The Revolt of the Pawns

07/23/202377 Comments

In early 1980, as the diplomatic fallout from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan began to play itself out on the grand chessboard, then-US President Jimmy Carter sent his National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to Pakistan to rally the mujahideen fighters waging jihad against the Russian invaders.

In the footage of that incident, Brzezinski can be seen helicoptering to a spot in the Khyber Pass on the Afghanistan border to address the Islamic fighters taking up arms against the Soviets. Assuring the assembled "freedom fighters" that their struggle will succeed, he raises a finger in the air in the direction of Afghanistan, proclaiming: "That land over there is yours. You'll go back to it one day because your fight will prevail. And you'll have your homes and your mosques back again because your cause is right and God is on your side."

This was, as we now know, pure manipulative hogwash. Uncle Sam couldn't have cared less about the fate of these fighters. The US government didn't believe in their God and it didn't care if they had their homes and their mosques back again. In fact, as Brzezinski himself has since admitted, the Soviet invasion had, in a sense, been a Western operation, the successful culmination of a covert US plan to lure the USSR into Afghanistan and slowly bleed the Red Army in a years-long proxy war.

In the infamous 1998 interview where Brzezinski confirmed this hidden truth, he was asked whether he regretted his role in fostering the rise of the Taliban and Al CIAda.

Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter, essentially: “We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war." Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war that was unsustainable for the regime, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

These are not the words of a pious believer in the righteous struggle of Islamic freedom fighters. They are not even the words of an earnest Cold Warrior, blindly supporting anyone who could strike at his Soviet enemy. They are the words of the man who literally wrote the book on The Grand Chessboard—the words of a self-proclaimed geopolitical grandmaster who cooly calculates several moves ahead as he manipulates his pawns on the grand chessboard as part of a grand strategy to checkmate his opponent.

Last week I revealed how the would-be rulers of the world see the grand struggle for geopolitical dominance as a type of chess game and how people around the globe (including the mujahideen in Afghanistan) are treated as mere pawns in that game, to be used, abused and sacrificed in pursuit of the grandmasters' aims.

This week I will examine the growing political awareness of the pawns in the grand chess game and show what it looks like when they strike back against their masters.

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  1. mkey says:

    It is easier to kill than to control.

    I was unaware of this quote. It’s charming.

    • catalyst says:


    • catalyst says:

      Yeah James WWIII sounds about right…”Hey China, Russia, we’ll kill your population if you kill ours”…everyone visiting this sight is no doubt on a list…to be processed in camps… great for us! …Corbett, If this is the hill i die on it’s been an honor. May highly advanced aliens reconstruct you from your ashes and let you guide the hand of justice across space and time to smite the enemies of life.

    • catalyst says:

      Looks already set up to kick off with Iran very soon(next couple days/weeks), then it’s just simple domino mathematics. The fluoridated masses will lap this shit up. You picked a good time to write this article James, not entirely a mistake I take it.

    • catalyst says:

      Makes so much sense, Israelis are tilted because of the supreme court overhaul..massive protests, if that goes through in Bibi’s favour in the next days it’ll escalate, and Bibi will have the power to do what he wants at home and abroad to deal with it…never been a better time for a war that favours our glorious leaders…I guess there is never a bad time for them really

    • catalyst says:

      I’m not a bible basher but it would not surprise me if they use Tish’a B’Av to write themselves into prophecy…would not surprise me one little bit…

    • catalyst says:

      Hypothetical fictional scenario for you all.. In 3 days(on the 9th of Av) the Al-Aqsa mosque is destroyed. Amongst the chaos that follows, sleeper cell operatives around the world(posing as religious zealots) get to work targeting individuals such as Corbett and Webb, to purge the world of Intelligent discourse…welcome to the unopposed (technocratic)new world order…

      THE END

      • lisab says:


        If that is the ultimate picture you wish to see then that is what you will see. But there is always more to that image. Most of the people here are hung up on the images of destruction (and the perceived cause of such destruction) because we are witnessing so much of it. But if you exclude the creation side of life then what are you left with other than just the destructive components? We all create just as we all destroy. Life is construction and deconstruction.

        Intelligent discourse is a limiting factor. When all logic and reason fails, then what? The major failing factor of intellectual discourse is that the observers of the practice are unaware of what they do not know, so they think they are right to exclude those unknowns.

        When a highly intelligent person begins including other possibilities, then and only then can he or she begin to see a larger picture than once previously seen.

        It seems to me that JC (our trusted independent journalist) does not leave anything unchecked on his site.

        My question for you (and all others too) is, Are you keeping yourself in check?
        Your chosen handle is Catalyst, which is defined as;
        a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
        “chlorine acts as a catalyst promoting the breakdown of ozone”
        a person or thing that precipitates an event.
        “the governor’s speech acted as a catalyst for debate”

        Many people at this site are just trying to find the connections as to why we suffer so greatly in this human experiment. JC (again our trusted journalistic source) is providing those connections for us to see firsthand. But what each of us chooses to do with those connections is inherently up to us as individuals.

      • lisab says:

        Whatever you are resisting is the thing you would be best to focus on the most. If you are resisting something then you are “intelligently” discounting the thing that is demanding the most of your attention because you do not yet fully comprehend that which you resist.

        I can run around all day and night with my human intelligence and get nowhere. (I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box but I’m pretty sharp). I have finally seen beyond my intellect by searching for more answers that could not be satisfactorily answered by reason and logic alone. I did try to rely fully on my intelligence but found that I was going around in circles, always ending up back where I started without anything new to show for it. The end result was that I became very reactive to all the creatively destructive forces, which did not serve me well at all.

        By moving beyond my human intellect I was able to recognize what I had been missing all along. I am part of the problems of humanity and I am also part of the solutions for humanity. But only as far as my own choices will allow. Meaning, “they” are not the whole cause of the problems. “We” are the cause of all the problems, which includes “you” and “me”.

  2. Linefeed says:

    It will usually be just a minority of humanity that is willing to leave the “chessboard”. The majority will prefer some form of imposed order and structure on their lives to avoid responsibility and decision-making.

    So wouldn’t it still be safer to start by eliminating the main controling pieces so that they do not remain a looming threat for a while, as an example for the next would-be “leaders”?

    • lisab says:


      Have we learned nothing from history? Safer how?
      Easier to remove? Through force? Harder votes? Assassins? Impeachment? Their role is their role and that is to have the power and control over you. Who do you want making decisions for you? I’m Respectfully asking you?

  3. lisab says:

    Great article James! I see you’ve covered just about all of it. Sovereignty is definitely the way to stop playing the game in order for any semblance of self empowerment.

    I only wish you would just take the last little (but big) step in exploring why we (humanity) is in this same power struggle from the beginning, seemingly until the end of time.

    I know the word God has become so dirty that we just can’t talk about it anymore. Religion and politics are the worst topics at the dinner table, right? Well, given that politics is now well in focus for so many of us, which has allowed us to begin seeing the game for how it’s being played, then don’t you think that we need to finally discuss the word, “God”? I’m not referring to the more common (or uncommon) acceptance of “God’s Word”, but rather, the very common acceptance that there is something greater than us, which is the one and only true power running and operating through each and every one of us. Yet, we cannot utilize a power from within if we don’t even realize it actually exists from within.

    I could go on but I think you get my point. I have heard you mention that there may be something to the spiritual aspect in life, but I have not heard you confront the topic at all. I do appreciate that the God factor is quite a personal one, therefore I do not expect you to open up this debate on your site. Unless that is, you yourself would choose to look into the matter and decide that it is a worthy topic to shine the spotlight, if not for your subscribers, then most definitely for yourself.

    I really appreciate how you truly and objectively look at any given topic from a multiple of angles. You are responsive, not reactive. You are intelligent but humble. You shine a lot of light without producing much smoke…You produce a steady flame. Perhaps you have delved more into Zen Buddhism being that you are in Japan? (Rhetorical)

    This topic must be addressed by each of us at some point in our lives, or upon our death. Why not begin picking it all apart with the same scrutiny as with the topic of governments and politics? After all , the “god” factor plays the most significant role as to why we are even engaged in these war games on this planet as human beings, isn’t it?


    • metta says:

      I agree with the points you raised but can see that many take issue with calling this unseen force of nature ‘God’. I have overcome this by using the term ‘life’ – realising that life is energy changing form and we understand but a tiny fraction of the forces behind it. ‘Love’ is a force we know exists but is not able to be measured or quantified from our human perspective so perhaps God is love?

      Whatever we call it I do think it is time to acknowledge that there are unseen forces at play that we do not understand but that are vital for our existence. How we perceive the world is an illusion anyway, anyone with even a little knowledge of physics knows that what we perceive as solid is actually energy.

      • lisab says:

        Excellent points you make metta!

        God has become a dirty word. I chose to change it up so that I was clear about what “God” meant to me. The use of different words helps in the application of God’s presence, especially since the population speaks so many different languages. Remember, Source moves and communicates through all of us, and as receivers we have to tune in and listen to what message is being casted (not broadcasted). Then we have to self reflect in order to see how God’s message is applied to the concept of the self.

        God is Love
        God is Light
        God is Life
        God is Source
        God is Great Spirit
        God is Spirit
        God is One
        God is Dear One
        God is Infinity
        God is Mother
        God is Father
        God is.

        If God is One, then we are all a bunch of mini ones!

        But really, God is so much more. Yet, God is as simple as a dot within a circle.

        Here’s a thought…if you so choose, learn so much more about it from a breathe-of -fresh-air communications through this link…

      • Duck says:


        “…‘Love’ is a force we know exists but is not able to be measured or quantified from our human perspective so perhaps God is love?….”

        But what is ‘Love’ ? 🙂 There are many kinds of Love, and to limit God to ONE attribute, even as variable one as just ‘love’, would be as strange as thinking you or I only had one personality attribute.

        “…How we perceive the world is an illusion anyway, anyone with even a little knowledge of physics knows that what we perceive as solid is actually energy…..”

        Is that of any real importance?
        A color Blind person cant see the same colors as me, but I dont think that makes their experience of the world any less “real”.

        Humans do not live in the quantum realm (unless we’re ant man or something, lol) so even if (as Oppenheimer said in the movie…) your hands are made up of forces and empty space in real terms your probably more interested how how hot the girl is, whos hands you are holding.

        • metta says:

          Being more interested in how hot the girl is and whose hands you are holding does not exclude me or you from wondering about the bigger picture. When I think about what underpins life I wonder is it energy? When we see different colours, or different attributes, are we just seeing energy in different forms? I am not claiming to be ‘right’ about this, just trying to be open to other ways of thinking about life. Isn’t a different way of thinking what we need if we want to step off the chess board?

          Whether it is of any real importance is up to you. To me trying to understand the world in different ways is liberating and fascinating. I certainly don’t expect others to agree with me, they are much more likely to think I’m weird.

  4. TheGlobalist says:

    If we Globalists don’t increase control, then how will people’s lives achieve ultimate meaning? If one is ultimately a little squirming rodent inhabiting the planet, then why not at the very least participate in the glorification of one’s betters?

    That is why one must play our game. Thank you. 🙂

    • lisab says:

      To your point globalists,

      “What does Salvador Dali stand for?

      Salvador Dali was one of the most famous and controversial artists of the Surrealist movement. The surrealists worked with the world of what’s “surreal”, the dream world. Their paintings represent scenes that look real but could never really happen in the real world.”

      If you follow the link, you will see that Dali’s images were derived from his present perceived reality…what’s interesting is how his paintings were presented as distorted images as he considered time going by while watching the clock, tick tock…and of course, love, and the fear of death had something to do with it too.

      What you imagine the world is for is not what all others imagine it is for. Why do you feel responsible for the way in which the world is run? We all share it equally. Why do you suppose that you have more of a say in how anyone else chooses to live their lives?

      No one holds domain over this planet. To those who keep trying, you are failing, repeatedly. The others do not wish to go down with you. Leading a charge to nowhere will get you nowhere.

      Have you considered letting go of the perceived responsibility you think you hold for any one other than yourself? Honestly? Respectfully.

    • Bill Pritting says:

      Dear Globalist,
      To quote George Carlin, “It’s a Big Club, and you ain’t in it!”

      That makes you and the rest of us, in their minds, to just be useless consumers.

      Their goal is to reduce our population down to about 500 million people so we will stop wastefully consuming their natural resources.

    • simad says:

      “If we Globalists don’t increase control, then how will people’s lives achieve ultimate meaning? If one is ultimately a little squirming rodent inhabiting the planet, then why not at the very least participate in the glorification of one’s betters?

      That is why one must play our game. Thank you. 🙂”

      The book: The Genesis 6 Conspiracy by Gary Wayne outlines the Globalists Adept’s plan. Even if they haven’t read it, they know the it’s contents.

  5. SuperBobo says:

    I enjoyed the final quote there! If anyone is interested, here is a link to the scene in the film where it comes up

    • lisab says:

      Great reminder SuperBoBo! The only way to win the game of thermonuclear war is not to play the game. What follows is eerily so, “How about a nice game of chess?”

      “And so it goes…”
      from, Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

  6. metta says:

    Thank you James. I feel like you’ve totally nailed it with this wonderful, uplifting article.

  7. KevinB360 says:

    Thanks for the reminder of how the uprisings in 2019 were ended by the plandemic! I’m sure the none safe or effective resulting jab was used to eliminate millions too. Who knows how many more. Sudden deaths are ongoing.

    However from a religious perspective I firmly believe in the need to pray, as Jesus taught, for God’s name to be sanctified, his Kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Mt 6:8-14) The reason I say this – it’s becoming increasingly evident that humans do not have the ability to successfully govern themselves without God’s guidance or his rules. I believe we are being taught a grand lesson, a lesson for those who are truly God’s people. It will never be forgotten and will be recorded in a history book like no other, to be taught during the millennial reign of Christ.

    This is the reason I do not and will not comply with unlawful orders that would have me stand against God and his principles.

    Jerimiah 10:23-25: “I have known, O Jehovah, that not of man [is] his way, Not of man the going and establishing of his step. Chastise me, O Jehovah, only in judgment, Not in Thine anger, lest Thou make me small. Pour out Thy fury on the nations that have not known Thee, And on the families that have not called in Thy name . . .” (Young’s literal translation)

    • Duck says:

      “..t’s becoming increasingly evident that humans do not have the ability to successfully govern themselves without God’s guidance or his rules…..”

      Very TRUE…however the cult of personal autonomy runs rather strong in most of us living in the modern world, raised as we were on a diet of media and sloppy thinking.

      The long deconstruction of society is basically teaching people not to submit to what we ought to submit to….be that children to their parents, wives to their husbands, or husbands to their duties and ultimately its impossible for such people to submit to God without a MASSIVE change of heart.

      Most wont.

      • lisab says:

        “Submit to” is very different than “surrender to”
        Just to make a distinction
        And even “surrender” Is highly misinterpreted
        So it would be best to fully grasp ALL that we wish to say before we even say it.

  8. Bill Pritting says:

    Sorry James, but opting-out is not a realistic option.

    “It is a world filled with people who can choose at any time to start interacting with each other directly, free of controlling middle men, to transact in a currency of their own choice, for goods and services of their own making, without the need for any globalist power structure.“

    Your utopia falls apart when the tax bill arrives.
    Taxes have to be paid in the government-sanctioned currency.
    In order to pay your taxes you need to have a source of income that provides you with the government-sanctioned currency.
    If you don’t pay your Property Taxes with the government-sanctioned currency, then your property will be taken away from you. If you don’t pay your Income Taxes with the government-sanctioned currency, then your freedom will be taken away from you. Your home and car insurance policies must also be paid with the government-sanctioned currency. The vast majority of people need to work for an employer that pays their wages and salaries in the government-sanctioned currency so that they can pay their taxes and insurance premiums using the government-sanctioned currency. The Globalist Fascist Oligarchy own and control the government-sanctioned currency and own and control the vast majority of employers (corporations) that use their power as employers to force their employees to accept and abide by the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy’s dictates in the form UN-WEF Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development Goals, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) directives. When Larry Fink at BlackRock is given the power and authority to implement “his” Going Direct scheme at the Federal Reserve, and Larry Fink’s BlackRock has a controlling ownership interest in just about every damn corporation in the World, then “We the People” have zero choices to opt-out of “their” game.
    The only thing preventing the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy from finally achieving their centuries-long goal of a One World Global Neo-Feudal Fascist Technocratic Empire is a slim majority of Constitutionalist Justices on the US Supreme Court. When, not if, the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy are able to corrupt, rig, and steal enough elections to put their puppets, Democrat and RINO Republican, in supermajority control of the US Congress, and put their puppet in the White House, that’s when it will be “Game Over” for We the People.

    • lisab says:

      Bill Pritting,

      If the worst case scenario is that we are sent to our deaths, whether by the actions of the OWGNFFTE, or by any other means (I mean, all our deaths are inevitable), then would you (or anybody else for that matter) wish to come back for another go of the human experience, hypothetically speaking (in case you don’t believe it exists) through reincarnation?

      I’m asking the question because depending on one’s answer, it becomes very telling of the revolving door scenario in which we have trapped ourselves.

      So, if the answer is, Yes to coming back and trying again, then the follow up question is, Why?

      • KevinB360 says:

        Would I like to “come back for another go of the human experience”? Personally I’d reframe that as “would you like to come back and retry the experiment in humans ruling themselves without God’s guidance?
        Human rulership is an epic fail that is nothing but hubris against God, the Almighty. So too, false religious authority that fakes theocracy.
        The WEF’s attempt to “correct” the DNA is nothing but a slaughterhouse. A humble gentleman once told me DNA stands for “Do Not Alter”. I agree with that man. God only provided one person, a prefect human and example to which few politicians have tried to follow. Christ. If they followed him in earnest, they surly would stop being a politician.

        • lisab says:

          Kevin 360,

          Just for the purpose of the conversation, how would you describe the ability to come back with God’s guidance? Presuming that if coming back with God’s guidance that you would remember God for what God truly is then wouldn’t the rest would be irrelevant? And, your notion also assumes that God has a direct hand in the creation of humanity and all that we face in earthly society.

          If we truly were deferring to God’s guidance NOW, then how would human life be different than it is currently?

          I repeat the question, once you pass on, when given the choice, would you choose to come back? Or would you move on from Earth and onto infinite possibilities?

    • Bill, generally speaking for the most of us, I agree with you.

      But there is a small growing movement that is setting up private members’ associations that
      are buying sizeable pieces of land, and developing them so they are entirely self-sufficient.

      Everyone living in the PMA’s need to contribute in some fashion to the up-keep of the land/community.
      The only ‘cost’ that needs to be taken care of is the land tax.
      All food is grown within the community.

      Of course these PMA’s can only exist for as long as the de facto system allows them to.
      It wouldn’t be difficult to shut them down for any arbitrary reason cooked up by TPTB.

      • Bill Pritting says:

        PMAs don’t seem to be a realistic option for the 350 million people living within the USA. I would strongly recommend caution for anyone to invest in PMA when the government has at its disposal an innumerable number of ways to seize that property. The government can easily bankrupt all of the investors just by filing a bunch of lawsuits, whether or not they have merit. I hope there are no standing puddles of water or endangered species on your land.

        • Duck says:

          Bill Pritting

          “Pessimisism is for Loosers” by Luke Smith

          “…PMAs don’t seem to be a realistic option for the 350 million people living within the USA….”

          Then it sucks to be one of the people who thinks you need to have a modern standard of living with every available convenience and comfort. MOST people are NOT going to make it thru, because they are so addicted to ease and comfort.

          “… I would strongly recommend caution for anyone to invest in PMA when the government has at its disposal an innumerable number of ways to seize that property. ….”

          While CAUTION is wise, the other main option is to stay in the system and enjoy the ride to the pods.

          One may as well position oneself as best one can to get thru whats coming. The OTHER option is to do nothing and stay in the system which is what MOST PEOPLE WANT TO DO because it makes them feel smart and is easy.

      • Bill Pritting says:

        Message from Tom DeWeese
        American Policy Center

        Subject: Freedom Pods and Carbon Capture

        As you know, I’ve been traveling the country, sounding the alarm about dangerous “Sustainable” policies. Most importantly, I’ve been encouraging local citizens to stand up and fight these attacks on property rights, farming, energy, transportation, and so many other issues that are destroying our way of life.

        Build those Freedom Pods, I’ve said. Take local action to stand up for your rights!

        One of the worst attacks has been from PRIVATE corporations intent on taking PRIVATE farmland to build their PRIVATE Carbon Capture Pipeline.

        Farmers have been caught in the path of this idiotic plan to grab thousands of acres of vital farmland and bury CO2 underground under the excuse of Climate Change. These farmers have been standing virtually alone.

        And the powerful corporations, Summit Carbon Solutions, Vanguard, and Navigator CO2 Ventures keep pushing forward, using their huge bank accounts and political power to create fear and intimidation against anyone who dares stand up and oppose their scheme to control vital farmland that feeds us.

        For the past year, I have been calling on county and state elected representatives to take legislative action to protect their citizens from this corporate tyranny. While these officials have been dragging their feet, taking little or no action, the corporations have gotten more powerful and more arrogant.


        Keep reading…..

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      @Bill Pritting;
      Here are some interesting maps of employers in the USA. Good visual for some of your points.

    • Duck says:

      Bill Pritting

      “…The only thing preventing the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy from finally achieving their centuries-long goal of a One World Global Neo-Feudal Fascist Technocratic Empire is a slim majority of Constitutionalist Justices on the US Supreme Court……”

      You misunderstand how that works.
      The constitution is a worthless piece of paper unless it lives in the hearts and minds of the people….spoiler being that IT NO LONGER DOES.

      Laws and constitutions are a reflection of the values of the people, and people get a Government that reflects THEM. The mass of Boomers used the constitution as a pass for licence, Gen X mocked it, and the Zoomers dont even know whats in it. It is a dead letter.

      As they had The Emperor Tiberius say in ‘Caligula’….. “In my Youth I was a General and I commanded men, but in my old age I have become a Swineherd.”

    • lisab says:


      Were you referring to reincarnation? Yes?


      • carriew says:

        No, I was referring to James’ editorial. I agree with his final statements regarding not playing their game.

      • Duck says:

        Anyone wanting to know about Reincarnation should read “Siren CAll of the Hungry Ghosts” by well respected Investigative Reporter Joe Fisher.

        He was a believer and decided to prove reincarnation, though he came to a VERY different conclusion. He is actually well worth looking in on Youtube -I think they had a few public appearances on TV IIRC.

        His death was ruled a suicide.

        • lisab says:

          Is that all there is to know on reincarnation Duck? Or is that just enough for you?

          • Duck says:

            “…Is that all there is to know on reincarnation Duck?…”

            Welllll….. A, Non-Christian, Believer in Reincarnation, who was also a HIGHLY respected Investigative Journalist, who looked into it using historical investigation of claims made and came to the conclusion that Reincarnation and Spiritualism was pretty much evil spirits looks RATHER like the last word on the matter.
            But dont take MY word for it….read his book

        • Steve Smith says:

          Hebrews 9:27-28
          “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”

          Everything that I need to know about reincarnation is summed up in those two verses.

          Reincarnation doesn’t exist. Period.
          And those who believe that it does exist are believing the word of the fallen created beings,(demons), who rebelled against God and are to be condemned to suffer in hell for eternity. The fallen beings whose entire purpose is to take as many gullible people to hell with them as possible because they know how much it grieves God to see any of His human creatures perish.

          • lisab says:

            And for you Steve Smith, that is all you need to know on the topic of reincarnation, which is subject to yours and to others interpretations?

            It May suffice for you, but for another there may be more to research on the topic.

            If you feel compelled to share what you know or believe, it is still up to others to determine for themselves what holds true and what proves false.

            • Duck says:


              No one needs to wonder…. a well published journalist who was trying tio PROVE reincarnation and such looked into it and came to some rather disturbing conclusions

              • Steve Smith says:

                From the book.

                “Blindness and ignorance is, however, much in evidence in the New Age movement that champions the channeling experience. Having been seduced by the spirits myself in spite of my avowed investigative intent, I know how persuasive and convincing communicating entities can be Their charm, clairvoyance and knowledge can work wonders in massaging ones frail hope that enlightenment might be within reach after all. Spiritual aspiration is often attended by tenderness and vulnerability, and carthbound spirits well know how to burrow into the most soft and pliable parts of the self in the cause of satisfying their own ends. Their mission is made so much easier by gullible New Agers, ever in search of the pure and the expansive, who readily embrace any influence which appears to be spiritually nourishing. Few care to probe beneath the platitudes and the plausibility to gain hard-won insights into what is really being said and done.”

              • lisab says:

                And that is the final say on the matter, FOR YOU, Duck.

                Anything else printed on the topic by anyone else does not matter to YOU.

                If it helps on any level, my multiple sources and years of research (I’m at least 50 years into in this lifetime) kept me questioning the matter until I was satisfied with a more comprehensive perspective as to the overall concept and the uses of reincarnation by us as spiritual beings.
                (First I had to recognize that I am not who I think I am…I’m not lisab despite the fact that is exactly what I have been told from my birth , as well as many other dictates as to who and what I am in relation to being lisab)

                As a result of my comprehensive search and research, my point of view is that reincarnation not only exists, but it is yet another part of the machine in which we cogs have been led to believe that ‘to try and try again until you get it right’ is a requirement for one’s overall betterment. The problem is, as human beings, how can we better ourselves if We the Cogs are still just cogs in the humanity machine? What difference is a rebellious cog or cogs going to make in the overall operation of the machine? (Please refer to any of your sources at this point for your own contemplative efforts).

                As far as the individual Souls are concerned, they/we/you/me think that we are right and correct in our quest to recreate Life on planet Earth WITHOUT the guidance of SPIRIT, which we are all receivers of, but choose NOT to receive, interact, and transmit with SPIRIT (God, whatever!). We CHOOSE instead to receive, interact, and transmit from Who We Think We Are (human, logical, reasoning minds) when in fact WE ARE Spiritual Beings having a human experience in physicality.

                And WE are trying to use the planet as our forever HOME, when in fact earth was never our HOME in the first place, nor was it the original intent with the Earth and with Creation. But WE continue to INSIST that earth is our home which by right makes it our domain, which leads to infighting (we are all of the same family, not the same “human family“…The SAME SOUL GROUP/FAMILY) as to how it all should be run and who should be controller of all operations. Some claim leadership roles and others claim the role of the follower.

                Our Souls WILL evolve in any way in which one chooses, but we are not required to ever repeat the human experience for our evolvement. Yet, many today, and have for a long time believed that reincarnation is THE path to enlightenment for one’s Souls, for All Souls…which is completely FALSE!

                But, in a nutshell Duck, all I’m saying is “quack, quack……”Translation: You and many of us are lost in translation.

              • lisab says:

                Steve Smith,

                Quack, quack*

                *see translation and my response from above to Duck!

            • Duck says:


              “…And that is the final say on the matter, FOR YOU, Duck.

              Anything else printed on the topic by anyone else does not matter to YOU….”

              I can take the word of those silly boomers you posted a link to….or the word of an investigative reporter who BELIEVED all that jazz UNTIL he dug deeply into the matter….. hmn….. I wonder which is more credible???? 😉

              His book

            • Duck says:


              “..And that is the final say on the matter, FOR YOU, Duck….”

              A thing is either True or NOT True.
              If a guy who believes in a thing digs into it and THEN decides its dangerous BS, and that guy is a well respected investigator and reporter, then what MORE does anyone need to know?

              His Book

              • lisab says:

                Well apparently Duck, you don’t require anymore input on the topic.

                Yet you read my posts, you break down small bits and statements and you don’t really comment with anything fresh or new, but only that you read something that you believe is the truth, therefore that is the truth and anything I would offer is not the truth, because you already have the truth. Then you post the same link and state, “read it.”

                Do you feel that is what I’m doing to you and others with my posts? Are you trying to shove something down my throat? Or are you kindly offering what you have learned throughout your own life?

                Is your self proclaimed title, “debunker”?
                What’s your purpose? Is it to make others believe what you believe so that there would be no more discussion on the topic?

                Just a few questions to self reflect on before quacking back, dear one. And
                Again, quack quack…We are lost in translation.

              • lisab says:

                One man’s journey is one man’s journey. I’m glad you found his journey valuable to you.

          • joebear says:

            I think that the best response to those who choose to believe in reincarnation is, “It is appointed for men once to die and then the judgement.”
            Of course, if one is not a child of God, it will mean nothing. But like Spock told Kirk; “Just because you don’t understand me, doesn’t mean I’m confused.” “God is not the author of confusion.” So who does that leave?
            I really respect the efforts and intelligence of James and what he does to try and find truth and fact, (one and the same thing), but when God is left out of the equation, all that is left is mans limited ability to reason and wonder.
            Questions: “Why, if man is only an evolving species, would he/it come up with a set of morals that would put extreme limits on his ability to enjoy his limited life?”
            “Why does he refer to himself as Mankind? Where did he get that idea?”
            There are many many other questions that could be asked, but they would only lead to an arguement which accomplishes nothing good.

            A simple observation by a thinking person with an honest and open mind would tell that one that the path that this mankind is taking is leading to his ultimate demise. He uses all of the references that are relevant to the war he is perpetually involved in. It is a forever war of Good against Evil. Right against Wrong. Truth against Lies. That age old reference to “The Conflict of the Ages” which is God against Satan.

            I think that by far, mans biggest stumbling block to finding the Truth is his ego. But then I am reminded that “God gives His Spirit to whom He will.” It is His choice and can not be obtained in any other way. It takes His Spirit to recognize His Spirit. The spirit of the natural man cannot understand the Spirit of God. Never will.
            Why God chooses one person over another, is His choice alone. Who is going to instruct Him? Argue with Him? Decide for Him? Tell Him what He must do? Since when did the thing made question the Maker? “Why hast thou made me thus?”

            The reason why God will return, (soon) is because if He does not, Satan will kill every bit of flesh on the planet. That is all he can do and he knows he has but a short time. His time is running out and he knows it. Those he is in control of and who do his dirty work don’t know it but that does not matter. He would kill them too eventually.


            • Steve Smith says:

              Amen Joebear! I actually did cite the verse you suggested above. But sadly, it is but foolishness to them that are blinded by the god of this world.

              “God gives His Spirit to whom He will.”

              Exactly why I will never cease praying for lisab and those in her position.

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is encouraging. I sometimes feel kinda lonely around here.:)

              • lisab says:

                Steve Smith, predator prayers are truly for yourself. I appreciate your considerations. Please don’t make mistake me for someone who is not aware of how very blessed I am by the Source of All Creation whom I find to be God Within. And through Divine Will, the Angelic host to the earthly realm, or God Without, upholds our desire to recreate life here. This is a cocreative effort with the Earth’s sentience to support life on the planet for the souls who wish to experience life in physicality on earth. And that experience is also supported by Plant and Animal sentience who are supporting us souls on our plight.

                You may worship the God that you feel you must.

                Perhaps we even have the same idea as to which that God represents.

                I still say, we are lost in translation though.

              • Steve Smith says:

                The Country of the Blind by C. S. Lewis

                Hard light bathed them-a whole nation of eyeless men,
                Dark bipeds not aware how they were maimed. A long
                Process, clearly, a slow curse,
                Drained through centuries, left them thus.

                At some transitional stage, then, a luckless few,
                No doubt, must have had eyes after the up-to-date,
                Normal type had achieved snug
                Darkness, safe from the guns of heavn;

                Whose blind mouths would abuse words that belonged to their
                Great-grandsires, unabashed, talking of light in some
                Eunuch’d, etiolated,
                Fungoid sense, as a symbol of

                Abstract thoughts. If a man, one that had eyes, a poor
                Misfit, spoke of the grey dawn or the stars or green-
                Sloped sea waves, or admired how
                Warm tints change in a lady’s cheek,

                None complained he had used words from an alien tongue,
                None question’d. It was worse. All would agree ‘Of course,’
                Came their answer. “We’ve all felt
                Just like that.” They were wrong. And he

                Knew too much to be clear, could not explain. The words —
                Sold, raped flung to the dogs — now could avail no more;
                Hence silence. But the mouldwarps,
                With glib confidence, easily

                Showed how tricks of the phrase, sheer metaphors could set
                Fools concocting a myth, taking the worlds for things.
                Do you think this a far-fetched
                Picture? Go then about among

                Men now famous; attempt speech on the truths that once,
                Opaque, carved in divine forms, irremovable,
                Dear but dear as a mountain-
                Mass, stood plain to the inward eye.

      • zyxzevn says:

        Reincarnation is real, and I can remember most of my previous lives.
        Each life has its own different personality.
        I have been in most places on earth.

        I can also recognize other people’s previous lives.
        The strong drives in life are always connected to previous lives.
        Usually very negative to your current life. Like an addiction.
        Sometimes they take over your life, and people become very
        different from what they were. And often they step to
        a different personality from another life.
        You see that when people marry or get kids. They become
        a different personality in their different task.

        I help people with severe psychiatric problems, by helping
        the problems in their current personality.
        And this problem usually comes from a huge trauma in a previous life.

        For example..
        People who have committed suicide usually come back in a new
        life, and have to live their problems all over again.
        So they are often very deep in depression.
        But now with the extra burden of the life before that.

        There are also trickster-spirits who connect to these
        previous traumas. And they can fill in their own trauma
        and their own memories. And strengthen religious beliefs.
        If someone gives up on life, a spirit can also take over that person’s life.
        Some even get multiple personalities.

        The spirit-part is where a lot of confusion about previous lives
        comes from. Because now we also get spirits trying to play human again.
        Usually they repeat their own life and cause additional traumas.
        These people can get psychosis. Or get very religious (in any form).
        Or both.

        Spirits can be felt as stress just outside the body of a person.
        The soul is more like a peaceful loving energy.

        • lisab says:


          So are you going to keep coming back?
          Do you recognize that there is a choice involved?
          Do you feel you still have a stake in this game?
          Are you ready to move on into Infinity (or however you would describe it)?

          Feel free to not answer publicly. The questions are intentionally rhetorical. But I’m open to conversations with people who have their own unique points of view to contribute. It’s a bonus to communicate with someone who speaks some of the same language.

          • zyxzevn says:

            Everyone has many lives here.
            A soul has a few patterns that are repeated every life,
            until it has been healed.

            There are different layers of choice.
            But any choice is actually within the illusion,
            just as any “creation” in this world.
            The illusion is the experience of not being one with god.
            If you are one with god, you make the same choice as god,
            so there is no other choice.

            The illusion is not a useless experience, for some reason..

            There are different experiences of
            “god”, “infinity”, “unity”, “source”, etc.

            A human experiences a “god” any time he/she experience
            a being greater than himself/herself can perceive.
            In India people experience many gods, and most cultures did
            that in the beginning.
            Many religions mention different gods,
            like Yaweh, Jehova, Allah, Rama, Krishna, Baal, Elohim,
            which are like different beings.
            Some churches have their own kind of god-experience.
            Some humans (and cats) are regarded as incarnation of god,
            or representatives of god. From Pharaoh to Guru to prophet or son.

            And mixed in are many spirits that are interfering with
            that experience.
            In my experience, most Indian gurus are Shamans that have
            incarnated again and again without returning to light.
            They (unknowingly) collect the spirits of their followers,
            who think that they are in some kind of heaven.

            There are also Angels on different levels.
            They are actually easy to contact.
            They give us glances of the real experience of god in the world.
            Like the beauty of a sunset, or the birth of a child.
            Not bound to any religion.

            Here is a video of many different people who have
            Near Death Experiences.
            They are just experiencing very different levels.
            Each attuned to the experience that they needed for their lives.
            In the same way a new life is an experience for the soul.

            • lisab says:


              “The illusion is not a useless experience, for some reason..”

              …but is it really? Can you truly state that the illusion is not a useless experience when you follow it with, “for some reason.” ? (This is a genuine inquiry, a conversation, respectfully, and not intended as an argument or debate)

              I would imagine that no experience is useless, unless, you get absolutely nothing out of the experience (in terms of no knowledge, no evolution, no expansion, no awareness, no enlightenment, etc). But even in the case of one getting nothing out of an experience, then that would be a reason to not repeat the experience, because what would be the point? Unless of course one isn’t aware that they are getting nothing of any real value, but instead only wish to experience the mundane.

              And, if one chooses to experience life in physical form as human on earth, but as a result of that choice, one automatically forgets about the GOD factor and it’s ever present connection to that GOD factor, then why would one still go ahead and choose that illusory experience?

              My awareness of this paradox and its cause is pretty clear. But how many others are coming around to the GOD factor as being the Source factor for us all? And if we can’t even remember the GOD factor being ever present in our lives, then what purpose does creating and recreating that illusion serve?

              If some are mistakenly worshipping their guru as the GOD factor, or even if anyone is “worshipping any god” then they are missing the GOD factor all together, hence trapped in the illusion by one’s own choice, again, and in many cases again and again and again and again, still without realizing why they keep choosing to experience the illusion.

              I am not intending to argue or to debate. I see a need to break down a lot of constructs which have been built one on top of another for a very long time. It’s time to start deconstructing what we think we know. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all on the same page of this story? We need to go back to the beginning, together, one by one, to remember our origin. If we don’t even know exactly why we are here in the first place, then how will we ever realize our true potential within the story we all wrote?

            • Duck says:


              “…A human experiences a “god” any time he/she experience
              a being greater than himself/herself can perceive….”

              That makes no sense.

              By that logic a super smart AI would be a ‘god’

        • joebear says:


          If you can remember “most” of your previous lives, but obviously not all of them, how do you know there were some that you cannot remember?


  9. Duck says:

    I am just off to watch “The Truth about Oppenheimer” now, thanks for the link.

    As to “Oppenheimer” itself someone dragged me out to watch it and it WAS a pretty decent move even if its far too long and visually looks like its made by the same folks that did ‘JFK’ back in the 90’s….. my personal take was that the whole movie was nostalgia bait for Boomers and GenX’ers who miss the days when we SURVIVED the shadow of the mushroom cloud- a scary experience is always more fun when you know that you lived thru it.

    The real question is….whats the truth about ‘Barbie’?
    The best take I’ve heard is that its a dystopian horror about oppressed ‘Kens’ and their struggle for freedom. 🙂

    • Duck says:

      That Video Essay was well worth watching…. I read Gen. Leslie Groves book about overseeing the Manhatten Project a loooong Time ago and as I recall he wrote that they we concerned that The Germans might lay down a radiological barrier to the Allied advance.

      They wanted to keep it quiet, and so just told medical in Allied forces in Europe to keep an eye on for a ‘Reportable disease’ , listing the symptoms of Radiation Sickness. They also asked for Quality Control reports if X-Ray film was getting ‘fogged’.

      Here is his book “Now it can be Told”. I’m gonna miss the Internet Archive when it goes away.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Duck, thanks for the movie review.
      While I doubt that I will see it, Oppenheimer and Barbie are the media rage right now.
      I view movies, film and TV as having an impact on the culture.

      I’m certain that the studios influence the media hype.
      The Studios and the “workers in the industry” are in an unprecedented wrestling match right now, and both sides are suffering.

      Earlier this month, Fran Drescher stated:
      ”We are being taken advantage of in a terrible way. And if we let this happen to us, dollars for donuts, it’s going to happen to you, and your family, your children, and everybody that you work with too. That’s how threatening this moment is in our nation’s history.”

      • Duck says:

        “….I view movies, film and TV as having an impact on the culture…..”

        They really do.
        I wonder what people Pre-Hollywood would have made of all us weak minded moderns with 30 second attention spans?

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: “The Revolt of the Pawns”

    No doubt, “there is a global political awakening taking place”.

    — Corporatocracy —
    I think that the Corporatocracy, Wall Street and Central Banks contribute strongly to the fog of war.
    An incredible amount of influence emanates from the billionaire club.
    Ironically, the Corporatocracy is so ubiquitously woven into our society, that it goes largely unnoticed for the control and domination that it holds.

    Wall Street has now adopted the term “Magnificent 7” for these top corporate players: Meta, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Nvidia, & Tesla, which have a combined market value of $11 trillion. They and other mammoth corporations literally move the stock indexes. After The Federal Government, Walmart ranks #2 as the largest employer in America.

    Robert Hare co-authored “Snakes in Suits”, which delves into the corporate psychopathic tendencies.
    Just as with government entities, we should recognize that the Corporatocracy does not have an altruistic mission goal of benefiting man’s humanity.
    Despite their veil of pretense, we all are expendable feedstock.
    The Corporatocracy wields tremendous influence over society.

    With the intentionally caused current inflationary environment, the average person is being squeezed even more.
    There is pushback.

    Currently in Hollywood, the Actors and Writers are on strike against the studios. When a person delves into the situation, one discovers just how evil and sociopathic these studios are. It is shocking.

    July 22, 2023 – Zero Hedge
    “Summer Of Strikes”: 650,000 American Workers Threaten To Walk Off Job

    I kind of look at the past 3 years like a major grift, a “deceptive confidence game”. Globally lock down businesses, control people, mandate product consumption, destroy supply chains and free markets, put the public into outrageous debt by injecting massive quantities of fiat which the Corporations devour, and then watch the resulting inflation further suppress the common person.
    And it is not over… The Federal Reserve is trying to put people out of work (their public statements).

  11. wiesiek says:

    I agree 100% with James’s portrayal of Brzezinski. The degree of manipulation here is quite disgusting. Well, it is impossible to tell if the Afghans actually believed him as he played on their religious feelings when addressing them back in 1980, or perhaps it was pure pragmatism on their part (they were promised weapons and cash to fight the then pro-Russian government in Kabul). Reading about these events brings personal memories to me, as I visited Afghanistan a few times between 1977 and 1979, the last time just a few short months before the Russian invasion. After that, it became impossible to visist. It is very tragic to see what happened to that country, with people like Brzezinski being to blame.

  12. zyxzevn says:

    Discover Who Really Runs the World!
    with Sandi Adams – Ivor Cummins!-with:f
    What happens on the inside of the political systems.

  13. Chadders says:

    That globe with the chess pieces on looks like one of those CGIs of the scary ‘coronavirus’.

  14. weilunion says:

    “I can get half the working class to murder the other half.”

    Industrialist, Railroad tycoon 1890’s America during the Guilded Age when the steamline and telephone were all the rage.

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