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APTOPIX Ebola Airport Screening Morrocoby James Corbett
October 11, 2014

As the media hype over Ebola in America continues to grow, New York's Kennedy International Airport became the first of five major airports across the country to begin "extensive screening" of passengers arriving from West Africa. Under the program, passengers from the affected countries with fevers or other Ebola symptoms will be isolated and examined by CDC workers before being allowed to proceed. Like the TSA, however, these "extensive screenings" are just another form of security theater at the nation's airports with even the CDC's own officials admitting that false positives will occur and the screenings are by no means foolproof. Meanwhile in Spain Teresa Romero, a Spanish nursing aide who is said to have contracted the disease from a repatriated Spanish missionary she was treating, remains in critical condition in a Madrid hospital. The Guardian, for its part, notes with some surprise that less than 24 hours after it was announced that 750 UK troops would be sent to Sierra Leone to help with Ebola containment efforts there it was revealed that the deployments were in fact already in progress and many of the troops were already there.

In Syria, the town of Kobani on the border with Turkey is set to fall to Islamic State fighters unless Turkey opens its borders to let through arms. Although Reuters reports on the situation it ignores the obvious (and perhaps uncomfortable) truth that Turkey wants the IS fighters to succeed against its Kurdish enemies and instead choose to lead the story with the suggestion that Kurdish forces are begging for increased US-led airstrikes in the area.

In the markets all lights are flashing red as the Dow turned negative for the year and stocks end the worst week in three years. The Fear & Greed index has hit a record "fear" level, meaning fear of volatility is now driving markets and effecting everything from safe haven demand to junk bond demand to put and call options. Investors list the QE tapering as a key reason for the slowdown, with many getting caught on the wrong foot betting on the funny money-fueled Fed gravy train gains continuing indefinitely. The CBOE Volatility Index, traditionally a gauge of market expectations about market instability, shows many investors fear that this is not the end of the equities roller coaster and more ups and downs are expected in the near term.

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  1. devinrice says:

    There is strong evidence that the Ebola scare, particularly in the western world, is just another psy-op in a long line of psy-ops going back to at least as far as the phony bin Laden raid:


    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      The Ebola fear porn shows no sign of abating in the organs of the mainstream media. I would caution folks to recall Y2K, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, etc.

      I think it’s important to see the Ebola scare in both a domestic and international context.

      (1) The first and most obvious analysis is the use of a bioweapon/bioscare as a source and pretext to further consolidate civil liberties, restrictions on privacy and imposition of a police state. This is the perfect storm to roll out these further restrictions for the state to be perfectly in position to suppress any dissent, revolts or “uprisings” if places like Ferguson or other areas start to resist.

      (2) Second, it’s important to consider Ebola geopolitically – as the U.S. and U.K. have sent troops to Africa now. I made this observation before in James’ Ebola Open Source investigation and I stand by it now. I believe Ebola is not only being used against Americans and “Westerners” domestically, but also geopolitically, as a tool for intervention in Africa.

      I think some of us may have gotten caught up in the idea of a 911-style false flag to be the next move of the oligarchy, but we overlooked the fact that these power structures and power elites are always two steps ahead. In other words, they are using Ebola has a justification for intervention in Africa. Sending troops into Africa must be seen as moves on the geopolitical chessboard. This has many ramifications that impact both control of resources, as well as a military counterweight to the presence of China in Africa. If I were the U.S., how would I intervene in Africa without firing a shot? A biological virus/bacteria epidemic seems like the perfect geopolitical storm.

      In other words, not all dialectical manipulations are equal and not all can be applied evenly across the grand chessboard. What works in the Middle East and Central Asia (911, Al-CIAda, ISIS, etc.) may not necessarily work in Africa (Ebola). Of course, years of seeding this into public consciousness has resulted in the point we are at now.

      Please note, this isn’t to say that I think Ebola is fake or made up. I believe some in the alternative media have gone a little too far claiming it’s fake. This tends to discredit the alt media and truth movement in general.

      • TruthSeekerAlways says:

        Penetrating observations! Thank you for sharing them.

      • devinrice says:

        Good points. Thanks!

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Let’s do some math to satisfy the musical notes of my mind. Consider the fact that the regular flu kills about 23,607 people a year.


        The current Ebola outbreak as of Oct. 10, 2014, has killed about 4,033 according to CNN, the most trusted name in news, who reports according to the WHO.


        According to the New England Journal of Medicine (who also cites to the WHO), back in September 2014, Ebola had killed about 4,507 people.


        How is it that the selfless folks over at the WHO have decreased the death toll from September to October by about 500 people? That’s a glaring number to me.

        The current Ebola outbreak of 2014 inexplicably popped out of nowhere around March 2014.

        If we do the math thus far, the Ebola virus has killed about 375 a month. The flu has killed about 1,967 people a month. Yet, the media blows up coverage of one thing (Ebola), while it ignores the other (flu). Thereby, it influences our subjective perception that the threat posed by Ebola is far more sinister than what it really has been thus far. The media can shape our subconscious perceptions through the framing of its narratives in very stealth and silky ways. Thus we must be on guard not to succumb to these devious tricks. The MSM does cover many a benign topics and events. But when it comes to geopolitics and other stories that it endlessly covers, features, repeats and republishes for weeks on end, then my “Michael Shermer” hat goes on. As George Carlin said (when he was asked about 911), “I always question the received reality. The consensus reality is often misleading.”

        Also, the virus is not (yet) airborne, despite the fear porn to the contrary. Thus, it is still very difficult to get Ebola which requires transference of bodily fluid.

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        I do see your point James and I think I did overlook the statistical model of the number of people who are infected with the flu every year in relation to the number of victims.

        In that sense, I do concur that Ebola’s growth is exponential as referenced both in your link and I think your own podcast covered it as well.

        But then I wonder to what degree do you suppose the government has a hand in this, aside from the obvious benefit of suspending civil liberties?

        Could this then truly be something the government has no control over? Could it be a bioweapon gone rogue in Africa, that should not have been released? Does that then explain the surge of U.S. and U.K. troops being sent there?

        To what extent does this play into all the agendas we have discussed and you’ve dissected over the years?

        Also, although this was signed back in April 4, 2003, the alternative media recently focused on it saying Obama signed Executive Order 13295. Obama only signed a provision which amended the previous order to include the following:

        “(b) Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled. This subsection does not apply to influenza.”

        Original can be seen here, to only include SARS at the time – http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2003-04-09/pdf/03-8832.pdf

        The recent amendment by Obama –

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        James, the “think of what ebola could do” is just more fear porn. Remember they have been flogging this “gruesome death out of the depths of Africa” since 1976. Also note that the Spanish flu came in the wake of devastating world war. Read all the essays Jon Rappoport has been putting out and forget it. this is all psyops, There is a long history of medical baloney where anything they can’t explain is caused by a virus. If you follow the main stream model of health, you’ll fall for this nonsense again and again. No established treatment, you say? I say good, they have nothing to poison us with.

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        Another possible cause to the high death toll of the spanish flu–aspirin

    • Jrush38 says:

      True, but we should keep an eye on it. I believe that …just the scare of a pandemic is enough for the Powers that should not be… to clamp down ….That is what I am seeing…

  2. Ukdavec says:

    This struck a chord with me – this behaviour is prevalent in both Auckland & Sydney – and underlined why I do not tweet.


  3. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    Ebola is on my mind – because I’m curious to get to the bottom of the reality outside of the hype. Like most people I’d love to get a look at the way this is meant to play out – are we looking at a new plague, or are we being engineered into an enforced vaccination program (or both)…..? (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-10/public-health-emergency-declared-connecticut-over-ebola-civil-rights-suspended-indef)

    But at the back of my mind has always been the idea that focusing too narrowly on ebola might just distract one from something else that might be going on. Finance is not my strong point. I’d love to know if the following articles are related enough for concern (is a perfect storm brewing), or do I need to take my conspiracy glasses off and go and smell the roses for a while??

    Some odd wobbles in the stock markets …http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-11/monday-looms-experts-warn-japans-half-trillion-dollar-fat-finger-trade-could-absolut

    QE ends this October (or so they say) … http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/10957878/US-Federal-Reserve-on-course-to-end-QE3-in-October.html

    Portugal’s Espirito Financial Group files for bankruptcy … http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-09/espirito-santo-financial-group-decides-to-file-for-bankruptcy.html

    And the US and the UK decide to play “A Lehman Like Crash” war game, scheduled Monday … http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/11/lehman-crash-play-financial-crisi-war-game

    Any thoughts? Gratefully and humbly accepted.

    And a final thought – I was invited to watch “Captain America, the Winter Soldier” yesterday, and in the spirit of ‘smelling the roses’ accepted. Creepy. From Project Paperclip, mass surveillance, population reduction and even a mention of a possible EMP on Chicago, I’m not sure if it was meant to be historical fiction or ‘fantasy’. It certainly felt like it was labelled with the wrong genre.

    Many thanks for your time and this wonderful place of great information. You work really hard James, it’s appreciated.

  4. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    Another link, which didn’t fit neatly into the above:

    Has the UN passed its own Patriot Act?

  5. macburns says:

    Time for a little comic relief? Enjoy Joycamp.
    The only side effect they left out was miscarriage.


  6. Corbett says:

    And so it begins:

    Civil Rights Suspended in Connecticut as Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Ebola

    “I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health, of any individual or group of individuals whom the Commissioner reasonably believes to have been exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus.”

    • mbmurray4 says:

      How would you feel about taking blood test before traveling on a plane?

      That’s what Foreign Policy is suggesting…

      “And though a vaccine may eventually emerge from the R&D process sometime in 2015, a rapid diagnostic could be in commercial production before Thanksgiving (with proper greasing of financial and regulatory wheels). Finger-prick tests for Ebola are in development now at Senova, a company in Weimar, Germany; at a small Colorado company called Corgenix; and at California-based Theranos.

      One of these screening tests should soon meet the criteria of speed, accuracy, and ease of use necessary to prevent travelers’ spread of Ebola; facilitate contact tracing; and, in the midst of the epidemic, tell who has the virus and who does not.

      And that could put an end to prolonged quarantines of uninfected populations, airport fears, and talk of banning entire nations from traveling. Better still, the worried, panicked parents and flummoxed politicians could inhale deeply and focus on the real problem: Ending the West African Ebola epidemic.”


      I’ve been discussing some interesting connections to Theranos (of which Kissinger is a board member) on the Ebola Effect thread. Two former Senator board members have suggested we need more rapid diagnostic tests to contain the virus.


      Jon Rappoport recently wrote a piece about the second company, Corgenix, and its connections to West Africa.


  7. Stephen Amsden says:

    Whether this is a real “crisis,” fabricated or otherwise by the Gerbil-Speak media, we may never know for sure, but one can assume with a high level of certainty that it will be manipulated to further the mind-control-by-fear agenda, and gradual tightening of the jaws of Martial law. The convenience of this crisis to augment the US government fear-porn strategy will ensure the opportunity for further exploitation, as long as they continue to dominate and perpetuate this narrative. Until “We the people” seize back power of the Dialogue, we continue to be the unwitting recipients of the false-narrative of terror, and the unwilling subjects of dominance through fear.

  8. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    What I’m thinking about this moment…

    I randomly stumbled upon an interview with Jack Blood at Deadline Live, where he interviewed a lady friend who had a grandchild in Sandy Hook when the event occurred. This lady’s grandchild survived and was rescued by one of the teachers. She discussed how her daughter’s friend had a son who died. She discussed how she has dealt with people who claim that the Sandy Hook event was a hoax, full of crisis actors, no children died, the bodies were fake and the school was fake, etc.

    It then occurred to me that many in the alternative media and the “truth movement” have taken these events to certain absurdities. To question the events and context of Sandy Hook, the inconsistencies of the timeline, or the number of shooters, etc., is not quite the same as denying there were kids who were killed.

    I think James’ interview with Dr. James Tracey of the memoryholeblog.com is very illuminating because it exactly captures what I think – to question the events of Sandy Hook is not the same as denying that anything occurred there as if it’s an all-or-nothing deal. Moreover, to question the inconsistencies or even certain aspects of the event being “Staged” (i.e., once the event occurred then the government took over and tried to give it its own PR lift and push its agenda, whatever that may be, such as gun control) is not the same as saying “there was no school,” “there were no dead bodies” “they were all crisis actors.”

    This was given lots of coverage by CNN and Anderson ‘CIA Intern’ Cooper, who had government shill Jonathan Kay on parroting his typical bromide about “conspiracy theorists.” When does the media ever give air time to “conspiracy theorists”? How much airtime has the media like Anderson Cooper given to AE911Truth or other aspects of 911 Truth?

    To me, this is akin to those who claim there were no planes on 911. This type of view serves to not only dissuade any potentially curious people who may have been interested, but serves as a perfect self-discrediting tool. It feigns credulity to expect people to deny what their own eyes have seen (planes hitting a building).

    (1) To what extent do you suppose those who question the mainstream media version of events (so-called “conspiracy theorists”) and subscribe to alternative media, sometimes over analyze and over question things to the point of absurdity? Does over thinking or over analyzing sometimes lead to symptoms of irrationalism and delusions?

    (2) To what extent could this be a “Cognitive Infiltration” operation whereby certain moles are placed within alternative media communities as front operations who actually perpetuate disinformation? To what extent then are many of these more irrational or illogical “conspiracy theories” then used as a strawman to discredit everyone who questions the official version of things?

    I know James has addressed many of these points before, but I believe it’s thus far been in separate parts. It would be good if there can be a small piece (perhaps a GRTV Backrounder) that can encapsulate these in one narrative, highlighting the differences and perspectives.

    I think it’s important to portray us truth seekers in a positive light and this would be sort of a response or ammunition to that information warfare. Consequently, those who are new can see that we pride logic, reason and science over fanaticism, ideology, obscurantism and irrationalism.

    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      The most important take away from Sandy Hook is that with every passing psyops event, the public is given less and less direct access to evidence. This could be to hide the current staged event, or it could be to inure us to not receiving direct information and therefore stop asking for it to make future staged events easier.

      After Columbine, Marshall Fritz of the Alliance of the Separation of School and State spoke with and I think met with the family of one of the survivors. All the families at Columbine were under immense pressure to go back to that hell hole of a school and happy talk about how they were moving forward or some such garbage. They wanted to take their son out and spoke with Marshall about what happened and the pressure from the school/politicians. Remember we also saw the photo of the dead boys? We have access to many records. Fast forward to Sandy Hook and what have we got? State troupers assigned to the families so no one can ask anything, no photos, no autopsies. Crazy parents who smile about their dead children. I really don’t care if a friend of a friend of a relative of a friends knows someone who had a niece who died at Sandy Hook. Show me the body, the autopsy, the EVIDENCE.

    • TruthSeekerAlways says:

      AoG, Your thoughtful article reminded me of this recent posting at the Daily Bell – (http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35712/Will-the-Tragedy-of-Ebola-Provide-us-a-Teachable-Moment-Regarding-Modern-Net-Media/) who see the Ebola crisis as being a possible time of affirmation, in displaying the power and importance of the alternative media.

      It’s an interesting perspective on the issue, and to me resonates well with your concerns about preserving integrity, honesty and good scholarship in the alternative media world.

    • nhopkins says:

      Good points. Our strength (everyone can join in) is also our weakness (everyone can join in).

  9. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    With the internet buzzing with ideas about how to combat Ebola, people may be aware of colloidal silver being touted as a possible cure. Here is an interesting study which found silver nanoparticles to be effective against HIV-1, http://www.jnanobiotechnology.com/content/8/1/1. James first report on Ebola mentioned that it has a similar infection mechanism to AIDS, so there may in fact be something to this train of thought.

    And if anyone is wondering what the purpose of the Ebola outbreak is, The Guardian has kindly explained – http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/12/world-leaders-war-games-financial-crisis.

    “….Christine Lagarde, the IMF’s managing director, says inequality must be tackled. The Fund has produced papers showing that a more even distribution of income and wealth would be good for growth. The words “shared prosperity” were on everybody’s lips in Washington last week.

    But as some sceptics pointed out, so far the fight against inequality is currently a phoney war. Lagarde talks a good game, but the advice her organisation dispenses to individual countries has not really changed. There were four things that ensured shared prosperity in the 1950’s and 1960s: strong trade unions; redistribution through the tax system; higher public spending; and curbs on the financial system. Apart from suggesting that some countries such as Germany, might care to spend a bit more on infrastructure, the Fund is not really in favour of any of them. The message therefore, is clear enough. Lagarde et al are worried about inequality. But they are not yet worried enough to do much about it…

    …for the time being, it is easier to avoid doing anything. The rich can enjoy their Great Gatsby lifestyles. Multinational corporations can strip poor countries of their commodities and pay their taxes elsewhere, if at all. Living standards can continue to be squeezed. Debt levels can continue to rise.

    Only a real scare, as with Ebola, will lead to meaningful action…”

    I’m so grateful to have had that explained to me. And will no doubt sleep better now.

    • TruthSeekerAlways says:

      If anyone is interested in looking into the nano silver concept, here is what appears to be a ‘power point style’ presentation of an unclassified study, purportedly from the “Defense Threat Reduction Agency”, showing neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses (including Ebola), using nano silver at 10ppm. (http://www.thesilveredge.com/pdf/defense-threat-reduction-agency-silver-nanoparticles-neutralize-hemorrhagic-fever-viruses.pdf)

      As with the study I linked to in the comment above, this document also suggests that nano silver seems to interfere with the virus’s ability to replicate.

      Was the Ebola in the above study the same as today’s Ebola? Does that alter the information? I do not know, but for people who are interested I felt it was worth sharing.

      (And hopefully I am not simply echoing disinformation!) You may like to incorporate this info as ‘an’ egg in your information basket, but certainly not the ONLY one. 🙂

  10. Corbett says:

    Happy Independence Day! Ebola Is Real! Truth Stream Media breaks down the outrageous “Ebola is real” propaganda campaign:


  11. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    If anyone desires to spend a few minutes today doing something different, this may interest you: http://reptilianilluminati.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/illuminati-card-game-all-illuminati-cards/

    This is NOT a site I frequent. However, after learning about the existence of an “Illuminati Card game” I wanted to learn more, and found this in a search. The site has a picture of every card in the pack. (Including what appears to be the twin towers coming down and an attack on the Pentagon.) The game was produced in the 90’s I believe.

    Wierdness abounds! Whether it reveals anything, I do not know. However, the creators of it appear to be very well informed and perceptive, at the very least!

  12. Jason says:

    Hello all,

    Although Ebola seems mostly to be on the Open Thread menu.
    I’d just like to go off topic with an MH17 question for anyone who can reply with some info.

    I’d like to ask what you think of the Bellingcat site. (https://www.bellingcat.com/)
    There seems to be a lot of geo-location research, which i’m finding hard to get any logical information from.
    And have the idea they have based most of their conclusions around the Paris Match BUK photo and Lugansk BUK video (the one posted by the Ukraine Minister of Interior).

    Any feedback more than welcome!

  13. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    And then there is this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-13/cidrap-we-believe-there-scientific-evidence-ebola-has-potential-be-airborne

    More about ‘airborne Ebola’.

    But I’m also curious about Zerohedge. Why have they had SO MANY articles related to Ebola recently? Is it just me, or does it seem to be just a tad excessive?

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      It’s amusing watching the soap opera that is the MSM 24-hour news cycle and observing the power and extent of how it can shape, alter and condition our perceptions. What is even more disheartening is having seen some in the alternative media spheres succumb to the establishment’s fear porn.

      I wonder if this ‘Ebola effect’ geostrategy is what the top layers of the oligarchy discussed and devised in the Bilderberg conference, as well as in their secret little lodges and meetings. Curiously, so far, this whole “Ebola” fear porn has only gripped “the West” (again, a mythical amorphous thing that has no bearing in reality – West of what?). Why is it that most if not all of the cases (ignoring Africa) have all been in the U.S. and sprinkled across in Spain? Why not Russia and China (the latter having extensive links with Africa, and surely some African would have passed it on to some Chinese national in some way)?

      I think James’ recent Subscriber Newsletter on Ebola makes a good point. In the weeks and months leading up to the 911 myth, the media manipulation regarding the terrorism fear begins to take hold (as has been documented by Lenon Honor). After 911, this recedes to the back of public consciousness, and the media begins to gin up some other fear porn which it uses as a tool of control. The ISIS boogeyman that so dominated the MSM organs is now a footnote for the most part, there is even more silence on Ukraine and MH17, but Ebola takes the cake. It’s almost as if the oligarchy thinks, “Damn, our masses are beginning to see through our layers of bullshit, better deflect attention to some other fear porn to get their ADD minds off of getting deeper into these areas.”

      Why cannot people see this? If an abusive wife-beater uses threats and fear to make the wife-victim succumb to his manipulation, she thereby begins to see the same source of her fear as her savior, a.k.a., “Stockholm syndrome.” Over time, this produces what is called “learned helplessness.” Why do people assume that if this is applicable to an individual on an individual, but it is somehow exempt from application to a group of people (individuals who come together) who are considered the oligarchy and who control the banking, military and media?

      Also, reading through the subtext, it’s important to note that most of our information on this Ebola comes from institutions like the CDC, WHO, World Bank, etc. Notice how these institutions, along with their media darlings, condition people to “think globally” regarding Ebola? Seeding global control into consciousness it seems.

      And now we heard of “possible” Ebola at the Pentagon. Oooooh shocking stuff! Inquiring minds want to know more! Could this be yet another false flag fear porn to justify domestic and geopolitical strategy or is this really the American Empire’s new “plague of Justinian”? I would bet on the initial over the latter.

  14. dclark40 says:

    James’ insistence that Snowden is a fake, “Snowjob” has me confused. I just read Greenwald’s recent book and I liked it. He attacked MSM in the US and especially journalists who don’t do their job(s). He says of Snowden that he is a hero (to paraphrase) and I tend to agree, or tend to want to agree. That he was a spy or is a spy seems ok with me because he shed himself of that past to go all out for truth. Or did he? This is the crux of my confusion. Is Snowden part of some double-agent spoof on the world? Is he a spy who pretends to not be a spy anymore but is still a spy? Has he put himself in danger just for fun? Would he not be treated just like Chelsea Manning if he returned to US soil?

    I know Greenwald works for Omidyar now, I get that. But it is a platform with some oomph is it not? ANyway, I still imagine that what Snowden did for the world and what he brought to light is a good thing. I think he contributed to the fight in a good way, Greenwald too.
    Am I a dupe? A dope?

    • Dr. Kropotkin says:

      I also read Greenwald’s book and found it to be very informative. In particular his essays on the importance of privacy in a free society are the best I’ve read on the topic. Too many people seem to accept that our privacy has been violated and there is nothing we can do about it. If they just thought it through or read Greenwald’s book I think a lot would change their mind.

      As for hero/spy speculation, it’s hard to know. There are those in power that are happy that this information is out. It has brought a chill to public fora, in particular with relation to 9-11. More people than ever know the truth about 9-11, but more are also afraid of being electronically labeled as a trouble maker by one of these schemes.

      There are also those in power who would have preferred this stays out of the public eye. Maybe Snowdon was manipulated into revealing what he did, or he could be on a (very strange) mission. What is clear is that something is not adding up. Hence the speculation. At the start we were told to expect “a lot more to come”, but nothing was as revealing as the original claims made by Snowdon in the Hong Kong interview. And this is not as revealing as the claims by other whistleblowers, such as Russ Tice. Is it just a case of Greenwald selling out and going quiet? If so, why is Snowdon going along? I see Edward doing a lot of video conferencing and interviews these days, somebody should ask him.

      Maybe James could interview him. That would be fun.

    • Bart Houkes says:

      Look at it this way: What good is Big Brother if nobody knows of it’s existence? The power of the surveillance state is not that they are able to spy on everyone, but rather that everyone is imprinted with the knowledge that they are being spied on.

      Snowden is a spy-op of the surveillance state making itself known to the public. Although the NSA probably has extensive spying abilities, I think many of Snowden’s claims, and certainly the media attention, are exaggerated to enlarge the effect. Meanwhile authentic whistleblowers like Russ Tice are completely ignored by the media.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      You are not a dupe. I think with different levels of research, reading and analysis you pick up on different perspectives.

      I am of the persuasion that this is a limited hangout Snowjob of epic proportions. As has been pointed out by Bart Houkes, the power of the surveillance state is that it is now permanently seeded into public consciousness. The masses are so lulled and stupefied by their mindless consumerism and celebrity worship culture, it’s as if the MSM was teasing the masses – “Look at this breaking news! You are being spied on by the NSA.” What did the masses do? Absolutely nothing. They continued to till the soil and graze the fields.

      Webster Tarpley had a very interesting analysis on the Snowden limited hangout operation, which was tweeted out by Greenwald (Greenbacks) in a fit of his usual smug and pretentious “Oh look, the internet is posting about Snowden being a limited hangout operation, but I’m going to pretend I don’t care so I come off as somehow cooler than I am and not as phased by it” attitude. Once he’s acknowledged it, and addressed it, then he has impliedly admitted it got under his skin.

      As Tarpley notes, “In this analysis, we should also recall that limited hangouts have been around for a very long time. In 1620 Fra Paolo Sarpi, the dominant figure of the Venetian intelligence establishment of his time, advised the Venetian senate that the best way to defeat anti-Venetian propaganda was indirectly. He recommended the method of saying something good about a person or institution while pretending to say something bad. An example might be criticizing a bloody dictator for beating his dog – the real dimensions of his crimes are thus totally underplayed.”

      To paraphrase Tarpley’s points on how to identify a limited hangout operation. (1) The alleged “whistleblower” reveals nothing new or nothing that we did not already know. Snowden did not reveal anything we did not already know. Sure, he gave the NSA spying programs names to identify with, and some minor mechanical/technical aspects, but anyone who was paying attention to the alternative media knew about the NSA surveillance as far back as 2004-2005.

      (2) The limited hangout operation reveals nothing groundbreaking that would truly quake the foundations of the state, i.e., JFK assassination, 911, etc. Snowden revealed nothing about 911 or JFK. If he was truly a whistleblower, he would have revealed information where it really hurts the state.

      (3) You can identify a limited hangout operation when the so-called “whistleblower” becomes a media darling. Snowden became the main fetish object of the talking heads in the MSM (now it’s a tug of war between ISIS and Ebola, with Ebola in a close lead).

  15. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Excellent vid. If ebola is an epidemic, why do the people of africa have to be convinced of that with non stop propaganda?


    Doesn’t anyone remember being told that aids was going to wipe out all of africa, spread all through the US population? 30 years later, it’s still a gay man’s disease. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be the whole thing was a hoax? DUH.

  16. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Where is the evidence, not some musings by the fear porn industry, that a virus spread by bodily fluids has mutated to being spread through respiratory exposure? How about hepatitis a, b, c viruses, vd? As I recall, they did try this fear porn with hiv, and we’re still waiting. Are people truly so ignorant and fearful they’ll fall for this “anything can mutate into anything” baloney??? Oh my god, my pet cat could mutate into bigfoot. what will we do? I’m so afraid.

    Keep repeating to yourself and these fear porn junkies, where’s the evidence? Make it your mantra.

  17. nexangelus says:

    After spending last week calming people down about ebola (yes I am serious), this week I am thinking about what James covered in the third paragraph; the financial sector. Just up the road from where I live a cashpoint was blown up and emptied. The second one locally in 6 months. There is hard talk on stopping this kind of activity and having harsh sentences for the perpetrators. Yet the banks, bankers, corporations, politicians continue to hoodwink, defraud, screw us over and get away with it.


  18. kris weston says:

    my thought for this week: i dont want the agenda of my thoughts to be set by mainstream media stories that are immediately useless to me and as we know, there for the purpose of brainwashing.

  19. nexangelus says:

    Gah! They are selling the UK off. Privatizing Eurostar and public housing in London. While the use of foodbanks is growing. Where is the anger?


  20. jamesthethird says:

    The next Keiser report is going to be number 666. Looking forward to it. http://rt.com/shows/keiser-report/

  21. hansomebwonderful2001 says:

    I don’t know what people think of the work Sharry Edwards has been doing. She talks about it on the Power Hour. She was on 10/13/14 hours two and three. I found it worth listening to. She claims that her research has found that the voice frequency of people that she identified as having an Ebola residence frequency she has looked at is the same as something she called hemoglobin8(spelling or word may be off) that cause bleeding. The cause is from cooper being sprayed through chem trails. A caller called in and said that she saw in a local newspaper in New Mexico that a company got awarded a contract to spray copper over New Mexico.

    Listen yourself, I may have shared the information via the old game -telephone line(where information gets piece added and left out or wrong as it gets passed down the line).

    ( Starts at 8 minute 30 second mark and the commercials are three to five minutes long when they come. The show usually do a two to three minutes commercial selling their products around the 33 minute mark)



  22. Bart Houkes says:

    I’ve been watching an interview with Kay Griggs, who tells the most amazing story I’ve heard in a long time. She was married to a US army Corporal, who was involved in many secret operations and spy-ops. She talks about Waco Texas, regime change in South America, drug running with the mob, pedophile sex rings, corruption of high ranking NATO officials and much more.

    This interview is very extensive, about 8 hours in total and she presents many documents and photo’s to support her story. I haven’t watched all of it yet, but from what I’ve seen she seems very credible, very intelligent and has a very accurate memory. She knows more details than you could make up. If what she tells is true, this is the best documented exposure of the inner workings of the American Empire that I’ve every seen.

    Have any of you seen this interview? Do you think she is credible? How would you go about checking her story? I’ve looked up some of the names she talks about and they are real persons, but it’s hard to check any of the details she mentions. Any tips?

    This a link to part 4 of the interview, which starts with sort of a summary of the first 3 parts. For more details you’d have to watch the rest.

    • dclark40 says:

      I have been watching this woman all day. Thanks for the tip. Like you I see no reason to doubt her. Others corroborate her info. It reminds me of a book I read last summer by Nesta Webster who is alternatively celebrated and vilified on the web. Her book Secret Societies and Subversive Movements I got for free on my Kindle. It was written in the early 1900’s and doesn’t involve secret societies in the USA, which is Griggs’ area. ANyway, I find Webster’s anti-Jew and strong Christian POV and Griggs’ same POV interesting. One cannot have Satanism without an anti-Christ stance of course so it is not surprising that they share this. In Webster’s case the hating of Jewery is, I think, part of her British aristocratic heritage and also part of her time. But in Grigg’s case she seems to be a Christian, whatever that means, but not any kind of wacked out religious nut, just a woman for whom Christ matters.
      Anyway, I recommend the Webster book just for the vast historical span she covers, going back before the Crusades and into the French Revolution and up to the 20th Century as she follows Masonry and the Illuminati and especially their techniques. It is very dense and well researched and, as I said, really jives in subtle ways to what Griggs has to say. And it’s free.
      Once again, thanks for the tip on Griggs.

  23. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    An interesting fact sheet from a well established vaccine manufacturer that got me thinking:


    1. It confirms that Ebola has been on the US government’s radar since 2003 as a potential bioterror agent.

    2. That the US Army has been involved in Ebola vaccine research.

    3. That human trials of the Ebola vaccine were already underway in 2006.

    Some questions…

    1. Why are these initial human trials (which apparently were very successful) not mentioned in today’s MSM? Present news coverage of this firm claims that Crucell’s human trials will not be conducted until 2015 or 2016. (http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/10/health-ebola-vaccine-idUSL6N0QG0UW20140810)

    2. Where were these 2006 human trials conducted?

    And one more observation…

    Is Johnson and Johnson’s purchase of the company in February 2011 significant? The home website of the company http://www.crucell.com seems to have been well maintained before this and seems to have been abandoned since this date. Various home page press release links from this date are broken.

    I find it curious that with the present Ebola scare, a company which appeared to be spearheading Ebola research 8 years ago and which is still mentioned (albeit as almost a footnote) in present press articles, should have a website that looks like something out of a golden age, but feels more like a ghost town.

  24. Ukdavec says:

    Ukraine again – interesting documentary regarding the events surrounding the killings in Maidan square and the mysterious sniper(s)


  25. Corbett says:

    The Ebola lies contradict each other: CDC “confirms” you can give — but not get — Ebola on public transit:


  26. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    More from the Liberian Observer Newspaper …

    A reprint from a Rense article about the Ebola breakout coinciding with the UN’s vaccine campaigns.


    They also printed a local article about someone poisoning wells (and claiming there are many doing this) to create Ebola like symptoms and death. The article also mentions people being chased from communities who are offering ‘Ebola vaccines’ which produce similar results.


    And on a more ‘local’ note – with articles like this one is there any wonder that people are confused?


  27. Corbett says:

    To understand the current Ebola fear porn, just substitute “Ebola” for “Anthrax” in this video. Rinse. Repeat.


  28. cabanaobr says:

    Somewhat off-topic, but listening to the recent forum (Beard World Order + Sibel Edmonds) on the control of the Alternative Media got me thinking that there was a point that was missing.

    Peter Collins mentioned that Alt. journalists face the same problem as Cartel Journalists in that they run the risk of losing cultivated sources by offending them with serious investigative journalism.

    To be concise, isn’t this a problem with the notion of “Journalism” as a consumer good, which is to say, making a consumer good out of knowledge?

    If Journalism is a consumer good, them “producers” have to churn out enough “product” to satisfy market demand (James Corbett should understand this problematic well). This is what necessitates “cultivated sources” in the first place. Good official sources can help a “journalist” meet a quota when nothing is happening.

    When “Journalists” have to meet quotas and deadlines, it stands to reason that you should expect to see swathes of pseudo-news. Crap that looks like News and that comes from official-looking sources and is presented in an official-looking way. I shouldn’t say that it looks like news either, because this official-looking crap is not a simulacra of News, it *is* News. Its essence lies completely in its style of presentation, which is why The Onion works on more levels than it has a right to.

    The mistake is to confuse “News” with relevant, meaningful information. News is a consumer product, churned out to meet the consumption needs of the lowest-common denominator. Sometimes, the lowest-common denominator wants to listen to bad music and lame jokes. That’s what radio and television are for. Sometimes, the Lowest Common Denominator wants to feel “informed”. For that, we have the “News”. Pandering to the worst in people is what consumerist social and economic organization *does*, and News cannot be any different if it operates on the same model, if the only test of legitimacy is the ability to churn out a steady profit.

    Real, meaningful information about the world cannot be made into a product, cannot be bundled up and packaged and printed and broadcast reliably to accompany someone’s cheap frozen dinner. A real Journalist, hence, remains what he was in the days of Tom Paine. He has to be a voice in the wilderness, a man shouting from the rooftops. He is not a “professional” under a deadline working for a company trying to turn a profit and please the boss. Once that happens, the results are evident and should surprise no one.

  29. jamesthethird says:

    Just caught this on the net as I’ve been following the Irish Water Fight. At last it’s starting to spread. Well put together.


    It’s an Irish way of putting it.

  30. jamesthethird says:

    I don’t know if any of you has seen this. An historical look at the Lost British History followed by the setting up of Universal Community Trusts. This guy has Balls. I recommend a listen.


  31. macburns says:

    I couldn’t find a place to post a comment to Niki Friedrich Raapana’s interview from Corbett Radio 167. So, I wanted to inform as many of you as I can that with some coercion, Niki has posted a donate button to her blog so she can be compensated for her time and passion in exposing the communitarian agenda. She is also promoting her portable Gertee yurts for extreme climate (outside of the dialectic) housing. We are honored to help compensate James for his hard work and courage. We need to support this most courageous woman as well. http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com/

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