What the Hell is Going On At Newsweek?

02/13/20189 Comments

Wracked by allegations of ad fraud and tax evasion, Newsweek's senior editors are resigning and it looks like the whole organization is falling apart...But from this chaos has emerged a tiny sliver of truth amidst the torrent of MSM lies. Could this be a sign that the truth will out when the editorial gatekeepers fall, or is this a mere glitch in the matrix? Stay tuned.

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Newsweek Sold Again

The Publisher of Newsweek And The International Business Times Has Been Buying Traffic And Engaging In Ad Fraud

The Next Middle East War? Hezbollah May Risk Everything in All-Out Fight With Israel

Freelancing abroad in a world obsessed with Trump

Newsweek Editors Blast Exec to His Face: ‘What You're Doing Is Bulls**t. You Don't Understand Journalism

Now Mattis Admits There Was No Evidence Assad Used Poison Gas on His People

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  1. manbearpig says:

    I’ll indulge myself a little here saying

    I had the immense honour of doing some last minute improvised interpreting work for Scott Ritter at the Club de la Presse- a 2 or 3-hour lunch/press conference back in…2002? He was traveling between Paris and Marseille for press conferences in those cities and would then be heading up to Brussels at a time when he was trying to warn Europe, as ex-head of the UNSCOM WMD inspections in Irak that Bush would be invading that country under false pretenses. He made a sudden decision to stop by Lyon.

    I hadn’t yet experienced my 9/11 etc. Epiphany and was appallingly ignorant.

    All I knew was that Scott Ritter is exactly how Hollywood would portray a member of the Marines Corps: a guy as immense in stature as he is in courage, charisma, heart, honour and mind.

    At the time I was oblivious to the amplitude of the honour and a little short on technical vocab… He didn’t seem to hold it against me though.

    I’ll try to have folks look at this Newsweek article. Why not? I’ve been known to show them the Economist and Time magazines.

    Incidentally, the place was packed with media representatives. Only the local newspaper featured a perfunctory blurb one of the last pages of its rag…

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Kudos to Ian Wilkie for getting the word out about Mattis.
    While we all have our faults and failings, his recent reporting certainly trumps Olivia Solon.

    Ian Wilkie TWITTER

    Ian Wilkie Profile

    • NES says:

      Yes, yes, yes. Excellent to see that a little truth squeaked out of the MSM. Good work Ian Wilkie for bringing it to the attention of the Newsweek reader who hasn’t a clue. Agree, Salome Anderson is a twit. (Go Vanessa and Eva!)

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Sulome Anderson is a twit.

    Here is “Amy” Salome Anderson in her Human Resources’ Job Interview.
    (3 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo0KjdDJr1c

    Vaneesa Beeley and Sulome Anderson have a TWITTER back-n-forth, because Sulome is a twit.

    Sulome Anderson TWITTER

  4. pearl says:

    I gotta say, it was a delight to read the link “Newsweek Editors Blast Exec to His Face”. I’m pretty much convinced that people choose their team, sacrifice their own common sense, integrity and individuality for the sake of the common good, but reading how those editors held Davis’ feet to the fire behind closed doors gives me a glimmer of hope.

  5. robert.t says:

    I came across this Newsweek article through a link somehow and was puzzled, amazed even. Did it just sneak through? Are Newsweek trying a new tilt rather than just going gentle into that good night? Or is it a threat to go rogue unless funding can be found for Newsweek as it is found for certain other loss-makers?

    Being in Australia I’m amazed by the slightest divergence from the war/debt/green/globalist line. Our leftist luvvie media are being crushed not so much by faux-competitor Murdoch but by the government-owned giant ABC, an eight hundred pound gorilla pretending to be Bambi. Journalists in the failing non-Murdoch private sector don’t like to protest this centralisation because they see the ABC as their last employment sink. They even call it Auntie.

  6. john.o says:

    From “Freelancing in a World Obsessed with Trump” a hint as to his main purpose and “brilliant strategy” against the “deep state”:

    ‘says Rick Edmonds, the Poynter Institute’s media business analyst. “There’s a pretty clear indication that aggressive reporting on Trump is giving The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others a boost. A large portion of the population thinks he’s a maniac and wants to read about him every day. That tends to reduce attention on the rest of the world.”’

    They’ve got it down. They can get Big Brother and Emmanuel Goldstein for one salary.

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