The Global Warming Pause Explained

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Fact: the RSS global mean temperature anomaly dataset shows a least-squares linear regression trend of 0.0C from February 1997 to October 2015. But what does this really mean? And what is the significance of this global warming pause? Join me in today's Thought For The Day as we explore this question.

Global Warming Hiatus, On Pause? #QFC @CorbettReport

IPCC AR5 Technical Summary (see Box TS.3 for pause discussion)

RSS Global Mean Temperature trend analysis Feb 1997 - Oct 2015

What Is The Average Global Temperature?

Global temperature datasets - overview

Suzuki: What's a dataset?

RSS upper air temperature data

NOAA State of the climate 2008 (See page S22 for pause discussion)

Pielke Jr. praises NOAA for making 15 year falsifiability claim

Climate change is unfalsifiable woo-woo pseudoscience

Phil Jones makes 15 years "before we get worried" claim

Contributions of Stratospheric Water Vapor to Decadal Changes in the Rate of Global Warming

Global warming lull down to China's coal growth

Climate impacts of changing aerosol emissions since 1996

Oceans moderate climate change

Trenberth debunks himself: The oceans didn't eat the global warming 'missing heat'

Research Suggests Pacific Trade Winds Cause Pause

Slowdown in Tropical Pacific Flow Pinned on Climate Change

Slowdown due to Montreal Protocol!

66 excuses for the pause in global warming

The Recent Slowing in the Rise of Global Temperatures

Climate Oscillations and the Global Warming Faux Pause

Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus

Congressman now threatens to subpoena commerce secretary over global warming report

US CLIVAR Summer 2015 edition of Variations

Has NOAA ‘busted’ the pause in global warming?

Has NOAA Adjusted Away a Relationship between NMAT and SST that the Consensus of CMIP5 Climate Models Indicate Should Exist?

Curry on the Cowtan & Way ‘pausebuster’: ‘Is there anything useful [in it]?”

The Pause lengthens again – just in time for Paris

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  1. doug.mcgillis says:

    Hi James,

    you may have already talked of this.

    It seems like a classic use of the propaganda techniques of Edward Bernays by the so called Climate “authorities”……Controlling what people think. particularly around the 10 minute mark

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Well, just came over to try to find a place to put this video I just found with Anthony Watts eloquently explaining the issue of Gatekeeping and Climate Fraud (also explaining the disappearence of the pause) just to discover that M Corbett had struck again with another scathing and ever-so-helpful video on the same topic!

    So though M Corbett already offers a plethora of material I’ll just deposit my link as a little side dish. (apologies if it’s already been posted…)

    p.s. Bottom line: the upcoming Corbett Report holiday hiatus has to continue for a total of 15 days “before we get worried…”

    uuuhhhhhhh…. hyucka hyucka…

    And a Happy hiatus to you all!!

  3. jeff_schutz says:

    Dear James:
    I feel that you have made a pretty good case for skepticism regarding the human impact on global warming. As with the skepticism (absolute certainty), regarding the fallicy of the “official” 911 story, it would be great to hear more about the motivation behind the global warming agenda. I have a feeling that this topic would make for a complete podocumentary similar to the one you created regarding the federal reserve. It might shift the focus from the argument for or against global warming to the more nefarious reseans why there has been such a strong push to promulgate this “official” story.

  4. rltmlt says:

    Hi James,
    It’s interesting to note that the CEO of Apple was interviewed on the U.S. Television show “60 Minutes” last night and he said that one of the factors that justified Apple’s decision to export a good deal of their engineering to China and various other Asian Countries was the lack of qualified scientific minds being produced by colleges in the U.S. The ongoing incompetence of the Climate Science Sector probably contributed a great deal to this decision !

  5. Collin says:

    Of course the other factor which seems to have escaped the IPCC modelling is the decade/s of spraying nano particles into the atmosphere and the attendant actions of the top secret H.A.A.R.P. array in Alaska.

    Apparently Evergreen Air have ceased spraying but like at lot of what the military does, it makes it difficult to know the parameters/inputs, but if that info is not factored into the IPCC models, then those IPCC models are nothing more than GIGO.

  6. MagicBullet says:

    James, is it possible that temperature needs to be look at over many decades where warming is still evident.
    See this animated Gif from NASA showing the “warming pause” as a time picking artifact:

    Also see this 5-min video and the XL spread sheet of the UAH data below the video.
    UAH is:

    Here see the temperature comparison in the graph at the top between ocean, ice, land, and atmosphere:
    “The speed bump only applies to surface temperatures, which only represent about 2 percent of the overall warming of the global climate…over 90 percent of global warming goes into heating the oceans…”

    Maybe the IPCC is a puppet organization but tundra & glacier melting seem to be quite real. Happy if you can debunk NASA & IPCC with multi decadal data.

  7. MagicBullet says:

    The “warming pause” as a time picking artifact is best seen here, 2nd graph down on the right:

    Click the Global Annual Mean Surface Air Temp Change link

  8. nosoapradio says:

    Just for posterity: essay by Eric Worrall posted on Wattsupwiththat:
    The oceans swallowed my global warming? Desperate butt covering from alarmists who are facing increasingly embarrassing questions about the failure of the world to end.

    14 July 2022

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