The Real "Blowback" in Syria

09/29/201519 Comments

russia-china-750x425by James Corbett
September 29, 2015

A month and a half ago, when the US-Turkey deal for the creation of Kurdish ISIS-free zones was still the big talking point in the Syrian war, Russia was engaged in a diplomatic effort that flew under the radar. Russia's plan: to create a "broad coalition" of countries to seriously confront the ISIS threat. The idea, floated by foreign affairs minister Sergey Lavrov at the Iran nuclear negotiations in Vienna and other international venues, received little attention and wasn't taken very seriously by anyone. Spurned by the so-called "Syrian National Council," rejected by the Saudis, and, inevitably, turned down cold by the White House, it looked like this was destined to be another Russian foreign policy initiative that would whither on the vine.

Oh what a difference a month makes. Far from giving up on the idea, Russia simply decided to proceed with its own "coalition of the willing," much to the chagrin of the yellow press of the West. Faux outrage over the presence of Russian military advisers and equipment in Syria (neither a new nor a surprising development given Russia's military alliance with Syria) soon gave way to consternation over Russia's military/intelligence alliance with Iran and Iraq and even the possible extension of that alliance to include Hezbollah and Yemen.

But this week's bombshell threatens to blow all of that out of the water: The latest (unconfirmed) reports indicate China is getting involved in the fight. According to Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi, a high-ranking Syrian army official has confirmed to the news site that Chinese involvement in the Syrian conflict is here: "[T]he Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks." This follows a week of speculation piqued by the apparent deployment to the Mediterranean of a Chinese cruiser, which Russian Senator Igor Morozov has asserted is taking part in Russia's Syrian operations.

If these reports are true, then there is a significant shift taking place in the Syria narrative, long dominated by the West, the Gulf states, the Israelis, the Turks and their puppet organizations in the country. We are now witnessing the rise of a power bloc that contains the second and third largest militaries on the planet as well as the active cooperation of the governments actually affected by the ISIS invasion. That brings with it a legitimacy that the US and GCC could only wish for in the conflict.

All eyes are now on the UN General Assembly, where it seems Obama and Putin are engaging in a tit-for-tat on the Syrian conflict and the respective parties' participation in it. It is also evident that the US has lost even more face in the international community as Russia once again steps up to the plate with actual decisive actions that show it means business.

This turn of events is much closer to what is meant by the mealy-mouthed "blowback" explanation that leftist war apologists love to use to explain things like the rise of Al Qaeda or the rise of ISIS. According to the proponents of the blowback theory, the current mess in Syria wasn't a deliberate strategy to foment an Islamic State (as even the former head of the DIA has now publicly accused the White House of doing); no, it's "blowback" and "unintended consequences" by a "bungling administration" that "can't do intervention right."

Well, here's blowback of a much different sort. The US, the Saudis, the Turks, the Israelis—all of these parties have used the conflict as an excuse for showboating, hand-wringing, and advancing their own agendas in the region. And now, as a result, a military coalition that is actually interested in obliterating the ISIS terror bogeyman has arisen.

It remains to be seen whether this is just more 2D chess in support of 3D machinations. Rumors that Putin has been willing to put Assad on the chopping block since the very beginning of the conflict persist, and it will be interesting to see if Russia ultimately puts some sort of Assad "power-sharing" arrangement on the table as a concession to get the ball moving diplomatically in Syria.

But however it plays out from here, there is no happy ending for Obama and his partners in crime. Their carefully constructed terror bogeyman is increasingly looking like its days are numbered.

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  1. jhnsmall6 says:

    China has moved it’s aircraft carrier to Syria. Local USA politics, Right, Rush and Savage, endorse Putin/China action. Savage is a major source for Trump, and numerically is #2 in national talk circuit, he is ignored by press/media because of his immigration outlook, and anti political correctness. Savage is worth 20 million single issue vote count.

    • Well, the dumb American cattle now have yet another mass shooting in the closed loop media to keep them hypnotized from all of the shifts. You also saw a lot of market volatility and declines in most of the BRICS countries’ indexes. Something is definitely afoot and whatever agenda the puppet masters have, it is accelerating.

  2. garyegeberg says:

    Well, if there are three governments I definitely wouldn’t trust among all the untrustworthy governments in the world simply because they have the capacity to do unparalleled, irreversible damage, it would definitely be the US, Russia, and China. These moves by Russia and China could simply be part of the NWO show, much like the Pope’s recent visit to the US. The 3D element could be that of making Obama’s policy look inept or weak in the eyes of the world as power continues to shift to the East. Who knows? My “favorite” diaboligarchs are not returning my calls.

    • kahingshiu says:

      Skepticism is cool because it plays safe. It not difficult to see the dots joining to your skepticism but they are sketchy even at the level that James Corbett has managed to bring out. There are so many layers and the difficult one are hidden in a people’s psyche, or history and culture over the centuries and human experiences over each and every generation. But these are difficult packets too complex to be presented in shorthand mode normal in discussion links or talk panels. If we rely on ‘intellectualism’ to make our world comprehensible, make that effort organic as well.

  3. rich2 says:

    Given the Russians recent experience with promises from the west it’s hard to imagine they would trust any negotiated deal that removed Assad.

  4. BuddhaForce says:

    …or its Operation Cyclone Redux and with China in there, we got us a real lunker.

  5. phreedomphile says:

    Orwell’s three superstates each with a technologically sophisticated military banding together to battle the wily ISIS tactical geniuses reads like Marvel comics meets The Onion.

    A “broad coalition of countries” conjures visions of a budding global military force (amazingly timed on the heels of the UN summit!). Ironic that a broad coalition of countries aided the rise of ISIS including Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel along with the usual NATO suspects.

    One thing to keep in mind is a narrative of a dispersal of fleeing ISIS members to many nations could keep this boogeyman going in the MSM as a pretext for false flags. This is consistent with a US official publicly stating early in the Syrian dust up that jihadists from western countries being trained in Syria were expected to go back to their respective countries to engage in terrorist attacks and there was nothing that could be done to stop them.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Very well stated, phreedomphile. Frighteningly so. This apparent and ultimate 2D so-called Clash of Civilisations (in the cradle of civilisation?) does indeed achieve the vital 3D goal of ambient war, threat and fear keeping the plebs on their knees screaming for more security. Throw in a few shock doctrine events clearing the minds and real estate for the smart cities of the future and Skinner-style social sincerity credit ratings….

      and voila! You have your very own brave new world! well…something like that… now off to the hamster wheel with me!

  6. candideschmyles says:

    Just what the region needs is the the engagement of more foreign armies! Isn’t it high time Saudi Arabia and their gulf vassals were invaded? Would certainly mean the end of jihadi terror funding.

  7. n.riva1989 says:

    I’m no Putin supporter, or Russian ‘bandwagoner’, but I believe the 3D chess game stops at Russia and Putin. In my opinion, Russia’s role as ‘pawn’ on the ‘Grand Chessboard’, doesn’t seem to fit anymore. The soviet, and post soviet Russian oligarch governments served well as pawns and dupes. The government led by Putin doesn’t seem to want to become part of this ‘New World Order’ dominated by the Anglo American elites. He may have aspirations of some sort of world government, but I do not believe it has anything to do with what has been proposed over the last half century. This ‘New World Order’ cannot succeed without the submission of Russia.

    A full-scale thermonuclar war does not benefit anyone. Therefore, I don’t think pushing purposely for one is wanted in order to impose a world government, however, Russia standing in the way of this world order can unintentionally lead to one. Obviously, this is my opinion. Whatever the case, Russian seems determined to wipe out these proxy extremist dupes that have been doing the leg work for the ‘Strategy of Tension. ‘

    • I don’t know about that. This isn’t about being or not being a Putin supporter. I would point out that he is friends with Kissinger, a known globalist one-worlder. I don’t think we are in a position to make such definitive statements from where we observers stand because we are not privy to so many things and machinations that go on in the deepest and darkest layers of the game of thrones.

      I will note that Putin has repeatedly exalted the role of the UN and international law, elevating that as the benchmark of what things should be. Implied in that is that there is some sort of global order or administrative eminence that the UN has that all states should adhere to. If this conflict does brood into some sort of world conflagration, you can bet your bottom toilet paper dollar that something even more insidious than the UN will be rolled out (if we all survive).

      The theme I see is that the US is this rogue state (which it is) that is not adhering to the global order (and perhaps this is why there has to be the planned destruction of the US?). To buttress this sort of rogue states starting world wars (think Germany, and maybe now US), we need a strong global governance.

      I just don’t think we can make such definitive statements of “Well, Putin must be against the powers that be because of his stance against the US empire.” This is what we are allowed to see in public. I would not take anything that we are told, from either side, at face value. While Putin may have a moral high ground in terms of indicting the Washington consensus, if you pay attention to his statements, he is promoting exactly what we all here know and talk about – world government.

    • I also forgot to point out that Putin is all in with the UN Agenda 2030 nonsense which is just a renewed commitment of and increasing the pace of Agenda 21, all with the sustainable development sophistry of smart grids and surveillance superstates. For all we know, Putin is just another controlled opposition figure.

      Think of it like in The Godfather, where Don Corleone and all the mob bosses get together and put all their differences aside for their annual or whatever meeting and discuss their shares of the pie and politics or whose been out of line with the agenda. Once they leave, they are back to war with each other and business as usual. It’s all rigged and a controlled dialectic.

      • n.riva1989 says:

        I completely understand that Putin supports the UN and it’s stated goals, and am well aware of his relationship with that digesting globalist war criminal. However, What I see with Russia is a much more real confrontation, then say, the US China cold war posturing. I don’t mean to make such definitive statements. Just worried that the globalist psychopaths on this side of the pond will throw a tantrum and push the nuclear button if they don’t get their way. Points well taken though. Thanks for the reply. Cheers!

        • No I very much hear what you’re saying and on a very real level this could get ugly. If there is any moment from which a world war can start it’s from what’s going on in Syria with two superpowers that are militarily active. The slightest room for error or miscalculation could result in triggering a series of events from which there is no coming back. The Western ruling class, and to a greater extent, the US ruling elite and the neocons, are completely insane and apoplectic at this point. They are genuinely in panic mode because Putin did very much call their BS. They are in panic because this could all lead to the largest domino eventually – 911. Who knows? Maybe I have a fools hope.

  8. jhnsmall6 says:

    Chinese aircraft carrier could not confirm and is thus probably false.
    Russia has wanted to be a player in the Middle East and withdrawal and lead from behind USA, gave Putin the opening he needed, both in Iran and Syria, given Iran’s dominance over Iraq Putin is unlikely to join USA to stomp the Syrian government client state.

  9. jennybwatson says:

    Hi James,

    Looking forward to hearing your take on the Chinese aircraft carrier’s presence (or not) in Syria and what the dissemination of all the conflicting stories surrounding it might mean…

  10. candideschmyles says:

    If you think about it this could be further evidence that recent shifts in power in Saudi Arabia have affected the Saudi/U.S. special relationship. Together with the détente in relations with Iran, and presupposing Moscow got a tacit green light from the U.S. this marks a sea change in alliances. Of course Putin could be on script with the globalist agenda but he could also be being lured into a trap. Either way this is quite unexpected and I note nobody has predicted it.

  11. nosoapradio says:

    then again, who needs old-fashioned ragamuffin islamic boogey-men tagging along when you’ve achieved the real thing: the genuine nuclear world war kraken?

  12. sambiohazard says:

    Its very convenient for China to enter a war when the economy is collapsing. Russia/Iran have obviously much more at stake but are also suffering economically. You know debt leads to war & you get to create new order, forgive debt, & pass crazy trade deals when war ends.

    Russia’s posturing as US’s nemesis might be to push EEU integration forward with Russia/China leading. US foreign policy dictat has made many countries wary & otherwise fierce rivals in Asia might come together if a common cause/enemy can be found. This theory also integrates well with NWO agenda. I wonder as more economies in Asia start to suffer they will join Russia/China into war.

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