What is the alternative media?

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On July 7, 2015, James Corbett was asked to present to a course on alternative media in the International Relations department of Japan's prestigious Ritsumeikan University. The lecture covers how James came to start The Corbett Report, the technology that has enabled the alternative media revolution, and the promises and perils of that revolution.

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  1. firehorse says:

    ooh, big brains and sense of humor! Sexy 🙂

  2. Mielia says:

    how did I miss this?
    probably because it’s not on gootube lol.
    strange to listen too though if you are listening to every other video on bitchute or themtube with 1.5 😀

  3. naturalfreehuman says:

    We’re really grateful for all you do! Flashy and sexy in sincerity, humbleness, thoroughness, respect, and generosity. It can be neat who you get to share the same time on the planet with. Thank you JC, we’re so glad you arrived 😉

  4. 1919 says:

    can someone help me…I remember seeing some snippet in the Gates videos where I think he is admitting that the vaccine market he is going after is in the trillions, maybe 7 trillions, but I can’t find any other reference and am forgetting exactly where it is where he says it out of his mouth during an interview? Anybody, please.

    No one else casually I know is believing me that he said this so I need them to see and hear it coming out of his own mouth.

    None of my google searches is as good as that short video clip.

  5. Alchemist says:

    100% sexy ?

  6. Alchemist says:

    This reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask… What would you do to improve education in the post-Covid world?

    CDC guidelines and district suggestions on how to safely proceed with school next year are not practical. It’s inconvenient and stressful for parents, who are stuck in limbo waiting for answers, but this transitional period gives us the opportunity to reimagine schooling and make improvements. The current system is outdated and won’t give students the tools they need to thrive in the new world. Much of what’s being taught in school is untrue or irrelevant to the modern day. Which subjects would you teach or not teach? What is your teaching philosophy?

  7. andrew.s says:

    What an amazing place universities or even schools could be if they had professors like James Corbett. Instead the universities have professors who have lots of degrees but who are not interesting in teaching. They are forced into being petty bureaucrats who have to concentrate on publishing endless streams of peer reviewed articles, attending conferences and talking care of endless paperwork.

    It’s wonderful to hear that James’s work has had 20 million hits, but it gives one pause for thought when one thinks that a single Hello Kitty video gets the same amount.

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