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06/21/2023164 Comments

Today James answers the question he received most often from the attendees of The Better Way conference in Bath: are we going to win this thing? Get ready for a bigger answer than you're expecting and a homework assignment of your own.

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  1. Roy says:

    Hi James! I am from Norway, and you look as you have been borne in Norway – from the colour of your skin – you are as bleached as me.
    For the question, are we going to win ?
    No we are not going to win anything ! All of this is a trip, and it is not real. It is a video game.
    For those that are intresseted in this kind of wiew:

    • TimmyTaes says:

      Roy: Even in a video game the player wins something. So what do we “Win” here on Earth?
      A kewpie doll?

    • helanda says:


      Kjærevene og fyfaen.

      Og begynne med en slik fornærmelse sier sitt.

      Bleiket? Som han har badet i klor?
      Har det rablet for deg?
      Eller det trenger du ikke svare på.
      Det klarte du med resten av innlegget ditt.

      As a fellow Norwegian, as Roy.
      I would like to apologize for the behalf of Norway for this ridiculous comment!

      I’m so sorry James

    • paul823 says:

      “All of this is a trip, and it is not real. It is a video game.”

      “The world of dew
      is the world of dew.
      And yet, and yet–”
      ― Issa Kobayashi

  2. Roy says:

    Here are some aspects of language : Are you a-wake ? :

  3. novaz says:

    Hey guys, wonderful topic.

    Indeed exposing the evil plans has drawbacks of hooking you up to resistance & the dopamine rush of fear porn. Nonetheless I consider it important, as it is all presented under this deceptive feelgood veil.

    Regarding finding our own direction, distinguishing two levels may be useful:
    1. the physical / practical level
    2. the energetic/ intentional / manifesting level.

    On the Practical level we definitely need to come up with concrete ideas in order to know where to start. Such ideas won’t be final but need adaptation based on results, but it does need to.

    On the Manifesting level we don’t need to know specifics. There we can simply place our intention on the desired RESULTS, eg a “world of abundance, freedom & mutual respect”.

    When mixing these two approaches it gets interesting.

    On the Practical level, we may feel the need to think HARD to come up with the next steps,
    On the Manifesting level, we could manifest that the perfect next step will present itself without effort.

    So far the theory, with which I have achieved wonderful results with.
    Strangely enough, on this large global issue I got stuck in fighting, debugging the propaganda and ended up in fear porn & its dopamine rush, so I haven’t used manifesting very much yet.

    Currently I feel that enough people are awake, so engaging the propaganda battle is no longer as needed. So I’m getting ready to make a shift to mostly manifesting.

    A potential problem with executing the manifesting approach publicly is that WEF moles constantly infiltrate to influence us, and therefore “the next step that will present itself” may be infiltrated as well. WEF invests quite heavily in (probably corrupted) meditation forms.

    Anyway, before this post gets too long, how does this sound?

    Would people be interested in trying this out and setup manifesting group(s)?
    Do such groups already exist? There are many ways to manifest. Do people have experience with specific methods? I use

    Hoe do we keep such groups free of WEF moles?
    Should we even try?

    All responses welcome.

    Greetings from Amsterdam

    • TimmyTaes says:

      novaz: I am distrustful of all and any groups of humanoids. The madness of crowds, rule by the mob, mass hysteria, are all there.
      George Carlin was right when he said that he loved individuals. He could see the universe in a person’s eyes.
      But when they clot in groups people start to wear funny hats and do crazy things.

      • novaz says:

        George Carlin is a wonderful guy, but he speaks from the old society where you can exist as individual. In the parallel I don’t think we can, we’ll need each other.

        eg when SHTF, you’ll need to defend the house & crops against hungry mobs. Since you will need to sleep at some point, so you NEED a community.

        And in that community, yes, the same problems then come from within. Patterns become active. Not only within others, but especially within me.

        Since I can influence myself best, I aim to focus on my response to the crowd, and that includes my response to a crowd behaving strange & unexpectedly.

        So I recommend developing yourself until you can handle a community. The Carlin attitude ‘crows are crazy but I’m not’ does not serve you here.

        • TimmyTaes says:

          novaz: Adam Smith had his 300th birthday. He believed that all men need each other (as do I), but that doesn’t mean we have to be in groups, tribes, gangs, etc.
          As individuals, we all work in our own self-interest and voluntarily trade goods and services with each other.
          Everyone worries about the mob of zombies, thieves, rapists, etc. who will show up when SHTF. It will be too late then. It’s already over if things get that bad.

  4. rene.p says:

    Will we win? Like you say: win how, win against whom? I’m not looking to “win,” I am looking to be informed and entertained, with the hope that what I’m getting from this site is marginally better than what I would be getting from the MSM. The whole idea of “winning” reminds me far too much of the hopium playbook, which you James have so ably warned us against. Me, I’m trying to put my hope and faith somewhere else, and then let the chips fall where they may…

    • barge says:

      hmmm, maybe the question could be re-asked as ‘Will THEY win?’

      Interesting you think TCR is only marginally better than MSM lol…I guess the MSM provides entertainment and TCR provides information. Might that be the case?

  5. allcomm says:

    I’m listening to the podcast while I write this. I think we’re asking two questions – are we going to win and if so, how? So I’m there too.

    The last 3 years have exposed what is actually happening – to billions of people who had ignored it up to now. The whole concept of civic duty is now up for grabs as an entirely new group of people decide how they are going to honor this requirement that they had never heard of until now.

    During Occupy we bloggers on Alternet came up with a list of 80+ things that needed to be fixed just here in the USA. That list would probably top 150 things now. Fixing the things on that list, would create the society most of us want by getting rid of the things we don’t want.

    Patrick Wood has the tiger by the tail. I just signed up for his on-going training course for $20 bucks a month… and it’s great – plus the advice support system is going to be a welcome change for a loner like me.

    When it get’s released to the public, there is a great interview with Mr. Wood and Corey Lynn on He’s 100% right about the only non-violent way to claw back our US government… and is sure is great to hear about the successes!

  6. Hola amigos!

    I’ve done two trips for 6 months in total to Andalucía in southern Spain which is a traditional area for alternative communities in Europe.

    Beneficio in the heart of the Alpujarras is one of the oldest hippie meccas in Europe. The montanous Alpujarras is a significant cultural area for resistance movements. It has been in the past the last place of resistance for the arabs. Then the last place of resistance för the anarchist against the central power of Madrid led by Franco.
    In the 70s the hippies arrived, in posterior waves alternative folks from communities in Goa, Ibiza, Canarias and other places also turned to the area atracted not only for the amazing geography with mountains and beach and the ever shining god-sun where all is so close that on the same day you can go skiing at the Sierra Nevada and then drive one hour and take a swim in the sea or just relax and enjoy the sunset in the beach, no, not only for that but also for the good conditions to grow your own food. Veggies are all over. Olive oil, avocados, citrus trees, you can see the plantations from the plane.
    The Costa Tropical is the only place in continental Europe where you can grow… yes! Tropical fruits! Mango, guayaba, bananas, papaya. There is even a farmer with a coffee plantation.
    Goats run wild in the mountains and many people keep them for milk and cheese also there is pigs and the renowned jamon de Trevelez. Close Almeria you find the biggest production of veggies of Europe, its so big that you can see the white nylons of the greenhouses in Google maps in satellite view. try it! (That white patch you see is not snow, zoom in!)

    Given the arabic past and hippie influx there is a big religious diversity. You can find buddhist stolpas, Hindu temples and of course a great deal of other Arabic and even Phoenician traces of a past that still permeates in many ways to the present.

    In Orgiva, the local market is amazing. The prices affordable. The miso I bought was perfect.
    The legendary bar ‘Baraka’ is so good that has been featured in many mainstream outlets.

    The people are starting to organise. They are in telegram, search for ARC: Alpujarra Raising Community. They started to experiment with a community currency: ARCO.

    Wait. Why am I trying to sell this?

    No, I’m not a hippie, it’s not my thing although I sympathise with the healthy food approach.

    I like things stable like a steady income and a secure structure for my family. I’ve an almost 3 yo boy and I’m starting to get into the issue of schooling for him…

    Less know and much smaller there is another international intentional comunity building month after month in a tiny beach town 40 min away from Orgiva: La Herradura.

    Young families move to LH in search of alternative schooling for their kids. It’s a mecca for all alternative from homeschooling to unschooling to free schooling.
    Families gather at the beach on weekends and it’s not strange to hear concerned parents discussing Montessori or Steiner, I’ve even find people that also know about J. Taylor Gatto.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple comments. -JC]

    • (Continues…)

      The social milieu in LH feels quiet different from las Alpujarras. There is a cool coworking space, and many are digital nomads (my wife included).

      From LH you can bike to Almuñecar, a genuine Andalusian town. In the opposite direction is Nerja an afluent and (in my opinión) the most beautiful seaside town in southern Spain. Here you find retired people with money. Which constitutes a convenient source of jobs and income for hippies in Las Alpujarras and entrepreneurs in LH. The picturesque mountain town of Frigiliana is considered by many the most charming of the mountain towns. Here is the same, people with money looking to spend it.

      Malaga International Airport is about one hour drive.

      There are newspapers in English, German and Swedish. There are Swedish bakeries and English pubs. All over the area you hear in the streets all the major European languages.

      • Anyway, this is what I think after my experiences:

        1 communities build as a side effect of something else. Often a “solution”. And it seems the two most basic and important are the ones affecting directly the family: healthy food and alternative education.

        2 Geography is important. People get attracted by the nature there. That gives diversity and proximity so then you can have many different flavours and initiatives in the area (there’re alternative communities in Coin, Estepona and in the mountains around Málaga).

        This geographical proximity will allow exchange and synergies, maybe an agorist one.

        Disclaimer: it seem that in Portugal there are many other alternative communities also. I don’t know much about them.

        Sorry for my writing, typing in my phone while I’m in the pendeltåg on my way from Stockholm to Uppsala is not so easy.


  7. sobul says:

    I think as a society we got to this point by placing trust in the “others” (politicians, “Experts”, talking heads, corporate world…) that they will do mostly the right thing, while we happily go and live our life.
    It’s my observation that most events in life happen by intention. Be it getting out of bed and have a breakfast or trying to change the world.
    So I believe if we consciously start to care again about what’s happening around us and why, and start to understand what drives various events in the world (as more and more people start to do), we are on our way to create a different life for ourselves and those around us.
    Yes, we have to set for ourselves some basic goals and values like compassion, honesty, respect the dignity of people, freedom of expression… and then live them out every day.
    There is no future per se, there is just NOW and this is when we have to realize what we want for ourselves and the world. Little by little, day after day, without fear, yet with best of intentions for us all. It might sound esoteric, but it rubs off. I believe it’s all about creating a positive energetic fields that over time engulf more and more people.
    To focus too much on the future, might take away from our present determination. It’s likely no accident that major driving forces and philosophies throughout history, like the church, communism, climate change doom Sayers to be more current, always point somewhere out there and ask, just bear with us.


  8. cu.h.j says:

    Wow! What an excellent articulation of the answer to this question. Having goals and a road map of getting there is critically important.

    Minimizing destructive conflict and conflict resolution is important. No one will ever have the exact same thoughts and opinions. There will always be conflict. It is a natural part of human interaction.

    There is a way of communicating with one another that uses “non violent communication” to have more effective conversation. There’s a book on the subject.

    Increasing in person human interaction is also important. There is a substantial difference in real life experiences to online experiences. Reading more physical books and using more physical media improve mental faculties and psychological well being. Psychological health and resilience increase ability to see solutions and create alternatives.

    The way I see humanity winning is in building something or systems that are better than the vision technocrats have for humanity and naturally people will break away from their vision. Instead of building a dystopian slavery system, people will start building systems based on freedom and mutual respect for each other and the world around us. What we build is more desirable.

    I do think they will fail in the end, to enslave humanity and create a bio-digital cyborg race of synthetic life forms and experience. But it won’t be a failure but it will be a win for the majority of people. It won’t even be bad for the technocrats because what we build is better. So they won’t even lose anything of real value. They are wasting the limited time they have in this lifetime on planet earth doing harm. Time of the most value IMO. But not just time, but quality experience of each moment.

    Virtual reality is not the same as real life experience because it is incomplete. It lacks something and for the majority of people who can experience love and experience real emotions, real life will always be better. There is no substitute. People need privacy and need love and need community. Their dystopian vision excludes these things. The majority of humanity is not psychopathic and a psychopathic system is undesirable and people are realizing this.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I also think it’s important for young people who know what is going on to set an example of living in the real world so that other young people can start doing this. Social media and online games and other vicarious activities are similar to addictive drugs. They do not really provide the thing people are looking for but rather provide an unfulfilling substitute.

      People overcome addictions every day even the most addictive drugs known to man like heroin. If people can quit those types of drugs, they can quit social media like twitter and facebook and can instead do real activities that have a meaningful positive impact on the world around them. Those things are more fulfilling, real life positive work in the real world that have a visible and measurable benefit for oneself and others.

      I really like how Derick Broze has done a good job of modeling community building and real world solutions.

      • Duck says:


        “…People overcome addictions every day even the most addictive drugs known to man like heroin. If people can quit those types of drugs, they can quit social media like twitter and facebook and can instead do real activities that have a meaningful positive impact on the world around them…..”

        People CAN overcome, but you need to be running TOWARDS something rather then away….. I gave up smoking pretty easily when I was imagining every draw shortening the time I could bring up my kids.

        The real issue is that most people do NOT see anything better to run towards…so they will not forgo the pleasures of tech even when they feel it making their life worse, IMO anyway. 🙂

        These guys say it better in song, LOL. Pretty good series it was too.

        • cu.h.j says:

          “The real issue is that most people do NOT see anything better to run towards…so they will not forgo the pleasures of tech even when they feel it making their life worse, IMO anyway.”

          I agree that something to run towards is important, or else why would anyone stop any addiction? I think remembering a time when things were better is important. I’ve had addictions and bad habits. One addiction has such a negative impact on my health that the negative effects were enough to compel me to stop and I realized that it did not really give me anything that was very good in the first place. Other lesser habits like alcohol overuse was pretty easy to stop since it’s really not that good of a drug in the first place IMO. But in both cases I was using these things to escape and avoid experiencing negative emotions but this was only prolonging the misery of actually having to deal with them.

          Negative emotions and tough times are part of life and I have found it is far better to take the bull by the horns and face problems rather than avoidance and escape. Also, the very nature of addiction is a pain in and of itself, having to perform an activity and being dependent on it becomes frustrating. The lack of an addiction even if life is hard is preferable to having a hard life and an addiction on top of it. I’m talking about the average rough life in America. I don’t know what it is like in other countries.

          But perhaps that is where community building and modeling better ways of living comes in, showing people that there is a better way.

          I see some young people with their heads tilted down ignoring the real world around them and they do not look happy. So, if they see other people demonstrating happiness with real life experiences, I think this can help pull some people out of the digital gulag.

    • Torus says:

      I’d love to shake your hand some day. I always respect your input here and really vibe with what you’re saying now.

      -Minimize conflict
      -Practice non violent communication
      -Increase in person human interaction
      -set an example
      -live in the real world
      -teach young people
      -experience life and the breath of human emotion
      -keep a safe distance from the digital realm
      -help others along the way


      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        You are so right Torus. cu.h.j is a real asset!

        • cu.h.j says:

          @Torus and @HRS

          Thank you for the kind words. It would also be wonderful to shake your hands some day. Both of you also provide much richness to this online community and I have learned a great deal here from both of you and others in the comment section.

          I have also learned a lot from others in the real world and am grateful for those experiences as well and the knowledge that has been shared with me. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to help others and in the process of helping have been similarly enriched.

          Namaste to both of you.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Actually, so many people in JC’s audience have really added a lot to this comment section and I have learned so much and I really appreciate having the opportunity to learn and grow.

          JC’s work is inspiring and also challenging at times. It’s tough to learn what is really going on and stay grounded and stay positive.

          For those who are engaging in real world solutions, I have great respect.

          I am especially grateful for JC and other journalists who maintain their integrity and who are doing this work for the betterment of humanity and our world.

          I hope that JC and others know just how much their work means to their audience and others who have been inspired by it.

  9. minnie says:

    Solutions: Love. Understanding. Communication. Listening to others. In other words, refusing to co-operate with the “divide and conquer” games that polarise so many of us.

    Some of the “new wave” therapies might also be helpful – ACT invites us to “drop the struggle” – to stop fighting with our emotions and with others and instead to listen to them (emotions as well as other people).

    Regarding communication and language skills – I’ve been reading Who Paid the Piper? by Frances Stonor Saunders, a fascinating book published in the 1990s, about CIA manipulation and cultural propaganda post world war 2. Full of ideas and literary references that would confuse many today. But worth persevering with.

  10. zyxzevn says:

    Dr Shiva Exposes The System of the Elites
    How the Few Control the Many – What We Do to Break Free

    At the start, he clearly explains how the system works to help the elite.
    He still thinks in “state”, but sees solutions in communities.

  11. richardb says:

    James, you ain”t gonna win anything if Blackrock says no. See James O”Kwwfe’s video on their recruiter.

  12. ejdoyle says:

    Most thinking people would agree we have already “lost.”

    * Unending Chemtrails and their severe health consequences.
    * Toxic food and water.
    * Over six million illegal 20 something aliens in 2 years.
    * Fractional loan lending being replaced with the digital “dollar.”
    * 60% of the population are obese.
    * The acceptance of the Urban Negro murder menace in fear of being cancelled, or allowing the emotional/psychological pathology of transgender behavior, basically 0.6% of our population to run amok.
    * Addiction to nonsense entertainment, a clownification world of millions.
    * The bulk of two generations unable to articulate beyond pop culture vernacular.
    * 90% of the media owned by six families/corporations.
    * So-called “social activists” unable to walk their talk beyond their keyboards.
    * The sissification of young men and whoring of young women in dress and behavior and a total breakdown of the family unit.
    * The constant daily sheep-like following of perhaps a dozen “news” subjects as if the truth can be found there.

    I understand that most of the people who come to this and other sites do not comprehend the level of control that they are under. They argue for their limitations and prison with the same cliche’s and thought processes.

    The pandemic of narcissistic arrogance is found everywhere. If we were so sophisticated and advanced we would have thank you lights on the back of our vehicles.

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

    SOLUTIONS (essay)

    • ejdoyle says:

      >>They argue for their limitations and prison with the same cliche’s and thought processes.>>

      My point made, 15 replies after my list of truths and not one regarding my points, unable to converse.

      We have been warned in books and screenplays for decades…

      At the end of the 1975 movie 3 Days of the Condor, the protagonist, Condor (Robert Redford) is in front of the New York Times building talking with the CIA antagonist, Higgins (Cliff Robertson,) Higgins is answering Condor’s question “Are we planning on going to war in the Middle East?”

      Higgins: It’s simple economics. Today it’s oil right? In 10 or 15 years, food, plutonium, and maybe even sooner. What do you think the people are going to want us to do then?

      Condor: Ask them.

      Higgins: Not now, then. Ask them when they are running out. Ask them when there’s no heat in their homes and they are cold. Ask them when their engines stop. Ask them when people who have never known hunger start going hungry. Want to know something? They won’t want su to ask them. They’ll just want us to get it for them.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      In 1970, Henry Kissinger said:
      “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”

      CAUGHT IN THE DREAM (song)

    • I did try to reply to this and my comment somehow disappeared. I think it had to do with having a bad connection (nothing to do with the site). But I wholeheartedly agree with your list and could add (and HAD added) some more to it. I left this link up to try again when I was in a better place and am just now getting back to it. It didn’t fall on deaf ears. 🙂

      • ejdoyle says:

        No telling who or what is messing with whom these days is there?? :-/

        Thanks for the reply. Civil exchange is difficult to find, even here.

        Glad you are “in a better place” as this is a very challenging time for those who are fighting for truth and freedom.

        My best to you. Try some of this for inspiration…

        LET LOVE IN YOUR LIFE (song)

        • I’ll listen when I get a connection. 🙂 I can’t watch or listen to stuff here at home – which is a pain sometimes, but I also spend less time online than I probably would, which isn’t a bad thing…. 🙂

          By “better place” I only meant a better connection. Believe me, I’m living in the same mess as everyone else, despite being off grid and in the woods (can’t see any houses from here, but it’s still too close to civilization for me). I’m very thankful we got out of the city in 1998. We could see what was coming back then “through a glass, darkly.”

          • ejdoyle says:

            My landlord has generously shared his StarLink with me. 10x faster then our Frontier hook up before. You on line with a phone then???

            I made a decision to stay on line as little as possible. Too much poison out there.

            IMO…The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY. So if one stays away from the source of digital deceit and nonsense, one’s balance is much better.

            This song of mine will appeal to your freedom choice. Talks about leaving any big city.

            AIN’T IT FUN BEING ALIVE (song)

            Indeed, many of us with clean pineal glands have been aware of the story unfolding for a long time.

            I build tribal ceremonial instruments and do drum ceremony with others and myself as well. The controller’s have been quite successful putting down the old ways but if the tools worked for centuries, they very well can get the job done now hey? 🙂

  13. Hare says:

    Jus’ spittin’

    “They” will fail but not without causing terrible pain and death. The technology is not there. (eg, chatgpt, microcontrollers).

    All they have really are death machines, propaganda and brainwashing. It is all an illusion and they are scared scared scared people.

    No matter what they come up with there will always be those who see through, those that will not shut up, those that will come up with alternative solutions and parallel systems, this I believe they know, which is why they are trying to install even more authoritarian systems, to control and keep track of viable threats to their goals.

    But, we the people, will always find a way through eventually. Personally I feel the systems people come up with will be spur of the moment organically grown systems, we are very adaptable creatures. Organised groups wont save us, turmoil will.

    It is quite possible this is not the first great reset, we all know it is the winners that write the history books. To their demise they gave us the Internet. We can now communicate globally physically. And to go to my next point perhaps what was stolen from us in the past was a global spiritual communication.

    Myself, I am trying to not focus on “them” and rather my own spiritual growth, this I feel is what we have lost, a belief in the Spirit, and the only way to get it back is to find it within ourselves and to show as an example to others. There is no war to be won if we all turn our backs on the world they are presenting to us. James’ solutions watch series is an example to the beginnings of this.

    I have felt since I was very young we humans are much more capable than that of which we are told, the time will come where one of us will reveal these secrets upon which point their walls will come tumbling down.

    Jus’ spittin’

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Communication –

    Corbett makes some great points about how communication has devolved.

    I have some years on me, comparing the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s to now, and I have noticed a gamut of changes.
    Have you ever noticed the voice tone/inflection/rhythm-patter changes in both females and males?

    For example:
    Some of these current females have voice inflections and mannerisms which are reflective of growing up as a rich Daddy’s Disney Princess in California.
    Some of these more modern guys have a feministic-queer swagger in their verbal conversations.

    I’ll leave it there, ‘cuz I’m already in trouble.

    • Duck says:


      “….Some of these current females have voice inflections and mannerisms which are reflective of growing up as a rich Daddy’s Disney Princess in California.
      Some of these more modern guys have a feministic-queer swagger in their verbal conversations….”

      The results of not enough reality in peoples lives IMO….though I will say the “feministic-queer swagger” is probably mostly hopeful simp-ing by guys who never had an actual role model to demonstrate proper relations between the sexes.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Since I never got to be a Cowboy living the Rawhide lifestyle…
        …I believe that most of our society’s culture is shaped by the mediums (as in different types of available media.)
        However, personal interactions, especially in like-minded communities, also play a large role in shaping that community’s culture. (e.g. the family unit or ethnic/religious/political communities in the U.S.)

    • mkey says:

      Part of the great inversion; man more and more womanly and women more and more manly. Might have something to do with those chemical that affect testosterone, just a random thought.

  15. loggin says:

    Japan’s most digital man attends a short conference with humans and is converted to personal interaction. Happened to me when I attended Findhorn events.

  16. loggin says:

    The future ?

    The laws of physics do not apply near black holes, so as we hurl toward the great reset all bets are off. To me the digital aspects (ID,CBCDs) are natural technological evolution. However this also provides endless opportunities for dark forces to control and exploit us.

    The WEF robber barons are nothing if not opportunists. The world has gone corporate. Identity politics is fundamentally business driven not humanitarian. That to me is highly dangerous.

  17. arts says:

    I recently watched this presentation from Dr.Rainer Mausfeld. He was a Professor for psychology and he always brings interesting associative hints to things in history. (sry, it’s in german)
    This presentation is named “Menschenbild und Demokratie”.

    R. Mausfeld asked himself why the ppl repititously elect the bad guys that are not doing what is good for the ppl but for the power elites.
    He found cites of some guys in history who are saying that “The present government is the mirror of the present human self image”.

    That means if we want change we need to change our image of “what is the human being”.
    He adresses that the concept of the “homo oeconomicus” is the “self image” the people have adapted in these times and he found that even the OECD put the “homo oeconomicus” into the curriculums already in the 50ies or 60ies.

    He also describes that even the stone age tribes had mechanisms to prevent the creation of “power and might accumulation” because humans in these times already knew the greed and hunger for might will collapse a working social environment.

    We can have hope. One cite of A.Humboldt: “human has infinite possibilities to use finite set of tools”…We just need to start!

    Love to y’all

  18. generalbottlewasher says:

    Words as Existential threat? Compare that thought to a sport. A sport like G. O. L. F.,an acronym for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden.
    Golf is a puzzle !?!

    Golf as sport cannot be won. It can only be played.
    I have already won.

    Here is where I would beg the smartest mind I have ever known, a wordsmith on par with the editor in chief, ManBearPig to explain this too you…and to me,fully. Please , I’m not capable or worthy of uttering such Lustrous Pearls strung together, once heard, turning pigs into men.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Well Manbearpig must be on the hampster wheel so I’ll fill in the blanks.
      I was in slight opposition to James’s comment about cognitive dysfunction,but maybe less so now. Maybe people have less time to contemplate puzzles,or just plan lazy. The PTSB have exploited this human trait with words. No wonder we are awakening in an unfamiliar world. Foretold to us by Words like those above. Words with multiple meaning. You pass over these words with your conscious eye focused on it’s surface . It’s hidden meaning lodges in your sub conscious.
      For dyslexic people the hidden meaning pops out on the surface terrain. Read as forward,backward,and multiple opposing meanings,like a ricocheting bullets in you mind.
      This is all I’ll say now about the puzzle above. This is where MBP excels, in asking not how smart you are but how dumb are you. The Ultima point here is in answer to James’s request for a list. I hope he implies what’s Both on and off the list. Going forward what should not be on the list will be charged,double meaning words,like those above. Keep it clear,simplistic,with , straight forward meaning in all aspects. If a new language is needed so be it. Hey we are building a new culture here, why not new words. Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange, was a master at kicking culture in the yarbles.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Ok, tomorrow is Friday here in the USA. Every Friday is Chelsea Golf Association game day. Serious life and death competition. It reflects life in every way. Hierarchy,psychological chess,athletic performance, economic marketing on future outcomes,id,ego,alter ego. Real as in survival. The challenge is internal manifest for external realization. Much of what JC has been speaking about manifesting reality,change, for a perceived outcome that’s better then the reality we find ourselves in now. That’s golf. Or is it?
        In Golf you cannot cheat. There is where it deviates from life. You want to escape this crap we call reality. Learn golf. To cheat is unthinkable in golf. You will truly be shunned if you are caught cheating. Thrown out,banished. Lying,as in score, play of ball,self governing of rules, available resources, no play from the margins, no credit here,the truth foremost above all.
        The golf reality is identical to building a new culture reality. So it really can’t be that hard since the model has already presented itself in golf. Follow the rules which are based in moral acceptance and responsibility. The rest will fall into place.
        Now as for the puzzle above I’ll give you a hint. Think Cerces . Think the first is last and the last is first. When Cerces magic didn’t work she used words. Golf to Golf, flog to flog is to hit with a stick. Golf is not devoid of carnal knowledge ,read the acronym backwards ,it’s a golf club for crying out loud. Where pigs are turned into men in the best of Scottish Rites You got to use your brain. The enemy has spies and use words to control you,enslave you. Just like the Perfidious Albion did the Scots. Not much changes in reality untill you change what’s in men’s hearts.
        I know the rite way to play, I have already won

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Following up on the homework assignment,for ourselves, and for James C’s future panel (now seriously in doubt).
          Golf as model for new culture.
          A curious thing about rules that lead to self organizing outcomes. Maintaining a centralized log of rules that guide the moral responsibilities of the sport are rarely needed. The rules are few if you agree to a underlying principle. That being, is it fair,moral and represents the truth, reality. Eye witnesses are key and rarely do you need a Marshal. Unlike,say NATO,when they get caught lying, cheating,stealing claiming moral authority, they just double the aggression to force compliance to their will. In Golf usually, eye witness testimony reduces the need of a force,to find acceptance. This is based on the voluntary preceptor of the moral guidance. How can a player not know he has cheated,lied or claimed erroneously a 3 instead of a 4 that was real, verified by witnesses. Reality will matter in a new culture.
          Now enter the markets of Golf, in a simple minded notion, MONEY. But in Golf as in our new culture goods,services of value are as interchangeable as money. I say money is for dummies, quick and easy possessing no moral character. Mowing a lawn, washing a car to fulfill a contract speculation that you could not materialize will in reality make you think twice before making such market bets. Moneys moral equivalence fails here when compared to real sweat equity. You will think twice next time you make stupid,wasteful market predictions. You obligate yourself to fulfill all contracts you make, maintaining your moral social standing. Without that you will find yourself naked in the wilderness. You are betting on your integrity more than your talent Therefore you have already won. The whole community wins cause it starts and ends with you.

  19. helanda says:


    Kjærevene og fyfaen.

    Og begynne med en slik fornærmelse sier sitt.

    Bleiket? Som han har badet i klor?
    Har det rablet for deg?
    Eller det trenger du ikke svare på.
    Det klarte du med resten av innlegget ditt.

    As a fellow norwegian, as Roy I would like to apologize for the behalf of Norway for this ridiculous comment!

    I’m so sorry James

  20. Duck says:

    The vision of “The Future” idea is itself the problem…. People have developed a linear view of history. It is an atheistic perversion of Christian theology of the world having a start and progressing towards a definite end point and purpose)

    This idea of “progress” towards to a fixed (worldly) End point is where you get stupid ideas like Trans humanism or Technocracy. Humans have replaced God in this kind of worldview, and create arbitrary goals and values which will ALWAYS fail because they do not accord with reality. The current iteration is just the craziest version of the cycle.

    The REAL Question is not “will WE make it” but “WHO is going to make it” and the answer to that is simply People who can secure

    A)Material needs like food/shelter/Alt-economics and
    B) Find Meaning in their lives so that the greater comfort and ease of “the System” does not lure them or their offspring into it.

    The Amish are actually a pretty good example of success in this regard….however the majority of people who think they are resisting the system are REALLY just wanting to wind it back to an earlier iteration- what Academic Agent calls “Back to Fresh Prince”… they want to enjoy the pleasures of modern life and will sell their soul for it. Anyone who wants to “make it” needs to a) Get religion, b)Find a like minded community c)Breed as many kids as possible, d) Find a way to live as much outside the system as possible…… and also get used to being poor and doing without.

    So, my vision of the future is that by about 2050 the world population will mostly be oldsters who will rapidly die off (probably in abject poverty) and in the post population-collapse world the children and grandchildren of those who managed to stay out of the system will create a world where most people will go to church (though as always fewer will truly believe), there will be no welfare, most people will be fed and housed but not half as wealthy as they are now, and women will mostly be homemakers with little political power and probably most places will limit the vote to property owners….in other worlds a return to the normal world most of history was. Those IN the technocratic system will mostly die off the way the population of Roman cities did.

  21. I disagree with your premise that we must come up with a “vision for the future”. That we can’t simply say we don’t want this, that, or the other.

    James the “vision for the future” is an easy one.
    We simply want laissez-faire and let the cards fall as they may, as they were doing
    for thousands of years before the psychopaths, the CIA, the Fed, Big Pharma, et al. gained a stranglehold on humans.

    But if you insist we must come up with a vision, then Life Force Canada has done an excellent job with one, covering all the essentials.

  22. helanda says:

    The Muslims in Xinjiang has already lost, at least many of them.
    So has alot of children picking chocolate, cotton etc.
    Kids mining for our over consumption.

    I just saw an shortdoc on DW. Fucking heartbreaking watching children hoping for rain so they could stop mining and grow a garden and have animals.

    I wonder how many children’s life I am responsible for… With my chocolate and electric consumption… it’s a fucked up world.

    My point tough. And sorry for the negativity here.
    Many people has already succumbed to this tyrannical rape we call the powers that shouldn’t be. Either knowingly or not. Of old age or cancer by diet:P etc etc
    And who are the tyrants? We all know that. But we still toil for them. Like we have for generations. Regular humans are producing glyphosate daily, enriched uranium etc. They all have 2 arms and a head.
    But so are those who are producing organic food for their family and friends.

    Women in Kenya are fearce tough, destroying Chinese teapicking equipment.

    Like the french(?) did with their shoes. Or Sabots. Hence the sabotage. That mean walk loudly I think.

    This is the only way we can win. We need to stop and toil for THEM.
    Stop making private jets, yachts, subs, etc etc… we have the technology to exclude THEM from society. We already made it for THEM. those fuckers. Nepobabys the lot of em. Fuck em.
    And one of the first things that have to stop, is the military and weapon production.

    On a side note, I just saw the solar eclipse 2. Google that crazy ship. Fuck those fuckers!!
    After we win, I’m stealing that… or maybe be before! Stay tuned:P

  23. madhu says:

    A few months ago I woke up at 5am with a load of thoughts running through my head. I wrote them down, mostly because I just wanted to get back to sleep. Listening to James today talk about whether we are going to win has made me go and find that scrap of paper. I have no idea whether this will help anyone, but here’s what I wrote:

    If we know who we are and what we believe in,
    We have already won.
    It is just a matter of each day thinking
    how can I reduce someone’s suffering,
    how can I bring joy
    how can I feel more alive today?
    What can I start building
    to thwart their plans
    to make people aware
    to shine light or shine like a light
    to help people?
    Don’t waste time or energy wondering or fretting about whether we are going to win.
    We have already won.
    Now go out and make things happen.

    (NB I have kept the crap middle-of-the-night-brain punctuation to retain authenticity)

    • metta says:

      While I prefer not to frame it in terms of win/lose I do like madhu’s point:

      If we know who we are and what we believe in,
      We have already won.

      It is time to start getting to know ourselves, our thoughts and what we truly value. Without self knowledge we may inadvertently or subconsciously feed the very thing we say we oppose. Humans are not only skilled at deceiving and manipulating others, we are all capable of making up stories to justify our own choices. Many of us really believe these stories we make up. Question not only what is happening out there – also question, on a daily or hourly basis, our own thoughts, words and actions. We are capable of seeing the intention behind our action (and reaction); we are capable of seeing the consequence of our action and we are capable of choosing a different way when we don’t like the consequence of the old action.

      I am aiming for a free and independent life but up until a year or 2 ago I was completely taken in but the lies. I am still getting to know how tricky my mind is! Being wrong is a blow for the ego but I am confident that by being wrong I am on a path to a freer and more fulfilling life. (I must acknowledge my yoga teacher for guiding me on this journey of getting to know myself. I needed her help to figure that I was the cause of all my ‘problems’ and that I am the one who needs to take action if I want a ‘solution’).

      Thank you James, for your tireless work in providing well researched, interesting and informative content. Thank you also for walking your talk – we can all see that it IS possible to cut those ties and live a free life.

  24. TimmyTaes says:

    My favorite quote is by the author Robert Heinlein:
    “80% of human knowledge is knowing to mind your own business and the other 20% doesn’t amount to much.”

    We win when people learn to mind their own damned business.

  25. BrendaLeeK says:

    Without question we will win. I don’t think it’s fair to create a plot to make that happen. Of course they’re way ahead of us they started the game long ago. For someone who has connected with many people and resources lately I have a plan and I’m preparing my own way. Staying close personally to like minded people I’ve come across. Who knows the challenges ahead because chances are it’s going to be rough until the big win. Here in Saskatchewan for sure come winter. But I’m lucky to have, not a whole lot, but I am, and we all have to be willing to share when the time comes to weather the storm. Because storm is coming. Sure as death and taxes no f’ing more.

  26. clapson says:

    After viewing hundreds of your superlative videos over the years, James, this is the first I have recognised the French Canadian tendency to gesticulate with one’s hands whilst speaking.
    Go figure.

  27. Ectorshire Wolf says:

    I think it’s fair to note James is exposed to a different world than many of us experience. Due to his profession he, for the most part, encounters people of similar interest. While that isn’t bad, it does have the potential to skew his perspective a bit.

    I say that to say I disagree with his ultimate conclusion related to win/lose. “We” will eventually lose if for no reason humans, en masse, seem to need to make the simple, complicated. I think it stems from ego. Too much to say on this topic, for this forum.

    A primary reason I subscribe is because I respect the work James does, and I agree with much of what he says. But in my world, many of the people I encounter, in the US, acknowledge the concerns of today’s realities but they are too indifferent, too lazy or too scared to attempt to get involved.

    So James is, in my humble opinion, incorrect about ultimately winning, but I don’t think it’s wrong to work to delay the eventual loss, as long as possible.

    • Duck says:


      The thing is that the current system, and the one they are trying to build, is basically sterile and stupid… cant ‘win’ any more then the Societ Union could ‘win’…. true they COULD have rolled across Europe, or even the world, but they would eventually have failed because their ideas were stupid and unsustainable.

      What CANT go on forever WONT…. so the current system will ‘loose’….which means that those who come out the other side will ‘win’ by not being dead or post-human animals.

      The problem is that people today have minds shaped by hollywood and TalmudVision, and think of winning in those term….. we win BY NOT LOOSING.

      The people who are too scared or lazy to act do not matter…. they are not part of the “we” that wins, because they can never and will never ‘win’ anything because they are NPC’s not players.

      • Ectorshire Wolf says:

        I think you may be a quack, har har.

        I get your point but don’t totally agree. Your statement “The people who are too scared or lazy to act do not matter …..” strikes me as a bit naive. Scared and lazy people can become quite dangerous, much like a drowning person. When put in a tight situation they start flailing and thrashing about, possibly pulling everyone around them down with them. Ignore them at your peril.

        • Duck says:

          Ectoshire Wolf

          “…When put in a tight situation they start flailing and thrashing about, possibly pulling everyone around them down with them. Ignore them at your peril.,,,”

          I guess I was not clear in my meaning, sorry.

          Agree 100% – they can be dangerous, most dangerous when they are organized as a zombie army by others.

          Someone told me that in the walking dead show there were people who wore zombie skins and directed great masses of them around to whereever desired….. good analogy since zombies are not much good to have “on your side” for anything other then eating people or BLM riots.

          The problem with many in the “freedom” movement is that they reallllly want to be popular,and have the masses acknowledge they are ‘correct’, when in fact the opinion of stupid, lazy, cowardly people should be of ZERO interest to any of us. THEY CAN NOT HELP, their opinion does not matter, and they will follow whomever has the most power. THEY WILL NEVER SUPPORT US UNLESS WE ACTUALLY HAD POWER

          CS Lewis had an essay on ‘democratic education’ and predicted (see also “Screwtape raises a toast”) how rather then bringing the masses up to the values and virtues of aristocrats modern thinking LOWERS almost everyone to the level of lumpen proletariat.

          Before public education and TV and movies we were probably at the highest rates of Non NPC people ever, but it will take a hundred years to get back there.

          • Hare says:

            “The problem with many in the “freedom” movement is that they reallllly want to be popular,and have the masses acknowledge they are ‘correct’, when in fact the opinion of stupid, lazy, cowardly people should be of ZERO interest to any of us. THEY CAN NOT HELP, their opinion does not matter, and they will follow whomever has the most power. THEY WILL NEVER SUPPORT US UNLESS WE ACTUALLY HAD POWER”

            Yes, exactly. So, where does Corbett stand on this? Will he answer directly or will it only be grouped in a mass sarcastic “questions for Corbett”?

            I have a huge respect for Corbett’s work but his latest dismissal of the comments here has me quite upset. I wait to hear from him. Yet, am I not important enough? A fellow human being, that he preaches from his work to care about? For what he does his work?

            This is his platform yet never responds directly, complaints have been made about his platform (yet he never responds, is he elite?) I dont think he follows “whomever has the most power”, in fact i do believe he is most against that. Yet, it seems his approach, to mock those that follow him, is incorrect. Corbett has not provided solutions but spits out what he finds online, where is his opinion, what does he feel, who is he?

            The “alt-media” has become an industry, a new MSM, there are many of them claiming this that and the other. Who to trust? Who to believe in?

            Corbett seems to think he can just be open sourced and provide his links, yet to mock his supporter openly is abhorrent. And to ignore them on his own platform is just….

            To speak only to a video camera, to be only on a stage, is to only be a celebrity. Yet, Corbett publishes a course, mass media, yet ignores the lesson he is teaching.

            So, Mr. Corbett, do you have anything to say? Or will you just ignore me and mock me indirectly in an upcoming video?

  28. daniellin says:

    Someone in an online community forum asked this question some time ago and as you also mentioned James, I also don’t know exactly how to get from where we are (here) to where we wish to be even after setting my vision for a better world. James, please feel free to use this comment in any way for any potential future “solutions watch” episodes and I’m also curious to know what subscribers might feel about this as well. Here is my vision:

    Freedom to me is not being under control of any “government” and not being defined by material possessions such as money — and currency wouldn’t exist in a free world unless it were truly accessible to and equitable for all.  Voluntary relationships with people and entities would take the place over coerced relationships managed under constant duress; absent the presence of “rulers” and not a single soul on this planet would be or feel “ruled” by any person or entity.

    We would we able to make our own life choices free from reprisal and discrimination — even if others disagree with those choices for any reason(s), we could all work towards respectful disagreement without the harm or traumas or even bloodshed that might accompany disagreements these days. We would all work together to ensure the moral and spiritual health and integrity of humanity are at the highest levels respectively and NEVER allowed to fall to the levels we see today (even though humanity’s spirit is rising slowly but surely), while having as much fun as we possibly can doing this. 

    Senseless wars would end and we would finally learn to live in harmony. History and education as a whole would we taught accurately and comprehensively to provide conduits for the endless talents and passions of people to be discovered and nurtured, and history itself would never be repeated on such a grand scale as what we are currently witnessing.

    There would also be the discernment between medicine and medication. Medicine serves to heal the entire body in a holistic way, whereas medication only “treats” symptoms only for those same symptoms to worsen — with other symptoms also likely developing as a result.  Pharma would be extinct and doctors of medication would once again become doctors of medicine who understand health entails the entirety of the human body as a whole, especially spiritual health. 

    Harsh, undertested or untested and unnecessary chemicals, GMOs, additives, preservatives, parabens, phtalates, etc. —all or most of which cause or contribute to massive environmental and bodily harm — would be extinct and food would be grown through organic and biodynamic agriculture that focuses on regeneration of the soil, the health of our planet and humanity. No longer would we have to travel the ends of the Earth to find or grow unpolluted and untainted fresh, nutritious foods and water. 

    EMFs, RFR, Wi-Fi and other forms of electromagnetic radiation and technologies would be used to humanity’s benefit, and proper guardrails would be sought for those with EMF hypersensitivity or who just wish not to be constantly exposed to radiation.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  29. CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

    Why did James get pissed about the comments section in this post of his? They look okay or not out of the ordianary for Corbett Report commenting at a glance. I think Jim make be getting a touch crotchety in his ‘old age’, but I can relate to this (I’m 44, so I’m assuming Corbett might be a touch older). For example, he made a point to a podcast interviewer (Steve Poikonen, aka SlowNewsDay on ‘the AM WakeUp’) in recent months about how time was a-wasting at the intro of the interview (“well, pleasure to be here, now let me spend 50 minutes saying hello”, lol):–More-

    Don’t ever stop being a crotchety old bastard, James! In fact, get even more Howard Beale Mad-As-Hell! Do away with comments altogether! Do a year straight of interviews with that Ancients-of-Days boomer Ernest Hancock and Declare Your Independence just to piss me the fuck off!

    Maybe I’ll send Ernie an e-mail and let him know, politely, that I think he interrupts you and blathers on too much in his past interviews with you. Then, with that understanding in mind, I think we can have him back on your show again to interview you…

    Also, throw Pilato a bone and start doing the Film, Literature and the New World Order again with him!

    • Duck says:


      “…Why did James get pissed about the comments section in this post of his? They look okay or not out of the ordianary for Corbett Report commenting at a glance. …”

      I dont know, I hope we did not upset him too much.

      It could be that as Mr Corbett has a better grasp of the stuff going on he sees that few people, even here, really understand that things are going to get much worse? I used to get sad watching people choose paths that I knew were going to end badly.

      Or maybe he was hoping for more proactive ideas….? That might help people start actually doing something positive like starting to grow/store some food and getting used to doing stuff outside the system?

      Or maybe he wanted to see more organization/ plans?

      The Technocrats and the communists have plans, and THIS guy has an actual manifesto for what he wants the world to look like where as most people here just want to keep the world MOSTLY as it is now or roll it back a bit to an earlier stage both of which are pretty much impossible.

      • CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

        Thanks for the link, Duck. I hope James isn’t getting too down or affected by the weight of the NWO/globalism pace. I am starting to embrace the Dark Joker archetype of Clown World-Kali Yuga more and more, so maybe that accounts for my attempts at sarcastic humor on CR and elsewhere.

        I don’t give two shits about several billionaires who died instantaneously in a bargain-rate submersible depth-implosion (I guess that’s a little too bad about the 19 y/o, but I’m still collecting memes of the news event and think it’s overall funny, and perhaps ritualistic, or has conspiratorial intrigue potential). I stack groceries overnight for work and rarely have more than a grand in my bank account, despite getting NEET bucks from the VA for a 2-year bender after discharging from the service. I still live at my mom’s house after moving back to the parents’ home 12 years ago. James’ little passive aggression moment directed at his audience means little to me in light of my private concerns. We all like James. Let him have his griefs and grievances.

        I have fantasies of James throwing out the format altogether and start dialoguing regularly about synchromysticism with Christopher Knowles; or perhaps ‘unironically’ being an Alex Jones-style presenter, but with every episode dialed to 11 (a long game, Kaufmanesque troll, if you will. I want to see, or have it implied [since I mainly listen to the show] that James’ face is beet red from blood vessels bursting after every ‘broadcast’). James going on Russel Brand’s show and dress exactly like him, but don’t comment on the wardrobe and if pressed, answer ‘this is how I’ve always dressed’.

        I listened to a good portion of Eddie Bravo interviewing Alex Jones on Rokfin recently. Alex Jones was actually pretty good with disseminating info and patient with Bravo. I don’t dislike Bravo, and actually saw him a year or so ago at a Sam Tripoli comedy event. Bravo might not be functionally retarded (*might* not be), but he is ignorant as fuck. James – go on Eddie Bravo’s show and tell him to his face how gd ignorant he is on these topics, and that he needs to do more research and self-educating if he wants to present himself as an ‘educator’ and host a truther/conspiracy show that reaches potentially many folks on a various social media platforms, including Rokfin. What’s he going to do, fly to the sunny climes of Western Japan and put you in a chokehold?

  30. VICTOR says:

    WE WILL WIN. Create communities of interest, and have a goal in mind for each year eg by 2024 I will only shop locally and only use cash. By 2030 I will build my farming community where we share and grow crops together.

    Having a goal in mind and pushing towards that goal will surely make us win!

  31. Hare says:

    Seems James Corbett thinks that everything everyone took the time to write out above, using their paid subscription, on an archaic crappy commenting system was “disappointing”.

    From what I saw everyone offered a lot more than what Corbett did in his video.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your opinions, experiences and ideas.

    Seems Corbett is getting to big for his boots. Is this the UK’s doing?

    God save the Queen, man.

    Boy, James am I expecting a hard hitter in your upcoming “hypothetical” episode, don’t disappoint us now.

    Geez, popularity really changes people.

    • shale2 says:

      Bit mean. Let’s face it, The Great Unwashed has also to accept liability for their/our own predicament. After all, if you had a football team of 8 billion against one of 2,000, you’d kind of bet on the 8 billioners. Unfortunately, they were all lying down.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I didn’t take what he said in this episode to be directed at me or his audience but some members of the general public. And the criticism or rather observations were not offensive since he was not insulting anyone’s character.

      I think his observation about how social media has had a negative impact on language and comprehension is accurate.

      I’m not sure how many people interact with the general public (in the US) regularly, but I do frequently, and I think there is a gap in general knowledge among younger people. In hospitals I have treated young people who were glued to their phone. One person could barely have a conversation because he was checking his phone. I explained that he would need to stop in order for me to get information and it seemed like that made him uncomfortable.

      I’m not saying all younger people a social media addiction, but a lot of people do and one of the side effects is a shorter attention span and a smaller vocabulary and apparent decreased comprehension. This is what I observe.

      Maybe I even have less verbal ability and writing skills than the generations before me so who am I to judge. I’ve never had very strong writing ability because it’s not a skill I tried to hone in college since I was a student of biological science. I did okay in other classes that required college level reading and writing though, but I was never a strong writer. I’m sure my writing is even less strong now.

      I think JC is gifted in English and literary fields which is why he studied it. His math and abstract reasoning skills seem quite good as well and probably would have done well in the sciences. I have known people who got degrees in English and it’s a pretty rigorous field of study.

      My point is that not everyone has the same skill and interest in every subject and everyone has biases and I’m sure JC is no exception. I definitely don’t think JC is an egotist though, not intentionally anyway.

      It’s interesting though to hear that some people took this episode to be insulting in some way. I did not interpret it that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • Hare says:

        “I didn’t take what he said in this episode to be directed at me or his audience but some members of the general public.”

        JEP: Are we gonna win?
        Corbett: (laugh) Not if the response to my recent questions for corbett along those lines is any indication. I must admit I’ve never been so demoralised or disappointed in MY AUDIENCE by any response to anything I’ve ever done since the penultimate edition of film literature new world order….

        So yes, it was addressed to you and what you shared cu.h.j.

        But, it seems some dont like those to call out Mr. Corbett off his high horse at times.

        As I have asked in the recent nwnw thread what solutions Mr Corbett do you personally offer other than sharing others ideas that do not disappoint you?

        • cu.h.j says:

          I hadn’t watched this episode of New World Next Week until today. I would pose a question.

          Why was he disappointed?

          My guess is that he posed a question to the audience and answers were insufficient? This is my guess.

          It would be good to know why he was disappointed because hearing new ideas and criticism is important in order to grow.

          • Hare says:

            “Why was he disappointed?”

            “My guess is that he posed a question to the audience and answers were insufficient? This is my guess.”

            But of course.

            So what was insufficient?
            How can we know?
            Only by sarcastic “questions for corbett”

            Only time will tell, as i have said on his nwnw thread, (we have to explain ourselves because his paid commenting system sucks yet he is “disappointed” at the lack of constructive comments), what are Corbetts personal solutions that arent disappointing?

        • Duck says:


          “…But, it seems some dont like those to call out Mr. Corbett off his high horse at times….”

          Well… TBH it IS his website, so he is pretty much able to sit upon any high horse he chooses….. though hopefully not naked!

          I was thinking of the Emperors clothes but my fingers typed this…. Lol

          • Hare says:


            “TBH it IS his website”

            Really? Are you spitting the BS that we have been told the past few years as to why censoring it.

            • Hare says:

              Not say he is censoring it but damn, trying to have a conversation here is out of this world. Trying to follow threads, i have two TWO threads going here and replying to both of them is damned near impossible! And this is the paid feature here Corbett offers. I have had better free experiences.

              • Hare says:

                And I dont care. I did not pay James for commenting. I paid him for his work. But yet when he claims it is disappointing, and his system is deplorable he has no one to blame but himself.

                And I have other stuff, directly addressed to James to which based on history he will not respond on his own website. Sure, I am not important. But when he claims we are disappointing he has some questions to answer. Will he? Directly here? Upon which we can all have a discussion? Instead of him preaching? Please, I wait to see. It is early early in Japan. Will he respond here directly and not in a sarcastic qfc video? Or will he just mock me in some other this that the other?

              • Duck says:


                “…. So, where does Corbett stand on this?….”
                I Cant speak FOR him but he appears to be a Voluntryist anarchist type, which IMO is kinda a silly, Utopian philosophy but he appears very consistent on this. He’s said such things a few times.

                “…. his latest dismissal of the comments here has me quite upset….”

                It made me sad, for him, I don’t know him personally but its sad to see such a great worker getting downhearted.

                “…Yet, am I not important enough?….”
                I doubt you are unless your the guy who donated 20 bitcoin or something 😉 Just because we SEE him does not mean that we have a real relationship….you need to go hug him in England for THAT 😉

                “…. (yet he never responds, is he elite?)….”
                YES, he is. I suspect that he does not like to think about this being the case, but yes, he most certainly IS the Elite. He is, basically King of his website.

                “…..mock… that follow him, is incorrect….”
                I do not think he was mocking us, but even if he did why would it upset me? This is the INTERNET. Also If anyones feels “mocked” because he was disappointed then we ought to look at why he might find our responses worthy of derision and then decide if we, or him, are right

                “…. Corbett has not provided solutions but spits out what he finds online, where is his opinion, what does he feel, who is he?….”
                He’s not a E-girl…. While I’d kinda like to know more its just voyeuristic interest. What he produces is the BEST reporting you can get anywhere.

                “…The “alt-media” has become an industry,…. Who to trust? Who to believe in?…”
                NONE of them, none of them know everything and none of them have the whole picture and every one of them is subject to pressure or deception. Trust no one that you do not personally know!!!

                On Forums …. you could always set up your own forum and I’m sure it would lure some of us over to chat….personally I think a IRC chat node might work best. As long as you dont demand my phone number or whatever I’d probably take a look at most anything


              • Hare says:

                Cant reply to Ducks comment below. Yet, Mr. Corbett you find our interactions disappointing? Give me a break!

                I myself, before I found Corbett, found myself a voluntaryist. Perhaps, Duck, on a better platform we can find ourselves discussing that., to be annoying, we could have it here but this website, though it is preached doesnt allow it.

                We all get downhearted, especially today, but allowing mockery of subscribers. James?

                Your comment about me not donating 20 bitcoin contradicts your feeling of Corbett’s ideas being more important than money, probably a joke i assume.

                To HUG him (Corbett) in england is just a denial of what is possible here if the platform is correct. Meaningful relationships online which can then transform into IRL relationships is very possible. Ignoring that is I dont know what.

                Yes, Corbett has become ELITE, and yet that is what he speaks profusely against, his refusal to respond on commenters here is an example of that is it not? Have you James become what it is that you speake against? Answer here now, not in a sarcastic qfc please.

                “King of his website”? A king that never responds directly to his people aside from talking to a video camera addressing his subjects?

                Mock us? Yes he was,he asked a question and the responses he mocked. Quoting him proves that. And do we need to question ourselves because of his mocking? No, he is not our Lord and only to our Lord do we answer and it is only our Lord that will decide of whom was right. But, I am not silent yet he (Corbett) is. So, Mr. Corbett, will you address this mocking of your supporters?

                Be the INTERNET changes nothing for Corbett addresses the people that pay him that partly give him the food on his table and the roof over his head.
                Do not bite the hand that feeds you is it not?

                It is the BEST reporting? Subjective no? Corbett would like to think so, you and I could agree, my Sister, Brother, and Mother, maybe not. Corbett has proposed “Us vs Them” many times, even in this thread “Will We Win?”. Who is “We”? “We”, paid subscribers, can’t even come to terms on that.

                Why would it upset me? Because I give my hard earned money for him to live his life yet then when becomes popular mocks those that support him. And I work hard (not online, not popular, behind the scenes, trying to make a change). What James, do you have to say to that?

                And these days, it seems, trust no one, even those that you personally know, and that is James’s point with his ” open source intelligence”, research and decide for yourselves, but here it seems the mocking is taken and even defended. Because we are not Corbett nor had a website for how many years? That is Elite is it not James? But what about those whom regard not recognition nor have a website but do things on the forefront without sharing anything but locally? Disappointed because they do not want you to share?

                [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

              • “Trying to follow threads, i have two TWO threads going here and replying to both of them is damned near impossible!”

                I catch your drift.
                I have mentioned this ‘problem’ several times already about this site.

                I don’t think it would be difficult at all for James to set up a forum here where we could engage in conversations in a much more natural flowing fashion.
                Forums where people could quickly find the conversations they were currently involved in and those that were older.

                Since James has not implemented this I can only guess why he has chosen not to. It wouldn’t take much work to set up this add-on to the site.

                My guess is that he realizes the limitations of the comment section and likes them in some perverse way. 🙂

                Maybe you folks can explain/guess why he hasn’t attempted to change
                things here for so many years?

              • Hare says:

                Replying to Fawlty Towers below because again Corbett, your platform does not allow for constructive conversations. (Edit, and my comment shows up below Fawlty, yet there was no reply option, confused anyone?)

                “Since James has not implemented this I can only guess why he has chosen not to. It wouldn’t take much work to set up this add-on to the site.

                My guess is that he realizes the limitations of the comment section and likes them in some perverse way. 🙂

                Maybe you folks can explain/guess why he hasn’t attempted to change
                things here for so many years?”

                Yes, please someone explain this. Will these comments just get buried once the article disappears from the front page? Only then to be found via a search upon which one needs to know what it is they are looking for? Is this intentional? Why, if Corbett wants his information to be shared, is his website set up in such a way? WordPress does have page features. As Fawlty Towers points out, fixing this is not much work.

                Yet, this is all for entertainment? If Corbett, you are disappointed, why do you not fix the issues your contributors point out? Why do you not interact?

                Yes, We are only left to guess, and the longer that goes on the more suspicious you become. Are you as so many others just too damned special?

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Your ability to properly evaluate needs some work.

              • Frode says:

                Hare, Your ability to properly evaluate needs some work.

                I second that!

  32. Leslee says:

    I wish it could feel like we are winning. Where I live, in Arizona, USA, people that I know do not want to connect to find solutions together; in fact, they want to be left alone to stew in their own heads or they want to ‘make it’ so they can feed their families. People are depressed, broke, and fearful. Jobs offer less and less–less benefits, less money, more taxes. So-called ‘freedom fighters’ that I have sought out, so far, lash out at anything I say that doesn’t resonate with their belief systems. And I’m finding this over and over again–from CHD to freedom cells to town councils. Thinking outside the box is not cherished but condemned. Would New Age rhetoric would say I’m manifesting poorly. My attitude is off, right??? I’ve been envisioning and pretending to live in the world I want for decades to no avail. I am finding it tiresome.

    I remember a time, in the 70s and 80s, where one could live tribally (travelling the world playing in original-music rock bands), literally taking care of each other. I am NOT seeing anything like that now. Even the ‘alternative media’ is in fierce competition to get enough funds to stay in business. Yes, it is a business–the same paradigm of debt-money slavery that the Powers-that-Be put in place to keep us down. All I hear is support our work from all these isolated internet platforms that say we all need to work together. Who can afford these days to join all of these different platforms? And what will happen when these platforms can’t access the internet anymore? All it takes is an internet provider refusing service based on a government mandate and your platform is toast. I used to work for an ISP doing that kind of legwork, so I kid you not.

    I appreciate James’ research very much but the ‘solutions’ so far are coming up way short. Thus far, I’m having next to zero luck with freedom cells, community councils, gardening co-ops, and sites that claim to be freedom/patriotic/etc. that really are just part of the same sick system. Everyone is vying for their place, needing to ‘make it’ somehow to take care of their families. All I can do is continue to pray and follow my heart.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I think that you bring up some important points.

      Leslee says:
      “I remember a time, in the 70s and 80s, where one could live….”
      You are right.
      I remember that too.
      Comradery – that spirit of trust and goodwill among people closely associated in an activity or endeavor. There was a wide broad feeling of comradery especially within the Boomer generation, where total strangers were open, inviting, generous and kind.
      Hitchhiking accented this. I remember sleeping at the homes of strangers.

      However, we should all keep in mind that within communities there will always be non-optimum issues and situations. I do not expect nirvana from any group, because humans will be humans.

      I think that it is important to make friends with people, whether they are like-minded or not.
      Being friendly and making friends costs nothing. It’s pleasant and joyful.

      • Leslee says:

        You make excellent points, HomeRemedySupply (odd name for a human!)… People will be people and such intensity pervades our world now. I have been trying to make friends for a long time. Trust is a BIG issue in the rural area where I live now. People don’t remember how to trust or connect anymore, and frankly, I’m out of practice too due to almost 4 years of isolation. How many of us feel secure in our being at present–confident and majestic? I’m not sure if it’s all the waves or media or what, but centering has been a challenge of late for me.

  33. Hare says:

    Yeah Leslee, nice comment. I hear what you are saying and see similar things. Unfortunately, as my comment above tries to express, it seems Corbett is falling into the same trap as most of the “alt-media. WE are “disappointing” HIM as though we owe him something.

    James, imo, with his latest attitude, has been talking to screens for way too long.

    • Leslee says:

      Thanks for responding, Hare… I remember the feeling of going on week-long or more spiritual retreats in the day, coming home feeling euphoric for some time because of feelings of connection. I would imagine that going to freedom events nowadays (like what JC just came back from) can make one feel on top of the world for a bit of time (much like a spiritual retreat)–especially after getting interviewed so much and being around like-minded others. Getting in person validation and attention feels awesome. I miss that horribly in my own life… But then we come home from the event, back into isolation (or relatively so) and come down from the high; personally, I have tended to crash then. I found JC’s new more animated way of talking to be an attempt at growth or trying new things, somehow. In this intrenched sick slave paradigm, all of us need to either be filthy rich or try to take care of ourselves and families doing something (in JC’s alt-media arena there are TONS of competitors now). In the case of JC, I give him credit for trying to expand and provide more than just problem research, but there are no easy answers and nothing concrete to hold onto at this time. We all walk such a fine line these days, so easy to lose our crowds.

      One more thing… When someone disappoints me, if I look real deep I find that I am at least that disappointed in myself, unfailingly. When we feel on top of the world, for real confident and joyful, nothing can break that peace.

  34. shale2 says:

    Of course we’ll win. The sociopaths have been planning this since the 1700s and still haven’t managed it. They got close, but then blew it by exposing themselves too fast and way, way too furious. They will fail as they always have – fighting amongst themselves.

    This offers us a great opportunity to take back the world, have our own forms of exchange, and control the food & energy systems they have hijacked to keep us enslaved. As long as Our Side (the unvaxxed who can see through the Ukraine/False Flag fog etc) stay out of the rabbit holes long enough, stop disagreeing on the minutiae & TAKE ACTION (no matter how small so long as it’s sustained), we’ll not only win, our descendants will live energy free with clean air, water, land and no need for pharma, just farmers.

  35. enso says:

    Thank you for the positive message.

  36. cu.h.j says:

    Do I think humanity will prevail? Yes, I do. What I mean is that I don’t think that by 2030 everyone will be slaves with no privacy. I don’t think the globalists will be able to enslave the entire human population is what I mean.

    I think this because they don’t have the man power to control everyone and most people (I think) have an innate desire for freedom from oppression due to the misery of it. I remember when my mom would try to force me to eat certain vegetables when I was a kid and I hated it. I also didn’t like when she made me go to bed at a certain time. I know it was for my own benefit and can reflect on that now as an adult, but I was angry as a kid.

    I’m not saying people should let their kids do things that are unhealthy but there is something present in kids that shows a resistance to control. Many kids don’t like going to the doctors office either or the dentist. They don’t want to be poked and prodded and distrust people outside of their family. This is normal and I think most kids have an innate desire for liberty at least the ones I’ve interacted with. Thus, I conclude that many humans are born with a desire for liberty and control of ones own destiny.

    This cannot be undone by psychopaths in a few hundred years of conditioning because human evolution (or “design”) is older. Parasitic psychopathic tyrants can’t outsmart nature or the wisdom of the cosmic intelligence that has “sparked” all this into existence. These are my opinions.

    On the other hand, I think there was a massive cataclysm about 10 thousand years ago that wiped out most of humanity and I think something like this could occur again. I’m not sure humanity has the technological ability to prevent something like this if it did occur. But in the past it still did not wipe out life on our planet. Humanity recovered and the natural world recovered and other life forms emerged.

    My point is that I think there are forces of nature that are beyond our understanding and beyond their understanding (they see themselves apart from us). They can’t control everything. And the future is unknown and unknowable.

    If humanity can survive a cataclysm I think we will survive a greedy psychopathic attempt to enslave the population.

    • cu.h.j says:

      How do we get there? That is a difficult topic. Decentralization makes sense. Doing the opposite of what they want us to do. Refuse to comply and build something better than what they envision for humanity.

      They are trying to sell something that is miserable. People just need to see through the marketing. Not just that, but that is a part of it.

  37. Frode says:

    Thanks, James. I agree with your message. I am not sure how or when, but I am strong in my faith that the truth will win, in the end.

  38. altamont says:

    Hi James,
    Thank you for this. It is sad to think that people have been groomed to such an extent by internet-delivered information/propaganda that they have difficulty believing they can shape their own future or even present. From a personal perspective, I have benefitted from growing up without an internet or social media. It makes it much easier to imagine a future without it if one has lived a significant number of years without it.

    I hope other Corbett Report members will engage more with human beings and less with devices. And, pay attention to how this kind of engagement feels. I notice every day how dumbed down people have become due to digital communication and how unaware they are of this. I say this not with any judgement other than that I hope people will want to un- tether themselves from digital media and discover a growing improvement in their ability to process and understand what they learn from interacting with others and reading challenging material.

    • carriew says:

      I agree, altamont.

      Being a Gen X-er myself, who has experienced enough life before the digital age, as well as life operating *in* the digital age, I feel compelled to do all that I can to encourage folks to “go old school” more and engage in human in-real-life practices more.

      I’m grateful for James’ work in addressing such things.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I’m a Gen-X-er too and I like “old school” more. I have ditched carrying my phone around and ditched my Iphone and apple watch a while ago. I only have a few apps on my new de-googled phone, mainly driving directions. But I can still read a map and use it effectively.

        I think this is one solution JC has explored in his physical media episode. There are some things in our world that are better experienced physically. There is no substitute.

        But I do think that online communities can be good to facilitate real life communities. I like Derick Broze’s freedom cell idea. My new home in a rural community is sort of a freedom cell. And most people there I have spoken with are un-jabbed and aware of what the government is doing.

  39. Torus says:

    Hmmm… the vision I want to see for the future and how specifically I want to reach those goals…
    Quite the task, James. Well that will take some time to define and plan out. Articulating a goal or vision is one thing. Planning the action steps to get there requires some thoughtful consideration. But it is important to note that it is those little steps, one by one, that get us there.

    I must say that setting 5-10 year goals has been beneficial for my husband and I. It helps with money management and setting priorities and it feels really good to check off those goals as they are accomplished. It’s also nice to check off the MANY smaller actions along the way that lead to accomplishing those visions. In fact we made a 5 year plan in 2014, and by 2022 we crossed off the whole list. (Only a few years off). So satisfying to know that we consciously and deliberately created our own beautiful reality.

    I’ve just cracked open the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen because my time and clutter management needs some help (Thanks Richard Grove for the recommendation). One thing I’ve already picked up on is the idea of articulating the next ACTIONABLE step. And setting a date on your calendar to do that step. So you have this goal or idea or project, figure out what the very next task is that will get you there. Then when that action is complete, decide what the next action is and so forth.

    Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for now. Time to do some detailed brainstorming.

    • Duck says:


      I wish I’d been smart enough to plan like that instead of playing catch up like I had to.

      THAT is the kind of thinking that will get people and their families thru whats coming.

  40. Kontragram says:

    Hi folks,
    I guess WE don’t have to look for a kind of group/platform/organization. There are too many and all have been failing. In my humble opinion is just one thing important:
    ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, as one wise man once said. Say yes to the rights things and No to the wrong things, be upright and honest. Speak the truth. That’s all.

    • Duck says:


      “….I guess WE don’t have to look for a kind of group/platform/organization. There are too many and all have been failing. In my humble opinion is just one thing important…”

      One person vs 100 people, not good odds of at all.

      10 organized People vs 1000 UN-organized people on the other hand…. the 10 will almost always have the change they want.

      • Kontragram says:

        Duck: “One person against 100 people, that’s not a good outlook.”

        Sorry, I wasn’t talking about ‘against’, but about the things that are important to the individual. When we live by these values, these values become visible to other people, then communities of like-minded people form all by themselves.

        That is my humble opinion, no reason to argue.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Kontragram says:
      ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, as one wise man once said. Say yes to the rights things and No to the wrong things, be upright and honest. Speak the truth.

      I like those words.

      However, groups and communities, despite their faults, can help to better conditions.

  41. GENDUN LAMA says:

    OK, So, to the “are we going to win?” question –
    The answer is not simply, yes, but YES, OBVIOUSLY!
    The analysis follows something like this:
    1- The point has been made recently, by yourself, the Mahatma, and by a multitude of others throughout history – The only requirement for successful resistance in the face of tyranny, is that the mass of proletariat is simply required to not cooperate in their tyranny.
    2- The tyrants have made an unprecedented assault [THE vax, as well as the other vaccines and impending list of mRNA monstrosities we have been warned, are on the way] that is conspicuous in leaving an unprecedented field of, still expanding, death, destruction and disability.
    3- This leaves the proletariat divided into two subclasses:
    A- The disabled, dying, [and any survivors? who will now reject submission]
    B- The remainder, who have already made the choice to be refusniks.
    4- Consequently, the tyrants assault, leaves the single self-selected mass of noncompliant, who are now, solidly, irrevocably, committed to aggressive, unyielding reaction to any and all tyranny!
    They have successfully engineered their own extinction!
    We have already won!

    • Duck says:

      Gendun Lama

      “…We have already won!….”

      Funny, because I am sure that most people are still paying taxes to support the war in Ukraine….most people still work for corporations that have sick values, most people still send their kids to schools that want to destroy them, Most of the people I know who got the jab still think it was the right thing to do and few people i know IRL know that the issuance companies are whinnying about payouts for vax injuries.

      If we have won already I would hate to see what loosing looks like.

      • Leslee says:

        I wish I didn’t agree with you, Duck, but I do. The energy of the world feels so OFF/Dark and has for quite some time, getting worse. If it weren’t for my four angelic cats spooning and letting me pet them before I get out of bed in the morning, I’d be a gonner…

      • cu.h.j says:

        Yes, people are still paying taxes because the money is taken out of our checks already and most people still have work in the mainstream economy. And there’s sales tax and all the other built in taxes plus the inflation tax, etc.

        Most of the people I know who took the jab are not critical thinkers and just do what they are told and trust the authorities. Why would CDC and health authorities lie they might think. I used to think this way too.

        But there are more and more people waking up every day and people who know more than people think. Human behavior is predictable much of the time, but not always. Just because things have been a certain way for recorded history does not mean they were always that way or will always be that way. We don’t know much about how civilization was before the last ice age or what life might have been like here a million years ago as far as I know. There’s a lot we don’t know and can’t anticipate.

        What I do know is that if the government has to control narratives and use propaganda to control people, they have weaknesses. One weakness is that what they want to build is cumbersome and expensive. If on the other hand they could get some “autonomous” tech to run their system, we might be in bigger trouble than I anticipate. But, apparently some of the “self driving” cars I’ve been seeing around still need humans to get these things out of a bind, a complex driving situation requires a human to fix the issue. So human beings are not obsolete and I doubt we will be.

        One point is that I think they are weaker than their PR puts out in MSM and they still need people to comply. They don’t have the man power to force people to do what they want. If people start leading by example, this could catch on and I think there is hope.

        We can’t control the future and neither can they. Going through the effort and living life and doing something fulfilling is in a way it’s own reward. Each time I’ve achieved a goal, I realized that getting there was really the rewarding part.

        My main point is that I think some of this is speculative about what will be. It’s a matter of opinion and I don’t really know what the short term outcome will be but long term I think that the wisdom of nature will “decide” what course we take. Sort of how the sun is the primary influence on climate (as far as I know) and no one can control the sun. At this time, I don’t think humanity could prevent a large asteroid from wiping out most of life on the planet. We also can’t prevent physical death and the people who are doing all this evil stuff now will die just like the rest of us. But, we will have done something meaningful and good and at the end can look back on our time here and be proud. That to me means something.

      • cu.h.j says:

        “If we have won already I would hate to see what loosing looks like.”

        Hmmm, what would losing look like I ask myself. People giving up and trading their integrity for perceived safety and comfort and relinquishing hope. That to me would be what losing looks like, capitulation and cowardice.

        New ideas and innovation come from optimism I think. When people give up, that’s when we lose.

    • mkey says:

      If we won already, what is the prize?

  42. Won Fat Fuk says:

    I decided to read these comments after listening to James’ brief and somewhat disparaging comment about them.

    No one here, as far as I can tell by my brief perusal of the comments, has mentioned the HUGE elephant in the room, the 70+% of the population that believes what they have been told, or will simply go a long (for whatever reason) with it. Yes, I meet people who understand that something is wrong, but from my point of view, these people are VASTLY outnumbered by those that don’t (understand the magnitude of the deception).

    If the government has control of the media, which they do, and MOST people watch/listen/read, and then, either believe it, or simply go along with it, then what do you think is going to happen? If people are being convinced that simply asking questions makes you a terrorist, and a conspiracy theorist, then what is the next step? These people are being trained to NOT LISTEN. At some point, they are going to be goaded, and unleashed, to hurt sensible people. They will come like a flood, and we will simply be overwhelmed.

    So, James is a terrorist for presenting intelligent well researched information that contradicts the government narrative, and I am a terrorist for sharing one (just one) of his videos, just like everyone else who listens to James Corbett. What do you think is going to happen? What do you think the I-911 bill on the shelf has in it? You ALREADY KNOW. YOU are going to be labeled a terrorist. The 70+% are going to come and get you, and your wife (if you have one), and your children will be taken away from you. You will go to some interment camp, and we will never hear from you again. It happened in Nazi Germany, and in Soviet Russia, in the last century (test runs), and will happen again in your country in this century.

    There is NOTHING BUT hard days ahead. We are just waiting for the next event that will turn the screws just a little tighter.

    I am not against trying, and preparing, to avoid the inevitable, but you cannot stop what is going to happen, and you should be emotionally prepared what what is absolutely GOING TO HAPPEN.

    I wish I had something more positive to say.

    Good luck, and may God be with you.

    • Duck says:

      Won Fat Fuk

      “…No one here, as far as I can tell by my brief perusal of the comments, has mentioned the HUGE elephant in the room, the 70+% of the population that believes what they have been told, or will simply go a long….”

      THAT is the point that the High IQ, thinking types on both the libertarian and traditional right do NOT understand…. its the trap of having a decent IQ BUT not being able to process that
      A)at least half the population has a LOWER IQ and outsources its thinking
      B)MOST people do not feel like they would be successful, comfortable and safe in an ACTUAL free society.

      It will take a hundred years and a return to normal historical conditions before enough of the population is at a level to desire or run such a society

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Won Fat Fuk,
      I agree with you that a very large portion of the populace are mentally handicapped. They lack awareness, lack curiosity and interest, lack judgement skills, lack sane reasoning skills, lack fact-based information, lack interest on matters of substance, lack IQ….

      Ignoring this situation would be a major liability for those of us who still maintain some sanity.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Homey good day to Texas.

        Irony in liability.

        I get the feeling we have been checked again. For instance the new phone, I had to get to have mobile communication,emits 10 x ? 100 x ? Ks x ? more RF than the old one did.
        I have eliminated most all exposure to chemicals in my life and seem to have picked up a new threat to my life in this new phone. The irony is the device I use to learn how to evade danger is the device that presents the greatest danger. I have not had a head ache in years, now quit often.
        The PTSB plan out our demise very skillfully.

  43. jk says:

    @james. Where are the show notes?

  44. carriew says:

    My vision for the long-term future is a nightmare for those inhabiting cities and high density populations, and I prefer not to dwell on what will take place there, particularly because I have no control over any of that.

    However, aside from that, I see 15-minute villages situated all across the countryside, consisting of off-grid, multi-generational self-governing homesteads, producing their own food, engaging in a wide assortment of cottage industries, voluntarily cooperating with those within a 15-minute drive of one another and operating primarily offline & in-real-life. And many of these villages will be privately networked with each other in some form or fashion.

    In the short-term, I see small farms going belly up with many of them transitioning into homesteads focused on providing for their own household’s needs.

    I see more homesteaders going off-grid and becoming more proficient in producing food & establishing valuable cottage industries to serve & support their most local communities.

    I see more people-at-large either losing their homes (or intentionally leaving their homes), in need of a place to go, and the government stepping in to provide more gov’t housing and/or assistance (with strings attached, of course).

    And I see a continuing exodus of people leaving the city & densely-populated areas, desiring to go to the country, yet unable to find suitable property to buy. All the while, homesteaders are continually in need of helping hands to run their multi-faceted operations.

    I see the use of money naturally dwindling within segments of the population as more & more people cannot afford to buy what they need & their credit sources dry up. And on the flip side, more & more people will not be able to afford to pay for help (or for resources available through the System).

    Small businesses will continue to fold and more work-for-housing and/or -food exchanges will become mainstream.

    I see the use of digital communications naturally dwindling among a small percentage of the population, as more people become disillusioned with their limited social connections and lack of meaningful physical support.

    Not to mention, those who refuse to be increasingly monitored & manipulated by their mobile devices will eventually begin to either turn off their devices more, leave them at home or simply stop using them altogether.

    And I see more & more people leaving “the Church”, disillusioned by the fact that nobody is coming to save them.

    • carriew says:

      Our game plan (my husband’s & mine) to get the help we need on the homestead is to offer (1) a temporary parking space on our property for trusted people to park their car & pitch a tent and (1) a small stipend of whatever excess produce is growing in the garden in exchange for daily work in our gardens/greenhouses & wherever else assistance is needed. (Those we deem particularly trustworthy may earn a space indoors through the winter months.)

      Additionally, to develop the tiny village we seek, we are continually expanding our food production, establishing & developing multiple cottage industries, and building facilities on our property to accommodate a tiny village, while developing our own systems to be more self-sustaining and working towards going entirely off grid. All of this is with the intention of supporting our own family of five plus those who come camp alongside us and benefiting those living in close proximity to us.

      We are also continually reaching out to tap into & build positive relationships *offline* all around us, particularly with people of like-mind and of like-vision, freely sharing what we are doing with all those whom we trust and then also, blessing all those we come into personal contact with whatever excess produce we have on hand.

      And my plan to achieve a more “old-school” approach to life is to inspire, encourage & facilitate in-real-life human interaction, through the facilitating & hosting of a variety of social, employment, exchange and learning opportunities on our property (& around our local area), specifically with those we have a personal connection.

      I also plan to encourage snail-mail correspondence, telephone conversations, in-person visits, hands-on arts & crafts projects & homemade gift-giving again within the general population to steer people off their cell phones and out of the monetary economy and into more personal human forms of communication and personal creative expressions.

    • Duck says:


      I agree with most of your outlook…. but I would add that as the western population ages two things will happen

      1)Mass immigration of low skill workers who will not actually be able to do the jobs needed to keep the infrastructure working, so more social friction and factionalism

      2)Tech will start to fail because too few people will have the skills or drive to do the high IQ , but dirty and dangerous, jobs that keeps things running now.

      “..And I see more & more people leaving “the Church”…” wont happen that way either because people will always be attracted to religion when things get bad.
      Now, that ‘church’ may be Islam, Christianity, Rainbow “Gay-inaity” or it may be an AI Tech-Lord cult or something like that but people WILL be gloomming onto something bigger then themselves IMO. The Covid Cultists with their noses poking over their masks being an example 🙂

  45. davidbmcbain says:

    We can’t win all the time. It’s constant ebb and flow.

    Like natural selection it’s a messy business because even the fastest and most alert gazelle might be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the lion makes her move. But, with humans, communication is key. James has often pointed out the importance of narrative.

    I’ve tried using sound bite sentences to emulate the main stream media but the old brain isn’t so articulate these days. Words often fail me even more than my gammy leg does. It seems to me that few people have the attention span to listen to the end of a sentence before a dog-whistle word or phrase triggers them:

    “Well, my mum taught me manners, and not to interrupt when other’s are talki…”. “Ach, your mother just liked to hear own voice.” (No names; no pack drill.)

    But were people better communicators all these years ago when Mum taught me about good manners? Cui bono? Who benefits when people haven’t the patience, manners or attention span to hear someone to the end of a sentence? And under these circumstances, where do people glean their understanding of the world?

    Maybe glean is the wrong word as adults and children alike have a one way traffic of information coming at them 24/7. You can talk over a BBC sound-bite but, like Dracula, it re-emerges incessantly. Okay, so I just don’t switch the TV on these days.

    That brings me to upbringing. “I blame the parents!” I often hear. I don’t have to elaborate the irony of that to fellow Corbettiers. And cui bono there too?

    Is there a reason or two (or maybe many more) why many children are away from parental influence from the age of three these days? What about the wisdom and experience of grandparents? Cui bono?

    There will never be a time – certainly not in my time – when predators are wont to be non-predatory. And if we allow all these other influences to drown out our message, we’re surely abandoning one another to those predators.

    I say keep talking and communicating whichever way we best can. We can’t all be Corbetts. We can’t all be BBC mouthpieces – some wouldn’t be want to be so base for all the tea in China. We can’t all give up working to spend more time with our children (even as foreign workers and robots take over our jobs). But we can keep communicating even by our actions. Or perhaps, especially by our actions.

    Now, I’m off to tend my allotment. And they can put their bugburgers where the monkey stuffed his nuts. Good luck everyone.

  46. Steve Smith says:

    Yes, we’re going to win.
    We’re going to win because the ultimate outcome isn’t something that we have control over.

    Most everyone seems to think our collective human destiny is something that we can alter, change and determine by our day to day decisions and choices. But it isn’t.

    Not that we shouldn’t live as if our choices and decisions are important. Because they very much are. They will certainly determine our individual futures. And perhaps even improve current conditions. But they don’t and won’t determine the collective destiny of humanity.
    That is something that is preordained, recorded and readily available for anyone to read about.

    “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”
    Revelation 21:4

    Of course this passage doesn’t talk about all of what must occur first. So I would recommend that everyone should familiarize themselves with the full context.

    I completely relate and sympathize with the discouragement and disappointment that James expressed in the recent NWNW video.
    For years he has been producing and sharing valuable information with his audience in the hope that people will be able to implement the information in ways that improve their lives and by extension society in general. An admirable quest. Albeit perhaps somewhat quixotic.

    When the question “will we win” is answered with a predominately hopeless response by so many, it is bound to be a letdown.

    As someone who tries consistently to share with others the best news and most important information they they will ever hear, ie the gospel of Jesus Christ, only to usually be met with dismissive derision or to be ignored completely, I completely understand how James feels.

    What I don’t understand is how anyone figures that James Corbett owes anyone of us anything. Whether it’s a better way to comment, a direct response to our complaints or a certain attitude towards his audience.
    I’ve never once heard him beg anyone to support him. I’ve never heard him say that his purpose is to please anyone.
    I find value in his content and am very thankful that it is available.
    The few measly dollars that I willingly choose to offer him is my way of showing my appreciation.
    It sure as hell doesn’t give me any right to dictate what he should do or say.

    • Duck says:

      steve smith

      “…What I don’t understand is how anyone figures that James Corbett owes anyone of us anything. Whether it’s a better way to comment, a direct response to our complaints or a certain atti….”

      Its kinda the zeitgeist to be spoiled these days…. its not hard to see why when calories basically fall from the sky in more flavors then a king would enjoy a century ago and everyone has access to more entertainment, 24-7, then ANYONE no matter how rich could enjoy even 50 years ago. People will only really value what we have now when its no longer there.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “People will only really value what we have now when its no longer there.“

        I guess that’s true. I guess that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that Corbett’s audience is a bit more far sighted than that.
        I still believe that most are.

        • Duck says:

          Steve Smith

          “…I still believe that most are….”

          Most people just want comfort rather then Truth….they tend to take up philosophies and ideas that give them that. You will find most people will go willingly onto the killn floor so long as its not too scary too fast and so long as they think they can keep their comfort.
 they want their Turkish Delight 🙁

          I recall back when the jab was being pushed we had a guy who was going to take it because his wife couldn’t take the social pressure….but fantasied that his kids would stand up in his place.

    • Steve Smith says:

      “The prophet Isaiah warns us that in the last days God is going to “turn the world upside down.”

      I wonder if turning the world upside down could be referring to the imminent magnetic pole reversal and the dramatic weakening of the earth’s magnetic field?

      Regardless, this is a pretty hard hitting article that is a clear warning of things to come.

      “Right now, there are numerous wars and bloody uprisings taking place around the globe. Yet foremost in my mind is the violence being waged against children worldwide:

      I think of the sexual violence of pedophiles. Children all over the world are being raped, kidnapped and forced into enslavement in the global sex trade. Recently, a pedophile in the U.S. was discovered running a web site that advises other pedophiles on the easiest places to pick up children. There is no law in place to stop this man. The world’s largest church denomination has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to settle the claims of those who were molested in childhood by clergy. Tell me, how long will God endure the pitiful cries of children who are molested by those who would represent Christ?
      Thousands of children in Africa are being slaughtered in tribal wars, hacked to death by machetes. Young boys — even those under ten years of age — are enlisted into tribal militias and forced to murder men in initiation rites.
      Here in the U.S., the blood of millions of aborted babies cries out from the ground.
      Reports of school murders no longer shock many of us but continue to terrorize our children. We may grow hardened to such reports, but God’s heart is grieved by them.“

  47. LP5 says:

    We will win when enough of us have won the inner battle. We have been so conditioned since birth to view ourselves as separate from everything else, and that we must conquer to get ahead and survive, including each other. Where we may not all be in the same boat together, most would agree that we are we are all in the same shits creek. Instead of trying to sink each others boat, we need to help each other along down the river of shit (for now). We exist within a living universe, connected to each other in an electro-magnetic soup, each of us an ingredient. Like the fish are all connected by the ocean.
    Living a moral and ethical life, respecting all life, not doing something to someone that you would not want done to you (now where did I hear that before?). Moral objectivity: doing what’s right because it is ethically right to do so, not because it is right for me alone. This must happen First. I would also add, that one does not allow another to transgress against this moral principle. Everything will fix itself as the universe will respond to our inflections. This is where our true power resides, and it is completely within our grasp and accessible, simply by making the conscious choice to do so. Change our inner world and our outer world responds, when we reach an aggregate amount, then miracles will happen. Yes, I Still Believe in Miracles! Will We win this? It is up to us all to decide.

    • mkey says:

      Moral objectivity? Do no harm? Respect? Love? I see no solutions here.

    • Duck says:


      “…Moral objectivity: doing what’s right because it is ethically right to do so, not because it is right for me alone. This must happen …”

      The problem with the idea that “this MUST happen” is that at a guess something like half the people here do not believe in judging others or any absolute principle of right and wrong, except maybe ‘do what thou wilt’

      There is no way that you can get even the mostly decent folks here to agree a morally objective framework….let alone the mass of empty NPC’s or the people who are actively malicious. We may all be ‘fish in one ocean’, but the big fish make a meal of the smaller ones and it will always be so until the Judgement.

      “….Change our inner world and our outer world responds, when we reach an aggregate amount, then miracles will happen….”

      Not really, as the poem goes ‘Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage, minds innocent and quite take them for a heritage’ ….but however much the subject psy-ops himself into ENJOYING his confinement they are still physically unable to leave their cell until the jailer sets them free. Better to see the world as it is then to train ourselves to see it in a better a light IMO

      • LP5 says:

        Duck, whether we want to believe it or not, Natural Law dictates our reality, what we bring forth from within ourselves is reflected in our reality. We are, on the aggregate, bringing forth the world as it is. The universe doesn’t care if we, on the aggregate, are coerced by psy-ops or have gone woke by deception.
        I’m not advocating that we fool ourselves and not see the nonsense playing out in our world. Nor, do I suggest that we disregard the ‘self defense’ principle, as it is our inherent right to defend ourselves, with force if need be, against an aggressor. But back to my point, we exist within a conscious living universe, which responds to the aggregate consciousness. We each need to ask ourselves: From what I’m bringing forth, am I part of the solution or part of the problem?

        • Duck says:


          “…We are, on the aggregate, bringing forth the world as it is….”

          That is magical thinking, unless you mean in the sense that Yuval Harari writes of in ‘sapients’ with his idea that all social structures are ‘myths’….I commented about the impossibility of getting even the folks here at CR to agree upon a single view of how society should look.

          Magical thinking, unlike actual magic (as practiced by the propagandists and social engineers) is self delusion, and even the best propaganda magic is helpless against reality (otherwise fiat money systems would last forever without ‘reset’, lol)

          “…. Natural Law dictates our reality, what we bring forth from within ourselves is reflected in our reality….”

          That SOUNDS cool, but what does it actually mean?

          I can certainly use visualization to help me focus upon a goal, learn physical skills, and maybe even have some physiological effects on my body (strength,ect)…. if THAT is what you are saying I agree 100%…..however I CAN NOT just imagine an empty belly full, nor stop a bullet going thru my forehead by wishing it were not so.

          “…we exist within a conscious living universe,…”

          No, we do not. There is no earth mind, nor cosmic overmind, or whatever.

          • LP5 says:

            Duck, if you believe that humanity just fluked into existence, then I respect your opinion. But what I stated is not of my opinion, it is a metaphysical science, based in fact, of invisible forces that responds to the aggregate consciousness, which manifests into what we call reality. There is no single point of view, in fact, there are 8+ billion points of view, all subjective to these Laws.

            Natural Law consists of 7 principles:
            1) Mentalism: as you think so you shall be
            2)Correspondence: as above so below
            3)Cause and Effect: AKA Karma, consequences
            4)Vibration: sounds like you experienced this through your visualization
            5)Rhythm: like a pendulum, the ocean has its crests and troughs
            6)Polarity: hot and cold are extremes of the same thing
            7)Gender: there are only 2, masculine & feminine

            How did your belly become empty?
            Why is there a bullet with your forehead as a target?

            BTW, Yuval Harari can go fuck himself.


            • mkey says:

              When there are ears ready to receive the teaching, a teacher will appear. But I don’t think today is that day.

              • LP5 says:

                A question was asked, and an answer was provided, ready or not.

              • Duck says:


                when ears want to be tickled by false teachings False teachers will also appear…. hence the need for discernment.
                The Ruling Class has spent a hundred years attacking the tools that would allow people to see thru their BS which is why there are so many people who have Magical Thinking, while having no understanding of actual Magic

              • Duck says:


                “…….LP, the principle of gender states that everything has both masculine and feminine properties. This is valid for both men and women. The principle ephasises dualty of everything and the importance of balance between the opposites.

                This principle does not relate directly to sexes, that is a common misconception…….”

                Just a quick question then…. Can MEN give birth?????

            • Duck says:

              “…Duck, if you believe that humanity just fluked into existence…”

              No, it was created, by a Creator God. As described in the Bible

              “…. But what I stated is not of my opinion, it is a metaphysical science, based in fact, of invisible forces that responds to the aggregate consciousness, which manifests into what we call reality…..”

              If it not your opinion but science then you will have some kind of evidence of it….?

              “…..1) Mentalism: as you think so you shall be….”
              That IS the essence of Transgender thinking which you repudiate with No.7.

              As I said…I can not THINK my belly full or myself invulnerable to bullets.

              “…..2)Correspondence: as above so below….”
              You literally lifted THAT out of Hermeticism/Alchemy (look at Baphomets tattoo) without understanding it.

              “….3)Cause and Effect: AKA Karma, consequences….”
              Too vauge

              “……6)Polarity: hot and cold are extremes of the same thing….”
              NO THEY ARE NOT you silly bugger! Hot is LARGE amounts of movement energy in the molecules of a thing while at Absolute Zero there is ZERO movement of the molecules.

              “…..7)Gender: there are only 2, masculine & feminine…”
              That would contradict laws 1 and 6.
              Logically speaking a think that contradicts ITSELF is generally BS.

              “….How did your belly become empty?
              Why is there a bullet with your forehead as a target?…..”
              Generally speaking BOTH of those happen because SOMEONE ELSE MADE THEM HAPPEN…..
              If there is a famine in Africa caused by war is it the fault of the little kid because he did not ‘think’ right?
              If some woman gets raped or murdered by a rando did they bring it on themselves?

              “….BTW, Yuval Harari can go fuck himself….”
              We actually agree on something….his beliefs are just the flip side of the New Age though, and are rooting in the same kind of magical thinking

              • LP5 says:

                Duck, I am not here to argue with you. Just to answer your questions.

                evidence? you’re asking me to show you something invisible and elusive to our five senses, but the only way to see this is with your minds eye. If I may suggest, the proof is in the pudding – You Are the Pudding

                You can see what someone thinks by how they present themselves. It is the essence of our mental plane manifesting who we say we are. Whether the thoughts were imposed by a defunct system or not, brought about by unresolved trauma, or is a genuine expression of an individual is irrelevant to Natural Law. You, me, all of us become what we think to be. Unfortunately, that includes our current woke culture.
                You can think to get something to eat to fill your belly. You can think to avoid situations where you may be in the line of danger.

                “You literally lifted THAT out of Hermeticism” Agreed, Natural Law is AKA the Hermetic Philosophy. Correspondence, as above so below, morphic resonance, all deal with our universe as a fractal. That which is above is a reflection of that which is below, and vice-versa. The solar system is the macrocosm, the atom is the microcosm. We are Created in His image. If you would like more detail, I would have to put it in lecture format, as I do not have the time to write it all our for you. I do hope you follow some leads.

                Cause and Effect: We exist physically in the plane of effects. That woman you speak of getting raped, that child starving in Africa which you mentioned are the effect. What caused this effect? Psychopaths, in positions of power. In order to get the effect we say we want to see, we need to explore the causal plane which brought the effect which we do not want to see about.

                Polarity: hot & cold, they are both temperature. where on the thermometer does it stop being hot and start being cold? this is a rhetoric question. To agree with you, it can be said that there is a presence of heat energy or an absence of it. Which we experience as either hot or cold, which are extremes of temperature.

                Gender: Masculine & Feminine, that’s it. Humanity, and all other life for that matter, is born either male or female. There are some very rare occasions where the embryo may have not fully developed genitals, we call this a birth defect.

                But, back to my point. Moral Objectivity, without this, we are doomed.

                “we must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools”
                MLK Jr


              • mkey says:

                LP, the principle of gender states that everything has both masculine and feminine properties. This is valid for both men and women. The principle ephasises dualty of everything and the importance of balance between the opposites.

                This principle does not relate directly to sexes, that is a common misconception.

            • Duck says:

              “….evidence? you’re asking me to show you something invisible and elusive to our five senses, but the only way to see this is with your minds eye…..”
              So…. It exists only in my imagination?
              I had this very same debate with a pro-tras person when they told me that Gender is ‘how you feel’….sorry, while we AGREE that Moral Objectivity is vital, you are missing that REALITY exists outside of the mind as can be classified as
              “Things that are true REGARDLESS of if I believe them or not”

              “…. If I may suggest, the proof is in the pudding – You Are the Puddin….”
              A very sweet one I am too 🙂

              “…..You, me, all of us become what we think to be.….”

              That is ALMOST true. I can not THINK myself to be a woman, nor can I think myself to be rich or healthy WITHOUT taking purly PHYSICAL action in the real world.
              You know this too since “…….You can think to get something to eat to fill your belly. You can think to avoid situations where you may be in the line of danger……”

              “…….“You literally lifted THAT out of Hermeticism” Agreed, Natural Law is AKA the Hermetic Philosophy. Correspondence, as above so below, …..”

              You do realize that Hermeticism is a MASSIVE part of the Post Human movement, of which Trans is a part….Hence Baphotmet is depicted as having MALE AND FEMALE sex organs.

              Hermetcism is the root of Science-ism (see Francis Yates books) as well as some deeply gross anti-human cults

              “….. What caused this effect? Psychopaths, in positions of power. In order to get the effect we say we want to see, we need to explore the causal plane which brought the effect which we do not want…….”

              So… ACTION in the real world?

              “……Gender: Masculine & Feminine, that’s it. Humanity, and all other life for that matter, is born either male or female……”

              Acc to Hermetic thinking we all started off as hermaphrodites IIRC

              “…..Moral Objectivity, without this, we are doomed…..”
              TRUE, but the Hermetic system of thinking removes SOURCE of Moral Objectivity. Is Gnostic / JewishRevolutionSpirit woo woo
              “…….“we must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools”
              MLK Jr…..”
              You DO know that MLK was a deeply IMMORAL person don’t you? You might want to dig a little deeper into how lived his life.
     worth looking into in your own time

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              @ LP5,

              Deep dive Thursday.
              Just a follow up on polarity.
              To me, the perverse lie is in Bacon English of redirection to false conclusions. Especially in science. Matter not spirituality. You get oil and water to mix by deviating from truth in matter.
              There is no cold in matter,maybe woo woo mater,which is very subjective in description. Straying away from reality .
              Holding this concept of universal law as a frame work ,can you go through those 7 points you make and apply the thought of cold is a lie,there is no cold ; just the presence of or lack of heat. There is no limit, high or low. Bacon was a master of creating words that turn people away from questioning the law. One law for us another law for you all. Division of truth to power. If I told you it just won’t sink in till you tell me the 7 , depolarization of any conflict of understanding . Good luck to you always.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                @ LP5,
                Just a follow up on polarity.
                To me, the perverse lie is in Bacon English of redirection to false conclusions. Especially in science. Matter not spirituality. You get oil and water to mix by deviating from truth in matter.
                There is no cold in matter,maybe woo woo mater,which is very subjective in description. Straying away from reality .
                Holding this concept of universal law as a frame work ,can you go through those 7 points you make and apply the thought of cold is a lie,there is no cold ; just the presence of or lack of heat. There is no limit, high or low. Bacon was a master of creating words that turn people away from questioning the law. One law for us another law for you all. Division of truth to power. If I told you it just won’t sink in till you tell me the 7 reinterpretations, depolarizing any conflict of understanding . Just to clarify,hot and cold are finite, limited a lie. Heat is infinite,not limited, truth.
                To play God, the polarize. Like Homer says,” when Cerses magic failed she used words to control men.
                We have drifted away from home and must suffer lies
                that impede our progress at returning to truth,much like Odysseus. Homer was one smart cookie.

                Good luck to you always.

        • Duck says:


          “…@Duck – you’re just too smart for me. over and out….”

          And therein lies the reason most people wont make it…. I am NOT super smart, and its not about ‘beating’ someone in an argument like its a game.

          Dont get me wrong, I love the FUN of arguing but the POINT of it is to test my ideas, and yours, and discard the faulty ones. Being quick witted and slimy like Ben Shapiro is not the point-being RIGHT is.

          If you can not argue your ideas thru a few simple points then either you do not understand them properly yourself or they are weak ideas. The attachment to them, then, would be emotional and the danger of that is that it is easy to fail, and be controlled, while using an incorrect map of reality.

          Either way, peace and good luck 🙂

  48. Hagar says:

    I am 75 years old and my response to the question is yes, but not in my lifetime. Nevertheless, I did focus on the words or phrases “they, them, those”. It struck me as better than THTSB. My pronouns are all 130+ in the English language.

  49. omer says:

    Maybe it’s not so much a matter of “we will win” as it is a matter of “they will lose”. There will never be a stable system of global, all-encompassing control because the chaos and complexity of real life always defeat static human planning. That level of control is a lost cause and those who become obsessed with it are bound to destroy each other. The question is rather, will we ever learn?

  50. madhu says:

    mkey asks “If we won already, what is the prize?”

    The prize is we get to keep our souls.

    The only way you can define what them winning means is by defining what you think their (or maybe its) ultimate aim is. I don’t think the ultimate aim is to kill us or even to control our behaviour actually. Look at how they are doing things. They want us to come willingly. They want to get inside our minds, our hearts and our souls and change us.

    You know at the end of 1984 when Winston Smith finally loves Big Brother? That is them winning. Before that Smith’s behaviour is controlled but they don’t win until he changes inside. I don’t know about you, but that’s not happening to me. They can swivel. They are not getting my soul.

    I don’t think they can take our soul without us giving it away. But each of us needs to know who we are, what we believe in and to understand that there is incredible power within each one of us that is magnified when we connect. I genuinely believe that when we start realising these things, that is when practical solutions come into our heads and things just flow.

  51. madhu says:

    Anyway to answer James’s request…..

    I would like to see a future where a diverse range of schools exist, where kids are not indoctrinated with lies, badness and stuff that doesn’t make any sense. I have a lot of respect for parents who homeschool but my kids really benefit from being around lots of other children in a school setting.

    James, you might suggest that I try setting up my own school with other parents, but my reply would be….Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor not a teacher. And therefore most of my time/energy is going into helping people to gain medical freedom and real health away from Big Pharma, as that is where my skill set lies.

    If you could please move to England and start teaching my children that would be the ideal situation. But failing that I wonder how we can start to map out the path to educational freedom for our kids.

  52. Oscar says:

    Dear James Corbett,

    In answer to your assignment to your audience in how we are planning to come through to the other end in order to win, I’ve written down a rough plan for myself:

    Rough Plan up until 2027:
    – presently: already started with being sufficiently skilled in crypto in order to successfully evade the coming CBDC’s.
    – before begin of 2024: started with getting an alternative source of income that is not reliant the legacy system
    – before begin of 2025: started with getting to get to know a small group of people in real life (Freedom Cells) that have different useful skills on which you can concretely rely on and help each other before the NWO crack-down starts in earnest
    – before begin of 2026: started with getting a plan together what to do if the power grid fails
    – before begin of 2027: started with getting a plan together to have another location in another country ready as backup when the The Shit Hits The Fan at my present location.

    General ongoing missions:
    – wake a few people up
    – getting more self-reliant and less reliant on the system
    – continually educate myself in news and in skills

    I hope I’ve answered your call correctly.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Those are great plans! Thanks for sharing the detail.

      My personal plan is to increase my ability to grow my own food by land development and also learning how to hunt. Plenty of women can hunt for food.

      Also, I want to be able to transition out of a regular job and work for myself.

      I also want to be able to trade with my local community. There is already a barter system people have in my new location and I want to be able to contribute to it. I want to do this by 2026 and by 2030 I’ll be mostly independent.

      As far as waking people up, I am will to distribute flyers. I want to do this by 2024 or sooner. I have found flyers to be a good way to distribute information because it’s written. There is some benefit to written communication.

  53. Oscar says:

    James Corbett was clear in the question he posed to his audience (for a change):
    to come up with a kind of plan including a date or dates on how we were going to win and come through to the other sides. It really surprises me that so few people – if any – acted on his call with a concrete plan what to do.

  54. Ilija Prentovski says:

    There is no roadmap. All roadmaps are product of the (left) brain, and it’s what got us in this mess. Just act from the heart. And unite. Put down your stuff with each other.

  55. Anciana says:

    Hi James,
    If we are going to win, it seems to me that our first step must be preventing the 5G dragnet. Once it’s up and running, our chance to win will be gone. What do you think? As always, thank you for your magnificent work.

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