Sunday Update 2011/01/23

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Sunday update is a public service of The Corbett Report podcast.


Rockefeller confronted in Chile:

Matias Rojas on The Corbett Report:

Rockefeller and the FTAA

Information on Rockefeller funding of eugenics laboratories

Rockefeller funding of German Nazi eugenics

Rockefeller founds the Population Council

John D. III appoints the founder of the American Eugenics Society to head the Population council

Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO

Details on WHO vaccines laced with hCG

David Rockefeller speaks about population control

Elite Billionaires meet in Secret

David Rockefeller's obituary for Chairman Mao

Rockefeller confronted by We Are Change

Rockefeller confronted by Sovereign Independent

Special report on Bilderberg 2010 (including Rockefeller confrontation)

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