Interview 1793 - Georgia's Dream, Soros' Nightmare with Riley Waggaman

03/22/202316 Comments

The deep staters at the NED and their loyal lapdogs in the controlled corporate press want you to believe that Georgia just erupted in an explosion of democracy, with valiant protesters spontaneously taking to the streets to demand that NED and Open Society-funded colour revolutionaries be allowed to operate on their soil without government oversight . . . but this is a lie. Helping us to dissect this lie is our man in Tbilisi, Riley Waggaman (aka Edward Slavsquat).

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Riley Waggaman on The Corbett Report

Edward Slavsquat substack

Why do people think Putin dislikes clot-shots?

Georgian Maidan: Fake it till you make it?

Dare Call It a Coup? CIA Front Threatens Color Revolution in Georgia

Georgia revolt carried mark of Soros

British Lords Shed Crocodile Tears About Imprisonment of Corrupt Former Georgian President and Ukraine War Booster Mikheil Saakashvili as Another Color Revolution Looks to Be Afoot

Georgian PM Speaks of Attempts ‘to Open Second Front’, Slams UNM

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  1. Bo4088 says:

    Unfortunately, the interview left much to be desired as it failed to provide any meaningful insight or clarity on the issues. The guest’s wishy-washy responses only added to the overall confusion and lack of substance. Not the best interview I’ve watched on The Corbett Report.

  2. ejdoyle says:

    Ever wonder about the continuing avalanche, flood of “issues” to be concerned with? Used to be weekly now it is daily and often hourly and then, like some magic dust appears and we no longer talk about Durham’s lack of a report, or the missing list of Epstein pedo folks, the stolen election, or all the other HEADLINE for a day issues.

    Almost like being played isn’t it? Negroes and the queer community make up about 15-18% of our population yet 75% or more of our current news cycle and a vast amount of commercials are filled with them. It is now the fad to blame everything on China who have stepped in for the Russian threat, oil, food, eggs, etc shortages.

    The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.

    SOLUTIONS (essay)

    • HyperSimian says:

      Your video was a high-horse riding on a high-horse

      • ejdoyle says:

        I don’t know what you are attempting to say?? Usually that reference is reserved for arrogance and contempt or putting on airs??

        Care to explain rather then try to insult behind a hidden ID?

        And remember…When your mind is soft, words have sharp edges.

        A PSYCHIC EPIDEMIC (song)

        • HyperSimian says:

          Your video assumes Boomers are the best generation ever because you can write in cursive and every one born after you has a steadfast belief system only influenced by the entertainment business. Children are so far gone as you put it. I love it when Boomers blame present mishappening on the children when in fact we were brought up by your generation. It’s almost too ironic….”Back in my day” lol.

          Also your “negro/queer” comment is a little out of pocket. On a positive note, the song was not too bad.

          • ejdoyle says:

            >>Your video assumes Boomers are the best generation ever because you can write in cursive…>>

            YOU assume I know what the hell you are talking about??? I don’t participate in pop culture vocabulary or thinking or ideation. That is the language of division, not unity.

            And it is YOU assuming you have a some grand vision of who I am and what I am about.

            >>and every one born after you has a steadfast belief system only influenced by the entertainment business.>>

            Not all but the great majority. You are living proof of the success of the propaganda the “entertainment” machine of the controllers. Thousands of hours of cartoonification of the people.

            So you speak, and think, and make assumptions based on that.

            >>Children are so far gone as you put it. I love it when Boomers…It’s almost too ironic….”Back in my day” lol.>>

            Your foolish conversation is boring and uninteresting and “LOL” nonsense is adolescent at best.

            >>Also your “negro/queer” comment is a little out of pocket. On a positive note, the song was not too bad.>>

            I really don’t care what you think about anything as you have shown no level of higher consciousness then a teen or early 20’s person. Grow up. Read some books and get off the phone and stop being so filled with yourself.

  3. mkey says:

    Will AI Free or Enslave Humanity?

    Daily Bell writes duke it out on AI (and technology in general) usefulness perspectives. There is quite a bit of pushback during the discussion, and yet nobody throws a tantrum. Gasp!

  4. mkey says:

    Should the “Truth” Community Divide Itself Over Virus Debates?

    I support the current thing! But seriously, this has Whitney Webb in it, it’s that good.

  5. Nerd viking says:

    ———————Questions for corbett #Q4C——————–
    Hi James!. I have decide to organize my digital life in to a more privacy centered “realm” and to create a personal “offline digital info file system”. So my question is simple: What are you`re favorite programs or apps for this purpose?

    Thanks for what you do and cheers!

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I was very surprised to hear the statement about the population of Georgia (an entire country).

    Evidently, Georgia has a population of about 3.7 million people.

    “The metro area population of Dallas-Fort Worth in 2022 was 6,488,000, a 1.42% increase from 2021. The metro area population of Dallas-Fort Worth in 2021 was 6,397,000, a 1.52% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Dallas-Fort Worth in 2020 was 6,301,000, a 1.61% increase from 2019.”

    “According to the 2022 population estimates from the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the region’s population has reached 8 million.”

    I bite my lip about all these folks coming to Texas.
    Ever since air conditioning became acceptable, Texas has had a problem with people wanting to live here because we Texans are Liberty minded by nature.

  7. mkey says:

    Vaccination v excess deaths, correlation study

    Dr. Campbell is having a field day.

  8. kachatel says:

    Hi James,

    The download link for the mp4 video doesn’t seem to work.


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