Yes, Mainstream Media Bias is Getting Ridiculous...But Why?

09/15/201670 Comments

Have you noticed how over-the-top ridiculous the mainstream propaganda is getting during this (s)election cycle? Of course you have. And so have most of your mainstream-believing friends and co-workers. So why is the MSM pushing this in the public's face? Is there an agenda at play here?

Anarchyball notes MSM hypocrisy on Hillary's Health

Jason C. contrasts recent WaPo coverage of Hillary's Health

Zoomed in footage of Hillary "stumble"

MSM Finally Admits Their Bias; Now What Are We Going To Do About It?

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  1. allicat3 says:

    James, I’ve noticed something odd. In the left angle shot the bald man comes around from her right to her left to prop her up and help her to the van and in this right angle shot he takes her right arm… Huh? Do you see this difference too? Did they film her “stumbling” twice?

    • Bill says:

      I’ve seen two different videos that appear to be mirror images. I don’t know which one is the original video. The first one I saw the van was approaching from the left and the second one the van approached from the right of the screen. The second one appears to me to be a little more clear. Maybe one of the experts in the group can let us know if one was altered or enhanced in some way. I surely don’t know.

      • allicat3 says:

        Oh yes, you’re right. I didn’t notice the van direction. The first thing I noticed was the weird position her arms are in. Just an odd angle for anyone not in handcuffs being hauled off to jail. lol And clancysclassics, I agree, I don’t think they’d let this float around if it wasn’t for a specific agenda. Dividing the followers from the questioners.

    • tim.b says:

      Took me while to find any video from the left angle, the one I found appears to be exactly the same footage with image reversed(photoshopped) Note the direction the vans enters the shot from. If it were taken from left instead of right the van would still be headed in the same direction. However, I may not have found the footage your speaking off.

  2. clancysclassics says:

    I think the agenda for telling the Hilary story in MSM as “conspiracy theory” is the agenda. The elite are feverishly attempting to paint anyone who goes against MSM as conspiracy theorists. Once the label has been seared into everyone’s brain and that anyone who touts anything other than the MSM’s version, we will begin the MSM finger pointing. I just believe as you said that its an act of desperate measures to go this route. They tried the false flags for gun grab which didn’t work and now the conspiracy theory to single out anyone who might question “authority”. I find this the most worrisome of all agendas as it is meant to paint all those exposing the truth as a treasonist nut job. I am hoping this one dies a death similar to that of the gun grab one. Thanks for your continued excellent reporting. The 911 series should win an award!

  3. Bill says:

    I do believe it is all part of their big plan but I can’t help but think it may have something to do with the fact that sociopaths are also usually very arrogant. We all know the Clintons take arrogance to the next level. Although it is part of their plan I could see how they would take pleasure in flaunting their arrogance in the faces of the public thinking there is nothing anybody can do about it.

  4. idsstudio says:

    I think they’re doing this to frustrate people who understand the agenda, bewilder and confuse those who don’t while at the same time still catering to the portion of the public that still eats up whatever they are fed. Meanwhile behind the scenes they move forward with the final nails in the coffin of their global dictatorship and if all else fails they take us to war.

  5. n4x5 says:

    The inflammation-of-tensions motive seems plausible, but notice that the other provocations pit subgroups of the population against each other, whereas this seems to be uniting people against the establishment news outlets. However, presumably it would not be terribly difficult to raise the general anger level and then channel that anger toward whatever target is deemed fitting at a later time. This seems similar to the recent Federal Reserve Facebook flop: surely they couldn’t have been so tonedeaf to public sentiment as to have actually believed that the feedback would be positive?

  6. dwayner says:

    I think you hit it right on James, when you said “gaslight”. I didn’t know what this term meant until FLNWO covered it, and I have to thank you for that. I see everything from my eagle eye, and these Powers That Shouldn’t Be are still just lowly humans, albeit extremely devious and evil. They are losing footing in their scramble to convince us that we are crazy to notice their machinations.

    Brezinski said he was worried about his NWO not coming in as per schedule (his). He said the internet was wrecking it all for him. Awwww…. Who’s the crazy one now?

    I see it as a political cartoon: all these slimy people racing to the coveted “apex of the pyramid of power”, and the sides are steep and slippery. They are pushing each other out of the way, and every once in a while one or a few related ones slip and slide, tumbling down spectacularly, taking more down with them. There seems to way too much “competative spirit” (lack of empathy) in these psychopaths to allow for a coordinated effort among themselves for very long. Working together with these people at best is coercion, blackmail, murder and other such threats. They are never what they pretend to be, and they don’t do anything because they care about us. They are only interested in the top position. We are seeing big outrageous nonsensical things happen simply because of the desperation they feel at the thought of losing their footing in their “race to the top”. (The MSM people think they are in this race, but they are two bit players.)

    I’ve got news for you, Ms./Mr. Psychopath: WE ARE aLL GOING TO DIE. How’s that life working out for you? Enjoying it much?

    I listened to Stephan Molyneux’s talk on the Roman Empire and it really put it in perspective for me. We are in the midst of the fast stage of collapse of a flash-in-the-pan empire. As individuals we need to understand this, and get out of its way while it goes through its spectacular death throes. Think of it as a dog with rabies, or a wounded grizzly…
    We will survive, until we don’t.
    Stay happy and healthy, folks. Life is short.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Gaslight is a wonderful and entertaining film. The problem is with “elites” (I use that term reservedly–meaning inbred, stolen wealth) is that hubris is their primary enemy.

      Did you watch the film? Sergis Bauer is the THIEF in the film. A disgusting, greedy and ugly filth—–Sergis Bauer was his name. Isn’t that the name of the biggest, dirtiest thieves in world history? Yes it is. The Rothschild’s changed their name from Bauer to Rothschild. That I find fascinating (Naked your face..1944). The world now knows. Many will suffer but this cancer upon the world shall be removed for all days. Every Central Bank who engages in theft (hundreds of trillions of $$) is owned by the Bauer’s (Rothschild).That day is soon coming.

      The world now knows and what they feared–complete confiscation, seizure and death shall visit their many homes, land, assets and securities and precious metals. The inbreds are now done. They know it is coming and are working furiously to avert the issue to other issues–enter..introduce non-homogenous populations worldwide, start World War III and use eugenics to kill us among many other things…and we figured that out..they are done. Gold, Argentina, get away camps have already been scouted by people with ethics and anger and love of humanity.

      These atheistic pigs (I know, many “intelligentsia” find belief in God a belief by the lowly, stupid, ignorant..not fact based (thats the point)—-bad decision—non-factual spirituality is must first experience it to understand it).

      Sergis Bauer—You are dead as are your progeny are also dead (and your property is done–nice house). (quote from the film for worriers and the NSA)

      Love One Another…this includes finding thieves and bringing them to justice…by us…corrupt courts shall not be consulted. You shall also be dealt with.

      The Mohawk

      Thats a nice truck. How much? Bad tire? Lets fix it, or something.

      PS-ALWAYS-pay attention to classic films–read all the credits..all of them..take notes. Learn–they speak.

  7. dwayner says:

    Oh, just one more thing… (like Columbo)
    Why do they all want to get to the “top position”? What does the apex of the pyramid look like? It is just a tiny non-existant point, and there isn’t room for ANYBODY on it. If you get even close to it, you realize there is no room on it at all for for you to stand on with your scarred sweaty human feet. Besides that, it isn’t even solid, just a concept floating around in some human minds, and doesn’t support any ego whatsoever. Poof.


  8. Mohawk Man says:

    Just some observations:

    1.) Have you ever seen a van used as transportation vehicle for a high level person. I never have.

    Based on my observations and work in medicine years ago, an IV would require that sort for height for a gravity fed medical delivery device. This is a very sick woman and her physical features have deteriorated dramatically since her 2008 run. It could also contain a bed with the ability to raise the head portion. She looks painfully tired and puffy….signs of edema. I’d also add Bill also does not look well. His speech is weak, high pitched and strained–more like a 95 year old woman rather than a 70 year old man. I don’t believe they share the same affliction as I assume they have not been together congullaly in many years–perhaps decades. He’s been busy with others and I would assume she has not. A short while back I gave them both 18 months at the outside to an acquaintance of mine. The reason given for him by MSM were he’s now a vegetarian (isn’t GB also one as well? He doesn’t look like Bill–roughly the same age–he looks quite well)—-non-sense–he’s very ill and has been for quite some time and it has accelerated recently. Systemic form of STD I would have to assume, in my opinion.

    On her strange transformation once she exited her daughters apartment. Before I read any such reports or news I noted this woman had lost a good 15 to 20 lbs (pounds for my international friends) and was noticeably younger looking by a good 10-15 years. Here thighs were diminished as was her hip width in a few hours and rear end. She looked freshened and the neck hang had also diminished considerably. This I assumed was a stand in which is not uncommon in prominent people. It then struck me that she may have actually passed. I then went back and looked at the unusual executive order released a month or so ago “If one or both candidates should die”. I began to wonder. A frightening prospect to say the least not that having her in place was of any comfort.

    Now, she is a fellow Alinkskyite so this all could be a huge psy-op. She’s part of the team and would listen to instructions I would have to assume. Both things could be true. The press is now dead in this country and the alternative has also been hijacked to a large extent by the Neo-Cons. Visited B-Bart, W Zippers, The Right Scoop or The Blaze lately? Completely useless. Gone. Dead. Click bait at best. Don’t even bother. Neo-Con 100%.

    Be well to all and thank you James for your expose’ on 9/11. Riveting.

    The Mohawk

  9. summers says:

    Hi James. New member here. I had a thought which is probably totally not anywhere near reality, but here goes. What if the MSM is just trying to fast-track itself into oblivion? It’s gotten so bad that it knows hardly anyone gives it credence anymore so maybe it’s just self-destructing on purpose.

  10. Ryan.C says:

    I completely agree James, this has gotten far too blatant for it to be anything other than their preplanned agenda, and now the plan is to appear off the rails, when really it’s all on course. I think we will see some last minute changes, as with the new “contingency plan” which also appears contrived, and the possibility of Obama stepping back up to fill the void with an executive order in the event that Clinton’s health becomes the issue it clearly appears to be. Either way, I would say we are witnessing their plan in action.

  11. JennyDel says:

    Just saw an interesting take from truthstreammedia

    Basically questioning whether this is a psyop given the “stumble” cameraman’s prime positioning and clear, close-up shots despite the fact NO other journalists had access. Makes it all seem staged, possibly so she could exit the race? Also Jimmy Kimmel is now even criticizing her, which seems it must be on purpose since he is one of the main popular media mouthpieces for the establishment to gain the younger crowd.

    I think we’re living in an alternate reality now where we can’t know what is real and what’s not. We’re not psycopaths so how could we predict how they’re thinking and what they’re trying to do to us? Only God knows at this point so my only faith is in God.

    • doublek321 says:

      I think the Kimmel thing was done to try to retain some semblance of credibility (“see, I make fun of her when it’s warranted”). I noticed James Corden (another late night guy) talked about it too. Once it’s “already out there” then these guys can safely cover this stuff.

      It’s the same reason CNN would cover something like that. My working theory is that they’ll never break anti-agenda stories (e.g. Hillary is sick) unless they’re confident the story will go public anyway.

      In this case, the cat was already out of the bag as Drudge already posted the video plus I’m sure it was retweeted many times prior to Drudge posting it.

  12. cush350 says:

    Real journalism is not profitable in today’s MSM world. It’s all as relevant as Facebook. I’m 66 and worry for my children and grandchildren, but as for my old selfish self, I’m glad I’ve lived longer than I will continue to live. The evil and the crazies have had too much success lately.

    Great work as always James, I love and hate the truth, go figure.

  13. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hillary Clinton seems to be suffering the effects of long-term levodopa medication. My credentials: I worked at the Neuroscience Institute in LA for a number of years and know from that experience what the various stages of Parkinson’s Disease look like. There are numerous strange photo angles of her in apparent freezes–one very strange facial freeze with Bill just after she received the nomination. These reactions come about through stress and too much stimulation meaning: These reactions are beyond her control.

    The 9/11 event shows her in one of those freezes. Notice how she can’t move, and when they try to move her, her legs are stiff, like those of a wooden doll. She literally cannot walk. I don’t believe she’s unconscious. Parkinson’s patients live an agonizing living (fully conscious) nightmare whereby they experience no control over body or limbs. The few people who are addressing this suggest that given her freezing episodes that she’s probably had this disease for anywhere from five to ten years.

    So it isn’t just the MSM that’s deceiving us — Probably they’ve been ordered to do so because Hillary is the cabal’s choice. Are they casting around now desperately to find someone else who can carry out their crippling agenda for the US and the world?

    The alternative diagnosis, as if Parkinson’s were not bad enough, is subcortical (brainstem) dementia which can be an effect of Parkinson’s or a new category of physical assault. If she is suffering subcortical dementia, her projected lifespan is very short. My guess is that the cabal did not know, or was hoping to pull this off, deceive the public until Hillary was firmly ensconced in the White House. And then if necessary, they could stage a coup before or after the wake.

    I agree with Mohawk. Few people have mentioned what seems most obvious: That the woman who came out of Chelsea’s apartment is both much thinner and certainly more vibrant than the Hillary we know. So the cover-up starts where?

    With Hillary herself. And she’s not succeeding. Given a disease as wily as Parkinson’s, the attempt to control and cover up is doomed from the very beginning. And that’s also why these episodes are becoming more obvious and more frequent.

  14. doublek321 says:

    I have to say that I find this topic to be absolutely fascinating. So glad you started this discussion, James!

    The angle you mentioned (make the media coverage so over-the-top that even the average person realizes how biased it is and then when Hillary is selected, it causes the public to flip out) is interesting. However, that angle is dependent on Hillary actually being selected. I know TPTSB can try to rig the election for Hillary but, after BREXIT passed, I’m less confident they can be rigged on a large scale (e.g. if Trump is winning big). Though possibly US elections are more easily rigged?

    In addition, I am stunned that Hillary is still in the race. What happens if her health doesn’t not hold up through election day? Or what happens if she has a “medical episode” during a debate? These are legit risks that could make anything other than a Trump victory seem too far-fetched for even the “sleeping” public to believe.

    That brings up another question – is Trump legitimately someone TPTSB don’t want in office? I have to admit that it does kind of feel that way. I know there’s the whole “illusion of choice” concept where all of the options are essentially the same (e.g. Bush/Kerry, Bush/Gore, Obama/McCain, Obama/Romney, etc) and that TPTSB will only allow such types to get anywhere. However, if one agrees that Ron Paul was a legit outsider (and I fully believe he was) then there is at least some precedent that an outsider can make it to the primary (note that “being an outsider” is the ONLY way I’m comparing Trump to Ron Paul).

    So what (if anything) is my point? Is it overly naive to believe that TPTSB expected Hillary vs some establishment Republican (e.g. Jeb, Rubio, Christie) in a “can’t lose” (for TPTSB) election but are legitimately surprised at what has unfolded (the public getting behind Trump)?

    Is there any chance that TPTSB misplayed their hand and the absurd media coverage is just desperation? Maybe they thought they could push Hillary across the finish line and then, once she gained power, replace her w/ Kaine or some other establishment-friendly figure? And as someone else wrote, “if all else fails they take us to war”.

  15. I believe that the powers that be are using reverse psychology to get Trump elected. Trump is their man, since he loves Israel and all that is Jewish.
    All the evildoers are against Trump.(
    All the evildoers want to elect a criminal (Hillary Clinton).
    And thus Trump it will be the next President.

    • patrix says:

      I’m on this trail of thought too.

      Get Trump elected. Let him “throw the rascals out” that did 9/11 and destroyed America. The Clintons and the Bushes. Maybe some fake executions to add to the drama.

      Confidence reestablished and nothing changed in the real power structure. The powers that shouldn’t be remain in control.

      I think they see the bubble bursting with the 9/11 truth movement gaining traction and everything, and they want to keep the initiative and orchestrate a fake revolution before risking a real one.

  16. fred.g says:

    Really James, isn’t it obvious. Vladimir is consumed with jealousy that the Clintons get to lunch with the Kissengers on Martha’s Vineyard. Through his proxy – Donald – Vladimir will take over the US and he and he and Mrs Putin will get to lunch with the Kissengers two or three times a week and plot the ignominious humiliation of vasil states all over the world, not to mention torture and dismemberment of intransigent individuals foolish enough to defy the rule of god.

  17. aperone says:

    I always thought OJ did it when I saw the look on his face when he drove up to his daughters recital earlier that day. And if you take a look at the current lead story on the look on Huma’s face as she is looking over at Hillary in the elevator suggests to me that she may hold some animosity towards her. So the overly overt MSM coverup might just be that they are against HRC or think that another Democratic Party candidate has a better chance of winning.

  18. nosoapradio says:

    Killary and Chump

    Like two icons of the ancient paradigm that must be burned in effigy…

    the revolution won’t be on the BoobTube or on YouTube
    but the fiery fall of the paper and cellulous empire will…

    For some reason The Hunger Games comes to mind…

    An attempt to disgust the general population by flaunting garish tabloid obsession with carniverous power, money, glamour and mendaciousness

    driving them towards more frugal, wholesome, ecological and authentic preoccupations…like Catnis Eberdeen and her bow and arrow

    Ordinary serfs will happily return to a neo-mediaeval bucolic existence in smart ecological homes and communities

    while more or less recommendable technologies plough forward in multi-level security labs creating two societies:

    the ultra wealthy in their quest for immortality co-existing with sleek androgenous hair-gelled adolescent servents and surrogate genitors

    and the rest of productive, philosphical, peasant humanity à la Watteau will be as ensconced in raising chickens and debating profound ethical questions

    as the “immortals” will be in blissfully violating them…

    When watching Ms Clinton stumble into a big black van
    don’t you have a hankering for a collectively-built energy-efficient home and hydroponic garden?

    • phreedomphile says:

      “An attempt to disgust the general population by flaunting garish tabloid obsession with carniverous power, money, glamour and mendaciousness”

      Right on nosoapradio, you are hitting the nail, again, and artfully so.

      Why else would TPTB have their co-intelpro leakers release details of the greed and corruption of their minions if not for pre-planned psy ops? I wonder if the Soros leaks are intended to do the same. Demoralize and prepare the plebs to accept the experts running the new high tech neofeudal low carbon Matrix.

      Here’s a puzzle. The most heavily visited “alt” conspiracy site is running nonstop pro-Trump and anti-Hillary articles. A senior writer for this website is also writing highly acidic fearful anti-Trump articles on a popular Libertarian leaning website. Plus, in the US, we have the betrayal of the Libertarian candidates (LINOs) fawning over Hillary and going pro-big-govt and anti-freedom on several issues. Getting back to the big conspiracy website many consider an intelligence gatekeeper, it is being directly attacked by Hillary and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC-BS. Since when does the MSM acknowledge specific conspiracy sites unless there’s a psy op involved or a wink-and-nod system in place? Otherwise, the conspiracy angle is always ignored. Not now, Hillary lambasted the “alt right” – whatever boogeyman that is. LOL It’s getting too weird. “Beam me up, Scotty!”

  19. gregory says:

    Well, James…

    Soros and the Rothschild’s have made no secret of their support for Hillarity. She’s made no secret about her acceptance of their agenda to include the TPP and other sovereignty-busting legislation.

    So it is about world government, about the American public becoming so deathly ill of the nonsense going on that anyone who comes along waving a flag of truth, honor and justice will be accepted over ANYTHING this oxygen-thieving government will ever produce from this point, forward.

  20. m.clare says:

    It is beyond absurd by design. Hillary beat Bernie with a fixed vote (MSM tells us so). Trump is a narcissistic clown. Both candidates are abominable.



    Donald Trump has been asking uncomfortable questions with just enough credibility to pique the interest of people who are utterly fed up with the status quo. The plan is that he will soon do something unforgivably retarded, throw the election AND take those who are asking questions down with the Clown Ship, the S.S. Trump. Faith in democracy restored, teary eyes all around, and peer pressure shaming for the losers who asked stupid questions like “what really happened on 9/11”?

    It’s possible that Hillary is genuinely sick, drugged or otherwise messed up and this is cause for real concern….they never intended on Trump getting elected so they are actually scrambling to save the narrative…?


    The banks are about to fail. All of them. The game is up. MSM told us Hillary beat Bernie fraudulently. Trump is a clown. The elite are at last ready to usher in the New World Order. Clearly, the system is broken. See how corrupt and broken it is? Aren’t we all outraged? Problem. Reaction….Solution.

    Economic hardship, unemployment, lost life savings, rioting in the streets, visible minority immigrant scapegoating, false flag local terrorism, austerity, sabre rattling that makes WW-III appear inevitable….Who will save us from ourselves? Obviously, we lack the skill to nominate sensible political representatives….the UN will have to step in and “repair” the broken banks and political system.


    Neither Clinton nor Trump were ever meant to win. There will be a last minute Hail Mary pass to some knight in shining armour atop his noble stead. I always thought this pass would be accepted by Bernie…it may yet. Whoever it is, they will save us in the last hour from peril, restore our faith in democracy and freedom, words like Hope, Belief, Faith and Change will be used, not a dry eye in the house and we’ll be placated for another cycle while NOTHING changes.

    Whatever is going on, I don’t feel terribly optimistic.

    • m.clare says:

      BTW: What does it matter who the official spokes-model is? They get their hair done, wear a pantsuit, stand where they are told and read their lines.

      Why are we investing ANY energy pondering the outcome of a fixed race between a pair of Pantomime Horses?

  21. ddude says:

    Excellent report as always James. This whole Hillary situation could (also) possibly be a good way to end up with the country not being able to have the presidential selection after all. Her serious illness is finally ‘discovered’, followed by: “Sorry folks, this unprecedented event of Hillary’s sickness so close to election time has forced us into the incredible situation of not being able to have the U.S. presidential election after all; Barack Obama will remain president until we can sort this all out (which will take quite some time) and have a new election.” After all, Barack Obama is the best actor we’ve ever had as a president.

  22. linda says:

    Maybe they’re getting tired of hiding. The shadow walkers want their 15 minutes of fame too?

  23. kelly.s says:

    my gut says 3rd term for the guy you have

  24. Most likely a tipping point has been reached (probably for some time now?), i.e., the MSM really does not care anymore what they broadcast as long as it aligns and conforms with the current Assigned Agenda. If a real and true event fits The Agenda -great, if faked and fits The Agenda, also great -all out blanket coverage… But if a real and (TRUE) event occurs and it does not fit The Agenda, pushing back against the in-place Protocols, then very little or no MSM coverage. (Without the internet WE all would be in the dark.)


    Because All Agenda Protocols are now firmly in-place… The Corporate Police State is now a REAL and TRUE entity, a deep state within the state -just try as an individual or small group to put a stop to it and you will be SWAT-ed out of existence.

    Only one way, and one way only to put an end to this madness: Millions and Millions of peaceful non-violent people in the streets of every major city in the world… a wrench so large, the machine will tear itself apart trying to restart itself.

    Yes, people will die… but what price the course of freedom?


  25. cush350 says:

    The revolution will not be televised, but James will cover it.

  26. Ukdavec says:

    Good question to raise James and a relevant time to pose it I think. We have endured an increasing crescendo of “events” that are becoming more easy to spot as being part of a wider agenda – your work has certainly helped to educate me to identify such actions, but I also feel that there is an element of desperation / rush- job on the part of the planners.

    Why is this? Dunno.

    Maybe they are running out of electoral stooges – Jeb Bush would be an example I would pick – who could think that this dork would be electable?

    As to why the rush – maybe wheels falling off the global warming rort? An imminent uncontrolled implosion of the fiat currency regime? My few
    ideas FWIW

  27. teace says:

    If I had to guess the reason mainstream coverage is getting this egregious, I’d say it’s because the powers that be are getting ready to co-opt the momentum of the alt-media (I.e. the work you and those like you have been doing).

    It’s a maneuver similar to the way in which the penetration of Laurel Canyon and the music scene (The Doors as well as other groups at the time) allowed the hippy movement to take prominence in the public image over the otherwise effective scholarly anti-war movement–a scholarly anti-war movement that was taken far more seriously prior to the emergence of hippies, mind you.

    The establishment HAS to jump on board with whatever current is currently setting the tempo for revolution. By doing this, they then co-opt that current, flush it out with half truth and then divert it in another direction advantageous to a broader agenda.

    In a nutshell, they’re likely going to reveal that a lot of ‘conspiracy theories’ are true. They’re going to throw a lot of inside people under the bus or, more likely, have ‘we the people’ do it for them. Then, after neutering the efficacy of the alt-media in a wave of public disclosure, they’ll establish some sort of mainstream, seemingly legitimized alternative that people will trust again… potentially, even by hiring the very alt-media people we’ve come to trust most.

    They’re using the people who know the truth as pawns to disclose the truth to the world so that they can then claim it for themselves… only it won’t be full disclosure, it’ll be a ‘devil in the details’ likeness of full disclosure that only a select few will be able to distinguish. But NOBODY will listen to those people because, in the public mind, it will already have been dealt with.

    It’s simple… nurture, agitate, reveal, co-opt, partially amend, say it’s all done and behind us. Leave the people who really understand this looking like they can’t let go of a time when ‘only they knew the truth.’ Very similar to a limited hangout, only more fully realized.

    • m.clare says:

      I agree that the alt media is a thorn that must be addressed somehow. I like your reasoning.

      I had imagined the internet would somehow become severely regulated and restricted after some new “terrorist” atrocity was attributed to internet use. However…

      Rather than fear that is solved by restrictions, it would be far more effective to engineer it such that everyone felt good about some new revelation…a long awaited justice…camaraderie….enlightenment.

      There will be a fake hanging….people are catching on to the Federal Reserve….they’ll move their operation and leave some unfortunate patsy to go down with the ship.

      Are we witnessing some sort of bait and switch event?

  28. LEEZ73UK says:

    Hi James,

    1st could we be seeing subtle pockets of resistance to the Hillary narative from within the msm rather than a larger plan? There must be many within the msm unhappy at what they are being told to report. Some of whom may even be waking up themselves to what they are a part of due to the blatancy of the BS of late.
    Perhaps if i was working for the msm and i didn’t like what i was being told to report but i did not poses the integrity to find an honest job i might follow the imposed narative but lay it on so thickly as to be transparent to most? That way i keep my job and my life whilst infact harming the narative. It’s certainly helping the alt media and our wider cause so long may the farce continue.

    2nd I think that current media policies are exactly inline with all policy making at present ie doubling down on what doesn’t work anymore or never worked to begin with. I don’t think they know what else they can get away with trying so they double down on what they know. There are still many buying the narative somehow.

    I think in essence that they have not quite managed to lock down the web in time but that may change quickly if Crimton or some injury time substitute slithers into the whitehouse.

    Thanks for all your good work James


  29. doublek321 says:

    Have been thinking about this some more. I will do some “thinking out loud” and maybe it will spring an idea from someone else.

    Hypothesis 1)

    I’ve read Trump has been talking about launching his own media network. Maybe destroying faith in MSM would allow his media outlet to gain trust (as he is seen as the “outsider”). The other side of that is that his whole rise seems like it would be hard to predict/concoct so I have some level of doubt this was part of a master scheme. But it certainly is “curious” to say the least and thus should be looked at.

    Hypothesis 2) Ed Snowden has been in the news lately. I’m going off of headlines here so my details might be off but I saw something about him asking Obama to pardon him. Also there was another link mentioning his dissatisfaction w/ Russia. Could he return being seen as a hero who “has the courage to call it like it is” and become the new controlled opposition?

    Hypothesis 3) I can’t help but think the media would have happily covered up Hillary’s 9/11 “medical issue” if it were possible (e.g. pre-smart phone/internet). I still wonder if this is just pure desperation. The election is ~60 days away and maybe the media is doubling down on their strategy of how Trump is in cahoots w/ Putin (when he’s not busy being Hitler). I know this is not a creative answer (and I’m really interested to hear James’ take) but maybe simplest explanation is correct (Occam’s razor)? Though James makes a good point that something definitely seems awry here.

  30. Sloopyjoe says:

    First post folks. I believe this will answer the obviously blatant medical issues of Frau Clinton:

    Producers Part Deux or Take the Money and Run.

  31. John Lothe says:

    I imagine they will run Bernie, he will probably give trump a run for his money. But either way who ever wins, we know the agenda will remain the same. This is THE most overtly rigged election in the history of American elections. Trump claims to be running on his own ticket, but his wealth is completely tied to Zionists, just like every other candidate. For crying out loud he wants to make Giuliani secretary of Homeland security, the man who expedited the cover up of 9/11 will be in charge of the American version of the Gestapo. Trumps name is telling, he is the establishment Trump card. Because no matter who wins, we all lose. Its clear there is going to be a hostile take over, and martial law eventually.

    How they will manifest it isn’t important, at least not to me, not at this late in the game. I’m trying to inform as many people around me as I can about anarchy and self government, Trying to convince them to walk away from the rigged system. I’ve said it before, it sounds pessimistic true, but the rich and wealthy have what we do not, chiefly organization, cohesion, and intelligence. I only see them losing their grip if the military sides with the people, but soldiers generally follow their paycheck, and even more so with the recent influx of welfare warriors. So unless we can come up with a way to pay the military to not follow orders, my guess is the oligarchy repeats history. :/ Maybe I’m being a negative Nancy, maybe I’m being a realist Randy I don’t know just how I see it right now.

    • doublek321 says:

      Unless he won over TPTSB by endorsing HRC, I don’t see why they would run Bernie at this point. Seemed like they hated him when he was doing well in the primary.

  32. whaugen says:

    My guess and the simplest explanation I can think of is it is some form of legalized paid and/or subsidized propaganda. I think the Corbett Report has covered legalized propaganda in at least one previous report and here are some additional links about legalized propaganda:

    Is Government Propaganda Illegal? – Questions For Corbett #027

    U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

    Naomi Wolf, Exposing Legal Propaganda by Government. False Flag Psy Ops

  33. Sonex says:

    Among the white collar crowd I see everyday, the consensus is that the MSM cannot be trusted and that its reporting has to be taken with a grain of salt. This consensus is probably thanks to Donald Trump. Although he has baggage of his own, whenever he makes a statement, the MSM immediately puts a negative spin on it. Several times, my colleagues and I have then gone back to what his original statement was, and then we realize again the fallacious reporting of the MSM. Credibility has been lost.

  34. mik says:

    I think quite a lot of things nowadays are pure Chaos, some by design (Syria, Iraq…), while some because they cannot be handled, system is overstretched. Therefore it is possible that looking for a meaning is useless , because there is none. Chaos is good option for TPTB, Order out of Chaos. Their order, of course.

    When analyzing MSM we shall not forget that we at CR are not target audience. The crap MSM is producing might be ridiculous to us, but can at the same time achieve intended response in target population.
    When I watched years ago soap opera Santa Barbara for the first time, I was expecting that after few minutes a cartoon creature will jump into the scene screaming in Monty Python style:”..and now something completely different, The man with three noses.” I was truly shocked when realized that obviously there are people able to watch that soapy shit.

    To turn back, we have many many explanations, theories and probably we would have hard time to pick one, the one particularly plausible. I believe Joe Sixpack will simply switch himself off, or find an explanation that will fit to his current electoral prejudice.

  35. Drazen says:

    I have a feeling that panic is setting in with these low level parasites and they’re trying to hold together their crumbling little world as long as they can, hoping for something to get them through.

    With all the surveillance and data gathering that has gone on I have no doubt that the high level parasites are able to create very sophisticated projections and analysis of future trends. Could it be that they have discovered that their system is crumbling fast and so are bugging out and trying to find ways to protect themselves and cover their own asses? Meanwhile their former minions, who are the people we see in the public spotlight, are now rudderless and know when heads start to roll (figuratively speaking), theirs will be first.

    Of course this is just speculation on my part.

  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    One aspect in this blatant confusion being perpetrated is “confusion” itself.

    — Confusion –

    Confusion can easily be a weapon, a controlling mechanism, a method to suppress, a way to cause panic or insecurity or to just beat down someone.

    We see many examples of this employed by the media, the deep state, The Powers That Shouldn’t Be and the many Psy-Ops.

    One easy example is 9/11. (or most false flags)
    There are many pieces of official information which obviously conflict with themselves and are obvious lies. We even have culprits just kind of give themselves away like Bush “When I saw the first plane hit.” Lies on top of lies causing all types of confusion.

    I think of Robert Baer with his art of telling lies mixed with elements of truth. In the video, he gloats about his ability to “lie” and to “misdirect” his entire life, a master at deception while appearing affable.

    Too much stress is actually being confused. Too many unresolved, unstable scenarios to handle.

    The kid in school listening to the lecture starts to daydream, then suddenly comes back to the lecture. He is lost. Confused. Panic sets in.

    Torture is an abundant amount of confusion, whether physically or mentally.

    Confusion makes it difficult to cope.
    Confusion overwhelms a person.
    It is destabilizing.
    It drags a person down.
    It makes a person feel insecure.
    It weakens the individual.

    Some salemen use confusion to sell snake oil. Some pundits do not want to impart understanding, but rather use confusion by way of their big technical words in order to be “experts” and gain altitude.

    Confusions are problems (almost unsolvable).

    Problem Reaction Solution

    Are “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” trying to cause so much instability, so much confusion, such a mess, that eventually we crack? That eventually we become the kid in school who just shows up, doesn’t care, and can’t wait to go home to play video games.

  37. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Interesting. Trump talking explosives on Towers.
    Published Sept 13.

  38. jemave says:

    Why? Because they are realizing that the people have learn enough to be dangerous and are looking for an answer that is outside of the establishment.
    Well, here is the Donald who is genuinely getting in this rat game to do something about it. So here is the planned scenario:
    Lets have an outsider be running the country and lets crash the economy to the ground so badly that the option to elect another outsider in the future will never be a consideration for the masses forever.
    We all know we are at the edge of an economical gigantic crash and most savvy politicians perfectly know that. So lets bring some dummy and let the crash happened under his watch and then lets make sure this will never be forgotten. The Hillary issue may have come to a surprise to the PTB but as you know never let a crisis be a waste and as they have to reset the dying economical model at one point or another in the near future why not take advantage of the outsider to do that.

  39. gjbinmore says:

    What will happen when she dies?

    A reworking of Monty Python’s Parrot Sketch? “She isn’t dead, she’s resting.”

    If it happens after she’s elected Weekend at Bernie’s becomes Four Years at Hilary’s (the White House)

    A head of state who lies in state. White coated technocrats walk in and try to divine what she would do if she were alive, somewhat like the soothsayers in Ancient Greece, those well-disguised agents of the elite. Consulting records of her past psychopathic behaviour, one of them says “She would nuke Russia”. A figure in the shadows shakes his head and they decide she’d rather mess with a lesbian instead.
    MSM news anchor 1: “She might be dead, but President Hilary Clinton just saved the world!”
    Anchor 2: “Imagine what she’d do if she was alive.”
    Stuffed shirts in Sweden: “She deserves a Nobel.”

    I like Teace’s idea that this might be a way of rejecting parts of the MSM for some of the altmedia. Now that belief in MSM has shrunk to 33% it is clearly unsustainable – lies can’t be sold through a medium that hardly anybody believes.

    It’s nice to think that the most gutless and obsequious elements of the MSM will be jettisoned. This is just hypothesizing, but even TPTB might find them embarrassing. Good slaves should have some fight in them.

  40. nosoapradio says:

    Woke up to a great thread here. Great ideas: particularly about the creation and management of confusion to further agendas.

    And about how elites infiltrate and coopt movements- still think program about IPS would be enlightening…

    and about Barry Sotoero enjoying an unprecedented 3rd term… and and

    and great site, great commenters, keep up the great work

    late for the hamster Wheel…

    Oh! for the record, I meant celluloid not cellulous…haste haste haste!

  41. gepay says:

    Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul appear to me to be who they represent themselves to be. The Republicans and the media did the same the thing to Ron Paul as happened to Bernie Sanders with the Democrats and the media. One shouldn’t underestimate the powers that shouldn’t be’s power to manipulate the populace. Imagine if it was your job to get Baby Bush elected, not once but twice. The Brexit vote does not appear to me to be a planned outcome. Neither does Jeremy Corbyn’s gaining leadership of the Labour party. One shouldn’t overestimate their powers. Sometimes, like the Syrian chemical attack red line crossing, the manipulations are just too clumsily done to work (Russia’s oppposition was also necessary). On the other hand Obama has probably worked out better than they expected. They have been too clever for their own good. Chris Hedges gets it right when he says they have stopped the progressives from doing the job of getting the needed reforms passed that keep the system functioning.
    I have been wondering about Trump since before he won the Republican nomination. Even more than I wonder about Snowden and Assange (I like what Assange has done but there have been no big smoking guns revealed and nothing about Israel. What they have done to Chelsea Manning is real. Living in the Ecuadorian Embassy for years, worrying about a sniper when you step outside is alot to ask of someone) but can’t come to a firm conclusion. It certainly is possible that “they” wanted us to know that every digital communication is theirs to know if they want to know.
    Trump could be Andrew Jackson (he stopped the National Bank, was good for the common white American but criminal if one was a native American). Yes they did try to kill him several times. Trump could be a Mussolini, but more likely just another frontman. More and more I think, how could a ?billionaire? but flakey businessman, born rich, friendly with the Clintons, and other insiders be anything else? JFK was an insider, typical cold war liberal. The distrust of the Deep State that began with how they tried to manipulate him with the Bay of Pigs came to a head in the Cuban Missile Crisis. He faced the possibility of nuclear war and it changed him. He became a traitor to the system and they killed him in November. The following year Khrushchev was deposed. The Cold War continued another quarter of a century.
    It is hard to imagine that the TPTB didn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s health problem (appearing more and more to be advanced Parkinsons). They knew about the Shah’s cancer (didn’t tell Jimmy Carter) Sent Richard Helms to Iran to set up the next governing power. I don’t think Khomeini worked out as expected. I think Iranians will remember the Deep State augmented Iraq-Iran war for a long time.
    Mark Twain said, “Are we being run by dumb people who really believe this shit or smart people who are really cynical?” – some combination of both it appears.
    After the fall of the Soviet Union they just didn’t care anymore about giving door prizes to the American middle and working class. Nixon wanted to be President for so long he forgot who the boss(s) really was (were) so after getting rid of VP Spiro Agnew Watergate happened. For some reason Rockefeller really wanted to be President but even “they” couldn’t make that happen electorally. Yes they did try to kill Gerald Ford a couple of times. Yes they did try to kill Reagan as GHW Bush couldn’t wait long enough for the Alzheimer’s.
    It is a hall of mirrors kind of thing along with we know that they know we know that … The Deep State is not monolithic. They fight among themselves and we get to learn a few things about them. But if the system is threatened they will all work together to crush the outsiders. When robots or androids are perfected well enough then they will kill 5 or 6 billion of us so they can live their beyond greed lifestyles sustain-ably. Resource depletion, overfishing, Fukushima, etc are real unlike Anthropogenic Climate Disruption.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Between two frantic rotations of the wheel, I’ll bleat out a quick

      “complete and compelling comment”!

      Bernie Sanders has a few fundamental notions about Israel that might make him useful as President. Could be an immensely popular prez as well…maybe even rivalling Barry.

      Barry, Bernie, Ronnie or Donnie? Hillary’s going to fall….?
      However you slice it or spice it just another brick in the wall…?

      …all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put us back together again….

      getting dizzy…

  42. m.clare says:


    1) Propaganda bypasses the logical mind of the prefrontal cortex and resides instead in the primitive and emotional limbic system.

    2) This area of the brain becomes desensitized over time and needs to get hit with an ever bigger hammer to motivate us to lift our heads from our abundant collection of distractions.

    3) The 2 party Divide and Conquer, Good Cop/Bad Cop model is EXTREMELY effective at manipulating our basic tribal instincts. It explains why we can holler so loud for the Red football team and hate the Blue team. Why Coke is superior to Pepsi, Ford better than Chevy….”THEY” don’t care which team you play for…. as long as you play for a team.

    4) Like adrenalin junkies, the more absurd the more we come back for more sugar…. and more programming by advertisers.

    5) Real power is anonymous and, therefore, accountable to nobody.

    6) The celebrities who end up finalists in our national Popularity Contest / Beauty Pageant are spokes-models. They read scripts written by “THEM” in a convincing way that resonates with our emotional limbic system… be received with either tears of rapture or hatred; depends on the colour of the packaging. They are scapegoats….in the end they all will be thrown under the bus.

    7) The CBC (Canada) spent the last ten years beating up Stephen Harper…our National Scapegoat at the time. Anything that goes wrong (I lose my job, the govt blows money, I get a hangnail, I start losing my hair) my anger is directed at the National Scapegoat. The DAY AFTER Trudeau was elected, the CBC began vilifying HIM. These are smoke and mirror distractions from real power who want to remain behind the scenes.

    8) Brand Loyalty and Laziness – people tend to stay loyal to their tribe….it is seen as virtuous. God forbid you should “flip-flop”….(i.e. change your mind i.e. pause to reflect and think) People will select their tribe for whatever reason and stay loyal to it. They will get their information from a magazine subscription or whatever and keep going to the same place that reinforces their HATRED for the PERSON that plays for the OTHER team.

    9) Our attention spans are diminishing. The schools are failing us. We are cheering for sports teams, chasing pokimon and subscribing to pop culture peer pressure that makes us feel inferior and want to commit suicide.

    When I listen to people speak, they have a visceral reaction to either Clinton or Trump. They are unable to engage their logical minds because they have been programmed to either salivate or vomit at the site of the member of the OTHER tribe.

    The result?

    As slaves, we are ruled by our emotions. We are divided and conquered and, collectively, we are utterly sterile. We fight amongst ourselves rather than uniting against our common enemy.

  43. peace.froggs says:

    Here’s my question to you James: Why is it a wild “conspiracy theory” to think Hillary might have been poisoned/sickened with pneumonia on purpose by the same people that are backing Trump?

    Surely even you can see that Trump is being supported by Tel Aviv.

    Or are you suggesting “the powers that shouldn’t be” are supporting both Trump and Hillary?

  44. John Lothe says:

    ABC affiliate reports on Hilldawg death. Is this real?

  45. dfx says:

    Perhaps Hillary just collapsed under the tremendous weight of 15 years of 9-11 lies…

  46. Nadie says:

    Perhaps the behaviour of the msm is simply reflective of the psychopaths who run it? It certaintly appears they have no self awareness, and are only capable of acting in their own self interest.

  47. chrisjs144 says:

    I have a question: is it necessarily deliberate? After decades and decades of media sycophants – babies thrown from incubators, hidden weapons of mass destruction, etc etc – could it be instead that this is the natural result of the prevailing trends of the media industry?

    After decades of lying on behalf of government, after media staffs have been reduced and Public Relations has expanded, after centralization of media stories (eg. AP), after wedding themselves to the globalist/warofterror agenda, after divesting themselves of all integrity and objectivity in reporting; after all these fundamental changes we have witnessed in the media industry, isn’t this exactly what we should expect from a corrupt media?

    And most importantly, after the internet – after all the people who would have fact-checked a story have already left the media industry audience – why wouldn’t the media now just straight out lie, why wouldn’t they be obviously biased? Most of their audience is not paying attention.

    I may have missed something, if so, please feel free to point out my error and why this bias must be deliberate. Thanks James, James, Broc and everyone here making this site a great resource!

  48. Larry says:

    What’s happening in the US now has already happened in Germany with the Ukraine crisis and even more so with the “refugee” crisis, where the MSM are so blatantly lying that even the most brainwashed people notice it. It has to do with the rising discrepancy between the agenda and the facts. Before this incident, the MSM were hammering that HC illness “rumours” were “conspiracy theories”. Now that the facts prove it, the propagandists are confronted with cognitive dissonance or “doublethink”, as Orwell put it. As time goes by, there will be more and more such episodes, because the system is set up to fail.

  49. Stewart Howe says:

    Hi James, this was another great clip. Kudos and thank you.

    I believe they are making a concerted effort to persuade the masses that ALL information to be found on current events is unreliable and skewed. In effect removing a persons “reference point” of what is real and true; in an attempt to get people to reach “BS Overload” and give up.

    An “informed and engaged” citizenry is their nemisis. They are betting that if they can bombard society with enough dis-info, that many will dis-engage. Or never begin to engage.

    That, and a Sun Tsu “Art of War” type of thing: “If your adversary is emotional, antagonize him” It feeds the “strategy of tension” they embrace also.


    S. Howe

  50. BuddhaForce says:

    Mika Brzezinski: Clinton Campaign Called NBC Trying To Get Me ‘Pulled Off the Air’

    • nosoapradio says:

      I’m so sorry, a little outa touch, bear with me…

      Mika Brzezinski…

      “is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski who was the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter and a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson….” to say the least…

      “…In 2001, Brzezinski began a short hiatus from CBS News, during which she worked for rival MSNBC on the weekday afternoon show, HomePage, with co-anchors Gina Gaston and Ashleigh Banfield…

      …She returned to CBS News as a correspondent in September 2001, a move that thrust her into the limelight as a principal “Ground Zero” reporter for the September 11, 2001 attacks. Brzezinski

      was broadcasting live from the scene when the South Tower collapsed.”

      Her brother Ian Brzezinski, “…is an American foreign policy and military affairs expert.

      He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy in 2001–2005, under President George W. Bush…”

      Her other brother is Mark Brzezinski who

      “… was a foreign policy advisor to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama,[3] and was later appointed Ambassador to Sweden by Obama.”

      and her cousin is Matthew who

      “…began working as a journalist in the early 1990s in Warsaw, writing for publications including The New York Times, The Economist, and The Guardian (UK). He was a Wall Street Journal staff reporter in Moscow and Kiev in the late 1990s.[1] Relocating to the US, he became a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine, covering counterterrorism in the aftermath of 9/11.[2] His work has also appeared in many other publications including The Washington Post Magazine,[3] the Los Angeles Times,[4] and Mother Jones….”

      Guess we could say they’ve got the bipartisan bases covered… along with the BS PR sectors…

      and by the way,

      this kindergarten puppet show is …frankly insulting…

      but probably I deserve it…

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