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06/26/201831 Comments

Sponsor The Corbett Report: https://www.corbettreport.com/members/

The Corbett Report is brought to you by...wait for it...(drum roll please)...you. Yes, you. I know it's not an exciting answer, but it's the truth. No advertising. No corporate backing. No hidden funders. Just people like you. So why not subscribe and help keep this commercial-free material coming? (And yes, Nestle really is being sued for using child slave labour and Bayer really did market heroin as a cough suppressant. Everything else is satire.)

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I love the humor!

  2. ashley says:

    hilarious. corporate ethos is diametrically opposed to your message, which is why we all love ya. the idea that pepsi would want to “get in on this audience” is patently absurd.

    goes to show you the power of a logo – even when you try to culture jam it.

    Essay on culture jamming:

  3. zyxzevn says:

    How much does it cost to put your advertising on your own youtube videos?

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I would imagine if you embedded it in your video, it wouldn’t cost you anything. After all, then it would just be part of the video, and not a sponsored video by youboob. JimBob who has no definite idea, but he always has a suggestion or two.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      That idea… it is kind of cool.
      Also, that idea could spur some creative videos.

      Can you imagine starting a Corbett Video…then…
      Corbett comes out in front of a mansion house with deluxe cars in the drive talking about how to get filthy rich. (just like the YouTube Ads)

  4. I Shot Santa says:

    Teasing us with upcoming stuff? Noooooo! I want it NOW! JimBob who helps sponsor the Corbett Report, though probably not enough to justify all the chaos he causes.

  5. pearl says:

    So, I’m guessing that’s a “yes”.

    Btw, how come you’re not updating your Facebook page? What’s up with that?

  6. calibrator says:

    I’m also a sponsor – yeah, I admit it freely…

    …because it comes from my salary which is paid to me by a large friggin’ Rothschild-controlled corporation!

    So, yes, James, you – indirectly – get money from “Dr. Evil” himself – and he doesn’t even know it!

    And even if he does: I don’t care – I even used PayPal to transfer it!


    Because I’m “a batshit, paranoid, tinfoil, dog-abusing baby-hater” – and proud of it! 😉

    Most importantly, though: Keep up the great work!

  7. mkey says:

    James, when you mentioned lemons I, as it usually happens when someone mentions lemons, got reminded of a spoken word appearance by Henry Rollins, which I’d like to link here, but I have no idea where that material is currently. I have hours of those recordings somewhere, among the clutter. Probably much of it isn’t on youboob even.

    Anyway, his version of “when life hands you lemons make a lemonade” goes something like “when life hands you lemons, grab the lemon, bite it and yell OH YEAH, THAT WAS GREAT, WHAT ELSE YOU GOT?!!”

    I always liked his head on and level headed approach and am often reminded of these little bits of wisdom.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for this comment!

      This perspective is actually VERY PROFOUND.
      There is a lot of meat in the concept.

      Aggressively, with a certain attitude, facing head-on or confronting, the rough patches one encounters with living.

      Intuitively this makes a lot of sense.
      After reading your statement yesterday, I woke this morning with this concept echoing around in my head.

      Thanks again. I gain a lot of insight and grins from Corbett members.

      mkey says (after mentioning Henry Rollins)…
      “when life hands you lemons, grab the lemon, bite it and yell OH YEAH, THAT WAS GREAT, WHAT ELSE YOU GOT?!!”

  8. manbearpig says:

    Doesn’t anyone else see “escape” written on that t-shirt??

    Whatever, All I know is that in that in the last week or so I’ve felt an utterly irresistable impulse to book 3 2-week stays in Bora Bora at the Club Med Hilton and Spa, signed up for a bi-weekly transcendental meditation class, reserved a 10-day intensive yoga seminar, hooked up with a shiatsu therapist, joined an ashram and ordered a 12-bottle pack of Robitussin cough syrup online…


  9. Fawlty Towers says:

    Brilliant as usual James!
    I like the way you developed the theme as you went along
    with your multi-layered (Bayered) approach. 🙂

  10. grant.m says:

    Har har, don’t you ever lose your sense of humour James.

    with appreciation,

  11. I Shot Santa says:

    Completely off-topic as usual, but can anyone make any sense of this whole crazy unhinged left wanting to bomb things and “push back” stuff? I don’t know if this is bi-partisan or what. I don’t think it is, but I do know that it is about to get crazier than the UK over here pretty soon. Also, for the other Americans (Hell yeah!) here; have any of you ever actually run into these antifa types? I only see the odd one or two at a time on the news. Is it really infecting the country, or is it all hype? I live in the center of Redneck country, so antifa wouldn’t last too long here, but I don’t know how the testosterone is elsewhere. Things seem to be getting crazy, which is fine with me as I’m a bit crazy myself. JimBob who always hated waiting for the fight more than the fight itself. Not that he thinks it is going that way, but it very well could unless this is all hype.

  12. ekawAediW says:

    James with a great sense of humor – who knew? Anyway, I’ll up my subscription by an additional 2.67 CAD to make up for that bozo. If you find yourself with too much free time on your hands, I wouldn’t mind more shorts. I really enjoy them 😛

  13. Leigh says:

    Can’t believe you actually had to make that video. But also thrilled that you did, with pure comedy value. Love it. Nice one James.

  14. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Why is “The Man” Winning?.

    “The Man”, AKA “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”, “The Establishment”, etc.

    “He” or “They” appear to be winning, and they appear to have been winning for few hundred years, and possibly thousands. Question is: Why are “They” winning?

    I have identified few tricks that “The Man” uses, which given to anyone else could transform any team into a winning team. I would like to list few here, and it would be great if I get help from other Corbetteers, by confirming or shooting down my idea’s. Better still, come up with new ideas that I did not think of. Reasons why “They” are winning:
    1- Judo throws
    2- Teamwork & Leadership
    3- Use of culture (religion, superstition, etc)
    4- Use of Human Nature (once it is understood)
    5- More (please fill in with your idea’s)

    I plan to put these idea’s one at a time to make this both interesting and short. (it would be great if James would create a section on the site that host members idea’s for collaboration, and increase the content on this website.)

    Judo throws
    I believe one of “The Man’s” finest moments is when “They” are able to use our own goodness against us. In Judo throws, i think it is called “taking advantage of your opponent’s momentum.”

    Allow me to explain:

    William Wilberforce (1759–1833) was an English politician known as the leader of the movement to stop the slave trade. I am positive that William Wilberforce MP was a well meaning person, who genuinely wanted to free people from slavery, and earn some brownie points with God and society.

    However, a few years before that happened, “The Man” came to the conclusion that in the modern world, it was becoming more expensive to own slaves (you have to feed them, house them, medicate them, get them laid to make new slaves, look after their children – and you can’t just leave them to die, as they are your assets!)

    So, “The Man’s” strategic planners and organizers decided to move from the old model of Slavery, into a New Model of Slavery based on Wage Slave. Away from ownership and all its costs and responsibilities.

    Off course, this cannot be achieved while the old model of Slavery exists, so it had to be demolished. And the new model of wage Slavery cannot work if the people were content with basics of life, and that’s why consumerism got created.

    So, “They” would identify a well meaning person.. Help them create a movement.. give them the support needed in politics and government and finance, and let them win the war for “The Man”.

    So, was the end of Slavery a bad thing?? Of course not. But was the old Slavery better than the new Slavery? I say maybe yes. (at least, the masters will not let you die young as you are considered assets)

    I wonder what other well meaning movements exists today that is supported by well meaning people that ultimately will win more ground for “The Man”
    1- Climate Change?
    2- NewsBud team?
    3- Anarchists?
    4- A.I. Research?
    5- Corbertt Report? 🙂

    • I Shot Santa says:

      VOA, the good news is they are NOT winning. It only appears that way because THEY control the media, not the reality. JimBob who notes that his own country has very few people who even know there is anyone competing, much less winning or losing.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello I Shot Santa,

        Thanks for your feedback, and we are in desperate need for good news, but the human nature in us may end up manufacturing good news to calm our fears.

        If you recall from the school yard days, when one side (the bully or the other side), wins, the rest start switching sides for protection (again human nature needs).

        I believe the machiavellian types switched sides long ago, but I fear the majority will finally see who is winning and will start switching sides, even though it is too late.

        I guess we can only keep watching..

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Well if it’s any consolation, I just watched a Q video and that BS is supposed to be over next month. Always good to watch a psyop unfold. JimBob who just made up good news the best way he could.

    • jckays says:

      Give me $100million and I would be willing, nay, anxious, to “experiment” with that.

      PS … I like the idea that you should have a side category of other “names” for Mr. Globalist etc. People keep demanding of me just who is “Them”. All I have to offer is “They” …

      PPS … I will take 1/2 Dozen of those shirts also … :-/

  15. manbearpig says:

    but then… maybe the Corbett Report subscribers are sponsored by evil multinationals??…


  16. BbobKS says:

    Technically speaking any funds you receive from me come from a American leftist Billionaire, the funds have been run through several LLC’s and the demigod BNSF Railroad but then they don’t really don’t care who they do business with !
    Fact that I am laundering their money to someone who has not yet totally sold out to NWO and that makes me feel like at least they gave me a kiss when they were done with me, somehow I feel less dirty !
    Thanks for your good work it actually makes me think that the IT revolutionary war can turn out well and if some throw you under the bus because of your past association with BFP then so be it I am glad they banished me when I see their work and attitudes lately !
    Good Luck and Many Blessings in the coming year !

  17. manbearpig says:

    Since I Can’t manage to get around to doing my mountains of grading for the uni,

    for other various ego-driven reasons I just rewatched the 2012 episode “How to become a Billionaire and what to do with it” about Bill Gates (and just before that, “Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Dissent” because of HRS).


    which has reminded me of why I’m (immensely) proud to be a subscriber to the Corbett Report. (however modestly from a Financial point of view…).

    And thanks to BbobKS I realize I’m laundering money for my employeurs, more specifically the French state (meaning French taxpayers like myself…I’m laundering my own tax money…8-O ) as well as that of various American entrepeneurs in France who’d do well to Watch the Corbett Report.

    “How to Become a Billionaire” is of immense importance.

    and so I feel good tonight.

    Which inspires a heart-felt “Happy New Year 2019 Corbett Report Subscribers!”

    – from a sentimental manbearpig…

    • calibrator says:

      Ah, my French friend! I wish you and all other people here a happy new year, too!

      Also thanks for reminding me to check my yearly donation to the CR.

      I thought that I had made a standing order but the bank transfered nothing in 2018 – so James will be happy to hear that he now gets a “burger with double cheese” 😉

      However, I still only launder my clothes.

      The donations to the CR are what I call “poetic justice”.

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