The Fate of the World is in the EU's Hands (God Help Us All)

05/13/201857 Comments

So it's come to this. The fate of the world hangs in the balance...and it's the EU that's going to be the deciding factor.

The EU? Really? Sigh.

You may have heard that the US scrapped the Iranian nuclear deal this week, setting off a series of events that could very likely end up in a regional conflagration. But if that's what you heard, then you heard wrong. In actuality, Trump signed an Executive Memorandum on Tuesday that reaffirmed his October 13, 2017, decision to deny re-certification of the JCPOA that lifted sanction waivers promised under this agreement.

Confused? Don't worry, so is mostly everyone else. But here's the bottom line: The "Iran nuclear deal" was not some treaty between the US and Iran. It was a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed by China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, the EU, and Iran. In other words, only one player in this seven-member deal is walking away from the table.

This is not a trivial distinction. What it means is that it is still perfectly possible that the other signatories to the agreement could continue on with the agreement or hammer out some replacement for it. At the very least, Europe could stand up to Washington's sanctions regime...if they followed Mish Shedlock's advice and "Grow a Backbone on Something Important," that is. As Mish points out, billions of dollars of European business are on the line. That money will be lost if the Europeans just roll over and accept US demands to wind down all business in Iran in the next three to six months.

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  1. Lance says:

    It’s hard to tell which way the EU will go. They happily shot themselves in the foot with the US’s gun over Russian sanctions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they cow-tow to the US again over Iran. Saddened, but not surprised.

    What I find clear though is that TPTSB are quite clearly sabotaging America’s influence. I find it difficult to accept the seemingly commonly held view that it’s business as usual for America. They’ve just been whooped (again) in Syria, they’ve started a trade war with EU & China, moved even closer to the psycho-state of Saudi Israelia, and their petrodollar backed debt is not only not being reined-in, they’re doubling down on military spending whilst simultaneously sabotaging the supremacy of the their precious petrodollar.

    I mean, if I had to guarantee the US’s empire falling this century, then I’d simply copy their recent policies and wait.

    • manbearpig says:

      “the psycho-state of Saudi Israelia”

      Got a good therapeutic laugh out of that one!

    • Gaslight says:

      In the midst of this re-ordering, the whores in D.C. could care less about the ultimate fate of the USA.

      I suppose that’s been true for at least a century.

      Freedom can never be achieved in a world where everyone has their price.

      • weilunion says:

        Correct, nation states are useless. Regions, economic regions are far more mangageable which is why the EU was created.

  2. Gaslight says:

    …at the very least, Trump will capture the attention of American business men with interests in Iran.

    Perhaps a “pay to play” (lobby) atmosphere being created behind the scenes.

    “The Art of The Deal” (once again) boils down to just plain thuggery.

    • weilunion says:

      You got it. Ever expanding capitalism.

      • Gaslight says:

        Let’s be clear weilunion,

        Ever expanding Socialism is the applicable term.

        Modern “Capitalism” (crony Capitalism) is the unholy marriage of business and State.

        Simply a tool used toward the goal of Socialism through the centuries.

        Competing against it is quickly becoming impossible. The State promotes and or squashes start-up companies accordingly through the use of crushing (expensive) laws and regulations. Major success is for the well connected.

        Is that “Capitalism” in the true sense of the word? Nope.

        Those who identify with the “left” hate Socialism. They just don’t know it yet.

        They’re too busy blaming the ghost they call “Capitalism”

  3. mkey says:

    Ron Paul said it best, in response to Merkel and Macron comments

    … a revolutionary idea, we assume responsibility for our ourselves…

    • weilunion says:

      The thing is, the quote conveys nothing. Paul is right on the military but fails drastically as to how the economy works. Which is why he is in power, along with his son. They do not anger the animals who control them.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Yes, the academic libertarian doesn’t rile the masses up like a P.T. Barnum persona. But, as to which way the EU will roll; I present the answer. I also see it as a good thing.

        Yes; Juncker is praising Karl Marx. I have always been amazed at the ability of people to praise Marx with a straight face. I lack that talent. I also note that we are hearing of problems with migrants in Germany now. Personally, I don’t think the migrants are going to come out as winners in this game. This soup sure has a lot of interesting ingredients in it.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Well, that was weird. My comment just disappeared when submitted. It was brilliant, but this is just a fading glimpse of it’s glory. Yeah, an academic type like Ron is far more tolerable than a P.T. Barnum type character. I like Mr. Paul, but he lacks the killer instinct. While it’s a noble trait in theory; it’s not so noble if it stops you from getting a noble job done. But, I’ve never claimed to be noble anyway.

        As far as which way the EU will roll; that one’s easy. I present to you France’s Junker praising the contributions of Karl Marx at a ceremony in which a bust of Marx was given to France by China and the president for life (really, really, really) of China was present. I think it qualifies as a hint:

        I also seem to notice more video headlines of lines being drawn in the sand on the migrant issues in Germany. The left appears to be as intellectual as Antifa in this regard. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a muslim migrant in Germany in the near future. We certainly live in interesting times. Which is why I invested in popcorn! JimBob who thinks Iran is probably on board with whatever is going on. And so is China and all the other uppity-ups.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Yeah, academic libertarians who don’t expose corruption last a lot longer than those who do. As far as where the EU will side: I give you France’s Junker praising Karl Marx at a Karl Marx event sponsored by China and attended by it’s Prez for life. Yes. All of that happened.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Yes, academic libertarians who don’t expose corruption, other than in the vaguest of terms, last a lot longer than those who don’t pull their punches.

        As far as where the EU will roll; I give you France’s Juncker praising the contributions of Karl Marx at a ceremony honoring Marx and in which China’s president attended along with the big bust of Marx that China had given France. I will be analyzing this for clues later; but something tells me the answer is in this video somewhere:

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Obviously I was having technical difficulties. Alas, it is also apparent that my statement claiming brilliance in a previous post has been unmasked as a bald-faced lie. Yet another conspiracy revealed! JimBob who is now a known bald-faced liar.

        • mkey says:

          As an unelected official, that guy has the specific advantage of being able to say whatever he wants and get away with it. He’s probably the closest you can get to an honest politician.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I wonder if his being an unelected official is a reflection of his disdain of elected officials. He is praising Marx. Just saying. JimBob who knows that Marx was actually jailed in a kennel as he had distemper.

  4. says:

    Rothschild owns the un, so what ever he says goes, so if he wants a war he gets one.
    Big dosh in wars?

  5. whaugen says:

    This should have been a treaty ratified by the Senate in the United States in the first place. I guess I’m old school Constitutionalist, this thing never had standing in the United States in my eyes. I don’t know how treaty type agreements are made in the other nations that are a party to this agreement but if it is anything like the traditional process in the United States, which was ignored, it might be a good time to revisit this agreement.

  6. weilunion says:

    Interesting critiques. I think that one has to look at what is going on within Iran, Saudi Arabia and Korea, to name just a few withering nation states from an historical materialist perspective.

    Global capitalism, corporate capitalism, must forever expand if the profit accumulation system is to survive. Global corporate transnational organizations know this. They are the better educated class, as Warren Buffet would say.

    Marx argued that capitalism required an “international division of labour,” in which the capitalists sought to convert “one part of the globe into a chiefly agricultural field of production, for supplying the other part which remains a chiefly industrial field” (Chandra, Bipan. “Karl Marx, His Theories of Asian Societies, and Colonial Rule,” Review (Fernand Braudel Center), Vol. 5, No. 1 (Summer, 1981): 31-47.).

    According to Marx, imperialism served as a means to extract a large amount of “raw materials” and resources in a relatively cheap manner – all at the expense (and exploitation) of the indigenous peoples of the world that came into contact with the imperial powers.

    And how right he was. His point is that in order for the cancer of capitalism to breed, it must expand.

    This whole rotten issue between Iran and Korea, the subject of this talk and of the EU, though perhaps not its nation states, is about the necessity of imperialism in order for capital to expand. The need for new markets for citizen consumers is priority number 1.

    Opening markets is thus what is at issue. Modernism, or the order of capitalist rule, must now engulf the world, in its entirety, to make consumers out of citizen and fools out of humans.

    This is not knew. Only its reflections are new, like the current ones.

    Take a look at Venezuela, very little spoken of in the alternative sphere. Same things. Hideous sanctions that are imposed on the people by the US and their surrogates or better courtesan nation state oligarchs. This is done to break the country, as I witnessed as a journalist in Nicaragua for one year during the height of the Contra War. Remember, Iran was our friend then.

    Nicaragua was overthrown in 1988. You couldn{t buy food, the stores were empty, the banks could not function, the currency rates were one thing on the blackmarket, another at the banks.

    The US is set to invade VZ while eyes are on other issues, parapetically prancing over the world trying to understand the movement of corporate capital. Yet it is sanctions and the drop in the price of oil that have devastated the country.

    These nation states are now simply depositories or perhaps even suppositories for capital. And Venezuela, who now with the Chinese have their own Crytocurrency called the Petrol Dollar, is not just a threat to global capitalism but must be overthrown. Remember, Libya, Saddaam?

    Do you think that women being able to drive in Saudi Arabia has anything to do with human rights?

    No, it has nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with corporate capitalist imperialism. How many Chevys do you think will now be sold now that a market of new consumers has opened up? Imperialism and capitalism. They are twins.

    Here in Ecuador where I live and breathe, where the government was overthown in 2016 under the dormant eyes of the world, Chevy now landscaped the streets. Within one year. Everyone has a new Chevy, just like the 50s in the US.

    Why. Simple, no down payment, five years to pay. Sound like the sub prime crime racket. It is. Poor Ecuadorians now borrow at 24% interest rates to finance cars. The profits from the cars goes back to the US, and there are no import taxes now thanks to the new government. Debt peonage. The New Conquistadors are the banks and financial corporate capitalism, now state controlled.

    Now, post overthrow, and soon post Assange, Ecuador has invited in the country, at the behest of the US, 9 banks. From Goldman Sachs to Chinese banks these predators are now on the host. They will reduce labor costs, reduce labor necessities and give the people credit as they did in the US and elsewhere, for people will have no jobs. Printing consumers.

    The plan is in play, the Chveys are being sold, everyday I get cell phone messages from Ecuadorian banks telling me to come and sign for my subprime predatory loan of say, $2,000.

    Saudi Arabia is now getting ready to open its markets to corporate capitalism and not just for weapons. The latter will always be done to keep those in the US working for imperialist organzations like Boeing or Lockheed Market and their corporate masters solvent. Until AI comes

    Korea is the same. Turn the little pajama wearing tribe into consumers of US and global capitalist markets. Buckle them up with bank loans, and credit. Use the IMF, Wells Fargo, etc.

    Iran the same. We put Khoemeni in power, this is part two of the October Surprise not well known, but no time to explain here. Simply, the Shah had cancer and the CIA knew for years and thus leveraged Khomeni into power.

    Now the nation is being threatened with Venezuela type sanctions. Why? Is it really the nuclear issue or does it have to do with expanding corporate capitalist markets?

    James is right. All of this will kettle new systems to fight back against corporate power, especially the leukemic dollar. But will it be enough to fight back against the engulment of the world by consumer model values and material realities and the stupification of mankind?

    The answer to the latter question depends on us. For those who do not know, I suggest they investigate the new WTO rules that the tech giants seek to impose on ALL nation states.

    In Ecuador the new government has given the entire cryptocurrency or digital currency platform to private banks.

    Ecuador is a canary in the coal mine. Not much is published, unfortunately but much is going on.

    And I will leave with a note on Assange. He will be given up by Ecuador to the British for Ecuador is now host, officially, to the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the whole alphabet soup thanks to the overthtow of the Correa government and the illegal 12 year sentence imposed on the former VP, Jorge Glas. Things look grim as unemployment rises, government cuts jobs, lays pavenment for austerity.

    The system is working, people, for the elites. Do not let anyone convince you that capitalism is a dying system. As Marx knew it is dynamic and resilient, until it collapses or falls on its own petard.

    • Mark K. P. says:

      Marx knew a lot about capitalism because he was funded by western financier families, and hence supported centralized banking. Marxian doctrines were preceded and informed by the writings of the Roosevelt family, one of the founders of the Bank of New York. Marxism aims for the ultimate captive markets through political terrorism. Corporations are not autonomous, they are owned — by financier families. The story of western imperialism runs parallel with the rise of centralized banking, the legalization of usury, and the privilege of private money creation. Capitalism is no meaningful or authentic thing because it has only arisen as an appendage and vassal of financierism.
      The national state remains crucial to breaking this system as both the symbol and executor of the one true modern religion of nationalism. The Sancta Maria battle cry at the White Hill gave way to Viva Espana at Nordlingen.
      Only the state can arrest, punish and extrude the financiers and their system.
      There’s barely been a modern state in control of its own destiny, with modern technology in its hands. But in the one famous example of this, Nazi
      Germany, the result was an almost instant “economic miracle”. Not really any miracle at all ; just the logic of what follows when financierism is suppressed and extruded.

      • mik says:

        “Marxism aims for the ultimate captive markets through political terrorism.”

        “But in the one famous example of this, Nazi
        Germany, the result was an almost instant “economic miracle”. Not really any miracle at all ; just the logic of what follows when financierism is suppressed and extruded”

        Paper can tolerate and endure anything.
        But it is Nothing compared to WWW.

        • Mark K. P. says:

          just a bland statement of facts, mik

          • mik says:

            Sure. Bland statement of facts devoid of any semblance of Truth.

            Maybe you haven’t seen a meme:

            game over

            • Mark K. P. says:

              facts are truth , mik. Yours are probably Anglo-Jewed more than a little and more than you’d care to admit.
              No I didn’t follow your clever meme ; assumed your www referred to world wide web, contrasted with paper.

    • anonymint says:

      In Ecuador the new government has given the entire cryptocurrency or digital currency platform to private banks.

      Cryptocurrency is global. Ecuador is not global.

      Poor Ecuadorians now borrow at 24% interest rates to finance cars.

      I bet they’re more productive with cars than they were with only horses.

      Debt slavery is just another manifestation of the fact that most people are fungible laborers. We might hope to change that with a knowledge age because knowledge production is not fungible. This one of my theses which I have been writing about since 2013.

      • mkey says:

        I bet they’re more productive with cars than they were with only horses.

        That depends on the type of work one does. Also, any gains in productivity one achieves can be easily negated depending on their capability to make car payments.

        • anonymint says:

          Debt can be erased by defaulting. They should take all the debt they can get then give the banksters the middle finger and default on them.

          More importantly they’re getting out of the dying agricultural age and moving themselves forward to the knowledge age where debt financing will be worthless because knowledge creation defies the Theory of the Firm and is not fungible and replaceable labor.

          You would rather they stay barefoot and ignorant so you can romp around in their country as a superior one?

          I’m less pessimistic about the power of the banksters. They’re the ones who are being phased out.

          • mkey says:

            I don’t see much relevance in what you wrote to anything that I wrote. Your third paragraph is truly remarkable in that regard, but I won’t bite, thanks for the offer.

            I also hope you won’t be issuing advice such as “get more debt” to your family abd friends. The mere fact debt can be “cancelled” doesn’t mean it will be any time soon and it definitivelly doesn’t one won’t lose everything one has in the process.

            As if taking more debt means gaining more freedom and keeping sovereignity. Absolutely ridiculous.

            What I advocate, while using my life as an examle, for is livi

            • mkey says:

              I don’t know what happened with the last part of my post, so to finish that last sentence.

              What I advocate for, while using my life as an example, is living within ones’ means. I know about plenty of people who got invested financially into something they couldn’t cope with in the medium term, leading to working harder just to be able to cover the payments, with any hope of improving their life situation completely lost.

              • anonymint says:

                My point is to look at the alternative. I am looking at the systemic outcome. Much better to accelerate Ecuador’s rate of technological advancement so perhaps some of the best and brightest can advance more rapidly to the post-industrial, post-debt society. Refer to my blogs and ṁy agreement and disagreement with Rifkin’s Zero Marginal Cost Society.

                You’re looking at the issue much too myopically.

                And I do think there’s some subconscious desire amongst some Westerners for the backward countries to remain “pristine” as some romantic notion of the golden years of the past before the evils of industrialization, fixed capital investment, and finance.

                Actually most Westerners are one or two paychecks away from being homeless, so it is not surprising they also take on as much debt as they can because they also have no significant wealth assets to lose.

                Any way, the entire debt paradigm is dying because knowledge production work is not financiable because not fungible as were laborers in the agricultural and industrial ages. Thus debt will become non-viable. Refer to my blog for a link about how this disintermediates the Theory of the Firm.

                This is a thesis of mine that I wrote down in 2013 and was cited in the opening post of a thread Economic Devastation at

            • anonymint says:

              Poor Ecuadorians don’t have any wealth assets to lose.

              Debt as a paradigm is dying:


              (read my comments below the linked blog also)

              Only ridiculous to those who don’t see the larger picture perspective that I have.

              Native peoples are quite adept at defaulting on obligations. They go to the mountain if necessary.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Interesting article. I’m not a crypto holder, but I see its’ future pretty much as you call it, though which one will actually be there I couldn’t say. And personally, I think this needs to happen this way. No one even bothers saying eventually any more when they talk about the US currency collapse. JimBob whose financials collapsed long before the currencies did. A trendsetter he is. And feeling quite skippy as well.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Why stop at just the bankers? A new age requires a new everything. JimBob who hopes he don’t have to hear a lot about his haircut in this newfangled age.

  7. bladtheimpailer says:

    The EU politicos will have had their decision already made for them as the old criminal tactics of murder, intimidation, blackmail and bribery, or combination thereof. still have their aficionados among the enforcement agencies. The CIA and Mossad principally. Whether individual corporations will follow the game plan is what remains to be seen. Iraq still managed to sell its oil when under sanctions, as has Iran, with work a rounds. Any fines levied should be viewed as the cartel taking a major cut of the business.

    The false dialectic James mentions is all too real. The BRICS nations are accelerating the privatization of the more important aspects of their respective economies. In Russia its minerals and oil. Rostneft just sold 18% of itself to Glencore. In Brasil its airports and likely Petrobras. China is contemplating opening its financial markets to western financial behemoths with neo liberal financialization and ‘structural adjustments’ sure to follow as state owned corporations get the treatment. Israel provided Russia with American jet engine technology over a problem Russia was having problems solving. Russia, in fact Mr. Putin himself, has offered to sell America its S 400 missile. The ‘One World Order,’ largely via Kabuki theatre, marches on!

    The only real geo-political tension surrounds the desire of those that want to see Israel’s geographical boundaries expanded and all its neighbours weakened to below that of being a possible threat status. The United States of America is simply the calling card of those who sit at the big table and decide what the future will be. See enforcer agencies above as regards the USA.

    • anonymint says:

      The BRICS nations are accelerating the privatization of the more important aspects of their respective economies. In Russia its minerals and oil. Rostneft just sold 18% of itself to Glencore. In Brasil its airports and likely Petrobras. China is contemplating opening its financial markets to western financial behemoths with neo liberal financialization and ‘structural adjustments’ sure to follow as state owned corporations get the treatment.

      Don’t forget that Larry Summers was over in Russia arranging the privatization which created the Russian oligarchs after the fall of Perestroika.

      This privatization combined with a collapse in the economy so as to prevent the upper middle class from participating is the modus operandi of the global elite.

      In that linked list of points, the onset of austerity is the Basel rounds which are increasing the restrictions on the quality of the reserve capital and for example also the austerity being imposed on the PIIGS by Brussels. Understand that the Euro was designed as a monetary enslavement paradigm.

      They’ve been stalling the Western economies (preventing debt reset) with ZIRP and Draghi’s NIRP so as to maximize the coming debt reset harvest. This is also why they need war so they can blame the coming economic hardship on Trump’s recklessness. And make the entire world jealous of the USA being the reserve currency as the dollar will go skyhigh as the $trillions in dollar-carry-trade loans abroad increase the demand for dollars as interest rates rise. The pension funds were forced to invest in dollar denominated bonds overseas in order to seek yield because of the ZIRP and NIRP. This means that all Western pensions are bankrupt and the Western boomers will be living their final decade(s) in trailer parks or tent cities (like those in California already) eating noodles. Remember the majority of the Western population is one or two paychecks away from being homeless (c.f. also).

      Note the “Hyperinflate to destroy the external claims on wealth” can be accomplished with the short-dollar vortex which hyperinflates the exchange rate of the other currencies relative to the USD. This is already underway for example in Argentina. And it can be accomplished with sovereign bond defaults.

      Then follows the monetary reset with a NWO reserve currency. Me thinks (and have thought since BTC was $10) that instead of buying precious metals as advised by the article I linked first, we should be hodling Bitcoin because it is the alternative NWO reserve currencies which no countries can resist nor stop, and it is surreptitiously controlled/centralized by the global elite who secretly masterminded and created Bitcoin.

  8. anonymint says:

    James I’m elaborating on my comment in your other related blog.

    This scripted dog and pony show is really about isolating the USA so that the nation-states will agree to move to a NWO reserve currency that is not controlled by any one nation. Bitcoin was created by the powers-that-be to REKT the nation-states. The globalists are doing creative destruction to move their control to 10 Kings stage in the 666 Revelation paradigm.

    To understand the big picture, first understand the impending dollar short-vortex that is underway. This is going to drive an international capital stampede into the dollar as the rest of the world goes into debt reset contagion due to the fact the rest of the world is either overloaded with debt and/or their debts are too heavily weighted in dollars. Most people do not understand that this will drive a stampede into the safe haven of the US dollar. Stock markets rise with rising interest rates contrary to the BS the MSM is current preaching!

    So the powers-that-be (i.e. the Zionists) are scripting a show to make the world hate the USA. Trump was put into office by Wikileaks (as I predicted in advance) which is controlled by Rothschilds on purpose in order to play this role of the angry white man racist that the entire world will hate. Research who Assange lived with before he went into the Ecuador embassy. Also Assange’s posts on Cyberpunks mailing list decades ago exemplify that he is a globalist sympathizer.

    The Zionists are going to blame their by-design debt crisis on Trump and the USA.

  9. Hotfoot says:

    I’m finding myself listening to Chris Bollyn and his notion of Zionism. I am a near-decade subscriber of the Corbett Report. James, might you have a look a this guy? I realise alignment is a difficult path to follow but I’m beginning to see the fingers pointed at Israel. What do my fellow subscribers think?

    • anonymint says:

      I’m finding myself listening to Chris Bollyn and his notion of Zionism. I am a near-decade subscriber of the Corbett Report. James, might you have a look a this guy? I realise alignment is a difficult path to follow but I’m beginning to see the fingers pointed at Israel. What do my fellow subscribers think?

      I don’t know if James Corbett and readers are aware of Antony Sutton’s research at the Hoover Institute which had access to many of historical records which enabled him to piece together a historical account of how the global elite created Communism and Hitler. Also follow the money trail through Prescott Bush and his Union bank to the financing of Hitler. I even found that Prescott was involved in the JFK false-flag.

      The global elite created Israel. And this is all part of their fulfilling the scriptures which says all the wealth will become concentrated on the hill near Jerusalem.

      • Mark K. P. says:

        Sutton’s a very good researcher on Bolshevik origins, and especially ongoing support of the USSR experiment through technology + material transfers, but he’s pretty confused and thin on evidence about Hitler & NSDAP. Not quite so bad as the Hitler-as-Rothschild-bastard guff but still pretty close.
        Sutton’s major opus was the phenomenally detailed 3 vols. of Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1965. This provides a really substantial foundation to his Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution, but there’s nothing comparable supporting Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. In the latter case he seems to confuse more or less traditional transatlantic partnerships and investment strategies with a political strategy. Neither is there any evidence of the substantial transfer of personnel (i.e. trained terrorists) from USA to Germany in 1930s as certainly took place in the Russian case in 1917-18.
        The Nazis suppressed the financier elite in Germany and issued debt free state money. Whatever the western financiers might have calculated about their ability to steer German policy (it appears that Schacht and many other Nazi economists were “their men”) they failed miserably, and this failure was the primary cause not just of war but the most vicious war of destruction ever seen, from which any diplomatic resolution was rigorously excluded.
        In starkest contrast the Cold War never went hot ; USA & USSR ever worked hand-in-glove economically and geo-politically, while the fall of the USSR coincides with the rise of a predominantly Russian elite pushing aside the predominantly Jewish oligarchy that directed Bolshevism from 1917 to about the 1970s.

        • anonymint says:

          Where there is smoke there is fire. So you’ve fallen for the “Hitler was fighting against the banksters” compartmentalization?

          Hitler was an outgrowth of the socialism of the Wiemar regime. The Marxist co-option in Russia was also rife in Germany. It’s interconnected. The elite had their grubby fingers in it all.

          • Mark K. P. says:

            Hitler certainly was fighting the banksters ; they organized a world war to bring him down. No small detail there, probably the major event of the 20th century.
            The Weimar Republic, which was more or less a model for the average representative oligarchy of today, was entirely overthrown by the NSDAP. The difference between Weimar socialism and National socialism is that Germany was an insolvent shit hole of corruption, unemployment and mass suicide in the Weimar period, whereas under Hitler just the reverse, and remarkably quickly.
            A very simple but important ideological difference is that in Weimar, as in western oligarchies today, the focus is on money, which is a bankster driven phenomenon, whereas the Hitler dictatorship focused on people and their welfare. Perhaps reflected best in the curious financial arrangements of Nazi government housing loans to married couples under which production of children nullified part of the debt, and production of four children nullified the whole debt.
            Its foolish to categorize these approaches to social and economic problems as fundamentally the same thing when they were so radically different.

            But in any case since you didn’t want to address the main point of my previous message I’ll stress it again here ; Sutton’s research on the Russian and bolshevik phenomena was profoundly deep and consequently warrants the closest attention. However his investigation into Hitler’s rise and motivations was comparatively shallow and slipshod

            • mkey says:

              I’ll objectively urge you to reassess your position on Hitler. James did some podcasts on the topic, there really isn’t much room to keep thinking there was something almost magical going on with the German economy in the national socialist era. There are several links between Hitler and the internationalist bankers and industrialists.

              I don’t buy the massive move to vilify Hitler beyond reason nor do I subscribe much to the possibility he carried the Rothschild genes, even if we’ll never know if he in fact did, but I simply can not consider the man to be a miracle worker. I’m sure using a reliable, domestically made currency would help any economy, but the setup post WWI imposed on Germany was such that the WWII was unavoidable or, better said, planned. The war was planned, Germany needed to gear up for it and people who had a world of profit coming to them made it happen.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                When I was going to college, they were just starting to ruin history with the scientific method. As a result of it, we look at history even more blindly than before. Nothing has ever happened because of a single event. Did the bankers plan on this rise? Probably not. They would have been driven more by emotions. Not just anger, which the people felt and they had to be appeased, but of the blood-lust for pillaging. This is a part of our nature. I’m sure that once the bankers cooled off from their orgy of pillaging and looked at it; they would have noticed just how easy it would be to get that next war started. I suspect most of these conspiracies are really opportunistic people seizing their fortune when it comes around. But they usually travel in a loose sort of pack and all the troubles they cause just gets out of control pretty quick. Now some of them are also pretty good at figuring out these conditions and have learned to position themselves well to profit from them. This isn’t to say that there aren’t actual conspiracies out there. I just filter a lot of them out.

              • mkey says:

                It is my general opinion that WWII was planned and probably timed to coincide with the 20th year “anniversary” of the treaty in Versailles. It is not my opinion the war was caused by various representatives from England or France, but bankers, industrialists and internationalists. They played both sides and gained a lot of power along the way. Were it not for the lobbying power of Zionists, England and France would have had to swallow a pretty bitter pill so I don’t think their representatives played any significant roles in these events.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                There are undoubtedly people who affect the timing and use of events, but often these people are not so much planning, leading, and controlling as they are grasping, clawing, and grabbing. Within a single event, such as the beginning of WW2, you have so many different players involved that a single, over-arching goal is impossible. Within the nation heads of the countries involved alone, each person would have had a different motive, different aims, different everything. Life is messy, which is why these “elites” always fail in their little follies of conquest. All of their plans are far too neat. JimBob who ain’t never had a plan work out at all, but they at least got him started on something that soon turned to something else.

            • anonymint says:

              Hitler further bankrupted the country by printing money out-of-thin-air to finance a massive socialist system of full employment and universal healthcare. It so bankrupted the country that they had to ration healthcare by gassing the weak and the Jews.

              He was doing precisely what the banksters Zionists needed him to do in order to create the Zionist state.

              Even today Europe is still pursuing that socialism madness with another implosion and war coming.

              I ponder the sanity of those who can admire or say positive words about a dictator who promotes failed economics in order to create a megadeath groupthink mania. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc included.

              • mkey says:

                It so bankrupted the country that they had to ration healthcare by gassing the weak and the Jews.

                Is that a joke?

              • Mark K. P. says:

                Hitler political economics transferred Germany from destitution to high prosperity and near full employment – the only western country to free itself from the Great Depression in the 30s.
                Largely by issuing debt-free government money. The benefits of a currency unencumbered by usury expenses are enormous. Libya illustrates the point no less than Hitlerian Germany. No state issues money out of thin air, it does so as the regulator and representative of a national economy. Hitler’s currency was a system of working credits tied to the productivity of labour, which built real things in spectacular quanta.
                The statement that this bankrupted the country is plain drivel.

                Ditto that Hitler gassed any large number of Jews. The real WW2 genocide during and post war was directed at the Germans, partly by bombing the cities, great and small, partly by en masse forced emigration at gun point, but mostly by deliberate starvation, in the Rhine Meadows death camps and via the Morgenthau Plan. A real plan for extermination signed by both Churchill and Roosevelt.

                WW2 was not fought to create the Zionist state (the Zionists in Israel rather wanted to negotiate an alliance with the Nazis in the 30s) but to destroy NSDAP politics and economics and to begin the longer term process of systematically destroying the German people.
                The bogus Hollowcaust was invented to further that process, and to justify the creation of Israel, but also to create a novel and uniting new religion for the Jews as a whole, since they are chronically sectarian and have a characteristic tendency to go their own way. Nobody today is more targeted and indoctrinated in Shoah business than Jews. But some of them still wade through it all to find their way to the truth, like David Cole.

              • anonymint says:

                It is not a joke. Hitler further bankrupted the country by doubling-down for sloppy seconds on socialism and ramping up the printing of money and more centralization.

                Universal healthcare leads to rationing and megadeath. Europe is about to rediscover this fact.

                Those who wish to remain blind will believe what they want to believe. So be it. Enjoy.

                Disagreement makes a free market so that we can have losers and winners.

                Currency is a fungibility and thus centralization paradigm.

                I will need to link for you my past research on this issue.

  10. Not Another Not-Bot! says:

    . . . the EU? I thought it was up to Flash Gordon! no – Superman! no – Batman! no – Spiderman! no – Obamaman! no – the 13th Imam!

    So it’s up to the front group of the Nazi International, eh? Ah well.

  11. mtj says:

    Thus far, the EU, as well as Russia and China to some extent, have practiced APPEASEMENT to the murderous activites of the US. We are now well in the midst of a MUSLIM HOLOCAUST. I despise rhetoric, but some terms do carry more weight than others.

  12. mik says:

    Even if EU stands against USA, they will still play this game against us, the people.

    The only publicly “recognized” real critic of lap-dog-EU is whatever-Right. Whatever-Left is totally and completely impotent. But this whatever-Right is “dangerous” (sometimes really is). Standing against USA might produce a crisis.
    Excellent! EU might get stronger from this standoff, reaffirm itself on the Right and Left. We might get EU Army.
    Eventual economic crisis because of sanctions could slash down workers position even more. Immigrants and guest-workers are now well in place to take the blame.

    Is there anyone who still remembers Greece? Nothing changed there for better.

    Is this my conspiratorial mind playing tricks on me?

  13. Won Fat Fuk says:

    I look for the following:
    1) The EU fractures, or ceases to exist;
    2) NATO fractures, or ceases to exist;
    3) These ten nations form an alliance (economic, defense, etc.)
    a) Greece (from NATO and the EU)
    b) Turkey (from NATO)
    c) Syria
    d) Lebanon
    e) Egypt
    f) Libya
    g) Iraq
    h) Iran
    i) Afghanistan
    k) Pakistan

    Nothing that has happened concerning this JCPOA “agreement” has changed my mind.

    As far as Iran developing nuclear weapons is concerned, of course they are. Furthermore, they are also developing “Non-Nuclear” weapons of mass destruction, which will eventually be used against the U.S.

  14. manbearpig says:

    Awesome podcast in recommended listening. I’ve only just started listening to it but will definately tune back in when hamster wheel slows down!

    Glad to have discovered this EconTalk!

    What a great site this Corbett Report is!

    (“…We only protect what we’re grateful for…”)

  15. mik says:

    “Total will not continue the SP11 (South Pars 11) project and will have to unwind all related operations before 4 November 2018, unless Total is granted a specific project waiver by US authorities with the support of the French and European authorities,” the French oil and gas company said in a statement.

    Total knows who is who in this power game.

  16. WAYNED says:

    The sniff test for me is if coverage seems to shy away from uncomfortable possibilities. I did not care for Curt Kobain’s music in any particular way, nor was I remotely interested in C Love, but when he was found dead, the basic story did not pass the sniff test. I recently chanced upon a docu-drama that sounded more real and right and I found the answers more satisfying for truth.

    My sense, overall, is there is a world-wide leadership agreement to play their necessary roles in the coming drama, which I sense will be the necessary undoing of the US Empire, if in no small part because of the corruption effected by way of promoting the causes of the masters.

    I believe Hitler was a friend of the enemies behind closed doors, I believe the US and Russia and China are all in this with EU and Israel… And Saudi Arabia.

    It’s always been my sense that worldwide control and agreement among the few elite is what has been behind the cold war I knew all my life was a fake and the kennedy and king assassinations. Having grown up in north carolina and having seen the way elections seemed rigged to promote the congressional club and its support of jesse helms, to the contrary of the desires of everyone I knew in the state, seemed a precursor to something. then there was bush v gore.

    A game is being played, the bits and pieces seem the tailored story for filling in the bits of this reality based drama.

    It does seem things are prepped to change dramatically, systematically offshoring jobs and manufacturing and becoming a nation dependent on inter-connectedness, willingly donating our private lives for the better understanding of those who gain access and know how to use this information.

    I always thought in the old days the confessional is how the church kept power, being in possession of the acts of man.

    If it happened, it was meant to happen exactly as it did. the victims of 9/11 must be done away with, because they should pay with their lives before those who caused the acts.

    I’m just watching and waiting, because what else can we do except try to piece it all together.

    One other overriding thought has been at me since childhood: How can we ignore so very many people in china and assume they are all backwards and stupid? That’s the China I was brought up believing in, though I personally didn’t believe it. It’s like religion… some of it is worthwhile, but there only to draw you into the whole faith and believe despite evidence reason and understanding thing… Like racism.

    It somehow seems right that there should be an Asia-pivot, as I kept hearing about. But who must die to make it so?

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