The World's Largest (Democratic!) Biometric Prison

10/06/201948 Comments

Whenever they talk about India and its "inevitable" rise to world economic dominance, establishment hacks like Thomas "Iraq War booster" Friedman always seem compelled to note that the country is "the world's largest democracy." They might want to talk to the residents of the now-defunct Jammu & Kashmir before invoking that phrase, but the underlying point seems to be that India—with its growing economic might and vibrant, functional parliamentary system—can provide a freedom-respecting alternative to the Chinese communist model for economic development and industrialization.

The pundits are, as usual, half right. India is being used as a testing ground and a potential model for the developing nations to follow . . . but that model has nothing to do with freedom. Rather than building some sort of system for protecting and fostering the rights of the individual, the Indian government has been quietly erecting the walls of the world's largest biometric prison.

What is the biometric prison, and how is India erecting it? Your questions are answered in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I appreciate James Corbett continuing to keep us informed about India, a country in which we sometimes hear a “blithering blowhard bloviating about “the world’s largest democracy”.<–article quote

    Just like China suppressing the undesirables (such as Falun Gong, Tibetan, Uighurs, etc.), so goes the way of Prime Minister Modi and the populist Hindu nationalist wave that he and his BJP party are riding see it as another battlefront in their war against the Indian Muslim minority. <–article quote

    What a control mechanism for government technocrats to rule a populace!
    Mandatory Aadhaar database biometric ID and cashless money.

    All this reminds me of the Nazi Germany era persecution and control of undesirables.

    According to a quick search on the internet, (2018) China is the most populous country with approximately 1.42 billion people.
    India is the second largest country by population with approximately 1.35 billion inhabitants, but many pundits say that its population will soon surpass China.

  2. weilunion says:

    “Only now, three decades later, is this being done, and it is not difficult to see why: Prime Minister Modi and the populist Hindu nationalist wave that he and his BJP party are riding see it as another battlefront in their war against the Indian Muslim minority.”

    Actually, James Hindutva fascism has its roots in pre-WWII and after. The BJP are the political face ofthe RSS, who killed Ghandhi.

    From the India Times:

    “Prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced the renaming of three islands of Andaman and Nicobar archipelago as a tribute to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

    Islands that were renamed

    The Ross Island was renamed as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep, the Neil Island as Shaheed Dweep and the Havelock Island as Swaraj Dweep.

    The three islands are major tourist spots.

    Earlier in the day, the prime minister inaugurated a slew of development projects and laid foundation stones of several others related to energy, connectivity, education, tourism, and health sectors.

    PM Modi at the occasion

    1. Modi began his speech by asking the people in the ground to switch on the flashlights of their mobile phones to honour Bose.

    2. Thousands of mobile flashlights were then switched on providing a visual delight.

    3. Donning the Azad Hind Fauj (Indian National Army) cap, he addressed a public meeting at Netaji Stadium on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the hoisting of the Tricolour by Bose.

    “When it comes to heroes of the freedom struggle, we take the name of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose with pride. The first prime minister of the Azad Hind government Subhash Babu had made India’s independence resolution on the soil of Andaman,” he said.

    Modi is a Hindu fascist. Subhas Chandra Bose was a Nazi who, during WWII, worked closely with Hitler.

    He is not a popular nationalist by any means. His nickname was the Duce of Bengal.

    “In a speech the same year in Singapore, Bose spoke about India needing a ruthless dictator: years after liberation.

    Then Singapore daily, Sunday Express (now defunct), printed his speech where he said, ‘So long as there is a third party, ie the British, these dissensions will not end. These will go on growing. They will disappear only when an iron dictator rules over India for 20 years. For a few years at least, after the end of British rule in India, there must be a dictatorship . . . . No other constitution can flourish in this country and it is so to India’s good that she shall be ruled by a dictator, to begin with . . . .”

    Modi is evoking Chambra Bos as the Ukrainians evoke their dead Fascists.

    The fact that the instruments of terror used by Modi are now cybernetic, only advances his power.

    What Modi is putting forth is a Phoenix Program of such high cyber ability, everyone is ball and chained.

    Do not think this is being played out only for India.

    Those in the US have already sen the Pacification program called Phoenix during Vietnam, played out with the development of the Department of Homeland Security and then fusion centers throughout the US, fused with law enforcement and the courts.

    This is counter-terrorism in the eyes of Modi and those who look for such solutions.

    Also,ask Tulsi Gabbard about her ties to Modi and the Indian Hindu fascist movement and the Hindu cult she was raised with.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Ruthless Dictators

      Thanks! There is some very interesting information here.

      I did not know about the history of a Modi ‘hero’ Subhas Chandra Bose and his ties Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

      Tulsi Gabbard and ties to India influence
      4.5 million folks from India in the U.S.

      weilunion, the article about Tulsi is very, very informative.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      PS – 500 word count on comments –
      Next time you might break your comment into two portions by replying to the first part.
      James Corbett likes to keep each comment under 500 words.
      I think your comment had 572 words, and probably James let it slide without a ‘snip’ because you had such important info and it was not much over the 500 count.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    India, like many other nations, seems to be hitting some rough bumps on their economic road this year.

    October 5, 2019 – “Tyler Durden” citing Reuters and Boomberg
    Bank Crisis Hits India: “Bank Stops Functioning, People Crying Outside Bank Branches”

    The Punjab Maharashtra Co-operative Bank (PMC), in India, has been caught cooking the books and misreporting non-preforming loans (NPL) of Mumbai-based real estate developer Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd (HDIL). As Reuters reports, PMC hid the bad loans with 21,000 fictitious accounts, which has spooked depositors, investors and government officials…

    …The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) took over PMC last week and has prevented the bank from new loan creation, while nearly 900,000 depositors have been informed that capital controls are being placed on their accounts for six months.

    Dozens of videos have been uploaded to social media this week, detailing how depositors are being locked out of their accounts, some fear the worst, as the bank has likely failed….(list of videos and people crying for their money at the article link)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The Corbett Report has previously addressed many aspects surrounding India and this trend which we see. (Use The Corbett Report Search Bar and “India”)

      In January 2017, James Corbett wrote this article…
      Cashless Biometrics and India’s Demonetization Experiment

      …“In India, they call cash gleaned from counter-economic activities ‘black money.’
      It’s not known to the government, it’s not stored in the banks, and it’s not taxed.
      In other words, it’s the would-be technocratic overlords’ worst nightmare. It’s impossible to know the size of this ‘black money’ pool (can we call it something cooler, like ‘freedom funds’ or something?) but it has been estimated to be as much as 20% the size of the total Indian economy.
      Now with the vast bulk of those freely-gotten gains being brought back into the banking system (or exchanged with a valid form of government identification), it will come back under the purview of Big Brother and his friend, Uncle Taxman….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Boom Bust” co-host Christy Ai is one sharp cookie. This gal is an encyclopedia of stats and what is happening in international markets.

      In September 2019, Christy Ai on “RT America” talks about…
      India & Russia ditching dollar and working trade deals with each other.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    From Corbett’s article, he provides a link at “The larger story is fascinating”.

    …”Mythological factors of Assam
    The Hindu epics and literature like Mahabharata, Kalika Purana and Yogini Tantra throw enough light on ancient Assam.”…

    Doing a search on some of the words, such as “Mahabharata” is interesting.

    I have always been fascinated by all the Hindu Mythology (if that is the correct term and I don’t want to offend anyone’s religious beliefs). For me, Hindu Mythology is like reading a colorful Comic book when taking LSD or something…You can’t understand it, but it looks pretty.

    In the early 1970’s, I remember when the Hari Krishna folks came to campus and I bought one of their colorful hardback volumes. The brilliant colorful pictures were fascinating.

    And in Dallas, on occasions I go down to the Hari Krishna Temple’s restaurant, Kalachandji’s, and eat a great satisfying meal in a booth on the outdoor shaded, tranquil patio. It is a nice, peaceful environment.
    Talking with one of my work supervisors, I discovered that her Mother was a Hari Krishna. My supervisor told me how her Mother would take her down to the Dallas temple for festivals and celebrations. The Mother’s husband is a Christian based educator. I guess the two have things worked out.

    In the Dallas Ft Worth area, there are many, many folks from India and who are Hindu. I run into folks all the time, and often talk about herbs like Mucuna, Tulsi or Ashwagandha which I sometimes grow.

    One thing that always struck me about Hindu Mythology was all the fighting and battles. Geez!

    Now, the below BOLLYWOOD Indian Legend Battle Scene(s) is not necessarily Hindu mythology, but rather, I think it is Jain. Evidently, Jain and Hindu have their differences.
    But hey, it’s Bollywood.

  5. pearl says:

    Reading this newsletter then following it with TruthStream’s Prometheus video left me feeling terribly despondent about the near future.

  6. manbearpig says:

    Speaking of AAdhar… wonder how Libracoin will take to this new biometric prison?
    Provocative article by Hackernoon:

    Libra, a Cyberpunk Nightmare in the Midst of Crypto Spring
    September 27th 2019

    “…Just like the Indian Aadhaar “voluntary” ID system where the system wasn’t supposed to keep people’s history and link it all together, all it took was the Indian government passing a law and now they have to keep the data. Then the government followed that by making an Aadhaar ID essential to open a bank account or keep your bank account open and suddenly voluntary is mandatory and we’ve slid as far down the slippery slope as possible.
    Pretty soon a centralized digital ID will be absolutely required just to use the system, all for your protection. And then companies and governments will know everything you do and everywhere you go and everything you spend your money on as they track you with advanced AI/ML algorithms…

    …We still have a chance to make a true break from the old world financial systems, to set money free, to separate money from state, to give control back to the people.
    Facebook gave you an opening.
    Let their lawyers deal with the might of terrified old world money titans. Let their lobbyists hammer out new laws and make and break nations that stand with them or against them.

    Now is your chance.

    If you haven’t hired every single developer and UX designer you can find, and reached out to every architect and business mastermind to help you craft a comprehensive platform and business plan then you need to move fast.
    We’re running out of time.
    Soon there won’t be any market left and Facebook will have stolen your dream right out from under your nose and turned it into a black mirror.

    If Libra is the ultimate winner in the space and speeds to world market dominance then crypto was the biggest waste of potential freedom ever invented…”

  7. NES says:

    This is here in the USA right now and it’s progressing FAST!

    This week I went into ABQ to shop for a few household items and groceries at what we used to call BIG BOX stores. I could not get the household items elsewhere and I have to eat. I saw new additions of huge surveillance systems with facial recognition in every store. (From previous experience I now wear sunglasses and a hat into the store simply to thwart them.) The retail establishments that had been hiding their surveillance prior (e.g. Albertsons Grocery) are now showing them off. Big displays are sited at every check-out counter, every door, every isle with the ‘Las Vegas eye-in-the-sky’ bulbs all over the ceilings and walls. Each time I visit the city I find there is another one. All the big box stores are showcasing them. Worse? Now every little mom and pop store has that stupid RING system from Amazon. The entire retail business is acting like a teenager with a new fad. But it’s not a fad. They are feeding the beast.

    Still worse? Last week I watched as the actor Will Smith normalized the entire surveillance/facial recognition system at Target by playing hide-n-seek with the customers and their children as if being watched was all so normal and FUN! I had to think WTF is his motivation? Is it the usual mercenary approach of ‘anything for a buck’ because his films are failing? Is it that he knows and simply does not care that he is promoting a surveillance state for own his children? Or is he too stupid to understand his own actions? Whatever, the bottom line is he was right there normalizing it all at the self check-out line by playing games behind the hidden camera, jumping out of boxes and talking to people from the screens. I was too agape to speak as I watched him.

    I was told two weeks ago that I could not purchase a pair of prescription glasses when I had script in-hand. Why? I refused to fill out a very long personal ID form for the retail establishment in order to make my purchase. They wanted everything about me–almost down to my DNA. Nothing they needed to process an order either. The employee tried to use HIPPA as the reason for collecting such personal data. Of course she didn’t know I knew that was a complete LIE. I told her that HIPPA covered medical information at medical establishments, not at retail establishments and besides HIPPA had already been breached anyway. Apparently, she’d been getting away with that line among the stupid customers for a while. I refused to give them personal information that went beyond the purchase need. She, in turn, refused to sell me glasses. Plain and simple. No data. No purchase. She was a completely clueless Millennial but the perfect type of stupid for the establishments’ purposes.

    So if anyone thinks or “believes-in” democracy/freedom existing in the USA I must state firsthand that the reality no longer exists, especially in the last generation’s mind. The corporations have completely duped the general public and a 1984-type Technocratic prison is here now. Every Will Smith and John Doe who further normalized public surveillance of any type puts all of us into that electronic prison. People like Smith apparently either have no sense of what is going on or they don’t care that every key stroke, every joke, every dollar, every apathetic judgment they make has real world consequences. It appears these irresponsible humans want to spend their time hysterically screaming about the world ending from Climate Change–the diversion modelled just for them–rather than see the their true future under this Technocratic regime.

    My grandmother always said stupid is as stupid does. I can’t disagree but the Will Smither humans’ ‘stupid’ is now effecting the rest of us.

    • manbearpig says:

      What an entertaining and surrealistic, if not disquieting, post!

      From the hat and sunglasses disguise, to the whack-a-mole will smith, the ubiquitous eyes bulging from the ceiling, to hippa, the grandma… I think I had a nightmare like that once…?

      I just need to speak to the U.S. Americans I see once a year to know the place has become a mental prison. No debates and everyone’s uninformed and politically correct sensibilities are perpetually shocked and offended.

      But France probably isn’t any better. I’m just used to the continental version of linkedin-style conformity.

      • NES says:

        Yes. Nightmare. All true and experienced firsthand. (Whack-a-mole–very funny!)

        The world is currently living a nightmare that without a doubt is worsening by the day. Yet, the wider public does not awaken. This is the point in my thinking where I must lean on being philosophical about the larger picture. We are ‘here to learn’ one hears from the spiritually oriented. I do hope they are right because the alternative appears to cast Earth in the light of a fancy Gameboy for some older species/interdimensional beings who enjoy watching a good tragic play in progress. I hold onto the idea of our learning from this agonizing time, as previous generations learned from theirs. Why? The obvious potential of humans combined with our innate curiosity will undoubtedly take our species into the infinity of space one day. I shiver at the prospect of who those humans will be. When good is labeled evil for profit and control and evil is paraded as good/right I see little hope for them being representatives who I’d find pride in calling part of my species.

        FYI–France is scary, too. I see that Ukdavek posted the latest on France’s facial recognition plans, along with their government’s official lies. But, it’s Octium who has a firm handle on the current world siege. “…the only practical application of biometrics is tyranny.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          NES says:
          FYI –
          France is scary, too. I see that Ukdavek posted the latest on France’s facial recognition plans, along with their government’s official lies.
          But, it’s Octium who has a firm handle on the current world siege. “…the only practical application of biometrics is tyranny.”

  8. ztaco says:

    Just wanted to share this link in response to the retracted ocean warming article Corbett shared. I don’t know what this fully entails, so any further info would be much appreciated!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Bloomberg EXCERPTS

      France is poised to become the first European country to use facial recognition technology to give citizens a secure digital identity — whether they want it or not.

      Saying it wants to make the state more efficient, President Emmanuel Macron’s government is pushing through plans to roll out an ID program, dubbed Alicem, in November, earlier than an initial Christmas target. The country’s data regulator says the program breaches the European rule of consent and a privacy group is challenging it in France’s highest administrative court. It took a hacker just over an hour to break into a “secure” government messaging app this year, raising concerns about the state’s security standards.

      None of that is deterring the French interior ministry.

      “The government wants to funnel people to use Alicem and facial recognition,” said Martin Drago, a lawyer member of the privacy group La Quadrature du Net that filed the suit against the state. “We’re heading into mass usage of facial recognition. (There’s) little interest in the importance of consent and choice.” The case, filed in July, won’t suspend Alicem.

      With the move, France will join states around the world rushing to create “digital identities” to give citizens secure access to everything from their taxes and banks to social security and utility bills. Singapore uses facial recognition and has signed an accord to help the U.K. prepare its own ID system. India uses iris scans.

      France says the ID system won’t be used to keep tabs on residents. Unlike in China and Singapore, the country won’t be integrating the facial recognition biometric into citizens’ identity databases.
      In fact, the interior ministry, which developed the Alicem app, says the facial recognition data collected will be deleted when the enrollment process is over...

      …The Android-only app with the blazon of the French republic, which Bloomberg was able to consult, will be the only way for residents to create a legal digital ID and facial recognition will be its sole enabler. An ID will be created through a one-time enrollment that works by comparing a user’s photo in their biometric passport to a selfie video taken on the app that will capture expressions, movements and angles. The phone and the passport will communicate through their embedded chips….

      • manbearpig says:

        Alicem ain’t for this year.

        • manbearpig says:

          Ok, so it might indeed be for this year.

          For the moment will only be available on Android phones; More about ALICEM from this site:

          “…Alicem foreshadows “a broader digital identity service” by 2022

          The application will first take over from FranceConnect, a state-run secure identification system (by e-mail and password) used by 10 million French people to declare their taxes, consult the points of their licence, dialogue with the Social Security system, simulate their retirement, manage their unemployment, declare their personal services… or even connect to their bank and insurance.

          “The success and generalization of experimentation[Alicem] will constitute the first steps towards a public policy of digital identity,” the Ministry of the Interior claims. By 2022, smartphones will make it possible to manage 250 administrative procedures, but also to identify themselves to private service providers. The Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Cedric O, even mentioned the idea of being able to prove on the Internet “whether you are of age or not”, particularly in the context of access to pornographic sites…

          …It is therefore conceivable that the Ministry’s future system could be used to confirm age on porn, alcohol or gambling sites, but also to extend to all access to social networks and discussion platforms to combat online hate and fake news, with the objective formulated by President Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of the year: “to move towards a gradual lifting of all forms of anonymity”…”

          now gotta go change my phone…

          • manbearpig says:

            “The 23rd Century will be here sooner than you think…”

            Students have had very varied reactions to the news about ALICEM, from frank enthousiasm, to indifference, via horror and pensive skepticism.
            No one had ever heard of it. Along with the Linky smart meters, this ignorance would be due to the blitzkrieg style of fascist government. At least no one can harbor the illusion of living in a democracy anymore…

            One student asked me what I thought the ultimate objective of the project was, and for some reason

            Logan’s Run came to mind:


            Haunted and harassed by the spectre of Malthusian climate catastrophe, sixth mass extinctions, resource depletion and the divide being ripped even further open between “wise environmental young people” and “stupid, wasteful, selfish adults”

            I think it’s the caroussel that was spinning in my subconscious…


            …the 23rd century will be here sooner than you think…

            Just a lunchbreak sermon to the choir…

            …come to think of it, from what little I saw; hive mind, kindergarten adults, hypersexualization of society, icy transhumans, programmed death… maybe cheesy Logan’s Run would be a good FLNWO episode…?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              ManBearPig; for lunch Hallajulla! For you and a refreshing Frank- ness I have said before, (borrowed however) ” you my dear deserve a raise and a promotion! The French don’t deserve you as much as your students in these parlous times. Mademoiselle I salute you for a clarity of mind and a determination that borders on American Exceptualism. A medal and a check are in the mail.Hopefully they will arrive before Alicem.
              p.s. that carousel is a due-zee

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey GBW, I’m already as arrogant as I can possibly get!

                It’s like the saturation effect in the atmosphere – after a critical point, the more CO2 you pump into it the less powerful the greenhouse effect becomes.

                My ego has already passed that critical point so no amount flattery can inflate it any more than it already is.

                But thanks for trying.


                as for clarity of mind, I actually sent an employer an email wishing him a pleasant week-end… last Monday morning…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP -😂 you are too modest. The poetry in this one line could change minds, awaken fish eyed souls, raise the dead.
                Frank indeed!

                ” At least no one can harbor the illusion that we live in a democracy anymore…”

                Mighty powerful sayings .

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I believe parts of the movie were filmed in the summer of 1975, when Dallas was free and wild.

              Logan’s Run & Dallas-Ft Worth
              In the early and mid-eighties, I was one of the founders and owners of a now very large Dallas Women’s Apparel company.
              Back then, the U.S. garment industry was huge, with lots of independent retail businesses and wholesalers and jobbers.

              Across the Freeway, was the mammoth Dallas Market Center campus; the Apparel Mart and the World Trade Center.
              Parts of Logan’s Run was filmed there.

              At the end of the movie, folks escape destruction coming up ‘through’ the Ft Worth Water Gardens.

              • manbearpig says:

                Wow, hadn’t seen this! Totally cool to compare the movie with these images! and your old catalogue?!

  9. Octium says:

    It’s probably worth pointing out that the only practical application of biometrics is tyranny. It’s of no use for security. If someone obtains you password or key then you patch the security holes and generate a new password or key. If they obtain your biometric data they are going to be you for the rest of your life no matter what. Worth thinking about when you see companies IBM (Cough) boasting about their products.

  10. Ragnar says:

    Reading this article I’m reminded of the incessant push by the tech companies to tie people’s cell phones to their accounts. They don’t want anyone on their sites that aren’t identified nor tied to their real identities. FB is the worst, pretty much blocking anyone who isn’t signed in.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    What do we do if the Biometric I.D. / Data System glitches or evaporates?

    I often ponder this.
    So many things,(banking, paying bills, shopping, government records, I.D.’s, etc.) are in the electronic ether.
    I am not even allowed to pay my rent with a paper check, only digitally.

    This snowball keeps getting larger as it picks up speed.
    Almost EVERYTHING is going electronic digital.

    Any number of things can happen to the electronic data matrix.
    It almost seems insane to place so much reliance upon it.
    It is a tremendous liability.
    “What if?” …It is never really talked about in the mainstream news.

    October 9, 2019 – USA Today
    Almost 2 million Californians could be without power through Thursday in shutdown to reduce wildfire risk

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Homey you bring up a great point, how many ways can electronic media be irreversibly lost?. I have speculated before how fragile digital media is. All the more reason to put thoughts, historical facts, and realities in printed matter. I hope, you know who, will be motivated to put the best of, the mediocre and mundane of his thoughts into print. To the greater extent and more permanent medium by a factor of 100, experts claim. What better excuse than that do you need? Take a poll. I got 1023 adults to respond and only 55 said don’t write the book, the rest said go for it. As it stands a lump of Texas Humanity will have a better chance of getting that great American tome rit and bound up before , you know who, gets a saddle blanket on that horse of writing. Well? Just an encouraging thought.

  12. FlyingAxblade says:

    I;m in Raleigh, NC. 5G came out. Nothing else in my life changed. Drank the same beer, ate the same food, have the same dog. And now, I don’t heal. I look like Baron Harokonnen. Also, I didn’t know 5G came out for 6 weeks, but I noticed I could get a scratch or a pimple, and the pimple would turn into a boil, very noticeable. I got stung by yellow jackets more than 6 weeks ago, almost went to the hospital, my left leg with 3 stings is still swollen, the sting in my belly is a boil, the stings on my arm are boils. I have boils on my chest, my neck, and my thighs — not due to stings. I’m polka dotted pretty much everywhere I wear clothes. That might be vitamin D shortage, but I work outside.
    If I wake up feeling “under the weather” and check the NEXRAD map, the one 8 miles from my house in invariably pulsing this direction toward the atomic power plant 8 miles from my house on the other side. Remember, I didn’t know about the 5G roll out in Raleigh.
    I want to make a video about it, but I don’t really want to show my body. Who’d believe me anyway? OH YEAH, never had tinnitus before 5G either, except for random moments that didn’t last for very long. Speaking of LibriVox, I use a fan for white noise to cancel the street sounds (6 lane major road next to my bed) but now, I just listen to C.S. Lewis audiobooks everytime I go to sleep because the tinnitus is sooooooo damn loud. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. If I’m not engaged in activity or attentive listening, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. it’s not an eeee sound. but you get it. Further more, before hearing of other peoples testimonies, there are specific places on the neck and eye that’ll ache. I’ve also had traveling boils on my EYELIDS. Maybe I’m Job.
    POICE! I’m looking for answers or debunking, because the whole Positive Thinking THING hasn’t changed since January.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      FlyingAxBlade,;truly sorry for your situation. In Elana Freeland’s book Under an Ionized Sky she says a lot on what’s befallen on you. One thing caught my eye at the end of the book she offers some recommendations for ‘Cura te ipsum’ Cure yourself . Many suggestions are offered. The one that got my attention was EM protection.Total Shield from the Cutting Edge Catalog in Santa Fe. . Hope you find this helpful and recovery comes quickly. Had some red wasps get my legs this summer and screwed my legs for weeks with shingles like thing. Cura te ipsum.

    • manbearpig says:

      Really sorry to read about your troubles, FlyingAxeBlade. No holistic doctors in your vicinity maybe? Wish I could suggest something constructive…
      Take care of yourself.

    • pearl says:

      Poor guy. I’m so sorry. No doubt you’ve heard all kinds of solutions to no avail, and the people who offer them can be really annoying, BUT months ago, I read an enlightening book called “The Candida Cure” by Ann Boroch who in her early adulthood was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and long story short, by going off sugar and sticking to a brutally strict anti-yeast diet, she cured herself of the MS. Apparently, candida toxicity is epidemic in the USA making us susceptible to all kinds of illnesses, even symptoms like tinnitus! Maybe 5G is exacerbating an underlying condition. Look into it! I hope you can beat it!

      Side note: when I was reading this book, I noticed the jacket blurb written about the author was in the past tense, which made me wonder if her MS eventually won the battle (which would make her diet useless), but when I looked her up, I learned that she was also an anti-flu vaccine activist. And wouldn’t you know! She was found dead, hanging in her garage. No doubt decades of educating miserable people on how to heal themselves to complete recovery and new life drove her to suicide; completely understandable, right?

      • manbearpig says:

        Thanks so much Pearl for mentioning Ann Boroch who I’d never heard of: she was clearly an Amazing person who’d helped countless people with seemingly uncurable health issues.

        Text below from Wikistrike site in French translated by deepl, and link below, life changing, FROM JUST MONTHS BEFORE HER DEATH:

        “…Naturopath Ann Boroch was tragically found dead last week hanging in her garage. According to a statement published on Facebook’s official page, Dr. Boroch died of natural causes, but the 51-year-old practitioner had no known health problems.

        The official report of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner found that her death was due to suicide by hanging, which is in contradiction with the family’s statements. Despite the official opinion that she committed suicide, detectives at the Los Angeles Police Department believe that the young therapist was murdered by “criminal professionals”.

        “We consider this to be a homicide,” they told the police. The crime scene was too perfect. “It would seem, at first sight, that she committed suicide, but when you analyze the whole scene, it quickly appears that it would not be a typical suicide. »

        “Those who did this knew what they were doing. They clearly had to be professionals. »

        According to the LAPD, attempts were made to launch an investigation into the murder of Ann Boroch, but the case was “suppressed from above”. The doctor’s friends and family describe Ann as a “happy” and “full of life” lady. They want to specify “that under no circumstances can it be a suicide”…”

        From the beginning of that same year:

        • pearl says:

          Such a contrast from the scant info I was able to find, which was a few blog posts on her and other suspicious deaths. That statement from inside the LAPD was new to me. Wow. Way to go Wikistrike! Wikipedia didn’t have a single thing on her (shock).

          • manbearpig says:

            This passage of the same wikistrike article marked me:

            “…Since the announcement of Dr. Ann Boroch’s death by her family, the official Facebook page dedicated to her death has been removed and several emails posted by Ann Boroch have gradually begun to mysteriously disappear as well. However, her site still appears online until history makes it disappear in its turn.

            [A few days after the holistic author’s death, her work was erased from the Internet]

            What had this researcher discovered that must be so desperately hidden at any cost?

            It is because the official mafia is literally ready to go to any lengths that it is ESSENTIAL that the greatest number of people be present, especially on September 9 in Paris, for Anne Boroch, for Claire Séverac and all those people who risk death for having been too alone to defend our essential health freedoms, while millions of people think the same thing they did…

            If the public does not rise now, what world or rather what hell will we leave to today’s babies who will have forgotten as they grow up to the elementary freedom of their own bodies?…”


            In the age of mandatory vaccines and ALICEM the “freedom of their own bodies” does appear to be an obsolete issue.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Erin Elizabeth has followed and listed the deaths of many Holistic Doctors, including Ann Boroch.
          Ann Boroch death article with video & images by Erin.

          Erin Elizabeth has a close personal relationship with Dr. Mercola.
          She has this series: Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 90 Dead

          • pearl says:

            Looking forward to reading that series. Thanks.

            But, I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence. After all, the experts say…

        • manbearpig says:

          I’d actually screwed up; I’d meant to put this video of her:

  13. manbearpig says:

    Biometric money machines in Japan! yay!:

    Japan to introduce ATMs with facial recognition
    12 Sep 2019
    by SmartCitiesWorld news team

    “…Although facial recognition is attracting a great deal of controversy over privacy matters, innovative applications for the technology are still being developed with the first demo test for opening bank accounts by face-authentication at ATMs taking place in Japan.

    Seven Bank, in partnership with NEC Corporation, is replacing its existing ATMs with the new ones, which incorporate biometric authentication technologies and a QR code reader, beginning from next month…”

  14. manbearpig says:

    about resplandy’s retracted ocean warming paper that was debunked by nic lewis that mielia linked

    here’s some irritating but not surprising additional info and commentary on that by donna laframboise:

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