Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags

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In February 2014 paramilitary snipers (later identified as Gladio operatives) opened fire on protestors and police forces in Ukraine, escalating the crisis and putting the final nail in the coffin of Yanukovych's rule. In March 2011 the "spontaneous democratic protest" in Daraa led to carnage as trained snipers killed seven policemen and four protesters, escalating the crisis and launching the five-year long devestation of Syria. In July 2016 unidentified snipers opened fire at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas, potentially sparking America's next civil war. Do you see a pattern?

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  1. mconisle says:

    This reminds me of the NYPD Police Shooting in December of 2014


    It was said to be revenge for the many police shooting that year and quite successfully took the wind out of the sails of the BLM movement which was still fully engaged post Ferguson.

    Such an obvious tactic. It’s a shame to see it working so well.

    These are quite volatile times.

  2. bakedinbend says:

    It sounds and looks like these people who did the attack had training in paramilitary actions. Very dubious. Body armor and semi-auto rifles are available to any non felons in the state of Texas though, as well in many other states. I know that a renewed call for gun control is coming next. Expect to see more road checkpoints searching for your legal weapons as well. BE VERY CAREFUL when talking to police, they are going to be on edge for a while after this, if they were not already. Most officers are good people trying to serve there community(all be it in an uninformed and misguided way). Unfortunately they are pawns of the state and will be fed into a meat grinder until new draconian laws can be justified. Tell any police or military you know about previous records of provacateurs such as what James shows in this video, they can be surprisingly receptive. We can’t have a civil war if not enough people show up…

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for your comment, bakedinbend. The only way out is to wake up as many people as possible to how they’re being manipulated into civil war. Your last line is excellent, and spot on. I think I’ll use it in this weekend’s newsletter (with full credit, of course!).

  3. ktsworker says:

    I agree with bakedinbend … rifles involved and the shots being fired seemed and sounded very military and war-like. Curious to me is this article about the “wrong” suspect carelessly being tweeted by DPD:


    Why would you carry such an intimidating-looking gun to a peace protest? What is the rationale for that? There is something extremely strange about the story on the Hughes brothers. Cory was one of the peace organizers who encouraged his brother Mark to bring that gun to the protest? Ironically, Mark wears camouflage? And later, video shows Mark cooperatively handing his gun over to a DPD Officer? If I did not know any better, the Hughes brothers (Cory and Mark) were staged. Does anyone know anymore about the Hughes brothers?

    If you are MLK Jr and you are organizing a peace protest, do you advise attendees (especially your own brother) to open-carry a large military-looking gun? I mean seriously, please think about that logic. Then, DPD posts pic on Twitter of that innocent man open-carrying to, identify him as a suspect (later a “person of interest”). The pic literally went viral!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      — Open Carry of a Gun in Dallas / Ft Worth —
      Actually, in downtown Dallas, it is not uncommon for some folks to openly carry a gun during a protest.

      Our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” (aka “North Texans for Truth”) group has been involved in several fairly recent downtown Dallas protests (or sign waves really) along with other groups or people. (Anti-GMO and Anti-Fluoride) On these different occasions, a few folks with guns came and participated in the sign wave rally.

      There have been many times, the Open Carry folks will walk the streets of downtown Dallas or perform a 2nd Amendment action at intersections in the Dallas / Ft Worth area.

      • ktsworker says:

        I hear you, I live in Dallas and Pittsburgh. I was ER Social Worker at Baylor ER downtown for about 8 years and worked many 2nd and 3rd shifts during which I was liaison between DPD, detectives and medical staff and family for updates, info etc…. I understand Texans and their guns and the concept of open carry.

        However, in the wake of the tragedies, the rise of gun tension, it is only logical to ask protestors to be peaceful and not antagonistic – otherwise, the message is not heard. Mark Hughes had a large rifle strapped around his body (not a handgun in a holster). That is an antagonistic image, despite his right to carry – I get he was making a statement and the consequence of that statement was that he was allegedly misidentified (although I have suspicion that this situation was planted to provoke anger, especially since the very odd tweet by DPD has not been deleted from the feed and people are getting angrier and angrier).

        Up until the police tweet, he marched without incident. The circus did not arise until his image was posted as a possible suspect. It was labeling the image as suspect (not the open carry) that was the impetus for the political folly, that I am beginning to believe more and more was staged. I have always known DPD to be prudent in decisions to release information, details about anything related to crime scene. It seems very uncharacteristic of them to hastily post a pic of a possible suspect, especially in the midst of the chaos of a still-active crime scene. Who had the time to sort through pictures and pinpoint a specific picture and allege that person was a suspect? not to mention the misuse of the word “suspect” instead of “person of interest”.

        Next day in LA – Snoop Dog and The Game announced a protest at 6:30 am on Instagram and as organizers, they advised, do not bring guns, do not come high or intoxicated, do not come angry with plans to get belligerent. This is a peaceful protest with purpose to open up dialogue between our community and the LAPD.

        BTW, would love to check out your group when I am back at my home in Dallas 🙂 I totally respect your view, but feel in my gut that there is more behind Mark Hughes exercising his enthusiasm for the 2nd amendment. I hope I am wrong. But if my hunch is right, then his purpose and presence may have been staged to heat the flames of civil divide (part of the destabilization process).

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Here is more about the Hughes brothers. Videos of while they were being detained, along with footage of handing in the gun. While at the PD, there seemed to be attempts to “blame” them for involvement.
      …and prior to custody…

      Here is a clip of Corey at the rally. “…black, white, brown, tall, skinny, short, it doesn’t matter. One injustice one place is an injustice in every place….”

      — Mayor Mike Rawlings —
      Over the years, many members of our group have spoken with the Mayor during City Council Meetings.

      Here is the Mayor on Friday the 8th at Thanksgiving Square with religious leaders. (In the past, some of these religious leaders have received 9/11 DVDs & Ae911Truth literature from our group. e.g. T.D. Jakes)

      Some information about the Mayor.

      Tom Leppert was a previous Dallas Mayor, who at one time was CEO of Turner Construction which is implicated with some of the World Trade Center refurbishing prior to 9/11 and clean-up following.

  4. doublek321 says:

    Let’s not forget the timing of this either. The Hillary email scandal goes very much on the back-burner in the news cycle.

  5. bakedinbend says:

    Looks like they attached a bomb to a robot and blew up a suspect after he reportedly claimed “he was angry at white people and wanted to kill white people, especially cops.”

    Sounds like race baiting, divide and conquer tactics. No testimony in a court case. If this is some kind of false flag we definitely have our dead patsy here. He is probably too mutilated to even identify.

    • Corbett says:

      Link with some more info about this story:


      So the police are killing people with robots now. A pretty chilling development in and of itself.

      • doublek321 says:

        To me this is the biggest single piece of the entire story. There is now a precedent for police using drones to kill people. It will only expand from here. There was very little outrage from Americans (I’m American btw) when it came to drone killings in foreign countries. Now it’s happening here.

        IMO, robots are near the top of the list (if not AT the very top) of “threats to humanity”. It will be interesting to see if this becomes an issue. The person who was killed by drone in this instance probably isn’t going to garner too much sympathy so maybe not this time. But of course, this was the precedent-setting instance (the 1st US police drone kill) so it is imperative that it gets HEAVY backlash. If people don’t stand up and make their voices heard, I don’t think the MSM is going to say much about it.

      • Not This Little Frog says:

        How long till we see a drone being used as the weapon of choice by an agent provocateur or as part of a false flag event? I have some recollection of James suggesting that this could be on the cards. Perhaps to lead to some sort of licensing set-up for Joe Citizen to own drones or to ban the use of guns on drones by the public?

      • kevin.kimmich says:

        They imply in this article that the police believed the robo-bombing was a less risky option than either waiting him out or trying to shoot him in a gunfight.

        It just seems implausible to me that the Dallas PD had such confidence in an improvised robo-bomb, unless they’d practiced it many times before…

        If they did practice it, there’s probably a paper trail that’s available to FOIA requests. Do those robots survive such an explosion? I’m sure they cost at least tens of thousands of dollars.

        I’m not sure why they’d fake that, but anyway it’s a suspicious element of the tale.

      • rltmlt says:

        James, the federal government has been supplying local police departments in this country with military grade weapons for some time now. To some degree it levels the playing field for cops who have had to fight a criminal element that has increasingly adopted far more sophisticated and powerful weaponry that is no match for standard police issued weapons !
        On a different note, I’m impressed with you ability to fluently read and speak Japanese. But given the fact that you live their now and you first came to Japan to teach English, I guess it was a mandatory requirement !

        • ccuthbert2001 says:

          “To some degree it levels the playing field for cops who have had to fight a criminal element that has increasingly adopted far more sophisticated and powerful weaponry that is no match for standard police issued weapons”

          Sorry rltmlt, but I think this is utter bull crap. The local cops need tanks because… Why???

  6. cush350 says:

    These sort of attacks will continue, the law is ignored and applied to different classes of people in different ways, civil unrest is growing, everyone is pissed or scared, martial law, FEMA camps, revolt, UN troops sent in to “rescue” the population, New World Order authority imposed. One big happy. Ripe for false flags, the shit is headed toward the fan.

  7. ktsworker says:

    Here we go again with loan wolf explanation, shooter was Micah Xavier Johnson (ref: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/07/08/updates_on_dallas_police_attack.html).

    Interestingly, Pittsburgh has a “Center for Popular Democracy” protest scheduled for 2:30 pm EST:


    Let’s hope this will not turn into a false flag event. At the very least, it will reminisce recent events, impressing upon us a “civil divide” – thus, promoting the agenda orchestrated by shadowed puppeteers.

  8. tgmolitor says:

    Civil War always consolidates its power in the State. As for those who like to say, “most police officers are good people and serve the community,” this: The ranking of priorities for police are (1) to protect each other from citizens, (2) to protect the State (after all, that’s where their paycheck comes, and (3) (and this is very distant third priority), to protect the public, who they regard as “enemy combatants. Solution? If you’re an anarcho-capitalist, it’s to abolish the State and support an all-private model of social organization.

  9. hanky says:

    I was nearby last night, about a mile up the street, and was told to evacuate the area in the middle of one of my songs. But of course, that doesn’t mean I know anything special. This could be a type of Gladio operation, I guess, but it could just be stoked up morons, playing the fool. Have you not seen the numerous clips of enraged black people (illegally)threatening murder on youtube? Either way the media and government are are at least complicit in that aspect, for encouraging and allowing this stuff.

    Everything will be better now that justice is served!???!!!

  10. Mohawk Man says:

    This is merely another part of the destabilization process as we see it is accelerating as many have predicted. This is beyond divide and conquer but part of a long planned, decades old and orchestrated effort to to re-jigger society utilizing foundations, churches, “charities”, the university system, media of all sorts, Hollywood especially, book publishing and now we see even into the elementary or grammar school level. This mindless statism and their useful idiots have amassed enormous fortunes all based on lies yet they are portrayed as people of virtue and thinking never of themselves but for society as a whole. BTW-Mr. Gates knew Mr. Buffet through parents pre-M-Soft (early 1970’s) and became “dear friends”. Makes you wonder..well, not wonder too much. It’s quite apparent.

    Call it what you like, Communism, Progressivism, Socialism or Humanism. Each of these ism’s is part and parcel to the statist–the real culprit here. I’ve said it before and i’ll repeat it–these useful idiots or dupes will be eliminated as the goal is attained. The muscle is not ideological pure statists or armed guerrilla’s but rather, the Pension Patrols who will do the dirty work of the statist to crush any dissent and remove physical means of protection from the individual. Pensions will not be paid ultimately.

    The individual is now gone and the collective or rather, groups of collectives, blacks, transgenders, homosexuals, latino’s, Islam etc. Group them together by real or perceived grievances and you have a societal uproar. From a financial perspective, look at central banks and MBS (mortgage backed securities–ah, what nation purchased your mortgage?) among other tools. During the 2008 recession they had no intention of recovery but of further destruction and outright theft. Trillions of $$’s and we know who orchestrated it with their panic inducing rhetoric on Capitol Hill to “prevent the next Great Depression”. The Asset Stripping Project. This is the Bolshevik Revolution Part Two…literally and funded by the same as the first.

    This video (9 minutes) describes exactly what is happening today and how we got here. There is another of when the FBI in 1970 infiltrated the Weather Underground (mostly now university professors and other “experts”). He details how they described infiltration and then the elimination of at least 25 million people (when the population was much lower–50 million today easy)

    Yuri Bezmenov (former KGB agent describes it-infiltration and destabilization)

    Larry Grothwohl and his conversations with BillAyers (Obama’s mentor) as he infiltrated the Weatherman.

    NONE of this could ever been allowed to succeed without a fiat generating central bank. None of it. Look there. There is your answer to all of it. We didn’t do this and I’m tired of “you stupid Americans and your wars”. The Traitors on Capitol Hill have allowed all of this to happen and continue to do so. Who has been arrested? Rhetorical question. Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Obama and all of congress decades back. Not an R D issue. Never has been. Once last thing. Really tired of hearing “these guys are so brilliant”. No they’re not. Evil, conniving, mentally impaired, INBRED, well educated due to great wealth but for God’s sake, not organically brilliant. Actually, many if not most are somewhat intellectually quite dim. “Dr.” Paul Krugman case in point. Complete moron. Great memory—moronic. One of many. Morality requires a different type of intelligence. Memorizing almanacs/formulas/numbers reciters does not equate innate intelligence. The concept is as ludicrous as it is frightening.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • russ says:

      Well said.

      Central socialist/communist governments are bad for your health, wealth, life, and don’t work.

      Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and other Bolsheviks looted millions, lived like kings, and stuffed hundreds of millions into Europe’s Zionist’s vaults who’d bankrolled them to kill the Tsar, his family, and takeover of the 1917 Russian revolution.

      Swedish researcher Juri Lina has estimated that at least 60 million men, women, and children died following the Bolshevik takeover in Russia circa 1917-1944, and the number is probably much higher.



      Nobel winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn finished two volumes about these killers more than a decade ago before he died. Both are blocked from English translation except for “select” chapters.


      Here’s why. Descendants of the Bolshevik’s financial puppeteers still orchestrate the globe’s money show. They don’t want countries in their financial vise to put a face on their financial enemy. Their owned/controlled MSM keeps humanity uninformed, misinformed, confused, and propaganda-laden about their plan for a world socialist/communist government. This ‘neutral’ lie/façade was why Castro, who had a billion or so tucked away offshore, always wore fatigues


      These London bankers print and lend paper money to the world’s resource rich nations, including America; all for the cost of paper, ink, and press-time; all “lent” as perpetual, interest-bearing “loans” that require the country’s government-owned hard assets as collateral—gold, silver, land, minerals, water, gas, oil, industry, etc..


      Their end game is to own it all and thus control the planet. Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain are their current poster children. And they tried to foreclose on Iceland, but the tiny country repudiated them, told them what they could do with the debt, and started throwing their confederates in prison.


      Iceland’s president explains how they did it and why other nations should.


      This is why America’s founders wrote it into the Constitution that only Congress could coin (print) the nation’s money so the nation could control its own debt.

      Andrew Jackson kicked these English bankers out of the country when he became president. Prosperity followed. They tried to assassinate him in retaliation and failed, but later succeeded with Lincoln, Garfield, Congressman McFadden, and Kennedy; all of whom either refused them entry, attempted to shut them down, or indict them.


      In 1913, Woodrow Wilson let them back in for his signature on a central bank charter after the bankers bankrolled/guaranteed him the presidency. It dawned on him what he’d done before he died.


      They deflect attention by creating chaos like the cross-water flotilla they underwrote for mostly fighting-age illegal immigrant Muslim men into Europe and other nations. In America, their paid-and-staged training-exercise-fake-and-real false flag shootings portend a forced gun grab; possibly preceded by a real false flag massacre and a subsequent declaration of martial law (to “save the country”).


      After which they’ll attempt the gun collect. Hence Halliburton’s empty holding pens throughout America.

      [Thank you for your participation in the comments, gentlemen, but there is a 500 word limit for each comment that will be enforced from here on in, so let’s keep it concise. -JC]

  11. ktsworker says:

    This AP article alludes that shooting was not loan wolf shooting.


    The DPD Police Chief indicates that attack was meticulously planned. Meanwhile the alleged DPD Tweet (posting Mark Hughes as possible suspect) stirs the ire of public masses and legal experts on issues of racial profiling, defamation, etc … Something does not add up about the Hughes brothers and the DPD tweet.

  12. ktsworker says:

    Peoples Convention is meeting here in Pittsburgh. Local CBC affiliate, KDKA announced that employees at Allegheny County Court Building were released from work to go home early due to wake of Dallas Shootings. Protest started at 2:30 – there are lots of helicopters flying above downtown. So far, so good, I believe the Peoples Convention is a build up to the one being held in Philadelphia on 7/23, 2 days prior to the Democratic National Convention.

    This movement is pro-Bernie Sanders, anti-election fraud, anti white supremacy, pro-civil rights, and advocates for social and economic justice. Follow #StillWeRise and/or #PeoplesConvention.

    Oh no, just heard emergency sirens.

  13. russ says:

    Our hearts go out to the fallen Dallas Policemen

    An Open Letter Sent Following The Norway Shootings/Bombing


    Look closely at these shootings and the bombing. Do not depend upon MSM or “officials” for factual information. Search carefully the Internet for facts and come to an independent conclusion.

    America has experienced similar bombings.

    (1) The Murrah building in Oklahoma City where the first responder smelled no fertilizer smoke upon his arrival at the scene, and other first responders found charges still affixed to the building’s columns while Washington was declaring “. . .we’ve evidently been hit by a terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City” (or words to that effect). Cut to snow. Then new fabrications.

    (2) The first Twin Towers bombing (that failed) was allowed to happen despite a warning from a government informer operating inside the perpetrators’ group that it was going to happen.

    (3) 9/11, the official story of which has been completely discredited, discarded, and neutralized by the Internet and people like Dr. David Ray Griffin who’s considered the primary big picture authority on what happened on 9/11. Griffin has written a dozen foot-noted books on this event; which also shred the report issued by the government’s 9/11 investigation commission. Other professional organizations such as architects and engineers and firefighters have applied technical facts as to the impossibility of the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC-7 as proffered by MSM and government officials.

    The people who perpetrate events like these use “terrorist” boogeymen to plant in the public’s mind the need for their planned agenda—boogeymen like weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s), bin Laden, al-Qaeda, swine flu “pandemic,” global warming, Wall Street “collapse,” too big to fail.

    The list is long.

    Fear and lies are part of the tools they use to further their appointed socialist/communist global government agenda that eliminates citizens’ rights and freedom in the name of “. . . protecting the public.”

    If a murder/mass murder scene of shooting/bombing like 9/11 and the Murrah building is cordoned off and a chain link fence is thrown up to keep people out who want to investigate what is supposed to be a crime scene that “officials” are trying to keep secret while they sweep up and quickly dispose of the remainder of blown buildings headed for deep sea dumps, or steel mills in China or Bangladesh or some third world refuse dump, be especially concerned.

    Keep looking behind the curtain and until you find the truth about this bombing/shooting. It may be the lone suspect acted independently. And it may be that he did not act alone. But when you find the truth, you will find yourself staring at a psychopath (s)—whether one or several—who have absolutely no regard for humanity.

    Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones who died on this tragic day, and to the people of Norway.


  14. nosoapradio says:

    -ratcheting up shrill demand for gun control and more “security”, yes

    -brutally normalizing ubiquitous police state apparatus such as helicopters, yes

    -distraction from presidential selection fiasco and meteor apocaplypse popularity, yes

    -divide and conquer, yes

    -making people profitably sick, hysterical, fatalistic,paralyzed and thus pliable with cortisol overload stress, yes

    -creating confusion, chaos, cognitive dissonance and disconnect from reality through staged tragedies, yes

    -testing robots for military, population control purposes, yes

    and all the mayhem on the ground keeps attention off the skies, warming pauses, emerging truth, fast-approaching “smart” civilisations et al.


  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Our Truth Group is in the Dallas area.

    Ironically, I was commenting on CorbettReport as the situation was unfolding…and then I receive a text from my ex-wife. My ex-wife’s daughter had just gotten off work a few blocks from the event at the Dallas jail where she is a nurse. Things were chaotic and traffic tough.

    From my perspective, and generally speaking, there is not a tremendous amount of racial tension nor religious tension in the Dallas area. The Dallas area is very diverse, with a wide range of ethnic groups. On the religious side, there is also a fairly large Islamic community in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.
    Overall, and generally speaking, the people in the Dallas area are accepting and tolerant of other religious beliefs or ethnic groups.

    — Dallas Police —
    The many times during the past 10 years when our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” group has performed in protests or marches or sign waves, the Dallas Police have been wonderful. Ha! They know some of us by name. Some of them know about 9/11 and the New World Order.
    The police willingly are there to monitor things and also to protect us. For example: The protest at George Bush’s house, it was nice to have them around. Or years ago around 2006-7, when 9/11 Truth was not well accepted, it was nice to have them around during the downtown sign waves. The Martin Luther King, Jr. parades with sometimes 100,000 folks showing up, the police did a great job. …and by the way, it is a wonderful feeling to be carrying 9/11 Truth signs and free videos during the MLK parades to hear the crowd cheer you on and people yell out “9/11 was an inside job!”.
    Footage Dallas MLK Parade – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYiI6TshTsE

    • hanky says:

      From Dallas. I have also noticed a stark contrast between the provocative, even criminal, stuff militant blacks are pushing on the internet vs the people I deal with on a daily basis. I can’t say that here, there are absolutely no ignorant black people that feed on hate and coercion, but they are few and far between in my sphere. At least most interactions are polite and humane. If anything, most people of color (is that PC this week?)that I run into, have been extra polite since Trayvon and Ferguson blew up in the news.
      Suppose they throw a war, and nobody comes…
      We can easily be manipulated in times like this. (Repeating the salient points of the earlier commenter).

  16. Redracam says:

    There is too little information at the moment to draw any serious conclusions from the four (?) people who have been arrested or killed for shooting police officers.
    There are many and frequent examples of mass shootings in the US so much so that it cannot be excluded that one or more of the shooters were just on a killing spree.
    The number four is the troubling aspect. There might just be the chance of a coincidence if three individuals with no connections turned up at the same event with the same idea; to shoot cops (as I understand what has been reported so far). Four is one too many in my opinion for pure coincidence so a legitimate question is were there any links between these men that are not apparent: were they marshalled by the same handler or did they have past links to some organisation.
    Finally, I find striking differences between these incidents and terror shootings be they in France or Ukraine. In most cases the shooters are killed on the spot or never found – it is extremely rare that they are arrested. In the waves of arrests following attacks in Europe the people arrested – while they may or may not have convictions – are just ordinary citizens. Here, one man has been shot, allegedly for not surrendering, but at least two are in the hands of the police; this is not the MO of a false flag.
    Obviously, events may develop – people dying in cells, prisoners being released because not the right person or links between the gunmen coming to light.

    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      “There are many and frequent examples of mass shootings in the US so much so that it cannot be excluded that one or more of the shooters were just on a killing spree.”

      Outside of the gov’t instigated or faked incidents, mass shootings in the US are rare, as they are everywhere else.

  17. peter.fairhurst says:

    They changed the story already!


    “On Friday evening, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings confirmed that Johnson was the sole gunman. Initial reports had suggested multiple snipers.”

    Thanks to the work of James, and others, who immediately sussed the nature of the psychodrama and pointed out that multiple = tptb. So they went back to the old standby: a dead patsy who can tell no tales.

    It is so blatant! Who writes their scripts? They should employ some proper Hollywood guys rather than third rate no-marks.

  18. ktsworker says:

    Law student complains about Professor wearing BLM shirt in a memo. The Law Professor’s legal critique and response is spot on and articulates how the masses become fooled by MSM, meta data, and “spin-talk” from the powers that be. Great read that applies to human thinking and reasoning in the wake of recent provocateured false flags:


  19. LisaW says:

    Texas was the perfect place for a false flag attack upon law enforcement to set in place the gun controls law of Canada. No better place to start the person firearm confiscation than the sovereign state of the union with the most firearm ownership freedoms for it’s citizens. VERY SUSPICIOUS that huge surge of mass gun violence in the US is occurring right after the North American Union formation meeting in Canada.

  20. Gary says:

    I believe a major lynch pin, if not thee lynch pin, to this point in American and even global history was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Even as a Democrat, in my opinion, he was our greatest President, but that’s only my thinking as a former statist.

    Kennedy’s 100th birthday is coming up next year; he was six years younger than Ronald Reagan. If Kennedy had lived as long as Reagan did, I really think “things” would be very much different today with his voice resonating over the years, in addition to others such as Reagan, von Mises, and Dr. Ron Paul. I don’t believe people would have been so quick to laugh at Kennedy as they’ve been at Paul; the globalist agenda would have been set back by decades. Malcolm X, RFK, and Martin Luther King may not have been killed, the Vietnam War and Watergate may never have happened. We may very well have gone to the Moon and returned again and again, to install a lunar base, and began reaching out to the rest of the solar system in the 1970’s.

    Would “things” be better or worse today if Kennedy had lived until 2000 or 2010? We cannot ever know unless we could follow that alternative timeline, in which this one would be unavailable to us, but I think they would be very much better.

  21. Kenya Diggett says:

    There are some very obvious questions that no one is asking. But first, here’s what we know:

    1. Micah Xavier Johnson (Micah X for God’s sake! Could it be any more obvious?) was an Afghan War veteran. He never rose above the rank of private.

    2. The Dallas protest could not have been organized before Wednesday of this week, as the Alton Sterling video was not released until Wednesday. The Dallas protest was in response to the Sterling killing, but then the Philandro Castile video was released on Thursday–the day of the protest.

    3. Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that the sniper attack–which took place AFTER the protest had dispersed–was a ‘well-planned and thought out’ attack.


    How was Army private Johnson, working ALONE, able to plan and carry out a sniper attack on police officers at a public gathering in just ONE DAY?

    Is it typical for Army privates to possess the kind of marksmanship skills necessary to hit 12 people from a distance? Five of them fatally?

    Who are the other three suspects taken in for questioning by the Dallas police and where are they now?

    What was the status of Johnson’s discharge from the Army and was he ever prescribed SSRIs or any other mood-altering drugs?

    We may never learn the answers to these questions because, like former soldier/police officer Christopher Dorner before him, Johnson was killed by police before he could answer them (unless a ‘manifesto’ is ‘discovered’). Dead patsies tell no tales.


  22. oeo says:

    A first reported sniper triangulation,

    turns into a lone [nut] gunman,

    in DALLAS.

    Pinch me.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – Preface –
      A conspiracy does exist, indirectly or directly. Things are a mess and many people recognize that there are deliberate efforts by powerful forces to make things this way.
      ( Bad food, perverted media, corrupt government & corporations, media focus on rage and differences and conflicts, etc. along with the fact that the US has been involved in the invasion and murder of millions of people around the globe which has left a traumatic scar on those returning veterans. Insanity can be contagious.)

      Micah Johnson
      In my opinion, it was just one shooter. He was utilizing the tactic of “shoot and move”.
      We can observe this directly in video when he rapidly moves to kill a policeman at close range while the policeman was taking cover behind a pillar. The echoes of the buildings make it sometimes difficult to determine from where shots are fired.

      Evidently he trained on his own, and trained at “Academy of Combative Warrior Arts”

      PHOTO – Facebook “Combative Warrior Arts” of some students

      Perhaps, Micah Johnson might have been a pawn within an MK-Ultra project.
      Regardless, I feel that the US and World are under a major psy-op operation which includes chaos, confusion, stress, poor health, dehumanizing and divide-and-conquer objectives, etc. This is observable. We know this mess is not accidental.

      I think that there is a lot of value in “looking”, in observing for the sake of observing, in investigating, in being interested.

      I think that there is a lot of value in finding commonalities, in having a focus that we are all in the human condition, in man’s humanity.

      When people strain with a hypercritical, out-of-balance one sided perspective of disagreement to find differences in the ideas of men neglecting humanity’s commonality, they are approaching a more insane mental state. This “straining to find differences” can be become so extreme that one is obsessed with destroying anything of the ilk of disagreement, even to the point of murdering wrong targets.
      Wars have this trait and the result is the murder of wrong targets.

  23. Kenya Diggett says:

    The only piece missing to make this false flag op complete is a manifesto. Will a manifesto be written, I mean, ‘found’ this week?

  24. BuddhaForce says:

    George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war for America

    Rewind the tape to 2012…

  25. blunder says:

    The main footage made at this psyop, i.e. here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0MOFN3XMx4, seemingly comes from Michael Kevin Bautista. He has got a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/michaelbautista86

    Look at his vita. Astonishing, isn’t it? Same pattern as usual… Nobody cares…

  26. BuddhaForce says:

    Still No Explanation for Dallas Gunman’s Honorable Discharge

    Associated Press | Jul 14, 2016 | by Will Weissert

    DALLAS — Almost a week after the Dallas sniper attacks, it’s still unclear how the gunman obtained an honorable discharge from the military even though Army officials sent him home from Afghanistan with a recommendation that he be thrown out of the armed forces.

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