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We chuckle at the old-timey FBI propaganda soliciting the public to turn in their fingerprints so that Hoover and his henchman could establish a file on every citizen. But is it so different today, with the exhortations to turn in our DNA? Find out the truth behind the propaganda as James Corbett tackles the nightmare of government identification databases.

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At-home DNA testing company gives the FBI access to its database

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  1. fuzzballs says:

    Thank you James for another very interesting #PropagandaWatch. Ive watched in horror as friends and co workers alike are lining up to send their DNA to these Ancestry companies. I wonder how many of these companies have had their seed money put up by our lovely Alphabet agencies!

  2. generalbottlewasher says:

    Thanks for the reminder and the advice. In our little berg of a town. The Okla. State Bureau of Investigation have been processing all the blood samples for any one having their blood drawn in Tulsa County Medical Associations member physicality. State wide too. That’s any clinic that draws blood. There were criminal case evidence sitting on the shelves for up to 2 years. What were they so busy at that rape cases were being dropped, because the forensic pay was far less than the DNA collection pay. Thanks James for reminding me how its going down.

  3. manbearpig says:

    Look James, you know I’m a devoted follower of yours, I love what you do, your work and everything, it’s really important to me but

    C’mon! Get with the program! We all know Privacy is Theft.

    Did you choose to be born? No?

    Well you can’t choose to have privacy anymore either, It’s just too dangerous for everybody.

    In this world where anybody can download the instructions for making an atom bomb or buy a vial of the ebola virus on the dark net, security is CAPITAL!

    Plus privacy frustrates all the people who’d like to watch your life and and your wife and your children’s lives too through webcams.

    I mean which is more important? One person’s desires?


    Several billion people’s desires? Seriously, man.

    I repeat: Privacy is Theft.

    It’s obvious.

    Besides, Hermione and Forest Gump said so.

    Love ya,

    Peace dude.

  4. harris says:

    When I asked for 23 and Me to erase my data a few years ago, they wrote:
    “23andMe and the contracted genotyping laboratory may retain your Genetic Information as required by local law, pursuant to the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 and California laboratory regulations”

    I was originally suckered in by the promise of finding out about any genetic conditions, realizing only later that such predictions are impossible, due to the complexity of interactions between different parts of the DNA and environmental factors.

    I predict that some of these DNA testing companies will get bought out by health/life insurance companies as a way to forcibly increase premiums:
    ‘we have linked your application to your [maternal cousin], who has taken one of our DNA tests and has a potentially increased chance of [disease] than the general population. As such, this year’s premium has increased by [$$$]. If you would like to receive a more accurate quote, please complete one of our DNA tests.’

  5. davinci says:

    James et al,
    For medical reasons I’m in need of doing some DNS test on my young children and to avoid needles 23andme seems like the easiest way to go (spit in as tube). I’m planning on doing it with fake names and using a doctor’s address to try to create anonymity. The Doctor will have no patient info on file. Has anyone tried this? Also very annoyingly on the 23andme website you can do the ancestors part (why), or add on the medical part. However, they won’t do just the medical part only. This seems very indicative of their real motive. In fact I’d even bet the reason you can do all this testing for $100 bucks is it’s being subsidized by the taxpayers.

  6. NES says:

    Is knowing something–anything–unless it cures a real life and death situation that important? Will knowing change anything about the situation? If not, then just say NO. Freely giving your DNA to anyone for any reason, let alone corporate strangers, is completely insane, IMO.

    Remember ‘My Dinner with Andre’? If so, you will remember the discussion about New Yorkers living inside NYC, a prison they built for themselves at the behest of their overlords and from which they could not escape. So goes the conditioning that grows the prison walls of this current existence. Rampant stupidity simply lays out the components for the jailers who work toward holding every key to every lock that leads to escape and freedom.

  7. Fawlty Towers says:

    Your DNA?
    The FBI?
    What makes you think they aren’t currently in cahoots with the medical and dental professions when they do circumcisions, surgeries, blood tests or suck your saliva into those machines when you visit the dentist?

    Just joking. My crazy conspiracy theory for the day. 🙂

  8. manbearpig says:

    Just some quickly retrieved literature on this topic, officially speaking:

    United States:

    Stored Guthrie Cards as DNA “Banks”
    Jean E. McEwen'”2 and Philip R. Reilly’

    “…Although most of the 40 respondents who retain all
    their cards for at least some period of time said that they
    systematically began to do so only in recent years, 11 have
    been saving their cards since the 1960s. As a result, eight
    respondents stated that their laboratories have in their
    possession cards dating back >10 years; two of these have
    cards dating from 1967 and 1970…”

    French article on widely read “Doctissimo” site:

    Extension of neonatal screening: the limits of the Guthrie test

    “…Today, blood samples taken from babies as part of the Guthrie test should not be kept for more than 4 to 6 months and should be used exclusively for neonatal screening.

    …But organizations such as the Academy of Medicine have called for an end to the destruction of these samples. On the contrary, they propose to keep them, to analyse the polymorphism of all French children over the years.

    …But we can also imagine the risks of abuse, with each baby associated with his or her genetic fingerprint, a DNA file of the entire population, now reserved only for offenders in police investigations…. Certainly, today, the idea is that the samples would remain anonymous and follow the guidelines of the CNIL. But tomorrow…”

    by Alain Sousa
    Scientific journalist

    Translated with

    saw interesting stuff about new zealand too…

  9. zyxzevn says:

    The latest propaganda..
    Mostly targeted at Russia and vaccinations

    The decline of trust in science “terrifies” former MIT president Susan Hockfield: If we don’t trust scientists to be experts in their fields, “we have no way of making it into the future.”
    Attacks critics.

    Montreal YouTuber’s ‘completely insane’ anti-vaxx videos have scientists outraged, but Google won’t remove them

    Russia Deployed Its Trolls to Cover Up the Murder of 298 People on MH17 /russia_deployed_its_trolls_to_cover_up_the_murder/

    Russian trolls fueled anti-vaccination debate in U.S. by spreading misinformation on Twitter, study finds


    Counter articles:

    The Psychosis of Vaccine Injury Denial and Hysterisis of Measles Mortality

    The Evidence In The MH17 Case Doesn’t Point To Russia Or Ukraine
    older version that identifies Ukraine:

    For those interested in forum discussions, I am now often at

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