Interview 1712 - James Corbett on The End of the World

03/29/202250 Comments

via The Delingpod: "James catches up with James Corbett and they discuss the psy-ops that we're all currently experiencing. They talk about the predator class, how we're all being manipulated into a 1984 state of never ending panic and how those who, two months ago couldn't point to Ukraine on a map, are suddenly flying blue and yellow flags and screaming for Russian blood. It’s a great episode - enjoy!"


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  1. False-Positive says:

    Well ain’t this a good timing about any subject mentioned near 49:00. I am wanting to share a media much related to Corbett and Whitney Webb’s work. They all summarize just to save us some time. . I wouldn’t be surprised if the couple is related to one of them. I would like to see an interview with them. Anymore discoveries that we should know? Much like them? I’m sure we know the majority of these intellectuals. Getting to know others is such a nice thing to see!

    • False-Positive says:

      Can’t tell which video it was but there was one talking about the colonial past in or past the 18th century mentioning most of the type of people rising to power. My smaller example of what you may hear in relevancy of the subject if found, how Elon Musk was already rich before he was born, on the foundation in profiting by all means, such as slavery in South Africa in the mining of precious resources.

      • Duck says:

        The black mine workers in South Africa are either migrants or descendants of people who migrated into that part of the world after the Boer arrived and brought tech like pumps to make the area habitable for people other than the tiny Bushman population there before either group….bushmen were killed off by both groups afaik

        Black people illegally migrated to Apartheid South Africa for work and are still coming there today despite its many problems.

        The only slavery that I know of taking place in South Africa after the East India Compa y days was done by (later US president) Herbert Hoover, who did not pay his Chinese migrant workers and was in court in the UK over it.

  2. Fact Checker says:

    Well, Delingpole is irresistibly charming even as a disembodied voice, but I for one would have liked to see his face during this interview!

    Although the upside of the sustained camera-focus on Corbett is the bit where Delingpole asks him is he “sees a happy ending” and James answers tersely, “Yes,” and then does everything in his power to use body language to fend off a follow-up! In an expert thespian’s pantomime of breath-holding reticence, Corbett tucks his head into his shoulders like a turtle, seals his lips and puffs his cheeks ever-so-slightly, just begging Delingpole NOT to follow up.

    But the winsomely spergie Delingpole ignores these careful cues and just plows forth with a “Really? When?!?”

    Foiled, James laments with a labored exclamation.

    I say with no irony whatsoever that these two Jameses have very compelling chemistry, both comedic and charismatic.

  3. TruthSeeker says:

    RM does a great job on the latest in what is happening on the World Money situation. (see link)

    Note that India is trading with Russia for Oil in Rubles and they got a 20% discount for using Rubles. Also Saudi Arabia is talking with China about trading Oil for Yuan which would mean the End of the Petrodollar (a major world wide shock). RM also says that the Saudi King refused to take a call from Biden.
    Indeed, this is getting crazy. The times, they are, a changing.

  4. clr says:

    From a biblical standpoint, and as Corbett observed, the evil times are speeding up. Hey! Maybe this is a good time to become a satanist (see especially Revelation ch. 12 in the KJV)! For the time being you’ll prosper, but will end up in the Lake of Fire, because you’re part of the Beast System.

    Ok, in all seriousness, pray and pray that good will prevail. Look, ya think the end of the world ain’t upon us? I mean, how’d these big-time liars get away with the COVID hoax? Then next it’s Ukraine, thus cutting off food and gas supply, super-surprisingly!
    Answer: This is due to the devil, the Father of Lies!

    • Kelly says:

      It almost seems as though we are doing zoomies through the second seal and rounding the corner to the third one.
      It will get worse, way worse, and downright horrible.

      But the ending will indeed be happy.

      • ledhead1789 says:

        this is one topic James has been pretty mum about and I’d be curious to hear his thoughts: religion. I came to Christ in 2020 after realizing that the NWO was biblically prophesied and the quantum dot tattoo was likely the mark of the beast (needing it to buy or sell with the WO2020060606 patent to go along with it).

        And as you said, I think we’re entering the 2nd seal, i.e. war with famine and death soon to follow. The first seal was corona (it came with a crown upon its head). The Grand Narrative to counter the great reset is that Christ is returning! Spiritual preparedness will be key to resist what lies ahead.

        • Fact Checker says:

          The Talmudic, Judaic Masters are following the biblical “prophesies” as a script, specifically in order to bedazzle and bewilder the dumb goyim into believing their barbaric, satanic blood magick fairy tales. It’s not a “fulfillment of God’s prophesy.” It’s a scam. Christinsanity is terror-based mind control, and always has been. It’s designed to set you up for the final enslavement, when the masses will be awe-struck to bow down to the “returned Messiah” that They will project into the sky, and tell you that all will be righted.

          What you call “spiritual preparedness” is just being a dumb, goyische dupe. Believing in the Jewish Messiah is the mental equivalent of turning around, bending over, spreading open your gentile buttcheeks, and proclaiming your preparedness for the final, world-destroying rape of history.

          • Duck says:

            So much butt cheek imagery…. you should stick to checking facts instead 😉

            • Fact Checker says:

              There’s a fact buried between every pair of buttcheeks, and all facts need checking.

              • ledhead1789 says:

                What you describe above is the coming of the Anti-Christ, not the second coming of the Messiah. Also the Jews are just the tools of the Vatican and the Jesuits. Nice try though – seems like “factchecker” is an apt name!

              • Fact Checker says:

                “What you describe above is the coming of the Anti-Christ…”

                You mean in the script written by Saul of Tarsus, Josephus, and John of Patmos? Yup.

                But I guess, according to you, Saul of Tarsus and Josephus were “tools of the Vatican and the Jesuits”? So on top of all the other magickal nonsense, you’re adding time travel to the mix? Got it.

          • Kelly says:

            “People” have hijacked the Bible and weaponized it just like everything else good in this world. The Bible tells me to not fear. Repeatedly. There is no “terror based mind control.” Free will is how God rolls.

            I have a relationship, not a religion, so there are no middle men telling me what to think. Just the gentle guidance of The Holy Spirit, which I can tell you without hesitation exists and loves us all.

            All of the things that James warns us about is the beast system and pure evil. When Christianity is persecuted by the elites, will you be okay with that? Whether or not James is a religious man, he is still on the side of good and truth. The side that wins in the end.

            I pray one day you see the truth and not whatever has scared you away.

        • Duck says:

          I believe he is non religious.

          I would caution you that while it certainly looks like it’s coming time you can never be sure since the forces of evil tend to work on repeating patterns, or waves…? The enemy plays a long game and waits for us to get tired.

          Take care 🙂

        • kirm says:

          In Interview 1715(New world next week) James said:

          “The death of any sinner is a tragedy” when talking about Albright.

          It’s at about the 26 minute mark.

          That would indicate that he does have a spiritual side but he probably views religion as a personal matter and keeps it out of the secular matters he reports on.

  5. TruthSeeker says:

    Indeed, the bad guys can’t beat you if you never give up.
    Or, as RFK Jr. puts it, “There are worse things than being killed by the bad guys”. I guess when he says he plans on dying “with his boots on”, he is implying that he means to keep his Soul in tact.

    There is much good in this world, however when things look real bad and you cannot see light, then there is the vision of the next world that can give you hope when there appears to be none. And, who is to say if the next world is real or not, for we have no way of verifying life after death, or at least not in a scientifically provable sense.

    If I have read “Lord of the Rings”, it was over 50 years ago, however I do recall much of the Movie version, and it had an impact on me.
    So, I ask the Philosophical Question; What inspires a man to create such an outstanding work of Art, and I think I see a connection between such people and another world which those who have lost their soul will never see.

    By the way, the James Corbett Interview with RFK Jr. may be the highlight of his career. We are talking about one on one communication with a world class major player on the side of good, and he compliments James on his good work. This should touch your soul James, as it was meant to.

  6. GENDUN LAMA says:

    JAMES – It sounds like you still don’t get it. MANCHURIAN JOE was installed as China’s US PUPPET-IN-CHARGE. He is specifically chosen to sabotage America. The oil sabotage began when he killed the Keystone pipeline, and now the follow-up.

    • Fact Checker says:

      This is the correct answer, Gendun.

      The US is now bankrupt, and is in what is known as a “receivership” or “reorganization” in bankruptcy-law terms. The global power-brokers (with Israel acting as “trustee” in executing the handover) are instituting a system of ruthless austerity on the formerly affluent western peoples as part of this reorganization. Both “covid” and “war with Russia” are merely narratives designed to explain to the masses (falsely) why they are now becoming far less affluent than they once were…and why they are going to wind up a lot worse-off still. Uncle Sam is scripted to take a fall in the grand kayfabe of World War Wrestlemania III, of which “Ice Bear” Putin vs. “Zio-Klown” Zalenskyy is just the opening, comical match.

      “Joe Biden” is less a man than he is a gestalt—that is, a patchwork of deep-fakes, actors, dummies, doubles, and Hollywood black magick tricks that simply mouths the points of the narrative to the masses using the face of a human…or the rough semblance of one, anyway. “Biden” is essentially an electronic-audio-visual puppet through which the voice of the Machine speaks to the masses directly. The narratives It spins through him are scientifically engineered to keep the masses orderly and loyal to the “government,” even as the state methodically strips away their material well-being with engineered price inflation and crippling, punitive pseudo-medical regulations. The reorganization will be complete when the masses are dispossessed of all private habitation and independent employment, injected with bio-surveillance and kill-switch nanotech, and linked to the spatial web for real-time monitoring and manipulation. Catherine Austin Fitts calls this “perfection of the collateral.” The humans are the collateral. This “Internet of Humans” will be compatible for integration into China’s existing “social credit” bio-surveillance grid of its own masses.

      Once the Herd is thusly prepared, the Chinese bureaucracy will have access to a searchable catalogue of all the American bio-slave herdsters, who can be delivered up on demand for use as sex slaves, labor, and experimental subjects. The old and undesirable herdsters can be culled at will. “CBDCs” will be the tokenized system of incentives that motivate the bio-slaves, whereas the chieftains and moguls of the globe will measure their wealth directly in land, energy resources, and bio-slaves.

      • ledhead1789 says:

        The US has been in receivership since 1933. That’s when they created the birth certificates and accompanying legal straw men for every man, woman and child at that time.

  7. Gagumba says:

    The world is a beautiful place!

    Humanity however…

  8. LaForce says:


    I am a first-time poster here but am not waking now… I had been through this all since 2007-8 (mindfully, and since forever unconsciously) to the point at about 2014-15 that I said to myself:
    “You need to stop, you need to wait for the mass consciousness to at least catch up with you… you just look crazy”. I was looking crazy to all the people I did met then to the point that I really was not able to live “normally”. Lost jobs, frustration over the money-power side of life as it was (and is), social isolation, etc., etc.
    So I really stopped informing myself at all – focused on my own self and immediate life, tried and made a good person out of myself, and created a good and harmonious life around me, and for me. Most of the time is the only thing in our control anyway.
    As I was aware that the war is really for my mind so it wasn’t really that hard.

    Further, I was aware that the pendulum is pushed way further in the wrong direction and it will inevitably come back… later with the totalitarian tip-toe visibly becoming the totalitarian sprint this just made me more sure and optimistic of where the World is going – namely to the opposite of totalitarian vision pushed.

    That said, lately (with your “who is satanist gates” documentary) I felt that I am metaphorically called to reality, and that now is The Final Time … that the awaking has happened. I really believe that, now, the Truth is speaking through you (Mr. Corbett)! All my love and respect!

    You see, the evil organized cabal is now forced into the projectors of truth for all to see – the Khazarians in Ukraine media calling for killing children (something they always did) the anti-human murderous intent of the bio-labs, the dirty nuclear bomb prepared in Chernoobil (not that they had not already done this to Japan, Serbia, and all other places they used hot nuclear or depleted uranium), etc., etc.

    – they are in the light now – and by definition once out of the shadows, the evil is defeated.
    (Anyone saw chemtrails soon? I haven’t in some time 🙂

    In the projectors’ light are also all the others in the western control grid who did push the plandemic and finally, as the evil gets more panicked, they did the account freeze in Canada … hard for anyone to ignore those things… I mean if this is not a wake-up call one is really doing a great job of making himself look asleep.

    So first of all – we have won! the NWO is dead! Long live the Heaven on Earth – that I am hoping we will create now!

    So the real problem:
    the pendulum is obviously swinging back, but the opposite of “totalitarian” is not always Heaven on Earth… the opposite can be many things… So my little problem now is where should we direct our minds to steer the common consciousness to the “Heaven on Earth”.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • LaForce says:

      [noted, Mr. J.C., the rest of the post I wanted to share]

      I know Mr. Corbett has thrown away in the technocratic trash bin all of late Mr. Jacque Fresco’s work, just because he uses the same idea of measuring the energy and resources of all the planet. The kitchen knife analogy is in full force here! [also the I am pencil idea that it (intelligently managing the world’s resources) can not be done is obviously wrong too]
      The idea that every last one of the humans on the planet MUST work and be “of value” (to live here? Is that what is implied Mr. Corbett!?) is in itself crazy and even closely related to eugenics itself – just think about it!

      As stated by Mr. Corbett and many, many others, humans are immensely productive – even with all the suppression of technologies by the free-enterprise(self-interest, post-capitalistic whatever you call it) system we still produce 3 times the food that humanity needs! Clearly, since the 1928 crisis (called Crisis of Over Production – in my language at least it was called that … now on Wikipedia the idea that the crisis had been made by producing too much is erased!!!!!!), it was crystal clear that this system can not function if there is enough! So it needed to justify scarcity… leftovers of this process I find in Mr. Corbett’s positions…

      The real value of Mr. Jacque Fresco’s work is in the vision that (the emergent) scarcity mindset is the underlying cause of nearly all today’s world’s problems and that a vision of abundance mindset can be engineered (as opposed to using the emergent view) which would make most of the problems disappear.

      Further, the abundance mindset system is not a frozen (dead) one – it has the idea of constant improvement and change interwoven in it as opposed both to the NWO’s final, unchangeable idea and technocracy’s dystopian one!

      I guess I am writing this as my ego-self is feeling not valuable enough!
      I feel as if in the explosion of change and winning 🙂 my personal contribution is not valuable enough…

      The need to be important as a separate being (opposed to measuring the value of existence by the accumulation of exchange tokens of any kind) will always assure the progress of the abundance-mindset-non-work-value-based economy (as any improvement will benefit all), just think about it.

      Love to all fellow ring-bearers, Gandalfs and Aragorns 🙂

  9. earthplanet says:

    James Corbett.

    “The greatest allie of mankind”

    I nominate this gentleman for
    The humanitarian of Aeons
    (If there was such an award)

    Respectfully & truthfully,
    Matthew Stephen Hall

  10. simpson says:

    Really enjoyed this discussion. Still err on the side of the cock-up theory (as opposed to the illuminati-it’s-a-plot one which you two seem to prefer).

    I do however like the idea that systems (banks, lawyers, bureaucracies etc) automatically tend to recruit like minded new bodies, which leads to groupthink, steady-as-we-go policies and behaviours. So now we are stuck, and something has to give.

    And finally, yes, the answer is always yes. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

  11. lynox says:

    Of all the wonderful things I’ve learned about and from you, James, you’ve just revealed one of the best – that you’re from a Geordie family! ? A lot of down-to-earth common sense in this part of the world (or there used to be before the mass hypnosis). Thrilled to bits, because you’re a canny bloke.

  12. Jacob says:

    Unfortunately unlike the above commenter I didn’t enjoy this interview.

    No criticism of James as he was the outstanding person who actually challenged Delingpole when he was talking crap about being unable to talk to normies. You can tell James has genuine intelligence and beliefs.

    Delingpole on the other hand was terrible. His style of asking a question, listening to the answer, and then agreeing and following it up with the same statement in a less cohearant manner is very annoying. Did be bring anything to the table? No. I don’t think so.

    It makes you question Delingpole’s genuineness. Does he believe in the cause, as James does, or is he just pissed that he can’t hunt with his mates?

    • Duck says:

      “…makes you question Delingpole’s genuineness…”

      Not really, he is the English version of a well off hipster and this is kinda a big leap for him out of the overton window of acceptable ideas.

      Don’t you recall those weird times just after you realized that the model of the world you navigated with is a lie?

  13. Simon says:

    bad news here… new post blockchain tech that will likely be the justification for CBDC.

  14. randallsnyderjr says:

    If an i9/11 is on the horizon, one of the first targets will be DNS (Domain Name Service). Since that service resolves to point to, it might just be a good service to both the viewer and the site owner to have this information prominently posted on the site with encouragement to copy it to a safe place. This will take DNS blocking out of the equation. For those new to this concept, copy and past into your browser.

  15. Chadders says:

    Not my favourite Corbett Report interview. I felt that Delingpole was trying to imply JC was onside with a number of his views, which I’m not sure JC was comfortable with. Additionally Delingpole seemed to be more interested in making money than discussing the purpose or uses of cryptos. JC and JD are on different levels.

  16. buz says:

    James, wonderful stuff you are saying— it is impossible to overstate how serious, and how immediate the future of freedom is in peril. The other James was not able to acknowledge your point. Here in the USA, most people see the strife as business as usual, and watch the oscars show. This is even more than the fall of the Roman Empire, but alas, the world population, led by us Americanos, are more interested in watching than doing. A miracle might not be enough, and we do not have any miracles up our sleeve. Me, in own spiritual dilemma, will expect the spirit of life and willpower to prevail, though there is no material reason for such unbridled optimism. If I didn’t believe what I just said, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. There is no “I give up” in me. Keep spreading it around.

  17. wakelee says:

    I really enjoyed this conversation. Keep up the great work, you are the best!

  18. janetpedro says:

    James, you are awesome. mahalo nui

  19. Gagumba says:

    As much as I hate to say it there are certain Caucasian Empires/ bloodlines that had this shift coming for a long time and just like before it won’t just be theirs that suffer more so all of us of similar ilk as the debt is paid in full.

  20. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I was shocked when I watched some of the videos on James Corbett’s LINK:
    New Ukrainian Trend: Tying People to Trees. Flogging and Undressing Them.

    BUMP this link if you have not seen it.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett’s 3/28/2022 newsletter ties well into this interview.

    Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare

  22. reowen says:

    The basic appetites for food, family, fun and ‘fulfillment’ drive humanity toward survival and progress through trial and error, pleasure and terror — similar to pathogens, parasites and predators trying to survive and thrive in Nature through the appropriation of resources (including resources that other creatures have labored to create, kill and collect) and adaptation to environmental and biological challenges and changes.

    There are positive and negative sides to this for all creatures great and small. This constitutes the magnificence, mystery, misery and mayhem of life in this reality.

    Better technology has always improved life for humans, notwithstanding both predictable and unintended side-effects, consequences and byproducts requiring continual mitigation and refinement.

    This is why many believe and hope that artificial intelligence can save us as a species. It seems we are unable to rise above our primitive instincts. But whose programming will define and drive AI?

    Undoubtedly, not all AI will be the same. It will reflect the virtues and vices of its creators in the same ways that technology has always represented them.

    The struggle continues alongside opportunities for improvement. There is no foreseeable alternative to my simple mind. The best we can do is the best we can do with what we encounter, envision and execute.

  23. Pint A Day says:

    There is something puzzling me about this session. It concerns the uttered “hope that it must turn out the good way otherwise it is not worth living anymore”.

    It feels like the same argument used by believers of any creed: There must be a God otherwise life / the world / being a good person would not make any sense.

    This longing that it will turn out good somehow is something I do understand ans sympathize with. However, it does not make it true. It surly could all be dark and gloomy at the end. We simple do not know.

    That does not mean to live a good life however. It reminded me of Nietzsche. Looking in the abyss does not stop me from trying to be as good a human as I can be. Just for its own sake. Why use religion or any hope of that kind to defend this life long task?

  24. WAYNED says:

    34Minutes, 20Seconds. “Against?” ‘WITH!” THAT’S what I have thought my whole life. I never for a second believed the “enemy” Russia.

  25. HollyHoo says:

    Switched him off as soon as he mentioned enjoying fox hunting. Not relatable.

    • HollyHoo says:

      Did he also mention having shares in Lockheed Martin? We are watching a discussion on Lockheed Martin and are having recollections of him saying this… wondering if it’s a fake memory but not prepared to listen to him again to confirm or deny… I’m British and I don’t know anyone like him, he’s not representative of people I know in the uk, on the left, right or neither. I mean what sort of person goes fox hunting? It’s just an old fashioned old money idea as well as being hideously cruel and unnecessary, it also seems ritualistic.

      • Jed says:

        Fox hunting? You should see these clowns, there’s a group/club/bunch(?) on them here on Long Island — they think they’re preserving some sacred ancient rite. Some lackey goes out and sprays fox-piss here and there on rented land, then the clown-brigade come galloping out chasing around in circles following the zoomy-hounds, half of them can’t ride and the horses take every opportunity to run under low branches and scrape against barns, trees, anything to get the well-fed gentry-wannabes scraped off their backs. Animal rights groups fight them any and every way they can for the abuse of dogs, horses and foxes. They Live. Meanwhile, the foxes are lovely little things, anyone who harms one should be hung and drawn.

  26. Tagourramt says:

    I like how James keeps talking about the predatory class but the only thing he wants to fight for is fox hunting, the sport of the predatory class. They are the ones who can afford horses, hounds and land to hunt on.
    People who need food get arrested for poaching

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