When Martial Law Comes It Will Be Welcomed With Open Arms

09/30/20157 Comments

In today's thought for the day, James looks at a couple of stories that reveal the truth about the false notion that change will ever come through the ballot box, and how people can be made to desire their own enslavement.

British Army 'could stage mutiny under Corbyn', says senior serving general

Episode 202 – How to Overthrow a Dictator

British General Threatens Military Coup If Corbyn Elected

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  1. BuddhaForce says:

    If only John McCain were a Brit…

    Thanks for the sources James, especially that poll. I see a perfect storm brewing all across Europe for a fascist resurgence. From the UK to Ukraine, far right/nationalist/fascist parties have been making gains for the last year or two.

    With a mass influx of foreigners from the refugee crisis and another global economic calamity waiting in the wings, conditions could be dangerously apt for the rise of something nationalistic/militaristic.

    I posted a quote from a book about fascism and the spell it weaves over people, I think it is as important as ever:

  2. crybabyann says:

    Thanks James, read you later!

  3. meducare says:

    Hi James, am I missing something? In the YouGov poll the question was: “Is there any situation in which you could imagine yourself supporting the US military taking over the power of federal government”
    The results (as shown in the graph in the link to Zero Hedge article):
    41% answered no
    29% answered yes

    Although 29% (significant portion) supported the idea but the way you put it was the other way round when you said “41% would actually support the US military taking…”?

    Also you didn’t take any note of the other article of the Independent “Ministry of Defence condemn army general behind Jeremy Corbyn ‘mutiny’ threat” which was quoted in Zero Hedge page.


    by I guess that is another story

    • Corbett says:

      Thank you for the correction, meducare. You are correct, I misspoke and inverted the numbers on the poll. As for the MoD condemning the general, well, of course they would. No one in the power structure is in public support of a coup before it takes place.

  4. parrhesiaJoe says:

    Even if someone was ready to do something radical, like Corbyn… the deep state would just overturn the results. The only solution is to work with the systems we have, and fix them via the means we have at our disposal.

    Perhaps change won’t come from the ballot box… it will come from us. Someone needs to make a plan that will meet the needs of liberals, conservatives and most of all, independents. We need a “system” which is voluntary and compatible with the philosophical grounding of Anarchy, while maintaining the positive coordinating functions that are the reason we adopt government in the first place.

    I have melded the designs for a dozen different systems in Rough Draft: New Coat, and there is no other system which has a chance at coordinating a world… let alone a state.

    There is nothing to run TO… we always run FROM the things we hate or fear, but only positive goals can win this battle. http://1drv.ms/1Dc7pD5

    This is a plan that now has hundreds of people onboard. I have yet to hear a person say anything more negative than “I’d go along with this, but you’ll never get the “ffjdkslfjdskfjdskl”s to go along.

    Rough Draft: Not perfect, but far better than we have.

  5. T.T. says:

    Maybe that’s the reason why at the Labour Party Conference in the UK there was no debate on Trident even though non-renewal of the nuclear deterrent was central to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign.
    Interesting to see what happens in the Netherlands (being dutch) after PAX handed over there 45.000 signatures to the Dutch Lower House to have a debate about ending the legality of nuclear bombs in the Netherlands.
    I don’t know when this debate will be held but sadly i do know where i would put my money on!

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