Crisis in Kashmir: What Does It Mean?

08/10/201944 Comments

Just one short week ago, you could have been forgiven for thinking that the False Flags Over Kashmir that I wrote about in this very column in March had blown over, and that everything in the highly contentious Kashmir region connecting India, Pakistan and China was back to normal. Maybe it had all been political posturing in preparation for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reelection bid in this year's national elections, you may have thought.

But if that's what you were thinking last week, I bet you're not thinking that anymore. For you see, this past Monday all hell broke loose.

Specifically, the residents of the formerly semi-autonomous state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern tip of India now find themselves living in a state that has no special status. No constitutional provision for the region to pass its own laws. No more laws preventing Indians from outside the region from buying real estate or from investing in J&K. In fact, they no longer even reside in the state of Jammu and Kashmir; they now reside in one of two newly-created Union Territories, one called Jammu and Kashmir, and the other called Ladakh.

So what exactly happened this week? And what does it mean for the future of one of the most heavily militarized and volatile geopolitical fault lines in the world?

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  1. manbearpig says:

    Russia takes sides with India:

    with China “slamming” the move…(paying at least lip service to Pakistani business alliance…?)


    • Not Another Not-Bot! says:

      Russia sides with India… right there, shoulder to shoulder with Uncle Sam and Bibi Netanyahu… facing off against Russia’s otherwise good friend and ally Premier Xi, who is somewhat pally with Pakistan, the erstwhile facilitator of Brzezinski’s crusade against the erstwhile Red Bear which the old Polish fox had lured into the Afghan quagmire. In short, strange bedfellows gatherd together in the land from whence the Indo-European emerged.

  2. manbearpig says:

    A couple of mostly pro-India media sources; fascinating points of view on the Kashmir question nonetheless:

    Part 3 of “Kashmir, The Story

    1952 agreement incorporates article 370 with Kashmir an integral part of India.

    River Indus, a purported key bone of contention for Pakistan

    September 1960: Indus water treaty: allows India to exploit 20% of the water of the rivers flowing through Kashmir into Pakistan

    does Nothing to appease Pakistani ambitions.

    Kashmir Move, A Turning Point In History? Shashi Tharoor, Jay Panda Debate:

    at 23:15 talk about the power vacuum created in Kashmir’s local government by the heavy-handed method of abrogating article 370 AND intriguing statement

    “when the americans pull out of Afghanistan…there will be a heckuva lot of idle mujahadeen looking for a place to go and keep themselves busy” ??

    Interesting perspectives.

    (now time for burgers on the beach)

  3. manbearpig says:

    Jammu & Kashmir LIVE updates:

    Aug 10, 08:10 PM (IST)

    Pakistan to move UN security council with the support of China over Kashmir issue…

    Aug 10, 02:51 PM (IST)

    Only stray protests in Kashmir: MHA
    The Union Home Ministry said on Saturday that there had been a few stray protests in Kashmir Valley in the past few days against the scrapping of special status of Jammu and Kashmir, and none of these involved a crowd of more than 20 people…

    Aug 10, 02:48 PM (IST)

    NC moves SC challenging Presidential Orders on Article 370…

    Aug 10, 12:01 PM (IST)

    Pakistan formally suspends trade ties with India
    Pakistan has formally suspended its trade relations with India after New Delhi revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status….

    Prohibitory orders under CrPC section 144 were lifted in five districts and curfew was relaxed in Doda and Kishtwar districts, paving the way for resumption of normal activities that were badly hit after special status of Jammu and Kashmir was abrogated, officials said on August 10.

    Aug 10, 10:58 AM (IST)

    Pakistan receives little traction globally on Kashmir issue: Sources
    Pakistan, which has launched a major lobbying effort, particularly in Washington and the United Nations, after India revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, has received little traction on the issue, according to diplomatic sources in Washington.
    Islamabad is being bluntly asked not to use the development in Kashmir for cross border terrorism or infiltration across the Line of Control, a diplomat closely following the massive lobbying efforts being undertaken by Pakistan in the last few days said on August 9. (PTI)

    etc etc…

    so Russia sides with India, China with Pakistan and Washington with…?


    • phreedomphile says:

      That’s a lot smoke being blown to create another Uighur type Big Brother lock down. No doubt with some form of re-education camp in the works.

      I may have missed it, manbearpig, but it doesn’t seem like much attention was paid to Mexico recently militarizing its domestic police force under the cloak of transferring them to the national guard to combat the rising homicides.

      How many ways can a global police state emerge? Stay tuned, manbearpig! 😉

      • manbearpig says:

        sorry, kinda slow on the uptake… campari…

        “…Under Deng’s successor, Jiang Zemin, the question of Xinjiang’s economic development assumed national importance under the Great Western Development (GWD) campaign, formally launched in 2000.
        Under the GWD, Xinjiang was envisaged as becoming an industrial and agricultural base and a trade and energy corridor for the national economy. Central to the state’s developmental agenda was a focus on a variety of “mega-projects” such as massive oil and natural gas pipelines and infrastructure developments linking Xinjiang with Central and South Asia and the various subregions of Xinjiang with each other and the interior of China…”

        mega investment and development projects rationale for the J&K reorganisation also…water projects…?

        par ailleurs, apparently mexican police not happy about being reaffected? finally got around to glancing at that too.

        the police state barricades are coming to a theater near you too! stay tuned…

        I better understand what might be in store for the kashmiri…

        • manbearpig says:

          oops… some sloppy Editing…mix-up, goofs… but you get the idea…
          the kashmiri comment should’ve come before mexico…

          anyhow… last day of vacation so

          time for a pre-lunch/late-breakfast campari cocktail

          after this morning’s clear sky simultaneous Sunrise/purply full Moonset swim! Magic!!


  4. pearl says:

    My knowledge is woefully malnourished when it comes to India, so I really do appreciate this article; I learned a lot.

    Beneath the recommended reading, I just checked out Joe Plummer’s offer. My goodness! What a generous man! A couple months ago, having made dismal progress in Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, I finally bought Mr. Plummer’s book “Tragedy and Hope 101” which was easily consumed in two days.

    • mkey says:

      I don’t know one human being with whom I could share this offer, let alone 45.

      • pearl says:

        Seriously, I said the exact same thing to myself. I can’t even get my own family to crack open the numerous sources I’ve bought the last few years. But I do see people like HRS benefiting from this deal. And manbearpig! Hand a copy to that rare student who shows a spark of curiosity?

  5. Peripatêtikos says:

    Perfidious Albion.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call this an example of the US sticking its nose in. I mean, yes, State can always be counted upon to provide galling blandishments of the sort cited above. (That, and whole lot else is based upon the British model. It’s a literary form, in fact.)

    But this is a planned eventuality, and has long been an Ace up the Sleeve of Empire. The US (UK, Israel, KSA) is/are playing it, as of late 2018. Macro-vista wise, the “situation” dates back to decolonization and the creation of Pakistan/East Pakistan from thin, diplomatic air. This was the British Imperial exit strategy, and it has always worked well, for those behind the scenes.

    The promotion of inter-ethnic strife, along with the partitioning of a colonial possession (India, Ireland, Indochina, Kora, Palestine, Congo, etc.) or separation of a satellite state from its parent (Taiwan, Ukraine) is classic geopolitical fare… that is, for an empire in decline. Divide and unrule, one might say.

    Unfortunately, India’s ruling party has been so constantly jerked around, they’ve played right into it. I refer to decades of manipulation, corruption, and political assassinations, at the instigation of, well, the usual suspects. If one can withstand the often bilious writing style, the Lyndon LaRouche outfit has a lot of relevant published material on India.

    • Peripatêtikos says:

      Here is a duckduckgo search of “india” and “partition” within No doubt it will yield relevant data, but I must disclaim: The views and opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the opinions, positions, loyalties or worldviews of myself or of Lady Peripatêtikos.

  6. scpat says:

    If you decide to pursue this topic further, may I suggest interviewing Eric Margolis, with whom I’m sure you know of. He has spent time in the region, has written a book on the Kashmir conflict, and has interesting insights on the history of the region and the tension between Pakistan and India.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am thankful that Corbett wrote this article “Crisis in Kashmir”.
    He writes in plain English, where a layman like me can gain a better grasp of the confused mess that is going on over there.

    The map also helped.
    I did not realize that Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is extremely close to Kashmir. It is like a paper towel sitting on the stove top near a burner.

    One of my younger brothers is a minister who occasionally visits India where he has had influence on certain Christian church projects.
    He has told me stories. Stories about barbaric mob violence.
    The stories really jive with Corbett’s article’s link Kashmir Is a Dress Rehearsal for Hindu Nationalist Fantasies
    …The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under strongman leader Narendra Modi, is driven by a far-right Hindu chauvinist ideology…
    …The Hindu nationalism that fuels the BJP portrays Hindus—who make up 80 percent of the population—as involved in a long-term battle against numerous enemies:
    Muslims, Christians, communists, and secularists.
    Modi is imagined as a conquering leader who will overcome these foes, avenge humiliations suffered by the supposed Hindu nation over centuries, and rebuild a strong Hindu India where the threat of communism is extinguished;
    religious minorities are domesticated, expelled, or exterminated;
    and pluralist secularism is rejected as “minority-appeasing pseudo-secularism” while the acceptance of Hindu supremacy in India is seen as real secularism….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On a lighter note:
      The brother mentioned above is really a regular-type guy – not pretentious. He has a great sense of humor. He told me this anecdote:

      He arrives at the airport, his Indian friend picks him up and they chit-chat like you and I. The Indian friend takes him to the mission, which has a wall surrounding it with a courtyard. My brother gets out of the vehicle and there stands a fairly long line of Indian men at stiff attention. Someone gives a command, and then they all snap a frozen salute in honor of my brother as he walks for the main building.
      It floored my brother. He had to hold back his laughter.
      Cultures can sure be different.
      I asked him if his wife or sons salute him when he gets home from a hard day at work.

      • mkey says:

        I misunderstood Indians as native Americans. That sure makes the whole event that more ridiculous.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Currency Wars – Are many nations on the edge of a crisis?
    I have been mentioning these currency/trade wars often in recent weeks.
    National currencies play a big role in the health of a nation.

    The global standards for currency changed following World War One.
    Perhaps “currency wars” encouraged Germany to follow a path which led towards World War 2.

    I have never seen anything like these current “currency wars”.

    This August 9th, 2019 article in Barron’s has a nice brief about recent currencies. India’s interest rate cuts are mentioned.

    Trader Who Nailed the 2008 Crisis Says the Next 3 Months Mark the ‘Edge of the Cliff’

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      China recently had a devaluation of its currency.
      In fact, the global amount of “negative interest rate” currency continues to grow to astounding levels.

      The following recent news about China struck me.
      A third bank in China (in as many months) is being bailed out.

      (Corbett member Camille recently posted her concern about pension funds on the thread of Corbett’s Episode 359 – The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know.)

      Jason Burack compares this third China bank bailout to having an American mega pension fund bail out Washington Mutual during the 2008 crisis.

      (About 2 minutes- QUEUED)
      Falling Like Dominoes? 3rd (And Largest Yet!) Chinese Bank Bailed Out In Only 3 Months!
      “Overnight, Heng Feng Bank was bailed out, (in a more unusual way than Baoshang Bank and Bank of Jinzhou were), bringing the total number of Chinese bank bailouts to 3 in just the last 3 months!”
      LINKS in FOOTNOTES of video

  9. manbearpig says:

    BigBrotherCorporation with a photo:

    “…Article 370: Tear gas at Kashmir rally India denies happened
    Thousands of people took to the streets in Srinagar after Friday prayers, in the largest demonstration since a lockdown was imposed in Indian-administered Kashmir.
    The BBC witnessed the police opening fire and using tear gas to disperse the crowd. Despite that, the Indian government has said the protest never took place.
    10 Aug 2019…”

  10. mkey says:

    AUTONOMY: 9-11 Revisited with James Corbett, Richard Gage and Richard Grove

    I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere on the site.

  11. dregeye says:

    I find this analysis to appear comprehensive to an extent not found in other ‘sources’.
    “Why can’t China, Afghanistan, Iran & Russia ignore Kashmir?”
    Dr FAB MD
    Anyone with more info on this ‘source’ or a contrary perspective?
    Channel description:
    “Reality bites & so does my Blog. Dare to indulge into truth because you can’t afford your denial anymore.”
    I think she is Pakistani.
    Here’s a more lengthy article:

    • dregeye says:

      I meant to link this instead of the one in non-English language
      “Pakistan Currency Devaluation & WW3”
      From May 17th, 2019

      • manbearpig says:

        Iran indeed has taken no radical stance on the issue…(as indicated by Dr. Dab). Iran suggests muslims use legal means to live in peace, urges dialogue between india and pakistan, says Iran and Pakistan will stay friends and most concretely, in my opinion, reading more or less between the lines, the following:

        “…He (Rouhani) also brought up the current situation in the region, which has put strictures on Iran. “Because of the unilateral, unjust sanctions of the United States,

        Iran is in special conditions, but it will make its best for ensuring sustainable security of navigation in the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman,

        as well as development of commercial and economic relations with its neighbours,” Rouhani said, as per the president’s office…”

        phreedomphile might be right about Iran being already in ze pocket of the anglo-zionist-american uncle sam with sword-rattling (and pedophile pursuits) to distract from key aspects of technocracy rising …

        can’t edit this cryptic confused comment as my computer’s being requisitioned…

    • manbearpig says:

      the Dr. Dab link is a provocative large-scale interpretation of events… a very Pakistani perspective of course…

      the message is at 3:55

      to justify a Pakistani invasion for what, as far as I can tell from glancing at history, is “legally” Indian territory. Which doesn’t invalidate the thesis.

      The heavy-handed music’s kind of annoying though.

      You think some massive depopulation, death and destruction is in the works? ironically, under the pretext of facilitating “development projects” (à la CPEC)…?

      Thanks for posting.

  12. manbearpig says:

    Aug 13, 2019
    1:58 pm (IST)
    Speaking of job opportunities in the region, the Jammu and Kashmir Governor said, “We are opening recruitment in defence, police, BSF and government offices.”

    Aug 13, 2019
    1:55 pm (IST)
    Talking about investment in the region, he said, “Mukesh Ambani also committed to investing in Ladakh and J&K. An investment summit is to happen and we hope people from India and abroad will come to invest.”

    Aug 13, 2019
    1:47 pm (IST)
    Governor Malik went on to say, “The prime minister’s speech was able to remove 80-90% apprehension from people’s mind. His aim is to take J&K towards development, to hand it over to the young generation. They should enter politics and take care of the state.”

    Aug 13, 2019
    1:46 pm (IST)
    He further said, “I want to thank the people of Kashmir as there has not been any violence. Also, want to thank security forces. You will be surprised to know that no one from J&K, belonging to minority community, asked for leave. We celebrated Eid with them and there was bada khana.”

    Aug 13, 2019
    1:39 pm (IST)
    Speaking to CNN-News18, J&K Governor Satyapal Malik said, “I visited the hospitals. Doctors were available round the clock, medicines were free and vehicles were also provided.”

    (some kind ofIndian CNN news affiliate…)

    • manbearpig says:

      but Al Jazeera reports:

      “…Kashmir protests overshadow Eid festivities
      Hundreds of protesters defied a security lockdown in Indian-administered Kashmir on the first day of the Eid al-Adha holiday, as they marched on the streets of capital, Srinagar.
      The protests lasted for a few hours after Eid prayers, before demonstrators dispersed peacefully.
      “For Muslims, there are two days which are festive and sacred, and that’s Eid … but this is not our Eid. We are just mourning in Kashmir,” a resident told Al Jazeera…”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Mon, 08/12/2019 – 21:05 – ZeroHedge referencing “India’s Business Standard”

      Pakistan Mobilizing Forces At Kashmir Base Near Line Of Control: Report

      EXCERPTS – (Maps in article)
      India’s Business Standard is reporting a major mobilization of Pakistani military forces underway along the border with India, citing government sources which talked to Asia’s ANI news agency…

      …”Three C-130 transport aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force were used on Saturday to ferry equipment to their Skardu air base opposite the Union Territory of Ladakh. The Indian agencies concerned are keeping a close eye on the movement of Pakistanis along the border areas,” sources told ANI.

      The report describes that the significant uptick in military logistical activity along the border is likely in support of fighter aircraft operations involving Islamabad moving its China-made advanced JF-17 fighter jets to the Skardu air field.

      Though the report was neither confirmed nor denied by Pakistan’s military, it could indicate preparations for a military exercise along the border involving the Air Force and Army designed as a show of strength amid PM Imran Khan condemning Indian troop build-up across the border and removal of J&K’s special status…

      …”Pakistan Army firmly stands by the Kashmiris in their just struggle to the very end,” said General Qamar Javed Bajwa after an initial meeting of Pakistan’s leadership in response to the crisis.
      “We are prepared and shall go to any extent to fulfill our obligations in this regard,” he added, without specifying what form this might take. At the same time Pakistan’s foreign minister had immediately informed the United Nations it is prepared to act in response to the “critical situation”.

  13. manbearpig says:

    August 15th, 2019

    “Imran warns of Kashmir issue will set off radicalisation and cycles of violence in Muslim world
    In a warning to India and the international community, Imran Khan further said that if the alleged “ethnic cleansing” in Kashmir continued, “it will have severe repercussions and reactions in the Muslim world setting off radicalisation and cycles of violence.”

    [in a tweet]:

    “Will world silently witness another Srebrenica-type massacre & ethnic cleansing of Muslims in IOK? I want to warn international community if it allows this to happen, it will have severe repercussions & reactions in the Muslim world setting off radicalisation & cycles of violence”
    — Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) August 15, 2019″

    Something permeating my thoughts since the beginning of this Jammu-Kashmir crisis:

    Pakistan’s been playing the strategically divisive role that it was created to play, by and for the Anglo-American Empire… as Colonialist Britain kicked a heap of sand into the face of the Indian continent during its inglorious exit (which was as much an exit as the break-up of tyrannical Standard Oil’s was the dissolution of a monopoly 36 years prior) carving the land into two antagonistic countries under the Orwellian double-spoken and engineered pretext of establishing peace and justice…

    Of course,
    there’s a very good chance I’m way off base,
    yet that’s what seems to be the case
    from where I stand…

  14. manbearpig says:

    “…The United Nations Security Council on Friday is scheduled to hold a rare meeting on India’s action of revoking Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, which resulted in strong objections from Pakistan.

    Reportedly, the meeting will take place behind closed doors.

    Poland, which currently holds the council’s rotating presidency, has listed the matter for discussion at 10.00 am (7.30 pm IST). It is extremely rare for the UNSC to discuss the conflict-ridden region, ownership of which is disputed by both, India and Pakistan. The last time there was a full Security Council meeting on the Kashmir was in 1965.

    Friday’s discussion is not considered a full security meeting but rather referred to as a closed-door consultation, which is becoming increasingly common, AFP reported.

    …The UNSC’s move comes after China formally asked the global body for “closed consultations” on the Narendra Modi government’s abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, which provided autonomy to the state.

    Qureshi had air-dashed to Beijing for consultation with the Chinese leadership on the issue of raising the Kashmir issue at the UNSC. He had also said that China backed Pakistan on the issue and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang told him he believed

    “China will stand up for justice on the Kashmir issue”…”

  15. manbearpig says:

    “China Islamabad’s Sole Backer at UN Security Council Meeting on Kashmir: Pak Newspaper

    The UN Security Council held a rare meeting on Kashmir on Friday after India revoked the special status to Jammu and Kashmir, sparking a fresh row with Pakistan.

    Updated:August 17, 2019, 9:12 AM IST

    United Nations/Islamabad: With only China “openly favouring” Pakistan at the UNSC,

    a leading Pakistani newspaper on Friday commented

    that the top organ of the world body’s current composition does not seem to favour Islamabad as the Council discusses India’s revocation of the special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

    The UN Security Council held a rare meeting on Kashmir on Friday after India revoked the special status to Jammu and Kashmir, sparking a fresh row with Pakistan.

    The meeting took place behind closed doors with only the five permanent members and the 10 non-permanent members attending it…

    …”Only one of the five permanent members, China, openly favours Pakistan,” the Dawn report noted.

    The remaining four permanent members Britain, France, Russia and the US want India and Pakistan to address the Kashmir dispute in a bilateral set-up, it said.
    …The 10 non-permanent members who are elected for a two-year term by the UN General Assembly are Belgium, Cote d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Indonesia, Kuwait, Peru, Poland and South Africa.

    While two of them Indonesia and Kuwait have sympathised with Pakistan in the past, it will be difficult to persuade others to back the Chinese request, the Dawn report said.

    Meanwhile, The News International newspaper noted that though the Pakistan government was going all out to muster global support, the responses and reactions received from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Muslim nations individually are rather weak.

    The nearly 50-year-old OIC has issued few statements studded with diplomatic jargon sans any conviction seemingly, an article in the newspaper noted.
    The Indian trade and business prowess within the OIC member states is relatively too large to be ignored by its trading partners none of whom is currently paying any heed to Pakistan’s pleas, it said.””

    This article brought to you by:

    News18 » India

    According to Wikipédia:

    News18 (CNN-News18 (originally CNN-IBN)

    is an Indian English-language news television channel founded by Rajdeep Sardesai located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh…owned by Reliance Industries…an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
    Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Published on Aug 21, 2019
    Interview 1472 – Kashmir in Crisis with Mohamad Junaid

    “Why now?”…around the 20 minute mark.

    Around the 28 minute mark…
    “…There are already close to 800,000 soldiers in Kashmir. By now, they have brought the number to ONE MILLION….”

    — As a comparison —
    The 2003 invasion of Iraq
    The U.S.-led coalition sent 177,194 troops into Iraq during the initial invasion phase, which lasted from 19 March to 1 May 2003. About 130,000 arrived from the U.S. alone, with about 45,000 British soldiers, 2,000 Australian soldiers, and 194 Polish soldiers.

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    September 16, 2019 Monday – Zero Hedge ‘Tyler Durden’
    (context – Saudi Aramaco production facility attack over the 15th weekend.)

    “It Is Ours!” Indian Minister Says Islamabad About To “Lose Pakistani-occupied Kashmir”

    …”Article 370 has been revoked. Now, Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) too is ours. Pakistan should be ready to lose PoK. For fulfilling the dream of united India, we are ready to move forward for PoK… Pakistan should stop supporting terrorism… India will not tolerate this,” he asserted while speaking at a political rally, according to India Today.

    And further referencing the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war in which Bangladesh was liberated, the Chief Minister responded to recent statements by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. “Pakistan was boasting of occupying Delhi in 1971 but they were about to lose Karachi. Bangladesh was partitioned. Their Army became our refugees,” he said.

    This comes after Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi warned last week that the situation on the Line of Control (LoC) in the Jammu and Kashmir region continues to deteriorate and risks sparking an “accidental war,” as reported in the Hindustan Times…

    …Pakistani officials previously claimed nothing less than an Indian-sponsored “genocide” is being carried out against Kashmiri Muslims on the Indian side of the LoC amid the sweeping security crackdown.

    If indeed India is ready to “move forward” to “reclaim” the Pakistani side of the LoC, all-out war would no doubt be inevitable.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Is Modi picking allies?

    Bloomberg 9/22/2019 –
    Tellurian Signs $7.5 Billion Pact With Petronet for U.S. LNG
    (see LNG graphic in article)
    (Bloomberg) — Tellurian Inc. said it signed a $7.5 billion agreement for India’s Petronet LNG Ltd. to buy into its proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in Louisiana, in what could potentially be one of the largest foreign investments in the U.S. to ship shale gas abroad…

    …The deal, signed in Houston in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, underscores a record year for the LNG industry, with tens of billions of dollars worth of export projects given the green light. The surge of new supply from America’s trove of shale gas has rendered the once-premium fuel accessible for emerging markets such as India, currently the sixth-largest buyer of U.S. LNG.

    “People should not be surprised this came,” said Tellurian co-founder Charif Souki, who also started America’s largest LNG exporter Cheniere Energy Inc. “The United States and India have a significant issue diametrically opposed. We have too much gas that we don’t know what to do with and India needs greater gas, and 1 million tons a time is not going to solve the problem.”

    The Petronet deal, the largest by an Indian company in U.S. LNG, comes days after the gas industry’s all-important GasTech conference and coincides with Modi’s much-anticipated visit to Texas. He’s set to take the podium at Houston’s NRG Stadium with President Trump on Sunday and address a crowd of more than 50,000.

    “This deal will further help diversify India’s energy supplies,” said Lydia Powell, who runs the Centre for Resources Management at the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation think tank. “The U.S. wants to displace Middle East supplies and India is a large market.”

    Petronet’s investment is vying to be the largest by a foreign entity with one that Sempra Energy expects to finalize in Texas with Saudi Aramco….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Folks should glimpse at this video of Modi and Trump in Houston.
      Full stadium in Houston for this “Howdy Modi” event.
      I doubt many Muslims were in the crowd.

      In the Dallas area, there is a HUGE number of people originating from India and Pakistan.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Homey, very interesting. One thing I heard and what sparked the idea of the reality of the Howdy Modi Show. Modi said” from studio to global stage”. Its got to be theater, scripted and totally fake. It has strong fascist curtain call elements for sure.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      September 26, 2019 Zero Hedge “Tyler Durden”
      “Make India Great Again:” Lockheed Martin Offshores F-16 Production From US To India
      …A breaking report from Reuters indicates that Lockheed Martin is offshoring part of its F-16 combat jet production from the US to India. This completely goes against President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy…

      …The Indian Air Force (IAF) is entering a period of significant modernization, that means hundreds of MiG fighters will be replaced with new aircraft, likely the F-16 in the next decade.

      Modi has insisted that if Lockheed wants to supply planes to the IAF, production would have to be moved to India…

      (Lall told Reuters)…“It is a huge potential business, India will be plugging into the world’s largest fighter jet ecosystem.”

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