The Well-Read Anarchist #008 – “What is Property?” by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon – Second Memoir

09/20/20152 Comments

wralogoThe Well-Read Anarchist podcast continues its exploration of the works of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon with a reading of his first major work, “What is Property?” published in 1840. Today we conclude the book with a reading of the Second Memoir.


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  1. nosoapradio says:

    Suddenly it seems obvious.

    If privacy has become obsolete…

    So will the notion of private property and “possessions”…

    Under the super slogan “To Be vs To Have”…

    the evolving notions of Privacy and private property and possessions…

    I think that the Fablabs are yet another step, (along with the city bicycle and car-lending systems) under the pretext of including the “people” in the design of the technology of the future,

    a mechanism for habituating the population to the notion of collective property, abolishing the notion of “my” 3D printer, my drill, my workshop, my garden, my house, my child…

  2. loftbat says:

    I’m really looking forward to that future discussion. It took you 18 months to produce the full audiobook, but you got there in the end. Thank you for doing this, James. I wonder what other anarchist works you’ll explore in this series.

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