Vault7, Indian Coke, 3D House - New World Next Week

03/10/20177 Comments

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Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: CIA Can Hack Cars to Carry Out “Undetectable Assassinations” – Just Like Michael Hastings

Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings

“The Operators" pp. 64-65

Story #2: Why “More Than a Million Traders” Are Boycotting Coca-Cola, Pepsi In India

Interview With Max Keiser On Coke Boycott

NWNW Flashback: Indian Rapper “Overwhelmed” by Success of Unilever Protest Song (Aug. 14, 2015)

Story #3: 3D-Printed House Takes Less Than A Day To Build And Only Costs $10,000

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Sharing Is Fundamental

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  1. josh.s says:

    Re: “conspiracy theory” become more mainstream…The set of people talking about conspiracies, “Deep State”, “false flags”, etc. is on a local upswing. The set of people willing to consider the idea that JFK, 9/11, ISIS, etc. are false flags is on a local upswing. However, the most key feature of “conspiracy theory” label today is something that the mainstream media is not willing to declare as true, no matter how much evidence piles up. “FBI deliberately made a false story about JFK and the press censored all other narratives” -overwhelming evidence, but not sayable. “The US govt. lied about almost all facts related to moral & practical consideration of the Vietnam/Laos wars, their origin, start, & conduct” – overwhelming evidence, but not sayable in mainstream media.

    The big, overarching conspiracy theory is that the CIA is involved with all these things and has enormous influence at the ownership and exec editor level of all major media outlets. That explains the observed phenomena, but there is only partial evidence available in public – c.f. this Washington’s Blog link and my comment there about the Luces: The uniformity of MSM support for “Russia hacked elections” despite the weight of evidence pointing against claim, is another that is a recent example of this power still at work.

    • komazaki says:

      CIA works for the deep state, so as Trump and Obama, etc.
      They’ve been monitoring us and realized that Trump would be a good strategy to quiet down people who fed up with Obama to divide us to control easier.
      Obama got his side of people by funding various non-pro organization, they are brain washed.
      And, Trump got his side of people by lying and deceiving.
      They are smart and plan well. They cooperate together, left and right. They are NOT divided like us. Unless people put their heads and hearts together, we are divided and controlled by them. Farm animals…dead or alive.
      Question to Corbett: May be recent Assange’s leaks are fake? I do not believe he has freedom now a days. Want Proof WikiLeaks Is Compromised? Search It Through Internet Archive! at WIKILEAKS THREATENS DATA DUMP ON CIA red herring 2.0 at

      • josh.s says:

        My view:

        Divided is true. The MSM functions as a key component of understanding current events, politics, history, etc. When it is biased against exposing CIA/FBI/DOD misdeeds and Deep State in general, and biased toward declaring that most such exposes are deranged fantasy, then it is harder for people to wind up on the same consensus pages about the key political and economic facts of their world (in the US for example, the total Security State budget takes up almost all of the discretionary spending, while its ever increasing level is enthusiastically supported without much debate by both major political parties).

        I’ve put together a list I am following of Indy News sources which give a less biased, broader perspective in the relevant areas. The following page can be downloaded as a standalone page and has URL, RSS, and Twitter links:

        When did it start? Deep State has existed for a long time, but I see the National Security Act of 1947 as the key step that provided a legal cover for a Shadow State which ignored the public laws and debates of Democracy. It came at a time when the Deep State dwellers were focused on what they saw as an existential struggle with a very evil rival, Stalin/USSR. They used that as a pretex to jump the shark of democracy, and never looked back.

        Wikileaks – I’m a fan. They were compromised by undercover agents at one point – see Muckrock report on FBI reasons for denial of FOIA related to the death of one of their managers. But Assange and their core are a target and an anathema to Deep State.

        Trump – I’m not a fan, but I agree with the narrative that he is the POTUS most in opposition to CIA since post-Bay-of-Pigs JFK. This creates conflicts within CIA/FBI ranks (leaders vs. middle and lower levels) and gives extra opportunities to protest and increase public awareness.

  2. mkey says:

    The video does not appear to be available anymore. Here’s a youtube link to it.

  3. mkey says:

    CIA Vault7 Whistleblower Suffers in Prison

    Broze dedicated a segment to Joshua Schulte, the supposed vault 7 leaker who’s being detained in solitary confinement with all of his basic rights denied.

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