Chinese World Order Rises in Ashes of Iran Deal

05/15/201871 Comments

China has just opened a new railway link with Iran and CNPC is set to fill the void left by France's Total if and when they leave the South Pars field. It looks like the US pulling out of the Iran deal is win-win for China and the BRICS world order...and the engineered destruction of the west continues apace.

CNPC set to replace Total in Iran gas project

China’s trade with Iran to continue unhindered, opens rail link

The Fate of the World is in the EU’s Hands (God Help Us All)

China and the New World Order

Phoney Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS

The Great Decoupling: How the West is Engineering its Own Downfall

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  1. Gaslight says:

    Ahhh yes…the “Iran Deal”

    Can someone explain the last 4 decades of the Iran “deal/no deal” seesaw?

    Care to have a go?

    I’m all ears.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Who woulda thunk it??! 😯

    Christophe de Margerie must be rolling in his grave…

  3. Mina says:

    Dear James, there are quite a few of us who appreciate your work and are confused by all the info and disinfo lately. What seemed hard to grasp and shocking (but we got through it) few years back it’s now turning to the max.
    To me it seems like somebody is turning up a giant (wordlwide) speaker with, at first, decent music and is turning up the volume until we all start to scream.

    Too many opinions and in-fights. Too many variations of “the truth” and we wouldn’t be around if we weren’t looking for real truth, right?

    I really think at this point nobody, not even you, has it. And you used to encourage us to check for ourselves and never trust anyone blindly, including yourself.

    So, why this tone? I remember disliking that tone when you were talking about “sheeple”, because I always found it counter productive to mock the people who ‘don’t get it’. If we believe system is made to dumb down the public and truth was never told in school or on TV they got addicted to, it’s mocking the victims of the evil plan.
    Now you are turning it against “Trumpsters”. I’m not even sure if I am one, but often I think I am. I’m just confused and still searching. And I don’t think it’s because I ever idolized anyone, nor blindly believed.
    It’s because I am both open and critical to every decent opinion-source (because there is NO NEWS SOURCE anymore, right?) and I find some sense in the opinions you obviously despise.

    While we are at it, I’m fed up with flashing news titles as it still means something. When we want to mock the foolish media, we flash the title in our vids, when we want to prove they are admitting “the truth”, there is another news title from same source.

    Now we believe Iranian Press TV? Please explain why.
    No point to post Q’s links to Iran Daily, right?
    As an average citizen somewhere in the world, I hardly can get the time to read through and differ the two and be sure what’s it all about. If it’s not one’s profession, it’s overwhelming.

    I don’t believe Q is magic, nor I think I’m crazy yet. But this kind of coverage isn’t helping the debate.

    I do see world (and you) surprised by some recent events. Maybe it’s time to drop the guard of knowing it all. Nobody really knows, NOBODY. I’m sure of that.
    Mostly because I lately see people who claim to ‘get it’ fall in the trap soon after.

    One example. NK events. Was it the mean tweets? Was it Kim just felt like surrendering? Maybe I’ve missed your prediction and explanation.
    While I was following Q, maybe foolishly, I have some idea of what happened there and why. It wasn’t spilled out in any news title, as most of the real history never was.
    Maybe it’s a fairy tale. Until someone comes with better explanation, I’ll believe the only one I’ve got so far.
    And it’s not just the NK. Things are happening. Or many of us are highly delusional.

    I am responding now because I was wondering how long it will take for you to mention Q and hoped it wouldn’t come in such bad manner. I only bother because I respect you and appreciate your previous work.
    Wanna win argument to what you think it’s true? Then please don’t talk down to, I’m sure, big part of your audience.

    I’m a bit upset with your tone, but I do post as a friend. Because we need your analysis, but only if it’s back to open minded and respectful to those of us who are undecided.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one here who never planned to learn so much about geopolitics, nor wanted to be citizen journalist, nor planned to, after so much learning about it, be openly undecided then called stupid by people we respect.

    My problem with your line of thinking is anarchism. Yes, I get it, if we started civilization all over again and everybody could claim their piece of land and organize with neighbors to build the roads and… No. We live in civilization with long history of taxes and repression, banks, corruption, rulers and wars. We are deeply flawed people and there are cities we live in and can’t apply anarchists rules…
    Yup, our governments are bad. Worldwide. We need to fix that. We have to try and make it smaller and, before all, learn to watch over them.
    Or you think we could transition to anarchy in next – what? 5 or 50 years? This flawed and relatively highly developed world? How?

    Since Trump won and many of us got to see some hope, you seem off. I love your solution-based work. But those are really too small for this massive machine called world.
    Breaking all the toys doesn’t let us play. If we play only with our kind in our small field, maybe we’ll give a good example and win the rest of the world over – in 200 years. We can just be grumpy and keep on hating. I know it’s not a good argument to vote, I don’t vote here in Croatia for years. But if somebody like Trump came along, I would.
    Why? Maybe you’d see what I see if you gave that approach a chance. At least you have to admit SOMETHING has changed. Or now we are sure he is building CWO as your title says? C’mon…

    How about this? Check the social change. There are so many “conspiracy theory” terms discussed and explored openly on MSM or, at least, social media. MSM is falling apart. Elites are falling apart. Politics is far from ‘business as usual’, for better or worse (I’m hopeful, but who really can say for sure) dynamics in world politics has drastically changed.
    Iran threatens to expose who they bribed!

    You can’t say you aren’t intrigued. Nor can you say same things would happen if SHE had won. If he is evil, he sure appears to be MUCH lesser evil. Many Americans and growing numbers in Europe believe WE ALL dodged the fatal bullet.

    Please think about it. Have patience and explain as you always did, if there’s something you are 100% sure of. If you aren’t, please explore what you believe is utter nonsense and check if, just maybe, there is something to it.
    We URGENTLY NEED reasonable people to talk reasonably. We are here because your opinion matters. But we need you to honestly admit you are also confused and walk/learn with us.

    I guess I was holding back for long and/or expecting your Q mention, hence long post. Thought of putting it in an email, but I do think this is friendly environment, this is a call for reason and far from personal attack. Plus, after letting all this out finally, I’d like it to be read and responded by your subscribers if not you, at least. =)

    Love & peace,

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Wow Mina! That was a lovely post! While I do feel as if I should defend James on one point, being as the world is obviously crazy so it does get frustrating every now and then. But I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. Personally, even though I think your wrong on anarchy; you’re on the point in where you say everything is falling apart already. Which means they can’t be fixed. Not the governments. Not the corporations. Not their infrastructures. They’re worn out and just need to be scrapped. We don’t need to actual “convert” to anarchy. People just automatically organize when they don’t have some outsider poking their noses into their business. I live in fluorida, a giant sandbar designed to catch hurricanes. This means that I have a passing familiarity with government solutions just falling apart at the slightest tug. Yet, with each failure of the government, the people just dealt with it and helped each other out. And it just works out better that way. Anarchy is simply what happens when you get rid of those jerks who think they can control life. They can’t. JimBob who only went surfing once, and that was because she was so pretty, but it was nice.

      • Mina says:

        I just think anarchy is far from being “around the corner”. Our societies are governed for too long and too much, so, unless apocalyptic event far beyond “catastrophic catalyzing” (which bring the opposite, right), it won’t happen soon.
        Do we really want that to happen or is our better chance in REAL transparency and government oversight, push to cut the spending and unimaginable money leaks, go seriously after corruption and implement massive tax-cuts.
        Excuse me, is that too Trumpian? 😉 Or you still don’t believe he is after that?

        One of my few key red-pill issues was – how come the whole world is in debt? What and who are debt rating agencies? Who is so rich to have us all in debt?
        How can countries, after heavy taxation, go bankrupt. Who is spending? How come we can’t put the stop to that?

        Jeremy Irons Asks “Who Is The World In Debt To”

        I’m sure it’s doable, but we have to organize around that idea rather then wait for Mad Max scenario.
        I know I’m minority here, but I cannot seriously imagine anarchistic ‘rule’ anytime soon.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          We already live in Anarchy. That’s what really cracks me up when people ask me how will it ever work. Did you get state approval for every action you did today? Or did you decide for yourself? If the second, you practiced self-rule. You made a decision for yourself. This is not a trivial concept, or some stupid sophist play. This is the reality of your life. Spend a day just randomly checking with your decisions and you’ll see you already live the majority of your life under your rule. But for a scenario more easily understood, I give you the crazy old lady who lives a block over from me.
          She’s about 80 or so and is crazy from obsessing over such trivial experiences as losing her husbands and son. I know, emotions; what a drag! She lives in a little shack and spends her days on the front porch with about 20 or so cats who resent anyone else’s presence. And some random game chickens since they’re everywhere around here (our true rulers, if you ask me or them). It’s true she lives on a pension, but pensions aren’t verbotten in an anarchial society. Also, she wouldn’t need one if it weren’t for the state anyway; but that’s a different story. Anyway, when she wants something she has one of the neighborhood people to go to the store for her. She may or may not give them some money; but this depends on whether she has it or not. Everyone is poor, but she is rarely ripped off. Those that rip her off tend to drift away from the neighborhood as well. She has family, neighbors, and other friends come by all the time to make sure she is well. I’ve spent a little time on her porch myself, but about an hour at a time is about enough for me. The point is, the community is already taking care of her. Not the state. We already have anarchy, I’m just waiting for people to realize it. JimBob who don’t really care if people can’t see what’s plain as day, but it is fun watching them realize they’ve been living with a silly blindfold and telling me they’re going to be my guide.

          • Mina says:

            Ok, if that’s it, I’m biggest anarchist there is. Not that I don’t ask government about daily stuff, but much much more. Or less.
            As you describe it, I can teach it.

            So, ok, we do have anarchy. What now?

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Keep it? Just realize how much of your day is under your control and direction. The rest will pretty much take care of itself with the help of a little curiosity and mischief. I always add the mischief, but the extra secret ingredient is yours to decide. After all, since Anarchy is self-rule, who am I to say what the secret ingredient in your BBQ sauce ought to be?
              I try to minimize all government solutions, though that is impossible since they’re so nosy and all, but it’s amazing how many end-runs there are around these systems. Of course, if you ever get a chance to get inside these systems, one can have all kinds of fun. Remember, government help is meant to buy your loyalty and dependence, but that doesn’t mean it will. It can help the mischievous soul mock it instead. Which is the real show of power. It’s a fun way to live. JimBob who thinks ruling oneself is so much cooler than all that work convincing others you are their by-god lord and master when any dang fool can see your not. 🙂

          • pearl says:

            I appreciate your real life example of the grumpy cat lady, JimBob. Where I get lost as to what anarchy is is by reading more speculative scenarios of what a futuristic society could be if only everyone would collectively unplug from and buck the current world system and everything related to it (how I interpreted James’ latest newsletter), which, following my admittedly limited and linear thinking, necessarily dictates starting from scratch, like the pioneers, only there is no longer any wilderness that isn’t owned by TPTB. This brings on visions of guillotines, hangings, beheadings, and the tribes with the biggest sticks filling the void.

            I’m an individualist governed by my own motives. I don’t like being told what to do or how to think. If I decide to help an old lady or anyone else, it’ll be because I am personally moved by my own innate compassion and conscience to do so, not because the neighborhood/congregation/tribe/family expects it of me. Altruism is a slippery slope, and what little of theoretical societal anarchism I’ve gleaned, it has its social pitfalls as well. I don’t see myself fitting in anywhere except your neighborly, daily interactions based on kindness, respect and sincerity. We don’t need to tear everything down to do just that.


            • I Shot Santa says:

              I think a lot of the problems people have with Anarchy in a futuristic setting is because there is no way of knowing how it will work. If everybody were to realize right now that we are already living under our own rule, the way we acted would change dramatically almost instantly. Systems would evolve based on local needs, even global needs. And they would change from all aspects at once, rather than top down, which is the most inefficient manner. But worrying about the future has never done me much good anyway. I find the more I pay attention to the present, the better my future works out. Unless I’m thinking bad thoughts, and that usually works out badly. This is not an ethical application of the words good and bad; just correct. I do believe I’ve made it clear that I am a man of low character. JimBob who has watched Unforgiven a few times as well as The Outlaw Josey Wales even more. By the way, looked like both of those were anarchists and they got by pretty good in the end.

              • pearl says:

                I don’t care what everybody else says about you, JB ;), I like you and your dang good common sense! Say, when are you coming out with your book “WTF?!” I’d buy it and put it right there, next to Miss Manner’s Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior and Don’t Squat with Your Spurs On.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Boy, I sure could have used that book on spur squattin’ in my (fantasy) cowboy days!

    • mik says:


      for the beginning, it’s good to start a conversation in good faith. It’s a bit “archaic” these days with prevailing indoctrination “everybody would like to get you from behind”. Certainly, James deserves good faith.

      He might went over the top for you, but I’m sure he didn’t want to offend anybody and I think your response is a bit too emotional.

      I had to search for Q and fill a gap in my knowledge. Q is not a valid source in my opinion. It’s too much a fairy tail. Both Q and Trump play well on archetype Superhero or Messiah. Archetypes are ok for films, fairy tails, dreams, inner life, but not real life.

      Anarchism when and how? This question is not answerable. Maybe never, but that means people will be enslaved in Brave New World.
      I think anarchism is the only consistent option and also a natural state of affairs, spontaneous order.

      The world is a big mess and that comes to peoples heads and vice versa. Right moment for some ancient wisdom:

      • Mina says:

        “I had to search for Q and fill a gap in my knowledge. Q is not a valid source in my opinion.”

        I’m glad you searched for it, but it’s such a huge topic it’s impossible to take a brief look and decide. Either by checking his ‘drops’, or by checking opinions on it. Good or bad, most are not the level of discussion I’d like to see.
        That’s exactly why I hope for a larger and neutral debate. I am both intrigued and suspicious about it.

    • manbearpig says:

      Of course I’m utterly presumptuous in saying so, and may the founder of this website respond to you in person and set the record straight, but I’d wager that at least one thing that Mr Corbett is absolutely sure of is that postive change in the world is certainly not going to come from anyone else but YOU.

      I believe the exasperation is not so much that people keep falling for the the same old sensational psyops.

      It’s that people keep falling for the psyops that promise that some key person in some key position is going to take charge of things in some V for Vendetta sort of way and make everything all better and the rest of us can just oooh! and aaaaah! and indulge in feel-good hero-worship.

      Rather than rolling up our sleeves and finding within ourselves the very unglamourous but nonetheless extremely heroic strength to be the change we want to see in the world.

      The spindoctors and psyops specialists will continue to use the same “old parlor tricks” they’ve always used, mixing truth and fiction, with splashy high profile intrigues to distract the people from what they’re really up to,

      and it will continue to function as long as humans don’t feel strongly enough about their professed values to actually walk the talk.

      And, incidentally I do not consider myself as having made that vertiginous step. So I’m not moralizing. Just responding as solicited.

      Freeing ourselves from the sick, corrupt, war-ridden financial slave grid will only be possible when each person, individually, of his own volition and in his own way starts his own conscience driven revolution in his own life.

      I’d wager that’s our only hope.

      Otherwise, someone else, with a crystal clear vision of his own interests will continue to decide for us.

      Q on November 1 of last year:

      Q Clearance Patriot
      My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out…” etc etc etc…

      Sound serious to you?

      However, I too have often railed against this term “sheeple” which doesn’t seem constructive. But hey, we’re all only human. And often pretty tired.

      And so I’m off now to maximize on what’s left of a very short night before I jump back into the hamster wheel. Like the coward I am.

      • Mina says:

        Yes, free yourself first. Yes I was, at times, feeling free. Then I got back to reality that no (wo)man is an island. I cannot be free in enslaved world. If not me, there’s some aspect of my closest ones that bothers me. Or I’m not sure why are the skies white lately, why are our (my) troops on Russian border, will my nephews get drafted to fight someplace far for who knows what, why are kids being ruined with social media, gaming etc, why are so many 4G antennas around me, how to stop 5G, what is in my water, why did the doctors literally screw up my father with medication, why couldn’t I convince my family in time?
        I cannot be free in this. We have to care about our society. We know much more then them, yet still not enough. Lots more to learn. And we have to act already, at least with what we are sure about.

        I’m eager to give you some of the pointers on what makes me intrigued by both Q and Trump. But I see i going nowhere if left on surface level. I could pull up at least 10 Q-quotes back if not 100 which sound very very serious. I could give you a few I found unnecessary, too.
        This form won’t cut it. I’m not into quotes battle, I’m trying to find the bigger picture and I think there is something in that story. But who really knows at this point…

        • manbearpig says:

          I do empathize, and constructive sources are completely subjective. One man’s rosetta stone is another man’s psyop. If Q empowers you personally, then that’s all that matters. For your own growth. Caring about your society can take on countless forms. I’ve tried to guilt people into changing how they do things and it’s generally been disastrous. Seems to work extremely well on a societal scale though… climate change, the holocaust, species going extinct… instilling guilt can be very powerful in modeling the behavior of the masses…

          • Mina says:

            Eww, guilt people into change? That’s just awful.

            Q and whole new way of politics puzzles me. But I can’t convince you to take a serious look at it, too bad.

            But Q/Trump are doing the opposite, really. In every way he/they is/are trying to lift up the common people, encourages exploring and learning, calls for action against internet censors. So far it didn’t ask us to kill an Iranian or submit to Chinese government, so I don’t see any harm (yet).

            • manbearpig says:

              Well, concerning guilt-tripping people, to be clear, I was referring to your ‘Jock Itch’ YouTube posts suggesting Mr Corbett was responsible for the silliness there, but we agree it’s ‘eewwww awful’. Or at least counterproductive.

              “…So far it didn’t ask us to kill an Iranian or submit to Chinese government, so I don’t see any harm (yet)…”

              Can’t say for Q but as for Trump and people who’ve been harmed you might want to ask the Syrians what they think…

              perhaps even a few Palestinian protesters…

              • Mina says:

                Itch was replying to James’ video, the money part had nothing to do with comments.

                Most Trump supporters are anti-war and all jumping off the Trump train for a second when he sounds like firing up a war. Then what happens? It’s too complex, we can’t talk about all the madness in simplified terms and positions.
                I’ve just posted something in, what I hoped was, my last post about it, so I’ll just paste the part relevant to your comment while it’s waiting moderation:

                Just to make sure, OF COURSE I’m against all wars, of course I have nothing against Iranian PEOPLE, of course I’m not crazy about Israel, I’m clueless on Jerusalem-thingy and who actually protested and died that day. I was furious with US attacks on Syria, then relieved to hear they scratched the airport runway and some shady sites. Do we really know what was produced there. Was 70% of the missles shot down? How come?

                And I’ll add – what exactly happened in NK? How did that happen and how did it look before the good news?
                NOTHING can be simplified after 70 of CIA and corrupt evil geopolitics. Nor can solution be explained on CNN.

              • manbearpig says:

                “Itch was replying to James’ video, the money part had nothing to do with comments.”

                Not exactly sure what that means but just as a refresher, you posted:

                “…For those of you who aren’t watching James on YT, I have to share some of the comments from there.

                The “out of the closet” guy – Jock Itch:
                0:22 It’s one thing to not personally believe in the legitimacy of Q. It’s another to gaslight and actively insult loyal subscribers. This is the distinction between the men and the boys in the alt-news playground: news vs opinion. facts vs subjectivity. I come to your channel for news and perspective. Not to be ridiculed unexpectedly by someone I’ve given money to. Disappointing….”

                You, not Jock Itch, absolutely “had to share some of the comments”

                concluding with:

                “…go there yourself and please be honest who would you rather build a brighter future with or, at least, talk to in person.
                James, please read the YT feedback and ask yourself if you really are happy to feed the lowest kinds of comments, or listen to well spoken Q-watchers who still care about you?”

                “…ask yourself if you are happy to feed the lowest kinds of comments…”

                For info, this can be construed as guilt-tripping someone, trying to change their behavior by making them feel bad about past actions

                along with opening your post with Jock Itch’s comments about Mr Corbett “Gaslighting” and not being respectful of Jock’s donated money…

              • Mina says:

                This board is so hard to navigate. And there’s no Reply button beneath your last post. So here it is, adding to the mess, scrambling the discussion.

                Somewhere here I also wrote this:

                “I don’t remember ever seeing SUCH response. Just checked the one before and one after, which proved me right. Go see for yourself. I won’t really go as far to check his opus, but I believe this video had the worst response ever.”

                Yes, the tone made sleeper bullies go wild. Yes, James did it. Yes, it’s far from being so ugly on his channel’s other videos. Yes it’s cause and effect.
                I stand behind it. If you want to call it guilt tripping James into change, instead of fair observation from a long time “fan”, alright. But then, why are you trying to guilt trip me into changing the way I post here? Don’t be a bully.

                Geez, cmon… This is really twisting into pretzel to defend a weak position. Is it really worth it? Want to win or learn how it looks like from other angle, too? Would it be so hard to say – yes, maybe “you people” didn’t deserve it.

                I’m sorry for guilt tripping you into giving it a fair read and proper reply. Really… Want to go on like this?

                I think I was nice enough to explain my position in detail. I’m not going to guilt trip you into returning the same and stop thinking you are better then me and I deserve The Tone.
                No action required if you don’t want. Don’t ever change, just bear the guilt! =D

              • manbearpig says:

                Yes, you do seem to be someone who is preoccupied by “tone” as revealed in your first post on this particular board:

                “…So, why this tone? I remember disliking that tone when you were talking about “sheeple”, because I always found it counter productive to mock the people who ‘don’t get it’…

                …I’m a bit upset with your tone, but I do post as a friend. Because we need your analysis, but only if it’s back to open minded and respectful to those of us who are undecided….”

                “but only if…”

                conditions. stipulating tone… attempting to change behavior…

                In fact Jock Itch seems to reflect your own sentiment:

                “I’m sure I’m not the only one here who never planned to learn so much about geopolitics, nor wanted to be citizen journalist, nor planned to, after so much learning about it,

                be openly undecided then called stupid by people we respect…”

                You can solicite the responses but not dictate the tone…

                I do not think I’m better than you, nor am I bullying you. I’m challenging the fact that you say:

                “…Eww, guilt people into change? That’s just awful…”

                but don’t seem to realize that you do it pretty copiously yourself, albeit embedded in a lot other text.

                “…Yes, the tone made sleeper bullies go wild. Yes, James did it. Yes, it’s far from being so ugly on his channel’s other videos. Yes it’s cause and effect.
                I stand behind it…”

                I repeat, trolls will feed on anything whether its a “Trumpster” sandwich or anything else they care to discredit or confuse.

                “…If you want to call it guilt tripping James into change, instead of fair observation from a long time “fan”, alright….”

                You were not making “fair observations”, you were exhorting him to A. Go look at the havoc you suggested he was responsible for on YouTube (and that you stand by) and B: to stop using the word “Trumpster” lest you “distance yourself”.

                If I go jump off a balcony because I felt you’d humiliated me on the one thing I considered important in life: The Corbett Report,

                Would that be your fault?

                Nope. We’re all adults here and are free to react as we see fit.

                “…But then, why are you trying to guilt trip me into changing the way I post here?…”

                I, on the other hand am making observations and clarifying my position on feedback that you requested.

                Please show me where I requested that you change the way you post?

                Please do feel free to guilt trip anyone you like but if you do so on this comments board, be advised that I will probably call you out on it.

                Especially if requested to give my opinion.

              • manbearpig says:


              • Mina says:

                You can repeat all you want, over and over same things in loop. Why you fail to notice I’ve said that it’s NOT CR USUAL response to his work, even on damned YT – only on this video (as far as I know)? Repeat that, then try to twist my words.
                Or please find another one with similar response. I will admit I didn’t go through all of them, you can still win a point at this part!

                As James, I’m a human too. I get it my tone and language (yes, it’s not just the tone) isn’t always flattering to people I might even care about, but I don’t shoot the video saying just that and send it to them. Yes, you can disagree with people you love the most, yes you can call them stupid. Yes, you don’t neccessarily want to tell them that to their face, but rather try to listen and discuss. Convince them otherwise, if they don’t convince you first(!). I also called dear ones stupid privately or not, then they proved me wrong. Happens to humans way often.

                I was drawing attention to it and warning (shall I mention “friendly” once again, so you fit that to your, maybe, quote) how it sounds to other side and how he shuts down people he might like more then people who raised from ashes on comments.

                So, nobody ever makes a suggestion/objection/criticism of James here? Please don’t say so! Am I the first one who should teach you that it’s part of the civil discussion and guilt trip is your construct only? Construct you need to prove yourself my opinion is not valid, shouldn’t be considered, it’s just a mean demand of poor ol’ James to CHANGE OR…! lol C’monnn…

                And that kind of discord is what’s making people quiet online. If you can’t be listened to fist, how can you expect a decent reply. Same as Itch, he was giving a valid response (all besides money thing), with insults back. I fail to understand your willful blindness to it, yet eagerness to side with lowest kind of comments.
                Whatever you think of YT population, this isn’t much better. It’s just lacking an explicit insult or two, your English vocabulary and style is better then theirs or mine, but the reasoning is nothing better then over there.

                One day, sooner or later, James will disagree with you on something. God, I do hope that’s possible! If he doesn’t find it wrong on this example, he might use exact tone and condescending words toward “your kind”. Then, god again, I hope you will admit to yourself that it wasn’t nice to hear. Whether you choose to act on it and, actually, check if its fixable (not ultimatum, if I have to spell it all out, but request to just understand how it sounds to you) or be quiet about it.
                If you say – Hey James, I think that’s too much! Are you sure you want to go that path? Look at what crazy bunch you’ve inspired to go after decent (deluded or not, but decent) people!
                Will you be guilt tripping him? Whatever you drew out of my quotes, I am sure and I hope only you heard so. I probably should have left one line comment here, but I wanted to make it clear at first and forget about it. I really didn’t plan few days and so many hours of typing, I would notice if he heard and acknowledged it or not sometime soon.

                If now it’s still not clear, I give up. But, be sure, you don’t have to defend James from me – he can take me physically or verbally.

                My effort is meant to be read first, with open mind. If this won’t happen here, alright. If you call it a win – congrats, you won!

                Sadly, I haven’t heard answers to much more important questions.
                We cannot decide what’s decent discussion, things I thought (maybe I’m wrong) I’ve learned as a child. If we define and agree on every theory of earlier world evil wrong doings, let’s say I’ll agree just to play and see what’s next. WHAT IS next? Hating the world isn’t changing it, at least not for the better.

              • Mina says:

                I just remembered there was a video I commented on and was so glad to see how nice people get zero trolls, even on YT. Maybe YT has changed itself so much in a year, or something else.


                Oh no, it’s another stupid Trumpster, Q-psyop swallowing nutter (read it in tone, please) on it!

                But those of you who “actually live in reality”, live among trolls it seems. Have fun!

        • I Shot Santa says:

          My thoughts on Q? Everyone has to interpret everything he is saying. He sounds just like that Pzeniewitz guy whose name probably looks nothing like I just spelled. He was the shrink who was on during the Trump campaign and on AJs show a lot. I liked the interview where he looked like he was genuinely angry because he knew deep down he’d been played. Q is an obvious fake to me. Just trust in our beloved billionaire because he cares about the common man. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Trumpy’s strategic skills. Just not a big fan of his end game. JimBob who just woke up to a bunch of interesting comments to stimulate his dementia.

          • Mina says:

            I never got a reliable information about his end game. If you have, please share.

            Are you sure you guys are “living in reality”? If you cannot see major changes – good and bad and actual war in your own country, how can you know what’s going on in Middle East and care about who will rule Iran?
            Billionaire comments are so 2015, back then I’d listen and ask for more. Now I see what I see and my reality is way different.

            Q can’t possibly help inform such level of interest, so don’t worry about it.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              All I have is speculation from all his agency and cabinet choices. It is the worst of the worst there. Which means the worst result possible. One cannot make a good soup from rotten ingredients. JimBob who has tried to eat soup made from bad ingredients but that didn’t work out well.

    • Lance says:


      I’m obviously not going to respond for James, but something comes to my mind after reading your post:

      As you probably know, since at least the Boer War TPTSB have used thesis, antithesis and synthesis as a model to move the world in their favoured direction. It’s often called ‘problem, reaction, solution’, a dialectic.

      So, this a solid guideline to analyse current activities in my opinion.

      Using it for the seemingly increasing ‘noise’ level: there’s the problem, the thesis. Now we have to wait and see, and maybe prejudge, how the reaction and solution will be used for TPTSB e.g. the ‘fake news’ drive.

      Using it for Trump: he is simply either a player or a ‘useful idiot’ in this dialectical game. Can the direct result of a broken system ever fix that system?

      As for Q, my only personal impression was that he seems to be ‘cold reading’. Q mainly poses questions, or cryptic statements, waits for responders to fill in the gaps with their own biases and then repeats, now using the expressed biases as a basis to lead people on further. It’s a fascinating subject and Derren Brown from here in the UK gives a good description and examples of it if you’re interested.

      Anyway, thanks for the heartfelt post 🙂

      • Mina says:

        Hey guys, I was hoping but not expecting so much response. Thank you all! Be sure, I’m not here with bad intentions and wouldn’t bother to comment if I didn’t appreciate JC and this community. I rarely comment and forget to come back (this time I enabled email notice), so I tried to make sure I explained my position good enough. Never knew 3000 characters limit is off or it comes up that long! lol

        It’s too much to answer point by point, but I will try to go into what I read as prevailing responses.

        Emotional? No. More likely passionate and frustrated. Because I do want to ‘get it’ and it’s getting very hard. Please don’t make it about gender, either. 😉 If James didn’t mean to insult anyone, I sure hope he reads this and listens to his tone. I’m sure he would find it insulting, too. No need to sugar it up, we want to be real.
        Actually, in his tone, I sense frustration with “Trumpsters who swallowed up Q-anon wholesale psyop….” and please don’t deny it’s rude to potential “Trumpster who is considering about swallowing up the Q-anon psyop”. Ok so, if we’re the new “sheeple”, alright. Don’t tell me not to be offended by it, please. I’m here poking James to consider the effect and either change the tone toward people he disagrees with or double down. If he continues like this and, in the meantime, I don’t regret my open approach to Trump/Q, it will probably make me distance myself. Either I’m so stupid I deserve that, or it’s umm.. just not nice.
        Reminder, neither “sheeple” nor “Trumpsters” are evil. If we’re deluded, help us. With arguments, please.

        I watched this first on YT and sure the video brought up tons of “Trumpsters” bashing comments. Doesn’t feel like home anymore. Only one other brave person (doesn’t appear to be female) “came out of the closet” there, also found it offensive, spiked a discussion and received some shy likes. Here it seems I’m the only one.
        Is that productive and how, please?

        Regarding anarchism – I’ve only scratched it because I was trying to figure out how and why James can’t possibly give a chance to Trump or anybody. As idea I like it, it’s romantic and nice and it would work after apocalypse. For awhile. I’ve heard it all, thought about it, it’s not about roads, but many other reasons – I find it a nice dream and nothing else. Sorry!
        I really don’t want to get into it, I’m not poorly informed, I’m (not just) here for years and heard it all , just not convinced it’s possible.
        So, as much as I love everything James did and he was my go-to for any new name or topic I’ve heard of – I’d hop here and see if his archives had something on it, whenever he talks about anarchism being implemented I would tune out a bit. It was no biggie – until… Trump won and, after being doubtful at first, I saw a glimpse of hope. But he couldn’t, not a bit. The solution can’t be in any president, nor anything can ever change if there’s any kind of government involved.

        My question is – where the hell is the big solution? If we all move to Gab, Minds, Steemit, D-tube… If we build our own anarchist villages? And so on… It’s a start. For 0.01% or less of population. It’s like playing in our sandbox, pretending the world has changed the same. And the rest of the world will rule it still everywhere else. It’s just the reality for the moment and many to come, we don’t have the numbers yet.

        It took me awhile to come to conclusion that – yea, what was I thinking, my country is not just me and my pals. It’s full of many many more beautiful, stupid, intelligent, smelly (good or bad), tall, short, good and evil people. Lets say roughly 50% were never interested, 45% fell victim to learned helplessness, 4% are getting that it’s personally beneficial to sleaze with the powerful ones (bureaucracy and ‘elites’ puppets) and 1% are somewhat getting it (‘woke’ people, some true experts and top of the politics). And we all have the equal vote. Whether it’s government vote or as my neighbors, if we are building the road together without government’s help.
        In a small country of 4 million people, right now I could find maybe 100 people who think like me, in few years we could network maybe few thousands. How would we dismantle the system? And, actually, who gives us the right to think what’s best for everyone? In that case, we better move to our village and, if it works, spread from there. In 200 years, it could work nation wide.

        I’m laying here the basis only. To find a common ground for, hopefully, open and respectful discussion. As I would never call you “fat and small” (Trumpster joke, some might get it) nor “nutty anarchists”, calling me crazy is just closing YOU to any reasoning I might have for “giving it a chance”. I can wonder off thinking the same I did before, but are you sure you aren’t missing out? Maybe it’s another angle from which you never looked.
        Without open minds, whatever Q quote, facts or alternative facts we share here won’t ever be heard. Then no point in trying.

        I could totally be wrong, I am stressing it because I mean it. But, I know you could be wrong too. Do you? 😉

        So, regarding Q-thingy, I’m sure most of you didn’t really look into it. I have. I’m not going to jump of the cliff if he says so. I don’t tweet memes, nor I’m in any way active Q-ster I follow, sometimes dig some clues myself, I am watching it with interest. I’ve both learned a lot and got confused by it. So far I haven’t seen anything bad coming out of it, to the contrary. After years of learning, I’ve still found out much more ‘over there’ and many newcomers (yesterday’s “normies”) are starting to learn the basics.

        I would so like to see some interest in the topic here, because I’m (besides Q, Trump and anarchism) closer to you guys then any other place I’ve checked. First glimpse dismissal is not convincing. I’m eager to discuss it with intelligent people and I’d be glad to share my reasoning. Not into wasting time and energy in ego-driven discussion. I’m far from being smartest, I’ll admit at start.

        I’ll ask just one general question. If nothing else, please reply to this:
        If history repeats, everybody is dirty puppet, world is a mess, it’s either NWO or CWO, Rothshields or Chinese, peace is impossible, everything is going to hell and no politics can ever help us…. What the hell are we doing here, besides watching it all go to hell? Nagging helplessness.

        Sry again for another WOT. I just had to!

        • Mina says:

          For those of you who aren’t watching James on YT, I have to share some of the comments from there.

          The “out of the closet” guy – Jock Itch:

          0:22 It’s one thing to not personally believe in the legitimacy of Q. It’s another to gaslight and actively insult loyal subscribers. This is the distinction between the men and the boys in the alt-news playground: news vs opinion. facts vs subjectivity. I come to your channel for news and perspective. Not to be ridiculed unexpectedly by someone I’ve given money to. Disappointing.

          Some of replies to him:

          Jock Itch haha log off YouTube sport! Your life a mere disappointment

          Boo Hoo. My opinion was questioned… Im outraged! Pity me.

          Jock Itch call it what you want ..your the one in denial

          Caveat emptor, snowflake. Unsubscribe or post a valid criticism instead of whining about having your opinion dissed.

          You really think Trump is a savior, don’t you? You see him as a knight in white armour, working tirelessly to expose the “Illuminati” and destroy their evil Satanic empire… You idiot.

          Jock Itch – instead of feeling offended, perhaps examine why you feel this way.

          *Black – the pot calling the kettle black, not Back, it’s not like the Pot ignores the kettles phone calls and on one day after a few too many glasses of pinot noir the Kettle reluctantly calls the Pot back. Come on, dishes can’t use cellular phones, you dumb dumb, what planet are you on where dishware socialize. You crazy man, you crazy.

          Jock Itch Duh, ignorance is bliss. There is nothing in this video that lashes out at his viewers, moron. You are obviously trolling for the crooks, like the morons who created Q, which = quantum. Try using your head and not fall for the lies and tricks!

          He meant, die hard trump supporters whom follow MSM blindly. Obviously such person is going to regard corbettreport as “fake news” (irony). let alone a loyal subscriber.

          Q is a steaming pile of shit tailored for fools.

          its not an argument – im telling you that youre a fucking mong.

          I think your taking corbet wording too far and you need to understand the trupm IS the swamp! Come on a billionaire! You do know he is a pedo?? you do know he is best buds with killary and they rape kids together?

          So, I’ve found 2-3 more “outted” people in newer comments. There’s too much examples for me to spam here. If you want to see the level and tone of opposite sides, go there yourself and please be honest who would you rather build a brighter future with or, at least, talk to in person.

          James, please read the YT feedback and ask yourself if you really are happy to feed the lowest kinds of comments, or listen to well spoken Q-watchers who still care about you?

          • manbearpig says:

            So once, way back when, there was this guy they called Jesus Christ. He kept going on and on about love and forgiveness, and Man! you shoulda seen the comments section!! I mean it got ugly, you know, threats and torture, I mean they really crucified the guy.
            Did this poor dude Jesus who wanted to share his values and opinions feed the lowest kind of comments? Are all wars waged in his name, all the bloodshed, hate, torture and mass murder committed by the Sunstein trolls Jesus’ fault? And apparently he’d never even criticized Trumpsters! not ever!, not even once! But trolls will feed off of absolutely anything!

            So if Mr. Jock Itch and his advocate really “cared about” their adopted mentor they might take a moment to consider the non-negligeable risk Mr Corbett has taken all these years challenging the architects of the status quo. The prodigious energy and painstaking labor he’s invested in revealing the underbelly of the beast

            and they might realize that real donations are not meant to buy ego gratification and maintenance.

            and that Mr Corbett is a man, albeit an extraordinarily talented and insightful one

            but that there is no Church of Corbett with divine beings walking serenely on water. Just a prolific and often sarcastic journalist, humanist, and loving father of two who advocates taking responsability for your own actions rather than imposing your own vision of appropriate behavior on others.

            And who’s exasperated with Trumpsters who’ve bought the Q-anon psyop wholesale!!

            • Mina says:

              Oh Jesus, really? Jesus? Funny how that makes you sound more like crazy all-in Q-adoring people, they think the same of that unknown individual/group. I don’t. But, if you really want to use this, Jesus was never mocking the fallen ones. I want him to forgive and pray for me too, if I’m there.

              Money is not the issue here. I didn’t want to butcher Itch’s comment in edit and only edit I would do is take out that part. Our attention is more of an investment. I’d never regret giving money to anyone, even if I was in position to drop piles of cash and am careful with who I support with either . After that, no regrets, no refunds, no requests. You either like someone and invest time/money or simply stop.
              I’m not sure who you call “Mr. Itch’s” advocate. From what I remember, he was responding alone to vicious attacks in calm and civil manner. I really am stunned with anyone here defending the illiterate insults! Thought this example would be self-explanatory as just rock bottom of ‘debate’. Not only Itch, but a few people which whom I agreed with had decent comments only to be hit by angry mob defending James from “awful butthurt Trumpster morons”. Go check for yourself, this is only a small sample of it.

              I hold James to his well earned reputation and standard and this was my plea to him to be careful not to add the fuel to the fire. Yes, there’s fire, yes YT is not a great example… OR, maybe it is! I rarely read YT comments, except rarely when I want to see how people react. As much as I saw on his channel previously, I don’t remember ever seeing SUCH response. Just checked the one before and one after, which proved me right. Go see for yourself. I won’t really go as far to check his opus, but I believe this video had the worst response ever.

              So, with that, I think it’s fair to say that usually reasonable CR YT audience (which is much bigger then here, I’m sure – which is very relevant to my complaint of James’ influence) was kind of waiting for the cue to unleash their worst language. Is that a good way ahead? I don’t think James thinks so, at least when he is speaking of others doing it:
              Switch a few with “Trumpsters” and “gullible Q-psyop believers”. Same thing, except within the “truther” public. I am against all divides. “Sheeple” and “snowflakes” and even Trump-haters (!) are the one I would be praying for, if I was anything like Jesus. =)

              • manbearpig says:

                If CR YT users were “waiting for their cue to unleash their worst language”

                then they’ve understood nothing of Mr Corbett’s philosophy and are most probably NOT Corbett Report fans.

                But trolls.

                YT TROLLS on the other hand are often paid to wait for their cue from Sunstein and Co. to unleash their worst language, floods of nonsensical verbiage and most twisted fallacies to confuse debates and sully reputations.

                And since it apparently bears clarification, I was calling You of course Mr Itch’s advocate which is what you became and indeed continue to be as you posted his remark and continue to defend him, he who rephrased a remark you’d already expressed yourself “being insulted by people you respect” and when you beseeched Mr Corbett to take sides between the trolls and the Q-anon lovers who reportedly “care about him”.

                “Not only Itch, but a few people which whom I agreed with had decent comments only to be hit by angry mob defending James from “awful butthurt Trumpster morons”.”

                You are advocating their (and your own) cause.

                You say the “guilt” is my own construct. Well not according to my dictionary but the “insult” you complain of certainly is your own interpretation. You take the remark personally (as Jock Itch apparently did) and yet you know perfectly well if you’ve read the impressive body of diverse material Mr Corbett’s provided on what he thinks about Donald Trump filled with documented reasons why.

                Aside from that, I’d add that I’ve disagreed with Mr Corbett on a number of subjects and on a number of occasions. But generally he knows much more about the topics in question than I and my disagreement stems from my own ignorance. I’ve stated, for example several times, (as I mentioned above but that you seem from your tirades to have since forgotten,) that I don’t like the word “Sheeple” and that I think it’s counter productive. However, I wouldn’t presume here to ask Mr Corbett to abstain from using it as I am a guest on HIS website. And I certainly wouldn’t keep rephrasing such sentences as

                “…If he decides to fire up the trolls, he adds to the divide. People like me will walk away, because we have no time or energy for in-fights…”

                Trolls are fired up by definition, it’s their job, their passion, their cause to be fired up. Are you perhaps confusing Mr Corbett with Alex Jones who one may love or despise, certainly thrives on “firing people up”.

                Again, if you or anyone else has the slightest confusion as to why Mr Corbett might’ve expressed exasperation concerning ‘Trumpsters’ they need only consult the considerable material he’s produced precisely on that subject patiently explaining and documenting his opinion. And if they’re genuinely interested in Truth, I imagine they’ll get over such occasional expressions of annoyance.

                As for your remarks about Jesus, try as I might I don’t understand them,

                so I’ll leave it at that.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Personally, I find that comment section to be rather mild for youboob. On the internet, the short buses are HUGE! Suffice it to say that when I enter the comment sections of youboob I do so lusting for battle against the zombie nazi kung-fu flame warriors. I know, I’m a deeply disturbed individual. Even though it’s not usually me that’s disturbed, so I don’t know what that shrink is talking about. JimBob who is also guilty of using the most obscene combinations of obscenities you’ve ever heard in those sections just to trap the poor little pretties.

            • Mina says:

              As I said in reply above, not everything is to blame on YT. The responses vary.

              You made me search for JimBob, geez! And now I want one.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Well, as luck would have it; I’m available. I’m not sure why this is the case. After all, I resemble The Big Labowski in many ways. JimBob who also resembles every other strange character in that movie.

        • mik says:

          “Emotional? No. More likely passionate and frustrated”

          But you are describing emotions. It’s nothing wrong being emotional. Better be emotional than cold rational, non-human, automaton like. It’s just call spade a spade. It’s just about being aware of it.
          Because if you are not aware, emotions can mislead you to bad decisions and you might conclude:

          “If he continues like this and, in the meantime, I don’t regret my open approach to Trump/Q, it will probably make me distance myself.”
          I also had issues few times with James in the past but I’m still here. Probably I don’t agree with him on everything. Btw, James is reading comments.

          “….roughly 50% were never interested, 45% fell victim to learned helplessness….”
          I believe people are wired this way. Kind of natural state of affairs and that wouldn’t be a problem unless some people in power abused this fact to their own benefit. It is on us, who are aware, to make a change. Those 50% are genuinely not interested, they are followers (no deprecation, just fact).

          About solutions

          According to Erica just few percent of people is needed to bring a change.
          The success of nonviolent civil resistance: Erica Chenoweth at TEDxBoulder

          Maybe you haven’t seen James’ video Solutions: Agorism.
          It’s a little to libertarian for my taste, but in general lines is excellent.

          This one is one is for encouragement 🙂
          (must watch it in one go for full effect)

          Change the World

          • manbearpig says:

            Wow! I woke up this morning to this video!

            It made its full impact on me! Excellent! Awesome! Great fun!
            It put me in a great mood!

            Now I’m gonna go listen to Stairway to Heaven backwards!

            Thanks Mik! 8-))

            (Though I wish I’d had time to try to write this comment as a palindrome!)

          • manbearpig says:

            Hey! I can use this video for my English for communication students! Gracias de nuevo!

            • I Shot Santa says:

              While I admit I liked it enough to download it, it also leaves me with some questions. We are living during a time of exodus, both involuntary and voluntary, from Youboob. HiImpactFX just got kicked off. All he ever does is expose corruption as he sees it, he never espouses revolution. But we see the internet gearing up for yet another Summer of Rage. Revolution must bloom the same time the maggots start hatching over here. Oh well, the chickens eat well by the dumpster. JimBob who really does have a lot of wild game chickens who roam the neighborhood and demand he feed them every single day.

          • Mina says:

            “I think your response is a bit too emotional.”

            My first long post wasn’t written in tears, I guess I’m not a typical woman. =P
            It was about piled up passion about the issue I’d like James & co to open to. Passion can mislead, but it can make you dig deep too. I rarely discuss and chose where to, so I jumped on his first mention. It being so negative, of course, effected me. Huge post, here I’m on it days after, was attempt to not let this topic be dismissed, I guess.

            3% of people are needed, I know the theory. Except I see our 3% needed fight over versions of solutions, instead of talking over, finding middle ground (there’s much more stuff we all agree on) and looking for possible actions.
            I think I saw that TED talk before, I’ll watch it right after I’m done with my reply-all-today mission. lol

            I know, I’m sure, 95% of James’ work. Agorism sounded cool. How will it stop CWO or war with Iran?

            Change the world video is nice and exactly how I think. Lately I see more of nothing-can-ever-change attitude here.

            • mik says:

              I’ve read most (you are to verbose for me) of your comments here and this will be my reply to them. And btw, I have a feeling you haven’t read my comments carefully.

              None of us can be sure what Q actually is, there is a fundamental uncertainty, we can only operate with probabilities. Also, regarding facts. It’s a fact, it’s sunny and windy now where I live. I look outside, I know with certainty. When something is almost certain I name it as fact.

              Your approach to Q is to thoroughly study, because you believe (no certainty) there is something in it. Something like, from details to wholeness. You spent some time (a lot?) and will draw conclusions after studying.
              I took the opposite approach and I’m “anarchically biased”. I looked at overall picture, included awareness of how this system operates, some details, try to “catch wholeness”….and decided I don’t believe. I spent maybe 10 minutes.

              I might be wrong but so do you. But there is a huge difference how much time and energy we spent.
              At the end, why are we talking about this? What would finding definitive answer mean to us?

              How can we connect these matters to the following:

              “Except I see our 3% needed fight over versions of solutions, instead of talking over, finding middle ground (there’s much more stuff we all agree on) and looking for possible actions.”

              Do you think Q and Trump are so important and must have a place in this discussions? You can be sure others would bring their Qs and Trumps and they might be passionate too. Still, discussion would be just about Persons and Events.
              But the fact is, if we want to really understand the world, we should not care so much about Persons and Events, we should care more about Ideas behind Persons and Events.

              We won’t find nor construct complete and actionable solutions on the internet. Most of discussion on internet is just mental masturbation, spiced with trolls. It’s just talk to talk, not talk to walk. We can get pieces, but it will be up to the people who will bring them into the real world. They known their circumstances best, they know what they want, they will live with consequences.

              You already found out how hard is to convince people, even your own family. You can have a perfect solution but how to convey it to others. Improving social skills would help, but at the end you are dealing with people, they have the right to be wrong.

              ” Agorism sounded cool. How will it stop CWO or war with Iran?”

              Of course it cannot stop, but you are mixing things allover and back.
              Read this wiki, particularly the quote attributed to Karl Rove (who recently denied it!!, funny):

              Reality-based community

              *(Interesting, James used this loaded phrase in the video (can we conclude something 🙂 ))*.

              World is huge pile of shit, particularly if you are focused on politics and other shit. It’s good that you are aware of it. Aware also of your limitations. I hope you don’t expect change soon, in your lifetime. That would be a miracle.
              We have to walk the talk, even if that means small steps. You known, 1000 mile voyage, first step.

              And more peace inside. Read that TaoTeChing I’ve recommended you. And some others too. (no, I’m not into spiritualism. Just a little bit.)

      • Mina says:

        Sorry but I’m going to go mad if I hear about “problem, reaction, solution” without a pointer to some kind of action.

        We know it all, now what?

        Do you believe that about Trump because “history repeats” or because you are closely watching what’s going on and see it in action?
        Same for Q, what’s the point in it? What do you think he will make us do or agree to?

        Will that kind of thinking allow any change to be seen? Is it good to believe nothing can ever change, or it could only if… Anarchy?

        I watched a lot of Darren Brown and it’s mostly very far from entertaining. He’s opened my eyes on how weak we are to evil bastards who are exploiting that aspect. They always will be, unless… Somebody stops them?
        So they don’t need any Q or A or B or T to keep us in chains.

  4. Gaslight says:


    You obviously took time and care to say what you did there. I hope you don’t really think you; “may be a Trumpster” (he he).

    They’re all just figureheads. They don’t drive any more than a hood ornament does.

    Stick with James, but balance that diet with history. Especially as it relates to the age-old, deadly charade of Church and State in tandem.

    Many (I’ve noticed) are top-heavy with knowledge of current events without proper understanding of history to put things into perspective.

    Keep seeking, and bravo for your refreshing candor.



    • Mina says:

      Hey, don’t you gaslight me into nothing can ever change, Gaslight.

      I guess you guys need a “Trumpster” to shake you up. At least to make your blood boil, that’s a start!

      I can’t find the link to it now, but Scott Adams recently talked about “history repeats” attitude. Dang it, another dirty Trumpster, selling us tricks.

  5. Gaslight says:


    New announcements pertaining to Jerusalem, the carnage in Gaza, and the “Iran Deal” all played out in one, well-orchestrated day.

    Jerusalem will soon replace Tel Aviv.

    Many in Eurasia turn to religion in times of strife. I probably would too if I were dragging my lifeless, loved ones from the rubble.

    Where do they turn now that Jerusalem will serve as Capital of Israel’s war machine James?

    What’s your take?

  6. mtj says:

    The whole thing is disheartening. From analysis, strategy should then follow. Gandhi used salt as a powerful symbol. We have energy all around us, yet we are forced to pay for it. No money means little or no access to the energy that could now be so easily available freely and with far less damage to the ecosystem. That’s one thought I had.

  7. Gaslight says:

    Yes mtj,

    We’ve got the tech to completely decentralize from the antiquated power grid.

    “What a beautiful world this will be. What a glorious time to be free”


    I suppose (for the time being) we’ll just have to substitute “could be” in place of “will be”

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I’d say that since we live in an age where ignorance is a choice; then freedom is a choice as well. In the end, the only person that can free you is yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a moose head when you pantomime in front of the fire that casts the shadows on the cave wall if you were free. You should just see the look on their faces whenever that happens! JimBob who don’t see much use in worrying about things so far out of range of his trusty Red Ryder.

      • Gaslight says:

        Shot Santa,

        You say: “the only person that can free you is yourself”

        Ultimately I agree, but the ability to help ourselves (to that end) can be nurtured along by mentors.

        Wiser elders must impart their knowledge of evil and deception to our youth as early as possible.

        Instead (like idiots); We give the State “schools” a 12 year head start, twisting our kid’s impressionable minds into pretzels.

        So; We tie the twisted, cluster f**k knot of “education”, and then spend the rest of our lives untangling it?

        Is this the way enlightened societies progress? Of course not.

        …and here’s the kicker.

        We encourage them to do well in school !!!

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Well, I wouldn’t call those people who encourage their kids to go to those shooting galleries a mentor, but who am I to quibble over such a minor detail? We actually have plenty of kids here in Fluorida who don’t seem to pay much attention to those good-speak institutions. Those are the ones that matter. The rest never stood a chance. But it was still their choice. I went through those institutions. JimBob who ain’t worried about saving the zombies nearly as much as he is about being et by them.

        • mtj says:


          I agree.

          For the most part, humans have the knowledge and beliefs to which they have been assimilated through cultural forces. It usually takes a more knowledgeable other to guide them to accommodate information that is different from their existing information set (this requires patience and practice). Humans usually experience fear, anger, and impatience with information that goes against their existing knowledge and beliefs, particularly without the background of accommodation practice.

          This is all basic Piaget, Vygotsky, early childhood psychology stuff. Maybe the tools to countervail societal assimilation can also be found here. Symbolism is a very powerful tool. One can only hope something, something can change this grinding madness.

          Right now, throughout the world, the way our societies are structured and informed is largely about mind control, not about education and enlightenment. Hierarchical human systems tend to be that way.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Actually there are far more drastic measures available. Naturally I drank heavily from those pitchers! Walking out of the suit world and losing everything will also cause you to create your own, personal, and unique, construct. It’s a whole new way of looking at the world, and let me tell you; upskirts in a society like ours is not a pretty sight! There is a reason you hear of some of our greatest tyrants rising up from the worst corners of their society’s hell. Ain’t nothing worse than a moral crusader. Just ask Che. Though I did like his attitude. And the way he captured that whole fort. JimBob who don’t hate nobody dead completely excepting MacArthur, may he rot forever.

  8. bladtheimpailer says:

    I quite agree that the neo liberal economic One World Order is in full swing these days in the Mid East and just about everywhere else. Privatization is in an accelerating mode throughout the so called BRICS nations as elsewhere. In Russia it is in minerals and oil. Rostneft just sold 18% of itself to Glencore. Russian central bak president Nebuillina has received Banker of the Year – Euro zone for several years running as another tell. In Brasil it is airports and Petrobras. In China it will likely be the opening of its financial markets to the western banking behemoths, neo liberalism and accompanying ‘structural adjustments’ for state owned enterprize. Even Iran is getting in the swing of this with the recent privatization of five formerly nationalized banks with more on the block. Can Iran’s central bank be far behind? We should by now all be getting the picture that the so called resistance block is about as real as this so called cold war 2. All meant as either propaganda, misdirection or obfuscation with terrorism up to and including total war or combination thereof as cover and /or impetus to One World Order agenda.

    About the only real geo political point of contention is the case of those apex elites that want to see the geographical boundaries of Israel expanded and all of Israel’s neighbours reduced to something of less than even a possible threat.

  9. Gaslight says:

    Agreed mtj,

    To further your post: This current structure has it’s origins in feudalism, and of course the wiser/more enlightened among us are now labeled lunatics, and “conspiracy buffs”

    I picked this up somewhere, and it always comes back to me: “Too big to fail is too big”

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Rome was too big to fail. Once. Of course, they were stopped from completely re-shaping Europe by a bunch of anarchists we now call Germanic tribesmen. I’ll bet you a shiny shekel that old Varius changed his tune about being too big to fail before that battle was over. All of this striving towards tyranny can be shook off like water off a dog if the people only bothered thinking. But the state only encouraged a lack of thinking in the schools. These people accepted it. And they accepted it because they did not want to think. No one can stop you from thinking. So, to think is a choice. Ergo, freedom is a choice. For each of us. JimBob whose workouts do not look anything like those you see on Youboob, but they aren’t as sore as he is, so obviously his is a better workout.

      • Gaslight says:

        Hey shot,

        Thank you. Very thought provoking.

        Roman leadership certainly co-opted the Catholic church, and resumed there after the Roman model fell…only to bare more of the same, BS statism with that unholy marriage.

        To your second point:

        I often wonder about the nature of critical thinking. Why doesn’t this pervasive mind control “take” (so to speak) with some people? Even as a child, I knew something was wrong. Perhaps the propaganda simply cannot be drummed into brighter young minds. It seems the all pervasive nature of mind control should be what makes it so obvious. Of course, vitriol is all we get when telling folks they’re quite obviously deceived.

        Give the devil his due. He’s got all the bases covered now.

        I think of Kubrick’s monolith when I look at this next generation of slab-swiping, latchkey kids. By the time they hear the siren, it will be far too late.

        • Mark K. P. says:

          Rome as BS statism. Interesting take. Many traditions and systems underpinning modern civilization were created by the Roman state, which excelled in organization, and legislation. Including the first comprehensive laws against usury, from circa 300 BC. Civilization itself has no real meaning outside the Roman concept of a civis (citizen).

          The Arminius coalition that brought down Quinctilius Varus an example of anarchism? Doubtful. Arminius was son of Segimer a Cheruscian chieftain and he (+ the brother Flavus) did service in the Roman army extensive enough to be awarded Roman citizenship and equestrian status. I.e. they were technically members of the Roman financial class and in reality members of the ruling class over the Germanic nations (tribe seems a stretch since it was a Roman word to describe Roman political organization – like M. Cicero of the tribe Cornelia, or C. Caesar of the tribe Fabia). So ruling princes with “da knowledge” brought down Varus. And in a very specific context which rendered Rome incapable of an effective response ; the meltdown of Roman military power in the great Illyrian revolt of AD 6-9 against Caesarian tyranny (that of the self-Augustifier). That one too began in the specific context of the highly organized Illyrian princes observing the power and fine bearing of their auxilia regiments marching off to join the Roman army.

          The Catholic Church took the spirit of Roman official opposition to usury (the laws themselves became trodden underfoot) very much to heart, and preached against it for about 1900 years. So about 250 years overlap of this socially wholesome Catholic preaching and the virulent reintroduction of usury into Christendom by the Protestant regicide Oliver Cromwell

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Just because they had relations with the Romans, doesn’t mean they were thinking they were the same. The Germanic leaders did want to score a lot of points with the Romans. They liked their shiny toys. But there were many grievous cultural barriers which didn’t exactly put them on friendly terms. Don’t confuse opportunism for patriotism on that service. But the tribes (which didn’t call themselves tribes, but we get all our words about them from the romans, hence my use of the word tribe.) were self-governing with a complex system of loyalties among each other. While Segimur would have been a powerful figure, there would have been limits to the extent of his power. But basically, each tribe/village/community would have governed itself. And it was these illiterate, untamed, barbarians which wiped out some 30% of the Roman Army in a single glorious campaign. You can claim they did this because they were trained by Rome, but so were many others. This was done because THIS person was trained by Rome. A leader. Someone who chose to think for their self. And it was his dissatisfaction that spurred him in his action. He was something else. JimBob who might be able to single-handedly take out 25% of the Roman Army; but never 30%! That’s just crazy.

            • Mark K. P. says:

              Wow that’s very enthusiastic, and kudos for the hilarious closing comment.
              Really though the army that Varus lost (about 40,000 men) was closer to 10% of the Roman military of the day. Also Arminius couldn’t make any headway against the two other legions + auxilia which remained at the Rhine fortifications under Varus’ legatus and nephew Nonius Asprenas. This was because, apart from a likely numerical advantage, Arminius’ success depended upon the lie of the land and well laid ambush. Roman armies were essentially a merciless combination of heavy infantry and artillery, which struggled in the geography of old Germania — the great Hercynian oak forest in the south and centre, and an almost impenetrable morass of swamp and waterways in the north where the Cherusci held sway, between Weser and Elbe.

              Still my main point is that it’s a long bow to try to characterize any of the ancient Germans as a bunch of anarchists with self-governing local communities. Perpetual wandering and warfare seems to have been the order of the day, apparently organized primarily around a system of retinues united by kinship ties. But also frequently disunited. Arminius’ father-in-law was pro-Roman and led an internal revolt against him with Roman support during the Germanicus Caesar reinvasion AD 14-17.
              The dominating political reality of the time and place was a numerically enormous quasi imperial federal state called the Suebi which seems to have engrossed most of the southern and central forest lands, and was almost constantly at war with its neighbours or internally. The chief nations of this federation were called Semnones, Quadi and Marcomanni, but it included many others like the proto-English and the sensationally violent Langobardi (Lombards). Caesar thought the Suebi consisted of 100 “pagi” but according to Tacitus’ later account that was the size of the Semnones alone. Anyhow, this is what Caesar had to say about Suebian organization and customs (writing circa 50 BC) :

              “The Suebian nation is by far the largest and most warlike of all the Germans. They are said to have 100 pagi, from each of which every year they lead out of their territory 1,000 armed men to wage war. The remainder who have stayed at home feed those and themselves. They take up arms again in their turn the following year while those remain at home. Thus neither cultivation of the land nor the planning or experience of war is interrupted. But there is no private and separate land among them, nor is it permitted to remain dwelling in one spot for longer than a year. They do not live on grain much but mostly on milk and beast and they often go hunting.
              Owing to the type of food, the daily exercise and the freedom of life – because accustomed from boyhood to no duty or discipline at all, they do absolutely nothing against their will – this existence nourishes their strength and produces men of immense size. In the coldest regions they have taken on the habit of wearing no clothing at all except for hides – because of the scantiness of which much of the body remains uncovered – and of bathing in rivers.
              There is access for merchants, more because they want men to sell their war-booty to than because they desire anything to be imported to them. In fact even as concerns beasts of burden, which the Galli take a particular delight in and obtain for considerable prices, the Germans do not use imported ones but by daily practice they train the ugly and deformed ones born among them to have a huge capacity for labour. In cavalry battles they often leap down from their horses and fight on foot and have trained their horses to stay in the same spot, quickly returning to them when necessary. According to their manners nothing is considered more shameful or lazier than the use of saddles. Thus, however few, they venture to attack any number of saddled horsemen. They absolutely forbid wine to be imported to them because they think that through its agency men are made soft and effeminate for enduring hard work.
              Publically they think that it is the greatest glory for lands to lie unoccupied to the widest possible extent from their own territory; that this means that a large number of states (civitates) cannot withstand their might. Thus on one side of the Suebi lands are said to lie vacant for some 600 thousands of paces [c.900 km]. On the other side they are succeeded by the Ubii whose citizenry used to be prosperous and magnificent, as the Germans gauge.”

              This seems to describe a high level of personal liberty for the young men who made up the retinues, but also a tumultuous and mobile state governed by customs and rules which must have intruded rudely upon any local communal autonomy. I’m not even sure that local community has much meaning in a society perpetually on the move and devoid of private landed property rights.

              • manbearpig says:

                Wow! Fascinating thread! Great lunchbreak fare! Any specific suggestions for more extended summerbreak fare? I mean besides randomly diving into some encyclopedia…?
                Thanking you in advance –

              • I Shot Santa says:

                What you are describing isn’t so much a rule by government; but more of a rule by cultural constructs. This is not a government as we would define it. Yes, there were tributes paid, this would have established a pecking order, and a platform by which they could all get along together a little better. But, to define anarchy by your definitions is a stretch. It is self-rule. It is not your rule; unlessing it’s you whom you are ruling. There are anarchists today who don’t believe in property rights. I don’t agree with them, but as long as they stay away from my property I won’t shoot them. If I had any property. Which I don’t, so they’re pretty safe. For now. But you are not the arbitrator of what anarchy is. None of us are. JimBob who’s just saying….

  10. Oscar says:

    Hi James,

    Great video-podcast, as usual! Thank you for that once again.

    I do have one question though. You said QANON is a psyop. That could very well be. But I have no information about that, other than that I indeed can image that his writings can be used to sedate the Trump-supporters into non-action.

    Could you elaborate why you think QANON is a psyop?
    Or can this sedation of Trump-supporters into non-action be seen as enough probable cause to assume that we are dealing with a psyop?

    (to clarify my own position on Trump: I’m no supporter, Clinton would have been slightly worse)

  11. Gaslight says:

    Hey Mark,

    Without getting to detailed: Feudalism, and the subsequent marriage of Church and State (pretty much) accurately reflect our present. I guess we can throw in pseudo-science for the Ménage à trois.

    Constantine, and Charlemagne are very important figures to have a look at.

    Early renaissance, and the dark ages are a treasure trove of increased perspective, and really widened the lens for me anyway.

    “Just by chance you crossed a diamond with a pearl
    You turned it on the world
    That’s when you turned the world around”

    – Fagan/Becker

  12. Mina says:

    One thing you have to agree with – HRC is proven evil. I get it some of you are suspicious that Trump is, too. On scale 1-10, how evil? The same?!

    If not, how come there’s not a single good word about crazy recent developments in US (and wider), from fixing economy to crazy FBI stories. Would all this happen with HRC? I cannot believe the coverage here would be the same if she won. No nuance, any and all US presidents are the same and deserve same kind of criticism?
    Really James? Is Trump so one dimensional and Moon is just playing to his ego with Nobel prize? C’mon, that’s too silly coming from you… At least you should be happy and cheering for possible solution to missiles over your family’s heads. Nobody is sure what will happen, it’s far from over, I sure hope that craziness is done with. But we were all surprised it even go to THIS point. Right? Was it the tweets or… maybe… something… else… happened?
    If curious what, Q gave us SOME explanation. Actually he announced it, before news did. Maybe it’s wrong, but it’s the most plausible one I’ve seen and I tend to believe it until somebody explains it better. It’s way too complex and well played, if true.
    That’s just one example. There are so many things going on and they won’t vanish or unhappen if you ignore them. I think it’s time to check it out, for real.

    Just to make sure, OF COURSE I’m against all wars, of course I have nothing against Iranian PEOPLE, of course I’m not crazy about Israel, I’m clueless on Jerusalem-thingy and who actually protested and died that day. I was furious with US attacks on Syria, then relieved to hear they scratched the airport runway and some shady sites. Do we really know what was produced there. Was 70% of the missles shot down? How come?
    I enjoyed the “The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat”, I knew only parts of it and learned much more. I only didn’t agree with conclusion – the opinion part.

    I am part of this board for same reason as you (I believe that goes to anyone reading here) because I want to KNOW whatever is there to know. And I KNOW I will NEVER know everything, but definitely much more then majority of population. I’ll say it again, I’m NOT following anyone blindly, not Q nor James. I spend too much of my free time trying to understand. I came to conclusion Q-thing MIGHT BE (not ‘sure is’) PART of SOME of the reality.
    Only thing that would prove me wrong (and I’M OPEN to it) are FACTS, not the tone. The facts which take into the account recent developments – not just some, ALL of them. That IS reality. It’s multi layered, broad and too complex for any single person to hold the key to the puzzle and show us 1/100th of it. If James knows more, I’d love to see it. It was never his thing to expect us to believe him blindly and that made him special.
    If he decides to fire up the trolls, he adds to the divide. People like me will walk away, because we have no time or energy for in-fights. Be kind, even if you think somebody is stupid. Not their (or our?) fault.

    This is a broader issue, of course. I’m not calling out James as root of the problem, but the possible solution. I see it everywhere, but here is only place I think it’s worth talking. And I think good channel and opinion-makers like James are most likely to stop in-fights and give reasonable part of thruth-seeking world a place to be, discuss, debate and listen to even unthinkable!

    James, how about Open Investigation board on Q and Trump matters? Lets see if I’m the only one here giving it a chance, give us a place to share WHY we feel it’s possible that “it is happening” and chance for people to debate me/us. I need a place to talk with smarties and run my theory in reasonable manner and listen to replies. You’ve ignored this massive topic for long, I was wondering how long it’ll be.
    Truth is going layers and layers deep, it’s hard to define it nowdays. Let’s try?

    I’m done posting on this topic, I hope.

    Love & peace to all people, sleepy or not, looking for reality and change,

    James, please check your email. Short one, don’t worry. 😉

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Only slightly off-topic (for me anyway), but when you said facts are reality it had me remember something that I was thinking just the other day. One of those random thought moments. Anyway, I just happened to remember that scene that Chelsea Manning exposed on the helicopter gun ship just shooting hell out of everybody and reporting it as something else entirely? Well, my thinking was that we have a fact that the pilot/gunner did murder those people; but was that the reality? Perhaps it was a planned hit, covered up by the audio talk. Whenever you see the prisoners being beat up in a jail, there are also sworn statements that go along with them. They rarely match and the only ones that generally make it to court are the ones which favor the guards. System works well for the state in jails, why not in assassinations? Facts are how we can spin truth, and that’s how our reality can be shaped if we are not careful. JimBob who often has strange thoughts like that just pop up into his head for no reason whatsoever.

      • Mina says:

        That’s more like it, glad to see you woken up!

        But which reality do you believe? Don’t dismiss mine, just because you haven’t given it a chance. Tomorrow we might both learn something unexpected, which can change both of our views.

        I see some results and I’m liking it. The rest I am suspicious until proven or done. What will happen next I cannot know. Don’t convince me you can, because… Umm… It’s always been that way. We always dragged the load before the wheel and there was never a world war, before the WWI.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Fresh woke up actually. From a Sunday morning nap. I don’t really bother trying to change anyone’s reality; I’m too busy enjoying my own. And I always learn something unexpected; mostly because it sneaks up on me though. JimBob who is now going to eat and possibly nap again since it seems to want to rain all dang day.

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