White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria

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The White House announced on Monday that they are preparing to frame Syrian President Assad for the next chemical weapon attack in Syria, essentially giving the green light to their Al-CIA-da forces to proceed with another false flag event. So who is behind this, what is at stake, and where is the attack likely to take place? Join James for this Thought For The Day as he goes over the latest information on this false flag attack and solicits your participation in an open source investigation.

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White House press release announcing coming chemical weapon attack

White House Says It Will Fake "Chemical Weapon Attack" In Syria

Dispatch From the Middle East: U.S. Buildup All About Iran

Mattis: US arms for Syrian Kurds will continue after Raqqa

Air Strike in Syria: "We Got A Fuckin' Problem"

Trump's Red Line

Pentagon, State Dept ‘Clueless’ on Trump’s Assad Allegation

Mattis Claims White House Threat to Syria ‘Worked’

Russia says Putin and Trump should probably talk at G20

The US Gov’t Killed More Civilians This Month Than All Terrorist Attacks in Europe Over the Last 12 Years

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  1. MaryD says:

    I put it out on Steemit. Thank you for all you are doing. I hope lives are spared because of this podcast.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    That Seymour Hersh article Air Strike in Syria: “We Got A Fuckin’ Problem” is well worth reading.

    • Hotfoot says:

      ‘AS: No one is talking about the entire reason we’re in Iraq and Syria in the first place. That mission is fucked now.’

      So true. The more this escalates, the further that question is from everyone’s mind. Mission accomplished, USA!

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I need to work up a calendar and note a series of events and policies which have occurred within the last six or nine months.

    There are a lot of players on the field within that sector of the globe, economic and otherwise. (China, __istans, India, Russia, NATO, IMF, ClimateChange agenda, etc.)
    Also, some unexpected events have taken place. (e.g. Brexit, Trump elected)

    Trump is such an unpredictable, TV show style wild hair, with a record for inflaming situations.
    Related directly to Syria are some eyebrow raising aspects and events. (e.g. connection to Israel, orbing with Saudi Arabia followed by the Saudi ‘Game of Thrones’, disregarding Russia, aggressive action in Syria, the major White House announcement on Tuesday 27th about making the U.S. a dominant world energy exporter, etc.)
    I need to look at the timing, the sequence of all the many events.

    One day after the June 26th Press Release on Syria and chemical weapons…Tues 6/27/17: White House Press Briefing – An Energy Dominant America / Exporter
    (This is the same briefing where the Project Veritas CNN ‘fake news’ video was highlighted.)
    …and it is beyond me that the Administration is going to accent a proliferation of U.S. Nuclear Energy. What a train wreck coming!

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      HomeySupply: Thank you for the link to White House brief by Sarah?and your old gov.Ricky Perry now head of the , gee ah gosh gone can’t remember what cabinet it was , probly don’t even need it Secretary. Just ribbing ya.
      He said some very revealing things interspersed in a lot of crap. The truth does rise to the top.Sarah? said some things also. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE PRESS CONFERANCE!
      I list a few things that are of interest to me. Sorry I’m not giving the time stamp of where exactly but everyone should hear the whole thing anyway, you will pick it out.
      1. ” Capturing coil gas and ash to mine rare earth minerals/ metals,while removing the excess CO2″. Very important to have for zero point energy electrical production. We’ll see if they share it with the common people of this land.
      2. “Laboratory researching new energy sorces that you can’t even imagine” Again will it be shared with the American people. Military industrial complex has had ZPE developed since 1957 or sooner. We doNot need oil for energy only axle grease.
      3. “Nuclear needed” by whom? Bombs military not electrical grid. Waste? The dumb ass steered away from waste several times and the press didn’t say a word about the Jap disaster so who is complicit?
      4. “Climate change is a hoax ” at least he got one out of twenty right. Somewhere I saw an Australian or New Zealand woman talking on the Agenda 21/ 2030, seems like it was a 6-8 part Youtube on the subject. Excellent piece, I linked from the Corbett Report.way down the rabbit hole.
      5. Sarah? Who is this Arky mouthpiece for the deep state. Jeez. She needs a lesson on the pump and dump of the budget office, the black hole in the accounting office. Its too depressing to go on . Thanks Homey for the link very informative on the deep state today. And thank you James C. September is going to be exciting you can count on it.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        James, I can’t say a thing on this site about military news for fear of being a target or you being further targeted. That is a shame. My how nothing changes. Good luck in today’s mind field.
        How did the Red-Pill expo go.go.Will you report on that?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I hear ya.
        The sequence, the calendar of events, are more than coincidental.
        The White House makes this week “Energy Week” and starts out the gate on Monday with the Syria-Gas Press Release.

        One example is Qatar which James talked about recently in Bombshell in the Gulf: The GCC/Qatar Crisis https://www.corbettreport.com/bombshell-in-the-gulf-the-gccqatar-crisis/
        The top 3 countries with natural gas reserves…
        #1 – Russia
        #2 – Iran
        #3 – Qatar
        #5 – USA
        #6 – Saudi Arabia
        #7 – United Arab Emirates

        Bloomberg June 29, 2017
        Trump Said to Tout Coal Projects, Nuclear Aid in ‘Energy Week’
        “…And Trump described new deals aimed at sending U.S. liquefied natural gas to customers in Asia. For instance, Energy Transfer Partners and Royal Dutch Shell Plc on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate collaborating on a liquefied natural gas export project in Louisiana. Trump also touted Sempra Energy’s decision to sign an agreement to begin negotiations over selling more liquefied natural gas to South Korea…”

        “…He also described U.S. exports of coal to Ukraine, where power plants are built to handle anthracite mined in areas fraught with conflict. Coal exports to Ukraine “will have more to do with keeping our allies free and building their confidence in us than anything I’ve seen,” said Energy Secretary Rick Perry….”

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        P.S., On my comments above.#5 about Catherine Austin Fitts from “Secret Space Form” on You-Tube a year ago. She was brillent at explaining the ponzie scheme of the deep state in the housing crash of 2008 and the looming pump and dump just ahead for the US. Which made Sarah? look all the more ridiculous in answers about the budget office.

  4. nosoapradio says:

    Most French media are parroting the victorious “Assad took Trump’s warning seriously” line

    and France info and a few others are even saying “Assad took PARIS and Washington’s warning seriously”


    stating Paris before Washington…

    Well Trump and Macron are the new dynamic duo with Trump scheduled to spend July 14th (French Independence day) in Paris celebrating both the French Revolution and the U.S. entry into World War 1…

    I bet that’ll just be a pretext for terrorist attacks in France that day…just missing Trump by an eyelash… sealing relations between the two countries who differ with regards to climate change…

    or something like that…anyhow…

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RT News five days prior to the White House ‘Syria chemical’ Press Release.

    letting the different sides bleed out
    Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and former CIA officer Ray McGovern are interviewed about Syria. Like Corbett pointed out, there is focus on that Iranian supply route.
    (8 minute interview) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTTAAoaan10

    Unfortunately, this is probably the ugly writing on the wall. Syria will never be allowed “to win”.
    The objective is to keep it embroiled internally.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Syria will never be allowed to “win”.

      The more I ponder, especially after re-watching the interview above, I realize that Syria is screwed. We may even end up with a WW3, but still Syria is screwed.
      Once the 5th safest nation in the world…no more. I get very disturbed by the thought of so many lives ruined because of the psychopathic global players.

      I guess like other things (Requiem for the Suicided, Libya, 9/11, Kakistocracy, Big Oil, money, etc.) we can set the record straight and try to inform others.

      • scpat says:

        It does look like it’s just a matter of time until Assad is ousted. My thoughts on this whole thing are: after Syria, Iran is next most likely. I’m looking to see when the SCO nations will step in. I’m not sure how close of an ally any of them are with Iran, but it certainly would make those countries more vulnerable if/when Iran goes down. It seems like it would be in there interest to protect Iran.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        HomeRemedy; You are so right on this point. I am moved to an actionable state from the media drugged inertia I have shamefully been in during the past, you authentically seem to have a good heart. Im waking slowly to all aspects of this new paradigm and Im overwhelmed at times. Catherine Austin Fitts layout of the next economic 911 was the latest that just sucks the life out of what I thought America used to be. I knew a number of Syrians and Iranians while attending University of Tulsa. Oklahoma State University 75 miles away had the largest Iranians students in the US after the Shaw was overthrown. They where wonderful people and the stories they told me did not square with what the MSM was saying at the time. Wish I knew then what I know now! I regret not knowing these people today that I interacted with daily then. Regret is eternal.
        So today there is #unrig. Its not perfect but it is reasonable. In Tulsa the black and Hispanic Community’s are being targeted and lethal force is the only response law enforcment has put forward. Our fighter wing has been training daily above our fair city and the chemtrails are present every third day. This has got to change , this is not the normal I want for my community. Im hoping to get Cynthia McKinney and Robt.David Steel to barn storm this town this summer and hold Senetor INhoff ,Langston and Lucas, Cole and dumb ass Sullen to name a few, to sign the integrity pledge to enact election reform on return from summer recess.Baby steps. Can you help do the same in Texas Homey?

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Trolls please stop. In my reply to Homey I have typed the name Mullen, Congressman, dumdass Mark Wayne Mullen 3 times and it changes to Sullen every time. Sorry Homey for the disruption. We have a AIR FORCE cyber unit here in Tulsa cause of Williams communications installing the first fiber optic lines in all their gas pipe lines that run from the US STRATIGIC OIL TERMINAL IN CUSHING 30 MILES FROM HERE TO EVERYWHERE IN THE US. SEN. INHOFF BRINGS IN THE BACON.THANKS SO LEAVE THE CORBETT REPORT TO THE 1ST AMMENDMENT. PLEASE.THERES ANOTHER ONE YOU CAN ADD TO MY LIST OF NOT NORMAL.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Hey Okie!
          Did you hear that the governor’s mansion in Oklahoma burned down?
          …Almost took out the whole trailer park.

          generalbottlewasher, I love your take on things.
          Actually, for more than a decade I have been extremely busy as an activist.
          Watch some of the videos on this “North Texas for 9/11 Truth” YouTube Channel which I put together.
          The Texican way(4 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpH453BTUJk
          We have done so many actions, I just can’t list them all.
          Here are some…
          2006-2008, I personally burned and distributed about 10,000 DVDs
          At my own expense, I have placed newspaper ads, and done all kinds of promotion such as mailing out many thousands of 9/11 Truth DVDs/brochures to public officials and politicians, judges, fire departments, police departments, FBI, architects, engineers, celebrities, etc.

          Now I am letting some others take the reins. I got to get my finances in better shape. So, I am less active than I had been, but I still interact with “new” people almost daily about “truther” stuff.

          I built this and maintain it…

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Homey, Very impressive resume. The first thing that came to me upon awakening was fluoride in the water is a poison. You seem to be way ahead of that in deed and word. Having worked for the City and inspecting some things at our water plant and waste plants I was struck by the secrecy in the bowels of the facilities. I was creeped out every time I had to be around those people. Call it 6th sence or whatever I got the impression something was not good, healthy or wholesome in the places I interacted with. Your web site is commendable. In the future can the content be used freely here if need be?

  6. leslie.b says:

    The false flag may have been cancelled if the puppets are taking credit for stopping it.

    U.S. Invents Chem Weapons Threat And Claims It Defeats Threat By Warning Syria, Iran and Russia – http://www.activistpost.com/2017/06/us-invents-chem-weapons-threat-warning-syria-iran-russia.html

    WHAT!? Nikki Haley Credits Fake White House Intel for Preventing Assad Sarin Holocaust in Syria – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkOs1sgIjE8

  7. Greg Bacon says:

    Americans should be proud to fight and die for Apartheid Israel! And to see our economy and infrastructure self-destructing since so much wealth is funneled to these endless Wars for Wall Street and Israel.

    Israel’s cowardly and savage attack against the USS Liberty and their role in the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Lebanon and their cruise missile attack on the USS Cole and their masterminding of the 9/11 False Flag shouldn’t deter loyal Americans from supporting a hostile, foreign power to our utter demise!

    • nosoapradio says:

      Hear! Hear!

    • herrqlys says:

      I also like Israel’s shrewd monetary procedures.

      The annual US appropriation to Israel (currently about $3.5 billion) is paid out on the first day of the new fiscal year, on account with the US Department of the Treasury.

      The balance is interest-bearing, and Israel only draws down what it needs at any one time, which is usually for the purchase of US armaments and systems. So, the US taxpayer gifts principal and interest to Israel to buy military equipment.

  8. mblacky says:

    Just a thought off the top of my head watching this – Could the press release have been a way of stopping a false flag gas attack that was imminent? One that was going ahead but Donald and his merry muppets found out and scuppered the dastardly plan by releasing a statement that makes it too obvious to go ahead as planned right away?

    I very much doubt this. Perhaps it’s just wishful WW3 avoidance thinking on my part.

  9. madmovond says:

    My wife and I watch House of Cards because it’s a show that exposes some of the corruption of Washington and politicians in general in an interesting and entertaining way. Bill Clinton is quoted saying that it’s 99% accurate (surely aside from the murder and salaciousness, right Bill?) so it’s fun to have conversations with other people who still have the mainstream blinders on to any degree about HoC and point them to real stories that demonstrate that corruption going on right here and now, outside of a Hollywood set.

    That all being said, I found it very interesting how even this show is subtly indoctrinating people that Russia is evil, the Syrian government is evil, and ISIS (ICO in the show) is evil. Don’t get me wrong, all three are evil in their own rights just like the US government is. But season 5 has a gas attack written in. Who do you think they say is definitively behind it? The Syrian government. Viktor Petrov (aka Putin) is painted as the antagonist causing all of the other trouble in the Middle East. It’s just interesting how even now that a mainstream TV show is portraying some truth as to the palpable darkness and evil running rampant in the “sacred” US government machine – they still have to sew in the lies to keep people rooting for the nationalist home team and plant seeds of hope that if we just vote the right people in things will get better. The list of White House advisors in the credits for HoC is something like 10 or 12 people long. I wonder where those lies being planted come from…

    Either way, in the show the president learns from intel that the Syrian government is going to gas its own people. And he decides to let it happen so that they can get boots on the ground and he can garner political support to maintain his crumbling presidency. It’s not about right or wrong, right or left — it’s about winning, he says at another point in this season. What’s the best way to fool and coerce? Tell the truth with some lies sprinkled in.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is very interesting about Season 5 on House of Cards and the Syria/gas scenario…and Russia as a demon.

      I watched the first few seasons with my ex-wife. I enjoyed it. Kevin Spacey plays the part well. A very sharp, cold-blooded, psychopath politician who climbs the ladder to the top.

      I found “House of Cards” very realistic with its portrayal of the prolific Beltway corruption. The way real politics works.
      My wife’s sister/brother-in-law, both retired Math Professors, are strong Democrats who digest The New York Times. They are so Democrat that they donate towards many liberal causes.
      Once I had a heart to heart with them about 9/11 and gave them 9/11 DVDs and Ae911truth literature. After all, they were Math-Computer Science Professors and know about the acceleration due to gravity. The 9/11 info didn’t take…they just couldn’t confront that the government and media might cover-up 9/11.
      And so it goes with House of Cards. They found the show very unrealistic with all the government corruption. For them, the rampant political corruption made the show far fetched.
      As for Hillary and her sins, this couple is so naïve that they believe the Justice System works. They believe that if Hillary did some of these atrocities that she would be prosecuted.

      • nosoapradio says:

        “…They believe that if Hillary did some of these atrocities that she would be prosecuted…”

        ok. my bad. maybe the cognitive dissonance amonst the masses is worse than I care to admit…

        actually…looking at my own entourage…I have every reason to believe so…

      • gepay says:

        My sister and her extended family group In St Louis are typical middle to upper middle class Democrats. She is a lawyer. At a family outing I mention anomalies about 9/11 immediately – “Oh no Jim’s a 9/11″truther.
        Discussion has ended. The CIA has been so successful in making conspiracy theory(ist) such a pejorative, discussion stopping statement that most liberal democrats have turned off any critical thinking. Obama did no wrong. I am an odd person compared to most mainstream Americans, I think that is what allows me to look at the facts. Or I am in a room with two architects, i ask questions about what changes to the code about building skyscapers since 9/11 and thay say only a few minor changes. I continue with the structural facts that make it obvious the NIST findings are just wrong – they talk to each other about something trivial. Can you say cognitive dissidence? People at parties just don’t want to talk about any of these things that people who generally agree with the reporting of Corbett reports might want to talk about. Most people are busy with their day to day lives. They don’t have the time or energy to look into and research these events.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I find anecdotes like these very interesting. Thanks.

          All my life, I have noticed that a minority of folks have a strong interest in matters of substance, while a majority of folks really don’t have a strong interest in matters of substance…they prefer shallow, not deep discussions.

          • madmovond says:

            I told my mom to watch House of Cards because it was a realistic look in to how our government functions. She made it a couple episodes and stopped. She told me she just couldn’t handle the darkness and evil it showed. Even though she didn’t continue to watch, she now has another seed planted that will make her doubt the political system more and more.

            Some people just aren’t ready to face the truth. I think we have to remember that when we spread the truth and get stonewalled. It’s nothing personal, those people just aren’t ready to hear anything paradigm-shift-worthy. But just the existence of conspiracy nuts like most of us here gives those people a reason to consider what we tell them. Even if it seems like they didn’t listen or they immediately reject us, they heard it. And when our cause continues to grow like it has been since the advent of the Interwebs and more evidence piles up against the status quo, it will only cause more people to question their positions. Then they come asking us a few questions. Relational evangelism.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              madmovond, So right!
              “… Even if it seems like they didn’t listen or they immediately reject us, they heard it….”

              I guess it really is like waking up. Some people jump right out of bed, alert and ready to go. Others, try to slumber a little longer not ready to wake up. I do best in disseminating to others when I “understand” and maintain my compassion and tolerance.

              I agree. Some people are just not ready. And there are shades of gray in between.

    • bas says:

      It’s almost like these kinds of shows are engineering us to accept that it is okay, or it is the best choice we have, to let evil politicians rule over us.

  10. Pablo de Boer says:

    Bollyn “The War On Terror Is a Zionist/Neocon Creation To Redraw The Middle East!”

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Ryan Dawson on Trump’s Zionist Ball & Chain

      Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his latest documentary “Trump’s Zionist Ball & Chain: The Devils of Real Estate.” We discuss the influence of the Kushner family in the Trump Administration and how a Zionist criminal cabal has used various agencies like the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to enrich itself and suborn the US government on behalf of a foreign power.


      Note Pablo, not the whole globkaki are zionist

  11. bas says:

    Concerning Hersh’s “Trump’s red line” article: On the one hand, it backs up what other ex-intelligence officers have already told in the wake of the Khan Sheikhoun attack but this time coming from Hersh’s sources inside the active intelligence community, but on the other, he further paints the narrative that it might have been a false flag but done solely by the rebels without US intelligence being aware of it. Supposedly, the only wrongdoing of the White House was acting upon Trump’s emotions and cooking up intelligence. This smells like limited hang-out.

    I think there are multiple layers to this. It just sound extremely unbelievable that it was just an accident that the Syrian air strikes just happened to target a location that was a meeting place but at the same time a weapons depot with chemical weapons in it, with an alleged chemical weapons attack of course being the one and only thing that could have sparked a political suicide big enough that could have reversed the then just recently announced ‘Assad can stay’ doctrine. Add to that Theodor Postel exposing the rebel claim that a small rocket hole in the road a couple of miles away was the supposed source of the chemical release, and it gets even more bizarre.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Seymour Hersh, as I recall, brushed gatekeeping status on other topics as well such as the killing of Ousama Bin Laden…

      • john.o says:

        What? Sey Hersch? A selective gatekeeper? The man who, just as the effects of the Zapruder film and Oliver Stones’ JFK were rippling through popular consciousness, decided to besmirch hard-headed assassination research and defecate publicly by publishing “The Dark Side of Camelot,” that steamy stinking combo of salacious gossip, some limited hanging out and lots of completely false narratives to undermine plausible assassination theories?

        Hersch’s pattern is clear in many other “journalist” biographies as well. There is of course Woodward, but you can see it in others less noticeable on the “alt scene” too.

        Step 1) Break a seemingly anti-gov story and get creds as a legit investigative journalist. Step 2) Trade journalistic integrity for a comfy lifestyle and a good living as a hired “fixer,” supported by limited hangout scoops from friendly alphabets.

        • herrqlys says:

          In the comments to an article in the Saker yesterday there was a very long debate about the protocol chat text in Sy Hersch’s article.


          The main article itself is on a very interesting topic.

          Anyway, the discussion (thread starts well past the middle of the section) did end up with the taint of being a limited hangout placed on Hersch. There were a lot of valid points brought out in arriving at this impression. He can be equated to Bob Woodward (Watergate fame) in that regard. You have to wonder if these journalists didn’t realize they are being manipulated, or did they know full well but accepted the plaudits, awards and the money, etc.

          The politics of what and whom gets published, where, can make for very interesting thought. In the public TV medium very experienced and knowledgeable counter-narrative people, like Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer, are never invited anymore. They have to go to RT or other outlets to express their learned views. The expensively indoctrinated masses are not to be cured of their delusions.

          Historians like David Irving and Ernst Zündel got vilified and persecuted with never-ending legal battles and even jailed for their factual, brutally honest voices because they, too, were (are) counter-narrative .

          • herrqlys says:

            I failed to fact check this item: Seymour Hersh…not Hersch. Even things you ‘think’ you know can be wrong 🙁

            • john.o says:

              Good catch. The misspelling is my bad. I happen to have worked for a Hersch and my fingers are just used to typing it that way!

              I regret the error. Mr Hersh it is. But a shyster is a scheister is a scheisster by any spelling.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Thanks for the JFK refresher!

          Yes, I’m somewhat familiar with the 2 easy steps to becoming a full-fledged gatekeeper…

          On the Osama bin Laden killing found this:

          on May 14th, 2015 Vivian Lee at the Memory Hole Blog reported:

          “…Hersh’s article is crammed full of perplexing details, personae, and allegations, providing a maze of red herrings that serve to substantiate the official story of 9/11 and the myth of Osama bin Laden – while supposedly supplying the truth for the very first time. His thesis rests on a wealth of information provided by his #1 source, “a retired intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad” and “privy to many aspects of the SEALs’ training for the raid, and to the various after-action reports…
          …First of all, it serves to substantiate the myth of al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden, who supposedly managed to elude the U.S. dragnet for a decade, supported by reported samples of his DNA (DNA evidence is a major feature of Hersh’s story). Second, it attempts to replace the ridiculous narrative of the Abbottabad raid with something seemingly more believable. Third, and perhaps most important, it buoys up the official story of 9/11 and bin Laden’s role in the false-flag operation…”

          Vague sources, red herrings, indirect confirmation of official narratives… yup

          Sounds like classic gatekeeping à la Chomsky to me…

    • scpat says:

      Well to be clear, Seymour Hersh’s “Trump’s Red Line” article made no indications that chemical weapons were stored in that cinderblock building that was bombed by the Syrians. He said chlorine and other chemicals used to clean dead bodies before burial, and fertilizer chemicals for crops were the ones that created the chemical cloud in the secondary explosion that killed so many people.

      I did have a similar feeling when reading Hersh’s article that he wasn’t giving all the details and more so painting a narrative of it being just some big accident paired with Trump being a hot-head. I think there is something more going on.

      The fact that, as Hersh said, there were open communication lines between Russia and the U.S. where Russia made it clear several days in advance of the bombing that their intentions were to bomb that particular building, would have given the White Helmets et al. enough time to set the film scene for a chemical attack, assuming that the CIA passed those communications on to them. But there is no way anyone could have predicted with certainty that secondary chemical explosions would occur.

      • herrqlys says:

        Some details get overlooked on purpose and are spiked. Eyewitnesses said they could smell the gas from as far away as 400m, and surviving victims in hospital smelled of chlorine. Sarin gas is odourless.

        There was also a dense gas cloud reported, hanging close to the ground in the cool morning air. Sarin gas is invisible, but chlorine and phospho-organics do create cloud plumes.

        If the story of a Syrian chemical weapon bomb were to be believed, that wouldn’t account for the secondary explosions at the site. A chemical weapon bomb doesn’t have to be armed in this way. The release of gas or other agent doesn’t require a large detonation charge – the force of impact can be enough to open the release valves.

    • bas says:

      Hersh, or something like ‘how to become a journalistic gatekeeper’ might be good material for a future episode. I enjoyed the one about Noam Chomsky. Back when I saw it, it was a though pill to swallow. It is indeed interesting to wonder whether they know of their gatekeeper function or not.

  12. Pablo de Boer says:

    Gerald Celente:

    Donald Trump is a Clown and Trump actually is a symbol of America for what’s become you know (note Pablo always was and still is):

    He eats crap and talks crap just like Obama did

    Gerald Celente “Israel & The US Will Use Syria As An Excuse To Push For War With Iran.”

    Nothing changed in the US of A since the nation’s inception

  13. UKJC says:

    Thought I’d look at the UK Gov’s petitions site… this brings it all into perspective:


    “Stop the propaganda against Russia for the good work they are doing in Syria.” … “I propose we help Russia and target Saudi Arabia instead”

    “Why was this petition rejected? It’s not clear what the petition is asking the UK Government or Parliament to do. We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards.”



  14. Ragnar says:

    I recall, during OBushma’s reign (although I can’t recall the date), he wanted to take troops into Syria. But there was such resistance, such lack of support, that he came out and said “because there is no support for it, I won’t send troops into Syria. I’m sure there are “Advisers” there, like in Vietnam).

    I wonder if that same lack of support would disused Trump from going into Syria, or continuing the toppling scheme. The one Gen. Clark talked about in 2003?

    • UKJC says:

      probably around 4 years ago when the UK Gov voted against boots on the ground in Syria?
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23892783 .
      Didn’t stop the UK pouring money in via the delightful white helmets of course.
      Doesn’t look like Trump has any idea what is going on in the world – he’s left that to stable and considerate characters like “mad-dog” Mattis…

  15. PeaceFroggs says:

    Who released this statement? The Pentagon? Trump? General Mattis? No, it was (I know its 2017, but turn off the camera’s) Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

    Yeah, me thinks they’re about to go live with something big soon, and they need their “Gulf of Tonkin incident”.

    Either way, we know this is coming to an end finally, let’s hope that innocent Syrians get the memo and leave the area and escape the coming carnage.

    When everything is said and done I hope Israel feels safer (/:sarcasm), cuz I get the suspicious feeling that all this death and destruction was done in order to isolate Hezbollah and Iran. Meanwhile Kerry and Obama actually made Israel more secure and safer from attacks with the stroke of a pen when they signed the P5+1 agreement than any of these wars ever will.

  16. == Off Topic – Porkins Bonus ==

    Corbett was my introduction and I’ve heard almost every Porkins Policy Radio Review show. (I’ve avoided episodes about TV or movies I haven’t seen yet.) I get the PPR newsletter that tells me about new episodes, including this weeks “PPR bonus podcast episode 7 How to Defeat Trolls”. I’d been corresponding with him about a favour I helped him and Tom Secker with, and he was going to share bonus episode(s) with me, but he hasn’t yet. I don’t want to “troll” him with my “spam” (I often ramble on) and hoped someone here might share it with me.

    • n4x5 says:

      I’ve donated to and corresponded with Pearse in the past and was similarly promised access to a bonus podcast that never materialized. I suppose he’s just busy and forgets these things. Sorry that I can’t help you but I commiserate.

  17. bladtheimpailer says:

    With what we know of Seymour Hersh being a limited hangout mouth piece for the establishment we can take his ‘the intelligence agencies are a paragon of virtue and Trump being a rogue Pres” for what its worth which is not much. It appears Trump, as the estab. excuse patsy is even more of an idiot than I took him for.

    Since when has the ‘Commander in Chief’ had the power to issue an order directly to the American armed forces or intelligence agencies [sic] and had them followed without going through the establishment’s filter operations for any such government figurehead decree? This is all the work of the over heated inner ‘bunker’ workings of the Empire command and control system as they contemplate military defeat in Syria. Or as Carl Rove explained the Empire now creates its own (un)realities.

    • scpat says:

      Exactly. Where are the legal checks and balances? So if Congress is the only branch of government that can declare war (launching cruise missles at the Syrian airbase), if they simply ignore the fact that the Executive branch circumvented that check and balance then it makes everything okay? Who holds Congress accountable for not holding the Executive branch accountable? If everyone just ignores it and pretends there are no checks and balances for it then it’s as if nothing ever happened? This baffles me. I’ve never heard a legal explanation to this. Maybe there isn’t one.

      • Ragnar says:

        This is one of my issues with the government. It’s reached a point where the president, or government agencies do things that are clearly against the constitution, which is supposed to be the “law of the land”. Yet no one complains and the “watchdog media” is bought or co-opted so they are no help. In this country who’s government is supposed to be by, for and of the people, we the people have no authority or means to ensure our “elected” representatives act for our benefit. Obama made all these promises, yet when he got elected he didn’t try to accomplish any of them. Sadly, it’s looking like Trump may be doing the same thing. I’m trying to remain hopeful, but looking at who he’s put in positions of power and who his advisers are, it doesn’t look good. You hear things like “Oh, the president can’t act without negotiating with other politicians” or ” the president doesn’t have much real power”. However, if the president went before the American people, in a televised speech, and said “I want to do such and such, but I’m being blocked by congress, or by other politicians”. Then it would open the door for the citizens to demand their elected representatives back the president in whatever beneficial thing he wants to do. But we never see that happen. Which leads me to conclude that the president is right there with the corrupt monsters who are just trying to push the globalists plots along, inch by inch.

        Lately I’ve been following the guy who started #Unrig. He seems to be an honest guy who is trying to change things for the better, rather then simply getting rich on empty promises.

  18. herrqlys says:

    I decided to have a look at source documentation for US Government budgeted expenditures. Now I know what pork-barrelling looks like.



    [From page 11 (bottom) of this document]



    The Act provides $48,134,000 for Salaries and Expenses.

    The Act provides $29,400,000 for Construction.

    Er, what’s wrong with this picture?

    I was aghast at what some very large amounts were earmarked for. So might you be.

    If these details were meant to be actually viewed by the general public, the URL would have been more clearly crafted.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Herqqles, All that money is real and goes into the deepstate black-opps projects. Pork no longer has a source of funding. It literally goes into a blackhole. Checkout a real kick in the balls Youtube show.
      ” Catherine Austin Fitts:Secrete Space Program Conference 2014,San Mateo” https://youtu.be/JalFaAL7SQg. May already be down.
      I am still sick over the information. How? Complete coup of the taxpayers money. Why? Funding a break away civilization. We paid for our own enslavement to this break away ruling society. Our treasure funding our demise. You pointed out the sources and this has been going on since Mr. Sam (Rayburn) and LBJ conspired to take over the legitimate government for the deepstate. We was robbed.

  19. VoltaicDude says:

    One of the best things about the Corbett Report and internet reporting in general is the critical timing for this type of news.

    Didn’t Trump supporters claim Clinton would start a war with Russia and Trump wouldn’t?

    Haven’t yet seen what sort of explanations Alex Jones is offering about this.

    When chemical weapons (referred to as types of “weapons of mass destruction” – WMD) are used, that’s considered crossing a red-line.

    Well, chemical weapons were used, but not by Assad’s regime.

    So who are these terrorist criminals? Shouldn’t people care beyond when they’re told to care about this?

    What was the history of Sarin gas use by Saddam Hussein’s regime, under the support of the U.S. and NATO during Iraq’s manufactured war against Iran (after Iran’s revolution that removed U.S./NATO murderous puppet the Shah)?

    I think it’s safe to say that most of the population of the U.S. believes that the U.S. would never do this.

    Who is to blame for this state of ignorance?

    We have to also start blaming all the disgusting popular talking heads that make millions of dollars a year presenting these disgusting lies to the public on network “news” programs, and other people and organizations (like Democracy Now and HRW) that enable this disinformation.

  20. asavetmd says:

    James, I don’t think this is as dangerous as it appears (although it could be very dangerous in certain circumstances). When you combine Sy Hersh’s article with the April attack you realize that in both cases Trump fell for Fake News! The April attack appeared to be for show because half the missiles misfired/fell in the sea but it partially got Russiagate off his back. This episode seems to be similarly for show. Mattis says the next day, “Our warning worked! they stopped preparations for the chemical attack!” Obviously that is ridiculous so this time instead of sending cruise missiles he threatened to attack and achieved the same result, ie. counter Russiagate which is imploding anyway. Hersh’s article with its look at how the GIs (not the top brass) were reacting to what was going on indicates that they have a good working relationship with their Russian peers on the Deconfliction line and that they have respect for them which is good. James Jatras has an article on Strategic Culture Foundation that makes this very point. This threat is just chum for the talking heads, however it is of extreme importance for Trump and Putin to meet next weekend at G-20 so it can be made clear what is going on. However, this is very dangerous chum that can blow up if the terrorists fake an attack or do an actual chemical attack but they may not have any supplies of lethal gas because they have lost a lot of their supply lines in recent weeks and may be out of supplies. The April incident was not actually gas, it was a lot of chemicals including fertilizer that got caught in an early morning inversion layer of cold air preventing dispersal. Inhaled organophosphate fertilizer could appear ‘sarin-like’ in the autopsy tox-screen.However Tox-screens at autopsy take weeks to come back but the autopsy reports were pretty soon after the incident making the reports suspect.
    The primary risk remains accidental war, not intentional. The Saker has looked at a US war on Iran and his view is the US would lose unless they did a nuclear first strike. Conventional war is out of the question for the same reason that I previously about DPRK: conventional attack would be a disaster for SK plus Russia and China would jump in because it is an attack on them as well so neither a conventional nor nuclear first strike is possible. The other thing is that I don’t believe the Pentagon wants WWIII and would resist. I saw a picture of Mattis a few days ago and he has a worried look of the weight of the World on his face. He is a combat commander unfamiliar with Geopolitics and strategic planning for World Empire. He hasn’t even got a strategy for Afghanistan let alone WWIII. Dunford has already said he isn’t going to start war with Russia, which again, also means war with China and Iran at the same time.
    The Wildcard is the Air Force, the most rabid warmongers in the entire US military plus they are full of fanatic fundamentalist Christians. The shoot-down of the Syrian plane was an on-the-spot decision of a trigger-happy hotshot pilot. They all think dropping bombs and winning dog-fights is how you win wars. They are crazy as hell and in need of adult supervision.

  21. Pablo de Boer says:

    The White House injects with purpose their concepts of fearporn into the collective consciousness to induce mass fear and that’s how modern reality is being manufactured by the globkaki and their political minions. It even appears that this kind of manipulation have trends and they become seasonal.

    How Modern Reality Is Being Manufactured

    A good example was the fearporn of the Trump cabal against the Northern Korean Tuby Kim a few months ago, but lately Don Trump and his political mob don’t BS a lot on North Korea and use now Syria as their usual target. I never was a fan of Assad (father and son), but it is disgusting how the Syrian people is being targeted and killed by Obama & Hitlery and now by Trump’s cabal. But that is logical, because America was since the Nation’s inception a fascist state where even judges of the high courts were from the beginning corrupt and power-crazed. Watch to inform yourself “It Can’t Happen Here”, a documentary from Larken Rose about tyranny in America. In America the nationalist sheeple are taught to believe that tyranny can’t happen there. What does Tyranny actually look like, and how does it grow? Larken Rose sets the stage so you can then enjoy his new documentary film “It Can’t Happen Here”, shown in a Director’s Cut format, unedited, and in HD. It’s a journey through history, you won’t likely forget!

    History… Interview and a Movie: Larken Rose premieres the Director’s Cut of “It Can’t Happen Here!”


    It Can’t Happen Here

    The opening phrase of the Preamble to the United States Constitution “We the People” looks like it is being written by a collectivist and when I observe the American society, the most Americanos are collectively brainwashed and they proudly celebrate that at days like memorial day

    We Are Americans: Memorial Day 2013

    And their MSM is still fake and full with mierda del toro as usual.

    CNN Exposed But Now What? How About “Trutheum?”

    Saludos y abarazos para todos,

    Pablo de Boer

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