The Story of the Century Just Broke (And No One Noticed)

10/10/202223 Comments

If you're a good, credulous consumer of the lamestream media, you likely take it as a given that Russian hackers present the greatest danger to the human species in the history of our planet.

Or is that Chinese hackers? Or maybe North Koreans? Meh, whatever. Details, shmetails!

The point is that the threat posed by these shadowy cyber warriors (whoever they may be) is so great that no amount of foaming-at-the-mouth, hyperbolic, end-of-days catastrophism from the TV talking heads and Twittering blue checkmarks and think tanking deep staters is too much.

Yes, the Chinese are infiltrating our corporations' computer systems in order to steal all of our industrial secrets! How else could you possibly explain the fact that the fearsome Chinese military boasts so much refurbished American technology?

And yes, the Russkies are hacking into the power grid. How else could you possibly explain the fact that power outages are increasingly common in the Western world?

And of course the North Koreans are hacking Hollywood! How else could you possibly explain the absolute dreck that is being pumped down the public's throat in the name of "entertainment" these days?

In fact, as we dutiful devotees of the digital doyens know all too well by now, it's even worse than that. These cretinous computer criminals are no longer content merely to hack into our computer mainframes and exfiltrate our precious data. No, in this age of information warfare, the wicked warriors of the world wide web are now engaged in psychological operations against us, actively spreading mis-, dis- and mal-information in order to warp our innocent minds with facts that are uncomfortable to the establishment elitists.

So, in the midst of all of this hysterical hyperventilation over the hordes of cyber warriors attacking us from every direction, you think it would be kind of a big deal if a venerable journalistic institution like, oh, say, The Washington "Democracy Dies in Darkness™" Post came out with a story blithely admitting that the largest army of internet psyops soldiers in the world is in fact being fielded by the US, wouldn't you? Surely it would be worthy of more than a passing mention in the back of the newspaper if social media companies were deleting the US military's fake bot army and the Pentagon were running a fake "investigation" into the matter to cover their posterior, wouldn't it?

Well, guess what? That's exactly what is now being admitted, and you likely didn't hear anything about it, did you?

Let's correct that.

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  1. candlelight says:

    You must of been thinking, James, of the outline for this article, or were in the middle of, or had just completed writing it at the time you were interviewing Riley Waggaman, no?

    “…push back from the usual Kremlin agents in the comment section…” were your words, more or less.

    So, I’m curious if you’ve a handle on each country in terms of the percentage to which they have contributed various numbers of covert operatives posing as subscribers to your website? Who employs the most, the US? Or Russia?

    In accordance with your article, it would seem the US can possibly boast the greater percentage, eh?


  2. rueckl1b says:

    Today the Western Press feels like a re-run of “” (meaning “Newspaper Witnesses”)
    This was an exercise in th 2010’s where you could get newspapers of the 3rd Reich starting Jan.1933.
    You could really re-live in a speedy replay and could see how the “Gleichschaltung” (Streamlining) of the newspapers worked.

    There were differences in the newspapers, but the main headlines and themes were all the same. Only non-central stories differed a bit.

    After that experiment I began to see the same pattern in the current day and age. When I commented that all headlines are looking the same at, when they still had a comment section around 2012, this comment was deleted.
    I was pretty shocked, because it exactly confirmed what was going on.

    I am so thankful for that Zeitungszeugen-exercise, because now it should be really clear what is going on.
    Still not everybody sees it, like 1933 ff it is well hidden in plain view.
    There is diversity, but only in the limited range of allowed discussions.

    • Duck says:

      That is kinda cool…. I live reading g old magazines and stuff off t he internet Archive because it brings us home how much the world has changed between the various decades…. Jason Scott of the Internet Archive has done a few talks on why he loves his work si people of the future can have their WTF moment looking at old advertising

      I will say that starting such an exercise in 1933 is itself somet6of a stop in the same way that people start the event clock on Ukraine at different times in order to frame what happens from then on. I have no doubt that the streamlined news wire goes back before that.

  3. nosoapradio says:

    so in an effort to restate the obvious I’ll note below as a vague and simplistic response to the recommended reading section of this newsletter:

    “multipolar or unipolar” strikes me as being the usual illusory brand choice for the same tyranny:

    coke or pepsi, pfizer or moderna, burger king or macdos, microsoft or apple, adidas or nike, democrat or repub etc etc etc ad nauseam you can all sing along….

    After a light-speed skim I was encouraged to see that Mr Davis did insert a line that included the BIS in a list of reasons why “multipolar world order” in terms of financial sovereignty is an insidious oxymoron. But perhaps I’m falling for the illusion that this infamous institution invokes of infinite influence with unsurpassed supremacy. Perhaps I’m falling for the big BS in BIS.

    But I enjoyed a remark in the comments section (that I also only glanced at) comparing the term “Multi-polar world order” with Bernays smoke and mirrors sales pitch “solution to patriarchy” in the form of “Freedom Torches”.

  4. A57 says:

    I’m starting a fact checker company that has the only jail that is real, if you write mis or dis info. your going to prison for 5 years no matter how big or small the lies are. Only help I need is the USA military to back me up, So to start throw yourselves in prison as a sign to the rest of the world how serious this is.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Corbett’s article “The Story of the Century Just Broke (And No One Noticed)”

    – The 77th Brigade –
    Corbett writes:
    And it’s the UK, whose infamous 77th brigade admittedly “edit videos, record podcasts and write viral posts” in their infowar against COVID truthers and other establishment enemies, and whose highly secretive Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group literally created a handbook (entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations”) for manipulating public opinion online.

    See this short interview by Del Bigtree with ‘Died Suddenly News’ Facebook Page creator, Tiago Henriques..
    During the interview Tiago Henriques explains how the 77th Brigade tried to infiltrate their group, but were effectively thwarted from doing so.

    The actual Tiago interview starts at the 6 minute mark of the video. There is a ‘set-up of the story’ prior.
    I was fascinated by this Tiago Henriques interview. Points for the good guys.
    VIDEO –

  6. cu.h.j says:

    Very interesting analysis and the general idea of the fact that they need to propagandize the population and engage in psyops reveals a weakness. JC says it better than I do:

    “By their actions, governments and intelligence agencies the world over have revealed that they are truly afraid of the free flow of information online. But why? The underlying truth that is right under our noses is that our perceptions and our actions do matter and do make a difference.”

    And so I think that action does matter and that if we start supporting alternatives now there will be a shift away from centralization and tyranny. If people decided that they wanted to stop participating in building the slavery grid they could. Even the agents who might be engaged in destroying freedom could decide that they wanted something else and refuse to participate out of loyalty to something better, the truth and to make meaning of their life and to help their fellow man.

    People do review their life at the end. I have seen it before. To have something to be proud of and to know that ones actions were helpful rather than hurtful. So I hope that if there are people who are infiltrating freedom movements could decide to become allies rather than enemies.

  7. zyxzevn says:

    1. Does Corbett have an alternative to Paypal that works internationally?
    It looks like the bank systems are getting new orders from their money printers.

    2. What is the parallel between the starting of WW1 and the war now in Ukraine?
    To me it seems that the news agencies are again spinning stories to create
    and escalate the war situation.
    From the outside it looks like a civil war, where two ethnic groups in one country
    are fighting each other with help from the outside.

    3. Expert now states 20,000,000 dead from the jab, and 22,000,000,000 severely injured.
    And it may get worse if count in the long term damage..

    • VieuxOrdinaire says:

      (1) Yes, I use that. Will delete my account but can no longer log onto Paypal whatever I try/do.

      (2) Good point. Both have decennia long carefully planned agenda’s preceeding them

      (3) Lots and LOTS of half-truths and misinfo in that Science Analyst article.
      They still perpetuate the virus lies, ‘infection’, ‘immune systems’, ‘transmission’ myths and other non existent unproven germ theory nonsense.
      We have ‘the ability to detox from built up toxins’ and do so periodically and thats it. Nothing to be ‘immune’ to. No invisible invaders 😉

      Also, the number is 2.2 bil. Not 22

      Stay vigilant, have a great day!

    • Duck says:

      I would personally think Ukraine is more like Ww2…. ww1 had a dynamic of big powers competing and gearing g up to see which was going to be the dominant power where as Ukraine is mire like Ww2 where you have a defeated power resurgent and getting into a spat with am ethnically muddled neighbor…(AND also kinda ‘new’ neighbor like Poland was a ‘new’ country even if an old nation)

      You have the same dynamic of distant powers supporting that other nation as a proxy while really not caring two hoots about it (like no one cared that Russia grabbed the other half of Poland) and even the same kinda attacks on ethnic Russians as Poland was doing to ethnic germans in poland…..Putin is also a “hitler like” figure in that he is perceived to have restored something of Russias old status and is getting cast as a madman for doing perfectly understandable (not saying “moral” or “just” lol) Geopolitics

      I THINK this is the podcast where it goes into hiw we got into this situation via the fall of the USDR and the post Soviet Russia getting looted (though I do believe he glosses over the ethnic nature of who did a good chunk of that looting and who was helping them do it) and the rise of Putin

      There is a COUNTERPOINT that follows this one where he gets a different dude on

      • Duck says:

        USSR not USdR….

        I was just skimming the linked podcast and it is indeed the one I thought of. The dude is pretty good and has some very very good work esp. “The anti humans” and the thing on jim jones.

  8. Frode says:

    Important article. I wish the System Believers knew about also knew this. I recently started reading the above mention book, Yasha Levine’s Surveillance Valley. A slightly different story about the origins of the Internet than the one I was told at university.

  9. palama says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by the commandment where the God commands the Israelites not to make graven images. Because the printing press is an extension of engraving technology. All the characters are engraved, of course. So it could be that the God was giving the Israelites a commandment that would prevent them from ever inventing the printing press. This would make sure that all information could be controlled by the God’s priests, and it would create a permanent divide between the priestly class and the laity. What do you think? Now if we could just figure out why the God wanted to cut all the hoodies off of our dicks, we’d be onto something.

    • Duck says:

      It would have never prevented the use of a printing press… that’s not what it means by graven images. It refers to idols or possibly icon like I objects that were venerated at gods…. I doubt that many people sacrifice animals to their Sunday newspaper 🙂 lol

      As to writing it was probably the Invention of clerks and tax collectors rather than priests

      As an aside of I recall right Babylonians used cylinders to roll out fast copies of clay tablets in an earlier form of printing

  10. LaForce says:

    Hi, James,
    the internet was not “literally created by the US military “…
    It was created by US the people, and the creative power within us… this is the godlike thing we possess.
    The government was not created by Satan, his worshipers, or damn statists… it was created by US the people.
    The all-spying-eye in our pockets was not created by control-freak psychopaths… it was created by US.
    I really think you missing that point:
    All that there is is created by people for people to use and live better, and it is our failure to take and maintain ownership, and don’t let the malicious psychopaths take control over it!
    All we need to do to make this world a Heaven on Earth is to take ownership of our own creations for the good. Use the f**king kitchen knife for butter spreading, and don’t let anyone use it to butcher kids!

    • Duck says:


      “…All we need to do to make this world a Heaven on Earth is to take ownership of our own creations for the good….”

      That is the kind of Enlightenment thinking that leads us to Drag Queen Story Hour and the Great Reset.

      You can NOT make a heaven on earth, the Technocrats are TRYING to make a heaven on earth and they will probably murder masses of people as they fail.

      Even if you were all powerful, what makes you imagine that the “Heaven” YOU create will be “heaven” to ME? Or to a Radical Muslim?

      Can you have dissent in “heaven”?? or will it require a clensing?

      Can you see why ‘heaven making’ always leads to horror? THIS guy has a better way of putting things then I do.

      The other point you should consider is that even if you do not ascribe planning and deliberate malice modern electronic Technology has been a disaster for the average human being…. its messed up social structure, relationships, mental health, attention span and normal learning. Quite simply the internet is TV on Steroids for most people. A minority are made smarter but the tech has destroyed way more people the its strengthened….Most people should never be allowed near half the tech we’re giving babies.

      You can not use this tech to make people happy because its fundamentally BAD FOR 90% of human beings.

      • LaForce says:

        You, Sir, are wrong.
        Yes, we can make Heaven on Earth, it needs not be the same for you and me the same way my house is not like your house, and just because you say “You can NOT make a heaven on earth” that does not make you right.
        Your understanding is clearly limited, you can not imagine the knife used for butter spreading because you have seen it slather children…

        You equate
        -the wondering process – Lucifer – of evaluating the marvellous nature of creations around us and using those as gifts to our betterment, with
        – the doubt process of “build back better” – Satan – the one who stood against godly wonders!

        I don’t expect you or anyone to have this under its belt yet, it took 25 years for me to reach this concept, but here you are. This is the key, the tool needed for building Heaven on Earth.

        As the difference between wondering and doubt is kinda subtle, I virtually know no one making it consciously clear yet. But it is the difference between “creative power” and “power grab freeze”…

        Also, you imply that “I” am willing to make something to you or anyone against your will to make you live in heaven… you just are implying much.
        And what you call “technology” is actually just kind of narrow branch of consumer electronics marketed as “technology” – the limits of your understanding are clearly set by the narrative makers – no shame in that, but technology is the art of getting a wonder and making it into a science – techno – art, craft, logia – science.

        The first such is the fire, a gift from Prometheus (though the actual first technologia is the language I guess) – and if you think about it – the fire as marvellous wonder as it is – can be held and used conveniently from a pocket lighter in everyone’s pocket… same with lightning – electricity, etc. etc.

      • Kelly says:

        Hey Duck,

        You’re one of my favorite people on these message boards, just wanted you to know that.

  11. “There are online warriors out there who are out to hack into systems and to manipulate the public through online influence campaigns. It’s just that the biggest perpetrators of those dirty tricks are the US and its allies.”

    Yes and the U.S. govt. has its fingerprints all over the Covid vaccine propaganda too.
    Perhaps the ultimate misinformation ruse.

    Judicial Watch Uncovers Biden Administration Propaganda Plan to Push COVID Vaccine.

    Biden Covid Propaganda Plan Exposed

  12. Sonicsyringe says:

    Surely the reason the Chinese have access to American weapons technologies is through Israel and the Talpiot Program…?!

  13. Rotondo352 says:

    Newby. Love your stuff, Jim

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