Interview 1693 - Jacob Hornberger on Our Crisis-Filled Lives

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Jacob Hornberger of The Future of Freedom Foundation joins us to discuss his recent article on "Crisis-Filled Lives." In this conversation, Hornberger notes the various crises that have come to define our precarious existence in the maws of the welfare-warfare state and what we can do to reverse the Crisis and Leviathan effect.

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Crisis-Filled Lives

Crisis and Leviathan by Robert Higgs

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Wall Street and FDR by Antony C. Sutton

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Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, 22 March 2020

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  1. Duck says:

    Good talk, but sadly most people will never just decide not to need the government.
    I have been told that people do not want to hear the things I know because it makes them afraid and anxious…. this feeling is NOT caused by danger, but by people NOT TAKING ACTION (even small action) to protect themselves from that danger.

    THAT is why most people will not just stop feeling fear, and thus get past the tricks of the powerful, because they do not want to actually be responsible for their own lives. Look at the battered woman syndrome type behavior going on as people clutch onto the hope that authority can save them- its feminine and feminized thinking which has become endemic in our culture. There is no way to vote, or even build, your way out of the rabid demands of a large number of people that society care for them… from the Trumpiest Boomer to the pinkest haired transracialsatanistmap the majority of people know who butters their bread and will fight tooth and nail to make people pay into the system that keeps them alive. They are forced to become the Unabombers ‘leftish’ types, demanding society care for them, and the lack of agency in their lives drives them a weee bit bonkers.

    The creation of such people was a big reason that the US welfare state was created, first targeting the blacks and now bent on destroying the whites and hispanics though I dont think society can function long with the % of crazies we are getting to nowadays

    Universal suffrage was a big mistake…. because as Margret Atwood wrote in “Handmaidens Tale” (book, not seen the show) “Better never means better for everyone”.

    • Steve Smith says:

      The distinction that James makes in the sixteenth minute is crucial I think.
      Did people choose this or has it been imposed on them by slow psychological conditioning over generations?
      I am convinced its mostly the latter. And if it is. The only way out is de conditioning. And that doesn’t happen quickly.
      To me it is all about trying to get people to believe that they are prisoners instead of slaves. To philosophically, mentally withdraw their consent to be ruled. That simple conviction is the metaphorical “sunglasses” that allow them to view everything differently from that point forward.
      It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always choose to wear them or that their circumstances will allow them to make great changes in their lives. But over time they will become freer. And then maybe someday in the future a generation can be born that is immune to the conditioning.
      And thats why I keep beating my drum. Thats why I keep talking to the minority of people who have the patience to listen. Thats why I keep trying to learn and get better at communicating.
      Slaves have given up. They have accepted their lot in life. They try to discourage their fellows from trying to maintain their faith and hope.
      Prisoners never give up. They encourage each other to fight against all odds.
      Thats where the battle needs to begin.
      We have the keys to the chains of our minds. And if enough of us used them, the chains on our bodies would vanish.

      • Duck says:

        Did dogs choose to live with humans who gave them free bones, intestines and turds to feast on?

        When did dogs go from being g partners to property?

        When does that happen to people I wonder?

        • vadoum says:

          duck, “When does that happen to people I wonder?”

          my guess:
          fear of having to let go of youth..
          as children grow into young adulthood, those rebellious teenagers,, Can you remember being a kid and thinking adults were crazy? its the seeing a captured mind by an innocent, or more open free flowing mind.
          fear of having to support oneself emotionally
          co-dependent coupling as opposed to blossoming connectedness, or out-front transparency which can be difficult risky and rewarding
          fear of having to support with means for food and shelter and mod cons and rolex and gulfstream and a better bunker berth
          when one embraces the rock vs hard-place exponential accumulation drive of “capitalism”, where one has to swim harder and harder lest one is eaten by the next big fish. (spoiler: its much easier to stay rich than become rich)

          marriage is still considered a “real estate transaction”. switching from “partner to property”

          steve: “The only way out is de conditioning. And that doesn’t happen quickly.”

          quickly? as you like time.

          time by time
          question finished


          I’ve seen bubbles burst. Suddenly its gone; was that a film of soapy water enclosing a slight air pressure, or I mean an abstract concoction that scare pumped the persona into ever inflating aggression? and but now, like a cancelled check is less than faint fleeting figment..

          true, the “conditioning” has been lotsa. I have sometimes been slow to release various types, not to mention how frustrating it has been to try to decondition lifelong friends that have been swept into the latest conditioning, man there a bunch a ,, stubborn idiots at times. I have to accept that they may have been hypnotized, because the lack of care and capacity to think critically seems to just not be there for certain topical triggers.

          Guess I wanted to say, some require a more dramatic build towards the climax, but when one ACTUALLY DECIDES, its an act that takes a skinny second.

          In the case of the major conspiracy aka the govigarchs, when one decides the misleaders are lying, that should burst the belief bubble. If one cant decide if they’ve been fed lies or not, then they will suffer cognitive dissonance, enough of which will make one sick or worse.

    • Octium says:

      It will be an evolutionary process, they will never decide they don’t need government but they will decide to kill their own children in order to maintain their belief in the state. Without children their numbers will decline and the percentage of stateless people will increase.

  2. microsurfer says:

    Great discussion. This is the kind of conversation the whole country needs. Especially now. We need to come together and form a an organization or even maybe a new political party.

    Maybe this organization could be called “The people’s Party” or something like that. Then we should schedule a meeting in the capitol to meet the federal politicians or what I call the the Government/Corporate Alliance.
    And I would tell them…we the people of the United States have come to the realization that we do not have any control what goes on here. We realize your interest is to serve the corporate and power elite.

    I mean think of it. If we are a representative democracy then “we the people” should be telling our elected (if they really are) representatives what to do. It’s now the total opposite…they tell us what to do….what world leaders to hate, what country your kids will help us invade, that you must have health insurance, you must get vaccinated, you must give us some of your income.
    Is it the American people asking our (supposed) representatives to do these things? Hell no!!
    The American people seem to have come to a mindset where they think or accept that politicians can be our parents/guardians. Somehow they know better. That they’re seeing data that if we saw we would do the same thing.

    I think it is a combination of accepting something for what it shouldn’t be and just being brainwashed.

    • Political parties is part of the problem, not the solution.
      James has some material you can search about anarchism and political philosophy.

      Here’s a short and nice intro to Voluntaryism (approx. reading time: 15 min)


      Here some classics:

      1 Natural Law – Spooner

      Then french line:

      2 Discourse on Voluntary Servitude – De La Boétie

      3 The Law – Bastiat

      4 The Production of Security – De Molinari

      5 Ch. 11 of Evenings on Saint Lazarus Street (Les Soirées de la Rue Saint-Lazare) – De Molinari

    • Duck says:

      Forget national politics for now… what really really matters is

      Who is your mayor?
      Did your DA get elected with soros money?
      Who’s sitting on your kids school board? (If your wise you still care but home educate…)

      Those are the places that you can fight and win and in the US there are more important than the skin puppet in the oval office where ok needs all those local yokels to work his will on you

    • Viv Aldistaw says:

      Its a noble thought. I think most average people don’t want things to be too much of a hassle or difficult. A libertarian party led by someone as distinguished as Rand Paul might cause a stir. Then all people have to do is vote and they can enable at least some small change. Corbett is a legend but I think the only way we’d achieve his ideal anarchist state is if there was some form of apocalypse and a return to tribalism. Would that be better?

      • Duck says:

        We are headed into tribalism in the US, very few people actually identify as an agreed upon American identity.

        The issue is that tribalism works ok when everyone is separated by acceptable borders and everyone knows what members of each tribe may and may not do.

        Getting to something approaching that stable state killed and displaced millions of people in the partition of India after the British emmpire departed. Tribalism in one state always ends in tyranny or bloodshed.

  3. Jeff says:

    I second the strong recommendation for Crisis and Leviathan and really anything from Higgs.

  4. cjon says:

    Our government is owned by corporations. Government is no longer an entity with which to assign blame. Government is a faceless blameless corporate interest doing whatever they want to do to us, unrestrained. Get to know your corporate overlords.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    America’s $30 Trillion Debt In One Stunning Visualization

    The last IMAGE has some great quotes.

  6. MagicBullet says:

    Warfare= Keeps the country busy with war.
    Welfare= Keeps the country busy with poverty.
    Hornberger= Doesn’t get to the point that these are plans of the NWO.
    Corbett= Doesn’t seem too impressed with Hornberger but is a gentleman.

    • Viv Aldistaw says:

      That’s a little simplistic. It sounded like a cordial discussion to me. Corbett himself has pointed out there are competing factions, its not just one “NWO” group.

      • MagicBullet says:

        My comment:

        – wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive description.

        – didn’t say there weren’t competing factions.

        – didn’t say it wasn’t cordial, I used “impressed” which has nothing to do with being cordial.

  7. tluca says:

    The Department of War was rebranded to the Department of Defense by Edward Berneys.

  8. tluca says:

    The state of fear used in national crisis must be traced back the the American Civil War. Look into go to his list of episodes and dive into his in-depth look at the ACW. This is a multi part and multi hour look at the war and it’s ramifications. It was the start of industrialized war production. It was the beginning of the military industrial complex.

    • Viv Aldistaw says:

      That’s interesting. Hornberger states that the US was kind of minding its own business until after WW2, but they invaded the Philippines in 1899. Corbett’s fascinating documentary about WW1 calls that into question as well

      • Duck says:

        Vic Aldisaw

        They had a corporate coup by the sugar magnates in Hawaii too. But those were just small time adventures done by the paid military rather than a full scale overseas war that normal people had to become involved with…. I guess it’s like the Afghanistan war vs WW2.

        It’s like the British empire which was almost
        never at peace under Victoria but normal people never cared about it until a real war like ww1 happened.

  9. TireGuy says:

    I tend to agree with Hornberger that most of the crises are caused by governments. JFK was assassinated to escalate the Vietnam war and keep the CIA intact. 9-11 was a planned event by the government by planting military grade thermite and nano-thermite explosives in the towers to initiate the terrorist security state. A book by Kohnlein and Engelbrecht, “Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Invents Epidemics Making Billion Dollar Profits at our Expense” discusses the early days of the US CDC which was being threatened by Congress with defunding because of no serious diseases. The CDC then changed to become virus hunters and spread across the globe intentionally looking for diseases to get increased funding. So now we have SARS-CoV-2 because no one is afraid of the flu.

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