What's Behind the Paywall? - Questions For Corbett #053

01/27/202021 Comments

Have you ever wondered what's behind The Corbett Report paywall? Well, wonder no more! Today James takes you behind the login to show you exactly what super secret insider info you get by becoming a subscriber (spoiler: you don't get any super secret insider info at all).

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  1. colosseum says:

    We have been conditioned by centuries of top-down capitalism into thinking that the model “money first, then product/service” is the most successful and the only possible one that Only after the advent of Internet Open Source movement people have started realizing that the model “product/service first, then money” is not only possible but also potentially more efficient.

    It puts great responsibility on both parties as the producer must provide an excellent product regardless the final monetary reward, while the buyer must understand the broad economy around the product to reward the producer fairly.

    In such systems, for example, cartels to establish monopolies and root out the competition would be impossible as the final price is established by every single the individual buyer and not the producer.

    I was having a conversation in Barcelona with one of the “free city guides” who survive with donations given at the end of the our and they told me they earn significantly more than those employed by companies. Needless to say, their tours are also more fun and better researched than the “traditional” ones.

    Again, many more examples can be given, but ultimately James’ “philosophical stand” should hopefully become the mainstream model rather than the exception.

  2. manbearpig says:

    My dearest Mr Corbett how very coy of you!

    Surely you underestimate the titillating thrill provided by the most secret interior access to the inside of your car and super smooth driving as you masterfully manage to coordinate both your profound far-reaching thoughts with your blinking blinkers in suave synchronicity!

  3. pearl says:

    Whew, that was close; I was worried you were about to give away our secret meeting locations which only us three-year and above subscribers enjoy.

    • Hi NSA says:

      Just wait until you find out about the benefits the $1000+ donators get. Quickest way will be to donate $1000 right now and find out, I very much recommend it.

      • manbearpig says:

        wow! so the rumors are true…funny though, I heard the money ain’t enough, that you had to submit a DNA test to prove some sort of direct lineage to either Andrew Jackson or Satoshi Nakamoto. Plus initiation rites fees in addition to the transport in private jet and accomodation in Japan for the rfid swearing-in ceremony…

        …come to think of it…I’m pretty sure I heard that one very prominent Corbett Subscriber we all knew and loved around here got in with a reference from another higher level super secret subscriber society member by the name of… was it Amy Goodman?

        and to be totally honest, I think I’ve got the bloodline thing down, now just lookin’ at the fine print of his high-interest payment plan… there’s a special on for valentines day I heard…

        so you really recommend it, huh? is it the shiatsu thing?

      • pearl says:

        So I’m only on the outskirts of the in-crowd? Say it ain’t so! I think I can scrounge up that sum…do I send it to Corbett or…??

    • manbearpig says:

      Like, Whoa Silver! Hold yer ponies there Lambchop! So how ‘s it youz in on the super secret subscriber meetins Huh?? They’re only for 5-year pluses and that ain’t you fuzzybutt! Hold on! wait! wait Wait! ya mean ya got 3-plus meetins on? Nobody checked with me on that! why didn’t anyone get my say-so on that? Gotta get my green light fer this sorta… fact is… I was kinda wonderin’ why noone was showin’ at the fivers anymore, dwindlin’ one by one… oh I get it, don’t tell me, ya mean… no ya mean all this time I’m finishin’ off 5-pound bags a locally grown peanuts, lightin’ Corbett candles, chantin’ chapters o’Tragedy and Hope, and draftin’ “Stop Fluoride Vaccination!” tracts with no proof-reader ’cause youz all livin’ it up over at the 3-plus SSS meetins makin’ FIW buttons, guzzlin’ Japanese beer, analyzin’ Beatles song chord progressions an perpetratin’ Copyright Violations Galore!! Together?! Without me?? DON’T you call ME paranoid! I know that’s what yer up to! I know it! It’s a conspiracy! Well you know what I say to that?? HUH?? Ya know what I say to all that,?? SCHANDENFREUDE!! That’s right! You want schadenfreude, I’ll show you schadenfreude! Think I’ll just head right over to Extinction Rebellion right now! that’s right! take out a subscription at the Guardian, write fan letters to Greta and George Monbiot! Oh don’t think I won’t do it!! Here I go! I’m downloadin’ Daily Show reruns with Jon Stewart 9/11 was an outside job! Gonna buy a MAGA cap! Yes I will, I will, you don’t believe me but you’re done underestimatin’ the wrath of an abandoned manbearpig, think what you want, say what you want, smoke whatever you want! but don’t forget one thing, one very important thing; that’s right, deep down, deep down in yer transhuman heart you know it; Epstein didn’t kill himself…

      • pearl says:

        Chill, man…bearpig. Just learn the secret handshake and it’s all good. But I just heard that if we up our donation to a mere 1000, life will be even sweeter.

        • manbearpig says:

          Forget it lambchop, they’re pullin’ the wooly wooly on ya – just tryin’ to fleece ya –
          I mean, ya really think they’ll let sheeple graze in the inner circle, even for a cool twelve grand a year? Don’t get me wrong, youz one lithe and photogenic little sheeple-people, and yer peanut brittle well, don’t get me started, and I’m sure y’always land on yer hooves an’ all but that’s just the point: how can ya master a secret handshake when ya ain’t even got any hands?? Ya think I didn’t pick up on that? not sayin’ everyone did, but you just can’t hide the truth kid, I mean, sorry, you’ll say I’m just nit pickin’ as usual, but, fact is, it’s just capillary. Believe me, I know… it’s all just a chimera…

  4. calibrator says:

    Frankly, I’m not sure I’d support James if he would put up a paywall…

    The other major reason I support James – besides the quality of his work – *is* that he puts it up entirely for free.

    I don’t know about most Corbetteers here but I also get my wage at the END of the month and not beforehand…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m with ya, calibrator.

      “Frankly, I’m not sure I’d support James if he would put up a paywall…

      The other major reason I support James – besides the quality of his work – *is* that he puts it up entirely for free.

      I don’t know about most Corbetteers here but I also get my wage at the END of the month and not beforehand…”

  5. mishochu says:

    Better question, how would one go about upgrading their monthly membership to a higher amount?

  6. AustrianBuddha says:

    So what if there is content beyond the paywall. Who is Mr. James beholden to after all? Doesn’t he own himself, and the fruits of his labors?
    Anyhow, brother Corbett, please make a hoodie for me to buy from ya, and by all means, please charge whatever you believe is appropriate.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Anyone can make “Corbett Report Hoodies”, sell them and keep profits.
      Same would go for “Corbett Report” bumper stickers, T-shirts or whatever.
      There is no copyright by James Corbett on the “Corbett Report” name.
      He owns no copyright.
      A person can do what they want with the profits.

      Voluntary life-styles are very appealing to me.

      With the prices on some of these name brand clothing and shoe items, I am continuously amazed at how many folks buy them.
      Even scented candles by Iron Man’s girlfriend (G. Paltrow) are priced pretty steep, but Jamaican-style mushroom tea might affect staff decisions.

      As for me, my next business venture is to sell bananas taped to walls.
      IMAGE – https://img.republicworld.com/republic-prod/stories/promolarge/xxhdpi/f6groonfd0lsgiqa_1575626302.jpeg?tr=w-812,h-464

  7. fire says:

    Obviously, James… you provide a very easy-to-understand economic function. Faced with fake news as the quotidian norm, we’d all spend the same time you do culling all the same information if we didn’t subscribe (or hadn’t subscribed). For both memders and non-members alike, you provide a much appreciated service at the lowest possible cost. Simply earning money for what you make freely available — you may have discovered how to create a new kind of monopoly, one which Rockefeller could have never imagined.

  8. Simon says:

    Once upon a time we used to get a subscriber email and there was no comment section. From memory the email that was the The International Forecaster and was available for free as well.

  9. Steve Smith says:

    The most significant benefit from becoming a member was a relief from the years of guilt and self recrimination I suffered from as a freeloader. Now my conscience is free.
    Except for the myriad other people that I wish I were in a position to help support.

    Being able to post inane comments is fun too though.

    Greetings to everyone btw.

  10. Hotfoot says:

    Whenever I’m lauding CR to people I know (which I frequently do), I always mention the donation-based way in which the site is funded. I think it’s a fantastic way to run a site, and it ensures I will never cancel my subscription.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.

    PS Is there a way to search the comments I have made over the years? Sometimes I feel like glancing through them, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Hotfoot says:
      PS Is there a way to search the comments I have made over the years? Sometimes I feel like glancing through them, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this…

      You will have to experiment with different search engines and keywords.
      Start with…
      “Corbett Report” and “Hotfoot” and perhaps a topic you recall mentioning.

      You can search for your comments (or another Corbett Member”) on a webpage quickly in Internet Explorer…
      press Ctrl+F keyboard combination to bring up the Find bar.

      Hope that helps.

  11. harris says:

    Questions for Corbett:
    Hi James, have you come across any evidence of why Rudolf Hess really flew to Scotland in 1941, supposedly to negotiate peace with the British?

    Is there any more information on why the British ruling class decided to eventually fight Hitler? Seeing as the British royals were documented supporters of fascism (e.g. the then princess Elizabeth being filmed giving nazi salutes), and Churchill was in favour of using Hitler to destroy Stalin.

    Did Hitler step out of line with his Wall Street paymasters in some way?

    Thank you

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