Your Guide to the Grand Chessboard's Pawns

07/17/202339 Comments

The observation that the great geopolitical struggle between nations is akin to a grand game of chess is hardly a novel one.

After all, Khosrau II, the ancient Sasanian king, saw the connection over 1,400 years ago: "If a ruler does not understand chess, how can he rule over a kingdom?"

Or take Leo Tolstoy's conclusion, "War is like a game of chess."

And who in The Corbett Report audience could forget Zbigniew Brzezinski's infamous 1998 tome, The Grand Chessboard, in which he identified the Eurasian landmass as "the chessboard on which the struggle for global primacy continues to be played"?

That geopolitical strife has been so often analogized to a game of chess should hardly be surprising. After all, chess itself derives from an Indian strategy board game, chaturanga, whose pieces were modeled on the ranks of the ancient Indian army. In fact, the first modern war game was a type of chess game played on a purpose-built board made of 1,666 squares.

Given this age-old metaphor, who could doubt that the powers-that-shouldn't-be really do imagine themselves as grandmasters, moving people around like chess pieces in order to conquer this or that square on the grand chessboard? And, keeping to the logic of this twisted metaphor, it follows that if geopolitics really is a game of chess, then the people at the bottom of the power pyramid are merely pieces on that board, pawns to be sacrificed as part of a gambit in a larger battle for control of the global chessboard.

Today I will tell the story of these pawns on the chessboard and how they have been used, abused and discarded by the would-be rulers of the world.

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  1. Bill Pritting says:

    The slim majority of Constitutionalist Justices on the Supreme Court is the only thing preserving the US Constitution, preserving the independent sovereignty of the USA, preserving the Liberty of individual citizens, preserving the Rights of individual citizens, especially the Rights of individual citizens to own Property, and preserving some remaining semblance of a “Free Market/Fair Trade” Capitalistic Economy. “We the People” are up against almost insurmountable odds of stopping the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy from achieving their centuries long dream of a One World Neo-Feudal Fascist Technocratic Empire owned and controlled by the European Royals, Banksters, Corporatists, and the Vatican. There is only one reason for NATO’s continued existence and expansion into Eastern Europe and the Pacific: NATO is intended to evolve into the Global Enforcer of the Global Dictates of the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy. The blessings of Republicanism, representative government, personal Liberty, personal Rights, are dependent upon FAIR ELECTIONS so that the citizens can have trust and faith in their elected representatives to uphold the Constitution. All will be lost if the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy can corrupt the election process and rig and steal elections. The last line of defense to protect the continuity of the USA is in the hands of the Secret Service and all Federal Law Enforcement Officers who have sworn an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. It’s time for the Secret Service and all Federal Law Enforcement Officers to heed the Call of Duty NOW, before it’s too late!

    The Globalists Are Making Really Big Moves Which Would Fundamentally Change How Our Society Operates

    Exposed: UN Set to Launch ‘Global Shocks’ Plan Just Prior to US Presidential Election

    The powerful United Nations is now seeking to increase its influence worldwide by seizing global “emergency” powers, and President Joe Biden supports their proposal.

    Interestingly, the U.N. proposal would begin September 2024, a mere two months before a highly anticipated general election in the U.S.

    The global organization will host a “Summit of the Future” where associated nations will adopt a so-called “Pact for the Future.”

    The “pact,” or agreement, would set in place multiple policy reforms offered by the U.N. in past years as part of its “Our Common Agenda” platform.

    While there are several aggressive proposals included in the agenda, none are as disconcerting as the U.N.’s plan for an “emergency platform,” which would provide the international organization significant powers in times of “global shocks,” such as another global pandemic.

    The emergency platform would provide the international body with power over all nations in times of distress.

    Such power, according to the U.N., is needed to “[e]nsure that all participating actors make commitments that can contribute meaningfully to the response and that they are held to account for delivery on those commitments.”

    So, precisely what type of “global shock” would trigger an emergency platform?

    According to the U.N., a “large-scale event,” “future pandemics,” a “disruptions to global digital connectivity,” a “major event in outer space,” and other “unforeseen risks” are all causes of an emergency platform.

    Instead of defending American sovereignty, the White House expressed its support for the emergency platform.

    U.S. Ambassador Chris Lu noted in March 2022 that the Biden administration supports the U.N.’s emergency platform, as well as multiple other proposals included in “Our Common Agenda,” according to a transcript of Lu’s remarks to the U.N. in 2022.


    • Kellzilla says:

      Sec Yellen went crawling to Beijing to make sure China buy some bond and the solar panels , wind turbines keep coming. Jamie Dimon is holding the westerners “Russians” assets in his 100yrs old Chinese branch of JPMorgan. The BRICS is a plan hatched by Goldman Sachs. They talked for about 9 years on how to prop up the 3rd world country to fight climate change Russia Gas/oil switcheroo accomplish just that. The decoupling from Libor to Sofr will ensure the money’garch will navigate an ocean of possibility between interest rates. New World order ‘ Old world Order.

      If you want change: get rid of the FED, give capital creation in the hands of the citizens,. Give them a true Income with has much disposable income to place them at the center of the capitalism system. Let the people decide, which enterprise get funded and defunded. Take true responsibility for the world that will emerge in their image. Finally farmers will be ahead. hahaha Everybody needs to eat 😎

    • mkey says:

      There is no such thing as a fair election, democracy itself is a majestic con that has duped billions of people. They are being had so thoroughly that not 1 in 10000 will realize what is going.

      Instead, they will vote harder for the next great liberator.

      • lisab says:

        “Vote harder” Ha!
        And the harder they vote, the harder they will crash off of the hopium, still without any clue of how they are being used as pawns… James has already drilled that point home… Until that is, they stop being pawns… Not 1 in 10000 will get it… is this just a random number to represent their improbability to getting it, or your perception that they just simply cannot get it? Everyone has the potential. I guess we’ll see!

        “And so it goes…” – Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughter-House Five

  2. Kellzilla says:

    Thank you James , i watched Daniel Ellsberg VS Bill Kristol.

    The caller at 24:00 was unreal hahaha I looked into the Curriculum for a master into international Affairs, it’s all NeoCon or UN nonSens., i dunno if we will ever see statesmen the like of Daniel Ellsberg. Scholar are at the moment leading us into oblivion. Perhaps a “man of the people” intellectual will emerge.

    I wonder how you feel about RFKjr, perhaps your position have soften regarding the state? He’s winning me over.

    State or voluntarism i hope we both agree too many secrets , too many lies have lead the world to the brink. The way forward starts with a strong commitment to truth.
    Thank you for your work James aannD Broc annnnnnnd “Twitchy” James, i did send him a tip when i purchased Your media class 😎

  3. HyperSimian says:

    If only enough pawns didn’t show up to the game.

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    That’s the darkest of dark stories. You have a hot button editorial here. If you are working for yourself you deserve a raise. If you are working for others you deserve a promotion. It should cause the reader to think of his weak position in this new/old paradigm that you so expertly constructed for us. I believe you.
    I can’t imagine who will come to our rescue. The Pentagon? The likes of Gen.Westley Clark? The National Guard? The Navy Admiralty? Fema? FBI? As mentioned above, Secret Service? Biden? And last that piece of sh*t Merrick Garland*?
    Fascism like Communism IMO comes in the night, well organized, quietly as to not awaken any opposition to its goals untill appeasement happens*… History as you stated James repeats because it can while having the will to do so. The past generations had stronger backbones but no forwarding intelligence* to finish the job once and for all when those pawns had the chance in 1945 in Europe*. Or for that matter Gen. Smedley Butler in 1923*.
    Always improving the playbook the Global elites have weaken this generation* and care little that we have forwarding intelligence* or know what they are up to. This arrogance is revealed by the weakness of our youth* who will be those pawns we traditionally relied on to fight this kind of situation. Hopefully our pawns have enough access to the weapons* that could dethrone the 10,000* that own this new paradigm.
    Bring it to a head somehow* because not showing up emboldens Fascists, that is not so good an option.
    1. Garland; OKC bombing psyop
    2. Appeasement; Hitler 1933,
    3. No media reaching the farm pawn
    Pearl Harbor psyop
    4. Europe; Gen. George Patton 1945
    5. Gen.Smedley Butler halts
    Washington fascist Coup @1923
    6. Weakened Youth; Clot shot, 🌈
    Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
    7. Weapons;Vanguard, Blackrock,911
    $2.3 Trillion, Space Force,5g
    8. Forward Intelligence; PNAC,
    201, agenda 2030,UN one world
    9. 10,000, RFKjr. Said” “there’s only a handful of these psychos that are doing this”. Nato

  5. lisab says:

    If you don’t wish to play the game, then pardon me for asking, respectfully, why pick a side and paint yourself the color red, blue, purple, or whatever, ever again?

    After reading Corbett’s article does it not become clearer that the hopium has the pawns under the spell that their energy expended to pick a side to back for the “win” of who’s next to rule or choose for us ever again, is only supporting and perpetuating the illusion that the government has any power over the masses?

    We give our power away and gladly play the pawn, as happy as sacrificial lambs! Election campaigns are prep rallies. Hip hip hooray! Give them your support and carry them on your shoulders only to have them walk all over you time and time again.

    It doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is what WE DO. Elections are an activity to distract the pawns from their self chosen ignorance. What we ought not do any longer is continue to DO the same thing time and time again while expecting different outcomes. That’s just crazy distorted, exponentially, given that we have been repeating these actions in one way or another for eons.

    However, this still needs to be viewed from an even wider angle to clearly view the Whole picture. All the pieces are being revealed. The election pawns are being drained of their energy merely by picking a side, willingly holding a position of opposition to another because they think they are thinking in terms of right and wrong. Then the pawns are released to argue with one another until the day finally arrives to cast their vote into a sea of hopium. Then we argue about the results. We have been behaving like salmon (yes, salmon in particular) who are ecstatic to take the bait and be on the hook for all eternity.

    Take it to the next and final step and rid yourself of the ability to be misled ever again. I encourage expanding your awareness to the next level by looking into The Joseph Communications by Michael G. Reccia. The fourth book titled, The Fall, offers an honest but challenging view into the questions and the answers we are all seeking at the very heart of the human condition. I’ve never experienced such cognitive dissonance when seeking Truth, but it turns out that level of detachment is quite liberating! I especially think that if James Corbett would be willing to find the time to read The Joseph Communications, and potentially interview the author Michael G. Reccia, then it would be REALLY EYE OPENING for his subscribers!

    • Steve Smith says:

      Beware of deceiving spirits.

      “Should a channeler begin to think seriously about Jesus Christ or consider receiving Jesus as personal Savior, the spirit will provide “true” insight. Jesus Christ will be redefined, biblical “errors” will be corrected, “Christ” himself may appear and confirm the lies. The person may be told that receiving Christ as Savior is an error of “primitive” Christianity, perpetrated by “unenlightened” Jews who mistakenly thought Jesus Christ was their Messiah. People may be told that Christianity is a spiritually unevolved religion that will bring great suffering, not only in this life, but especially in the next. And a spirit’s response will be carefully tailored to the knowledge, background, and emotional makeup of their contact. Whatever is necessary to keep that person from personal faith in the biblical Christ, this is what is done.”

      “Michael G Reccia may be aware or unaware that he is being used to deceive people through the occult medium of channelling, and also himself from salvation through the wonderful grace of God, because he has no spiritual discernment. Channelling is very dangerous and opens the person up to spiritual deception. They not only deceive themselves by believing these ‘spirits’, but they actually believe that they are ‘special’ and receiving some new revelation from god, but it’s just the master deceiver Satan telling lies.”


      • lisab says:

        ““Christ” himself may appear and confirm the lies.“.
        >”Christ” is NOT a man (human being). Jesus was a man who embraced the Spirit FULLY to show as an example which represents us all inherently as Spirit. We ALL REPRESENT SPIRIT. We do not reach Spirit through any other. “I and my father are one.” Repeat that statement for yourself…that is the TRUTH. The Christ is The Spirit. And, Spirit is in the heart (core) of every human being of which IS speaking to everyone individually from WITHIN. Yes, we all need discernment FROM WITHIN. The gems of wisdom are in the Bible, sure, as with many, many other texts. But the gems have been masked and hidden. Now you must go on a treasure hunt to discover the gems, and then you must apply the gems of wisdom with your heart and soul included in the process of remembering your own TRUE heritage that is SPIRIT. But the TRUE Wisdom can only be rediscovered from within your own individualized consciousness (not in your head btw).

        Whatever wordpress document you’ve shared to debunk someone is not using your own discernment but instead you are relying on the discernment of another. You are using Resources outside yourself. I suggest you go straight to SOURCE for your confirmations of Truth. You are looking for text to fit your framework to satisfy your own BELIEFS. Michael G. Reccia implores that no one believes the messages coming through him, but instead to test for yourself the messages being expressed…his channel wants you to determine for yourself because ALL is already KNOWN. Also, no one, including Reccia, profits financially from the sale of his books. Not one cent.
        But if you wish to continue to BELIEVE and buy into the version that has been handed down to you, that is your prerogative.
        Everyone, human and spirit alike all have an agenda. If you research what the channel (Joseph) and Michael’s agenda is then you may find yourself in alignment with them, or not. I cannot convince you of anything as that is not MY agenda. I’m pointing you in the direction of One Self so that you may recognize your own KNOWLEDGE of God already present within each and every ONE.

        • Steve Smith says:

          “Christ” is NOT a man (human being). Jesus was a man who embraced the Spirit FULLY ”

          Christ is God.

          “Yes, we all need discernment FROM WITHIN”

          The spirit of God is within me. That is how I know that channeling spirits and entities is ungodly and dangerous.

          “Michael G. Reccia implores that no one believes the messages coming through him, but instead to test for yourself the messages being expressed”

          It is not important how much truth is contained in the messages coming through him. What is important are the lies contained in the messages.
          Namely that man doesn’t need a savior.
          Keeping people from trusting in Christ and relying on themselves is the Lucifer’s top priority.
          He wants to take as many people to hell with him as he possibly can. And what better way than to lead them astray with sweet sounding words of reassurance that they needn’t worry about God’s warnings.

          And what makes the entity that Reccia channels more honest than all the myriad entities channeled by others who have imparted contradictory information?

          “Also, no one, including Reccia, profits financially from the sale of his books. Not one cent.”

          That’s a good trick. How did he convince the publishers and marketers to forgo their profits?
          If that is true, please tell me where I can obtain copies of all the volumes for free.
          I don’t believe it.

          • lisab says:

            Steve Smith, when you refer to yourself as “I” as in “I am Steve Smith”, you are referring to yourself as something that you are not. You think you are Steve Smith, but you are not. Steve Smith is a persona “you” (Soul = individualized aspect of Spirit = God) have CHOSEN to experience in physicality. Steve Smith is a formed ego through a physical form. You are not the ego. You are not your body or brain mind. You, me, all of us are Souls in direct connection with Spirit, all in connection with one another. The physical aspect is just a vessel, clothing, a costume, a character in a role we have chosen to play. But many have forgotten their own God granted free will choices. The end result is an evasion of personal responsibility and ensuing chaos, perpetually)

            The Joseph Communications brings Light to the darkness of forgetting who we truly are at core and why we are here suffering this perpetual madness of a human race.

            God channels through ALL of “Us”. God is saying through us, “I AM.”
            Given that most of “Us” have forgotten The “I AM” Within ALL of “Us”, it is up to US as individuals to forgo our little selves, save space from Within for the “I AM” to speak through you, WITH your permission, to surrender what you think you know (believe) and simply KNOW that God is THE “I AM” of which WE ALL are INSEPARABLE.
            Try as anyone might in Thought Word or Deed, no one cannot be separate from ONE.
            “God only counts to ONE.” – The Joseph Communications.

            • lisab says:

              *CORRECTION: Try as anyone might in Thought, Word or Deed no one CAN be separate from ONE.

              Typo is the word “cannot”

            • Steve Smith says:

              “Steve Smith is a persona “you” (Soul = individualized aspect of Spirit = God) ”

              No, I am not God. To claim that would be blasphemy.

              I worship God. The uncreated one who sustains the universe.
              I’m a created being just like Michael G. Reccia, the entity Joseph that he channels and the entity who spoke these words:

              “Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.“

              I will continue to pray for you and to pray that God will deliver you and everyone else who has fallen under this deadly delusion.

              2 Timothy 4: 3 – 4
              For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables

              2 Peter 2:1 – But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

              • lisab says:

                To respond to the array of Bible quotes would merely be my point of view translating to you my interpretation of the words written. The gems in the Bible are the text in red supposedly quoting Jesus. Jesus has been misunderstood, just as God has been misunderstood from the beginning, as we (human aspects) can comprehend time.
                Jesus went on to channel through a woman named Helen Schucman which created A Course in Miracles. An interesting but challenging read. There are gems of wisdom everywhere Steve, you being one of them. You just keep looking to a well worn script with very antiquated uses and interpretations of the text in the Bible. Do you have a weed whacker? If so, use it!
                The Joseph Communications speaks plainly in today’s language, making the message more comprehensible for any discerning mind. This is not New Age. New age is a distortion. As is the Bible. As is the human logic…All distortions are created from Fear. Free yourself. Save yourself. You will NOT be punished for admitting that you are every bit as much of God as the rest of us, EVERYONE… Every One…
                I write from the Heart Mind where I chose to be in conscious awareness of God Within Me just as I also see God Within You, and you, and you too! That is who I am speaking with when I communicate with you Steve Smith 🥰

            • Steve Smith says:

              Also lisab, I do understand why you don’t respond to the Bible quotes, (what could you say after all?). And that you don’t appreciate the documents I linked to. But why is it that you won’t address the points that I’ve brought up, as you say, “using my own discernment“?

              Such as “ It is not important how much truth is contained in the messages coming through him. What is important are the lies contained in the messages.
              Namely that man doesn’t need a savior.“

              Or “what makes the entity that Reccia channels more honest than all the myriad entities channeled by others who have imparted contradictory information?”

              Or “If that is true, please tell me where I can obtain copies of all the volumes for free.”

              I pretty much understand the new age message that you are expounding.
              It is not very likely that I’ll buy into it no matter how many times you reiterate it.
              But don’t you think that you should defend your claims rather than ignore the challenges that come up?

              • lisab says:

                There’s no need for me to defend what I KNOW and CHOOSE to share. I’m not in a battle. I am IN JOY just having the conversation. I wish James Corbett would be willing to take his research to the level of Spirit so at least his audience can relate through his impeccable discernment. He does encourage us to decide for ourselves, correct? And then to follow that with an interview with Reccia would be EYE OPENING for some, which is the GOAL of TRUTH IN JOURNALISM…OBJECTIVITY confronts SUBJECTIVITY.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “There’s no need for me to defend what I KNOW and CHOOSE to share. “

                Sorry, but that sounds like a cop out.

                I do appreciate your gentle spirit, but please tell me why you think that the entity Joseph is to be trusted any more than any other entity that is supposedly being channeled by anyone else?
                So far you’ve given me nothing beyond what you “feel”
                You state authoritatively that the Bible is not to be trusted and that Jesus has been misunderstood and misquoted. And yet you’ve substantiated that with nothing but what you “feel” and what you’ve gleaned from the writings of others.

                You said that you’ve had visions. Please elaborate on that if they have contributed to your decision to place your faith in other men rather than the God of the Bible.

                I am sorry if I’m being annoying, but tell me please. Why should I believe what some disembodied guy named Joseph is claimed to have said instead of what Ashtar says?


                I’m sure that Ashtar’s proponents are just as fervent in their defense of the truth from him, (it?).

                Again, sorry. But it just makes a lot more sense to me to trust in a God that has, for many decades, worked in my life and repeatedly confirmed the truth of His holy Word not only to me but to countless others throughout history. A God who has performed verifiable miracles in many lives and promises the gift of eternal life to any and all who simply accept it by faith.
                Rather than trust something that I have every reason to suspect is a pure deception designed to undermine my faith and separate me from God.

          • lisab says:

            “It is not important how much truth is contained in the messages coming through him.”
            > Are you looking for Truth or not? Discernment is weeding through it all before coming to any conclusions.

            “What is important are the lies contained in the messages.”
            > This is applicable to the Bible, all written text, and all who repeat their BELIEFS. Wouldn’t you rather KNOW where there’s no room for doubt?

            “Namely that man doesn’t need a savior.”
            > Save us from what exactly? Our own free will choice was to create a world without God. We need to create with God, from Within. Otherwise we are going without God. When you “die” you might reconsider choosing another go at being human through reincarnation. May I suggest you consider moving on to Infinity so there are no more next-times or do-overs?!” Our (humanity) track record Really sucks!

            “Keeping people from trusting in Christ and relying on themselves is the Lucifer’s top priority.”
            > And like Lucifer, We All Fell from God when we decided to forge our own path, not trusting in THE CHRIST (GOD, LIGHT, LOVE, DEAR ONE). We did so out of Love. This is not a “sin”. This was a mistake, a giant mistake with dire consequential effects. When we forge new paths the lesson is to do so IN LOVE. God is LOVE, LIGHT. Being IN LOVE casts LIGHT onto the DARKNESS (the UNKNOWN).

            “He wants to take as many people to hell with him as he possibly can. And what better way than to lead them astray with sweet sounding words of reassurance that they needn’t worry about God’s warnings”
            > After watching enough of Corbett’s videos and especially reading the above editorial, do you not see that we ARE IN hell? What is hell? A state of being without God! We created this madness by being led “astray with sweet sounding words of reassurance that they needn’t worry about God’s warnings.” The warning was to not forge one’s own path without God, which is what we are doing and have been doing for a multitude of aeons!

            If you wish to expand your awareness, then now is as good a time as any. You may impose upon yourself limitations all you want. But why? What are you so afraid of facing? It does matter how much Truth you seek. But you don’t seem to be aware that you are being led by fear. The devil that you speak of (not of a singular personality but a combination of such who like to operate in the darkness) counts on that fear to keep you in the dark. All are OF GOD. Some choose not to accept God’s Light in order to see the chaos WE CREATED by BEING WITHOUT GOD…go figure?

            I ——> GOD
            AM ——> IS
            ONE! ——> FOUNDATION

            I Am You
            You Are Me
            We Are One

            [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • zyxzevn says:

        Wait. You are believing one channel but not the other.
        That is kind of authoritative and biased.

        What about the bible from Romans who murdered Christians
        versus the dead-sea-scrolls from followers.
        Believe what you want, but my bet is that the murderers changed
        some bits.

        And we know from history that they changed a lot.
        One clear change is that “god” was originally experienced as a
        daily friend and guide, while that was later changed to a “god”
        that was far above and only reachable if you were “good enough”.

        Same is with a lot of things.
        They did the same thing with the bible, as they do now with
        the woke movement and critical theory.
        Changing meaning, adding guilt, even changing history.
        It happened before.

        And why is Christianity’s symbol a cross?
        The symbol of suffering. Like the Christians suffered in Rome.
        Jezus did never stand for suffering.
        But the churches all pushed this suffering, with the promise of salvation.
        If people worked hard enough for their masters, they would go to heaven
        and suffer no more.

        And Christians in South America see a Jesus that brings hope and love.
        The symbol is in Sao Paul. A standing Jesus.

        People in India are still dancing though, like their gods.

        • zyxzevn says:

          Religion is a Conspiracy

          The Christian, the Jewish and other religions are full with conspiracies,
          manipulations and other weird things.
          Even in the stories that are written down, are about such things.

          Usually the religion comes out as the best in its own holy book,
          above all other religions in a way.
          And sometimes demonizing the other religions.
          Again.. who really wrote this?

          You don’t need to be anti-christianity or whatever
          to realize that things don’t fully add up.

          In my personal experience, I have found very dark spirits in churches,
          who were actually spirits of priests.
          Priests who pushed the idea of suffering.
          So no wonder they wanted a cross as a symbol.

          And the churches are build in a certain way (via the freemason techniques)
          to keep people in a certain mind-set.
          Variations of such techniques are used everywhere.
          That mind-set is strengthened with singing, repetition, rituals, etc.
          All to keep a group or population in a certain hypnotic state.

          • lisab says:

            “Organized religion is a farce,” said my father, formally known as Ricky.

            The link of the one channel I’ve posted is the clearest, most recent, most clarifying, most revealing, and most honest point of view that we all can relate to. The same old same ole stories are addressed while being a present, pre sent message for us all as a remedy for all of the problems we are facing.

            But any one can decide for themselves. The Joseph Communications says to not trust him. He only asks you to look within to test his comments against your own unique perspective of the world as how it’s being presented to us versus how the world actually is.
            I’ve weeded through a lot of text. The key is to apply the gems of wisdom wherever and whenever you receive their beauty.

  6. lisab says:

    You all are seeing that humanity is on a diabolical path and has been for aeons. Inherently we all know the way out of this madness, but we can’t quite seem to grasp what is the overall solution. The best solution to a problem isn’t treating the symptoms. We have to go as deep as our origin. Come out of your boxes and return to the expansive being which you ARE at your Core. Taking a proper leap simply means to Trust Within One Self. (It’s like riding a bike).

    • lisab says:

      For those who do not want to do the work for themselves, here is a link to Steve Smith’s inquiry about Michael G. Reccia not profiting from the sale of his books. *Steve, I never stated that the books are free. You do not have to inquire further…Why are you insisting on defending and arguing your BELIEFS? It’s up to you to form a stronger foundation for yourself.

      • lisab says:

        “But if you wish to continue to BELIEVE and buy into the version that has been handed down to you, that is your prerogative.”

        Steve Smith, you are not having a conversation about this topic with me. You pick and choose some of what I say and turn my words around and then you place my words into your frame of reference so that you can keep talking about… what? What your parents told you to believe? What your grandparents told you to believe? What their parents told them to believe, to have faith in the scripture, even if you don’t understand it, just worship, mind your p’s and q’s, and god willing you will account for every sin so that Jesus can wash you away of your misdeeds? Talk about convenient. You are a willing follower and participant of a distortion of God where you do not have to take any personal responsibility for your actions. Seriously, what’s your angle… rhetorical, please don’t answer…I already know the answer, okay?
        I was told by my father when I was growing up that he will not allow the grandparents to have us children indoctrinated so that we had a chance to look into the matter for ourselves so that we may decide for ourselves what God means to us personally. I learned how to be discerning from a very young age, and I ran with that… Now I have passed the half-century mark. I have read and discovered many texts through many philosophies, disciplines, and religions. I’ve run the gannet in my research for seeking TRUTH, not anyone else’s version of it. This is what is happening in the world RIGHT NOW. You are playing catch up if you are still hung up on scripture as your only resource. God has spoken through countless lives as their SOURCE.
        You are only annoying because your are playing the same broken recording. It’s not the text in the Bible I have a problem with. It’s how it’s being utilized against us and has been since it was contrived in the first place. I’m sorry that you cannot see this.

  7. zyxzevn says:

    One thing I noticed, is that money turns “independent” people into pawns

    During the scamdemic, we could see how much money was pumped into propaganda.
    And not into actual science and research.
    This helped to shape a false picture of what was going on.

    Many doctors just went along with the clown-show due to fear
    for losing their income.
    That did not even need CBDCs or banks blocking accounts.

    Almost all wars are funded in the same way.
    Lots of money, from a lot of loans.
    Often loans on both sides, with predatory conditions.
    The wars were often protested, but the war-mongers have very successfully
    infiltrated the public. And socially engineered a war mentality.

    Most people in France were protesting when they worried about
    their money. The yellow-jackets were protesting fuel prizes.
    Recently we had protests against pension age changes.

    The more fire-lit protests were likely sponsored by Soros and co.

    Why did hardly anyone protest the covid-measures?
    Or the poisoning of people with the injections?
    Because people got their money they just stepped back
    and watched TV.

    A TV that is fully paid for by big companies.
    Big companies who rely on loans from banks with certain conditions.
    The companies have to be promote climate-crazy or
    anti-children-trends or anti-white-culture.

    If there was no money put into any of that stuff,
    it would all be gone within a few weeks.

  8. Valuedcustomer says:

    You should see the number of treaties Native American Tribes signed and never honored by the uSA.

  9. wiesiek says:

    I agree with James. We should all refuse to be pawns in a chess game — but it’s easier said than done. We sometimes find ourselves in the middle of something that we haven’t asked for, but in order to survive we must follow the herd. I was myself in situations like that and said things I knew were wrong, but just wanted to save my skin. That was many decades ago, but I still feel bad about it. The realities are very different when we are a third party to a conflict, and when we are caught up right in the middle of it. I also wonder if freedom of speech should be absolute. There are influencers out there who drove people to suicide, and some who just spew rabid hatred. So where to draw the line, and who and how could police the media, especially since those with the power to control are cynical manipulators themselves who serve their own sinister agendas? And should the content ever be restricted at all, if (one may argue) each one of us is free not to visit the sites we don’t like, or to block the individual media users that we don’t like?

  10. catalyst says:

    James, you’re an outright living legend…sharpening my proverbial??? axe whilst waiting for part two…🙏

  11. hpete says:

    Biillion-dollar-euro-yuan-shekel-ruble-hryvnia… question: why do people fight? Why are they willing to sacrifice their life?

    Arabic countries perhaps for Allah?, Israelis and Ukrainians presumably for their long desired “nation”?, Russians for Mother Russia and against what they see as badly perverted and degenerate “Western values”?, Chinese for their Communist Party? British and Japanese for the King’s or Emperor’s glory? Modern Europeans for “Euroean unity?” Canadians for “Canadian values” whatever those are? Americans for the “Almighty Dollar” owned by the Federal Reserve Bank?

    Hmmm… Just some of the top-of-my-head guesses. Please feel free to enlighten me about the motives of other peoples/nations…

    Here are some interesting G.K. Chesterton quotes that every soldier determined to sacrifice his life ought to ponder:

    “War is not ‘the best way of settling differences;’ it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you.”

    “The old assumption of the approximate impossibility of war really rested on a similar assumption about the impossibility of evil-and especially of evil in high places.”

    “You have not wasted your time; you have helped to save the world. We are not buffoons, but very desperate men at war with a vast conspiracy.”

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

    • mkey says:

      One typical reason is absolution of guilt. While they will accept their “syn” may be whatever, people are ready to believe they did something wrong without actually doing anything wrong.

      Ex. guilt by association (on national, racial or any other basis), guilt due to being alive, guilt due to overpopulation, guilt due to being declared ill, guilt due to declared effects on the environment etc.

      • hpete says:

        mkey, guilt implies conscience, conscience implies knowledge of good & evil, precisely as Genesis 2 formulates it with “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Once you know what is good and what is evil you can have guilt for doing the evil thing.

        Modern men/societies have abolished this crucial notion and thus many or most? people don’t feel any guilt when they drop “democracy” from 20,000 feet, or mass-jab billions with kill-jabs if they make a buck, if they rape the earth for personal benefit, or spread bioweapons or chemical weapons. Aren’t the climate change concerns for the Ukrainian war highly hypocritical?

        Guilt for climate change & overpopulation implies a new moral standard or faith or “religion” – Malthusian, Darwinian, pseudo-science, etc. One could argue that Darwin’s Bulldog T.H. Huxley was the founder of this new hypocritical religion:

        “That is vintage Thomas Huxley, performing a moral jujitsu against Christianity, so that Science becomes the bastion of virtue while Religion becomes immoral superstition. Blind faith, he said, is ‘the one unpardonable sin’. …

        He is gesturing towards the dismal economy of Reverend Malthus here — if the working classes have too many children, then according to Malthusian economics the ‘penalty’ will be poverty, hardship, crime, plague and death. The more we study nature, Huxley insisted, the more we will succeed at the game of life:

        The chess board is the world, the pieces the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us. All we know is that his play is always fair, just and patient.

        But who are we playing against? God, Death, the Devil? No, across from us sits Nature, ‘a calm, strong angel who is playing for love as we say, and would rather lose than win’. This is a far cry from Darwin’s blind and pitiless nature.”

        A century ago there was still enough post-Christian inertia which allowed Chesterton to point out the paradox of the “twelve men”. Today even judicial system is a joke and juries are carefully directed towards the “proper” outcome. The “12 Angry Men” could still have reasonable doubt about “guilt” in 1957, but not any more:

        “Our civilization has decided, and very justly decided, that determining the guilt or innocence of men is a thing too important to be trusted to trained men. It wishes for light upon that awful matter, it asks men who know no more law than I know, but who can feel the thing that I felt in that jury box. When it wants a library catalogued, or the solar system discovered, or any trifle of that kind, it uses up its specialists. But when it wishes anything done which is really serious, it collects twelve of the ordinary men standing round. The same thing was done, if I remember right, by the Founder of Christianity.” ― G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles

    • lisab says:

      “Biillion-dollar-euro-yuan-shekel-ruble-hryvnia… question: why do people fight? Why are they willing to sacrifice their life?

      Arabic countries perhaps for Allah?, Israelis and Ukrainians presumably for their long desired “nation”?, Russians for Mother Russia and against what they see as badly perverted and degenerate “Western values”?, Chinese for their Communist Party? British and Japanese for the King’s or Emperor’s glory? Modern Europeans for “Euroean unity?” Canadians for “Canadian values” whatever those are? Americans for the “Almighty Dollar” owned by the Federal Reserve Bank?

      Hmmm… Just some of the top-of-my-head guesses. Please feel free to enlighten me about the motives of other peoples/nations…”

      >>>The base motivation stems from BELIEVING that one is RIGHT or CORRECT, therefore one must DO what is believed to be correct, even if that means imposing one’s beliefs and actions upon another, or upon all others, depending how far is one’s reach.

      • hpete says:

        lisab, I am not sure if you really believe what you wrote, or if you are merely sarcastic. I am assuming the latter. If you truly behave as you wrote, please explain… Otherwise you would be criticizing the “moral relativism” of our times, and you would be correct, but what is the solution?

    • mkey says:

      He didn’t get the 97% thing correctly:
      1- I believe the 97% comes from 31/32
      2- over a weekend the authors of the study skimmed through about 2000 studies by only reading the abstract
      3- if based on the abstract it was determined that the study is relevant for the issue of CC, the study was tallied up to denominator
      4- if the author did not explicitly reject the anthropocentric nature of CC, the study was counted toward the numerator

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