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09/04/201929 Comments

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So when is the news not the news? When it's simply ignored by the mockingbird media, of course. Join James for today's exploration of yet another tool in the propagandists' toolbox in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7

Draft Report

The Myth of Journalistic Objectivity

“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.

"WTC 7 Did Not Collapse from Fire" - Dr. Leroy Hulsey, UAF, Sept. 6, 2017

Building 7 Study to Be Released September 3: I Need Your Help to Spread It Far and Wide

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  1. manbearpig says:

    Very crucial point, extemely well expressed as usual.

    It reminds me that

    I like to ask my students if they remember when an entire European government was wiped out. No one remembers.

    April 10th, 2010.

    After the event, total media blackout.
    And the Western world suffers from total amnesia on the subject.

    Thanks again Mr. Corbett.

  2. hugo.c says:

    I know you’re talking about event filtering, but I wish to talk about the structural analysis of WTC7. Quoting the last two paragraphs:

    “It is our conclusion that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of all columns in the building and not a progressive collapse involving the sequential failure of columns throughout the building.

    Despite simulating a number of hypothetical scenarios, we were unable to identify any progressive sequence of failures that could have taken place on September 11, 2001, and caused a total collapse of the building, let alone the observed straight-down collapse with approximately 2.5 seconds of free fall and minimal differential movement of the exterior.”

    The report is amazing. Download it and look at it when you have time.

    The bit I loved more than the rest was their attempt to reproduce the observed collapse and using David Chandler’s work; trying to get a collapse which lined up with that. And they did, and found that there are some small variations possible. But, all of them involve a destruction of all columns. See section 4.6 starting on page 106.

    We should all be grateful to AE911 Truth, and those who donated to them, to fund this fantastic analysis.

    • hugo.c says:

      Okay, I’ll get “on topic”.

      Roger Waters, world famous member of Pink Floyd, performs “Wish you were here” live outside the UK Home Office in support of Julian Assange and against his treatment.

      A search on youtube via Tor, where my current exit node is in Lithuania, for “roger waters, week” (i.e any video with “roger” and “waters” in its title or description posted in the last 24 hours) yields videos from the following channels/publishers on youtube, in this order, at 14:20 GMT on 2019-09-04:

      WSWS (world socialist web site)
      Infinite Jest
      EF Press
      Chris Boland
      (a video not covering the performance)
      PressTV UK
      RT UK

      So, the event was covered by Russian state media (RT, Sputnik etc.), WSWS, Iranian state media (PressTV UK), and individual people (not press agencies).

      No BBC (for crying out loud, its down the road outside one of your government’s ministries!), Guardian, CNN, NYT, WaPo, …, …, ….

      And this is a protest about the rights of publishers and journalists and they dont turn up, take and publish video footage. There was an excellent speech by John Pilger, an award winning journalist and documentary film maker. It has every element you want. You get to talk about two very famous people and journalistic freedom in one article. Its got click-bate written all over it.

      But, no. Crickets.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        hugo.c says:
        Roger Waters, world famous member of Pink Floyd, performs “Wish you were here” live outside the UK Home Office in support of Julian Assange…
        …No BBC (for crying out loud, its down the road outside one of your government’s ministries!)…


  3. zyxzevn says:

    In similar sense: when is science, not science.

    The editors, companies and technocrats control what
    is peer-reviewed and what is not.
    A lot of good science does not even get peer-reviewed.

    Additionally companies often decide what science gets funded.
    And what information is allowed to be published.

    We have seen this with Monsanto/Bayer, Health, Medicine,
    Climate studies, History, Politics, etc.
    This is especially with criticism on technocratic ideas.

    The peer-reviews are also conducted by people that are
    specialized in the field. So they do not allow any criticism from
    scientists outside the field.
    This means that you can only become “specialist” if you are part
    of their special cult.
    Here we see some exact fields with a lot of specialized cults:
    Archeology, Astronomy, Theoretical Physics.

  4. tgmolitor says:

    “The” is a definite article. Meaning it is a function word to indicate that a following noun is definite. So, “The” News indicates that the following article or report is definite. It is not “news” that they have chosen above all other news, it is “The” News.

  5. Libertydan says:

    I have been a supporter of AE911Truth.org since 2008 or earlier, and I have contributed to having this study done, yet I know how the media manipulates the minds of Americans. I highly commend the 3000 plus Architects and Engineers that have put their careers on the line in order to expose the truth despite the consequences.
    Most Americans have no knowledge of Building #7 because it was completely censored from American TV. Even the Tower footage was highly doctored so as to show a plane hit the tower, and (after the cut) the building falls down as if it happened instantaneously. They broadcasted the doctored footage so many times it was reported that they got complaints that people did not want to see it anymore. Yep, “Plane hits building, building falls down” was “The News” required to be reported, and the Presstistutes delivered. The same doctored footage was seen a thousand times on every major network as if it were required as part of the claimed “State of National Emergency”.
    Indeed, most Corbett Report viewers know that the WTC Towers and Building #7 were taken down as a result of explosives placed in them, so for this study to show that it could not have been taken down by fires seems like old news. However, for the general public, that does not even know there was a building #7, it should be big News.
    This study essentially proves that Building #7 was taken down by demolition explosives, yet more importantly, it essentially proves that NIST deliberately worked to cover up the truth for nearly 20 years.
    Is the U.S. Government Inc. too big too fail???
    I say it already has, eh!

    • calibrator says:

      The criminals in charge already got away with it – and they will continue to get away with it.
      Just like with the JFK murder.


      Because they have unlimited funds.

      Unlimited. Funds.

      Think about it.

      And be glad for one thing: You US citizens pay mostly only with money for it.

      Citizens of many other countries pay mostly with blood for it.

    • hugo.c says:

      Dear Libertydan,

      Then I thank YOU for being one of those who supported this study, financially, and for the general support of AE911 Truth. They have been a central player in knitting the “this is a cover up, and we know it” movement together.

      Hats off to you for your support.

      With respect, hugo.c

  6. Octium says:

    Sounds like I’m going to have a busy weekend then. Printing papers and burning DVDs to hand out on the street. About the only way to get the “News” out about the recent 9/11 developments.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You da’ Man! Octium. You da’ Man!
      Thanks for what you do!

      ~~~ ~~~
      The “North Texans for 9/11 Truth group”
      ( https://www.meetup.com/9-11-249/ anyone anywhere can join) has a few things lined up. I won’t be able to make it, but I always end up doing stuff in my sphere of influence.

      Tonight (Thursday) folks will gather to watch 9/11 videos near Barbec’s. “…This is done primarily to go over the basics again before we interface with the public two days later.
      We will go to the annual Memorial Stair Climb downtown (Renaissance Tower 1201 Elm St Dallas) to present our material…”
      on Sat, September 7, 2019 in the morning. For those interested…another event…”9/11 Heroes Run – Dallas, TX – Travis Manion Foundation.

      Many group members have also been very busy recently in presenting the newly published Fluoride IQ information to the Dallas City Council or interacting with the community and a local poll on Fluoride.

      The Organizer of the “North Texans for Truth” group had a well written statement recently.
      A few EXCERPTS.
      “…just a little bit of poison… a whole lot of corruption and lies.
      The fluoride we get is hydrofluorosilic acid, a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry, that the EPA targeted as a toxic pollutant in the ’80s and ’90s. The EPA brass now ignores it, but the actual scientists, represented by the EPA Union, have come out strongly against it. Even in Congress and the courts.
      Why don’t you know this?…
      … I don’t know what you have seen on this issue. However, as you correctly infer it is a scientific one.
      When you are swayed by consensus, bear in mind that consensus has nothing to do with scientific facts….”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Saturday, September 7, 2019
        2019 Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb
        North Texas Activists will be giving out flyers inviting the public to a 2 in 1 LIVE VIDEO STREAM EVENT: NYC 9/11 Lawyers Live Stream Event-
        Saturday, September 7, 2019
        — 12 noon Pacific * 3pm Eastern * 19:00 GMT–Duration: 4 Hours
        …along with other material and/or DVDs.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    When I was first watching Corbett’s When is the News Not the News? – #PropagandaWatch video, I stopped it about halfway through.

    I then started emailing local media (TV and Publications) through their “NEWS TIP” contact pages.
    I wanted to get it done before I went off and did my work thing.

    I caught the rest of Corbett’s video later on my phone.

    From experience, I do know that when the media is hounded enough by the public to address a certain topic, there is often a good chance that they will.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Stay tuned to the Corbett Report

    I am looking forward to this next 9/11 related release by Corbett.
    I have a guess about what it may cover…
    …a mystery scenario regarding World Trade Center 7.

  9. candlelight says:

    A short and sweet podcast, but James, it’s the equivalent, if this were baseball, of a nice walk-off grand slam, powered by the irrefutable, factual and cohesive expose presented, that indeed, Main Stream Media colludes to suppress the Truth. Yes, that’s Truth with a capital Tee.

    And I thank you for expressing this fact by informing and/or reminding all of your viewers, whoever they may be, and wherever they may be, of the newly published draft report on the re-evaluation of the WT7 collapse. I thank you as well for hailing A/E911 Truth, and mentioning the Franklin Square(And Munson)Fire Department, whom your readers will know is the very first Fire Department in the United States of America to publicly pledge, resolve and support “…a comprehensive federal grand jury investigation and prosecution of every crime related to the attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as any and all efforts by other government entities to investigate and uncover the full truth surrounding the events of that horrible day.”

    This resolve, in my humble opinion, is nothing short of mind-blowing in its ramifications.

    Crowd funding in support and solidarity for the Franklin Square And Munson Fire Department for bravely stepping up to the plate as they have, is a moral and ethical imperative.


    James, again, I mightily thank you for your good work.

  10. Olaf says:

    As always, impeccable work driving the point home, James.

    This study is an important first step for now but putting all our eggs in this basket and marching to town will end up working against us. We need to also look beyond the demolition of WTC7 if we are to to bring about the twilight of these idols.

    The mainstream media were not only in the know about the plot. They were active/key participants in the operation.

    If this study were to go public and the perps were forced to act on it, the true magnitude of the operation, the true number of people and agencies involved and the sheer scale of this monstrous web of lies and deception would be pushed out of reach for the general public. The perps would simply blame the whole thing on a few people and in the eyes of the public this would seem like justice was served.

    On top of that, we are still largely divided in our beliefs about the nature of the main events and by extension on what direction we believe the investigation must now take. Consequently, we cannot afford to go in guns blazing just yet.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:


    KTVA – The Voice of Alaska Story by Liz Raines
    Friday September 6, 2019

    (video embedded)
    Fire did not cause World Trade Center Building 7 collapse, UAF study suggests

    It’s been a point of controversy for more than a decade. Now, researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks are weighing in.

    World Trade Center Building 7 was not struck by a plane, but collapsed hours after the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001. A draft report released this week by researchers at UAF suggests that the fall was not a result of fires, despite the findings of the National Institute for Standards and Technology, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2008.

    The study was paid for by a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The nonprofit is said to represent over 3,000 architects and engineers who have signed a petition calling on Congress to launch a new investigation into the destruction of the towers.

    Dr. Leroy Hulsey, a civil engineering professor at UAF, led the four-year study. According to the Institute of Northern Engineering’s website, the objective was to examine the structural response of WTC 7 to fire loads that may have occurred that day, rule out scenarios that couldn’t have caused its collapse and identify types of failures that may have caused the fall.

    The UAF team’s findings contradict those of the 2008 NIST report, which concluded that WTC 7 was the first tall building ever to collapse primarily due to fire.

    According to the NIST report, debris from the north WTC tower (WTC 1) ignited fires on at least 10 floors in WTC 7. Fires on some of the lower floors burned out of control. NIST said the automatic sprinkler system on those floors failed, causing the fires to spread…

    …”We virtually simulated the building and we looked at that analysis and we also virtually simulated what they did, we couldn’t get it to do what they did,” Hulsey said…

    …Ted Walter, the director of strategy for the group, says one of its supporters approached Dr. Hulsey about the research partly because of UAF’s reputation…
    …Walter says the project budget, $316,153, also covered the time that Hulsey and the research team spent on the study….

  12. Olaf says:

    @ hugo.c, Libertydan, candlelight, HomeRemedySupply

    It’s been 13 years since the “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” group was founded. Out of all the other truth movement groups, AE9-11Truth has been getting the biggest funding by far.
    “With almost a half a million dollars annually, and this was before Gage was even on CNN.”
    They’ve been around for all this time and all they have produced is the funding of a study on WTC7 and work on nano-thermite planted evidence that was wildly circulated and promoted by the MSM.

    They have been avoiding the real smoking gun of 9/11 which is the scene of the crime (i.e. what cut the plane shaped holes in the buildings) like the plague. They never even go there in conversations if they are not forced to.
    They want nothing to do with no-planers.
    They don’t want to put their money where their mouth is and spend even a small fraction of it to disprove the no-plane theory once and for all and bridge the divide between the truth movement groups.
    That is because they know damn well what the outcome of such a test would be.

    The higher-ups within the group are the very definition of a controlled opposition. It’s plainly evident. All they want to do is waste the truth community’s time and resources.

    Before you give them another penny of your money or another minute of your time, i would highly recommend taking a closer look at the group’s history and actions.

    This interview is a good place to start:


    Let me also remind you all of the response that Gage gave when he was interviewed for the Corbett Report, about a month ago:


    They are working on an FAQ. [Don’t laugh]

    I challenge you all to find their “quick” forensic analysis which allegedly shows that the damage is in fact consistent with a large plane-sized object hitting the building and come here and show me how that’s not complete hogwash.

    He can keep a straight face while pointing to the videos.
    The videos which show a plane with self-healing properties cutting through steel box columns like they’re nothing.

    Principiis obsta et respice finem.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You can always write a scientific paper supporting your view about the impact zone of the Towers, complete with details and referenced material.

      I guess you have read what Kevin Ryan and others have written about the impact zones of the Towers.

      Here is 15 minutes of Kevin Ryan…

      • Olaf says:

        Send me the money to cover the costs of a Boeing wing, the rocket test itself and a guarantee that a crash test center will either approve of it or disprove of it and i will write the paper myself.
        Or better yet, send that money to Steve De’ak. He already has the plans for this ready to go.
        If you trust neither me, nor De’ak why don’t you do the test and write the paper yourself?
        You don’t have the money? Why don’t you support someone you trust to do this test instead then?
        Do you know of any people within the truth movement who plan to perform such a test?

        Do you think such a test would be a pointless exercise? If you’d be so kind then please outline the reasons as to why you think that’s the case.

        The Kevin Ryan video that you posted here does not deal with the forensic evidence of the impact holes in the towers.
        He just talks about “impact zones”. More specifically, about who was allegedly occupying or had access to those floors. I wonder why that is. Can you think of any reasons as to why that’s the case?

        Could it be that this chain of info leads to absolutely nowhere?

        Send a video that we can talk about where one of these guys examines the impact holes, please.

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