Yes, Igor, the Oil Markets ARE Rigged

02/21/20158 Comments

In this week’s subscriber newsletter, James explains why Rosneft’s Chairman is right when he points out that the oil markets are rigged…and why he’s wrong when he explains how they’re rigged. Subscribe today for this detailed examination of the past, present and future of oil price manipulation.

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  1. bladtheimpailer says:

    Excellent post that reveals where all the bodies were and are buried. The fact that this current drop in the price of a barrel of oil also has serious geo political consequences as the world’s rich and powerful jockey for position as world government is coming into view in the next century, give or take a decade or so, also plays a vital role in price determination by those able to orchestrate such measures.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the feedback, bladtheimpailer. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but honestly there was even more research that I couldn’t pack into this editorial, so I am planning on a future podcast episode that will expand on this topic and hopefully put it into more of a narrative.

  2. Sonex says:

    One aspect of this energy war that deserves greater attention is the availability of technologies, which make better use of energy. Here are two worth considering:
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  3. oleg.lvovsky says:

    Dear Mr. Corbett,

    I’ve only became a subscriber for the last little bit, but I’ve been enjoying your work for the better part of a year and a half- for that I apologize, as the content was worth paying for from day one. You are the culmination of what I imagine a true investigative journalist should be, and I only wish there will be many others to follow in the footsteps you are leaving in the digital media world. Thank you!

    • jamesthethird says:

      Is leaving a threat or a misspelt leading?

      • oleg.lvovsky says:

        No, not a threat! I really apologize if it came out this way!
        “Leading” would make more sense…My point got a little lost. What I meant to say is I really appreciate his style of journalism!

  4. VoltaicDude says:

    The article above is great James!

    For too many people however this is just boring business news – they don’t get how the power structure you are analyzing is the foundation of all the social engineering that has trapped global society into the violence of a warped reality.

    Even to me – and of course I just finished writing the line and believe it to be very accurate – this can sound kind of hyperbolic.

    Unfortunately this petrodollar “game” literally translates into the murder of millions of people across the globe, and into an official and mainstream accounting and understanding of those tragedies that totally hides the truth about them.

    The technical sounding aspect of all these market machinations is intimidating for many people to the point that they do not allow themselves to directly digest and fully integrate this type of information.

    For others, who even if not fully integrating are well-versed in the technicalities, there is no question on the matter-of-factness of this insane, vicious and somehow also boring system – as though it is as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

    Instead both are cajoled by corporate media that give us “warm” presentations of the “friendly” brand names that provide us with a false sense of security, meaningfulness and belonging – and they often deeply resent anybody telling them any different.

    I’m in the process of revisiting Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell, and The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills, and also looking forward to your future podcasts and to reading more from you about the deceptions of these inhumane and criminal realities within a greater narrative.

  5. justin.delano says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to urge everyone to check out the interview with Pete Hendrickson and to look at his work. Not only because he provides the actual answer to how to not support the state theft by coercion that we call the income tax, but because more of us need to do it to make a difference. There is no way to bring about a voluntary society without first defunding the current criminal enterprise that runs the mafia racket some of us are unfortunate enough to have to call gov.
    I heard Pete interviewed over a year ago on red ice. I bought his book, read it, checked out his site, and went for it. I was totally scared at first, but literally everything happened like everyone (on his site)says it does, and I got my money back. All of it. Then I refiled for the previous year, got that back too. This year will be 3 in a row.
    Check out the website. If he is wrong, I want to know about it so I can quickly move to some island off Greenland.
    I would love to have some people with legal experience check it out and give feedback. All the lawyers I’ve spoken to about it are too chicken shit to try. I know there are plenty of smart folks here, so I’d love to put some of those minds to the task of trying to debunk his work.
    It’s worth the work, you end up paying yourself, what, like 30-40% of whatever you earn. Believe me, it’s a nice check to get in the mail.
    Anyway, it was me who encouraged James to check Pete out, and a month later, here is the interview, so I would like to take that as a positive review. But that would be assuming, so I won’t. But I am damn glad to see that interview here on the site for other smart folks to check it out and see for themselves.

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