2016: Community or Civil War?

01/09/201616 Comments

Whether economically or geopolitically or socially, 2016 is shaping up to be a year driven by disaster, panic, fear and rage. How we act throughout these crises will either make us stronger in our resistance to the forces of tyranny or see us fall prey to the tyrants' divide-and-conquer treachery. Join me in this week's subscriber editorial as I delve into these issues and take a cold steely look at the year ahead. And on a considerably more light-hearted note, join me for this month's subscriber video on truth poetry for the New Year.

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  1. hanky says:

    This is just a test
    A way to find your best
    Are you any fonder
    Of an inside double entendre?
    So allow a little smirking
    At least somethings working.

    *Be thankful I did not invoke Caitlyn twerking

  2. mik says:

    I think you are rigth about Clinton and I have already put bets for her half a year ago for several dinners.
    You must be severely mentally damaged or blind because of propaganda to see that things are ok or have potential to be so.
    Here in Croatia we have unconstitutionally elected president ex (ha,ha,ha) trilateral commission and we will soon get unelected technocrat ex-CEO for prime minister with a promise to analize us with new reforms. Not good times ahead for us, for sure.
    If you could time travel to sixties and tell the story of QE to one economist he would say that is not possible. But still, we know it happened. What I’m trying to say is, this financial-economic game is pretty much their game, they write the rules and we don’t know how many cards they have up in their sleeves. But I believe there is not much if any.
    When trying to anticipate their next move after some kind of crash I found cashless society with guaranteed basic income would fit well for them and clueless people. Of course no basic income for terrorists…. extremists and corbetters. Brave new world. By the way, we already have political party with few sits in parliament which is talking also about basic income.
    A lot of work in front of us. Good luck to everyone.

    • Teevisions says:

      Of course Basic Income is an alternative to the dystopian blueprint already in its final stages; and the more I hear people take about it, the wider my smile becomes. But THEY will not act to make it happen until The People are at the gates, pitchforks in hand…looking for revenge. (Redemption?)

      But it must be Basic Income for EVERYONE, this so there there will less Terrorists, Extremists and -more Corbetters, taking good shit instead of bad.


      • phreedomphile says:

        In the minds of TPTB, a basic income would be a stepping stone to their dystopian blueprint. There’s the old saying a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away.

      • Mishelle says:

        Can’t really tell if you are being facetious here, but let me just say from experience, ‘basic income for all’ is the worst possible thing that could happen to this world. Knowing how to work hard against all odds is what separates the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Give people the means to be lazy asses, and that’s just what they will do, that’s how we’ve gotten to this point in the first place! Ask our dear Corbett if he waited for handouts before busting his, um, balls, to create what he has created today. This is what we call a “natural hierarchy” no rulers required.

        • mik says:

          Agree completely, basic income is the worst thing. But from perspective of puppet-masters it can be very useful tool for control. And they want control. In fact they wouldn’t care for lazy people and simply they don’t need all the people for work force. It’s not necessary. Working people could get bonuses, unemployed could get hemp or something.
          Not working at all is very boring. But I think work is overrated in our day and age. To be lazy sometimes is ok and we should enjoy in it.
          Also, philosopher Epicurus is underrated.


        • bubromer says:

          I think that what your argument ignores is that all work is not paid and it’s the monetary system that is the problem. Money is basically a means to control and enslave and bares no correlation to just deserts as some of the ‘hardest’ working people I know get paid shit all. If people have a basic income – as I do – they can focus on things other than subsistence like the arts, music, poetry, philosophy, literature and are free from the sordid affair of working for someone else and being reduced to the level of a machine. There is no natural correlation between money and hard work in the system we live in – just look at how banks create credit from nothing – and it’s plain wrong to think that money is the only motivator for work or applying oneself. Also I doubt that Corbett was motivated solely by money in starting his online work. That’s a ridiculous suggestion.

          • mik says:

            Basic income given from a state or some authoritarian institution is the ultimate weapon for control.Present banking system is a problem but solving this problem is not the ultimate solution.
            For example I have seen a documentary (forgot the name) about a small city in Swiss having a problem with continuous budget surplus. What a big problem, ha ha ha. Few very rich residents, owners of copper mines in Africa, are paying enormous taxes to town’s budget. This is the reason for surplus. At the same time they are (not) paying minimal taxes in Africa and demanding further tax reductions. They are polluting environment and poisoning workers. They are exploiting poor African country totally. Would solving banking problem solve this one too? No. This is the problem caused by capitalism.

  3. Mishelle says:

    I love your wit, it gets me every time! As someone who has prepared, I want to be painfully honest here, I feel oddly stingy about community-building at this stage. This is not my typical character, I’ve been a volunteer and over-giver most of my life. But the thing is, we started preparing a decade ago, bought property way out in the sticks and learned all the hard skills that we did not know anything about–gardening, raising animals, target practice, cooking from scratch, living in solitude and self-reliance as no one we knew were doing anything on the same level. At the beginning I did think community was the ultimate goal, now I seriously doubt that’s possible, or desirable. Folks have no skills, and aren’t taking the time to learn them. They aren’t podcasting or trying to help others, so why would I want to help them? I came from the “Left” realizing their Big Daddy complex finally, but I don’t see much more than learned helplessness all around me. So very little initiative it’s mind-boggling. We’ve figured our shit out in this decade on the land and we are now seeing the fruits of our labor, and it’s been tough, and now I have no sympathy at all for freeloaders. Maybe you and your family want to join us?! Sorry, but I just gotta tell it like it is. 🙂

    • VolitionalJames says:

      @Mishelle At 36 yrs. old, I am a late bloomer to the preparedness, but feel your pain. If I can be reached, then there is hope for others. I have started an organic farm going into the 5th year, yet I am not comfortable with calling it community supported agriculture(CSA)as most of my support has been outside of my local “community”. This year I will be renaming it to Voluntary CSA, as Vol-un-tar-i-ly supported agriculture(VSA) is a mouthful and would be difficult to market. Could I ask, since you have done all this work and have experience in the “hard skills”, where might I find your podcast or your blog to get up to speed quickly as I feel that things are quickly headed toward an undesirable outcome and I want to be prepared? I have great compassion and care for those who have not become aware of the present conditions, as they are more likely nescient than ignorant as a result of public school indoctrination, tradition, media propaganda, etc. I continue to to try to communicate with others, as no matter how prepared I can be as an individual, it is going to require many more to get on the same page, should I have a chance at making it through the tough times ahead. I get the negativity about the community building concept. Seems the internet has given us the opportunity to have a virtual community of like minded people allowing us to bypass the difficult task of communicating and attempting to reason with our hard headed neighbors, let alone our own family members! I have been working on the family for several years, and planting seeds as much as possible. It has brought me a reduction in customers and a growing distance between most family members. Has the indoctrination been so perfected that a majority cannot possibly be reached? That is why I don’t mind seeing the economy collapse and an increase in loss of liberties, etc. Apparently it has yet to reach a point for them to begin to question the Status quo, let alone the incremental steps toward a totalitarian technocratic ruler-ship. Learned Helplessness is taught. It is not a natural state in my opinion. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I want to join you. And I appreciate your honest assessment of the current situation where you’re at.

      • Mishelle says:

        VolitionJames, Hi, thanks for your note and relating, it is so appreciated! I had a blog for 6 years, on PeaceCorpsWorldwide, then I was “deplatformed” for my “outrageous” political views. 🙂 Though they gave lame excuses as to why. It was so frustrating for me, they removed all my content with absolutely no notice. I guess that has been a big piece of my present, shall we say, bitterness?! We also had a couple guys here, who wanted to “help” but really they had no serious interest in this lifestyle, they just needed healing. I’ve done quite a bit of writing over the years, and tried blogging also for Grit.com, but as much as I love writing, I’m not so motivated to write only “practical” pieces about cheesemaking and so on, with no opinion or political content, which is what all the homesteading, etc. sites require. To me, you just can’t separate politics from the tough choices we’ve made. I don’t know how else to proceed at this point to be honest. I love writing, and I love what we are doing here, maybe because it’s been so challenging on so many levels. I consider the next steps all the time, starting my own blog and a new site (I also used to have a website, wanderingshepard/mishelleshepard), but it gets old having to do everything myself and not having the energy of vibrant and younger people involved with new ideas. We both, Hubby and I, have jobs outside of this, so it makes it both possible financially, and challenging practically. I’d love to start a correspondence with you, if you are so inclined. Thanks again. Write me at: xxxxx@gmail so glad to hear you have taken such great steps toward practical learning and self-reliance, gives me a good hope today!

        [NOTE: Please do not share personal email addresses in the comments. If you want to share addresses with another member you can send me an email and I’ll pass it along to that person. -James]

  4. mktbwisdom says:

    Thank you James.
    I am one of the many people interested in truth, peace, and freedom that has unfortunately stalled much of my preparedness for too long. But I can confidently say that I am striving everyday to plant seeds and reach more people inclined to at least resonate and hear this other side of the story and hopefully at best to work with me at various levels to create a support net. My art (mostly music) has greatly helped me in continuing to learn more about what it really is to be human and what is really important in the long run. The nearly universal dialectics are merely magnified images of the illusory dialectics that have presented themselves in my personal life. I find hope in the strength of tossing each one away one by one. I know it may be a gloomy forecast that you have predicted but I would rather hear this than not. We do live in an increasingly alarmist society and we (those who try to grasp what is happening) must be careful, of both the validity and the psychological effect that the torrent of warnings have on our mental health. That being said we need warnings. It’s thanks to perspectives like yours that have not simply filled my day to day thoughts with gloom or unjustified hope but a deeper appreciation for the reality we live in. Our world is minefield for sure at this point but I’m grateful to be alive, to know that there are people out there who remind themselves of the constant divisive tactics and not buy into them and to feel philosophically sound on who the real enemies are.

    The noise and clamor
    An approaching storm.
    Shifting shadows will confer
    A refusal of form.

    Will the wind will it to be?
    A cold calamity to pass?
    Or that nemesis in entropy
    Perhaps we must outlast

    Constant gnawing erosion
    Rather than it all at once.
    Testing the cohesion
    Of our daughters, of our sons.

    This fight will outlive our last warriors
    But we needn’t despair or deny
    We continue to challenge these barriers
    Using simple truths to counter powerful lies.

    Peace be with you all!

    • Mishelle says:

      I feel the intention of your poem MKTBwisdom, so glad you’ve shared it. I write some poetry as well, maybe the next steps is we open our work to a like-minded audience and a circle of more serious criticism? I’ve posted several times now about my own disinterest in chronicling all my adventures in the homesteading life– beekeeping and cheesemaking and gardening and the like, but I do write stories and poems about it all, which motivates me much more as far as sharing and ameliorating. 🙂

  5. mktbwisdom says:

    Hi Mishelle!
    Yes, you know this type of thing has been on my mind a lot. I am going to be working on a website soon for sharing music knowledge, creative writing, important (to me at least) articles and other things too. The art the word has always been somewhat difficult for me but I have been trying to work forward and just do it more. Thanks to James and Hanky for getting me going! I saw that you posted your email to VolitionalJames, I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my contacts. I will keep in touch about when I have a place to start putting any of my creative writing. Do you know of a place to start for more serious criticism of our creative writing? In any case my email is xxxxxxxx @gmail.com (I hope to get off the google bandwagon in the next 6 months too!) if you would like to stay in touch.

    [NOTE: Please do not share personal email addresses in the comments. If you want to share addresses with another member you can send me an email and I’ll pass it along to that person. -James]

  6. setatliberty says:

    James, without fail you reinforce my commitment to your support both prayerfully and financially. I plug TCR whenever the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully the more people that discover the riches of your work, the more support you will receive both prayerfully and financially. Looking to the words of the One that created both the tyger and the lamb (Jesus Christ), I do not see an optimistic view of 2016 to be realistic. We can be certain that Hiltary will not ascend to the throne. She herself, knows what is to take place prior to the general sElections, which is why she began her bid in 2013.

    Neither Trump nor Hitlary shall become President.

    Regarding the poster puppet Obama: He shall be elevated for his important work in the destruction of the liberties of the citizens of United States of America.

    As we enter the greatest tribulation this world has ever seen since creation, the seals shall be broken and all that has been written shall come to pass.

    Revelation, Daniel, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21

    Interesting times, indeed!

    Here is a song/poem that I wrote:

    We’re living in the final days
    The end is close at hand.
    We look up toward the eastern sky
    for the coming of the Lamb.
    He has promised to return
    and take His children home.
    Then upon this fallen earth
    we shall no longer roam.
    Can you see?
    Can you hear?
    The end of time is drawing near!
    No man knows the day
    or the hour of His returning
    So like the five young virgins wise,
    we must keep our lamps burning.
    As a thief in the night
    He will come unaware
    Will you be watching?
    Do you really even care?
    There are people in this world
    dying without Christ each day.
    Will you be the one to tell them Jesus Paid…
    He paid the highest price to free us from our sin.
    He is the only door, by which we must enter in.
    Can you see?
    Can you hear?
    The end of time is drawing near!

    I do not try to “allude” to God, as there are many “gods” represented in this world. I unapologetically declare Him definitively as the Lord God of the ancient scriptures translated into the English language by the commission of James, the king of England.

    I would dare not say that this is the same god of the NIV or any such (per)version of the Bible.

    Yep, I’m a “Jesus Freak” and by His name, we can be saved, apart from which, we cannot.

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