Interview 1703 - Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality

03/01/202261 Comments

Riley Waggaman, aka "Edward Slavsquat," joins us today to dissect the propaganda myths that continue to swirl about Putin and Russia in the so-called alternative media and the sobering reality that Russia is neither singularly evil nor singularly good and that Putin is not a freedom fighter valiantly battling the globalists.

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Edward Slavsquat substack

War begins. But why?

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So Bad It’s Good: The Flood of FSB Fakery Deserves an Oscar (FSB "border post" fakery)

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Tweet and picture of hole in the ground from vicious Ukrainian attack (we will rebuild!)

"War" won't stop Russia's COVID clown show

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  1. ChairmanDrew says:

    I love how the chess dimensions just keep increasing. Up to 15d chess now 😄

  2. un-stoppable says:

    Given that they are winding down the virus propaganda machine just in time to ramp up the war propaganda machine – until the next virus comes along right on cue – let’s put their fear-mongering lies under a microscope and examine them in order to arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to guard ourselves against the next wave of deception:

    -New Normal
    -Build Back Better
    -Follow The Science
    -Flatten the Curve
    -Alone Together
    -Stay Home
    -Protect/Save the NHS
    -Save Lives-Your Home is Your Lifeline
    -Stay Home-Save Lives, Avoid Stage 5
    -Don’t Panic, Don’t Rush, Don’t Overstock
    -Trust The Science
    -Stay smart – Stay Safe – Stay Open
    -NHS Staff: We Stay At Work for You – You Stay At Home For Us
    -Test, Trace, Treat
    -Only You Can Prevent the Spread
    -The vaccine will save us – The booster will save us – The fourth dose is the answer
    -Your freedom ends where your contagion begins.
    -Believe In The Science
    -I wear my mask to protect you and you wear your mask to protect me
    -Out of an abundance of caution
    -We’re all in this together
    -It’s Safe and Effective
    -There is no evidence that that vaccine is harmful…

    These are not science terms and phrases. They are hypnotic chants meant to induce an audience into a suggestive state of mind – this is why they are repeated over and over and over again.

    Furthermore, masking has historically been an integral part of an initiation ritual: in our case the initiation into the “new normal” the globalists have planned for us.

    Put another way – as you all are of course aware – all of this was one giant world-wide psychological operation. Here is a collection of authorities admitting this with its horrible effects woven through them. Take the time to read through and of course save this–the crimes are horrible:

  3. Pendennis says:

    Really interesting discussion, James. I will definitely be following Riley in future. It seems that even the wildest conspiracy theories now seem credible. Until listening to this interview, I thought it was beyond belief that this invasion could have been part of a globalist plot, designed to take the heat out of the growing realisation that the clot shot has been a murderous con trick. Now I am not so sure. My only minor quibble was that one notable independent pundit DID correctly predict the Russian invasion, viz Colonel MacGregor. He deserves credit for swimming against the altmedia stream. Most of us were astounded. Interestingly, having followed “the Saker” for a while as providing an accurate insight into Russia’s thinking, for the first time I tried to comment on one of his atricles yesyerday, My argument was that maybe Putin has fallen into a trap and that the Western military-idustrial complex really wants this war. None of my comments ever appeared. Even on the Saker, on the the pretext of suppressing trolls, only one view seems to be permitted. More and more I think we are being played. This really is a spider’s web. Fascinating stuff.

  4. Kelly says:

    I wonder what the solution of this problem and subsequent reactions will be.

  5. TruthSeeker says:

    Great Interview with another former English Teacher turned Independent Journalist. This combination appears to provide an excellent background for communicating. I often come across very knowledgeable people in their field of study who fail to communicate what they know.
    That said, I think the missing link Riley can’t understand is, “The Fog of War”.
    Donald Rumsfeld referred to it during the Events of 9/11/01. Indeed, the Oligarchs have been using “The Fog of War” as a means of deception for thousands of years. The 5 Exercises taking place on the day of 9/11/01 along with media misinformation created a “Fog of War” like I had never seen before. It took me over a year to get a handle on it, even though I was very suspect of the media from the start.
    My take is that both Putin and Biden are in bed with the WEF and all the evil players here know that the world Wide Scamdemic has run it’s coarse. They thus need a new Diversion away from the Oligarchs plan to control all of human kind, and when all else fails, they take you to War. War is the easiest means for a would be Dictator to obtain “Emergency Powers”.
    So, my answer as to why would Putin Invade Ukraine and why would Biden deliberately antagonize him (or at least appear to,) is that they both need a means to control the populations that they Pretend to represent, and “The Fog of War” gives them the means to accomplish totalitarian control under the guise of “Emergency War Powers”.
    Note that the Russian Cabinet or Parliament is said to have unanimously approved the Invasion of Ukraine to protect Russians living there. It all kind of reminds me of the U.S. Congress near unanimous approval of the Invasion of Iraq in 2001 based on Lies.
    By the time I discovered those Lies they had moved on to new Lies and a new “Fog of War”. As Bush Jr’s Campaign Manager put it, “they will always be chasing the last lie”. We need to get ahead of the new Lies, and to do this we need to focus on the head of the Beast, which would be the WEF and perhaps an even higher level of world Oligarch Money Masters.

  6. drgob says:

    Why am I reminded of the wrestling?

    Two tag teams (Pro-NATO & BRICS)in the ring, but we know it is all BS and the Wrestlers are best buddies in truth. The crowd sucks it up, with the glimpses in to the locker room with its trash talk and other staged dramas.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “Why am I reminded of the wrestling?”

      Because you read Fact Checker’s comments! Wise choice!

      “The fact is, this whole “war” is fake. Fake wrestling. Joe “Cyber Snake” Biden vs. Vlad “The Ice Bear” Putin. Just the first match in the World War Wrestlemania III championship tournament, all pre-scripted for the delight and thrill of the dumb masses.

      It’s just a flimsy, hokey narrative to prepare the American goyim for the life of bitter austerity they have in store for them from here on out, as the global power center shifts to China. One last whizz-bang-pow-pow-pow spectacle gleaming, glaring rockets to wave their flags at while the handwringing Happy Merchants steal away with their nest eggs.

      And in preparation for America’s scripted defeat, America must undergo a role-swap. In the new pages of script coming out of the writers’ room, UHMERKA made the “heel” in the Great Fake Wrestling Match, after generations of being the “face”. Cyber Snake Joe the comical knave. The Kid Sniffer-in-Chief, leading a Big Gay Disco Army of frivolous vamping freaks and perverted cock-choppers, marching off to fight the Gog/Magog War…without breaking a nail.*

      * New material in bold

  7. Moritz® says:

    I’d be interested in Edward Slavsquat’s opinion about what’s going to happen to Russia within the next few years, apart from the Ukraine theme. To me it seems the country is pretty much at the end of its trail.

  8. Duck says:

    “….To me it seems the country is pretty much at the end of its trail…”

    Funny thing is that before World War One Russia was on pace to displace Germany as, (if I recall right) First Industrial Power. The image of them being industrially backward before the Soviets is totally manufactured.

    Their brutal police state executed fewer people than the US did at the same time.

    The Bolshevik revolution was funded by Wallstreet, mainly Jews of Russian extraction (German Jews on wallstreet supported Germany until the Balfour Declaration). The revolution was a huge resource grab for America industry and banking interests who were in control of Russian resources until Stalin (if I recall rigjt) kicked them out.

    Mybsouce is Wallstreet and the Russian Revolution by Dr Spence, a Russia historian at University of Idaho.

    I bet if Mr Corbett asked him he’d come on the show and talk about Russia.

    Anyway that’s how the forebear of the Koch brothers saw communism up close…. building its power.
    Then look at who ended up owning most of the industry after the Soviet collapse….

    I think your right that having been bled for a century the parasite has left the host with a declining, demoralized population that won’t be a threat for another 100 years. The Chinese might try to grab Siberia off them but I think their gonna have their own problems soon

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    SubStack and Alt Video platforms

    I am impressed with the Edward Slavsquat substack page. He has it laid out well.
    I signed up which is simple, because I also am signed onto the Steve Kirsch substack and two others.
    With some substack folks, I have unsubscribed if it just fills up my inbox or if they blow opinions for endless paragraphs.
    I just can’t take all the opinionated written blathering.
    There are almost 8 billion opinions in this world, and I have hell just trying to sort out my own.

    Many folks don’t read now-a-days. Substack probably attracts a certain audience. I saw this when I owned bookstores…there is a certain audience which buys books.

    Personally, I love visual presentations, on the page or in video. Videos are great, especially when the concepts are portrayed with images. Broc West does an excellent job with Corbett’s videos.

    Which leads me to mention the Alt Video venues (e.g. Bitchute)…
    I am a strong advocate for the Wild West.
    However, there is some real crap out there. It is low rent, trailer trash, hijacked knock-off, non-contextual garbage disguised as being “truth reporting”. This is easy to see on Bitchute.
    Some clown grabs a piece of a video and duplicates it. There are no shownotes, no original source notes, nor descriptions nor dates.
    While the video itself might hold some revealing information, it in itself is not a real truth venue if it doesn’t tell all the story attached.
    Granted, sometimes a video in itself tells the story and missing shownotes aren’t a big deal.

    The point I am ranting about is that there is a tremendous amount of video crap out there which disguises itself as trying to spread the truth.
    And it seems that many people follow that garbage.

    So, there you have it…my own “opinionated written blathering.”

  10. reowen says:

    Another good one, James. Thank you.

    As usual, more gov’t-elite BS. Now Ukraine is talking about joining the EU. What a surprise. 😝

    Just in case anyone believes the lamestream media is giving you the real story on Russia & Ukraine at this time, consider Western propaganda during both World War I & World War II. (And it didn’t stop there – Kennedy assassinations, Vietnam, 9/11, ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ Bin Laden, Syria, plandemic, climate change, BLM, Antifa, racism…)

  11. alucientes says:

    I could swear Klaus Schwab mentioned somewhere that Putin was also a graduate of their Global Leaders (indoctrination) school, but maybe I misheard.

    • yellowsnakes says:

      🇨🇦 ☮️
      President of the Russian Federation
      1975, graduate, Law Department, Leningrad State University.
      1975, with KGB Foreign Intelligence Service; Adviser to Rector, Leningrad State University;
      1990, left KGB; Head, Mayor’s External Relations Committee, St Petersburg;
      1994, Deputy Mayor; Head, local branch, Our Home is Russia;
      1996, resigned, moved to Moscow and Deputy Head, Management Department, Presidential Administration under P Borodin;
      1997-98, Head, Main Controlling Department, Presidential Administration;
      1998, Deputy Head, administration in charge of relations with regions;
      1998, Director, FSB; 1998, Member, Security Council;
      1999, Secretary, Security Council;
      1999, Prime Minister;
      2000-08, President;
      since May 2008, Prime Minister.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Interview 1703 – Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality sure mixes well with James Corbett’s recent article…
    The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know

    2D Chess is for Losers
    There’s nothing more satisfying than a good guy/bad guy narrative. We have so internalized this form of storytelling that for many it is almost impossible not to see the world in these terms. Two people are fighting. One of them is a bad guy. Therefore, the other one is a good guy…

    …The uncomfortable truth, as always, is that the war has not just begun. It’s been going on for generations. And it’s not a war of nation against nation, or even valiant “anti-globalist crusaders” like WEF-connected, biosecurity-promoting, false flag-perpetrating, political opponent-assassinating Vladimir Putin against the global control structure.

    It is a global war against you.

    To the extent that wars are being waged between the elitists, they are only being waged to determine which group of elitists get to rule over you and in what way…. – James Corbett

  13. cana says:

    I think Riley has some very pertinent points about the Russian covid clot shots, Whitney Webb also has an excellent commentary on this issue.
    However as far as war goes I feel that Riley is rather naive and somewhat emotional. I am very doubtful if the Pharma Cartel can be paralleled with geopolitics. I would highly recommend anyone to watch Scott Ritter, who is a US Marine, has first had experience of war and was a UN weapons inspector, to get a much clearer view of the war with Ukraine. Here is a link:

    James, please, please could you interview Scott Ritter to add more substance to the analysis of the war situation.

  14. Truth seeker says:

    The host said Russians are getting a genetic “vaccine.” So I presume it is an MRNA vaccine. So China is only country not getting an MRNA experimental gene therapy “vaccine.” See link:

    Africa is hardly getting any Covid vx. See link:

    So based on these links, China isn’t demociding its citizens (since not getting MRNA vx) and most of Africa isn’t either. Hence, they are trying to democide the west/Russia with these clot shots.
    Why? One reason is Dr. David Martin said because social security and pensions will be broke by 2028; Also, it is part of their ‘Great Reset.’

    Russia and China are controlled by international banksters. They are members of Bank of International Settlements;

    • “The host said Russians are getting a genetic “vaccine.” So I presume it is an MRNA vaccine.”

      Russia has four Covid-19 vaccines:

      Sputnik V adenovirus viral vector vaccine
      Sputnik Light single dose Ad26 vector vaccine
      EpiVacCorona peptide-based vaccine
      CoviVac inactivated virus-based vaccine

      So no mRNA ‘vaccines’.

  15. BenWah says:

    SO this guy asserted that when he moved to Russia the Rouble was worth like 40 cents, now it’s over a dollar. I just looked it up, it’s been worth a bit more than a penny for months? SO is this guy just full of shit?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      March 1st – USA time
      The Russian ruble crossed 110 per USD on Tuesday, slipping back towards Monday’s record low of 122 as the substantial interest rate hike from the Central Bank of Russia was not enough to counterweight the raft of Western sanctions. Western allies largely limited Russian entities’ ability to do business internationally after agreeing to remove key Russian banks from the SWIFT interbank system and freeze the assets of Russia’s central bank. The US also dealt another blow against Moscow by barring Americans from doing business with Russia’s central bank, ministry of finance and its sovereign wealth fund. This week, the CBR raised its key policy rate to 20% from 9.5%, commanded export-led businesses to sell 80% of their foreign currencies, and banned foreigners from selling Russian securities in an emergency move on Monday to limit further currency depreciation. At the same time, the central bank announced that RUB 1.8 trillion was withdrawn from Russian banks at the end of February.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        …and on that note of currency…

        Ronan Manly is well known as a deep dive precious metals analyst, especially with the international exchanges and banks.

        He gives a lowdown as of Feb 28th (Monday)…
        LBMA a deer in headlights as Western Sanctions show up Russian Gold Refiners

        One brief EXCERPT
        …All of these Russian banks are now on the sanctions lists. If Russian gold refineries do business with these Russian banks (which they have to do as the Russian banks are their clients), they will violate the UK – EU – US sanctions.

        The Russian refineries, by also refining gold which then gets sold to the Russian central bank, will also then be facilitating the central bank in boosting and deploying its international reserve assets, which will too be in breach of the UK – EU – US sanctions. Then there is the issue of ownership of Russian gold refineries….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Tuesday March 1st – Zero Hedge
        As Crypto Soars, Exchanges Decline Requests To Freeze Russian Funds

        Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bitcoin has soared from around $34,000 to almost $45,000 as global sanctions. asset freezes, and bans on external FX transfers appear to have prompted a significant demand for an alternate store of wealth…

        “In Turkey, a lot of folks have avoided financial devastation by allocating to decentralized currencies like Bitcoin. You’re seeing that in context of Ukraine and Russia — it’s being used for humanitarian purposes.

        And before this is simply dismissed as speculative flows once again, CoinDesk reports that trading volumes between the Russian ruble and bitcoin increased to a nine-month high as the country’s fiat currency plunged to record lows.

        “The activity was concentrated on Binance,” Kaiko research analyst Clara Medalie told CoinDesk in an email.
        “Bitcoin-Ukrainian hryvnia volume has also spiked, but not as high as October levels. BTC-UAH only trades on 2 exchanges – Binance and LocalBitcoin.”

        And so – as is there way – officials from around the world are demanding crypto exchanges to ban/freeze/block Russian accounts…

        …But many exchanges are pushing back against these calls to block or freeze all transactions in Russia

        Binance was the first crypto exchange to decline the request stating that they are:
        “not going to unilaterally freeze millions of innocent users’ accounts. Crypto was meant to provide greater financial freedom for people across the globe”.
        They will, however, be “…blocking accounts of those on the sanctions list… and ensuring that all sanctions are met in full”

        Two other major cryptoexchanges, Coinbase Global and Kraken, also declined the request from Ukraine.
        The CEO of Kraken stated on Twitter that the company “cannot freeze the accounts of our Russian clients without a legal requirement to do so”.
        A Coinbase spokesperson told Reuters that the major exchange “will not institute a blanket ban on all Coinbase transactions involving Russian addresses.”…

    • Duck says:

      Well… if he’s been there a decade or two how much did a dollar buy in 2000 vs today? Lol
      Inflation has been eating everyone’s lunch just at different speeds

    • Fact Checker says:

      He didn’t say it was 40 cents. He estimated on memory that it was 1/30 of a dollar. That’s approximately 3 cents. Now it’s less than one cent.

      Please try much, much harder. Much.

      We have to be better than this, BenWah. We must at least try to be better than this.


  16. AG says:

    James, after some research Waggaman seems to be a writer that creates Opinions on whatever he currently likes, whoever pays him or whoever gives him attention. He doesn’t seem to be a journalist with good researching background and rational writing. He is an extremist. Make your background checks about him please. Huffpost Anti Democrats articles, then switch to ProRussian antricles, then Anti Russia, then something in between. Not to mention his weird connection to whatever this page is meant to be.

  17. Fact Checker says:

    Superb guest.

    I’ve been following the slavsquatsubstack since its inception. His takes are always rational and reasonable, and provide a refreshing foil to the toxic partisan jingoism that completely infects all commentary about Russia and the NATO-Russian dynamic. He consistently comes across as a kindhearted but skeptical regular guy (in my age cohort) with no axe to grind at all, but deep concern for the accelerating course of events.

    I hope James has him back, and often. I would particularly like to know from Waggaman what the “man on the street” in Russia thinks about 9/11. Do Russians more-or-less subscribe to the “Official Narrative,” or is it conventional wisdom there that it was a con job? (I generally get the sense that Waggaman himself understands it was a hoax, although he doesn’t focus on it as a subject.)

  18. This makes sense to me unless someone can show me otherwise and I stopped using this word long ago when I woke up to a lot of this stuff.

    Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits

    Exposing the ‘Nazi’ Epithet Part 2 – Anti-Hitlerism: The Rise of Pure BS and Hatred

  19. Howler Monkey says:

    So, do we get it yet? It’s not about currency, anymore, that’s under control. Is it about the control of territory? maybe the need for territory.

    Nope, it’s about us. And the need to control us. The absolute desire of absolute control over the population.

    We are the solution.

    Think this comment site on James Corbett is it?? Nope, it’s us. Humanity. Believe in yourself, believe you make a difference, because you do. Be this every day, when you interact with others. Be vibration and harmony.

    Live well, live free and don’t accept the bullshit.

    Love each other.

    In Lak’ech

  20. CdeB says:

    What if this crisis was an agreement, a deal between NATO, EU and Russia?

    Each of them has a great interest into this “war” wich will certainly not last long after the French elections in may:

    – Russia recovers a comfort zone and Putin shows his people his “strength”,

    – NATO, despite the loss of a territory, shows its role in “protecting west”,

    – The EU (great American project) takes on another dimension with the opportunity to boost the constitution of a European army which will mean the end of national sovereignties.

    – Macron (who presides EU) appears to be the only French politician capable of leading the country while he might not be present in the second round of the election, thus risking a major crisis. Zemmour-LePen would inflame the country (a conflict between antifas long supported by the system and sovereignist nationalists at the end would turn into a civil war) and by domino effect would destabilize a world economy on the brink of collapse.

    • CdeB says:

      And I forgot:
      – All the European leaders in trouble (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, etc.) who can yet forget about their domestic problems,
      – A puppet put in power in Ukraine suggesting that the situation is entirely manageable from the outside.

  21. Gagumba says:

    Has the Oliver Stone documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’ any validity? Stefan Bandera & other Ukranian Nationalists fleeing to Europe under CIA protection?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Gagumba asks:
      “Has the Oliver Stone documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’ any validity?”

      Yes. Definitely.
      You can see the documents and references at CorbettReport.

      In recent weeks, Corbett has put out some articles and works related to Ukraine, along with a Flashback.
      Type “Ukraine” in the Search Bar.

      Example: On Feb 13th, Corbett had the article How to Survive Regime Change.
      From 2014 Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis
      “…the US had already pumped $5 billion into the funding of the Ukrainian opposition….”
      —> Follow the links, and links at the links at Corbett’s works.

      Throughout the Oliver Stone film, keywords will jump out at ya. You will recognize them. A few words…
      Pierre Omidyar’s network of NGOs, USAID, Rybachuk’s “New Citizen” NGO campaign, NED….
      Robert Parry is interviewed in the Oliver Stone film and is mentioned in Corbett’s links.

      2018 –Episode 327 – How To Engineer A Crisis
      “Then there are the engineered crises where, for example, snipers are sent into otherwise peaceful protests to shoot at both sides, creating chaos and undermining the ruling government’s legitimacy in the court of public opinion (as happened in both Ukraine and Syria).”

      Anyways, Corbett has a plethora of background documented material to
      Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story – Full Documentary by Oliver Stone
      The FILM is linked under Corbett’s recent 2/28 article in “Recommended Viewing”
      The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know
      This article has a highway paved with links.

      Oliver Stone | James Corbett
      Both these fellas are wonderful story tellers.
      While Oliver Stone delivers some amazing footage, he lacks a transcript with sources.
      Corbett and Broc deliver an incredible story with footage/images at hand without big budgets, while also giving us the sources involved with the story’s line.

  22. inisfad says:

    Thus far in the conversation, I don’t see any discussion about the people in the Donbass finally asking Russia to assist them in their security. At some point in the video, Edward wonders how Russia’s activities are making them more secure. Perhaps the answer is that the current action may finally stop NATO’s encroachment; that an agreement will finally be had, which completely removes the prospect of Ukraine’s membership to NATO; that enforces some agreement with Ukraine to finally adhere to the Minsk Accord, etc. If, indeed, the Donbass is recognized as a breakaway sovereign entity, this also puts a ‘buffer zone’ between Russia and western leaning factions that exist in western Ukraine.

  23. inisfad says:

    Regarding the fact that last week no one was advising that Russia would go in, etc. There actually WAS, AFAIK, a ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ regarding the military action. You may recall that Russia immediately moved forward, just when Zelenskyy started talking about ‘nuclear’. At that point, it appears that Putin finally moved.

  24. inisfad says:

    Personally, I think that if Corbett would like to have a legitimate conversation about the Russian situation, he should speak to the guys at The Duran. While the young man in this current interview appears to be a pleasant young man (and I don’t know anything about him), he does not come across as any kind of definitive ‘expert’, but rather someone just giving a personal opinion, based on things he has read.

  25. Originalance says:

    Question for Corbett: Can you explain how the US and EU are punishing Russia with banking moves and how it is affecting them? Like which banks matter to whom and where Russia may be protecting money or creating it from air?

  26. J.P. Wheeler says:

    I liked this interview, its good to get a perspective from the “other side.” Though he did go on a bit of an emotionally biased rant near the end. Still a good interview. There’s no way around it we are getting lied to about this conflict, just as the Russian people are lied to by their government.

    Wouldn’t mind getting an alt media perspective of what it’s actually like in Ukraine. James, didn’t you interview a independent journalist awhile back out of Ukraine/Eastern Europe? I forgot her name?

    Have an awesome day!

  27. mik says:

    Riley’s narrative (starting at 17:00) is excellent, how can a Medical Nazi denazify a Rebirthed Ukrainian Nazi. It would be distasteful to discuss who is more nazi, nazi is nazi.
    Riley started after James’ prolonged question. I’m adding here three important facts.

    “On 22 January 2010, the outgoing President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko awarded Bandera the posthumous title of Hero of Ukraine.”
    “The incoming president Viktor Yanukovych declared the award illegal, since Bandera was never a citizen of Ukraine, a stipulation necessary for getting the award.”
    Bandera was hard core nazi and cia asset.
    How it was possible at all to give the highest award to a scumbag.
    More about Bandera in a thorough historical aspects of Ukraine in a documentary:
    Ukraine – The Everlasting Present | RT Documentary
    It’s not available on gootube any more, not a big deal, scamdemic already normalized censorship. For resourceful people it is still available.

    “On July 1 (2021), the Ukrainian Rada, at the initiative of Zelensky, adopted the law “On the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine”; Russians are not included in this list.”

    According to the law that means Russians don’t have the right to self-determination, while Crimean Tatars have. Consequently, Minsk agreements are meaningless.

    US completely and vehemently ignored Russian legitimate security demands where red line was given.

    • mik says:


      Well, Riley’s narrative have two problems. It’s powerless towards normies who don’t recognize Medical nazism. Also, one of powerful points Riley made, about degradation of Russia security situation, is very problematic.
      He would have to show there was a plausible possibility for security situation to at least stay the same. In 2D-chess, a prevailing reality, Russia have formidable opponents, nasty mf capable of everything, and they cornered them.
      On (a source worth reading, but you must withstand strong russian sentiment)I’ve read an analysis that US won tactically in the opening, but lost strategically, because Russia showed it is serious with security demands, there is a high chance they will solve Ukrainian problem and more important…looks like the West is willing to decouple from Russia completely….new iron curtain….that would be a very different world, natural gas prices doubled or more, and so on. Russia is a lucrative market, a pain to lose. And then, what, expel China too, because they will serve as a link to circumvent sanctions. If US is willing to go that far, they will shoot themselves fataly. Maybe that is Kissinger’s plan.
      What Germany is now readying to do looks like building an iron wall. They plan to double military spending, even ideas are floated to change a peaceful constitution. You can get this from native reliable source (first ten minutes):
      GERMANY RE-ARMING: F-35 is Back?

      Is it possible to repurpose grass roots movements against medical nazism and use them now for Peace. Truckers for Peace. General strike for Peace.
      No matter how obfuscated reality is, it would be wonderful that people would be aware of the fact, that we are paying for this insanity and generations after us will. Peace is in our best interest.
      Would the powers take away again a basic(natural, innate) right of assembly and association like Canada did recently. General strike is forbidden in UK for years already.
      It would be worth doing Peace movement, let the states show they are Totalitarian. Foot on the face would wake up many people.

    • mik says:

      Now EU, a climate messiah, has a chance to cheaply abandon climate lunacy and devote itself to Russia lunacy.
      Mmmmm…..we might be going to Orwellian scenario…..nightmarish landscapes littered with drones. If that is necessary to subdue humanity they will go for it, no doubt.

    • mik says:

      Ukraine – The Everlasting Present | RT Documentary
      is still easily available on gootube (but not on RT channel)

  28. LAZEREYE says:

    Your guest was way off base. Its not human nature to clean up your own house first before defending your country from a political organization that was deliberately designed to destroy it. Its not human nature to clean up your own house first before addressing the threat of a Fascist regime in the house right next door to you. No one has said that Putin is all good and Nato is all bad. That’s just a statement you made up. Its your binary thinking, not ours. Putin has had his faults but Nato has become a major and immediate threat to his country and I commend him for standing up to it. Kiev signed a legal agreement in 2015 to return their Russian-speaking territories back to Russia where they originated. That was 7 years ago. They are still stalling. Regimes like that can’t be trusted to keep their word. No one wants forced to be used. But in the end that’s the only thing Nazism understands. Hitler found this out the hard way and now its Zelenski’s turn.

    Your position on the Ukraine war is once again, very disappointing. You have got the issue backward. Supporting The Ukraine because because you don’t like Putin’s response to Covid 19 is ridiculous. That is the real binary thinking because the two have nothing to do with each other. They are completely different issues. The fact is that the current Ukrainian Neo-Fascist regime was installed against the people’s will by a CIA engineered coup in 2014. By supporting it you are not only supporting the CIA criminals behind that plot: you are ignoring the historical context out of which this war arose. A tree grows out of its roots and you can’t divorce the two from each other. Its just more binary thinking. Those who do so always end up as mouthpieces for The Deep State. The current regime in The Ukraine promised to return all Russian-speaking territories in the east to Russia in 2015. Thay have been stalling ever since. That’s 7 years. Putin is a hero because after 6 decades of Nato tightening the noose around his country, he’s finally standing up to it. He’s not a perfect leader but show us one that is.

    P.S. – Not getting into a ground war with Russia is the wisest thing Biden has done since his election. The Russian have shown since 1804 that no one can beat their army, technology notwithstanding. Putin can silence our satellites with the push of a button and the U.S. knows it. As for his sanctions, they are a joke. Show me one country where American sanctions have worked in the last 70 years: Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, you name it. When the U.s shut off grain sales to Russia in the 1980s, they turned to Argentina ad struck a wonderful deal which benefitted not only Russia, but Argentina too. So there are always workarounds. It only stands to reason because in this civilization money talks while bullshit walks.

  29. LAZEREYE says:


    Your guest was way off base. Its not human nature to clean up your own house first before defending your country from a political organization that was deliberately designed to destroy it. Its not human nature to clean up your own house first before addressing the threat of a Fascist regime in the house right next door to you. No one has said that Putin is all good and Nato is all bad. That’s just a statement you made up. Its your binary thinking, not ours. Putin has had his faults but Nato has become a major and immediate threat to his country and I commend him for standing up to it. Kiev signed a legal agreement in 2015 to return their Russian-speaking territories back to Russia where they originated. That was 7 years ago. They are still stalling. Regimes like that can’t be trusted to keep their word. No one wants forced to be used. But in the end that’s the only thing Nazis understands. Hitler found this out the hard way and now its Zelenski’s turn.

    P.S. – Not getting into a ground war with Russia is the wisest thing Biden has done since his election. The Russian have shown since 1804 that no one can beat their army, technology notwithstanding. Putin can silence our satellites with the push of a button and the U.S. knows it. As for his sanctions, they are a joke. Show me one country where American sanctions have worked in the last 70 years: Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, you name it. When the U.S shut off grain sales to Russia in the 1980s, they turned to Argentina and struck a wonderful deal which benefitted not only Russia, but Argentina too. So there are always workarounds. It only stands to reason because in this civilization money talks while bullshit walks.

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 Edward Slavsquat SUBSTACK

    War! There’s no time to think. Comply
    The mess in Ukraine probably won’t lead to anything good

    By Riley Waggaman, a Moscow-based writer and former “senior editor” at RT
    Hello friends.

    First, a warm welcome to the (many) new readers who found this blog from my recent guest appearance on the Corbett Report. (Thank you again to James for the invite—truly, an honor and a privilege.) For newcomers who might be interested, here’s an article outlining why this blog exists; and here’s a post I typed up which includes some background info about myself.

    I also want to apologize for my less than stellar output lately. It’s been an unusual week. I hope to return to my usual schedule (at least one article per day) in the nearest future.

    So. The war. Or the special military operation. Or the peacekeeping mission. Whatever you want to call it: what the heck is going on in Ukraine?

    Below are a few thoughts.
    You can’t say “war”! That’s a no-no!

    In Russia, it’s officially against the rules to describe what is happening in Ukraine as a “war.” The government’s media nanny, Roskomnadzor, has prohibited Russian news outlets from disseminating information “in which the ongoing operation [in Ukraine] is called an attack, invasion, or a declaration of war.” Furthermore, media organizations are required to only use “official sources of the Russian Federation” when reporting on the war—sorry, not war….

  31. Elynit says:

    An American, who makes money with Russia but dislikes the country and its people. What else is new?

  32. HyperSimian says:

    University is a scam. Globalist. Psh. Shots are money to your slave master. Follow the money then decide.

  33. Matt 60 says:

    I have no real objection to most of this material, but I did find the comments a little ambiguous about the independent and alternative media Not sure who this is in reference to, I doubt it is Democracy Now, Pacifica or much of the formerly referred to alternative media Those at the forefront of the alternative media, imo, is Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate, Glen Greenwald, Max Blumenthal and others None of those people have expressed an admiration of Russia at all, nor have they claimed Russia would never attack

    so who are you two referring too?

  34. Matt 60 says:

    Its fine to have covered this subject in the way you chose to do so But the fact remains that Americans are incredibly uninformed on the background of this issue The Nazi issue in some ways seems to have been dismissed on the basis that the ‘independent media’ has been inconsistent in their approach to the issue. It is perhaps reasonable to point that out, but it does very little to expose what the actual truth of the issue is

    • seasons says:

      The Nazi label is being used to dismissed claims of the Azov Battalion being racists because the Ukrainian president is Jewish. Label and fact-checking games are being used instead of actually researching the Azov Battalion and what they represent.

  35. mkey says:

    I’ll briefly disagree on the comments made in regards to the “human nature”. Gullibility and ignorant behaviour are not human nature. These flaws are ingrained via education and mind control during the decades. When one gets the ball rolling, social pressure and culture will make wonders in hampering the processing ability of the mind.

  36. yellowsnakes says:

    politicians r just extremely overpaid actor/liars 🇨🇦 ☮️
    Volodymyr Zelenskyy
    President of Ukraine

  37. DCisDead says:

    Narrative crash on live television…

    Watch as a Ukrainian woman drops truth bombs on the French mainstream media:

    …then, one of the panelists scrambles and gives this tone-deaf response:

    “Maybe some journalists were indeed assassinated [in Ukraine]. But journalists are assassinated in other countries, too.”


  38. LenZoo says:

    Hi James,

    the conversation you had with Riley Waggaman showed a very interesting take on the “war” from an insider perspective in Russia. Myself, I’m Ukrainian, Russian, American, born and living in Germany. I should probably hate myself at this point in time, but I don’t. On the contrary, I’m quite content knowing that all of this has nothing to do with the “brothers” at war per se, but it has a far bigger objective.

    I believe this “scamvasion” is another smokescreen. The Covid narrative was drastically crumbling in the last weeks and “the powers” needed a new distraction. One that pushes their agenda even further. While the eyes are glued on the war, governments are cementing their emergency measures (and more) in constitutions and laws.

    We should not get distracted by the hype. The layers upon layers of lies (I call it the onion) dim reality. And their plan is working with every new event they think of: divide and conquer and then divide some more. If this keeps going, we the “true truthers”, will be a fraction in society and soon forgotten.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, the alliances, councils, committees,… which were formed over a century ago, grew, prospered, multiplied, and strengthened in power over time. It has become increasingly difficult to point out which is responsible for what as they watch each others backs and should one fall two will follow. These institutions have rooted themselves so deeply into every aspect of our lives, forming thoughts, beliefs, and things we can’t even imagine, that I am sure they have the resources to perform the most evil deeds and control the most powerful – including Putin AND Zelensky.

    If people do not even look critically into what happened on 9/11, they will never understand what is happening today. How could they? They were brainwashed back then and ever since. They can not believe governments would unite against their own people and deceive them with such atrocities. The general public closed its eyes on the following wars, even though facts disclosed the lies that started them soon after. And yet, most do not want to know it and if they do know they put their heads back in the sand.

    Covid was, after 9/11, the peak in “fact-wars”. The “resistance” grew very strong after two years and the official narrative lost on momentum. What could have been better for “them” than to start a war, which, as Riley points out correctly, has absolutely no benefits for Putin. No matter in which direction this war goes, the only beneficiaries are the elites in the WEF and their ilk.

    In essence, I want to say, if “they” were capable of 9/11 and Covid they are likely to do anything. Even start a “war” between brothers. It’s a big show.

    I have been following your work for over a decade now and I must thank you for opening my eyes to a world I was suspicious of since my childhood days. A lot of it makes so much more sense when you look at it from a rational point of view. Keep it up.


    • LenZoo says:

      PS: Didn’t Putin want to disclose “proof” with satellite imagery that 9/11 was an inside job a couple of years ago??? Well, nothing happened.

  39. rabag says:

    Does anyone know where Riley Waggaman is, now? He promised to publish an article every day, after the appearance with Corbett had attracted so many readers to his blog, though soon after he became silent …

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