What Are Show Notes? - Questions For Corbett #076

04/28/202134 Comments

So what are show notes and how do I access them? And why should I bother anyway? Join James for this important edition of Questions For Corbett where he explains one of the most important aspects of his work.

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  1. Octium says:

    A Microsoft or Bill Gates answer to what are the show notes would be to see the show notes to find out!

    A question for Corbett I have is what is your take on the mainstream media reporting of massive covid deaths in India all of a sudden? Same old story or is there anything new going on?

  2. scpat says:

    The very valuable aspect of being able to research James’ work is that you are doing what I would call ‘meta research’, where you are digging into documents, videos, etc., that James has already taken the time to research into and felt they were important enough to cite them. We are essentially mining the already mined gold nuggets and James is doing the dirty work of sorting through material that may or may not be useful, which takes time. I would imagine that a blog such as the Corbett Report would be the type of jackpot that the CIA’s of the world would want to farm for information.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      scpat says:
      “I would imagine that a blog such as the Corbett Report would be the type of jackpot that the CIA’s of the world would want to farm for information.”

      You really hit on something!
      …and it goes beyond the CIA to other types of “analysts”.

      The Corbett Report forum is an excellent resource to discover perceptions and attitudes and internal information about The Conspiracy Theorists of ‘Misinformation’.
      All types of topics here…vaccines, economics, world events, political policies, internet of things, etc.
      I would bet that a Bill Gates funded research NGO has scoured The Corbett Report to find out how to better Billy’s PR game.

  3. Justin Valentine says:

    I noticed a copy of the Peter Lance book “Triple Cross” on the shelf behind James. Anybody know whose picture is on the cover of that book? Hint: He’s holding a name placard in the mugshot photo on the cover.

  4. padraig says:

    finally! 13 years, i’ve been scouring the site, the interwebs, musical mags, etc. in vain, trying to find the music that accompanies the various episodes. thx for finally clearing that up. i think i’ve sent you several hundred emails trying to get to the bottom of this. i can finally sleep easy. its been a hell of a journey! i’d like to thank my parents, my exes, foster parents 1, 2, 3, and 4. ex friends, ex cousins, ex employers, ex coworkers. all for really sticking with me through this whole thing.


  5. Broc has learned Hot Girl Click Bait.

    Broc deploys Hot Girl Click Bait.


  6. mkey says:

    When asking for sources on some sites people get very strangely emotionally invested and at times shoot from the bow a poorly spelled “wtf do you need that for?”

    This should be the standard, but many just don’t do it and an even greater majority just do not care.

    • I think that stems from a couple of things:

      1. The ‘source please’ or ‘citation please’ requests usually comes from bots, shills & morons for whom only establishment approved outlets, filled with lies & propaganda, qualify as valid sources.
      It’s a setup so that they can respond with “Whitney Webb?? – Ha! gimme a break!”“Judith Curry?? – Ha! gimme a break!”“Eva Bartlett?? – Ha!”“Steven Jones?? – Ha!”“Niels Harrit?? – Ha!” … etc, etc.
      In other words, their request for a source is actually just a premeditated setup for another round of gaslighting & public shaming.

      2a. The source is frequently the person doing the speaking.
      When you’ve been researching truth & conspiracies for many years, or decades, it’s possible to have learned the patterns of TPTB to such a degree that you can break down and predict certain types of actions, behaviors, statements, events & motives of TPTB with incredibly high accuracy, but because you’re just some guy with no celebrity status, no government stamp of approval and no university stamp of approval, you will never be accepted by these people as a source for anything.

      2b. If TPTB left 100% irrefutable, court-admissible evidence laying around for everything they did and plan to do, they wouldn’t be TPTB for very long. Yet that’s the sort of evidence that’s expected in response to ‘source please’ or ‘citation please’.
      “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” they’ll say.
      If everyone followed this mantra, instead of, for example, learning to recognize patterns, read body language, read between the lines and acknowledge the value of other people who have gotten really good at doing these things… well, the entire world would have a highly false view of reality.

      TLDR: I’m not saying it’s unimportant to provide sources but I completely understand the rage that arises when someone asks for a source. Outside of truth research circles, providing sources typically accomplishes nothing. It typically just opens the door for gaslighting & shaming from bots & shills and unless you’re being paid shill money yourself, you won’t be able to afford to sit there for amount of time it takes to counter that gaslighting & shaming, and most onlookers will never dig deep enough into the comment thread to see it happen anyway.

  7. yurtseven says:

    What are show notes?! We’ll… It’s the main reason we love, follow and support the Corbettreport

  8. Fact Checker says:

    More importantly James, what does “exhort” mean and why do you do it to us so much?!?!?!

  9. JadeEyes says:

    All my efforts to express my GRATITUDE to you, JC, seem truly insufficient!

  10. zyxzevn says:

    Michael Yeadon | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown
    Former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, where he worked for 16 years..

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really enjoy these type of conversations from James Corbett.
    He gracefully “undercuts” to the basics and walks us on a stroll through the landscape.
    In a way, it is relaxing…you can tell that his intention is to impart “understanding” to a broad audience. It is a VERY clean intention.

    Also, a facet to his video was the fact that Corbett Report Members are very willing to help other members.
    And damn! …There are some really smart folks on these boards.
    I gain tremendous insight just from the comment boards.
    I keep evolving.

  12. TimmyTaes says:

    Yes, well done, James. I started watching the Corbett Report back in 2008 or’09. I was always impressed by how the James Corbett backs up all of his videos with the links to the sources. This is the key to the success and credibility of his documentaries and commentaries. I also am pressed for time so rarely click on the links in the show notes nowadays, but in the past I would do that often and go down so many rabbit holes that I had to get an Alice in Wonderland passport. Thanks James.

  13. Duck says:

    Was just listening to Mae Brussell today and she said people asked her how to know who was trustworthy and her response was always to go with people who do foot notes and cite sources so you can check what they say…. I guess thats why Corbett Report is one of the best info sources.

    She said it ‘somewhere on the first CD’… Lol

  14. Arby says:

    Yes, Technology means that there’s no excuse for not being authoritative rather than authoritarian. There’s two ways to teach: 1. the authoritative (not as in special) way 2. the authoritarian way

    James’s approach is authoritative. He doesn’t say “This is what I think,” period. He says “This is what I think and I’ll try to explain to you why and I’ll point you to the sources of information that persuaded me. The benefit of that is that it sets up a dialog. It’s not just talking at people. And there’s a built-in feedback mechanism. Someone in the audience can check the pointed-to sources, see something that James missed, get back to him and allow him to make a correction, if he sees that that’s needed.

    Note: That requires humility. Without humility, no one can learn and make personal progress.

    The authoritarian approach to teaching looks like this: You say this or that is so and you don’t say why you think the way you do. You point to no sources. Your audience has no opportunity, therefore, to follow your tracks, help with the collective problem solving (by finding errors or additional bits of info). It’s really negative.

    The technology argument is fine and correct but for me personally, the principle behind being authoritative rather than authoritaria is the more important argument.

  15. hugh.m says:

    Just seen SeaSpiracy and wondered what your thoughts were. I can see it is laced with propaganda and information and I’ve been fooled before often. I think it eats in to the Gates idea of lab grown crap and GMO;s as the only way forward but for me its the industrialisation and globalisation of food production. The film made some good points but what propaganda outfits will use this for future Greenwashing such as those shown to be just that in the film? Not a criticism of the movie but I know solutions touches on many of the issues raised and wondered what your and the community and contributors think?

  16. GENDUN LAMA says:


    When cash gets killed, how does the CIA sell drugs?

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