The Well-Read Anarchist #007 – “What is Property?” by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon – Chapter Five

03/23/20153 Comments

wralogoThe Well-Read Anarchist podcast continues its exploration of the works of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon with a reading of his first major work, “What is Property?” published in 1840. Today we read Chapter Five of the book, “That Property is Impossible.”


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  1. says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to this post, yet. I am listening as I write this.
    I am a paying supporter of your work and it is tremendously appreciated.
    I’ve sent 3 emails via your contact point on your website, after signing in.
    I know you are busy, but there is no feedback when a sending something to confirm that the info has been sent or received.
    Absolutely no message confirming a receipt of the message. All that appears is that you can’t respond to all messages. That’s a poor setup. I don’t need an individual response for each contact but your website should acknowledge that the info has been sent and received.
    I realize that you can’t read and respond to all emails. But, please send me a terse, if necessary, short email confirmation that you have, at least, received my submissions. My hope is that you will eventually read and respond to them, especially my third message. Either in public or personally.
    Sincerely, Michael S Meyers MD

  2. oliviadestandau says:

    Gosh Michael, ego much? James works round the clock (by himself) to do this work. If you want to be ego-stroked, why don’t YOU set it up for his system to do this? Don’t know how? You’re a smart guy, learn it! (or pay someone to set it out for him and let HIM do it for James)…Problem for you ego is solved…
    Nah, don’t thank me. I don’t need it.

  3. nosoapradio says:

    Really, really enjoyed listening to this excellent reading. Twice.

    Extremely gratified to have discovered some of the core principles of Proudhon.

    Thanks very, very much Mr Corbett. This really is why I’ve been following you since 2008.

    Keep up the good work! Please!

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