5 Reasons This Will Be The Summer of Rage...

07/09/201611 Comments

The events of the past few days have played out like a slowly unfolding nightmare. A nightmare where you know the next bad thing is about to happen and all you can do is wait for it.

Well, as of press time that "next bad thing" is the carnage we witnessed in Dallas on Thursday night. Hopefully by the time you're reading this there isn't a next next bad thing taking place, but given how quickly these events are escalating we have to wonder if this is really the end of the cycle of violence or just the beginning.

As readers of this column know, I've been talking about 2016 as the year of potential civil war since the very beginning of the year, and sadly that prediction seems like it's becoming more prescient by the day.

So are we really heading toward a summer of rage and the breakdown of society? Economic collapse? War? Let's look at five signs that things are looking bleak for the months ahead.

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  1. graviv says:

    Recall what Victor Hugo said about the mob (of people not mafia): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GskjqFivs8k

  2. mik says:

    This time you are right in my opinion. Maybe not this summer but definitely something bad is close and I do hope it won’t be too bad.
    Production of chaos is working overtime and unfortunately quite successfully, we can’t deny.

    Let me add some signs of chaos and insanity.

    Nice video presentation of current hopeless world monetary situation.
    Crazy – A Story of Debt, by Grant Williams

    EU will probably sanction Spain and Portugal because of excessive budget deficit. Both states are virtually drowned now, so they can be humanely euthanized. No worry, EU got experience in Greece – clean cut, unlike sloppy headsmen in Saudi Arabia.

  3. rltmlt says:

    Concerning your link to an excellent response to the AAAS Climate Change fanatics, I came across an informative post yesterday that told of a letter signed by a number of Congress Members who have hitched their wagons to the Climate Change agenda. This letter is intended for President Obama’s desk though I don’t know what they think can be accomplished in the final months of a lame duck term. The letter specifically mentions the need for full support of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 that, among other things, will be asking various Western Countries to eliminate their private property ownership rights. An invitation to a government land grab of most private property with the intention of returning that land to a natural undeveloped state, thereby further reducing a perceived cause of Global Warming. There was a time when we would put fools like this in a straight jacket and confine them to secure facility, but there are just too many na├»ve young fools now who have apparently been lured in by the cult of Malthus !

  4. Joe says:

    James. We need to start calling for a general strike. Across the board, around the country, and maybe even the world. We stop going to work for 2 weeks, they’ll implode like nobody’s business.
    I’m on the verge of starting my own You Tube page (horrible procrastinator) to share these thoughts…

    • Mishelle says:

      Joe, I like it! I actually just decided a few days ago to quit mine, and I’m thrilled and planning my future agorism!

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Connecting the dots……

    Humans are good at pattern recognition, but you need to see the full picture to achieve that.. James, i think you have managed to paint the entire picture in this report.

    We all remember hearing … “it is the Finance, stupid!”, or “it is the Oil, stupid!” and i think that’s only part of the picture.. the whole pattern spills out “it is Slavery, stupid!”…..

    So, around 1400 years ago, Slavery was rife especially around my part of the world, and that required a model of Hunger and disease for all apart from very few numbers, and as a result, religion got “REBORN” and Islam came about and people joined it willingly as it was the best option at the time (with all it shortfalls)

    Rewind further to just over 2000 years previous, and you will find similar thing happening around southern Mediterranean, and a single Good Leader “re-ignited” religion again (Christianity), to fight the same demon.

    Again, back to over 3000 years ago, we had the same pattern, and Judaism was born. Again, the spark is Slavery, and one Fantastic leader to change it all. (which in itself, just passes ownership of slavery from the average man, to an “imaginary power”.

    So, You can recognize the pattern over the thousands of years that passed, and the “slave master” always lost as we can take back power by refusing to work… however, this time round, there is automation and robots that will eat away on our ability to “stop working”.

    So, as long as the power to be continue to kill off good leaders (any potential prophets”, they will be able to get us to submit to slavery and reduce our numbers at the same time.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Reading my own post, got me thinking further….

      If i was the “powers to be”, then i would allow chaos to take place for a period of time (let us say one or two generations), followed by introducing my own “Prophet” and create a new religion that enslaves all to one super power… Yeah… that would work..

      • mik says:

        What will be The new Revelation?

        May I suggest: “For all followers there will be guaranteed basic income and no pain whatsoever”

  6. paul4 says:

    A somewhat pessimistic article from Zerohedge today on the same subject:

    I don’t completely agree with his position that uprising and revolt is inherently doomed – there are too many unregistered guns and much of Rural America is pretty fed up. Urban America does not understand how dependent it is on Rural America. But it is true that too many Americans, Urban and Rural, are now dependent on the government and won’t bite the hand that feeds it.

    I generally agree with the sentiment:
    “If there is to be any hope of reclaiming our government and restoring our freedoms, it will require a different kind of coup: nonviolent, strategic and grassroots, starting locally and trickling upwards. Such revolutions are slow and painstaking. They are political, in part, but not through any established parties or politicians… for any chance of success, such a revolution will require more than a change of politics: it will require a change of heart among the American people, a reawakening of the American spirit, and a citizenry that cares more about their freedoms than their fantasy games.”

    We all want peaceful change, but I’m not betting against the possibility of armed uprising starting in the Western States and spreading to the Midwest.

    Ultimately I think just stepping out of the system is the answer, like Ernie Hancock says “leave-me-aloneism. But they just wont leave me alone. It’s easier said than done.

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