The Globalization of War (and How to Resist It)

02/10/20153 Comments

Michel Chossudovsky joins GRTV once again to discuss his new book, "The Globalization of War." We discuss the threat of nuclear warfare, NATO's use of proxy terrorist armies to destabilise sovereign nations, and how people can fight back against the US-NATO war agenda.

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  1. shanesANGLE says:


    A fabulous and enticing interview into a topic (the LONG WAR) both dear to and far from my heart.

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    The good Professor is a leading critic of the political economic process called globalization and it’s great that James did this interview to help launch Chossudovsky’s new book. I’ve ordered my copy.

    It would be interesting to have the good Prof expound on the theory James is working on, that of the one world hegemonic bank(?) and which elitist grouping is going to be top dog and under what philosophy of governance as one world governance is beginning to come into view, most likely within the next century give or take a decade or so.

    Will it be a totalitarian capitalist regime as presented by present day China? Or perhaps a loose confederation of feudal (mafia) styled oligarchs as in Russia? Or the inverted fascist state the western democracies are morphing into? Or will the people as common humanitarians somehow finally assert their over whelming power and evolve a completely new form of governance with a new economic and political mandate and system set to serve all of mankind and not just some privileged subset?

    • candideschmyles says:

      The choice is yours. You will soon be able to upload your mind into a server and choose to live it in any utopia or dystopia you prefer.

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