What is the alternative media?

07/31/20153 Comments

On July 7, 2015, James Corbett was asked to present to a course on alternative media in the International Relations department of Japan’s prestigious Ritsumeikan University. The lecture covers how James came to start The Corbett Report, the technology that has enabled the alternative media revolution, and the promises and perils of that revolution.


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  1. firehorse says:

    ooh, big brains and sense of humor! Sexy 🙂

  2. Mielia says:

    how did I miss this?
    probably because it’s not on gootube lol.
    strange to listen too though if you are listening to every other video on bitchute or themtube with 1.5 😀

  3. naturalfreehuman says:

    We’re really grateful for all you do! Flashy and sexy in sincerity, humbleness, thoroughness, respect, and generosity. It can be neat who you get to share the same time on the planet with. Thank you JC, we’re so glad you arrived 😉

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