. I’m not prepared to say, although I know it’s wise to think things through wisely and understand and account for every possible scenario. Because my whole life I’ve trusted only God to resolve any and all challenges, whether they involve health or finances or relationships or moral dilemmas, the most honest answer I can give comes from Proverbs 3:

          5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
          6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
          7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

          • ben.r says:

            Hi, thanks for your reply. Listened to the other two podcasts by Rappoport, who clearly describes the origin of the panic. Also listened to the bio about Bill Gates. Was already familiar with some of this. They overlooked the fact that what made him rich, MS-DOS, as you may recall, if you are mature enough, he bought from Seattle Computer Products. The picture with Epstein is certainly disconcerting. I am not defending Gates in the least. The picture does not prove that Gates was or is involved in Epstein’s probable activities à la Franklin Scandal, Franklin Cover-up, Ted Gunderson, The Finders, sra, all of which I am aware of by reading. The only consolation for me is that I am not participating in this network. If your faith gives you peace of mind, good for you. I’m skeptical by nature. What qualifies Gates to talk about health and vaccines? Nothing. This is worth pointing out, and I’m not jealous of him either. Perhaps he is not all bad. Perhaps there is a bit of the devil and the angel in all of us. Whichever one you feed, grows. Hoping that this is under 500 words, boss.

    • Mielia says:

      There is no hard evidence for a connection to 5G, corbettreport with Derrick Broze and other truthers discussed this and provided evidence and checked alleged evidence. This is basically kookiness.

      • ben.r says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        The point is that there is no evidence that the Wuhan pneumonia was caused by the corona virus! None. Sure, if the virus hunters from the WHO were on the case, they were going to find something, but it was something, the corona virus, that has already been there for years at least in some people. Read Dr. Wodarg for details – wodarg.com. Wodarg watched close-up the swine flu hoax of 2009, so he was naturally skeptical with his report of an “international emergency”. See also research into the “gut microbiome” and you find that the fear and panic is way out of proportion to any public health risk.

        True, there is no proof that the polluted air and the recent 5G rollout in Wuhan caused the pneumonia in Wuhan. It is a theory, a guess, a hunch, with no less validity that the viral theory. Have you ever breathed the air, or tried to breathe the air where it is as polluted as it is in Wuhan? (There were public demonstrations, almost riots, in Wuhan last August, to complain about the polluted air there.) Look it up. If you have ever breathed such air yourself, then you know that that bad air alone can cause pneumonia, even without the recent 5G rollout.

        Do your own research on 5G, starting on this channel. There are many studies that demonstrate that 5G can also damage the health of some people severely, though not everybody acutely. So yes, you have a point, there is no proof of the air pollution/5G theory of the Wuhan pneumonia, but equally, there is no proof of the viral theory. The effect does not prove the cause, as Jon Rappoport puts it.

        For further analysis, I recommend Dr. Tom Cowan MD and his observations about the history of radio frequencies, health, and the current fear and panic in this ten-minute presentation (in English with subtitles in French) –


        Wake up.

        Do you trust the WHO? Think twice, at least once for yourself. They are not there for you. Or maybe they are there for you, but they are not there for me and my fellow travelers.


  6. Noahsark723 says:

    I wanted to post this video – there are reports and videos coming in from around america of military hardware being moved.


    If you ask me this is only the beginning.

    The stage is just being set for WW3 and the people of the earth are the enemy of the one world state – but a grand stage show is being set up to foster the end goal of their sick idea of population reduction and “purification.”

    The justification for a chinese attack on america has been set.



    If you ask me this is where it is heading – keep your eyes on the dates – they always like to do things by the numbers – April 19 – May 1 is the baal ritual of fire sacrifice, these are the next set of dates to be mindful of.

    America is going to be destroyed as it has always been the plan, the time draws near. Stand strong, never bow to tyranny and remember that the “race” is not for fittest but for those who can endure unto the “end” – and never forget that this whole new world order and all its bullshit will come to pass away. We are going to need an act of Providence to turn things around at this point. Similar to when the illuminati rider who was struck down by lightening that led to the routing out of that secret order in Germany because of the hidden documents that were found sown into his jacket.

    Short of that.. It is now in the hands of the ignorant in the public and military – they either wake up or we all go under this bullshit these “elite” assholes have planned…

    Do your best to wake those around you and keep your heads about you, follow your hearts and don’t be driven by fear!

    Be I Strong

    Feel the Vibes
    lets “trample the beast” get your evidence because “we know all bye byes”


    • alexandre says:

      Hi Noah. I saw this one, kind of a normal mainstream video, but two things:
      1 – the comments, not many, but all “not buying it” and one says “Soon dissenters will get the same treatment as the Native Americans”
      2 – the girl at the end (around 1:47) with a strange accent. What’s up with that? Russian? Reminded me of the NY video during 911 with the military guy saying “Nothing informations!”, remember that?


      the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AHVAppUsIE

      • Noahsark723 says:

        Thanks Alexandre, that is pbs which is public broadcasting station here in america.

        That girl did have a russian or eastern european accent for sure.

        They are getting ready for war or to round up people or both.

        How is 2000 vehicles needed for a training exercise?

        Right after that video – youtube had this one cued up next on South Korean
        troops training in the mojave desert, in california


        They are certainly getting ready for something and people are seeing these equipment movements all over – if you look at the comments in the first video I linked in the last post – someone from Canada reports equipment being moved up there as well.

        Strategically america has its zones and if there was going to be one state that would turn against the feds in a take over it would be texas. The north eastern part of the us is lost – there are not alot of guns up there compared to other areas of the us. People in the north east us are the most brainwashed in the whole country and are for the most part afraid of guns. But there are guns up there scattered – in the south east is another story there are tons of guns down here, almost everyone has guns, it is part of the culture here. California will be lost – in fact I remember talk of california selling off one of its ports to china. No need to invade – they will just pull in, park and project out into the country from there. This has all been set up…

        We have to watch both hands of the magician – his one hand has virus in it – his other hand is off doing something else, we have to be mindful of this.

        • alexandre says:

          Indeed. And yes, I got that video cause YT had it cued up as well. Ahaaaa, see how we’re being manipulated by YT?

          Apparently the problem, for the self proclaimed masters of the universe, is what “cool” people like to call “fly over territory”, right? When I heard that long time ago, I couldn’t believe it. Very revealing of the mentality of the cools.

          I’ll see if I can find something like that over here – military preparations etc.

          • Noahsark723 says:

            I am not sure what you mean in regards to “cool people” and “fly over territory.”

            Who are the cools? Could you explain the lexicon from which you speak?


            • alexandre says:

              Wow, you don’t know that one? Cool new yorkers, or LAyers, hip people, intellectual elites or cinema people, ad guys, you know, artists, the cool important people. Not the pueblo, but the opinion makers, culture creators etc. I heard it from a guy that now works in Hollywood who told me some people said that in the US. There is NY and LA, all the rest is “flying over territory”, meaning, you know, when they fly from NY to LA and back. In Brazil would be São Paulo and Rio. The places that really matter. The hubs of bla bla bla. That’s the mentality. The places that matter for the chosen (cool) people.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                I myself am not a fan of big cities like new york or los angelas. I have been to both. In fact I went to musicians institute right out of high school in hollywood.

                Cities to me are atro-cities on the earth. It disconnects people from the earth and it is too much of everything unnatural concentrated into one area. A completely unhealthy condition.

                I left the philadelphia suburbs to get away from the madness up there and moved to the appalachian mountains 8 years ago. I couldn’t stand all of the stimulation and the rat race that goes on up there and in places like it.

                Now this guy here is one of the cool guys as far as I am concerned – John Plant of Primitive Technology:

                The world can fall apart and he will just keep on going with out a hitch.

                Or Will Bonsall

                Ben Falk

                These are the guys that have the solutions for humanity to pave the way forward outside the new world order and after its total collapse and destruction.

                If america has a wise man it is Wendell Berry:

                They are the cool guys in my book!

              • alexandre says:

                Sorry to take long, sir. I’m gonna see those links soon, they sound more than right. I had a kind of a rough day, as I posted about my cousin. Need some rest…ha ha.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                No problem my brother… when ever you get to it.

                I myself have been overloaded with information that past so many weeks.

                Today I got out and did some work on the property and then just sat on the porch, sung and played guitar to the mountain.

                til next time…

            • alexandre says:

              Well, man, those are certainly cool people. I could never reach 1% of any of that. I came to live in the country because I was evicted – the only way the gods found to take me out of the insane city. I tried to plant some stuff, but soon found out how much work it takes to take care of that, so I ended up only with plants that don’t require care – avocados, caquis, parsley, maracujá etc. I’m a failure in that regard and could never really do anything like that. I tried to build a mere wooden window and, if it wasn’t for the help of a local guy, even that would have failed. Good lessons, though. How HARD it is to live and do things we take for granted. None of my friends would handle 10 minutes here, let alone 13 years, so at least I got THAT.

              Now, Wendell Berry. Great, BUT…watching an interview of him with Bill Moyers…

              …I wondered about him in the context of the environmental movement – which is, or became, the opposite of what it sounds. I didn’t finish the interview, but wanted to see your thought on it. Was he co-opted or fooled, was he part of it etc. What is he saying about Greta and all that?

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Yeah they are some amazing people around in these times who have the solutions wither they know about the conspiracy or not – such is life – good people just do good common sense things.

                You didn’t fail in your garden projects – you just made some mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes while they are learning how to do something – I guarantee you if you keep at it you will learn to transcend those hurdles, but it does take work. In the long run it is always ones attitude towards what they are doing that makes or breaks the outcome. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, then by default you set yourself up to fail.

                Just consider that when you started guitar – it took time and practice to be able to play the way you do today and it is like that with everything, sometimes the learning curve is steeper depending on what you are doing.

                The reason I say that Wendell Berry is America’s wise man is because of a book that he wrote called “The Unsettling of America.”

                In that book he is basically writing about the conspiracy that took place in america in regards to how the big agricultural companies took over the farming in this country and was destroying and turning farmers into debt slaves. It is on the must read book list that I have for all americans and those abroad as well.

                He could see it because he is just common sense farmer from Kentucky(if I remember correctly) who also has some sort of literary degree and skills. He is extremely intelligent and full of common sense wisdom.

                His book contains one of the solutions to heal what this new world order has done to agriculture across the planet.

                Our farmers should be the most respected people among us – There is a old man that lives near me, he has been farming in these mountains his whole life. He is 91 years old and still plants a garden every year, as far as I am concerned he is one of America’s national treasures. He is such a cool guy!

                If anything to answer your question, “Was he co-opted or fooled,” I don’t know where he stands on the false environmental movement – but at the same time I think there is a real concern in regards to the environment. The NWO will always take problems either real or faked and bend them to their advantage. But, Berry if anything he may be fooled by their game, but I am not sure. Greta? not sure…

                To have a real discussion on the environment is huge and can’t be done here…

                Here is some one else who has done some good farm work – if we were enlightened as a people we would settle the whole earth like this man has – he has recreated the garden of eden:


              • alexandre says:

                Ok, got it – about Wendell. I see this simple wisdom around here and it is really a treasure. The “cools” disregard it as simpleminded etc because anything HAS to be complicated and dealt with by “experts”. This goes for almost everything “scientific”.

                My neighbor’s caretaker has a good hand for agriculture. He had a garden and I used to eat from that, but then he stopped. He was doing it because the land owner told him to do it. I’ll talk to him, maybe we can do something for us now.

                Taking care of the environment is one of those obvious things that, when comes as a “thou shalt”, always is a sign of some scam. “Thou shalt breathe air”. Really? And for that we must register with the government, right?

                Now I’m getting tired. I just watched the last TSM video, great stuff, but looking at Bill Fucking Gates for more than 0.00003 seconds is very detrimental, so I have to crash. Like the market in 2008.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Yes! Exactly, specialization and compartmentalization has so much to do with how the “elite” manipulate society and the people and Wendell Berry calls that out in The Unsettling of America so very well.

                That book is written from this place of wholeness in how he approaches the subject of agriculture and american culture from such a broad place.

                The caretaker can teach you alot I am sure, you should talk to him and get a garden going because it is looking, that in the next steps coming, that food is going to be weaponized against the people to corral them down the cattle shoot we see forming up.

                Yeah the environmental thing is the utmost of importance. I have bees and tried to build a bee business – but I lost almost all of the bees each year until I couldn’t keep throwing time and money into it any longer. It was a huge loss from me on so many levels. But the bees taught me things by working with them and it is like that with all of nature – if you listen nature will speak to you and teach you things.

                Music is a part of nature – it is pure nature at the vibrationall level.

                But the UN has high jacked the problems that they have created in nature to suit themselves – it is just problem – reaction – solution at the earth/nature/environment level. All of their industries polluting the planet and then they try and pin that on the people. The industrial revolution was the first step towards enslaving man in what is becoming technocracy today. There is the truth of it. They don’t want us to be self-sufficient and they want us uprooted from the land. That is their game – to divorce from our resources which are in the land and to make us dependent on them through the resources that have robbed from everyone culture, peoples and nation on planet earth.

                Now geoengineering is one of the main things they are using – it is why the earth weather systems are going haywire because they are doing it and they blame it on climate change – yeah the climate is changing and they are the ones doing it. At the same time – the sun is heating up and I think there is a reason for that but it would take too long to explain here in full.

                In short, what if the sun was a living being – like the earth is a living being and that the sun is reacting to bad vibrations from what is happening on earth. The fire is coming to cleanse out the bad vibration. I think something like this is going on and that is part of why they want to blot out the sun with their geoengineering.

              • alexandre says:

                Oh yeah, man. Big stuff, and too big for here, for sure. But we understand each other.

                “Music is a part of nature – it is pure nature at the vibrational level.”

                That’s why musicians – specially jazz and classical – feel they know so much – and when they open their mouths, often rubbish comes out. I felt many times something quite arrogant, like “shit, I know everything”, but it’s a feeling that comes through music almost like a side effect of studying it. Then you have to humble yourself quickly. Stuff like the two whole-tone scales that make up all the 12 notes, which Barry Harry calls “mom and dad”, and, as he says, mom and dad go to bed and make babies, so everything comes out of those two scales etc. Those scales are exactly like those drawings of the DNA. Two scales intertwined, and so it goes. Of course Berklee doesn’t teach that, being the UN equivalent in music. It’s all there, and no one “invented” it, and you can’t escape seeing it as clear as water. So what we feel we know is the DNA of everything, so any time something comes along that doesn’t make sense, from that perspective, we have this intuition that it must be bullshit. And most of the time it is! But this can lead to inflation of the ego and one must be so careful. Many aren’t, and they become conductors! It’s too powerful – and yet so obvious everywhere.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Exactly my brother!!!

                The whole tone scale superimposed over itself at half step intervals is a great example!

                Music is an aural model of the whole universe and all of life – simply because it has manifested from it.

                All of Creation was sung into existence – it wasn’t the word – it was MUSIC!

                In the beginning was the void and out of the void came the universal song of all creation – it is a song without beginning and a song without end, playing into eternity both into the past and into the future forever in the moment!

              • Noahsark723 says:

                To add to the conversation – I am not sure if you have seen Pat Metheny’s talk at the Society for Neuroscience Conference, he touches on some real interesting concepts in this talk here:


              • alexandre says:

                Leonard Bernstein says he feels that God SUNG “Let there be light”. Ha ha. I’ll czech zi Metheney video now.

              • alexandre says:

                Well, Noah, now I have to break your heart, ha ha. After watching the Metheney talk. It’s not my kind of stuff – neuroscience and all the pragmatic approach. To me it sounds like describing the mechanics of the orgasm, or something. Can be interesting, but to me it kind of defeats the purpose. What Pat says is all correct, including the X factor, but I’m really not interested in the neuro-details, the hows and whys – in that sense. In fact the scientific approach is the School approach – Berklee etc – which absolutely killed jazz (at least). I guess what I mean is that you can’t talk about it. All great music is ‘of the streets’. Stravinsky’s and Bartok’s greatest moments comes from folk music. You learn it by living, playing, trying, getting bullied by the pros, fighting, being condemned by the damn thing, throwing your life in the bin, making your parents sad and trying to figure out what the heck that is, and most of the time getting no money. Some school is good, or teacher – scales, harmony, counterpoint etc – but that’s all. The rest is doing it, failing miserably and doing it again. Pretty much like sex – for some folks.

                Pat, other than playing great, was lucky. He’s in a very special place, like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and all the Miles Davis apostles. The rest of the musicians have a totally different experience. He also doesn’t touch the corruption that goes on, not only economic (record labels ripping off musicians) but spiritual as well (things like Berklee’s system). That maldita school produces artists that will have guaranteed jobs, not because they’re good, but because they’re Berklee graduates, and usually they suck. These sucking businessmen took over and jazz simply disappeared. I’m sure it happened all over the place. Hip Hop also was taken over and destroyed, for other reasons too (see Professor Griff about that). So yes, leaving all that aside, it can be interesting stuff, but…unfortunately not for me. Unless there’s something specific in there that you wanna talk about.

                Sorry about that. Don’t hate me!

                For someone much more in my vein, actually me on his, see this old guy talking.
                Barry Harris.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                No, I don’t hate you at all.

                You can have your taste in regards to it. I am not specifically into the neuroscience thing either.

                But I really like Pat Methney and I can appreciate when he talks about his musical experience.

                When he talks about playing from that place where the body meets the mind. I believe he is talking about that silent place where creativity can really manifest from.

                I am sure you have had those magical moments where you are playing with people and you are tapped into to something bigger than the sum of all of the musicians. I think he was attempting to make mention of that experience as a musician. As soon as the other guys get in there they miss the point because there experience is much different than the actual musicians experience.

                Maybe I am pulling things in from other sources because it was a while ago when I watched this talk.

                I know Pat doesn’t know about the conspiracy and is left leaning. The guy is so consumed by music that he most likely never has taken the time to look into the subject.

                Maybe he will since his tour has been cancelled because of the corona op, I think we are going to be witnessing the separation of the wheat from the chaff in the coming days…

                Alot of people are going to wake up and at the same time a alot will also get drug around by their fear and fall into the trap that has been set.

                We will see how things play out…

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Yeah – I was paying attention earlier when you posted the Barry Harris talk and downloaded it then. I haven’t taken the time to watch it through – just the beginning to see what he was going to be talking about.

                I go into it for a few minutes and seen that he has a very specific taste in regards to harmony.

                I am interested in hearing what he has to say…

              • alexandre says:

                Yes, some times I experienced this thing when you are watching yourself and I agre totally with Pat there. In a way is much less esoteric than it sounds, but it’s a thing, no doubt about it. When the gig begins, you’re as if taken by it and many times I was surprised at myself playing, very strange. It’s been a looooong time since I experienced that, though.

                Barry Harris is a very controversial character and some good musicians I know say he’s too radical. I like it because I am too. 🙂 Jazz is a very specific thing and it’s not usually very likable or “pretty”, I mean for normal people (or laymen)’s ears. If the thing is invention, freedom, expression etc, if you are caught in that “beautiful” square, you’re not gonna do much – other than please people. You have to go out, “out there”, and when you go, things go wrong, weird stuff happens, many times boring because it’s a process etc.

                And example by Herbie Hancock’s band in the 70s called Mwandishi:

                For normal ears it’s like WTF are these guys doing? I mean you can like it or not, but that’s not the point of it. A drummer said to me once that our real audience are musicians. Similar thing with classical music. If you don’t know some stuff, you’re gonna go only on “like vs dislike” and that’s not how anything artistic should be, I think. I mean, Picasso can be damn ugly, right? You have to go beyond.

                The jazz thing is very specific, it’s not “whatever you want” etc, so I’m with Barry, even though he completely destroys my heroes in that talk, ha ha. He makes minced meat of Miles Davis, Hancock, Coltrane et al. I was floored when I heard it, but then I thought and thought, and I finally agreed – with some reservations, discarding his own taste and prejudices etc. But yeah, it’s a very specific language.

                Man this is getting to long. Shouldn’t we go to email? This has nothing to do with Corbett!

              • Noahsark723 says:

                That experience is what I seek on a constant basis in regards to playing. I feel it can be cultivated and it can only come about with a letting go and then from that the music is born.

                Jazz is unlimited on so many levels, so the real out there stuff is that exploration. Like Ornette Coleman, the originator of “free jazz.” He caught alot of flak for what he was doing when he got started – but he was the innovator in regards to harmony, rhythm and form.

                It takes a cultured ear to really listen to jazz and appreciate. It seems to me when people hear jazz who are not used to hearing it – they try to intellectualize it and you have to get the mind out of the way to really hear it.

                Thanks for link – I got it downloading now, and I still have to listen Barry Harris talk as of yet.

                I would love to continue this conversation in email but spring is on in my area and with this end game psy-op unfolding I need to get into growing some food and doing the homesteading thing. I wasn’t planning on it this year but circumstances have changed that. I also need to keep doing my music thing, writing songs and doing talks as well for my video channels. Then there is keeping my finger to the pulse of what is going on as well, it all has me pretty busy.

                Here is a free jazz song that I did that is 10 guitar tracks all improvised:


                You can contact me at this email – it is just a junk email account to me – i got it when I signed up for youtube. You can contact me there and I will give you my main email from there. When I have the time we can continue the conversation…


                til next time…

              • alexandre says:

                Ok, man. All noted down. Good luck with…well, everything. As Harry Tuttle says, “We’re all in this together, kid”.


              • Noahsark723 says:

                Thank you my brother! But I don’t believe in luck, for me it is Creation, Truth, and Guidance! No fear of the illusion of death because all of us will walk out that door, so here is to life eternal!

                Anyway, I will be be around on the comment board and if you feel like writing through the email, feel free…

                May you stay free in mind always, eventually others are going to have to catch on and it will manifest on earth or the idiots and psychopaths will destroy it. I have a feeling through that this is the last time these fallen angels are going to be doing this kind of shit – we are going to catch them and the ages long deception will be finished here on earth in our time!

                So fire upon the wicked spiritual center of the new world order disease, Fire Pon Rome!!!

                till next time…

  7. Antonio says:

    One question that comes to mind about the 11 dead microbiologists is, did these people know each other, or had they worked with each other?

    If there was a strong association or collaboration among all these scientists, that could be a big clue that something was up.

    Twelve years later, maybe this was just a coincidence and not an indication of Arkancide. But it does make one wonder.

  8. manbearpig says:

    Absolutely Prodigious.

    What other website proposes a brilliant, complete, synthetic, insightful analysis of the dire predicament we find ourselves in

    12 years before the fact.

    Hadn’t wanted to watch this as I feared I would discover nothing new under the circumstances

    but what I always seem to forget, in utterly inexplicable fits of acute amnesia, is that what is particularly formidable with Mr. Corbett, besides his impressive researching talents

    is his monumental capacity to organize, synthesize and provocatively frame his information, often strongly suggesting interpretations or inherent implications and dangers, rather than hammering you over the head with them, letting his audience put A, B and C together for themselves.

    Indeed, much, but not all of the elements in this report, were familiar to me. But I had never imagined putting them together, juxtaposing them in this way.

    So yes, among many other sharp conclusions one can come to, whatever the profound nature of viruses might be, fungus, dissolvant, toxin, living or dead,

    one thing is certain: this is a Eugenical war and TPTSB are not preparing for a pandemic, they are preparing a pandemic that targets first and foremost the most vulnerable,

    one that most sickeningly immunizes Big Pharma from any accountability for their ongoing and future mass murders and conditions people to accept hitherto unacceptable breaches of their liberty; such as mass screening that will stigmatize certain people, condemning them to “social distancing” along with other Social Health Credit systems…

    Chapeau très bas, encore une fois, Mr. Corbett. In the Alternative news sphere, you are indeed the GOAT!!


    • manbearpig says:

      In case it wasn’t clear,, I mean they aren’t planning for a pandemic, they are planning a pandemic (we’re not in it yet) where the Cure, the vaccination among other things, will be the transnational disease,
      as Mr. Corbett’ work describes. Felt I needed to beat that dead horse again.

      • alexandre says:

        MBP, sorry, I lost the other thread where I told you I was gonna do a blues, remember? Lost it completely. I did one, but it came out as a Normie Blues. I wanna post the link there on that conversation. Help?

    • alexandre says:

      You trying to get ahead at TCR or something?

      I’M JUST KIDDING!!!!

      Your report reminded me that many times I watch again stuff I watched before here, and it’s incredible again and again. I mean, Corbett has an amount of material that we could just watch and read forever – and if you follow the provided links, it’s literally forever. And his consistency is something else. if I watch something of mine from years ago, I tend to vomit. But James looks like Jimmy Cobb (drummer), keeping that steady beat forever.

      12 years, you say. I see this number coming up all the time now. 12 Monkeys? I asked sister what card is that on the Tarot. It’s “The Hanged Man”. Just a curiosity.

    • B00ND0GGLE says:

      The reference video in which expert man calmly explains that virus = fungus seed is right out of the blue nonsense on its face. Fungus ‘seeds’ are called spores. You can obtain them from the gills of any mushroom and look at them under a microscope and you don’t need a degree in biology to see that these spores are enormously larger than any virus and are altogether different in every way. These can be cultivated to grow into white threads of fungus that can grow and spread over moist wood or fresh bull’s shit and eventually bud with new mushrooms.
      There are virus strains that infect fungal cells but these most certainly don’t grow into anything. A virus isn’t alive. It’s a parasitic little short strand of RNA or DNA in a simple protein capsule. It only does 2 things:
      1. Insert its RNA/DNA into a host cell,
      2. Hijack the cells machinery to churn out copies of itself, either immediately or following a dormancy period, until the cell dies and its membrane pops releasing a swarm of new viruses.

  9. brian.s says:

    For background I urger the reading of ‘Fear of the Invisible’ by Janine Roberts.

    You COULD know that fear is the primary psi-weapon and that the virus is a story given priority over any other evidence because it offers the leveraging of fear as control.

    The intent to make virology – and its anti-viral industrial complex – the saviour from disease, has made it the vector of disease – along with the underlying toxicologies that result in viral expression of the immune function – but also of the viral interpretation of cause.

    The billions – and even trillions of dollars that are invested are reinforced by reputation and privileged status of institutional science aligned in corporate capture, that effectively operates governments and regulatory bodies as well as Media.

    The ‘Virus Hoax’ is the weaponisation and marketisation of narratives that are not true, but which offered cover stories or masking under which to persist in toxic profiteering of private gains at public and environmental cost in toxic, degrading and deadly outcomes – that are then SOLD to the public in narratives of false flagged causes, threats, enemies or world-ending scenarios.
    But what is at stake is not the End of the World – but the end of the STORY that has been given priority over life such as to INCREASINGLY sacrifice life to the STORY – even to the extent of initiating End of the World scenarios – under which the STORY scripters or ‘controllers’ seek to maintain the role and status of their CHARACTERS.

    As virology wakes from its false frame it recognises LIFE FUNCTION – as adaptations to toxicity that have been further toxified by ‘heroic attempts to SAVE’ that literally become disease reinforcement in return for role-play.

    The wish to believe in demonic powers as entities in their own right is the attempt to hide and escape the maker of the script.

    Everything is being mobilised in war on truth, and pulling on every thread of a fear-directed mind-capture.
    You are NOT your story. You are NOT obliged to perpetuate your history.
    You have and are the power of choice by your own decision to align with Life before, after and beyond story.

    Narrative identity is a tool for specific purposing.

    Regardless any outcomes of narrative definitions competing for primacy, the choice for Consciousness within life is the walkout or release of STORY driven compulsions or tyrannies.

    How to discern deceit without having to follow all its roots and brances?
    Am I being invited to frame my life in fear, threat and lack?
    Thanks – but no thanks!

    Do I experience these?
    Yes but within the active purpose of reintegrating to a wholeness of being in the moment at hand.

    This is A Course in Miracles – please take note.

    The grace of noticing is the already given freedom from a story we took on and became enamoured of or invested in and lockstepped or lockeddown into.

    First notice the cage of the mind as the cage of the mind.
    Trying to escape or overcome a story gives it invested identity.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • brian.s says:

      Cells create viruses when stressed or toxified – this can be malnutrition as well as any exposure that damages or disrupts cellular function.
      Viruses are messaging sent out from their parent in a ‘bottle’ of protein coverings that is removed on reception by another cell. The information is then unpacked and utilised according to the cell’s needs in its cooperative synergy of organ-ising function that is life. The virus is in a sense a self-destructing message. New viruses are created as needed as part of cooperative process that appears viral or fearfully contagious and invasive due to our association of communicating life as fear of pain of loss. In a sense we are as a celf that refused to ‘die’ in terms or releasing patterns of thought-reaction or habit – that then block communication as a self-isolating lockstep of protected ‘control programming’.

      So to our psychic modelling of life as the virus works as the cover story or inverted projection and reflection as something OUT THERE seeking to invade, hijack and control us. But it is at root an energetic communication of repair, reintegration and adaptation – or Life. Demonising Life sets up a self-hatred or aversion that operates parasitically as if a closed system upon the Open System (Life) on which it absolutely depends but fails to recognise.

      • manbearpig says:

        Like an auto-immune disease?

        • brian.s says:

          The pattern is of acquired ‘allergy to self’
          So by insinuating cause by association, the experiencing of shock can become associated with anything.
          The theory behind vaccinations was at first to inject the disease condition or a weakened version or lab created clone/simile to set off the immune response to shocks that would then produce antobodies that initially were wished to give full immunity against that specific disease vector – presumed to be a viral or bacterial pathogenic ‘invader’. This little sacrifice would then pay a limited degradation of cost against a fear of total loss by death. Note this archetype goes back to fear of gods and is only clothed in scientific clothes.

          Much more often than was ever publicly acknowledged the vaccinations were simply giving diseases to people through the wishful or superstitious fear and control agenda of the attempt to escape or eradicate them. For the disease in the wild was not in fact the result of viral infection but the toxicity that calls forth immune response – along with conditions of malnutrition and poverty of spirit that undermines the functional capacity of the body in aligning healing in rebalance and renewal of health.

          And so poisons such as mercury,formaldehyde and aluminium, were added to vaccines to provide the ‘shock-attack’ that invokes defences – that were then supposed to also identify various ‘attenuated’ genetic matter as ‘invader’ and generate measurable antibodies – that in and of themselves were taken to be ‘immunity’ such that any further disease recurrence would be assigned to different or mutating strains of the ‘virus’ – or a batch failure of vaccine or a weakening of the vaccine’s ability to combat a strengthening ‘enemy’ hence ramping up the frequency of vaccinations, and boosters as an increasing manually managed ‘immunity’ that progressively undermines actual resilience and functional health for a superstition given power by fear – and its corresponding control.

          All viruses are created in and by living cells. They are inherently cell functional as a synergetic response for cell-isolation is death. The cell is the fundamental pattern of balancing an inner and outer environment in the cooperative expression and creation of organelle. organism, and self-organising biosphere. the virus is not alive, but rather a packet of information given a protein wrapping by its parent. There is no hijacking excepting in the mind of the mapping of virology – which is pathologically focused – where living biology is not.
          Vaccinations use viral matter that is a mixture of genetic matter at scales that are isolated from larger matter – such as cells – that is alien to the genetic signature of the targeted recipient, but directly injected – and which itself stimulates immune responses. In some few independent assays of vaccines, all manner of contaminants have been identified – some of which are directly associated with later developing cancers and other disease conditions – such as simian virus. Because these ‘genetically alien matters’ are injected, they bypass all immune function that would normally retain an inner integrity – but are brought in as a trojan horse or a god/power of protection and instigate false and self-harming defences against life as a spectrum of fluid communication, locking down and self-isolating from a true participance and free belonging.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • brian.s says:

      CONTINUED from first post (was snipped off)

      Persistence of allegiance to false investments set over true relation is what ‘sin’ meant.
      It operates ‘spiritual death’ as the narrative framing of self, other and life in (fear of) pain of loss in death.

      Death of love is misery – that is it works a story by which to withdraw from love’s presence and withhold its extended witness or blessing. The miser ‘sees’ all the evidences for the hoarding, defending and isolating of self
      AS IF OUTSIDE the mind of the seer.

      Invested and defended beliefs can be vicious in attack on truth, but can what is not true and has no substance attack a living truth that simply rests in its own nature and being – regardless of conflicting allegiances to story that seem to split the mind or cast it out in terror, rage or heartbreak.

      No one can change the script they are actively seeking to displace or flag onto ‘other’ as if to escape while others pay – and bring payback.

      The capacity for self-illusion has to be brought into the fore as our consciousness-responsibility (not blame) instead of persisting in ‘THEY ARE LYING TO US” as if that is a whole truth rather than its own false flagging diversion to what we are perhaps not ready to face or to own and be transformed by releasing from ‘hiding’.

      But bringing even THAT to awareness is still a step of aligning in self-honesty – that allows some light or perspective from which to take another step away from reactive compulsive strategies that no longer serve us – but deliver unto derivative evils of old patterns imposing on new movements of being.

      What happens if I pause from habit-response and listen or feel within the moment at hand for the presence of life – already moving. No need to push, pull, cajole, coerce or trick into compliance, but freely aligning in a recognised Good or resonance of an moment of fulfilment or appreciation that cannot but ‘runneth over’ and shine or extend into the lives of others.

      Presence is not a fleeting moment. That is but the effect of the grasp and gasp of story seeking to control reality – and suffering its own resulting subjection. Giving from a self-lack or self-isolation will receive in like kind and normalise estrangement from life, truth and being. This is what we need be vigilant against, if we truly want to share in the embrace of Life on Earth as it is Universally embracing us.

      The attempt to DO life from a separated ‘control’ sense of self-conscious blockage is its persistence.
      The fear that the Other will DO evil unto you draws on your own hidden script of imagined and entertained intentions. Justifying every kind of inhuman experimentation on the living as a necessary evil set against a Greater ENEMY that will otherwise get you first – is the pre-emptive denial of Life before it has a chance to move, find voice or recognise itself WITHIN YOU.

      This ‘movement’ is not framed in time and space – but reflects here. For by movement within do we know and have and share being as the felt qualities of Existence.

  10. manbearpig says:

    I’ve been meaning to post this but keep getting side-tracked, and as noone else has, too obvious or overworn maybe, here goes anyway, from the horse’s mouth:

    “The coronavirus test that might exempt you from social distancing—if you pass

    There is a lot of hype around the potential for antibody testing to help get us back outside sooner rather than later. Here’s how it works.
    by Neel V. Patel

    “…To beat the virus and stop its spread, says the World Health Organization, we need to identify those who are infected and isolate them, as well as those at risk (who ought to be self-isolating too, whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic)…”


    A technocratic test will tell you if you’re fit to go out and work or travel

    or not.

    Welcome to Gattaca.

    • mik says:

      Thanks for nice example how standards for propaganda have been decreased.

      Astonishing to me how they are producing such stupid articles (tonnes of similar crap out there), so inconsistent, they are contradicting to themselves many times in the article.

      An example: antibody test should provide information if one had overcome infection, but it’s hard to say immunity is permanent (it’s probably not, since we don’t have firm immunity for cold), nevertheless immunity passports are excellent idea to fight disease.

      Next, the author is unlearned (should go clean toilets) or lying.

      “…. if we’re not able to test everyone, we have no way to really answer questions such as how widespread the infection is…..”

      Representative random sampling is widely used method to get very reliable data about population. It’s been used for decades and someone writing about science should be aware of it, no excuse acceptable.

      “..give survivors of the infection confirmation that they are now immune, meaning they no longer pose a threat to others and could potentially return to work and public life.”

      survivors ……potentially return…

      • mik says:

        I’m just waiting to see when one of this morons-with-pen will come out and say:

        “You don’t understand, contradictions are here because in medicine 1+1 doesn’t necessary equals 2. These are contradictions to you because you are not medicine expert”

      • manbearpig says:

        Yes Mik, I agree. You point out exactly the sort of contradictions I was discussing with a student this morning.

        I hadn’t noticed however the subliminal wording of “survivors… potentially return”… chilling

        Only what we see again and again; “no longer pose a threat to others” sticks out to me: how dangerous we are to each other; how dirty we are until absolved by AI algorithms

        the new anointed priests

        as clean enough to exist…

      • brian.s says:

        HIV antibodies (so called) condemn you WITH disease.
        You are behaving naively in your trust of the modelling.

    • alexandre says:

      Amna (as in “I am going to”) throw one of my quirky musings for the heck of it.
      While reading the comments, some images come to my mind. One is “Mars Attacks”. Another is the Yellow Stone story, told by the James Stewart guy MPB linked, showing how “they” can’t understand complex systems and screw everything up in their “management”. It all makes me entertain, for a moment, the idea that maybe we’re all trying to figure out something aliens are doing.

      There’s an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway where Collin Mochrie has to do an alien trying to copy humans. It’s one of the images that come to my mind. He smiles and laughs in a strange eerie way, then goes back to nothing and, more often than not, I get the feeling it is exactly that – some alien race trying to imitate humans without any idea of what they’re doing, because they can’t understand humans.
      2001, or “The Sentinel”, also has this at the end, where the guy goes into a room that is a perfect copy of a human “home”, but the bottles have strange liquids inside, books are all blank etc, like they don’t know what’s inside, they can just copy the exterior appearance.

      It sounds pretty stupid and only I could bother others with such ideas, but still, if you watch everything from a distance, you could understand why it occurs to me. Another way to put it is to say that we will NEVER understand the mentality of the psychos now running the world (read UN, medicine, science etc etc), just as we wouldn’t understand an alien. I’m not saying they’re aliens, but just that they look, sound, appear and behave “as if” they were aliens, and dumb cartoon aliens at that (hence Mars Attack), who have no conception of what this world is or who its inhabitants are. (Just watch Event201). Trying to figure out their operations is, in this view, like trying to have a conversation with some schizoid mentally ill person. Could be fun, or just a waste of time. Taking that silliness into consideration, I’d suggest focusing on moving the mentally ill away from the steering wheel, instead of trying to figure out its weirdnesses.

      Ok, sorry, as you were.
      (Did I use “hence”correctly?)

  11. Stealthumor says:

    In 1950, the U.S. navy harnessed the disease Serratia marcescens (“SM”) in a wide-scale biowarfare test. SM produces a bright red pigment and is useful because it is easy to see. The U.S. navy harnessed the bacteria’s unique characteristic in “Operation Sea Spray.” A minesweeper sprayed SM two miles off the northern California coast. See Rebecca Kreston’s blog “Body Horrors” for Scientific American.
    The idea was to assess the susceptibility of large cities to biological attacks. This exercise proved more successful than hoped. Post-Operation testing found germ infestation in surrounding suburbs as well as the metropolis. In the MIS mind, collateral damage was inevitable, and the death of a few seniors and sick people was well worth the price of keeping America (not counting Canada and South America) safe. Besides, you can’t make an omelet, etc., and the government should not deprive taxpayers of a multi-billion-dollar program for one glitch.
    Eleven residents checked into a Stanford University Hospital complaining of urinary tract infections a week after the Operation. One man died. Scientists who diagnosed the microbe labeled it the first recorded outbreak of Serratia marcescens. This is the good news.
    DoD performed similar tests across the U.S. for twenty years when Richard Nixon halted germ warfare research in 1969. (Ed. Note: I learned this from the attorney who sued the Navy for killing his mother with a “mild flu aerosol.”) The experiments became public knowledge in 1976.

    Paraphrased from: In 1950, the U.S. Released A Bioweapon In San Francisco. Smithsonian Magazine: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/1950-us-released-bioweapon-san-francisco-180955819/

    See also: Serratia infections: from military experiments to current practice. https://www.uptodate.com/contents/infections-due-to-serratia-species/abstract/1

    Law of Armed Conflict Deskbook, 2015 – Library of Congress-THE MEANS AND


    • manbearpig says:

      Very interesting indeed. I was unaware of this incident (“these incidents” I should say, if the contamination continued over several years.) Will peruse these links closely. Thank you.

      “A minesweeper sprayed SM two miles off the northern California coast.”

      I didn’t know minesweepers “sprayed”; I thought they “dragged”…?

      Currently, do you think chemtrails might’ve sprayed any biological pathogens?

      • brian.s says:

        There are aerosol vaccines – I have seen patent for such and then examples of using this method for vaccinating animals from helicopters.

        I remain primarily more aligned with the idea of toxicity – whether from experiments, pollution or comet dust, as the initiator of immune response – which includes viral generation FROM our functional heathy cells – and with a democratic or shared informational component.

        Toxicity has to get past our defences. Some toxins – such as glyphosate, break down the gut lining to a ‘leaky gut’ syndrome in which all kinds of proteins get in undigested. Some are injected directly into babies, or ingested in foods and drug medicines, or endocrine disrupting molecules. Other environmental vectors include radiation exposure such as UV or x rays, and psychic-emotional shock, strain and depression.

        The underlying signature that I see is of fear given power – but projected or false-flagged away from self – and then defended against and controlled as a self-isolating lockdown under narrative identity dictate.

        For the ‘survival’ of the defence-complex set against our own secret or hidden fear-projections, enemy and threat must be maintained or reinstated whenever letting life in would ‘threaten’ our defences by rendering them obsolete or futile and pointless.

        We thus DO unto our own the things we can imagine and give fearful belief to ‘enemies’ doing to us.
        No NEED then for real enemies. The State can maintain its defences by operating as proxy for enemies that otherwise could not operate so secretly and unchecked against its own people – whose awareness of such must be denied – which makes them the enemy in terms of conscious awareness and so they must be protected from their own consciousness of what they would only misunderstand without specialist dissociation training.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        “Currently, do you think chemtrails might’ve sprayed any biological pathogens?”

        That’s certainly a possibility. Here’s another possibility. A completely different angle, that’s uh, very illuminating…

        Chemtrails and 5G:

        Mark Steele (weapons systems head of display expert):
        “It’s all inter-connected. The metalized particulates, that would allow the 5G phased array, so basically the RADAR, it would allow it to identify you and watch you. It can identify you in your own home 24 hours/day 7 days/week.”

        Sacha Stone (film-maker and founder of the New Earth Project):
        “For the last x amount of years we’ve been through chem-trailing and now the cat is out of the box. We’ve had these nano-particulates raining down on humanity for years now, impregnating our bodies by best accounts staying inside our bodies.

        Those nano-particulates, what you’re saying are creating, building up a kind of a phosphorescence glow capability so that we could be flagged up, in our homes behind concrete and steel, inside bunkers in the basement. Doesn’t matter where you are, the 5G will be able to now triangulate, map and read you because you as a living being are impregnated with these nano-particulates which are acting as a kind of transmission and reception technology.

        Mark Steele:
        “It’s exactly. Absolutely exactly.”

        • Noahsark723 says:

          I agree – The geoengineering aerosols and the electromagnetic frequency capabilities of 5g, the cell phone towers, HAARP type antenna systems that they have set up around the globe, satellites as well are part of one huge system that can track, trace, manipulate the weather, influence minds and so on.

          This is one of the most important subjects in regards to the over all picture. They have weaponized the electromagnetic spectrum!

  12. bladtheimpaler says:

    The problem I see with the ‘pyramid cap’ ever releasing a true bioweapon pathogen is that it would kill indiscriminately, perhaps taking them out as well. These germs also tend to mutate quickly within a population and could either become more or less deadly, though usually the later , but which psychopath wants to take that chance of their pre-immunization failing to protect?

    The current event appears to be a first world spanning effort coordinated by various globalist institutions such as the U.N/WHO, the World Economic Forum and the captured or otherwise controlled national state entities and their authoritarian agencies like the USA and its CDC. While the released pathogen seems innocuous enough the hype, fear propaganda and policy reactions makes this effort of a half simulation, half drill gone live and simultaneous Beta test that is being closely monitored an apparent NWO success.

    If the testing proves a true success we can expect more events of this nature as this method seems to be generating much more success in covering up, while at the same time advancing, globalist agenda across a wide spectrum of fronts and levels within those fronts. We instinctively know this as we watch the parade of useful idiots performing their public duty to accolades from the majority ‘normies’ who not only swallow but cry out for the whole scenario of top down authoritarian dictates. This as financial theft on a scale never seen before takes place before our very eyes with nary a concerted cry of “Robbery!” being raised.

    To wit this post by a former FEMA administrator giving her analysis of the World Economic Forum’s Covid Action Platform which lays out the disruptions this covert operation is made to achieve and the globalist goals to be initiated in response to these purposeful disruptions. If you are bothered by the religious views of this presenter skip ahead to the 5 minute mark. However, her introduction does speak to her bona fides.

    • CQ says:

      bladtheimpaler, I’m glad you shared the WEF’s Covid Action Platform, as seen through the eyes of former FEMA employee Celeste. You may have felt, as I did, a shiver listening to her recount the reason she escaped its clutches.

      I’d been puzzled as to why, everywhere we look in the media (including on all Covid-19-related YouTube videos), we see up-close illustrations of the physical virus — multi-colored spiked balls. Now I finally see what the spikes represent metaphorically. Scary stuff.

      Agree it’s best to not skip her five-minute intro if one wants to understand where Celeste is coming from.

    • brian.s says:

      There is something I look for in any insider leak – and that is the vibrational presence of love.

      If the covid19 200 levels deep injected global control plan is what she says it is – and ostensibly it may be – there will be a PR targeted to those whose spiritual or religious identification is US Christian rapture over fulfilment of prophecies – AS IF proving (their interpretation of) the Bible is the faith in God that undoes all illusion and wakes in Christed Consciousness.

      I don’t know if you are aware of the Denethor effect – I take it from The Lord of the Rings; The strong willed but wilful and proud steward – supposedly holding the kingdom until the King returns uses the Seeing Stone to see things far off – AND has the power to hold his mind against Sauron’s capture and control – BUT is blind to only being given to see the things that feed his despair – such as to finally interpret the actual return of the King as a vast enemy fleet that extinguishes hope and take his surviving but battle stricken son with him into a self made suicide pyre.

      So the video had all the right components to deliver a payload of crushing despair under the guise of warning while vindicating the ‘prophecies’. Well there is an underbelly to this world that is greatly disturbing to uncover – but the key is to be seeking truth and not allowing deceits to block the desire to know – hence the willingness to look straight at the terror symbols so as the break the spell of nameless fear in the context of an active and open relationship with the Holy Spirit of whom Jesus fro many is the personification. No such thinking or words are required, for a true discernment is the gift and the grace of recognising in the heart – that the mind may then give form to or simply embody by demeanour as a truly grounded presence of peace. – contd…

      • brian.s says:

        If anyone is ‘bothered by’ their own judgements they will see ONLY as the self-isolating mind of judgement permits. Truth is openly hidden where your mind has already judged against as the establishing of your personal ego or adaptive masking persona. Judgement behind a mask cannot actually relate or share, because it operates as if apart and above the living. That judgements of a feather flock together in mutual private reinforcements is the way to make an illusion of a world pass off as true – because only truth shares – as the whole in all its parts.

        Judgement selects by rejecting, and suffers it own denials as its many returns of the day. This results in winding up to a self-isolating lockstep of compulsive mind capture – because the more of life is sacrificed by denials and evasions, the more hollowed out to compulsive addiction that can never find peace. There IS no peace in it.
        The desire to know is the desire for peace – otherwise you only seek ammunition, armour or market advantage according to your version of narrative identity conflict.

        Feeding truths that cannot be practically utilised might be like giving 5 year olds Holocaust Tours.
        IF a new world is to rise from releasing old stories, it will be from the reintegration of a split mind. The hate and the hated, CAN be translated into terms of love – even if in terms of all our separation trauma of abandonment, rejection, loss, betrayal, heartbreak, powerlessness – and whatever drives rise to escape, overcome or cover over them.

        There is an inner AND an outer that have become split in our mind – but not in truth.
        If truth does not show you you are free – in a peace that is the world covets and seeks in possession and control – then it is but a stepping stone within a larger question.

  13. Mielia says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpQFCcSI0pU 10 min by laowhy86
    title: “I Found The Source of the Coronavirus”
    he is a normie (in a good sense), spend years in China, speaks Chinese and sources his evidence back to Chinese (in Chinese) websites.

    I had to sigh at one moment where I asked myself, did he try to check this website with archive. The link cannot be seen, so no chance I could check it. Also spelling Chinese characters into a search machine would be a huge nuisance to me.

  14. fer67 says:

    James, do you have the other videos from Dr. Alma True Ott? Seems like everything of his is wiped from the internet now. I can’t find anything but websites that claim he’s a fraud etc.

  15. brian.s says:

    Dear Friends

    Sane information:
    If you all have not included the following collation of CVD19 information in your research and updates I urge you to do so – and perhaps save the page as it updates – as much is likely to be deleted.
    It does not TELL you what to believe but presents many news items, interviews and testimony that serves your ability to make informed choices.


    It is available in very many languages – linked top of page.
    Usually updating daily or sometimes every two days


    As for the context by which to interpret or discern meaning and find alignment, be vigilant against fear as a basis from which to think, speak or act. Pausing from reaction allows a space of opportunity for the heart’s recognition and intelligence to embody an active willingness for Life – that of itself communicates the Qualities of Life in whatever you be and do. Holding the heart open amidst fear and the progeny of fear is transformational of our self and also a true companioning in shared purpose with all others who call on love as Power of Life, and of a true peace – from which new perspectives open that fear and control cannot conceive of or see.
    In any moment of any true appreciation we align in Life as extension rather than recoil and contraction of self-isolation in lockdown – seeking power by manipulative controls and narrative dictate.
    The mind can split into many – and conflicting – purposes. The heart of a true receipt knows unifying purpose.
    You know when you have been truly met, seen, heard or known – without any process of intermediary.
    No matter what you may think ABOUT yourself – or others – you have within you the capacity to recognise and accept and align truth – and uncover the movement of being that connects and extends Life. We all have the mind that can cover over and sometimes phish us of our presence, flow , connection and purpose or joy in life – and so we each have choice and responsibility for where we give attention, value and alignment in worth.

    Using ALARM! to wake to the heart is the urgency of the need to pause the reactive habit-mind and listen for the slow way – because only by slowing down and releasing triggered history, can we recognise and be found or restored to the already movement of being in which we feel and know the qualities of being, and learn to get out of own way – in the same way a musician learns to open the channel of a fuller expression and participation – despite and then by means of recognising inhibitions that need no longer apply.

    • brian.s says:

      Mind-framed narratives can demand sacrifice of true presence from which a fresh perspective is gifted to our willingness to accept. There is a kind of dance to this. Fears cannot just be overridden or denied – without meting out our own measure – and without recognising we do unto ourselves – and not least by the attempt to DO from a place of separation and lack in such a ways as to usurp, pre-empt and short-circuit the Life that DOES through us by free willing alignment instead of a coercive and manipulative masking.

      Notice, this has to be interpreted as threatening to a sense of separative recoil in fear of loss of control and so compassion and acceptance to such fears, is the way of honouring what is, as a basis for releasing an old pattern for an choice and outcome more aligned with who we now recognise ourself to be.

    • lovetodust says:

      Brian, thank you for these links. It is so difficult to keep track of all the information that pours in daily from the various sites I read.

      These are some very good. succinct updates. I am grateful to see so many people, particularly experts in their fields, questioning and outright contradicting the insanity that is saturating the globe today.

      Thank heavens for the Corbett Report and other other alternative sites. There may not be definitive answers yet but it is reassuring to be able to connect with like-minded people.

      I am going to use these links as my back-up when friends and family give me that jaw-dropping stare at my “cavalier” attitude – i.e. no face mask, gloves or bottle of bleach to wipe down everything I touch in the course of a day. (that probably sounds snarky – I am really trying to respect everyone’s belief system in the midst of this craziness)

      I will continue to check in with this site.

      Thanks again.

      • brian.s says:

        Every witness to sanity offers a joining in purpose. Unless we live from a shared sense of worth and life we are easily caught up in fear-scripts. I am not suggesting fear is not active, but that it has a way of hiding and protecting itself in self-isolating reactive polarised futility.

        I just made a comment moments ago that connects to the issue of how we relate to others who are afraid of contagion or afraid of giving offence and social shaming – guilting that is given justification by fear as control to jump from suspicious to vicious at the slightest lack of compliance.

        I find the post has not (yet?) published.
        So I paste:

        If you recognise the fear running beneath as lack of love instead of reacting to the hate of others as a foil to your own relative ‘virtue’ – then you activate your part in your own release.
        I know ‘love’ is debased and degraded as a term or currency of meaningful exchange by the insistence or dictate to hate the haters – but the extension of an acknowledgement of another’s presence is love. Blanking or unpersoning can operate under any kind of appeal for support, sympathy and justification.

        There is a full-on training in situ with regard to how we relate to each other under such conditions of fear, distrust and superstition masked in science. The training is the willingness to stay present with what is actually happening both within ourself and as the perception of another instead of falling into old scripted habits of judgement and reaction.

        It doesn’t matter if the believed scenario is false. To the one suffering the belief, it may be terrifying – and the context of meeting that in others is itself disturbing and challenging to our habitual ‘worldview’ – effectively calling us to bring ourself present, while fear seeks ways of dissociating, conflict avoidance, or masking in common compliance as a substitute for simple intimacy of being.

        If you are ONLY looking outside yourself, you are assigning or casting out all your inner mental and emotional realities to others and to a world that does not see you, recognise you or care for you. Though it may mandate the delivery of care and security services by which you become eligible for social credits subject to status determined by a arbitrary rulesets of control (surrogate power) worshipped as an end in itself.

        – – –

        Having been blocked on YTube from comment, I expect more and more such obstruction.
        Our primary source of discernment has always been within us – whatever arenas of research and exploration. Thanks for your response.
        lovetodust: Dust is the nature of plasma that spontaneously patterns as self-organising fields of energetic exchange at all scales of the physical Universe through which awareness of existence knows Itself through expression and exchange.

  16. alexandre says:

    Things were quite normal here in my tiny town, until the PREFEITO (mayor?) decided to go on a campaign of terror and spread the Ecuador video around (the one with burning bodies in the middle of the street) saying “Do you want your town to be like that??”. He went on radio etc and of course made some new “determinations” as they’re called here. Result: 10 minutes on a long line to go in the supermarket, almost every one with masks (and acrylic glasses!), marks on the ground for “social idiocy” and the whole bag of frogs, including a store on a gas station that was kinda close, kinda open. At the door, two cones and a table impeding the entrance, and the guy on the other side. I asked him “what would the logic here, sir?” and he said “I really don’t know but we have to obey the new determinations, unfortunately”.

    I swear, I really don’t know how we lasted so long, because they could have us all auto-combust in 5 minutes with a little media campaign and some “determinations”. What’s taking them so long? The concepts of freedom, individuality, autonomy etc simply don’t exist. It’s not that they agree with “leaders” because they’re all fascists. They just don’t have the concept. A girl on the S.Market took off her mask to talk to me for a bit, because I couldn’t understand a fucking word she was saying, and she said “unfortunately (always starts like that) it’s mandatory”. I said “Thank god that only your mask is mandatory for now”. She replied “I don’t get it” smiling.

    I’ll bet there are lagonzas at the bottom of lakes wearing masks saying “unfortunately we have to follow the determinations…”

    Terry Gilliam, when fighting for the rights of Brazil with Universal, said “they took all the serious words like creativity, responsibility etc and left me only with shit, fuck, piss, which I used! Fuck, shit, piss!”

    So, pardon me, James, from the bottom of my heart, but ….. MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “He went on radio etc and of course made some new “determinations” as they’re called here. Result: 10 minutes on a long line to go in the supermarket, almost every one with masks (and acrylic glasses!), marks on the ground for “social idiocy” and the whole bag of frogs, including a store on a gas station that was kinda close, kinda open.”

      I don’t know if it was because it was the day before Good Friday, but in my small town, Ontario all the grocery stores had line-ups of 20+ minutes to enter the store and from past experience, 20+ minutes to line up to pay.

      Many of the people in the lines are wearing masks.

      I had an idea. When you get in line, wear a t-shirt or hold a sign saying “9/11 Was An Inside Job!” just to brighten their day and lighten up their fearful faces. 🙂

      • alexandre says:

        Good idea. Or maybe one saying “Why don’t you go fuck yourself today?”
        Too negative?

        Maybe “Masks Cause Nose Cancer”.
        Unfortunately 9/11 here probably means nothing, believe it or not. It would be like “1516. Spaniard Juan Díaz de Solis claims the Río de la Plata for Spain” for Norwegians.

        Yes, it is the day before whatever holiday, and yes it was 6Pm, but even so, everything was almost normal here until the stupid bastard started with the terror thingy. Governors, presidents, mayors, prefeitos and all political “managers” around the world are more globalized and standardized than anything, from Boris Johnson to the mayor of Camerón, Tierra del Fuego. I think they’re clones. Must be.

  17. lovetodust says:

    Does anyone else have Police Officers in their supermarkets????

    In my rather small town upper-middle class supermarket. Police officers!

    Wearing masks of course.

    Every day it’s something different at this market.

    The latest “determination” is a long black rope separating shoppers from cashier area by 3 feet. You have to walk the width of the store to get in line – 6 feet apart – they actually have red squares on the floor for you to stand on – and wait until the supermarket masked concierge tells allows you to move to a cashier. Who has to spray down everything after you pick up your bags (not your own re-usable!) and leave.

    I stopped at exit on the way out to speak to the police officer.

    Me: Why are you here?

    PO: To make sure they don’t go over the limit.

    Me: Wow. Scairy.

    PO: I know.

    Me: I’m not talking about the virus.

    I Just watched Spiro Sourkas video about Bill Gates/WHO/Johns Hopkins Event 201.

    Has anyone see this? I mean it has to be a big fat joke, correct? It has to be, right? Because if it is not – we are in big trouble. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching clips.

    I know James, and now other independent journalists, has been warning about the censorship and possible internet shut-down, but to hear it from the horses mouth? Scairy.

    If I did not believe in a power greater than all this I would feel really doomed.

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